The top 10 most in-demand creative jobs

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CareerBuilder says there's hope for art majors

You've heard lately that jobs in STEM fields -- science, technology, engineering and math -- are plentiful and pay well.

But there's just one problem -- you were an art major. Or your passion lies in creative fields.

Does that mean you are doomed to being underemployed, or worse yet unemployed, for long stretches of your career?

Maybe not. CareerBuilder and Emsi have scanned their databases and discovered that there are actually a good number of creative jobs that are in demand and pay reasonably well.

“Jobs that require creative thinking aren’t as numerous as STEM jobs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available or lucrative,” said Rob Sentz, chief innovation officer of Emsi. “We continue to see these jobs grow and pay a good salary.”

So here's the list of to creative occupations where job seekers will find the most opportunities.

1. Graphic designers

Graphic designers once only worked in the print medium. Now their work is needed in web and video. The CareerBuilder/Emsi report says there are currently 287,000 graphic designers in the U.S., and the field is growing, with 21,000 additional positions since 2011. They earn about $37K-$57K/year.

2. Public relations specialists

Getting and keeping a positive message in front of the public is more important than it's ever been. People who can shape and tell a story are valuable. There are 237,000 public relations jobs in this growing field. They pay around $43K-$79K/year.

3. Producers and directors

Want to see your name in lights? There are more opportunities than ever for that. Content is king, and the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have created additional outlets. Producers and directors can earn $49K-$103K/year.

4. Interior designers

Affluent homeowners often turn to an interior designer to make their home a showplace, but the field has recently expanded to the real estate industry. Staging a home will make it sell faster and for more money. The survey finds about 93,000 interior design jobs in the U.S., with designers earning about $38K-$56K/year.

5. Interpreters and translators

Speaking more than one language certainly qualifies as a creative ability. If you can do it, you are in demand. The U.S. has added about 13,000 interpreter jobs since 2011. You can earn about $35K-$55K/year.

6. Art directors

Art director jobs were once mostly found at ad agencies. Now, every publication and media production seems to have one. There are 57,000 of these jobs in the U.S. and they pay about $54K-$89K/year.

7. Technical writers

If you can write and clearly convey sometimes complex information, you could work as a technical writer, who prepares instruction manuals, how-to's, and blog articles. The job pays about $57K-$87K/year.

8. Multimedia artists and animators

Okay, this is fairly specialized. There are only about 51,000 of these jobs, mostly in the entertainment industry. But the field has grown by 10% since 2011. It pays about $40K-$64K/year.

9. Commercial and industrial designers

CareerBuilder describes this field as "magicians who combine art, business and engineering." Their job is to figure out what people will buy. Again, there aren't as many jobs, but the field has grown about 10% since 2011. They earn the most at about $51K-$75K/year.

10. Film editors

This one barely makes the list because CareerBuilder estimates there are only 36,000 positions in the U.S. It could be because more media producers are now doing everything, including their own editing. But a good editor can earn $46K-92K/year.

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