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Three years ago I remodeled my kitchen and purchased all Frigidaire appliances. Today I made the decision to place all appliances in my kitchen. The Frigidaire products have been poor operationally from day one. Will never buy another Frigidaire product. And will never recommend them. Also have written a letter to the dealer that sold me the appliances and have lodged a complaint and have recommend they no longer carry such an inferior product.

I purchased the Professional Series range and used it very little for about 2 years with no problems. I was awakened one morning around 2:30 am by a strong electrical smell and my eyes were watering. It was my stove - the left front burner was glowing red and the knob was in off position. I had NOT used the stove the prior day and could not turn it off. I had to turn the stove off at the breaker. I purchased at Lowe's and they advised me to contact Frigidaire. I tried and was continually passed to other numbers. Never spoke with Frigidaire. Now I read other reviews with the same problem. Frigidaire should recall these stoves. Does someone have to lose their life first? Frigidaire should be held accountable! I will never purchase Frigidaire or any other brand made by the same company. These are dangerous products!

I owned a self cleaning range. The digital control panel shorted out. Smoke coming from the back of stove. I phoned the help line for parts and they told me to unplug and call Frigidaire, which I did. Was told to send pictures, etc. and they would start a file. After over a month not hearing anything, I bought a different stove off of Kijiji, NOT a Frigidaire. How can you manage without a stove? Think they give you the runaround so you get disgusted and give up. P.s. stove I got was more sturdy and heavy duty anyways!

We've had the unit for six months and one repair call and a second one pending... Who ever thinks about noise from a stove? The cooling fans generate 60dB noise at one meter. It disrupts conversation in our living room which is 40 feet away. How a name brand like Frigidaire can design a nice induction stove and go so cheap on the cooling fans is beyond me...

Frigidaire Professional line ceramic top range: Caveat Emptor--- Buyer beware. This is not a professional appliance. You cannot use any pan other than a flat bottom pan and you cannot slide a pan on the surface of the cooktop otherwise it gets scratched all to hell. We have used ours less than 5 times and already it has scratches. We followed the directions as outlined in the owners manual and the ceramic cooktop portion of the range is getting scratches no matter how careful that we are when we cook on it. I can only imagine what this top will look like after a years use. It will not come clean with a hot soapy rag or sponge . Each time you use it you have to use a special cleaning agent and then rinse it clean and then buff it dry with a cloth.

Bottom line is that this appliance is not professional grade and scratches very easily. So if you want a piece of garbage Frigidaire is the way to go. We bought a whole kitchen full of appliances from RC Willey and they are all still under year 1 warranty and we are having problems with both the refrigerator and the ceramic top range. Neither RC Willey or Frigidaire will do anything to remedy the problem. So if I were you I would stay away from both companies because they take no responsibility when it comes to customer service and substandard products. Buyer Beware. Both these companies are trash.

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I purchased this electric range in May, 18 days ago I called Frigidaire about one of the heating elements not working. A repairman came out to check it & apparently inside the range the wiring to the element had burned... So they have to order the part. Also was told NOT to use the stove at all cause of it still burning. I get a call 2 days later with them telling me I have to wait 7 to 10 days for the part! So what am I supposed to do till then? I have a family. I call Frigidaire & customer service tells me that I have to wait for the part & that I should deal with not having a stove till then? So I'm supposed to buy breakfast lunch & dinner everyday??!! Oh & if I want the part expedited that I have to PAY for that!!! I'm so mad!!! I will never purchase from Frigidaire again!!!

This Frigidaire FFEF3018LB glass top stove was purchased 6/25/15 as a gift for me by my boyfriend. I was so excited as this expensive stove is something I could never and have never been able to purchase myself. I did not purchase an extended warranty as I did not even know it was available to me. On 8/27/16 I was cooking 2 pots on the stove top - one on the front left burner, one on the back right burner. The front pot was finished so as usual I took the pot off the stove and turned off the burner. About 5 minutes later, the other pot was finished so I did the same. About 10 minutes after turning off the stove, I heard a very loud pop and could not find the cause of it so I continued on with cleaning up the kitchen. After the hot indicator was off on the stove, I proceeded to begin cleaning off the stove top only to find that the glass top had broken. Spider cracked thru the front burner and the crack continued out to all of the other burners.

Needless to say, at this point I am devastated. Nothing was ever dropped on the top of the stove and I followed all the instructions since getting it for cleaning and what pots to use and not use. I called the place where the stove was purchased and they advised me not to worry - call back Monday morning when service is open. I call Monday morning to be told there isn't anything they can do as the warranty expired 2 months ago. They advised to call Electrolux/Frigidaire.

So I call them and explain the situation. The girl on the phone advised me that since the warranty expired 2 months ago it would be my responsibility to repair the stove and completely at my expense. I wish I had read these complaints/reviews prior to owning this stove. I have NEVER in my life been so disappointed and disgusted with a company. I can't understand how in the world they can justify selling junk at such a high price! NEVER again will I buy anything from this manufacturer... And I will advise everyone I know to steer clear of them as well!

I first purchased range the next day I came down stairs the burner eye was on, but the knob was off. I could not get it to go off until I unplug the range. I call service they came out and replaced a panel. Later there was a recall and they came back out and put in a new part to prevent the burners from coming on. From the beginning I have been afraid to leave anything setting on the stove if I am not in the kitchen. Now there is a new problem, I was cooking breakfast and all at once I notice none of my burners are working, now there is fire sparking up the back of the stove, I turned the buttons off and pulled the stove out to unplug it and there is a hole burned through the back of the stove. See attachment.

I have Frigidaire; Frig microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer, along with this range. They had to replace my frig, because the wall inside the freezer cracked from back to door, replace the pump on washer because it cracked, service dishwasher because it leaked. So Frigidaire never has to worry about me buying their appliances again! I called in to consumer dept. Had to leave a message got no return call.

After having this cooktop in my new home for 18 months, it cracked across the top. Nothing was ever dropped on it and I kept it in pristine condition. We contacted both Frigidaire and an appliance repair company immediately. We also contacted Ferguson where it was purchased. Ferguson were no help. The appliance repair company cannot get the part. It has been on order for 32 days. We have also contacted Frigidaire and they haven't helped either. I can't recommend a company that sells an inferior product. I have been without a cooktop now for 32 days. We do not have a receipt because it was purchased through our contractor.

After owning Maytag appliances for years with zero problems, we thought we would go for cost savings and try Frigidaire for our new home. Huge mistake! We purchased them in August of 2015 and have had nothing but problems since. The handle on the oven continually makes its way loose and needs tightening to prevent it falling off. Recently, as I was taking a hot casserole out of the oven, the oven door literally completely fell apart! The handle and vent fell off of the door, the two panes of glass separated in different directions, bending the frame, and severely burning my arm as I juggled the casserole with a hot pane of glass on my feet!!

I called Frigidaire with my receipt, model & serial info, etc. They had the nerve to try selling me an extended warranty!! (It was still under the year warranty.) Eventually, they sent someone out to look at it. He informed me that the handle was cracked where the screws attach it. I then watched him bend the now weak metal frame back into place, screwed the cracked handle back on, etc. I asked him why he was putting parts back on that he himself had said were broken. He then informed me that replacing broken parts would be a waste of his time! This is the worst customer service that I have ever had to deal with and we will NEVER buy Frigidaire again. To top it all off, after he left, the vent at the bottom of the fridge fell off and won't go back on! I have no idea how this company can still be in business!!!

My dad lives in an elderly community and is not to be left alone. His apartment is furnished with Frigidaire appliances. I was cooking for him on June 6, 2016 when the eye of the stove broke into while I was heating a skillet of cooking oil. The electricity was arching and cut a hole in the skillet, when the oil hit the electric oil, fire blowed back and burned my face and shoulder. Like I said before, this happened in an elderly community. What if this had happened to one of the elderly handicap residents. I am so glad it wasn't! I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.

I also have a glass top range and it is about 6 years old. I put 2 items in at 350, I noticed that they were burning so I pushed the clear off button. The burner at the bottom stayed bright red and the oven was as hot as it would be on self-clean. The oven then started flashing f1 and e and some number. I continued to push clear off and it would not shut off. The glass on the door also cracked!!! We had to turn it off at the breaker. It was not on the recall list and they would do NOTHING. I could have burned down my house. I see a post about this exact problem and they do nothing? Never buy their products ever.

My 3 year old Frigidaire electric stove stopped working today. But not before the control panel shorted out with sparks and thick black smoke. So now I have a useless stove and a black kitchen wall. One of the control panels in the back of the stove is burnt out. Customer service was totally useless. Apparently Frigidaire makes an even less reliable stove that has a recall on it but not the model I have. I went online and noticed that there were many other complaints about the stoves causing fires. When we bought the stove we also bought a Frigidaire refrigerator. I'll save all the issues we've had with that for another time.

I have a Frigidaire stove that is still in warranty. Three times now when I have used the cleaning option it scorches the top of the oven door. I had it repaired twice and now this time they are telling me it is cosmetic. I am trying to tell them there is a problem with the seal, otherwise it would not burn the top of the door. I sent them pictures and when I called them back about it, they said no they will not cover. I asked to speak to a supervisor and would you believe they would not forward me to a supervisor, saying "she will not talk to you as a decision was made". I could not get further than customer service. Now, I have to try and get around customer service to speak to someone about this. Any suggestions would be helpful.

We purchased our Frigidaire convection oven at Home Depot about 3 years ago. It has worked great till tonight. We were baking potatoes for dinner (in what we thought was a 400 degree oven) when, after about 30 minutes, the oven started beeping non stop and 'F10' was flashing on the display. The stove top was very hot to touch and a strong electrical smell was filling our house. The oven window was dark brown. I opened the oven door, thinking there was an oven fire and the heat that came from the oven was overwhelming! I was unable to turn off the oven, so my husband finally tripped the breaker. After reading all the other reviews, we will be keeping the breaker off and getting a new oven tomorrow!!

Generally, I am a very nice, understanding person. However, I cannot find the words to explain how completely unsatisfied I am with Frigidaire and their products. In the past I had several air conditioners I had purchased for my apartment from them, and all were nothing but garbage. They worked for one summer and then were useless the next year.

This past incident, I purchased my home with new appliances inside of it. Last week when I was cooking my corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day, the electric stove top malfunctioned. It became too hot, and melted the protective glass right onto the bottom of my pot, and caused it to become stuck to the top of the stove! I immediately shut the stove off and waited for the pot to cool down, then removed it and took it outside to finish cooking on my grill's side burner. I called Frigidaire and reported exactly what had happened to the stove. I gave them the model number & serial number, and they informed me that the product was under warranty until July 2016, and that the cost of the repair was covered.

Yesterday the service tech came out to my house and informed me that it would be 2- 3 weeks before the parts that were needed would arrive. Today I get a call from Frigidaire saying that the stove was indeed not covered, and that they would not be paying to have the stove replaced. Apparently, the person who transferred the actual serial and model numbers that are on the appliance screwed them up. And no, I'm not covered.

It would be one thing if this stove was old and outdated, but it isn't! It's literally brand new. I do not recommend any of their products to anyone. They are a terrible company with inferior products. Do yourself a favor and spend your hard earned money on something that isn't a piece of garbage. I vow to boycott all Frigidaire products and steer my many friends and family away from them as well.

I had to purchase a glass top stove. It was my first one. I didn't want glass top but where I purchased all my appliances (Leon's), it was the only top they sold in black. I don't like the glass top. It is hard to keep clean. I have to use a small razor blade on it to get some of the spills off. The stove is fine except for the look of the glass top. My stove is probably as well made as any. I've always had coil elements. The cost of the stove was definitely an important factor since I had to purchase all appliances at the same time. The stove is nice looking when all is well.

Frigidaire Smooth top, easy to clean, two large and two small burners, self-cleaning oven. This model suits our family since it is just my husband and me that I cook and bake for. Easy to clean and there is nothing that has bothered me since I use this range every day. You may want to check for better models that two ovens, they are nice for bigger families. The control panel is so nice to have. No muss, no fuss. The cost was around $500 to $550 price range. The speed bake is very nice and the oven light has yet to go out after 4 years steady use.

Our electric stove has failed twice. Flames shot out the front and destroyed the display panel. Frigidaire and their Service Provider A&E have been unresponsive and unhelpful in fixing the error. We are afraid to leave the product connected in fear our home will burn down. Multiple calls, pat answers and Service technicians that refuse to look for answers is all we have gotten. I would NEVER buy a Frigidaire product again and would advise you to do the same.

I am a professional chef and I write blogs for cooking magazines. I purchased a shiny black Frigidaire Gallery electric range, Model No. FGEF3035RFA. Since we were completing outdoor projects, several weeks went by before we were ready to try the oven. Within 15 minutes of turning on the oven to 400 degree F, I became extremely nauseated. I turned off the oven and ventilated the house. The fumes were even stronger the next time at 400 degrees F and our eyes began burning. Again, we opened doors and windows and read back through the manual which suggests that any initial odor will dissipate within 30 minutes of use.

The following day, I opened every door and window in the house and turned on fans to blow any fumes out of the house. I turned the oven to 375 degrees and vacated the house for two hours. Upon returning, I was choked by fumes and experienced a full-blown asthma attack requiring the use of my inhaler. Following the last incident, I experienced a burning sensation in my nose, throat and eyes, a migraine headache, and was nauseated for three days.

This appliance is apparently a lemon. The chemicals are obviously harmful. We have since replaced the Frigidaire with a range that is working perfectly fine. The store does not accept returns and Frigidaire's customer service is non-existent. We have never cooked on the stove top -- the appliance looks new although it smells like a wet dog. A defect is redhibitory when it renders the thing useless, or its use so inconvenient that it must be presumed that a buyer would not have bought the thing had he known of the defect. The existence of such a defect gives a buyer the right to obtain rescission of the sale. We want it gone from the premises with or without attorney intervention. Frigidaire, the ball is in your court.

My 18-month-old Frigidaire electric range burned out the control panel inside and became so hot the fire company responded to my home. Frigidaire said my purchase was out of warranty. My entire kitchen remodel - exactly 18 months ago - included all new Frigidaire appliances. They (Frigidaire) agreed to a "one-time" service call which occurred yesterday. The technician was well aware of the problem, and asked me if I had had problems with the other appliances...yes. The ice maker doesn't work properly and the dishwasher fails every 3rd or 4th time I use it. All of the "new Frigidaire kitchen appliances" have some sort of control board problems. If they know this, why do they sell them? This is an awful situation. I hope there is some sort of class action lawsuit that holds them responsible for selling this junk. I don't have my receipt with me to upload to this site but everything came from Lowe's in Winchester, VA.

Model FEFBZ90GCA stove is junk. Recently the burner with bridge element came on unexpectedly and would not shut off. Repeated attempts to disconnect power to reset the elements proved fruitless. After diagnosing the problem using the internet and a multi-meter I bought a new element, which did not resolve the condition. If this were the only issue I would chalk it up to being a "lemon". However, within a year of purchase a dark discoloration (burn) developed on the lower left corner of the oven viewing glass, as if heat were directed around a seal and burned the stove. Not soon thereafter, the LED indicators started to short out. Again, I would think that I have a bad unit, except for the multitude of other complaints regarding this product. Likewise, I bought a refrigerator that has been nothing but headaches.

I have had our Frigidaire Gallery Electric Oven Model FGMV15QF for just under 2 years. We had dinner in the oven for about 45 minutes when a random beeping sound started. The two left burners were on full heat and the knobs were in the off position. I was not using the stove top at all! The control panel was changing to random temperatures and the stove top was turning from full heat to random temperatures! I am worried about the unit turning on by itself and starting a house fire! Please help!

By accident we broke the glass cook top of our stove in November 20/2015 and after many request and inquiries we still did not receive the required part. We cannot understand why Frigidaire is taking so long to supply a part already paid for, for one of their products. Bad customer services and definitely not a way to keep a customer happy. If we knew we would never have bought a Frigidaire product.

DANGEROUS PRODUCT!!! Last night, I felt a slight plastic/acrid burnt smell in the kitchen. Today, I turn the "luxury" professional gallery series stove on, and nothing happened, tried all burners in the flat top ceramic "luxury" product and none worked. Then we moved the stove to check if it was properly plugged in. It was. Then, we turn one burner on and BAM! A fire starts, with sparks flying over our heads, and smoke coming from beneath the stove top through all the edges.

Upon reading several threads, I come to the conclusion that this is a DEFECTIVE product, NOT BACKED UP by this lousy company. We bought the top of the line Gallery professional series fridge, microwave, dishwasher and luxury oven range. Although not impressed by any of these, this last incident just did it for us. We could have been killed by this so very lousy, overpriced stove. It is made in Canada for Frigidaire. NEVER AGAIN will we buy something made by this people. Besides, I think it is time someone does something with this company before there is extensive property damage and maybe even someone gets hurt or killed because of their defective products.

I purchase a Frigidaire electric smooth top range from Lowe's. I do not have the model number with me. The controls come on by themselves. I called Frigidaire and told them about my fire and wanted them to replace the front control panel that now is warped because of the fire. The stove was under warranty and they told me it must have been my fault. They could not care less if your house almost burnt down because of the controls. The front control panel on this stove now looks really bad. DO NOT PURCHASE A FRIGIDAIRE SMOOTH TOP RANGE unless you want to burn your house down. These reviews are true! I now turn this stove on with the electric breaker panel. I do not have the exact cost of what I paid for this right now, but it was around the $1200. I now always have a fire extinguisher sitting on my counter top! Thanks to Frigidaire! I am glad I found this site, as I see others have had a fire because of these ranges.

Came home to cook dinner. Had oven on for 5 minutes and sparks starting shooting up the back of the stove onto the wall. Acrid burnt smell permeates the entire house. The stove starts beeping incessantly throwing an F10 code. I had to pull the stove away from the wall and unplug for the beeping to stop. Called Frigidaire "Consumer Care" (NOT) and got absolutely no help. Company will NOT stand behind their product. After reading some of the other reviews at least I know I have company, but this is pathetic. The stove is less than 3 years old. I had purchased the extended warranty, but of course it ran out a month and a half ago. Frigidaire only tried to sell me another warranty as well. I told them I did not want this fire hazard of a product in my home. They did absolutely NOTHING in terms of customer service. Word of mouth is the best way to go. Let everyone know how bad Frigidaire products are. I certainly will!

I just arrived home after a small trip for work, jumped in shower emerging into acrid smoke filled house. Frantically found source to be my "Beautiful Bisque Free-Standing Frigidaire Stove". I called Frigidaire immediately. I was told that I needed to purchase a contract and then they will come out to see it. Maybe fix it. I balked, of Course! My HOME could've Burned Down!!! The 'lady' at Frigidaire said agreed, saying, "Yep." When I stated that with the warranty she described, I "should just go buy a new oven". The remainder of the time she could not have agreed with me less!!!

She told me there was nothing they could do with this issue as "this model wasn't on recall"... After numerous attempts at relating the severity of losing of losing home due to fire, I realized I was talking to a wall with canned responses. After I hung up I went online to see what the recall thing was all about... Apparently there IS AN ISSUE WITH SPONTANEOUS STARTS/FIRE WITH FRIGIDAIRE STOVES. Apparently just no recall on the Beautiful Bisque model. How conveniently criminal.

First time I used self cleaning function, oven exploded and glass shattered everywhere. Scary. Do not buy this oven. Company couldn't care less because 18 months old. 2 days before Christmas. Too bad for me.

I bought a Frigidaire Gallery electric range from a local distributor in Vancouver, Washington in October 2010 for close to $1,200. I seldom use this equipment as I have a set of portable stoves setup in the garage for cooking. This Frigidaire range inside of my house was mostly used to warm up food. Model # FGES3065KF, Serial # NF01423319. Starting June 2015, we start having problems with the Frigidaire range. The second biggest burner on the front left stopped working but the warming light (HE) would not turn off. I called up Frigidaire and explained the situation and voiced my concern that I paid $1,200 for a range that only lasted less than 5 years. I am certain that this is a defective product. We have purchased other brands of ranges and stoves and they lasted at least 18 years.

The first representative that I spoke to said there was nothing they could do for me because there was no extended warranty nor was there a recall on this particular model. I explained that the extended warranty should not apply to defective products. In addition, no recall on this particular model does not mean that this is not a defective product. I asked to talk to a customer care manager. It took awhile when a corporate manager got on the phone. She offered me $400 package for the repair and two years extended warranty. I said this would cost me a total of $1,600 for the range and it is possible that this range might not have problems until after the 2-year warranty expires.

I am very disappointed with Frigidaire. They have no regards to customers' satisfactions with their products. I will definitely not buy another one of Frigidaire appliances and do not recommend anyone buying their appliances. The store manager where I bought my range told me that he bought a Frigidaire range (older model) and he had the same problem within three to four years after he purchased it.

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