Experts rank the 15 ‘most promising’ jobs of 2019

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Data scientists take the top spot in the U.S. this year

After analyzing hundreds of thousands of job openings and salaries, LinkedIn found that some skills are more valuable than others to employers this year.

The platform based its annual ranking of the year’s most promising jobs on the following five factors: salary, career advancement, number of job openings in the US, year-over-year growth in job openings, and widespread regional availability.

This year, the most valuable soft skills are in the fields of creativity, time management, collaboration, adaptability, and persuasion, according to LinkedIn.

In terms of yearly salary, the lowest-paying job on LinkedIn’s 2019 list is a Customer Success Manager. The median base salary for this position is $88,500 per year. The 14 other positions on the list offer median salaries of $100,000 or more.

The platform said the positions on its list, “come with high salaries, a significant number of job openings and year-over-year growth, and are more likely to lead to a promotion.”

15 most promising jobs

Here are the most in-demand skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn:

  1. Data Scientist. Top skills needed: Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Python, Machine Learning; Median base salary: $130,000.

  2. Site Reliability Engineer. Top skills needed: Linux, Software Development, Python, Cloud Computing, SQL; Median base salary: $200,000.

  3. Enterprise Account Executive. Top skills needed: Salesforce, Cloud Computing, Solution Selling, Software-as-a-Service, Sales Management; Median base salary: $182,000.

  4. Product Designer. Top skills needed: Product Design, User Experience (UX), User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop; Median base salary: $121,500

  5. Product Owner. Top skills needed: Business Analytics, Agile Methodologies, Business Process Improvement, Scrum; Median base salary: $101,000.

  6. Customer Success Manager. Top skills needed: Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce, Software-as-a-Service, Customer Satisfaction, Cloud Computing; Median base salary: $88,500.

  7. Engagement Manager. Top skills needed: Program Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management; Median base salary: $130,000.

  8. Solutions Architect. Top skills needed: Solutions Architecture, Cloud Computing, Software Development, SQL, Software Development Lifecycle; Median base salary: $139,000.

  9. Information Technology Lead. Top skills needed: Information Technology, Technical Support, Business Process Improvement, Business Analysis, Troubleshooting. Median base salary: $121,000.

  10. Scrum Master. Top skills needed: Scrum, Agile Methodologies, Software Development, Business Analysis, Software Development Lifecycle; Median base salary: $103,000.

  11. Cloud Architect. Top skills needed: Cloud Computing, Software Development, Amazon Web Services, Solution Architecture, Linux; Median base salary: $155,000.

  12. Product Marketing Manager. Top skills needed: Product Marketing, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Product Development; Median base salary: $134,000.

  13. Solutions Consultant. Top skills needed: Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Customer Relationship Management, Software-as-a-Service, Business Analysis; Median base salary: $110,000.

  14. Product Manager. Top skills needed: Product Management, Product Development, Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Engineering, Product Marketing; Median base salary: $121,000.

  15. Machine Learning Engineer. Top Skills: Machine Learning, Python, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science; Median Base Salary: $182,000.

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