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Were it possible, I'd give them negative stars. I'd give them black holes for their treatment. Not only are they dishonest, they have a business model built on tricking people into their service. You're entitled to a free credit check over 6 months, but they charge you $1 to get it. They just never mention that doing so enrolls you in an 8 day free trial of some service that if you don't cancel, will now result in you being charged monthly. The only reason I came to them was their advertising that they don't charge you for that credit check. Not only, but I examined the documentation. There was nowhere that it said anything about a trial that you needed to cancel. It is a dishonest business model that relies on people not immediately noticing the money they're stealing out of their bank accounts monthly.

When you call them to dispute it, their defense is basically that you didn't read the fine print and that they're well within their rights to keep their ill-gotten gains. This is precisely the sort of thing the CFPB was created for and it wouldn't surprise me if this is the sort of country that lobbied congress critters and fought against having to have clearer disclosure on their practices.

I checked my Experian credit for $1. They kept billing me 21 per month and made my account negative. They are tricking and cheating people out of money. One should be able to check their credit without tricks, scams or hidden fees. They are refusing to refund the 4 months of my membership even though I only needed to find my credit score and no longer needed their services. They are preying upon seniors who do not have the additional monthly income to afford this service. I am retired and on a fixed income that allows me to purchase only the necessities and my medication. How can I go about having my money refunded? This is falsely helping people with their credit and instead making it more difficult to get by. I feel cheated.

Like so many others, I did the $1 thing and got screwed. One main point I would like to add is this: when you go to their website even now, the entire screen lights up with brightly colored blue and gold colors and offers all over the place saying to get your score and your report... and then in teeny tiny print hidden in the corner it says that you have to opt out if you don't want the recurring charge? This is a terrible way for a national company to operate. I called customer service - no help.

One point I made is that I never logged back in; never used them again to get my score or check my report. So they know for a fact that I never used them and yet they won't refund. I recently signed up for e-statements from my insurance company which would save them money. Even to do this, I had to reply to an email from them confirming that 'yes' I definitely wanted to do this. And here you have a company that sneaks in a charge and they hide it within your stated desire to get your FICO score. Very deceptive and very distasteful.

Worst thing to happen to anyone. This company is really rip you off and trained people ready to take your answer as soon as you say "cancel my service". They will make you say this till they get $21.95 + tax on your card and when you ask for refund trust me all agents are trained in such a way till you pay them for a mistake which you never made. Stay away from them. God bless them my $23.31.

I subscribed to Experian for their monthly report and score several years ago. Signed up for basic service (Experian report and score only) which gave me the option to get all 3 reports for extra charge each month. Two weeks ago I received an e-mail from Experian telling me they had improved the service by giving me all 3 reports once each quarter for $10.00 more per month. I did not want this service, but could find no way to opt out. Called customer service and went through 3 or 4 different reps. Best they could do was offer temporary rate but would still include new service. Unable to tell me what I would pay after temporary rate expired. I hung up very angry. Expressed my dissatisfaction on Experian survey about customer service. Finally got call from Stacey at Experian. She assured me that I could opt out, so I did.

Received monthly report from Experian a few days later. My score had dropped 22 points. Been running 832 for all the time I have been a member. Called to question this drop. Everything on my report was the same as always. No one could come up with plausible explanation. No one seemed to care. Accused them of pure vindictiveness. They denied this. I have given them until 8 August to explain, or I will cancel my membership. They don't care.

The lack of accountability in this industry NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED! I e-mailed Elizabeth Warren about the huge effect these scores have on individual lives (all aspects). I suggested that at a minimum these companies should notify me 30 days prior to entering any negative info in my report and give me 30 days to respond. THESE GUYS NEED SOME STRICT OVERSIGHT. I'm an old guy and don't owe anybody much money. I have a credit card which I pay off each month. Only other debt is mortgage, which will be paid off next year. They tell me this is hurting my score, and (Heaven forbid) if I finally get to the point where everything is paid off my score will be worse than if I wasn't paying any bills. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! It's certainly not the way I was brought up.

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Like others I paid $1.00 to view my credit score. It does not say you are signing up for a free seven day trial and that you will be charged $21.95 per month for this service. I was charged the $21.95 twice on the same day. When I called Experian they said one charge will drop off because it is just an authorization charge. I have no idea what this means but this was their explanation. I informed them that I did not want their service and to not charge my credit card again. I had to ask for an authorization number to confirm any subscriptions were cancelled. They do not offer this number unless you ask for it. Transunion does the same thing so be careful. Right now I am out $60.00 to these companies.

I've notified my bank about these charges however they cannot remove them. I can submit a dispute after the charges clear. Right now they're showing up as pending. At no time did I receive any type of email or correspondence from either company stating I had subscribed to their services. I was able to cancel both subscriptions with Transunion and Experian after I called them. I think this is a scam and should be investigated since it is happening to a lot of people. Experian's number is: 866-751-1326. Transunion's number is: 800-493-3292. Be prepared to be sent to different representatives when you call either one of these companies. They also have long hold times.

It all started the day my wife and I found a used car online for my son to drive to college. We don't have a lot of money to pay cash and so we wanted to get a car loan but did not know our credit rating. Now most people have said that the credit agency's give out one free credit report a year. We just happen to find the website listing credit report for 1 dollar and thought we could do this, not a problem. Well it turned out to be a problem and a very big problem when I looked at my bank statement and saw the 21.95 deducted from my bank account.

I called the number and talked to the representative and complained about the website not making it noticeable of the agreement. The most important information is hidden to the eye and full of deceit to the innocent consumer who like you and me are trying very hard to get by in this world. Anyway I called the number and asked where on earth is this place. Well it turns out to be in the Philippines somewhere. I kinda thought immediately that getting my money back was pretty much a lost asset. The 7-day period trial offer I later found out was overdue by the time the bank reported it when withdrawn from my account. It was too late and I feel taken advantage of in a bad way mentally. It's almost a form of being abused by a scam to the individual. They entice you to believing a good and honest deal and then later your self personal worth is hurt.

I signed up for the $1 credit report after reading the fine print that states "member has 7 days to cancel membership; otherwise $21.95 will be charged to the card on file". I canceled my membership IMMEDIATELY (this was June 16, 2016), got online confirmation that it was canceled, only to see on June 23, 2016, my CC had been charged for $21.95. I signed in and yet again opted to "cancel membership" and got online confirmation that my acct was canceled; however, I never received an email to that effect. So here we are, in July, and what do you know... yet another charge for $21.95.

I called "customer service" and I use that term VERY loosely, spoke with "Liza" who informed me that apparently there was some glitch in their system in June so my membership was never actually canceled (are you kidding me?), then proceeds to tell me that since the charge has already been posted to my CC for July, they can't process a refund because the charge is "valid". The most annoying part of it all is that no matter how much I stressed to her that I had canceled the membership TWICE already, she continued to tell me that there was no record of that. She was gracious enough to offer to cancel it for me by telephone, effective today, but again sorry, no refund possible. The irony is that WHILE I'm on the phone with her, I received an email confirming cancellation of my membership. What a mess! My suggestion is if you are going to track/monitor your credit score, use ANY other source but Experian.

I checked my Experian credit for $1. They kept billing me 21 per month and made my account negative. They are tricking and cheating people out of money. One should be able to check their credit without tricks, scams or hidden fees. They ended my account but my checking was negative for weeks and with bank charges it ended up being $100 for a $1 credit check. I am disable and retired. On a fixed income! This is FRAUD plain and simple!!!

Like all the reviews that now I see, I fell for the $1 trap to see my credit scores. There was no mention of anything renewing monthly after this time, though they claim it to be in the Terms and Conditions that absolutely no one reads because it would take hours and you still wouldn't understand the legal garbage. Calling does no good as there are no refunds because they quote that little box you check. There was no email that I received telling me I needed to call anyone to cancel anything, nor are any numbers clearly provided for this. This place is a scam! Don't do it! Don't give them a dime!

This company should not be allowed to be a business. They say $1 free trial but never give you a date of the trial. A couple of weeks later you will be billed $25 even if you never used their website. Oh and you then have to call an 800#, wait on hold forever to find out you can't get your $25 back even if you never used their website.

I currently possess both a mobil gas credit card as well as a citgo gas card, but for some strange reason I received a letter of denial for a Shell card I never applied for. Experian's letter was uncalled as well as unsolicited and I would prefer they never contact me under any circumstances which I made clear to them in no uncertain terms.

I would have never in a million years expected a reputable company like Experian to stoop sooo low to sneak these charges from people... classic bait and switch. They got me for 2 months. The irony is that you trust them with your personal information, and they are the ones backstabbing you by billing you this damn charge. Enjoy your $42 dollars you got from me to help pay the mortgages of your execs.

I initially paid $1.00 for a credit report from Experian without realizing that in only 7 days they would turn around and charge me $21.95! That is exactly 21.95 times more than the initial charge for the report! Their customer service is horrible. There is absolutely no getting around them refunding you the money they took without authorization! I think this is due to their stock prices falling, and this is a scheme to rob people of their money. TransUnion did something similar, but they graciously refunded the money back while only charging me the initial $9.95. That is called honesty. They know it's a consumer trap, and they are willing to deal with those who actually call them out on it.

During my customer service call to Experian the woman I was talking to name "Casey" who said she was based in the Philippines tried to deceive me when I asked to talk to a supervisor. She waited 5 minutes and then came back to the phone acting as if she were the supervisor. I confronted her that I knew she was the same woman who I had previously talked to. To top it all off, immediately upon canceling my account my FICO score decreased by 23 points for NO reason. Here's the strange part - my FICO score had INCREASED by 9 points only 6 days prior! Someone needs to investigate this. I am attaching proof of everything.

Of course, like everyone else I paid the $1 to see my report and I don't remember seeing that they would charge my card $30 dollars! Didn't know I was signing up for a membership. I just wanted to get a print out of my score! Experian is trash and such a scam it's ridiculous! The people are rude and I want my freakin money!

I've used Experian several times over the years to keep watch on my credit and this was my first bad experience with them. Unfortunately, it was made worse by an inept customer service group. After doing my bi-annual due diligence to check my credit scores and promptly cancelling the Experian temporary service to do so, I was fraudulently billed a monthly fee by Experian (despite terms and conditions that said otherwise). I disputed the amount and they have refused to refund my money - despite written confirmation of cancellation.

When I first contacted Experian, they could not find an account. It took several emails for them to find it and after twice confirming cancellation in time to avoid the $21.95 fee, they advised I still owed them. Now, I get to work with my credit card company to dispute. It's a small amount, but it's still wrong. Note: I did not receive a receipt or notification of charge before my credit card was charged for the $1 temporary fee or the $21.95 fee.

Like several other posters here, I tried to check my credit report and my husbands for like $1. When you click on that, they start charging you $19.95 a month indefinitely. I agree that it is my failure to cancel in a timely manner. When I got the charge one month, fine and then the second month, I was like ok, I ordered it for my husband. I was super busy but finally checked the charges in detail today and called to cancel my membership. It doesn't appear that the first agent cancelled it. The membership starts on the 15th and today is the 16th and they won't even refund that. I am very angry. I asked what I was getting for this money and they couldn't even explain it. I went to the account and there was nothing there but the credit score that I thought was $1 or cheap. Even a one time 19.95 would be fine.

I am now calling my credit card company to not pay the extra charge. Beware. They have no middle ground like splitting the difference or even cancelling the last month 1 day late. They keep repeating like a robot "sorry, it is not refundable and you failed to cancel." What did I get for this money? Nada. Please beware and use another service like Equifax instead.

I so regret not reading the customer reviews before using Experian to check my credit report. I learnt it the hard way. Heights of false advertising. They lure you by saying that they charge only a dollar for the credit report which is NOT true. Don't fall for it. I realized the mistake I made after checking my credit card bill. My card was charged $21.95 every month for an idiotic credit report that I NEVER requested for. Apparently, I have signed up for this senseless monthly credit report thingy which by the way I never received.

Let's just assume that I signed up for their ** membership, shouldn't I be receiving any welcome email or saying that my credit report is ready or something... FYI, there was NOT even a single email from them. It's apparent that they are here only to CHEAT people. There is no use calling the customer service... they're rude. They don't have any info and more importantly, they will not refund your money. I suggest everyone NOT to use Experian. There are better ways to find your credit score like Credit Karma, Equifax... etc.

First off, Credit Reports should be completely FREE. It is your FICO score that is not FREE. I went online to found my credit report. Experian charged me $1 for a report and FICO score. However my report was blocked/put on hold. So I had to call the 3 bureau's agencies. Experian was to refund my $1 because it was unsuccessful and I could not view it. Later, I found out they started taking 21.95 out of my account for 6 months, it was not until it over drafted my account that I caught it. I called. They were complete butt holes, one person even laughed out loud. Poor effort to make people aware of what they are signing up for. Failure to actually give proof that I signed up for it. Only refunded $21.95 of $131.70. Still I have nothing to show for and not even sure what they accomplished for my behalf for the monthly membership. I disputed it with my bank. Now I plastering it all over the internet.

It is not right for a company that holds all your life's personal information to steal money from people's hard earned money. It's one thing to offer but taking while being sneaky, is not someone I want to trust with my personal information. EXPERIAN EXPERIAN EXPERIAN - Do not trust them, they take your money and offer nothing in return.

Signed off on the one-time charge to view my credit report, about $5 or something rather. Nowhere did it state I was registering for an account and would be charged a recurring monthly $19.99 fee. I only found out after reviewing my recent cc statement. None of the email notifications speak to the account terms either. You can't terminate online so I called their Customer Service Line. I had to repeat "I want to cancel my account today, you're not getting a dollar more of my money" multiple times while the CS rep rambled off the benefits and tried to introduce cheaper plans. At the end of the call, she emailed me a link for an account for the same services FOR FREE! What a total scam. This company and its employees are bottom feeders and should be ashamed.

As everyone else says, the "Free Credit Report" signs you up for a $20/month membership buried in the fine print, with no notice letting you know about spending money on a membership. Pathetic that a company claiming to work against identity theft and scams is out to steal our money.

I spoke to the Supervisor in charge "CLORA" almost like Clorox. She was AWFUL! They lured me into paying $21.95 plus tax, for a membership I never agreed to it. Now I understand why there are so many complaints against this company. Someone needs to take them out of business. I will also be filing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau @http://www.bbb.org. We don't need more thief in this country. We have enough!!

Every report here is correct - NO IDEA an account was being created, for my "FREE CREDIT REPORT" then NO WAY to cancel it through the web page that you do not have the information to log into because you did not actually sign up for a membership. I also paid $1.00 to Experian to see a FICO score. The site provided the score, as promised. The online site advertises a 7 day free trial. If one does not cancel during these 7 days, one automatically acquires a $21.95/month membership in Experian CreditWorks. I emailed to cancel my membership, which they confirmed, and then got billed again the next billing cycle. Overall a $100 mistake. The service they provide is at best a SCAM.

I went to Experian to get my credit report. I was asked to pay 4.95 for the report, I did that. It then asked if I wanted to print them, I agreed. Nowhere did they state that was going to cost me 39.95. Then, today I wake up to find they pulled another 19.95 from my account stating that I had begun an account when agreeing to view the report and therefore, had not cancelled it. They refused to refund the money they took, stating that it is in the fine print on their disclaimer! Wow, ok, so I agreed to 4.95 and somehow they end up with almost 70.00$. What a scummy way to steal money from hard-working people!! Also, I went back to the site to try and find these regulations, I have yet to locate them nor have I ever received any type of email, receipt or any confirmation that I gave them permission to pull any amount other than the 4.95 from my account.

The short version. If you cancel an Experian membership, make sure you get it in writing via e-mail. Some telephone agents say they have canceled memberships without canceling them. On June 23 (2016) I paid $1.00 to Experian to see a FICO score. The site provided the score, as promised. The online site advertises a 7 day free trial. If one does not cancel during these 7 days, one automatically acquires a $21.95/month membership in Experian Creditworks. On June 26, I called their number 866 617 1894, spoke with an employee, and cancelled my membership. Today July 2 Experian tried to debit my bank account for $21.95. I called 866 617 1894 again and spoke to an employee who stated that there was no record of my canceled membership. This individual sent me an email confirming cancelation--but refused to remove the $21.95 debit. On to a dispute claim with my bank.

I got an email stating that Experian was going to upgrade my account and offer cool new features. About 3/4 of the way through, it stated that they were going to charge me $24.95 a month and it would be so worth it. I was currently paying $5 for account monitoring. I called and canceled and they did not even apologize. The email was in a spam folder and I almost missed it, which is probably what they hoped.

I was following links on their website to dispute 2 items that I found out were reporting incorrectly on my credit. Their site said I had to pay $7.95 to order a copy of the report so that I could dispute what was on it. That's all I thought I was doing!! Then a month later when I review my checking account I see they charged 7.95 and 21.95 for a reoccurring monthly membership. When I proceeded to cancel and ask for a refund, they say I authorized the 21.95 and had 7 days to cancel. I had NO CLUE that I ever authorized anything but the 7.95. I also have still not received the copy of my credit report so I can fix those items... $30 and an hour of wasted time writing emails and making phone calls for absolutely no service... DON'T USE THEIR SITE!!!

My experience with Experian has been very unfortunate. I am a recent bankruptcy consumer and I am desperately trying (as much as possible) to clear up any information I can on my credit report (the Bankruptcy Flag is already enough). Then my attorney suggested that I begin to rebuild my credit by securing two credit cards. Well I tried and was told by the vendor (credit card company) that they could not get any information on me from Experian (SO I SAW BLOOD!!!). Experian get your act together or find another business to defraud the people.

They are doing the same to me, charging me, when it was cancelled months later, without my permission. Then they send you these alerts that your credit card is up or down, and when you land on the page to "see" the difference you have to click that you sign up again. I don't go forward, don't sign it, and they still bill me. Someone bust them. This is against all credit card services terms of service. Class action suit anyone?

I, like many others that signed up for Experian's "Free Credit Report" was duped. If a company asks for your credit card number '"just so they can charge you $1," they, undoubtedly, are lying. Lesson learned! After Experian gets your credit card number, they charge $21+ per month until you call and cancel. When you tell them you want the charges put back on your account, they will tell you they can't. Calmly tell them you understand, and ask to speak with their superior. Keep insisting that your card be debited the money. After you speak with enough superiors, you'll find that magically, they can, in fact, give you your money back.

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Experian is a leading global information services company providing data and analytical tools to clients worldwide. The firm helps businesses manage credit risk, prevent fraud and more. The company assists individuals against identity theft. The company offers an abundance of services for individuals and businesses. They have over 17,000 employees in 80 countries.

  • Low cost: Experian charge customers $1 to receive an Experian report and a FICO credit score along with a seven-day trial period. If consumers don’t cancel within the seven day trial period, they will be billed the monthly fee of $21.95 for each month they remain in the program.
  • Experian Credit Tracker: This product features an Experian credit report, FICO ® score, credit monitoring with alerts and a dedicated fraud resolution team.
  • Experian ProtectMyID: This product offers an Experian credit report, daily ID internet scanning, 3-bureau credit monitoring with alerts and a dedicated fraud resolution support team.
  • Experian Credit Report & FICO Score: This offering features an Experian credit report and FICO score.
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report & FICO Scores: This product gives the consumer a credit report and FICO score from each of the three credit bureaus.
  • Additional services: If a consumer is denied credit, Experian can help him or her obtain a credit report. Experian also assists with online credit report disputes.
  • Business services: Experian offers a suite of services to assist both small and large firms with their credit and security concerns.
  • Best for Victims of identity theft, those with debt and credit issues along with consumers considering a major financial purchase.

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