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Strongly believe Equifax is not fair reporting accurate credit info. Derogatory marks and old debit that can't be verified was removed from Transunion straight away. A month or so later from Experian... However Equifax never removed a single entry. Equifax is reporting my home mortgage as an Installment loan. Disputed all inaccuracy and nothing has been done. Hired ecreditattorney.com and GreenPath to pay off all outstanding debit. Almost a year of credit repair and I can't buy a piece of bubble gum on credit unless I am willing to pay 30%+ interest! Have no other choice but to report how unfair reporting can be... Attached shows how far of Equifax is on removing disputed items! Totally off...

Been trying to reach Equifax to resolve a denial letter based on their report. Impossible to reach. A Mickey Mouse answering dummy will not let you get a real person. I have written to these ** and faxed the requested information to no avail. They suck!!!

Equifax is a pain to deal with. I've spent $50 in certified letters to dispute incorrect and items that don't belong on the report. They do not investigate anything. They marked something as satisfied that isn't and should be deleted. Customer service sucks and God forbid you ever have a freeze on your report it takes months for them to give you access to your own report. This is not a company that should be relied on when you go to get a loan.

I have a security freeze on all 3 of my credit reporting accounts. Arizona law provides that it costs $5 to lift the freeze each time, and last month I choose to do this in order to obtain information for a new mortgage. I had no problems with the other 2 agencies, but Equifax insisted I have a suffix as part of my name, which I do not. I sent them a copy of the original paperwork, which includes my name, address, social and PIN and they still said it's not me. I sent them a copy of my original social security card, and they finally agreed to lift the freeze, but it was too late because the other 2 companies had already put theirs back! So I'm out $15.

After 2 more letters, they returned the $5 I had paid them but I believe they still owe me $10 because their neglect had made the information from the other agencies inaccessible. I wish there were options available to us other than Equifax. They are horrible to work with. There is no access to a real person. And they don't believe you, anyway. If someone else submits erroneous information about you, you are stuck with us.

Ridiculous experience with trying to obtain my PIN for my credit freeze. I sent them every bit of information asked for. Yes, this is everything someone needs to hijack your identity. Instead of getting the PIN, they sent me a form letter stating that because I didn't include the PIN, they couldn't send it to me. When will society demand that these companies stop having access to our SSN? That is the one thing needed to hack your identity and every time you contact a credit agency, they ask for your SSN.

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I contacted Equifax about removing a temporary freeze and they still haven't done it. Also they gave me a confirmation number but when I call to check on it the system telling me it can't find my information. I don't think it is right for them to do whatever they want with your information if you told them what you wanted them to do.

I'm a victim of identity theft so I constantly get inquiries on my credit report of someone trying to open accounts using my information. Since I have credit monitoring, I'm instantly alerted when this happens, and I automatically log into the CRA's website and start a dispute, and if they provide the phone number for the credit grantor, I immediately call to advise them it's fraud and to close the application, start an investigation and send a letter to the CRAs to have the inquiry removed. (I already have a 7-year fraud alert on my report so the application never gets completed nor an account actually opened). I have 6 fraudulent inquiries on my Equifax report, dating back to Dec of 2015, which I've disputed using their online dispute option.

I have also sent them physical letters to dispute these inquiries. I have verified with the credit grantors that they sent notice to Equifax to have these fraudulent inquiries removed. I personally called and faxed the same notices the credit grantors sent me advising me they requested these to be removed, to Equifax, but Equifax just refuses to remove them. They are stating that these inquiries are "factual record of file" despite them being fraudulent. I have been working with Experian and they have ALWAYS been very responsive with removing these and making sure I'm taken care of, while Equifax makes me feel like a victim all over again, as they are refuse to do their job.

When I call them they tell me to contact the credit grantors to have them send notice to remove these, which I have already done, and I have letters from all 6 saying they sent the request to have these removed to Equifax, Equifax just doesn't want to remove them for some reason. I have now reached out to their corporate office and if I am not able to get this resolved, I will be seeking an attorney.

Couldn't not get anyone on the phone that could help me, not even the supervisor. They were more than happy to talk about selling me their services but not about helping me with if I had a credit freeze or not.

I have just checked my Equifax data via Clear Score (no wonder it's free!) and horrified to find that the information Equifax contain is woefully incomplete and inaccurate. Firstly they have my date of birth wrong. How on earth can a credit reference agency have the incorrect date of birth? Next they have an association with whom I haven't been "associated" with for over 8 years. Thirdly my biggest financial commitment my mortgage is not recorded anywhere on their records and I am recorded as "no mortgage".

Comically my monthly phone and broadband bill (paid diligently for over 20 years by direct debit) is deemed a "Negative" because it is considered "high" by them. I agree my phone and broadband is a rip-off but it also happens to be the cheapest deal in the marketplace which is why I stuck with my provider for so long constantly haggling down their price. Surely a monthly commitment paid in full each and every time for 20 years without a second's delay or lateness should be a positive (especially for someone mortgage free apparently!).

How can an organisation so incompetent be deemed a "Reference Agency" is beyond belief. A Mortgage not mentioned and a Date of Birth wrong is just plain staggering. Any organisation that pays this company for information may just as well throw it down the drain if they are basing loans and other credit applications on their data. I have also checked my Experian Credit Report (no I don't work for them nor am I remotely connected to them in any way shape or form) and it is meticulously detailed and deadly accurate. There is no excuse for one reference agency to have accurate up to date information and the other so hopelessly wrong.

Problem is if I was a customer I could shop elsewhere but I can't in this case. I am a captive and held hostage to their lazy incompetence. The irony is that despite these inaccuracies I still have a fairly high credit rating with them so lord help someone who is struggling. There again if my date of birth is wrong I couldn't possibly be who they say I am so that poses another security risk in how they can connect information from different lenders and agencies when the date of birth doesn't match. Seriously scary and scandalous!

Literally all the same things everyone else is saying, how in the hell is it 2016 and a company can be this blatantly corrupt and irresponsible getting the same non-sensical questions pertaining to none of my history. I had a hospital bill from 3 years ago pop up not once but TWICE on Equifax, A DOUBLE ** CHARGE

and they reported to transunion too just in case. It's companies like this that make me want to riot. Anyone else know what I can do hold them accountable?

I would not recommend Equifax to anyone. I took a 7-day trial out for this product. Within 4 days, I realized that I would not be needing this service. I called one of the toll-free numbers to cancel. I talked to a representative who took all my information and assured me he would cancel the membership. After 8 days, I notice a charge on my account for $19.95. When I call again, one number shows no record of my call and another number shows no record of my having this service. I would advise anyone who wishes to cancel this service to get any and all information you possibly can and do not trust any of these employees to do as they say they will. Also, keep checking to make sure this is canceled and make as many calls as needed to get this taken care of. Better yet, don't be as naive as me. Don't take this service out to begin with.

As others have stated they are completely flawed when it comes to reporting your credit. They report my score a full 35 points below the other agencies. When I try to do direct dispute they have erroneous information and then state that the information doesn't match and to fax in your dispute. What a joke. I've done that before and incorrect items that were removed from Transunion still stay on Equifax as being "accurate and owned" by the consumer.

I contacted Equifax to find out how come I could not dispute an inaccuracy to my credit report. The online site asked about a recent car loan, which I do not have, also about a credit card, which I also do not have. So answering the questions 'none of the above' it then stated to contact Equifax directly. I did, which took forever to even find a number to call. The person on the other end asked me the same questions and then told me I was not who I said I was. Excuse me??? He then asked me for previous addresses, which I gave him, and still "This doesn' match the information that we have on file."

He then stated to fax them Birth Certificate, Copy of Driver's License, Copy of S.S card. Copy of Marriage Certificate to prove my name change from my maiden name. Really??? This company, out of the 3 major reporting agencies is the only one that is showing anything. And then they tell you that you are not who you are. I'm going to file a complaint with the attorney general's office. Have had enough of the runaround from this company.

People at all of the credit reporting agencies are a bunch bull... You sit at your desks playing GOD with people's lives. If you don't want to work you ** can the paperwork that comes across your desk. I have credit cards and I never miss a payment, I have a car loan and I never miss a payment, I have a mortgage and I never miss a payment, I pay all my bills on time and most I pay early, yet you say my credit score is poor and TransUnion says it is very low. I purchased a new car in Feb. 2016 with Capital One with no problems, but because the dealer and I both checked my credit score my credit went down. I have tried to lower my mortgage by refinancing my loan but even though I am a Vietnam vet. I get told that no one will talk to me because of my credit. I fought and almost died for people that make the big money while they sit on their **, and tell me I have poor or very poor credit. Like I have said this IS...TOTAL **.

Equifax gives me a poor rating because of short credit history. I am 66 years old. I have bought houses, cars, motorcycles, jewelry and tools on credit. Their failure to do their job is pathetic! TransUnion, not much better. As all jobs move to India and the Philippines, or Mexico, it will get worse.

Once again, I have gone onto Equifax to obtain my routinely disappointing report at the sum of £14.95. Once again, I received a report that a) does not reflect the present position of my credit status, to the extent that it is woefully inaccurate and b) further arbitrary deductions have been made against my profile. I no longer am prepared to accept that Equifax are a third party and rely on lenders providing information, when Experian provide a brilliant service and update their consumer reports on a daily basis.

I am no longer prepared to accept, that Equifax are allowed to have access to my information to inaccurately and arbitrarily provide incorrect reports to possible creditors. I quote "Ma'am, we can only provide the information provided by your existing Lenders." No, you provide to future/possible creditors access to a profile generated by algorithms which gives you the power to inform any Lender of my "associated risk". I am currently deemed "poor" by Equifax standards, due to the following:

1. Electoral register - I haven't been at my present address for over 2 years (We had to relocate because my husband has a brain tumor) I asked to contest this as an arbitrarily detrimental point and was given point of contact nor resolution.

2. 98% utilisation of available credit - WOEFULLY outdated - it is in actual fact only 47.234% and has been as such for nearly a full calendar month.

Because of Equifax's continual inability to update information, my credit limits are constantly reviewed and changed, despite over 3 years of overpayments on time and without deduction and the aforementioned recommended credit utilisation percentage.

The irony of life - you need credit to get credit, and you must use your credit - but not all of it, because inactive credit is bad. So please have fun guessing just how much and what we would like, so we can colour code you and stick a rated number on your profile... I have therefore formally revoked consent whether expressly or by way of implication for Equifax to have any access to my credit information. I am supposedly being contacted within 24-48 hours via email so I can have written determination of the same. As a consumer, I have rights. Your services were not engaged with by myself, no consent was provided by myself for you to have access to the same. I have only agree to let future/possible creditors utilise your services provided when seeking credit arrangements, but not to the original formation of a credit profile. As such, I will from this point on determine whom creditors may use to review my credit profile, to be clear, this will be Experian.

Recently placed a fraud alert at the Credit Reporting Agencies. Received a two-page confirmation letter but no credit report from Equifax. Searched everywhere for a live customer service number to call. Finally reached someone, it seems, at an off-shore customer service site. The number on the two-page confirmation letter was not the number to bring up my report. The agent then wanted my personal information to retrieve it. Did not feel comfortable!!! I just placed a fraud alert on my account and Equifax wants me to speak with a foreigner in a foreign country! Is it any wonder identity theft is on the increase? Can't we get American customer service agents? Does anyone have a number?

Been trying to dispute through Credit Karma. But gives me choices of items that mean nothing to me. Instead directed me to fax personal information. Clearly it's been reported that the wrong information is being reported by the same collection agency. Only the dates are different but Equifax wants to report a collection of almost 12,000 when it's half that and is the same collection agency. Only difference is one is October 2010 and the newly created one says December 2010. Come on. Funny how impossible you make it to dispute this? My friends tried disputing items on Equifax, also not allowed. Must be some kind of scam between them and the collection agency.

It is nearly impossible to lift a credit freeze with Equifax! Obviously, they either change consumer's PINs without notifying them or just do not keep good records. This is really sad considering how much of my personal information that have without my consent!! I do not think that they should have access to my personal information and be so inept at providing customer service!!

I have experienced the same issue as other reviewers in that I needed to correct the spelling of my name that was evidently misreported by a creditor. Equifax elected to "update" the spelling of my name and override all legal references in their system. It took me several hours to resolve the issue. When I was advised via email that the spelling of my name had been resolved, I discovered that the email was addressed to my misspelled name. The employees are incomprehensibly incompetent, and the processes ludicrous. The onus for reparation of inaccurately reported information should not fall on the consumer. It was unfathomable that I should then have to provide personal documents to them prove I am who I have always been. I'm disgusted that this company has access to all my personal information and credit, and the ability to enforce their own rulings as they see fit. It's asinine.

Equifax has terrible customer service. They put my name, spelling was wrong about four times. At first I called them, they won't change. Ask me to fax or mail to them. After I mailed them the copy of my passport and driver licence, after one month, I received a letter with the reference. My name still wrong and then I called them again to take forever to correct my name spelling right. The point is - The Equifax totally lost my trust. They are a company to help the customer to protect the credit, but my experience with them is terrible. They make mistakes all the time. Either they change or close the business.

I needed to lift the freeze on my credit file so I went online to do so. The first time I tried, there was no response from the website so after about 5 to 7 minutes, I started over. The second, third, and fourth tries ended in errors. Finally, on the fifth try, I received the response that my credit was not frozen so the lift could not be completed.

When I received my credit card statement, I see that I was charged four times. Attempting to dispute the charges was a complete waste of time as I kept being disconnected or, not being able to determine if I was still connected, hanging up and starting over. When I finally did get connected, they gave me different number to call. Called that number and received a run-around. Never did get anyone to actually assist me. This is the worst example of customer service I have encountered. I must have talked to a half dozen different people and was still unable to get to anyone who could actually reverse the charges. Finally went through my credit card company. Guess I should have started there!

These guys at Equifax are thieves. Do you know that there is no button to cancel your subscription online? You have to call them first. Can you believe that? Stay away from it if you don't want to get billed a couple of months before you realize you only can cancel by calling them. I wonder why you can sign up without calling them but can't do the reverse. "Equifax Complete Advantage Plan" means it's their plan to take "complete advantage" of you... I'm really pissed I fell for it. I hope they burn in hell.

I would like to commend Equifax for removing an erroneous filing against my credit report. I contacted them via certified mail that the company was putting a fraudulent charge on my record. They followed-up with the said company and corrected it immediately. Now, if they would only raise my report - the 84 points they removed in one day when it went on my report!

I have disputed a few items on my credit report that are inaccurate and Equifax has ignored the situation. I first filed my disputes to both Equifax and TransUnion back in April 2016. TransUnion has fixed the issues however Equifax has not. I then sent a letter via fax to them in May 2016 asking them to please correct the problem and still today no changes made. There is a closed, 'paid in full' account they show balances on and open from tide water services.

I paid account in full with my debit card over 1800.00 back in February, they continue to report I owe a $51.00 balance and a $291.00 past due amount and I reassure you the account was paid in full and closed after that February payment. I also have duplicate reporting with inaccurate account open dates. They sold my account to another agency and I was told to have both reporting is against the fair credit report act and the date has to be from original collectors date. Last is an account from Dish that was to be taken off a few years ago that they stated they would after a dispute filed. I contacted Dish and they would not disclose the address where service was yet placed a 45.00 charge on my credit? I am going to seek legal assistance as my next step for resolution.

I signed up for all three credit reports. Experian and TransUnion info correct. Equifax has all false information, wrong accounts, wrong amounts. I have been trying to contact them to fix this information and no one gets back to me. My names are not even correct. Now I have to file complaints against them. I realized this when my bank checked my credit for a refinance. Beware. This company is a scam.

Recently I decided to check my credit report. Have used the site creditkarma.com and received reports from Equifax that I wanted to dispute. While answering the question error on the Equifax site I was asked to confirm whether or not I had a mortgage. According to the report I supposedly had applied for one several years ago. This is not true. I have been a renter for many years and have never applied for a mortgage. There are also some other strange questions about some credit accounts for which I supposedly applied as well as unknown loans. The final result was I was not able to dispute anything on my report. The reason given was that the information I provided was not true. I was also advised to fax a copy of my driver's license to a particular phone number. I do not feel comfortable about this. Why is there no other way to resolve questionable information on my credit report?

Recently I applied for credit to purchase a car, which I was denied and I was told to contact Equifax to see the report and details of my credit. I called the 800 number, several times with no success, and then all of a sudden I receive an email stating how to enter the site and they gave me a username to enter, but no password because I was told to use the password when I set up my account. Well, I never set up an account to begin with, so after several tries, I was logged out of the system. This has become a big pain. I am only trying to restore my credit to a better standing, but this is a nightmare dealing with Equifax. There is no way to speak with anyone. It's all automated and good luck if you don't get cut off or put on hold for literally 30-40 minutes, and still try to work and maintain your job.

It's a failed system to say the least, and obviously all they care about is getting your money as an account holder, not repair your credit. This is so frustrating and I really feel sorry for people who are trying to do the right thing and keep hitting these brick walls. What do they expect you to do? Any advice would certainly be appreciated. I don't see an end in sight working with this behemoth of a company. Do people really exist at Equifax or is it all automation? Received an email yesterday at 12:08 from member benefits department.

First off the phone call is routed to India where I couldn't understand a stinking word this woman was saying. Secondly I called to have removed a negative mark on my report from them and I was first told that I need to call the courts to have it removed. I explained to the Indian lady that they don't do that. They just show as satisfied. She tried arguing with me about this. Then she said that it shows up on my report for 7 years from satisfaction. I asked then they are the only credit reporting company that doesn't remove negative things from their reports seeing I had called and sent in to both Experian and TransUnion showing that this was satisfied and they removed it from my credit report. I told this lady that because they don't remove these things it is affecting my credit score by 79 points. I told her that I hope companies don't use them because they are way off!

I have used the Equifax website for almost a year now. In the last 3 months I have had problems logging and it keeps getting worse. I have not been able to log in for 3 days now. I can't even get to the Sign in page. I can get to Equifax.com but if I click on to the "Member Sign In" page, it just times out. It used to take several tries, but now I can't log on at all. All I get are these out of country people that won't even pass me on to a boss. I have asked for my money back and they won't even give me my $9.98 back. They keep telling me it is my computer and my internet connection, but if that is so how come I don't have an issue with Transunion or Experian? I can get to my bank websites, credit card sites, email accounts. I have no problems except with Equifax. I think that 3 months is long enough for them to tell me what is going on. They continue to tell me that it is not their fault. It is my problem.

Yesterday a guy told me he would get back in an hour, this was at 12:15 pm. I never heard from them until I called back at 6pm. Today the guy asked me for a reference number, not once has any of them given me a reference number until I asked them for it today. I will continue to call them until something happens or they return me my money.

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Equifax is one of the three biggest credit bureaus in the United States. They work with over 800 million consumers and 88 million businesses worldwide. Equifax has grown from a consumer credit company into a multifaceted information company.

  • Equifax Complete Premier: This subscription product provides three-bureau credit scores, provides alerts about suspicious activities and helps monitor your credit and Social Security number. This product is also available in a family plan.
  • Credit reports: Consumers may choose from a credit report from Equifax or a credit report from each of the different credit reporting agencies.
  • Fico products: Equifax offers a Credit Score Watch program which monitors the consumers FICO score. Their Score Power program includes a personalized score explanation and score simulator.
  • Credit report assistance: Equifax assists consumers in obtaining their free annual credit report and disputing information on a credit report. Additionally, individuals may request a fraud alert and place a security freeze on their report.
  • Credit education: The Equifax educational portal informs consumers about credit scores, credit reports, credit monitoring as well as identity theft protection.
  • Trusted: Equifax is one of the major credit bureaus and has a highly regarded reputation.
  • Best for Victims of identity theft, consumers who have a major upcoming financial decision and consumers who need monitoring.

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