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Diets high in plant protein could lower consumers’ risk of death

Researchers say plant proteins are especially effective at preventing disease

Photo (c) Rimma_Bondarenko - Getty Images
Recent studies have highlighted how eating more plant-based foods can have a significant impact on consumers’ health, improving both overall heart health and lowering the risk for heart disease. 

Now, a new study has found that consumers who include more plant proteins in their diets could lower their risk of death from all causes. 

“These findings have important public health implications as intake of plant protein can be increased relatively easily by replacing animal protein and could have a large effect on longevity,” the researchers wrote

Improving overall health

To understand how plant proteins can benefit consumers’ health, the researchers evaluated results from over 30 different studies. The analysis provided data on over 700,000 participants’ diet choices and followed up with health check-ins to assess for possible disease or death. 

The researchers learned that diet played a role in participants’ health and longevity. The study revealed that the risk of death was eight percent lower for those who consumed the highest levels of plant proteins. 

In looking at specific causes of death in relation to the participants’ diet choices, the researchers learned that higher consumption of plant proteins lowered the risk of cardiovascular-related deaths by 12 percent. This is important because several recent studies have shown how consumers’ diet choices can lower their risk of heart disease. 

Although this was an observational study and it’s impossible to say that plant protein intake has a direct link on disease and longevity, the researchers explained that the nutrients found in plant proteins have been linked with countless health benefits. Their results revealed that important health indicators, like cholesterol and blood pressure, were better when participants consumed more plant-based proteins. 

“Our findings therefore strongly support the existing dietary recommendations to increase consumption of plant proteins in the general population,” the researchers wrote. 

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