New app helps moms connect with new mom friends

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Peanut aims to help women form meaningful friendships with like-minded mamas

Numerous studies have shown how important friendships are to our mental and physical health, and friendships may be even more important during motherhood. When life with kids feels chaotic and overwhelming, commiserating with an equally frazzled friend can be downright therapeutic.

Having a pal who is navigating the same life stage as you can be beneficial, as mom friends might understand the challenges you face in a way that friends without kids can’t. But making new friends can be a challenge, especially for busy moms.

That’s where a new app called Peanut comes in. The new app for iPhone users aims to connect moms with new friends in their area through a system similar to Tinder.

Algorithm-based matching

After creating a profile, moms can swipe through a selection of other moms in their area who are also looking for friendships.

Peanut uses data contained in your Facebook profile (your location, education, and profession) to come up with its collection of matches. From there, a mama’s personality, values, and interests come into play.

To boost your chances of finding a friend who shares your interests, the app lets you choose three “badges” to identify yourself. Options include “dance machine,” “hot mess,” and “city gal,” according to Mashable.

Meaningful connections

Friendship-seeking mamas can also note if they are a single mother or if their child has special needs. Matched moms can message each other, set up group chats, and create calendar events for meeting up in person.

Although Peanut helps facilitate friendships between mothers, its ultimate goal is to form meaningful connections based on more than the obvious common thread of parenthood. Per the app's website, the goal is for women to "Meet as mamas and connect as women."

While nervous new mamas might get the most out of the app, it is available to all women with kids up to age 16. Peanut is available as a beta download on the App store.

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