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I spent 4 months working directly with TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. I had dozens of old accounts deleted and inaccuracies corrected; and I got all 3 credit reports 99% accurate and up to date. I bought the 3 in 1 credit report from Identity Guard on 6/27/06 only to find they had all the OLD and INACCURATE information. THEIR information was outdated and when I called, the woman on the phone wanted me to go through every account one at a time. I told her I had already done that and THEY needed to get the latest information but she would not. So I cancelled the "subscription" after just 2 DAYS and they will NOT refund my $24.95. For some reason the supervisor (****) could not comprehend that THEY HAD OLD AND INACCURATE INFORMATION.

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Rob DouglasIdentity Theft Protection Contributing Editor

Rob Douglas is an information security consultant specializing in the investigation and prevention of identity theft and scams. Rob is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the use of social engineering, impersonation, fraud and pretext to steal personal information. For two decades, Rob has assisted the financial services sector, the telecommunications industry, the general business community, government and law enforcement agencies to better understand the scope and methodology of identity crimes through presentations, educational materials, auditing and consultation.    More about Rob→

With nearly 20 years of experience, Identity Guard, a service offered by Intersections Inc., puts identity protection first. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes worldwide, so the company's dedication to protecting your personal information provides you with much-needed safeguards.

  • Credit monitoring service: Identity theft usually has a financial motive, so by instituting credit monitoring, Identity Guard helps protect your credit score by notifying you of any inquiries.
  • Data protection: Malware is the tool that many hackers use to gain access to personal information, but with Identity Guard, computers get antivirus software, keystroke encryption and more.
  • Identity theft insurance: If all the protections in place are not enough to protect your identity, Identity Guard offers up to $1 million in insurance.
  • Wallet protection: Most people keep at least one or two credit cards in their wallet, making it a prime target for thieves. Just in case your wallet goes missing, Identity Guard helps cancel credit card accounts and gives you access to up to $2,000 of your money during the replacement period.
  • Constant alerts: Using text, email or an app, you can receive constant updates on your personal information, including anything that looks out of the ordinary.
  • Best for Credit card holders, checking account holders and consumers with good credit scores.

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