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I bought this washer 3 years ago. From the very start there were problems. It would not run hot water into the tub. I had a repair man come and look at it and he couldn't fix it. Then the spring broke on the lid and it would not stay open. Again I called a repair man. The spring would break a total of 3 times in the 3 years I had this machine. It being an HE machine I knew it would not use as much water but it would not run enough water to cover even cover the smallest amount of clothes in the tub. I would have to stop the machine and start over to get just enough water to just cover the items. And it was always cold water, no matter what temperature I selected. I got rid of this machine this week. I will never buy another Frigidaire again. I bought a new Maytag washer and it is such a pleasure to use. After 3 years of dealing with that piece of junk I had.

Over the years I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Should I leave the door open or closed after use. I have mold all around the door, etc. I have bought washing machine cleaners, scrubbed with a brush and scouring pad. I get stains on my clothes. I have multiple cracks and plastic pieces coming off. My Daughter sent me a text saying there was an issue with front loaders. I checked, Frigidaire is not included. When I did a search I saw several people are having problems with the same washer I have. Consumer affairs needs to look at all front loaders that are over 5+ years old as there appears a defect that was detected in all makes and models as this mold issue is not restricted to one brand.

I am so disappointed as I bought a front loader as they were to be gentler on clothes, but it is the opposite. With stains and mold. I have had it repaired more than once and now my dryer, which also has broken plastic pieces the same as the washer is needing repair. The material they used is not holding up, wonder if that contributes to the mold. Buyer beware and look at the new top loaders first!

Frigidaire Washer - Model FAHE 4044MW. We have had this machine for 3 years and we have had trouble with it the entire time. It has been leaving linty/oily stains on our clothes. We had the entire inside replaced (cost about $300) which was supposed to fix the problem. It did not. We have had a repair man to our house and on the phone with Frigidaire at least 5 times. Frigidaire has taken zero responsibility for the issue and has told us there is nothing they can do. They feel it is a "loading issue". I am so disappointed with this product - we have ruined so many clothes because of this stain/issue. More importantly, I am disappointed with Frigidaire customer service and lack of accountability. I will never purchase another Frigidaire product.

I bought a Frigidaire Model # FAFW3801LW3 on 10/05/2012. I have replaced two belts, door latch, and sensor board within the 4 year period of owning this machine. And now the belt is broke again. I have made sure the washer was level at all times. I also found out this model has been discontinued. I was so excited to get a front load washer. My clothes always smell moldy (I have used the washing machine cleaner faithfully) and I can't seem to keep the machine in working order. I am so frustrated. I called Frigidaire and the only response was to pay a service tech to come out. Why is it no one backs their products anymore?

We only had our Gallery series for a few years and started having problems with the washer where it wouldn't drain. We were constantly having to hit drain and spin 3-4 times after wash, and even that didn't work sometimes. It was about 8 yrs old when it started to rust under the laundry door. Then we had problems with the dryer. The last problem was the control panel broke and would have to be replaced. Well we figured a couple hundred so we chucked them both and purchased new LG. Our washer and dryer were only 10 years old when we got rid of them. My friend said that she has had hers close to 20 years (Not a Frigidaire) and no problems. It sucks that we had to spend about 2 grand for new ones already. Purchased from Jetson's Appliance.

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Washing machine leaves tiny pinholes in all t-shirts – USING the most gentle cycle on machine, and brand new t-shirts are getting tiny pinholes in middle of shirts. Very unhappy with this machine.

BUYERS BE AWARE!! Washing machine purchased in 2007. Over the past 5 years I have had a horrible rash on my arms, legs and back. I have see multiple doctors had biopsies and tried everything topical you can think of and NOTHING helped! Why? Because the root of the rash lay in my Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer and transferred to my clothes, sheets and towels! MOLD! I have a terrible allergy to mold! I Called Frigidaire and they say they know nothing about this yet. After researching I found that to be inaccurate. There are other mold reviews. BUYERS BE AWARE!! There are so many adults and children allergic to mold. I sure don't want them to go through what I have!!

Thank goodness I didn't purchase the stackable top loader machine for my home. This is the worst machine ever. Not only does it not let you choose the water level... the machine does (how I don't know) but I have clothes that have DRY spots on them. Meaning to me there was not enough water in the machine to begin with. Now let me tell you how bad it rips up your clothes and towels... NEW towels at that. The dryer is no better than the washer. No matter what you put in it you have to choose 90 min. for it to dry. I am so regretful that I didn't read these reviews before buy this disappointing combine set... even though it was for my vacation house.

Have a Affinity washer that is 10 years old and the control board broke and there is no boards being made any more. Had to get a used one off of ebay. Overall a good washer. Just should be able to get parts.

I purchased a Frigidaire Affinity front loader because my 30 year old washing machine finally died. I thought I had done my homework when I picked the new washer, BUT... within the first year I noticed that the rinse water flowing into the laundry tub had fine dirt-like or ash-like sediment. It didn't seem to be in the clothes but it became fairly consistent. I had several different repair calls over the past 7 years or so and nobody could figure it out. They cleaned the screens and tried different things but nothing worked and I just resolved that we would live with the weird sediment. Unfortunately, this started while it was still under warranty but I was such a novice that I was sure it was my water or the hook-up that was the problem.

This week, after I finished a load, I noticed what looked like white plastic strips in with the clothes. I checked all the pockets and everything else to be sure I had not let something else in the washer. I then decided to check behind the rubber collar attached to the tub and found grainy stuff and plastic pieces. I also discovered that the tub no longer rotated freely.

With a sinking feeling, I checked the Consumer Affairs website and found similar complaints indicating that a repair would not help. I called a repair company and as soon as this technician saw the piece I had salvaged he confirmed my suspicion. He then pulled back the rubber and inspected the tub and explained that what was in the wash were pieces of the tub coming apart! He asked if I had heard any noises; initially I said no, but then I realized it was on a very rainy thundery evening and I had convinced myself that what I heard was either thunder or the sump pump! So now I need a new washer and I'm not hearing very much good about anything that is really bullet-proof. Bottom line? I will never buy another Frigidaire product and am kicking myself for not complaining to the manufacturer in the first place.

My Frigidaire Affinity washing machine has been tearing up our clothes for at least two years now. We purchased the machine in 2009 and it started in about 2013. We blamed one another at first and did not call the company, but recently we have realized there is nothing more we can do different. We wash half a load of laundry at a time and always use the slow spin cycle. We now have probably lost about $300-$400 in clothing thinking back. I called the company to see if there is anything they can say about it and they just said, "your machine is out of warranty, so there is nothing we can do".

The customer service guy I spoke to also recommended I purchase extended warranty in the future. That would have cost me more than the machine. I will not be paying for a service call on this machine as we have had other minor problems already that we have paid for and I have read that others have had this same problem with this machine and could not find the fix after spending hundreds of dollars on repairs. I will never purchase anything Frigidaire again after this experience.

Dryer model FASE7021NW and washer FAFW3921NW. The first issue occurred the months after our purchase. Good thing it had a one year warranty. It was a $400 dollar circuit board that went out. I thought no big deal I have never had issues with washers and dryers it must have been a one off. Now I start having issues with my dryer. It will no longer dry clothes and says E67 or something like that. My husband was hit on his motorcycle in 2013 when someone ran a red light it's only my income. I'm so upset I have a house to try and keep clean, kids to feed, and buy clothes and other miscellaneous stuff. I work two jobs and spent probably about $700 for the unit and warranty. That's a lot of money to throw in the trash not even two years later. We purchased in March 2014. Yes I was given the opportunity to buy more warranty but I didn't have the money 1 year $112.42 two years $202.34, three years $269.78.

I should not have to buy a warranty why can't these businesses make quality products. I would like these products to be made like they were in the 80s. I should have just put my money into a used machine I would have had longer use it of it and I would not have paid $700 and now that I have had the new I'm sure I will never purchase new washer or dryer again. I will pay $700 for the oldie but goodie washers and dryers. Thanks for smacking me back into reality Frigidaire. I will never fall for your gimmicks or any be washer and dryer save energy crap ever again. Yeah may have saved some energy. Here goes all the energy I have left. Thanks for making my life more hectic than it was before our purchase.

Just moved into new apartment with brand new appliances, all Frigidaire. They've been around forever, so I assumed they'd be good. The stacked washer/dryer is horrific. It's supposed to be energy conserving, but when you dry cotton towels on the "cotton towel" setting(hi temp) they are still damp. You have to dry them for 90 minutes! Our old washer & dryer were about 15 years old and would dry towels in about 40-50 minutes. Washer is so noisy it sounds like you are washing wooden shoes. I can't wash clothes when my husband is asleep (in the bedroom with door closed) because it wakes him up.

This is the second unit we've had. The first one would only dry on the normal and lower settings for about 5 minutes, then stop. The useless repair company they contract with sent out an older Italian gentleman who kept trying to say the vent wasn't working because it didn't vibrate!? He also said the unit was sensitive, "like a women", I wanted to kick him! The building contractor said that was not the case at all. The manager has been talking to Frigidaire for months to get them to replace. The unit to no avail. The company that built these apartments bought tons of appliances from them, so I can't even imagine how they'd treat a single customer. Also, the dishwasher is useless. Had one pan with a small amount of food left on it, used the recommended soap, it was filthy when the cycle was over. The fridge seems ok, but all it has to do is stay cold and make ice.

Our Affinity Washer was purchased on 11/2015. It was bought along with the matching Affinity dryer. We opted to stack them due to room constraints. They are very nice looking machines and we noticed the efficiency of the water and electricity usage. HOWEVER, the washing machine (remember not even 2 years later) is, as of today, JUNK. It has always acted funny. Dripping water during a wash, making a racket, not spinning all the water out.

However last week it reacted very badly to a blanket it had washed many times (basic cotton blanket we use for our dog). It left it sopping wet and during the spin cycle it jumped and rocked about one foot forward and was so crazy that it broke the latch to the door! So... I fixed the latch (a 15 dollar part) and proceeded to run another load. Well this time it left the clothes soaked again (intentionally about 8 pieces of clothes) and a horrible burnt plastic smell emanated from the machine. Called the repair guy - 85 dollars to tell me the bearing went out. It will cost 365.00 to get it fixed! Of course I called Frigidaire but of course so sorry nothing can be done. I will never purchase Frigidaire, ever. I wish I had my old top loader that I gave away to get this fancy piece of JUNK.

I bought my Frigidaire washer/dryer combo 30 years ago and with everyday use it has had absolutely no repairs. I just finished my 3rd load today and keep waiting for something to break down but it never does. Clothes come out clean and the dryer is fast and efficient. I will only buy Frigidaire in the future unless, of course, I'm in a nursing home.

This is the worst excuse for a washer I've ever seen. Somehow, the clothes end up dirtier when it finishes than when I started. Machines in a laundromat can be packed full and still do a good job. I'm 71 years old and have a bit of experience with washing machines. Hopefully, a would-be purchaser will read these accounts and buy something/anything other than Frigidaire. It seems no one is satisfied with their junk. I have the model WCISF.

We have owned two of these units. Yes, it is efficient and convenient to use. Cost was $1600 for washer/dryer in order for the stackable feature. After 8 years, one of the units bearings failed, the rubber ring in the front of the washer molded excessively, both units needed shock replacement and one had two of 3 drum vanes break.

Cost for Parts
1. Bearing not replaceable, entire drug at $260 plus labor.
2. Rubber Ring, $100 plus labor.
3. Each Drum Vane, $60 plus labor (2 bad, $120).

4. Shock Set $20 plus labor.

The units are great, but the parts and labor are unreasonable and due to poor quality parts (manufacturer to cut costs) these units become problematic. Bearing failure is due to bad shocks that wear prematurely and then cause the bearing to be overloaded. Rubber Ring mold is due to poor quality rubber that grows mold in the rubber. The Drum Vane is not properly molded and secured. The single screwing holding down the Drum Vane was missing on all three vanes. The hole for the screw is on the wrong side of the vane, so it does not provide extra strength when the drum spends most of its time spinning counterclockwise (design flaw). The molded tabs on the vane that holds it to the drum failed.

Close examination reveals the plastic had voids in the tab area, thus a weak tab that breaks off. Rather than pay 120 for two vanes, plus shipping and downtime. Picked up stainless screws ($2.50) and attached to vanes. I bought a better quality replacement shock made by Electrolux. If the unit last another 8 years, then I would have truly a green machine. Replacing after 8 years is not green, or cost effective.

The pair has worked okay for several years, but the washer sounds like a jet engine during the wash and spin cycle. I wanted a nice quiet washer, but this is NOT. I leave the door open between loads to try to get rid of the moldy smell. The dryer worked great until about 6 months ago. On occasion, it would not turn on for every cycle, only low heat. Now for any cycle except low heat it runs about 30 seconds and stops and you have to keep turning it on. So I am drying everything on low. Takes longer. I refuse to get it repaired. I will buy a different one as soon as this one totally dies.

I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE MADE BY FRIGIDAIRE!!! I had to leave town and rented a place with a brand new FRIGIDAIRE stackable unit. All the clothes came out filthy. It left the dirt in and I had brown streaks on all the white clothes so I had to wash them by hand and then toss in the dryer. That was brand new, I saw them unload it and install it. FRIGIDAIRE is horrible and I will never buy the brand again.

Owned dryer almost 5 years, light user for 2 people. Dryer broke down. Needed whole new control panel, per repair man "You should just buy a new dryer." "What!!!" I said, then the repairman said, "Yes, these models are terrible they will consistently break down and have a life span of about 6 years". Can you believe this when we $900.00 for it? Also I decided I would just order the part as the cost would be $225.00 parts and labor. So I called the appliance parts store, and after I gave the store clerk the information, he said, "Oh, that model, you might consider buying new dryer".

The repair guy and part store are not affiliated. He said "You can buy this electric part, ($140.00 plus tax), but if does not work we will NOT issue refund," said, "(standard, in the industry) electric parts are NOT guaranteed to work. You can buy warranty on the part but that would be $90.00 and you would have to pay the repairman again to install it!" The repairman and the parts clerk, both said "Frigidaire gas front loading dryers are terrible, don't buy them." So, it looks like I was ripped off and just bought a fancy piece of junk!! DO NOT BUY FRIGIDAIRE. THEY ARE A RIPOFF, NOT A QUALITY PRODUCT!!!

These washer/dryers were optimized to be damp at the end of the wash cycle, rather than wet like most commercial washer/dryers. Energy efficiency = low operating cost, reliability, styling and ergonomics are all important to me. My previous Frigidaire washer/dryer ran 7 years with only one hose replaces. It's now in a rental and doing fine. Frigidaire steam washer and gas steam dryer is the ultimate in cleaning. I stopped sending out my dry cleaning. Now I wash my expensive Zegna suits in my steam washer with 1/2 cup of Woolite.

We wanted an energy efficient model that reduced the time needed to dry clothes, so we went with a front-loader. Nice design, although nothing terribly special. By far the worst feature is the rubber door gasket that gets full of black mold and mildew, and which transfers to the clothes that are being washed. This is a core defect for this model, and perhaps for many high efficiency front-loading models. However, it is very good on water use, and it results in clothes with very little residual water. Energy and water efficiency, combined with some features. I think many of the features are nonsense, as we use the Normal cycle about 90% of the time.

Certainly no major appliance should be subject to regular repairs. Nor should it have a fundamental flaw like having a design that encourages mold to grow. Get a guarantee from the dealer or manufacturer that the mold issue won't affect your washing machine. This is a terrible flaw, and it requires periodic cleaning that should not be part of owning a washing machine.

We have an appliance repair company and customers seem to be happier with the Frigidaire Front load washer vs the Maytag and Whirlpool. We steer clear of the LG and Samsung machines. We purchased a front load because we have a septic system and they use less water, but I've come to the conclusion that top load washers seem to do a better job than the front loads in getting clothes clean. The pumps on the Frigidaire front load washers seem to get clogged easily. This is on both ours and also our customers. My washer before this one was a Maytag Neptune front load. Needed a bearing job and a control board when only 5 years old. My next machine will be a Speed Queen top load. They come with a standard 3 or 5 year parts and labor warranty. They rarely need repair.

American made is MOST important, along with dependability and reputation and warranty. Cost is also important. What type of warranty is standard tells me how good the manufacturer believes it is. Time is money. It's important to have a functioning appliance when you need it. No one wants to run out to a laundromat when they have sick children or guests visiting. We now recommend Speed Queen washers to all of our customers. They are made in Rippon Wisconsin and come with a standard 3 or 5 year parts and labor warranty and a 15 year warranty on the transmission. We have been recommending these washers for several years now and have not been back to service a single one. This is the reason that our next washer purchase will be a Speed Queen. We have nothing to gain by this recommendation. Actually, we lose as we cannot work on them as long as they are under warranty and they rarely require service.

Limited space dictated that we have a stacked pair -- front loading. I had owned Frigidaire appliances before and was happy with the company. After years of Laundromat, I am very happy with having machines in my home for the past 8 years. The only criticism is for my older hands, push button settings would be easier than the In-Out dial setting, especially for the washer. Definitely energy efficiency and being made by a reputable company were most important for me. We are only two in our household now, and capacity really wasn't a consideration. This combo happened to be discounted on sale at the time we purchased it. We saw it, and decided we could create a space for it to fit in.

I'm generally happy with reasonable service from the machine, but anything that disrupted that would be a deal breaker very quickly. I'm old enough to know it is our dog doing the socks in! For me the stackable was the only option. It doesn't look great, and the capacity is small compared to many other models, but this has proved to do anything it is asked to do. The washer can be "stuffed," and things still come out very clean. Best of all, it uses minimal water -- no more than 18 gallons per complete wash cycle. This was very important to us because we pay triple water rates, and at certain times of the year there is the potential of poor drainage.

Reasonably priced and do a fantastic job cleaning and drying. Front load washer and dryer - owned for 5 years and have not had any problems and no service calls. Easy to use and use very minimal amount of water and electricity. Don't like paying a lot of money to purchase a product when there are less expensive models with the same features. Hate leaks in washers in the past. Need long lasting product. Machines are reliable, efficient, money-saving, and do a great job. Frigidaire makes a good machine.

Frigidaire seemed to be quality, for a good price and energy efficient. It has a large capacity, it is durable. I have had it for 7 or 8 years and have never had to have it serviced. The brand doesn't necessarily matter to me, as long as it is quality. Regular repairs would discourage me from buying that brand or type again. I want it to be quality and last a long time. I do not want to have to repair or replace any time soon. I want my appliance (washer) to be high quality. I don't care so much about brand name, but I do want a good value.

Frigidaire 3.9 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front Load Washer in Classic White, ENERGY STAR Model # FFFW5100PW. Cost effective, had a Best Buy credit card. Just bought it less than 6 months ago, needed a new washer. Best Buy has good credit so it was easy to buy. Energy efficiency, if I have a store credit card. Also I look for ease of use. Do not like too many bells and whistles, feel they make appliance break down more often. If I had to have repairs all the time I would be disappointed. Paint chipping is not a problem usually on washers since they are made to withstand water, clorox. The price for the Frigidaire at $719.10 was a good buy. The appliance lasts for a long time.

In Nov. 2015 contacted Frigidaire about my 2 yr. old dryer. They contacted a service man in my area. After 5 weeks they fixed the dryer. 2 months later the same part is broken again (same part has now been replaced 4 times). The "authorized" service man then lied to me. The company name is A&D appliance service, NJ. I am now out $800 & $350 service contract and no dryer. These are the kind of people they recommend. No wonder customer satisfaction is one out of five. DON'T BUY FRIGIDAIRE!!

In Oct 2014, I purchased a Frigidaire Affinity Washer and Dryer. I loved both until Sep 2015 when my dryer quit drying on the first cycle. At the end of the drying time, clothing was still damp. Most loads would take either using high heat every time or running a load on normal heat and running it twice. The repairman was at my house 4 times and replaced 5 parts and still not drying properly. By this time my dryer was out of warranty.

After a phone call to the Frigidaire customer service, I was able to extend the repairs without purchasing an extended warranty. But when the repairman came to repair the dryer, he was told by the Frigidaire technician that there were no other parts to replace and to place a board under the dryer tilting it backwards. Really?? You can imagine what this looked like! I was not happy. The store where I purchased the dryer went to bat for me and replaced the dryer with a new one. Same model. And guess what? It is not drying correctly - clothing is still damp after drying cycle. I give up!!! Don't buy Frigidaire!!! My daughter is building a new home and was going to use all Frigidaire appliances - not anymore. She is going with GE.

I bought the front load washing machine in Oct 4, 2014. It was only 8 months before I started noticing the terrible smell it was leaving. I've tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing has worked.

Junk, Junk, Junk, Junk!! Bought a new Frigidaire washer and dryer approximately 2 years ago. Within the first year the repairman was out three times to fix, twice for washer, and once for the dryer. Six months after that, washer starts making a terrible noise during the spin cycle. Bringing both to junk yard and buying something better. We will NEVER buy another Frigidaire product again. Worst purchase we ever made.

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Frigidaire has been innovating since the company invented the original self-contained refrigerator in 1918. Since then, the company has grown explosively, making a wide variety of kitchen and laundry appliances that suit nearly every household need.

  • Quick wash: Consumers who want real speed often choose Frigidaire, which offers the Quick Wash feature on select washers. This feature can allow for washers to completely wash clothing in only 20 minutes at full capacity.
  • Great owner support: Frigidaire features a dedication to the customer, and offers a wide variety of extended warranties, a toll-free customer support number and product support section on the Frigidaire website.
  • High-efficiency top-loaders fit more: Frigidaire's HE top-loaders allow users to fill their clothing all the way to the very top without compromising washing ability, meaning users spend less time doing laundry.
  • Best for People who want to wash a lot of clothes very quickly, large families and professionals.

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