Frigidaire appliance warranty: cost, coverage and plans (2024)

What can you expect from your manufacturer’s warranty?

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Frigidaire makes a wide range of appliances. Each one comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You also have the option of purchasing an extended Frigidaire warranty, which can add up to five years to the base warranty, or a home warranty for even more coverage.

Key insights

  • Each appliance comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can extend the manufacturer’s warranty up to five years with the Total Appliance Protection plan.
  • A Frigidaire-approved technician must complete all repairs.

Frigidaire warranty coverage

Frigidaire appliance warranties usually cover you for one year, but this can differ depending on your chosen model. To get the specifics for your appliance, it's a great idea to flip through the "Use & Care" booklet that came with it.

This limited warranty is there to help out with repairs or replacements if there are any issues with the materials or workmanship. It covers both parts and labor costs.

Frigidaire coverage exclusions

The warranty terms for Frigidaire appliances do come with a few limitations and exclusions that might affect your repair options. Here's what the warranty doesn't cover:

  • Breakage that isn’t from normal wear and tear
  • Appliances that no longer have their original serial numbers
  • Issues with rust and cosmetic damage like scratches
  • Repairs or replacements of smaller parts like lightbulbs, air filters, water filters, knobs and handles
  • Extra charges for service calls made after hours, on weekends or during holidays
  • Travel costs for service calls to your location
  • Appliances that have been taken outside the U.S. or Canada by a different owner

Frigidaire product registration

Before registering your Frigidaire appliance, it's a good idea to gather a few things. Make sure you have your receipt, which helps confirm the purchase date. Also, you'll need the model and serial number of your appliance.

With this information, you're all set to register. You have two simple options: Either fill out the registration card that came with your dishwasher and mail it, or complete the online registration form.

Frigidaire warranty cost

Frigidaire's limited warranty is included in the cost of your new appliance, which is great for starters. However, if you're thinking about extra coverage, the cost of the Total Appliance Protection plan will depend on your appliance type and when you bought it.

To find out how much the extended protection will cost, you just need to visit the Total Appliance Protection plan website and input the type of dishwasher, its price and your purchase date. You can choose from one-year, three-year or five-year plans, depending on your needs and how long you want that extra peace of mind. The longer the term, the more you spend.

If you bundle multiple appliances under the Total Appliance Protection plan, Frigidaire offers a deal – you'll get a 10% discount. This is a great way to save while ensuring extended warranty coverage for all your appliances.

Frigidaire extended warranty

The Total Appliance Protection plan is Frigidaire's extended warranty program. It’s designed to extend your coverage by one, two, three or five years. While Frigidaire highlights "quick service" as a key benefit of this extended warranty, it doesn't specify additional perks to signing up beyond reimbursement for fridge spoilage.

Warranty reimbursement

One added feature of the Total Appliance Protection program is that the company will reimburse you up to $250 for groceries ruined by a refrigerator breakdown.

Factors to consider when buying an extended appliance warranty

While extended warranties can give you peace of mind, they may not be as useful as you hope. With Frigidaire’s extended warranty plan, your appliance has coverage for up to six years, but the limitations and exclusions can mean your claim is denied, leaving you to pay for repairs alone.

On the other hand, if your claim is accepted, you may save anywhere from $80 to over $1,000 per repair.

How to file a claim for your Frigidaire appliance

If you need to file a claim for your Frigidaire appliance, call the customer service helpline at 800-374-4432. If you have a Total Appliance Protection plan, call 866-386-5286.

Frigidaire warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

You might also look into a home warranty in lieu of a Frigidaire extended warranty. Home warranties typically cover much more than just a single appliance. While Frigidaire only covers appliances made by the company, a home warranty can cover a wide range of appliances and systems in your home, no matter the brand.

The downside is that most home warranty companies require a deductible with each claim.

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Pros and cons of Frigidaire warranties

The perks of the Frigidaire extended warranty include one year of parts, labor and food spoilage coverage. It’s important to remember that whether you're under the one-year limited warranty or you've opted for the Total Appliance Protection plan, all repairs need to be carried out by a Frigidaire-approved technician. This ensures your appliance maintains validity for your warranty. This can be a drag if you don’t have any approved technicians in your area.


  • Coverage for one year
  • Food spoilage coverage
  • Extended warranty adds up to five years of coverage


  • Limited terms
  • Approved technicians must do repairs

Tips for maximizing warranty coverage

To get the most out of your warranty, remember these tips:

  • Write down your warranty expiration dates so you don’t forget them.
  • Remember to pay attention to exclusions and limitations.
  • Don’t repair your appliance yourself.
  • Get a home warranty or extended warranty if your manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire, but gauge whether these would cost more than a potential repair.


How do I file a warranty claim with Frigidaire?

Call the customer service helpline at 800-374-4432 or call 866-386-5286 if you have an extended warranty claim.

How long is my Frigidaire appliance warranty?

Most Frigidaire appliance warranties are good for one year.

How do I know if my Frigidaire appliances are under warranty?

To check your warranty information, call customer service at 800-374-4432.

Bottom line

Frigidaire offers a diverse selection of appliances, and each comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

If you're looking for additional coverage, you have options. You can purchase an extended Frigidaire warranty, which extends your base warranty by up to five years. Alternatively, a home warranty could provide even more comprehensive coverage for not only your Frigidaire appliance but also for other appliances and systems in your home.

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