Identity theft protection companies help people monitor their financial accounts and personal information to ensure that their identity has not been stolen or misused. By using an identity theft protection company, consumers can spot abnormal activity with their credit cards, bank accounts, social security information and more to help repair and resolve issues regarding identity theft.

Top 8 Best Rated Identity Theft Protection Companies

With tiered pricing and service levels that always include $1 million in identity recovery services, LifeLock is invested in prevention. Its app offers real-time updates, keeping users informed about identity threats.
ProtectMyID is an Experian company, making it an industry leader in credit monitoring. As one of the three most used credit monitoring companies, this service works to seamlessly protect consumers from fraudulent purchases.
Identity Guard offers credit report updates and scores from all three credit bureaus. It also alerts subscribers when their social security numbers have been used and features helpful extras like identity theft insurance.
TrustedID goes beyond identity protection by offering targeted prevention products. Using the company's services, consumers can search millions of public and private databases to determine their level of risk and vulnerability.
IdentityForce has been a trusted name in identity protection for more than 35 years, offering services to individuals, businesses and government agencies. Its comprehensive policies include protection for children and parents.
Offering live support and guaranteed resolution in the event of identity theft, ID Watchdog is an industry leader in fraud protection and prevention. This service allows consumers to catch identity theft before it is a problem.
The AllClear ID Alert Network has been featured in publications including The New York Times for its excellent reputation. This service offers insurance against criminal activity and credit monitoring to prevent financial losses.
ID Shield offers complete and unlimited identity theft services to protect businesses, families and individuals for a flat monthly payment. Customers receive notifications, monthly updates and restoration services, if necessary.

Rob DouglasIdentity Theft Protection Contributing Editor

Rob Douglas is an information security consultant specializing in the investigation and prevention of identity theft and scams. Rob is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the use of social engineering, impersonation, fraud and pretext to steal personal information. For two decades, Rob has assisted the financial services sector, the telecommunications industry, the general business community, government and law enforcement agencies to better understand the scope and methodology of identity crimes through presentations, educational materials, auditing and consultation.

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What features matter most?


Identity theft protection services are available to customers both for free and for a fee.

  • Free companies: Free identity theft protection companies monitor things like credit reports and financial activities for free.
  • Paid companies: Most identity theft protection companies offer their services for a price. Customers pay a company to monitor things like their credit report, and in turn, the company also offers comprehensive monitoring and repair services.
  • Mixed plan companies: There are some companies that offer a range of different identity theft protection plans, including both free and paid plans.

Monitoring services

A person's identity is composed of a range of factors, including credit use, financial history, medical history and more. Identity theft companies offer a range of monitoring services that watch over different aspects of a person's identity to ensure it hasn't been altered or stolen.

  • Credit monitoring: Some identity theft protection companies monitor clients' credit reports and credit usage to ensure that their credit cards are not being used fraudulently.
  • SSN monitoring: There are identity theft companies that monitor the usage of a person's social security number so that they are notified if anybody else attempts to use that number.
  • Comprehensive companies: Many identity theft protection companies offer comprehensive monitoring for many aspects of a person's identity, including credit monitoring, SSN monitoring, financial monitoring, medical monitoring and more.

Resolution assistance

When a person's identity is stolen, they often need assistance fixing the damage that has been done, and some identity theft protection programs offer aid to those who need to resolve their situation.

  • No repair assistance offered: Some identity theft companies simply help individuals monitor their credit and financial situation but do not offer aid in repairing the situation should an identity be stolen.
  • Resolution services offered: Many identity theft protection companies both monitor a person's identity and offer assistance repairing and reclaiming that identity if it is stolen.
  • Preventative services offered: For people who have had trouble with identity theft, many identity theft companies offer preventative services, like placing a fraud alert on their credit report, removing a person's name from any pre-screened credit card lists or removing their name from mailing lists to minimize the chance of identity problems.

Insurance offered

Identity theft protection companies often offer to insure a person's identity and provide them with reparations should their identity be stolen.

  • Full identity theft insurance: Companies that offer full identity theft insurance will reimburse customers for the entire cost of repairing their identity.
  • Lost wallet protection: Some identity theft protection companies offer lost wallet protection, which will cancel and replace stolen credit or debit cards and sometimes includes reimbursement for stolen cash.
  • No insurance: Identity theft companies that offer no insurance provide services to customers, but they do not offer compensation for any difficulties with identity theft.

Reports offered

Identity theft protection companies can offer customers a range of reports so they can have firsthand knowledge of their financial situation and identity history.

  • Individual bureau credit reports: Identity theft protection companies can offer customers credit reports from one specific credit bureau so they can see their credit score, individual credit accounts and credit usage over time.
  • Comprehensive credit reports: If an identity theft protection company offers customers comprehensive credit reports, it can show them full reports from all three credit bureaus, in addition to a wide variety of financial information.
  • No reports: Some identity theft companies will monitor a person's identity for identity theft, but they do not make reports available to customers.

Available plan types

There are many types of plans offered by individual identity theft protection companies, and customers have the option of choosing the plan that is best for them.

  • Basic plans: Some identity theft protection companies only offer a straightforward, basic monitoring plan that can help protect a person's identity.
  • Premium services: Some identity protection companies offer premium services for a price, and all customers who use the service must pay to work with the company.
  • Multiple plans: Identity theft protection companies that offer multiple plans allow customers to choose the level of service and price that is best suited to their needs.

What are different types of identity theft protection?

Credit monitoring companies

Credit monitoring companies simply monitor a person's credit report for irregularities. These companies are focused on ensuring that a person's credit and debit cards are not used fraudulently.

Identity theft prevention companies

Companies that are focused on identity theft prevention take steps to ensure that identity theft does not happen to customers. These companies are proactive, rather than simple monitoring services.

Identity theft repair companies

Customers who need help to repair identities that have been altered or stolen turn to identity theft repair companies. These companies specialize in helping people reclaim their identities and fixing problems that have been caused by the identity theft.

Full service identity theft companies

Full service identity theft companies offer customers a range of services, including monitoring, prevention and repair.

Who is searching for identity theft protection?

People who have had their identity stolen

People who have previously had their identity stolen can depend on identity theft protection companies for help. Companies can help them repair the damage and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

People who have had personal items or information stolen

People who have had items containing personal information stolen, such as a wallet, but have not yet found any fraudulent activity can seek an identity theft protection company's help to safeguard their identity against possible theft.

People with children who have social security numbers

Many parents don't realize that their children, who are issued social security numbers, are at risk of identity theft, and this theft often goes undetected because their social security numbers are not being monitored. Thus, families can often benefit from protection plans that will keep watch over all members of the family.

People who frequently use debit and credit cards

People who frequently use debit and credit cards are at a higher risk of identity theft than people who rarely use debit and credit cards. Identity theft protection programs can help safeguard these people against identity theft and repair the damage should their identity be stolen.

Company reviews

  • LifeLock

    LifeLock is an identity theft protection company that is headquartered in Tempe, AZ. Founded in 2005, the company is considered one of the leading identity theft protection companies in the world.

    • Plan selection: There are a wide range of plans available from LifeLock, including Standard, Advantage, Ultimate Plus, Junior and Wallet. This allows users to tailor their protection level to their needs.
    • Many protection points: In order to protect customers, LifeLock takes a comprehensive approach, monitoring credit scores and reports, loan requests and more.
    • Live customer service: The company provides regular, live customer service to clients so that they can contact and talk to someone when they have issues, questions or concerns.
    • $1 Million service guarantee: LifeLock's $1 million service guarantee ensures that the company will spend up to $1 million to help get a customer's identity back on track after a case of theft.
    • Wallet services: The company's LifeLock Wallet program allows users to have free backup storage of their important cards.
    • Best for People who have had their identity stolen, people who have had personal items or information stolen, people at risk of identity theft, people with children who have social security numbers and people who frequently use credit cards.
  • Identity Guard

    With nearly 20 years of experience, Identity Guard, a service offered by Intersections Inc., puts identity protection first. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes worldwide, so the company's dedication to protecting your personal information provides you with much-needed safeguards.

    • Credit monitoring service: Identity theft usually has a financial motive, so by instituting credit monitoring, Identity Guard helps protect your credit score by notifying you of any inquiries.
    • Data protection: Malware is the tool that many hackers use to gain access to personal information, but with Identity Guard, computers get antivirus software, keystroke encryption and more.
    • Identity theft insurance: If all the protections in place are not enough to protect your identity, Identity Guard offers up to $1 million in insurance.
    • Wallet protection: Most people keep at least one or two credit cards in their wallet, making it a prime target for thieves. Just in case your wallet goes missing, Identity Guard helps cancel credit card accounts and gives you access to up to $2,000 of your money during the replacement period.
    • Constant alerts: Using text, email or an app, you can receive constant updates on your personal information, including anything that looks out of the ordinary.
    • Best for Credit card holders, checking account holders and consumers with good credit scores.
  • TrustedID

    TrustedID is an identity theft protection company that is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. The company specializes in monitoring and alerting customers if their identity or credit has been compromised.

    • Free Equifax credit score: Users of will receive a free Equifax credit score when they sign up for the service, so they can check on their credit score and status.
    • Free trial: TrustedID offers customers a free 14-day trial to decide if the program is right for them before spending money on it.
    • Plan options: Customers of TrustedID can choose a family or individual plan, so the company has options that allow people to tailor their protection to their individual needs.
    • $1 million insurance: The company offers customers a $1 million policy to cover those who are victims of identity theft.
    • Fraud alerts: Through TrustedID, users can put fraud alerts on their credit report, so that lenders will know that they need to contact them before approving or denying loans or credit.
    • Best for People who have had personal items or information stolen, people with children who have social security numbers and people who frequently use credit cards.
  • IdentityForce

    Headquartered in Framingham, MA, IdentityForce is a provider of identity theft protection that was founded in 2006. The company is focused on reducing the damage of identity theft when it does occur.

    • Free trial: IdentityForce offers consumers a free trial so they can test out the company's services and see if they are satisfied before spending any money for a plan.
    • Medical identity theft: IdentityForce is one of the few companies that offers specialized medical identity theft protection to guard against cases where an identity is stolen to pay for medical care for the thief.
    • Government approved: The U.S government turns to IdentityForce for identity theft protection and repair, which means that it is a highly trusted and reputable organization.
    • Full-family monitoring: IdentityForce will monitor every member of a family for identity theft, including children.
    • Insurance offered: IdentityForce offers a $1 million insurance policy to cover damage caused by identity theft.
    • Best for People who have had their identity stolen, people who have had personal items or information stolen, people with children who have social security numbers and people who frequently use credit cards.
  • ProtectMyID

    ProtectMyID is an identity theft company that has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company belongs to Experian Interactive, and they provide detection and resolution services to customers in need.

    • Regular notifications: ProtectMyID uses a surveillance alert notification system to immediately alert users via text or e-mail if there is any suspicious activity regarding their identity. The company will also alert customers when their credit scans are completely clear.
    • Resolution service: The company is dedicated to resolving any issues with identity theft, and they will contact the proper authorities to help get affairs back in order.
    • Insurance: Customers who use ProtectMyID will be provided with a $1 million identity theft insurance policy with a $0 deductible, so that costs are covered should financial damage occur as a result of identity theft.
    • Experian-associated: As one of the three primary credit bureaus, Experian's familiarity with credit reporting and monitoring helps make them a leading expert in identity protection.
    • Lost wallet protection: ProtectMyID offers lost wallet protection, which helps customers who have a lost or stolen wallet cancel and replace their credit and bank debit cards.
    • Best for People who have had personal items or information stolen, people with children who have social security numbers and people who frequently use credit cards.
  • ID Watchdog

    ID Watchdog is an identity theft protection program that was founded in 2004. The company now provides monitoring, alert and repair services to individuals worried about identity theft.

    • Credit experts at the helm: ID Watchdog is extremely successful at monitoring for identity theft because their company was developed by credit experts, law enforcement officials, judicial professionals and consumer privacy advocates.
    • Guarantee: The company guarantees customers that if their identity is stolen under the watch of ID Watchdog, the company will resolve 100 percent of any fraud that occurs.
    • Comprehensive monitoring: ID Watchdog offers comprehensive monitoring services, including basic and advanced identity monitoring, cyber monitoring and credit monitoring.
    • Live customer service center: ID Watchdog offers a live customer service center that customers can call and speak to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
    • Multiple plan options: Customers can choose from a range of plan options with the company, which means that they can tailor the level of service to their needs.
    • Best for People who have had personal items or information stolen, people who have had their identity stolen and people who frequently use credit cards.
  • AllClear ID

    AllClear ID is an identity theft protection company headquartered in Austin, TX. Originally known as Debix, the company now offers business and organization clients monitoring and resolution services for customers at risk of identity theft.

    • AllClear Identity Repair: The company offers customers AllClear Identity Repair, which means that they get help from professionals trained to navigate the process of identity repair. The service is available no matter where or how identity theft occurs.
    • Child protection: AllClear ID offers a program to help protect children from identity theft. ChildScan can run a free scan on a child's identity, then help repair a stolen identity if theft is detected.
    • Plan options: There are multiple plan options available with AllClear ID, which means that customers can tailor their service based on their needs and budget.
    • Business protection: AllClear ID caters to the business community by offering data breach response services to companies and organizations that have suffered a data breach. The services are designed to protect the customers of the breached company or organization.
    • Award winning: Javelin Research, an industry specialized group, awarded AllClear ID with the "Best in Resolution" award. The company also won Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service.
    • Best for People who have had their identity stolen because they were a customer of a business or organization, which suffered a data breach that included the personal information of its customers.
  • IDShield

    ID Shield is an identity theft protection company that offers data monitoring, instant identity breach notifications and identity restoration services. The company uses its customers' personal or business information to track financial, employment, medical and criminal records to ensure there is no unauthorized activity occurring. It employs licensed private investigators to track this data, answer customers' questions and provide advice when necessary.

    • Unlimited Consultation: This service plan includes unlimited access to an actual licensed private investigator, who can answer your questions and address your concerns.
    • Immediate Support: ID Shield offers immediate customer support 24/7/365. They even offer a convenient mobile app that can be used anytime, anywhere.
    • Comprehensive Personal Monitoring: This service monitors everything connected with you, including your name, social security number, address, passport, insurance card, date of birth and phone number.
    • Restoration Services: If your identity is stolen, ID Shield will spend up to $5 million dollar in restoration expenses.
    • Family Plans: You can add up to ten family members under the family plan to provide protection for your spouse and your children.
    • Best for Individuals, families and businesses that are concerned about the security of their identity.