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    Last updated: June 9, 2017

    3 AllClear ID Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I went around in circles with this company for months. They call every few weeks and ask the same questions over and over. They will not listen to anything you say or do anything to help. I finally had enough and I protested their inability to help with ID theft and they closed my case. I'm filing a complaint with Blue Shield who provided this useless company as well.

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    Original review: June 27, 2016

    I am writing to post a positive experience with AllClear ID. I've written many complains on this board about other companies, so hope this is credible. Within days of selling my house and moving out, I suffered identify theft. I am a Verizon customer but it seems someone tried to open a T-Mobile and Sprint account using my driver's license number. Sprint cleared up the matter after one phone call. However, with T-mobile and TransUnion, despite 6 phone calls, having given my SSN to 8 people, and one face-to-face visit, I was frustrated with not being able to get the hard credit inquiry removed from my TransUnion credit report.

    I contacted AllClear Investigative Services. I had the basic protection from the Home Depot breach, so not full credit monitoring. I got to Marcus who was a big help. I know others have complained that the representatives are overseas, but from the way Marcus spoke, and his similar frustrations as me, I think he's based in the USA.

    He started by setting up a conference call with T-Mobile. We had to sit on hold for 15 minutes but he got to them. T-Mobile gave us the standard, "you don't have an account with us, call TransUnion or your bank to get the credit inquiry removed", and kept putting us on hold. Marcus was insistent to T-Mobile and confronted them about the excessive hold. He asked for a supervisor and got the same thing, that T-Mobile can't do anything about an unauthorized T-mobile inquiry on my account. This is the same story I heard from T-Mobile.

    Marcus then had another T-Mobile number and got to David in the fraud department, employee **. David was awful, and despite Marcus telling him he was factually incorrect, David insisted that I had to dispute it with TransUnion. David told us we had gotten incorrect information from Nick in their fraud department whom I had spoken. David said there was no one above him, and no supervisor.

    David at T-Mobile was frustrating to deal with. I would have given up then. But Marcus either had another phone number or something and now got Andrew from T-Mobile on the line. Andrew quickly apologized and E-mailed me a credit deleting letter within minutes. I can now send that to TransUnion to get the hard inquiry removed. I am really happy with Marcus from AllClear for his persistence and his aggressiveness on the phone with T-Mobile. I would have given up, and normally I fight the most against big companies. The only complaint I have is that the audio on Marcus wasn't so great, and sometimes it was hard to hear him.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

    Anthem BCBS in early 2015 allowed a hack into their system where personal identity information on several members of our family. Anthem hired AllClear ID to handle the identity theft and as the reporting services to those whose personal information was compromised. They sent out hard copy notices to which people were automatically registered with AllClear ID. However, it is very confusing as to what you get when you are already signed up with them.

    Definition of a crime: My first encounter with AllClear ID is speaking with a customer service rep when trying to determine how this all works. Her comments to me were, "You really did not have to do anything until a crime was committed" to which I replied, "A crime was committed. Personal ID information was stolen." She responded, "I mean, if there was a crime committed against you." I replied again, "There was a crime committed against me. My personal ID was stolen." Her answer was, "Well you know what I mean." I truly did not. A crime was committed and they were hired to correct it for me. As of yet they have not corrected anything.

    Restoring to pre-ID theft situation: AllClear ID promises to return everything back to pre-theft situation. They are unable to and do not have an answer on how to do it. Their supervisor Chris ** Investigations Supervisor, ph **, fax **, was unable to explain to me the process for getting claims processed and had to bring in AIG, the insurance who is backing them, to explain how a claim is done. He also did not know how to restore or could not explain how to restore all my ID back to its original state. Every time I asked for how things are done he had to get back to me once he found out. In several instance he claimed, "We have never done that before so I will have to find the answer." AllClear ID on their website claim that they have a 100% success rate in resolving identity theft cases. They have been trying to resolve mine for over 6 months now with no success.

    The Fine Print: No information is provided to the victim prior to registering with AllClear ID. You sign up and only after that is done and you ask for their terms and conditions is it provided. In their fine print they state (paragraph 9, last sentence), "AllClear ID does not warrant that the service will operate without interruption, be error-free, or achieve specific results. The service is not a credit counseling service. AllClear ID does not promise to help you improve your credit record, history, or rating." This statement clearly goes against them promising they will restore your ID back to pre-theft conditions. They waive this off as legal red tape. I signed up in early August and received this on 8/28/15 on my second request.

    Failure to submit monthly reports: As soon as I signed up I received my first monthly report. This is the only monthly report I received for 6 months. When I asked why their first answer was that it was probably on my end because my email was not setup to receive it. I verified my email and contact information and informed them that since I received it on month that it must be on their end. I never heard back from them on why it was occurring or how to correct it. I emailed Chris ** on this in January and never heard back from him. When I spoke to them on 2/8/15 they informed me that they had a new system that was causing the problem.

    When I open the first claim in September I never heard back from anyone and had to call in to get some action. I finally reached Juan ** Investigations Lead ph: ** FAX ** who indicated that upon registration I should have received a packet informing people on how to file a claim. They admitted was an error. I asked for them to be expedited to me but they would not. I finally had to put in a request to Juan to email them to me. They indicated they would have to contact the insurance provider (AIG) to get the forms. I had to have a conference call with AllClear ID and AIG to get the forms and have them explain them to me. AllClear ID could not explain them or educate me on how to fill them out or file them properly so they were accurate.

    Customer has to do all the work: When any issues came up regarding the IRS it was very difficult or nearly impossible for them to understand how to resolve issues. Someone tried to get into the IRS with my personal info (luckily IRS shut it down) and locked my account. Despite the fact I have given them permission to use my info to correct any damage and despite the fact they claim to restore the situation, I had to contact the IRS and I have to call the credit monitoring services. I spent 20+ hours working with IRS on my issue without the aid and support of AllClear ID.

    Escalations: When I was not satisfied with the answers from the front line service folks I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was not given the opportunity to speak to anyone above the front line service person. I had to take it upon myself to reach out to the AllClear ID CEO via email, Bo Holland, who in turn had to ask a senior person to reach out to me to get my questions answered.

    4 party system: When I inquired about the claims process I was told that AllClear ID does not handle claims and that I would have to work with AIG. They provided me a number that went to a scheduling service that sets up an issue with AIG. They could not tell me anything about Anthem BCBS, AllClear ID or AIG. They were simply a scheduling/information gathering service. I had to call back to AllClear ID and get them to find me a direct number into AIG. So now we have 4 parties involved in this entire process to get answers and get a claim started.

    I am 2+ months in and still do not have an understanding of how to file a claim or get help. I had to get on a 3 way call with AllClear ID and AIG at which point AIG sent me a whole new set of instructions and forms I had never heard about or were informed about. I now was instructed to work directly with AIG to whom I have no contractual or past relationship with. They are now sending me all new info without any clear path of how this works. They simply stated and repeated over and over again, "Submit the claim and we will process it." I asked "How long would it take? What if it is denied? What is the appeal process?" They could not or would not answer these questions.

    Once it was clear Ben was unable to help guide me. I asked to speak to someone new that had more information. I was directed to Jim **, Assistant Vice President Financial Lines. I asked Jim to help me and provide someone else who was more experienced in this matter. He refused. I then went back to AllClear ID indicating that this was their issue to resolve since they have the contract with AIG and I do not. I never heard back from AllClear ID.

    Not what you expect: Anthem BCBS and AllClear ID claim they will cover up to $1,000,000 in damages when reviewing AIG's forms there. Where is Anthem BCBS in all this? Nowhere. I have escalated to them several times and have request and 3 way call with them and AllClear ID. They either call without leaving a message or are unable to support the request. AllClear ID claims they have no way of contact Anthem BCBS at any given moment and must reach out to them by some means that they can not disclose.

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    AllClear ID expert review by Rob Douglas

    Founded in 2004, AllClear ID is an identity theft protection company headquartered in Austin, TX. Originally known as Debix, the company now offers business and organization clients monitoring and resolution services for customers at risk of identity theft.

    • AllClear Identity Repair: AllClear Identity Repair helps customers reclaim their identities in the event of theft. AllClear’s team of professionals is trained to navigate the process of identity repair as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    • ChildScan: ChildScan protects individuals under the age of 18 from identity theft. This program runs a free scan on a child's identity, then help repair a stolen identity in the event of identity theft.

    • Scalable plan options: There are multiple plan options available with AllClear ID. Customers can tailor their services in case they need ChlidScan monitoring, identity theft insurance, lost wallet protection and more.

    • Business protection: AllClear ID caters to the business community by offering data breach response services. These services are designed to protect the customers of the breached company or organization.

    • AllClear Investigators: AllClear Investigators are the company’s team of trained professionals who scan the internet in search of identity misuse. In the event suspected fraud, customers receive a secure phone call from an AllClear Investigator to alert them.

    • Best for: individuals, businesses that keep customers’ data and families.

    Profile picture of Rob Douglas
    Rob Douglas

    Identity Theft Protection Contributing Editor

    View Profile

    Rob Douglas is an information security consultant specializing in the investigation and prevention of identity theft and scams. Rob is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the use of social engineering, impersonation, fraud and pretext to steal personal information. For two decades, Rob has assisted the financial services sector, the telecommunications industry, the general business community, government and law enforcement agencies to better understand the scope and methodology of identity crimes through presentations, educational materials, auditing and consultation.

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    AllClear ID
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