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Last updated: Nov. 7, 2017

611 TransUnion Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

Woke up this morning checked my credit score on Credit Karma, I carry very little debt besides my mortgage and minor credit card debt which is rapidly decreasing toward zero, only to see my TransUnion score decreased by 15 points while the Equifax score increased as expected by 21, odd for sure! So I called TransUnion and of course a guy who barely speaks English and “understands” so well. As he kept saying, my irritation as to why he couldn’t give me a straight answer why the strange and drastic credit score drop when there was nothing out of the ordinary otherwise.

So he offered to send me a credit report, fine, but why did my credit score drop and the one next to it increased as it should have? The guy couldn’t do anything to resolve my question, the whole call was useless. I’m frustrated, and why are people who don’t speak English as a first language dealing with something so sensitive as our credit standing? Why? I’d really like to know. I’d also like to know who I can talk to there to resolve my question, there’s absolutely no reason why my score decreased other than somebody punched in a wrong key or there’s something fishy going on.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I wanted to look at my credit report, through the Discover app I clicked the link to the TransUnion page assuming I would not be charged without prior notification. Once on their page I clicked the button to create an account, entered in my information, then after creating was placed on a recurring subscription for $19.95. Nowhere on the site did it say I would be charged a subscription fee. I cancelled immediately, then I went back through the mobile site and scrolled to view every part of the page and could not find any mention of a charge.

I checked the website to file a ticket and there is no option to file an online support ticket for internal issues. I called customer support and was connected with "Kenny" who tried to sell me on their service when I was clearly not interested and just trying to remove the charge. He refused, telling me there was no way they could issue a refund.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I love their reports and ease of site BUT once they have your credit card, good luck in getting them off. It will take 20-30 mins talking to someone in another country to discontinue your service. Thank goodness I paid with a prepaid credit card. The funds ran out and they could no longer suck money from the account. So if you use this site use a pre-paid card, saved me headache!! Yay to prepaid cards.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

I found out my SSN was wrong on their record 6 months ago and since I have been calling them countless times. The first thing I did is to send them the copy of my social. But they still kept giving me different explanations for this problem. Once someone told me some banks are reporting wrong numbers to them and I have checked with all the banks that I have credit cards with, they all confirmed with me that they have the 100% correct social. Another time someone told me all the banks are reporting correctly and TU should be able to correct that mistake themselves. I waited for 2 weeks. Nothing happened! Nothing! After spending at least half an hour on the phone call and being transferred again and again, still cannot solve the simple problem... So frustrating, so disappointing... So bad.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

I had someone try to open a Amazon credit card twice through Chase. Once in April and again in June. So this was fraudulent activity on my credit. Both Equifax and Experian have removed the hard inquiries. I spoke with someone at TransUnion and did just as he told me to do. I faxed info in to show it was fraudulent. I have tried contacting them several times regarding this. I get sent to other departments, then told there's nothing they can do and I need to speak to another department. I have called so many times and had absolutely no luck. Pretty strange that the other two credit bureaus removed it but TransUnion refuses to. Seems like fraudulent activity on their end.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

Got free credit report from TransUnion. They charge for the credit score, which I paid. Got no credit score from them. Now on the phone with 3 different people for over 20 minutes who keep telling me I did not purchase anything. Have order number and printed receipt right in front of me. No-one can help and the customer service is nonexistent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

I wanted to freeze my credit reports. I breezed through Equifax and Experian in about 10 minutes online and had my credit frozen with them. Then I went to TransUnion and the nightmare began. It was so much more complicated and demanding than the other two; TransUnion ended up telling me they couldn't continue and gave me a number to call. Of course the number makes you jump through hoops just to talk to anyone. And when I did reach someone, her English was poor and she couldn't even freeze my credit. She transferred me to someone else who was clearly "outsourced" - I will say he got my credit frozen fairly quickly, BUT my pin and other info (given to me immediately with the other two credit bureaus) had to be sent to me snail mail. The other two took five minutes each; this ended up taking an hour. I'll never get back.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Since the Equifax breach, we are advised to get a "free" credit check. However, TransUnion charged my credit card for a subscription that I didn't order. I called TransUnion. Of course they want my social security number, my credit card number, date of birth just to cancel my subscription -- their mistake. A week went by and the charge is still on my account. I called again and went through the process again. Why do they want my SS# to correct their mistake? I believe this is a scam.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

I filed a dispute on a collection item with unverified "debt" on my credit report. I sent certified mail with supporting documents, per TransUnion customer rep. Surprisingly Transunion completed the investigation within two days while the cert. mail is still in transition. How can they complete the investigation so fast within a couple of days? They have not even received the certified mail I sent to them. The certified mail is still in transit. In addition, I also told them BBB complaints have been filed against the collection agency and the original creditor with an ongoing investigation. Within a couple of days, they closed my file again. How did you complete the investigation within 2-days without looking into all evidences?

I believe TransUnion did not really spent time to investigate my dispute. They just simply close it within two days. When I called to reopen the dispute, then they closed it again within two days. I paid USPS for a cert. mail to TransUnion. The cert. mail is still in transition. In addition, there should be a dependency complaints as ongoing investigations on the validations of the "debt" are still open. How can TransUnion verify the "debt" is accurate while the investigation with the original creditor are still open.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

First, Transunion try to convince you that their true identity service gives a better protection and is free. However if you read the service agreement and privacy policy, they still can sell your info to third parties and give access to your credit report to low risk business collection agencies, insurance underwriters, claim agencies. So I decided to go for a true freeze on the website. Everything went fine until the end. They charge 5$ (get alert on my phone) but claim that my card was denied and I need to call them. After waiting for 20 min, I get a person to put a freeze but I need to pay the 5$ again and need to contact customer services to get my 5$ refunded after I provided my credit card statement. I believe they just hope that most people don't bother to ask for 5$ refund and just get extra money this way. The error message gives you the impression that they know that you got an error but the payment went through anyway.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

I spoke to Pedro and asked him why, since I have had credit for 43 years, my "Depth of Credit" was only 2 years. First he said that the "Depth of Credit" only reflected how long I had been signed up with "Credit Journey" with Chase Bank. When I questioned that because they show my Depth as 2 years, he changed his answer to "It's how long it will take you to pay off your loans." Since there is a definition on the website that conflicts with that, I just said, "Let me talk to someone else." I got his supervisor. She proceeded to explain that the credit score has no meaning, and cannot be used for anything. I asked why I need their service. She said, "So you can know what your score is." But why? What does it tell me? What action should I take based upon the score? She started talking over me and interrupting me.

I asked to speak to someone else. She said that was not possible. Really? I asked if she had a boss. She said, "No." I said, "Really? You are self-employed?" She said "Yes." I asked, "So, TransUnion pays self-employed contractors to supervise their customer service?" My conclusion is they hire a bunch of uneducated people at minimum wage to give superficial answers. I suspect they really don't know what their company does or why.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

I tried multiple times to freeze my credit reporting with TransUnion. Every time I clicked the Credit lock, it would immediately take me back to the membership screen to sign up for $19.95. I clicked out after having entered my credit card information (which you have to enter before you can go forward, to what you expect you are getting ready to sign up for the credit info freeze.) I tried to enter my husband and didn't think I had clicked on the join TransUnion but the info welcomed my husband as a new member. I knew I would be charged the 19.95 and immediately cancelled the account. After reading further, it stated he could review his account until October 22.

If the account was cancelled at that time, the credit would be unfrozen. What a rip-off and can anyone tell me how I can freeze my credit reporting with them? I had no problems freezing with Equifax and Experian. I was only charged $7.50 with Experian which is very acceptable. How can TransUnion even be allowed to protect American accounts when they have such horrible customer service? After reading all the reviews for them, they are horrible! It sounds like most of them don't speak good English, (which is very concerning) and gave really bad customer service reviews without helping the customers solve the problems for which they called. It seemed most of them were charged even more money and got nowhere.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

Called TransUnion, as well as The other credit bureaus to initiate credit freeze. The TransUnion site was very, very difficult to maneuver and finally locked me out and told me "we cannot validate your information". Then the Site directed me to a toll-free number. I called the number and played to 20 million questions game, before it got me to the correct person.

Having lived and work in Western Asia, I recognized the voice accent immediately. I queried the individual if as speaking to a USA citizen in the USA. He replied no and would not tell me the Country I had been transferred to. So, if I were to have followed through with it, I would have given all my personal and financial information to an individual who was in a foreign Country and has little to no liability in protecting my data. One can just imagine the excuses you would get from TransUnion in Dallas when you called to complain about your credit breach. People need to wake up to what is going on here. Start by complaining to your local and State credit or consumer protection agency and follow it up through your CongressPerson. This has gotten way out of hand.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

Due to the recent Equifax security breach, I spent several days attempting to get a 90-day fraud alert placed on my credit. After finally being able to place a fraud alert on my credit, I wanted to log into TransUnion's website to check the status of my credit. This is as far as I could get. TransUnion has made their login area completely inaccessible in an attempt to force users to buy their credit monitoring service for $19.95 per month. At a time where this company should be stepping up to protect over 100 million people who may be in danger, they've instead put their own interest first and made it very difficult, if not impossible to access credit freezes, fraud alerts, credit scores/history, and more. This level of greed is unacceptable, especially for a national, government mandated credit bureau.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I got online and tried to get my credit report. This company is a trap. They want to charged you $20.00 a month. Why? I am looking for a lawyer to take my case and sue them not only for my money. Their business ethic is unapproachable and misleading. They are a scam. Please reach me to sue them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

TU has actively caused significant financial loss, embarrassed and humiliated me publicly, and caused extreme emotional duress. My scores with all CRA's are in the 750's. I have been saving for a new car and have about a 60% down payment based on a 2017 leftover with all the dealer incentives. My credit union has the best rates going at 2.25% and a .25% discount for auto-pay bringing the loan amount down to 2%. The dealer incentives for using your own financing is roughly $8,000. Essentially a $32K car for $24K.

I fill out all the loan apps online and go to the credit union the next morning to speak to the loan officer and let them copy all of my ID, paycheck stubs, etc. I am told by the credit union that TU has refused to provide them a report. We try to call TU together and they have us stuck in voice mail jail for over 2 hours trying to get through to a person. They kept hanging up on us. Then they say I have a freeze (which was never requested) on my credit report and I need a pin they allegedly mailed out in 2004.

I go home to look through an old lawsuit where TU had refused to remove inaccurate information. I never received anything. There was a letter around that time that TU sent to my attorney which I had in my file stating they had a credit alert on my account based on the fraudulent line of credit opened. From 2004 - 2008 I was fighting with TU (and the other CRA's) for falsifying information on my report. It was a complex matter involving 10 different names entities, one of which was TU. My file was put into "special handling" by TU and I was told I was labeled a trouble-maker because of their haphazard way of conducting business. At that time, they kept hanging up on me, refused to talk and a lawyer was the only way to get resolution (unfortunately - he retired).

Flash forward to now, TU is still claiming they won't talk to me because I am in "special handling" with a fraud unit. They kept hanging up on me, refused to provide information on how to unlock the account, refused to reset any stupid PIN number and said essentially I am SOL and they refuse to provide any information to any bank and that I better get used to paying 100% cash for anything I want. They did confirm I have excellent credit and that's "too bad" at one point in the calls and I demanded to speak to a supervisor.

I was told to hold on and they hung up. The whole thing was absolutely crazy. During one call, they wanted evidence I was me - so they asked me 20 validating multiple choice questions to identify where I have lived, who I do business with, etc. Even though they believe I really am me, and my bank has copies of all my ID, driver's license, passport (and even a fingerprint from when I opened the account) - they will not release my report to underwriting.

In the meantime, I am so embarrass because I signed a retail receipt with the intent to purchase the new vehicle and pick it up yesterday and have my downpayment check and the loan check for the full amount. The bank and I coordinated it not expecting the delay. I am now humiliated that I had to call the dealer to tell him my saga which sounds like a load of crap and that I didn't get the loan because I have bad credit or something. I also told my boss (the CEO of my company) to expect a call from the bank for employment verification on the loan. When he asks about the new car, MORE embarrassment. On top of that, I lost the deal on the leftover. So what this means is that once TU decides to release the info, the same car will cost me an additional $8K when all is said and done.

I think TU should be paying that difference since it was their refusal to work with anyone and give us the runaround. Here's why I don't believe there was a freeze every placed on the file - I opened a line of instant credit at a department store in 2015 by filling out a form at the cash register to get a discount special on what I was buying that day. It went through in 2-3 minutes with nothing more than a drivers license and it was a really strange experience because it was such a large credit line. Obviously, TU gave a less secure line of credit access at that time. I really think the way they do business is horrible, they do not work with people in any regard. Hanging up, disconnecting the call, constant transferring to frustrate the consumer for hours seem to be a design to make the consumer go away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

First, you have to understand, 'credit lock' is a TransUnion product they charge for - and that they have manipulated their website to steer you away from a 'security freeze', which is free. Of course, after the breach/debacle with Equifax, Transunion is ready to pounce in predatory fashion and ONCE AGAIN exploit the consumer's misfortune by ensuring you are NOT ABLE to get a security freeze (one again, your right to completely free security).

They have completely blocked EVERYONE's ability to complete a security freeze online, a process that takes seconds to complete. At the end of this process you will receive a message to contact them via phone. Once you call, you will guided through the security prompts and in the end, you will be informed they are (once again) unable to process your request and you will need to talk to a representative... After which you will transferred to a busy signal.

*** Remember, if you can't place the security freeze you are completely entitled to, your only option to protect yourself is to purchase TransUnion's Credit Lock product... Funny how that works. FYI, ignore the mis-information ALL of the bureaus/CRAs are promoting on a Security Freeze. They are easy to do. AND - you can apply for credit at any time - just be ready to provide your pin to the creditor. It's that simple! Next, rinse and repeat, over and over again. I have literally attempted to get this done dozens of times over the 4 days since the Equifax debacle was initially reported. Way to go TransUnion! Another clear cut example of the corruption that exists not only with your relationship to the financial institutions, but as an individual corporation with WAY TOO MUCH power. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

I went to TransUnion to receive a free credit report. The website directed me to create an account to login. It asked for information such as email, credit card number, etc. I assumed the report was still free as advertised and that the information was in case I found something on my report that I wanted to dispute. It's not free. It's $19.95 a month. I canceled the membership as soon as I noticed it on my credit card. The TransUnion website does have link to where you really can get a free credit report. However, on the same page there's a link to redirect people to open an account and subscription rather than actually providing a free credit report. This is confusing at best and deceiving at worst. I would suggest going through directly rather than TransUnion.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

Transunion (YOU) electronically received a request from a third party (individual) for my credit information. Transunion sent me (Subject of Credit Report and Payor) an electronic request to log into the Transunion website. Transunion electronically authenticated and verified my identity via it's website, "". Transunion electronically requested my credit card payment in exchange for credit report. Transunion electronically accepted my payment via the Transunion MySmartMove website. Transunion electronically determined the validity/ authorization of my payment. Transunion electronically notifies Consumer after transaction is complete that it provides NO RECEIPT to the Consumer for the payment they have already made.

Transunion, allegedly, electronically determined the individual third party's identity requesting my "private and sensitive" credit information as worthy to receive it. Transunion electronically approved the validity of this individual's request and acted upon it. Transunion electronically approved of, and carried out, the transmission of my "private and sensitive" credit profile coming from an electronic request from an individual with no pre-existing account. Transunion delivered my 'private and sensitive' credit profile to the other party's email address immediately.

At no time during the receiving of this request, aiding in this request, encouraging and promoting of this request (and those of similar nature) for profit, pulling, gathering, assimilating, validating, accepting payment for, and /or transmission of my 'private and sensitive' credit information, did Transunion demand ANY physical verification from this private individual, nor from myself. Yet Transunion is now demanding physical proof from me in order to learn what they have reported about me.

Their email tells me they NOW require the following from me: Physical copy of my state identification card. Physical copy of my social security card. Name, address, phone number, date of birth – ALL information I have already provided and Transunion approved, without ANY physical verification whatsoever, as sufficient to permit someone else to view my credit profile, at my expense. And to add insult to injury, Transunion penalizes the Consumer with a 30+ day waiting period for the same information they transmitted via email to an individual, of whom they have NO physical proof of identity, after the CONSUMER has paid for the report they deny them access to! When you are applying for a house, you don't have 30+ days to find out what WRONG INFORMATION they provided. The Consumer could wind up homeless in that time.

Transunion refuses to electronically provide me, the subject of its credit report, with the same exact information it electronically transmitted a mere 48-hours ago to a complete stranger after charging me $35.00. Transunion say in response to my confused query when I cannot find my access to said report: "THE REPORTS WILL BE MAILED VIA US MAIL DUE TO THE "SENSITIVITY" OF THE REPORTS WITHIN 30 CALENDAR DAYS OF OUR RECEIPT OF YOUR REQUEST AND VALIDATION OF YOUR IDENTITY." [emphasis mine]

Yet... Transunion 'validated my identity' electronically in 2 -3 minutes online when Transunion PROFITED from doing do. Transunion then transmitted my same 'private and sensitive' information to a complete stranger in under 10 minutes - with NO PHYSICAL PROOF WHATSOEVER, who was not a company or even affiliated with any company and did not have a pre-existing account with Transunion. Transunion is impeding even the possibility of the Consumer defending themselves against mis-information provided by them in their flawed reporting either purposely, negligently, accidentally or otherwise.

Transunion’s “Anti-Consumer-For-Profit-Policies,” deny the Consumer, the Subject and the Purchaser of the report the right or any ability to dispute incorrect and negative information provided by Transunion in a timely manner. Transunion's refusal in this matter jeopardizes ALL Consumers using their service the ability to acquire necessary housing without undue prejudice, hardship and cost. They deny the Consumer even "the right to know" if Transunion has committed libel (defamation) against them during a critical transaction.

Transunion's avarice is an open and notorious threat against Consumer Safety and Confidence. They operate www.MySmartMove.Com with an obvious intent to harm the public-at-large, without conscience, while profiting from that same avarice for as long as they can get away with it. To begin with, I am filing a Complaint with CFPB and my state Attorney General. They are manipulating Consumer Protection Laws to gain an unfair advantage and grossly misusing their role as a Consumer Credit Reporting Bureau.

Transunion is a for-profit company yet reliant upon public trust and governmental oversight. By directly profiting from their abuse of the Consumer's Right and NEED to know, their disingenuous machinations risk disastrous consequences for unwitting individuals, groups and families alike who are dependent upon proper and correct reporting by this company for life sustaining necessities, i.e. housing.

The real estate clause, "Time is of the essence," is essential to the fair and equitable outcome of any proposed real estate transaction. Transunion short circuiting the rules for their own profit; aggressively and unfairly penalizes the Consumer. Here in Washington State, that clause is implied in every real estate transaction. Yet Transunion denies the Consumer paying for the report any chance of fair or equitable outcome or even an opportunity to deny negative mis-information provided by Transunion regarding the Subject and Payor of the report. Transunion is acting in Bad Faith towards the public. This harmful service and website should be served a "Cease and Desist Order," shut down and made to refund all Consumer monies it has collected in BAD FAITH, immediately.

P.S. After the credit application, they advertised credit monitoring and 'Get Your Score' for $1.00. I thought that was a good deal. I saw my report and all of the inaccuracies including that it was missing my address from the last SIX YEARS, which is kind of important to a potential landlord. My score was good, but that is beside the point of the incorrect and important information they were providing about me that was UNTRUE. Anyhow, they informed me via email after I paid that they do NOT provide Consumers with a receipt for their purchase and that I was supposedly offer a chance to print one - which I was not. Then the next email informed me that the $1.00 service I signed up for was only for 7 days and that I would be charged $19.95 per month! Incredibly horrible ethics by Transunion.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

I was on Credit Karma and noticed my score dropped by a point. I called TransUnion to find out why and they told me the score they had was not the same. I asked what they showed and they told me I had to pay for it. I went to the TransUnion site to pay a one time fee of 9.95 and it started asking too much info for me to transmit over the internet AFTER I gave my credit card info. So I let it go. Then my discover card showed a 19.95 RECURRING fee from TransUnion a few days later. This is out and out FRAUD! I clicked on the ONE TIME CHARGE and the system put me in recurring payments without my authorization.

Having worked as a fraud agent for a bank I know recurring charges can be impossible to get rid of, in many cases, unless the company cooperates. I called TU, mad as a hornet, and threatened to call the FTC if they did not correct this. I think I still will, because TransUnion is suppose to be the pinnacle of integrity. Even more than banks. Charging that kind of money to find out your credit score is obscene. I am sure they are making millions off it though.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

I have a score of 612 on Transunion. And a score of 702 on Equifax. So I called TransUnion to dispute this and have them update this inaccuracy and they said that is not what they have as a credit score for me on file... But they will Not fix the problem with my credit score. They want me to pay $9. Dollars and change for them to send me a report through the mail... What kind of a Fraud is that??? They should fix the wrong information they are reporting and simply update the wrongly reported info. Not try to rip me off to fix the error on their behalf...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

After receiving my credit score, I was told that I would pay nothing now, and later if I decided to keep their services, I would be charged $19.95. I cancelled on the very first day after receiving my score. Well, lo and behold a week later my account was charged the $19.95 fee. So, I decided to call TransUnion and talk to a customer rep. I got nothing but a runaround and she stated that according to her records I cancelled on the very day I was calling her! I could see that I had no chance of getting my money back so I just told her thanks for the lies and the rip off!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

I use Credit Karma to monitor my credit. I started with very poor credit and eventually brought my scores up to the good to very good range. My combined actress are at 750 when I purchased a car. I was pretty happy with that until I was until I purchased a car. After that my TransUnion score went 60 points lower. They also reported that I had a card closed that wasn't closed. My other two scores have stayed the same or gone up. I have written a letter to them about the closed account that's not closed and stated that my score has dropped exponentially. Of course there's really no one you can speak to about this and there's no explanation.

Now I need a loan to pay down credit card and it is very difficult for me to get one because for some stupid reason every lender wants to use Transunion. I feel that it is incredibly unfair that we have no say in our credit or our scores or why they are what they are. When it's great, it's great and there's no issue. But I would love an explanation as to why my score has dropped to the point it has. I'd probably not make this a big deal, if it wasn't just Transunion. I have some hard inquiries and one delinquent account for $1200. That's it, no late payments, cards and car loan in good standing. Clearly I am not the only one with this issue. Transunion needs to change their ways! How can I succeed when they won't give me a chance? Your credit scores are supposed to help you move forward, not hurt you for me reason!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

I saw a negative mark on my credit score with a company who is trying to collect the wrong amount. I've tried to dispute it multiple times now, but TransUnion doesn't even look into it. They just close the dispute right away without solving anything. The other credit company actually looked into it and removed it from my account, but TransUnion doesn't seem to care about fixing things that need to be fixed.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

TransUnion offers monthly monitoring on their website with “UNLIMITED updates to your TransUnion Credit Report and Score”. That is a direct quote from their site - caps and all. The monthly fee is $19.95. The unlimited report updates appealed to me. I can be a bit OCD at times and I liked the idea of having up to the minute data at my fingertips. The price tag of $19.95 per month didn't sound all that unreasonable considering I was going to get “UNLIMITED updates to your TransUnion Credit Report and Score”.

Before I pulled out my credit card I figured I should read a review or two. I found what I was looking for on a site called moneyunder30. The review had all the information I was looking for, but with an added bonus. If you use the link from the article you can get all of the unlimited refreshes for just $9.95 per month. Yep - it's the exact same TU service for half the price. I decide to go for it since it's only $9.95 and the TU site indicates I won't be charged until after my free trial. Another direct quote - "You may cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period without charge." What have I got to lose, right? Well the answer to that question is $9.95 plus tax.

Within 47 seconds of my subscription membership that includes my unlimited refreshes I discovered that TransUnion is a big, fat liar. You will not get unlimited refreshes of your credit report. You will get a daily refresh. "Your TransUnion Credit Report and Comparison Report are available for refresh once every 24 hour period." I shouldn't have to explain to a huge company like TransUnion that there is technically a difference between daily and unlimited. I mean, they are trusted with very sensitive information. Information that if not accurate and very particular could have an enormous negative impact on our lives.

Be afraid, folks. Very afraid. Because I did have to try and explain the difference between the product I subscribed to and the service they delivered. You might be wondering why I even bothered trying to call and explain. Why not just cancel online? The option is there and I was well within the trial period. Turns out the trial period must only last 11 minutes because that is about how long it took for TransUnion to charge my card for the first month.

If you find a need to call TransUnion, do yourself a favor and take a sedative first. The representative I spoke with genuinely did not have a clue about the product I was attempting to cancel or the information in my account. Eventually he assured me the subscription was canceled and a refund had been initiated. I'm not going to hold my breath.

If you are considering paying $9.95 or $19.95 for daily report refreshes from TransUnion - don't. Just go to TrueIdentity. It's part of TransUnion and they give you the daily report refreshes for free. Seriously, like no credit card required free. The exact same report in the exact same format provided by the exact same company. One last thing, please don't ever pay TransUnion for your credit score. It's not a FICO score, it's a Vantage score. Knowing your Vantage score isn't going to help you. I'm pretty sure they just have an intern spinning a Wheel of Fortune style board and whatever it lands on is your Vantage score.

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Original review: July 31, 2017

Back in December, I reported to TransUnion that my Social Security had possibly been jeopardized and also froze a credit card from my credit union. They were polite, helpful, suggestive and so I opted to continue credit monitoring once the 2 free months ran out. Recently, I received a mail that their mail was being returned and to call and update my address. I struggled with the questions, but influenced them to just update my current address and advised them I wasn't requesting any information at all. The lady tells me they never got a payment method, but continued my service for March, April, May, June and July... wanting payment for 5 months and to update a payment source. Okay... that's fine. Out of 3 dozen letters or so, not one pertained to owing money or having a debt.

That's not even the issue, though. I call today with a simple question, "Is this account holder services number that has been calling me legitimate or know scammers?" After 20 seconds of silence, this lady, barely speaking English, tells me I have to answer questions before I can have a credit score or report. I tell her, "Okay, but I don't need any of that. Go ahead with the questions." After 30 more seconds of silence she asks, "What is a previous address" and "Who is a previous employer?" This is after I confirm my member ID, SS#, date of birth, email address, phone number and current place of residence. I'm 34. I've lived a few places. No lie, I ran through every single address since I was 11 years old. I gave the names to every place of previous employment. 60 seconds of silence, then, "What was a previous address?" "Tell me where you're currently employed."

Politely, I mentioned that I've been self employed for years, but have tax records and tax ID number. I just have no business name. I don't run a business. I flip houses. She tells me, "I can't give you a credit score or credit report without previous address." Again, "Ma'am, I do not want those. I know my score. I get letters from you every time there's a credit report change. I don't need a report, or any account related information at all." So after another very long and awkward pause, I mention a date I had just submitted a payment for the last 5 months, and the exact dollar amount. I answer all questions about this payment, what bank it was from, the card type... everything. SHE ASKS ME FOR MY CARD NUMBER.

I tell her I don't feel comfortable giving that to her considering that odds are I will never, in my life, gain access to the account first off... and secondly that it's a strange thing to ask someone to give when "security" seems to be impenetrable selling point in the first place. I ask her, "Theoretically, and nothing to do with my account, say I am calling because I'm interested in knowing the benefit from this extra credit monitoring." She tells me, "A free annual credit report and credit score." "Well obviously I'm notified of changes as well. Also quite obvious, my credit report would contain my credit score, would it not? Something everyone is entitled to a free copy of not only yearly, but also each time an inquiry is done. At this point, I am only interested in discontinuing this service and preventing any more monthly charges from occurring."

Her response after a minute goes by and I check to confirm she's still actually on the line? You guessed it. "Without the correct answers to the questions, I cannot discuss your account with you or make any changes." So long story short... not only am I paying for an essentially free service that I have absolutely no access to, I am stuck paying 10 bucks a month to TransUnion and, if I were to stop payments through my financial institution, they would continue to provide this completely useless service and proceed to accumulate a debt for who knows how long? I feel scammed by the very people I turned to with the sole purpose of preventing others from scamming me. Not only that, but apparently by default you agree to marketing and having information solicited unless you uncheck a box on a website that you can't get access to anyways. It's crooked, scandalous and seems to have become the standard practice these days.

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Original review: July 22, 2017

Last month, I received an email notification from my credit monitoring app (which is not TransUnion) that there was a big change to my credit score. When I logged in, I discovered my Transunion credit score had dropped 57 points in one day. My payment history was at 100% for the previous 18 months (which was is far back as the system monitors) and there were no derogatory remarks. My Equifax and Experian credit scores had remained the same, only my TransUnion scored had taken this drastic and unexpected dive.

I called TransUnion to try and get to the bottom of the issue, and after an hour and a half of struggling to understand the representatives with whom I was speaking, it was revealed that my TransUnion credit had dropped due to an old light bill that I had paid off in 2011. The account had been paid off and closed for SIX YEARS and Transunion just now decided to drop my credit score almost 60 pts- essentially dropping my credit score a second time in a form of double jeopardy- because of a $300.00 light bill that had long since been resolved?? I had asked the representatives why was my score being negatively impacted again if my score had already suffered from the initial time of delinquency and had since been resolved? They responded that TransUnion has the right to report this information for 7 years.

So basically, it appears that TransUnion noticed my consistency in repairing and maintaining my credit score over the past several years and decided to dredge up an old piece of negative information just to sock it to me one last time before it expires in a few months. That's the only explanation. This old, closed account is on the brink of extinction from my credit report and TransUnion dug it up in order to drop my score 57 pts in one day. TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, I declined TransUnion's credit monitoring service - which the representatives kept trying to push on me. I explicitly stated I would never purchase any service from Transunion after this experience, and TransUnion would never receive a dime from me. Well... I checked my online bank statement today and there it was... a $19.95 recurring charge from TransUnion for a credit monitoring service...

I called them up and was more than livid. I demanded my money back; which they promised to refund in 5-7 business days. But here's the weird and unsettling part: I never gave Transunion my card information for them to charge me in the first place AND the card they used was a newly issued card that I just received a little over a week ago, several weeks AFTER I had called them. How did they get access to my new card info without my permission??? I'm seriously thinking of getting a lawyer to help me investigate this further. There's definitely something seriously wrong with TransUnion's practices.

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Original review: July 15, 2017

Customer service sucks. I have filed disputes about my reports and scores and nobody will tell me why my score went down. They keep telling me to pay more fees to get more reports, but when reports don't say anything and my score still went down, they have no answers.

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Original review: July 14, 2017

I am stuck not being able to do anything with TransUnion. I have now spoken to four agents about my identity's theft, two of whom I could hardly understand even when I asked them to speak slowly and clearly. Each asked me a series of security questions to confirm my identity. Each got to the fourth question, which I could not answer "correctly." None of the answers had anything to do with me; rather, it appeared to be based on information related to the identity thief... Stymied, I was then read the same script by each of them, telling me to obtain my TransUnion credit report and then call back. I said, "It's in my hand and I still have no idea about this question! It's about the criminal's activity!" Each of them then read me the exact same speech again and would not help me any further...

For some reason the first agent had put an Armed Services freeze on further credit activity. It's an extended freeze available to military personnel only. I am not in the military, never have been. The other agents would not change that freeze unless I answered the mystery question correctly. I insisted again it was "none of the above." They remained immovable -- "Obtain your credit report." Good grief... So I altered course and tried to use their online dispute module. It wouldn't allow me to enter any more info than name and address, saying I had already begun the dispute by a different method. Yep, via phone, which of course was blocking me... It is truly nightmarish trying to work with TransUnion. It's so bad it seems as if they're staging a parody of the worst kind of customer service hell. Oh, by the way, I don't feel at all comfortable telling a subcontractor employee in a third world country my social security number, but they give you no choice.

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Original review: July 13, 2017

TransUnion is unbelievable!! They report fraudulent information about my credit score to my credit cards, and when I call I can't get anywhere with my problem! Nobody in Customer Service is capable of anything other than trying to get me to pay (!!!) for information about my credit score, and they are lying through their teeth every step of the conversation. There has to be the way to hold them responsible for damages they put on Americans. I am looking for a Group Legal Action against them. If anyone is aware of such action, please let me know so I could join!!! I cannot believe some scumbags can do this on American ground, and our Government does absolutely nothing to protect its citizens!

TransUnion expert review by Barbara Friedberg

TransUnion is a global risk information solutions company. The company is committed to providing the most complete and multidimensional credit information. TransUnion works with businesses and consumers in 33 countries. They have been in business for over 40 years and partner with to help millions of customers improve their credit.

  • Free trial: Customers receive a free credit score and $1 credit report along with a free seven-day trial.

  • Credit protection: TransUnion Credit Lock freezes access to the consumer’s credit report, preventing others from access until the consumer unlocks it. This keeps criminals from gaining access to the consumer’s credit report.

  • Instant alerts: When lenders request access to the consumer’s credit, the customer receives an instant email alert about changes that could negatively affect his or her credit.

  • Education: TransUnion provides assistance disputing incorrect credit report items. Additional articles about important credit-related topics are found on the website.

  • Credit report assistance: TransUnion offers products and services to help the consumer in the following categories: access to free annual credit report, credit report disputes, credit freezes, credit disclosures, fraud alerts and fraud victim resources.

  • Credit and debt analysis: Credit and debt analysis tools help guide members toward smarter credit decisions.

  • Trusted: TransUnion is highly regarded and one of the three main credit bureaus.

  • Monitoring: TransUnion monitors customers' accounts on all three credit bureaus to alert consumers to suspicious credit activity.

  • Partnerships: TransUnion partners with banks, healthcare providers, property managers and others to best serve their customers.

  • Business services: TransUnion offers extensive products and services to serve the business community.

  • Best for: Victims of identity theft, consumers who have a major upcoming financial decision and consumers who need credit monitoring.

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