Costco's new weight loss program will include Ozempic prescriptions


One of the goals of the program is to increase access to weight loss drugs

In September 2023, Costco announced its healthcare partnership with Sesame, which was designed to offer members access to healthcare – regardless of their insurance status – at a discounted rate. 

Now, the membership club has announced a new weight loss program exclusively for its members. 

In addition to receiving nutrition guides and recommendations, clinical consultations, and an individualized plan, those who are eligible can also receive prescriptions for weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. 

Meaghan Hafner, vice president of health care insights & strategy at Human8, consultative agency focused on driving customer centricity, told ConsumerAffairs that the move will increase competition among health care providers and the retail health care landscape. 

"With this greater competition comes greater options for consumers, and more opportunity for consumers to feel supported in their needs," Hafner said. "For brands anywhere in the health care landscape, it is vital that they understand what matters to consumers so they can be in lock-step when developing strategies and offerings that meet those needs." 

How does it work? 

The new weight loss program is available exclusively for Costco members and is designed to offer consumers an individualized weight loss plan. 

Members will have the freedom to select a weight loss doctor or specialist to work with throughout the program. Once they do, they can schedule a meeting with their provider to discuss weight loss goals, health history, and other relevant information about the program. 

If the specialist decides that a weight loss drug is appropriate, they’ll send off the prescription. Once members receive their prescription, they can begin treatment, while also having ongoing access to and support from their weight loss specialist. 

In addition to increasing access to weight loss drugs, the subscription plan will offer members advice on nutrition and exercise tailored specifically to their goals and needs. They will also have unlimited access to their specialists to ask any questions, help plan meals, discuss different treatment options, and more. 

"We are seeing a shift in consumers' mindset around health and wellness, and that they want to have a leading role in their personal health," Hafner told ConsumerAffairs. "With this increased accessibility, consumers are able to take a more leading role in and ownership in their health." 

Subscription details

Interested members can sign up for a three-month subscription, which will cost $179, or $60 per month. With the subscription, members receive:

  • A video consultation with a weight loss doctor or specialist 

  • GLP-1 or other weight loss medications, as appropriate

  • Insurance coordination for prescription authorization

  • Ongoing support via unlimited messaging, nutrition, and exercise guidance

  • Lab orders, if needed

The cost of prescriptions and any necessary lab work are not included in the subscription price. Sesame can work with consumers to assist with any pre-authorizations needed by their insurance companies to cover medication costs. 

However, members without insurance will have to pay full price for the drugs. On the website, Sesame explains that these drugs can run consumers anywhere from $950 to $1,600 per month out of pocket. 

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