Walmart launches 'Walmart Restored' section to sell refurbished products

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The retailer says new section will be an antidote to inflation

Just about every online retailer will offer a few products – mostly computers – that are refurbished. The price is usually a lot less than if the item was new.

Walmart has taken the concept a step further by setting up Walmart Restored, a section of that only sells used or refurbished products. In addition to computers, Walmart Restored offers TVs, smartphones, cameras, audio gear, large and small appliances, and video games.

Walmart has struggled recently because consumers have shifted much of their spending away from products and toward food and gasoline because of inflation. The retailer says it is offering a portfolio of refurbished products to counter rising prices.

“In a year when customers are looking for ways to save money, like-new refurbished products have become an increasingly popular way to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality,” the company said in a statement.

Walmart says all products listed on Walmart Restored have been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned. It offers a 90-day free return policy to help boost customer confidence in the used products.

Example of the savings

The savings from the new offering can be significant. Walmart Restored currently offers a 50" 4K Roku Smart LED TV for $218. The same TV sells for new at a competitor for $300.

In the small appliance category, a refurbished Panasonic 2.2 Cu. Ft. countertop microwave oven is priced at 169.95. It generally sells new for upwards of $210.

Walmart says it works with sellers and suppliers who are committed to refurbishing top-quality products and preparing them for resale at a fraction of typical costs. Walmart Restored will increase their number and put them together in one place to make shopping easier. Brands included in the section include Apple, Samsung, and KitchenAid.

How reliable will these products be? It may depend on the product. The experts at say the reliability of refurbished TVs can be hit or miss. One answer may be to purchase an extended warranty, but that cost has to be weighed against the savings from buying a refurbished product.

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