Walmart's new TrendGetter feature can help shoppers save money this holiday season

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The tool is making it easier for consumers to finish their holiday shopping and save money

Walmart has been busy this holiday season – new features on its mobile app and website, extended returns and easier deliveries, and sales both before and during Black Friday. 

Now, the retailer has released a new way for shoppers to find discounted items available at Walmart – TrendGetter. For those looking for holiday gifts – home goods, clothes, a pair of shoes, home decor, etc. – you can upload an image to TrendGetter and then receive similar, ready-to-buy items from Walmart. 

“This holiday season, we know our customers are searching for what they love at can’t-miss prices,” said Casey Schlaybaugh, vice president of brand strategy and marketing at Walmart. “Now, whenever you find a product you love, you can easily search for a similar item at Walmart’s everyday low prices and purchase as soon as inspiration strikes.” 

How it works

The goal of TrendGetter is to make it easier for shoppers to find gifts they’re looking for – at low prices. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram and see a sweater for your niece, or a YouTube video has the latest game for your son, TrendGetter was designed to help bridge the gap between a social media post and a gift under the tree. 

To use it, shoppers either take or upload a photo to the TrendGetter platform. Based on the image, Walmart utilizes Google Vision technology to generate a similar – or identical – item available for purchase at a low price. Then, shoppers can quickly order it, secure a pick-up, or see if it’s available for in-store purchase in their local Walmart store. 

Walmart recommends that shoppers keep their images as simple as possible when uploading them to TrendGetter. Make the item the primary focus of the image – without any background distractions. Avoid dark lighting and steer clear of shadows -- that can ensure that you get your best product match. 

Shoppers should also feel confident using TrendGetter from a privacy perspective. Images are used strictly to search through product catalogs, and after the item is either purchased or the user closes out of TrendGetter, Walmart says the image will be deleted. 

TrendGetter is available here

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