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I bought the Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher to match the rest of my Gallery appliances. All were bought new. Had the dishwasher "repaired" under warranty because it will not dissolve detergent, doesn't clean dishes, and SMELLS. Frigidaire is aware of this problem, as they informed repair people to advise the customer to place the detergent in the silverware tray. I also noticed this serial number was promptly discontinued. Numerous calls to Frigidaire, no help. This was not a cheap dishwasher, but I've had apartment grade dishwashers do a better job. I will be filing a complaint regarding this dishwasher... I want one that works! You would think a nearly 3 hour cleaning cycle could clean the dishes, especially after rinsing, scrubbing them first. Nope. They come out looking worse than when I load them in the dishwasher. Very pissed customer here!!!

Bought this dishwasher about a year ago, and though I don't remember its cost, it wasn't cheap. It is quiet, but from the first day, it did not do a good job cleaning dishes. The detergent dispenser doesn't always open and the dishes nearly always need extra cleaning. Even after 2 or 3 times through on a long cycle (159 minutes), the dishes don't get clean and there is soap or a little food residue on the inside of the door which proves it doesn't clean or rinse well. The need for multiple runs and to pre-wash dishes by hand before running the dishwasher more than overcomes the Energy Star rating it has.

We replaced a 10 year old Kenmore with a new Frigidaire Gallery and while the Gallery does a better job cleaning, within a few weeks, it smelled to the high heavens. We've tried every remedy we could find and the smell always returns to the point where we handwash dishes just to keep from having to open the dishwasher door. Never had that problem in any way with the old Kenmore.

Just out of warranty when any problems appear (by design) we had a sagging door that makes the rack with a full load dishes come flying out, you have to keep a hand on the rack or it will slam the top part of the lowered door. Spring & twine door return are not broken. Not enough spacing between the lower rack and the upper spray bar causing it to hit or hang on the standard size plates. (Did adjust the upper rack to the highest setting.) Soap dispenser door hangs on the upper rack when opening to release the tablet causing the middle spray arm to hit making a constant ticking until the main dishwasher door is opened and closed letting the soap dispenser clear the upper rack.

Bought a Frigidaire dishwasher 2 years ago, it lasted just over 1 year and the warranty expired in a year. It leaked all over my hardwood floor and ruined it. When I took it apart I found cheap plastic parts and screws that had rusted and fell off which created the problem. Just took 5000 btu Frigidaire air conditioner back to Lowes today and argued to get my money back with returns because it was 4 days over the 30 day warranty. Is this a coincidence that these appliances are breaking down just after the warranty deadline? Poor quality products that should never be put on store shelves. Do not buy Frigidaire or waste your money on the extended warranty, they are just scamming you out of money.

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Purchased dishwasher October, 2014. Paid high price for it because I thought it would do better job and last for years. Wrong!! Heating element has warped and bottom of dishwasher was burned and melted on left side. It now leaks on the floor. The other side of heating element is higher than it should be and melted lower washer blade and it's stuck to it. No, I did not load my dishwasher incorrectly and cause this problem. It's a piece of junk. Very disgusted.

I've had the UO error on my dishwasher three times now over the past year. The dishwasher worked fine for 1.5 years and then the dreaded UO error appeared. I called Frigidaire to explain the situation and they said there was nothing they could do since the dishwasher was out of warranty. Poor customer service and poor quality product. Time to move on to a different brand. Frigidaire lost my business.

Dishwasher FPID2497RF - For $799.00 price this is the worst purchased I ever made. I had Frigidaire appliances before that are still working but this dishwasher I totally regret buying, I purchased all the appliances to match for my new kitchen. Salesman at Standard Appliances (which never returned calls) convinced my husband that these were the best. The brand new refrigerator had to be replaced within a month from delivery they sent us another new one. Now this dishwasher has spilled water with no reason through the seals while during cycle. I was told that nothing is wrong with this dishwasher which now I hate! It never dries the dishes completely especially glass and Tupperware. I am using the recommended Finish products and always leaves a thick film on the dishes. I have read the manual back and forth and cannot figure out why it does that. My 20yr old $199.00 dishwasher was doing better job than this one.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Model # FPHD2491KF0 - Up until a few days ago, it was just dissatisfaction with the number and cost of repairs on a fairly expensive machine. The biggest issue until now was being told I had to purchase an entire new door because the bottom seal had failed. We woke up to a strange smell. Upon investigating, the dishwasher was entirely turned off, yet the bottom heating element had been energized all night. It was hot enough inside to bake bread. There was melted plastic from the utensil basket dripping/sagging onto the element. Nothing I tried would turn the element off. The only way to de-energize was to open the door and leave it that way. The control panel was completely shut off. My assumption is that the relay controlling the heating element had failed. This is an unsafe design; any high current device should be controlled by a relay that opens when it fails.

Dishwasher smells bad! Checked dishwasher where water was sitting in the bottom, ran wire through drain hose as far as it would go, still stinks! Called Frigidaire, customer service did not have a clue what to tell us! Said she would send paperwork (drawings, etc) to our address. No tech support, said we would have to call repair person. Have had the house less than 3 years, and just moved into it permanently. So dishwasher has only been used very few times.

I bought a Frigidaire dishwasher at Sears and before the year was over I had to call a technician to repair the sensor. A few months later when the warranty expired the same problem occurred, the sensor broke. I wonder if I can complain to Sears about this problem.

I've been trying to get Frigidaire to fix my dishwasher for eight months. Simon the third company fixing it. They have replace the motor, the front electric panel twice, compositor, drain plug, main electric panel in back, sensors, door harness and new wiring. Still doesn't work. Talked to service dept. They want me to get another company in. Won't give me replacement dishwasher. They basically want to keep trying to fix it so they just keep you going. The last tech said they won't come out anymore it's unfixable. Just get runaround from company. I had a Maytag for twenty years with no problem - now I can't get this fixed. Only worked ten months. They tried to get me to buy a warranty also, told them no. Don't know what to do... Tech said they'd never replace it just keep trying to fix it.

Trouble from the beginning with the "top" Frigidaire dishwasher. Didn't clean, leaked, etc. Second replacement now 1.2 years old and out of warranty, of course. Control panel not working. Cost almost as much as washer to repair. Just going to junk it. Close to a grand out of the window. Wish I could push this piece of crap out the window. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND OF DISHWASHER. I checked Consumer Reports, compared, etc. and it had a pretty good rep. WRONG.

This is not a cheap dishwasher and I expected it to be at least as good as my previous dishwashers which were all over 10 years old and one even 25 years of perfect performance. This piece of junk broke after not even 2 years because of a defective part that cost 75$ and another 180$ to replace. Don't bother buying something more elaborate or expensive, it is obviously still rocket science to Frigidaire to build a dishwasher. Oh and then try to reach customer service in Canada. Is there a customer service because I have never gotten further than recorded messages saying "your call is important to us." SHAME ON YOU! I will never buy Frigidaire again!

Just installed a brand new Frigidaire dishwasher. Tried to pull the top rack out but the top spray arm stops it halfway. Forced it out, but now can't get it back in. What kind of design is this?

On about 2010 we purchased a dishwasher from Wilson's. They would come they would send a repairman here (if) it did not come into broken to get the faulty part from computer boards to fan motors etc. We purchased this appliance along with a extended 5 year warranty. Over those years, we had well over 20 service calls. Wilson's gave us a copy of the work orders. Each time they would come to look at it there would be exactly a week to get the part to the part and have the service man come.

Nowadays that is interesting broken as it had many times. Over and over we call Wilson appliance asking them to do something about our problem. Never did they decide to repair it to have it stay prepared or to give us another dishwasher. One day when Sears is here for a different appliance they told us about a program that they had a warranty program that we could purchase on our appliances as since they were not all that old.

Well it's a good thing that we did purchase this one because so far she's been here maybe five times, sometimes this computer board sometimes just a fan motor, we never quite know. We did everything together repairment a key to the front door. I've never purchased such a piece of junk in my whole life. If I had the money I would go and buy another one but apparently I do not.

We have had our Frigidaire Dishwasher for 3 years now. Within the first year we had to replace the silverware basket. It fell apart and was not covered under their warranty. Now 2 years later, the lower dish rack is falling apart. We have also had continual problems with the soap not dispensing completely. This dishwasher is a complete lemon and would never buy another Frigidaire appliance. They do not stand behind their product. Next time we will do some thorough research before purchasing an appliance. We had gotten this one through a Home Warranty that came with our house when we purchased it a few years ago. I would definitely spend the extra money on a product that has a much better reputation!!

Remodeled kitchen yr. half ago. Got new appliances. Frigidaire dishwasher has never dried. Thrown out silverware because rusted having been in it few hrs. Have to dry every item. Have had service people twice. First time less than 2 weeks. Not draining. Have called where I bought ask about drying. Told how they are. Stinks if door not left open. Have to dry down inside door as water spots, tons of water. One of buttons already felt inside pull loose. Matter of days before breaks on outside. If bump it lightly and air light comes on - cannot get it off. Have to throw breaker for kitchen!!! Sometimes cannot get started. Absolute worst dishwasher ever used. Used a lot of them. It's trash. Yesterday visited new house. They ask if I heard of a dishwasher (brand new) couple months not drying- stinking-having to dry dishes-all stemmed when open. Exact same as mine. Bought same place, paid high price. Very bad one!

We purchased Frigidaire appliances back in 2007 or 2008: stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer. In the intervening 8 or 9 years, there is not a one of them that hasn't broken in some way. The handle to the microwave broke off about 2 years after purchase. The dishwasher has to be "teased" to turn on. One of the burners on our stove doesn't work. The washer has had to be serviced twice. The dryer door has to be taped shut with electrical tape. I wish we had read the reviews I have found on here and other places. We wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars on these worthless products. I hope to keep other people from making the same mistakes we made.

A year ago, I remodeled my entire condo and bought brand new appliances. I bought an FGID2466QF4A dishwasher from Frigidaire. Since I have used it, there is virtually not one time that I didn't have to wipe out the dishes either for water (it rarely dries properly), for dish soap, or worse, for remnants of grease or food. Sometimes, all of the above. It infuriates me every time. It is the worse dishwasher I have ever owned. What is the point of looking all fancy and futuristic, if it can't do the simplest task it's supposed to do: wash and dry dishes and utensils properly?

And no matter what Frigidaire says in their repair or maintenance manuals, regarding use of more expensive dish soap, dry jet, sensitivity of the dishwasher, etc. at the end of the day, it is their job to make sure the machine also operates in abnormal or difficult conditions. I had two cheap dishwashers in the past that didn't look remotely as fancy as this one and operated in exactly the same conditions, but they always did their job properly. For this one, I spent more money, and it's not even comparable how poorly it's performing. Frigidaire, please, stay in the fridge business, and nothing else!

Remodeled entire kitchen. Microwave failed in two years. Stove inefficient and gave wife third-degree burn when using self-cleaning feature. Stove not properly insulated. Finally, dishwasher gave out in just under three years. Technician said he actually went to a seminar where "company man" admitted that defective products had been sold but not recalled. Instead of being told how to fix the problem, technicians were COACHED on how to handle customer complaints! Technician demonstrated with magnet that dishwasher was not really stainless steel. He lamented that there was nothing much better being sold. "Buy what looks best and ALWAYS PURCHASE THE EXTENDED WARRANTY."

I want to warn other people about this dishwasher before they spend their hard earned money. I purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher because I checked the reviews and they were good. This dishwasher sucks! It doesn't clean the dishes (and I use the recommended detergent), the door squeaks so loud every time I open or close it. I've used so much WD40 I expect it to float away. If I had it to do over I would buy a completely different brand! Be forewarned!!!

My husband and I purchased our dishwasher on April 2, 2015. On March 12, 2016 it stopped working. We called Frigidaire since it was under warranty and they set up an appointment for repair. Waited for over 3 hours for repair people then they cancelled. Called Frigidaire they set up another company to come out the next week. Waited almost 4 hours and they showed up. Repair guy looked over the dishwasher and said it needed a new control panel. He said he would order it, that it should take about a week. I checked back several times because they never called me - kept getting told parts were on back order. Frigidaire finally shipped parts directly to me since their certified repair company couldn't get the parts in. The repair guy came out and installed the parts and said it was working. I tried to wash dishes the same night and dishwasher was doing the same thing as before repair.

I called Frigidaire and they told me to call Jiffy - their certified repair company to reevaluate the dishwasher. I called Jiffy. They came out - repair guy couldn't figure it out. He called Frigidaire and was told a sensor was out and needed replacing. I was told he would get the part ordered and should have it in a couple of days. Needless to say I still don't have a repaired dishwasher because they can't get the part in. I have been contacting Frigidaire and Jiffy. Jiffy rarely returns calls and Frigidaire just says, "I'm sorry, let me check." I need help getting this repair done. This has been going on for over 2 months.

We purchased the stainless steel gallery series in May 2014. Appliances were delivered in July 2014. The dishwasher has been crappie from the get go. Not draining well, not washing dishes properly and the odor issue was bad. I had to add lemon juice to every load or else the dishes had to be rewashed with hand before using as they smelled awful.The odor even when the dishes are rinsed and placed in it waiting to be washed just takes your breath away. The dishwasher started giving error message within about 8 months. Constantly had to turn off the breaker to reset as often we were unable to clear message or turn it off. It eventually stopped working within 10 months of purchase, issue -error message, which would now not clear even with turning the breaker off, beeping sound that would not stop and just not functioning at all.

After a service call to Frigidaire, a tech came within a week to diagnose the problem. He said the water pump was bad as well as the computer board. We were out of dishwasher for over a month while the tech waited on parts and got it fixed eventually. It worked for a while and after about 8 months again started acting up. Some days there were error messages and it would get stuck in the cycle. Turning the breaker off would reset it. Today it is May 24th 2016 and yesterday it stopped working again. I cannot turn it off or reset it. Again I have to turn the breaker off. We did not purchase the extended warranty with this product as this was one of the most expensive model and I thought that we were getting a good product. So we will be stuck with the repair bill as Frigidaire air has nothing to offer.

The fridge is another story. It is working well so far but we had a very bizarre experience with it. It uses an air filter that apparently must be changed at least 2 time for the year to keep the fridge smelling fresh. This is an expensive item so we decided to try and have it go a bit more after the change light came up. The odor in the fridge was terrible and the fridge temperature eventually started getting warmer and warmer. And water started dripping in the fridge compartment and the freezer started feeling warm. My husband changed the filter and the odor went immediately. The temperature returned to normal.

What a scam! I have never had or heard of a fridge that has a filter that if not changed render the fridge unworkable. We have been changing frequently and it seem to be working ok. I am sure the amount of money we will be spending in air filter if it does work over the next few year will be a almost another fridge money. The stove is working ok so far. I am hoping that continues. My advice to all stay away from Frigidaire brand. Horrible, horrible product. Bad experience. Stay away from this brand. You will be buying nothing but headache and frustration if you buy.

We purchased our Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher in stainless as part of a kitchen remodel. Right after dishwasher was installed I noticed mildew on top of dishwasher. I called the company who told me to turn water heater up as this dishwasher doesn't have fan/blower. We had contractor return but to no avail. I've had to remember to open dishwasher as soon as the cycle ends to keep mildew at bay. Most of the time I go ahead and put freshly washed dishes into hot Clorox water as soon as they are finished. I should not have to do this. I've never had to do this before.

It is so time consuming and what's the point of having a dishwasher if I have to hand wash anyway. My husband ran the dishwasher last night and this morning as I was unloading, I noticed a lot of mildew especially on silverware. Last straw! I'm sick of mildew/mold, whatever it is. I've taken several pictures. I just don't know where to go from here. No wonder I have diarrhea all the time. It is really disgusting. Does anyone have answers?

I bought a package of Frigidaire appliances from a local retailer. They sent a service tech out today. Service tech told me that the motor was gone on the dishwasher and the part is so expensive it just pays to buy a new one. I can't believe this dishwasher only lasted 3 1/2 years and no one was using it for over a year and a half. I like the retailer that I bought it from - it is actually the product that was unacceptable. I am very disappointed in Frigidaire.

I bought a Frigidaire Dishwasher two years ago. I received the first error code almost immediately, and just received another. I called Frigidaire and they would not help me in any way. They offered two service repair companies, one that only services my area every other week, and the other more than 2 hours away. Poor quality and they don't stand behind their products. Buy something else.

I purchased a new Frigidaire dishwasher in June of 2015. In September of 2015, I was running the dishwasher on one of the cycles. Hot water began pouring out of the dishwasher, all over my newly done hardwood floor. I called next day re a service person to come out and see what happened and to repair the dishwasher. Service tech took photos of floor, said the pump malfunctioned. It took 3 months to get all the necessary paperwork done to get the floor refinished. Today, May 7, 2016, the dishwasher malfunctioned again. My floor is completely ruined. This time I don't know what happened, but the floor is completely ruined. I want this dishwasher removed from my home and be reimbursed what I paid for it so I can purchase a different brand. I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER Frigidaire appliance.

We've had this dishwasher since the end of 2015. The chemical smell is strongest right after washing cycle. It is so offensive. I either rewash everything by hand or run a second rinse which isn't effective. What is the smell caused by and why didn't this product come with a warning? This is a Frigidaire Professional dishwasher.

MY wife and I purchased a galaxy dishwasher in Dec 2015. We used it 2 times and it broke. A tech has been out here 4 times and it still does not work. Frigidaire wants to send him out again! We told the company we want our money back and we are now getting the runaround. I would not recommend that anyone buy this brand of dishwasher. It is junk.

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Founded in 1916 under the name Guardian Frigerator Company, it became Frigidaire in 1919 and went on to be the most well-known name in refrigerators. As a General Motors subsidiary, Frigidaire also manufactured some of the first washing machines and has now branched into whole-home automation.

  • Soil sensors: Get the right cycle every time with DishSense technology.
  • Dishwasher selector: Find the perfect dishwasher style for you by using the dishwasher selector on the Frigidaire website.
  • Compact options available: Frigidaire offers a compact 18-inch dishwasher in both built-in and portable styles.
  • Discount prices: Frigidaire dishwashers range in price from luxury to discount, with some of the most affordable pricing available.
  • Multiple finishes: With five different finishes, including stainless steel, black and white, Frigidaire dishwashers match most kitchen decors.
  • Best for Homeowners, apartment renters, families

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