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Overall Rating2.6 out of 5
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Frigidaire Air Conditioner Reviews

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Sept. 7, 2023

Hands down worst customer service ever. I purchased an AC that never worked. I provided all information they required and approved for replacement. I am waiting over 4 months for this replacement air conditioner. I have called countless times. Waste of my precious time! The same response is they will get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. AC was to have been delivered in 10 to 12 days. What a joke! I will never support this company again.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 18, 2023

Frigidaire doesn’t honor the warranty on the A/C wall unit. A technician came to my home and made up many excuses not to service my A/C. The technician didn’t like to take the air conditioner's temperature after I ask him five times. We had four technicians come to my home but since the A/C was under warranty they wouldn’t cover American Home Shield. I’m so shocked at how that technician behaved.

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    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2023

    THEY ARE RIPPING OFF AN ELDERLY, DISABLED, INDIGENT VETERAN! DISGUSTING COMPANY GARBAGE PRODUCTS. I would like to preface this review by telling you I tried to post it on the Frigidaire website. They rejected the review and in the rejection they included a list of all the reasons that they rejected you. I didn't do one thing on that list but they rejected the review anyways. It's obvious why. They're thieves. They're liars. They're scammers. They don't care who you are they are going to rip you off and they don't care who you report them to.

    Don't buy anything from them. They will send you garbage products and they will not stand behind them. 28 emails. 28 emails. Trying to get them to send me the product because they sent me a garbage product. First they told me that they couldn't help me until I gave them my name my address my telephone number etc. All the stuff that they can sell for profit. So I gave them all that then they demanded the serial number off of the air conditioner. I gave them that. Then they said okay thank you. All done. They weren't going to help me at all they just want it all my information because they can sell it for profit. L. Well I wasn't having that. I want a working air conditioner that's what I paid for. I want one.

    For the last 27 emails every single email they have to sent they demand this form this, form this form, this form, this form, this form. I have sent them every single thing they have asked for five times. A couple of things like the serial tag I've now sent them seven times. Every single email when I ask him what's going on, "You have to send us this form." I tell him, "I already sent it to you." It's one long email thread. All the attachments are right in the email thread. You can see them as soon as the email gets to your inbox. All they keep saying, "If you're not going to fulfill our request we're not going to send you an air conditioner. This is the process." There is no way to make these people understand I've sent them to them over and over and over again.

    Then a creative liar with the company said "you sent us the form with an erasure on it and we can't accept anything with an erasure." What a stupid lie. I filled the form out digitally. There is no erasure. I only needed to sign it and date it. I signed it I dated it. There's nothing to erase. There's no erasure. So they started in with that. "You have to send us the form X again. You have to send us back form." IT'S RIGHT IN THE EMAIL THREAD YOU LIARS! They just keep sending me emails telling me I have to send them the documents they request. THEY'RE ALL ATTACHED TO THE EMAIL THREAD YOU SCAMMERS! I keep telling them, "I sent them to you. I've sent them to you. I sent them to you."

    I send them the documents. They tell me I didn't send the documents. I filed with the Better Business Bureau. I filed with the Federal Trade Commission. I filed with my State's Attorney General because this is a scam and anybody who reads the email thread can see that. They don't care. They just keep right on lying and they just keep right on playing games. They're disgusting. So I called an attorney. That's the only way you're going to get anything out of these disgusting scammers. Don't buy anything from them. They produce garbage and this is the kind of games they play. They're not worth it. If you want to give money away give it to me I'm an elderly, disabled, indigent veteran who can't afford to be ripped off the way this company is ripping me off. Disgusting.

    I spent all my money on their product and they won't replace it so I have spent the entire summer in over 100° heat up to 110° heat for over a week with no air conditioner because they're thieves and will not replace a product that was defective out of the box. I have health conditions. I'm elderly. I'm disabled. I'm a veteran. They don't care. They're disgusting.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 3, 2023

    Bought unit last year, stopped working after 6-months, EC code displayed. Told to unplug, wait 15-minutes, plug in. Unit only then has fan, not condenser working. Next day, same thing. Called Customer Service again, gave me repair company to call and repair would be at my expense. Called number, they do not repair dehumidifiers. Also, 45+ minutes on hold each time I called. Shameful.

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    Reviewed March 27, 2023

    Unfortunately I purchased a Frigidaire Gallery 8000 btu Inverter Quiet temp smart air conditioner February 2022. Thinking Frigidaire was a superior company but now I am sadly mistaken! I sent in my warranty card, good for one year. I used the air conditioner from March to October first. I was very pleased with how well it cooled my bedroom and indeed was quiet. Started it back up first of March 2023 and it stops and displays an error code EC 07. I try all the troubleshooting tactics to no avail.

    Today is March 27, after trying to call customer service for 27 days I finally get someone on the line. It took 13 times calling today to finally get a person that doesn’t drop the call. So, I am passed my warranty. But for heaven’s sake, for an appliance to go bad after being in use for 7 months is beyond ridiculous. Luckily I kept my noisy old one, probably 15 years old but at least it still works! The experience I have had to deal with, inferior product with inferior customer service has me totally disgusted. After reading all the complaints about Frigidaire products it is no surprise. DO NOT buy Frigidaire products. It really is quite a shame that consumer goods don’t last like they use to, and customer service is a thing of the past. Shame on you Frigidaire, never again!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2023

    The e-mail below, received from Frigidaire shows their attitude and also my original product review posted to their website. The product was received in original packaging from Lowe's 1/30/2023 and is needed to create a microclimate for my disabled daughter. Frigidaire Does Not Honor Warranty. Bought this product from Lowe's and it was delivered today from a Lowe's distribution center in its original packaging. The exhaust hose was broken. Tried to contact Frigidaire, which was possible only via text and only after multiple attempts via phone, website and text. Stated the issue, texted picture and label, and was told the unit is a previously owned unit and Frigidaire will not honor warranty.

    Called Lowe's and they stated it was a new unit delivered to their distribution center by Frigidaire as a new product, which is plausible as the product was in its original packaging and shrink wrap. Then went to Frigidaire website and was able to register the product without a problem. Clearly, company is trying fraudulently to avoid warranty claims or reships returned defective product as new.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2022

    Freidrich in bedroom almost 19 years old and good but next year will need new one. Was great 18 years. Frigidaire living room did not stay working as air conditioner more than 4 seasons warm air. Waste of money. Never bought any a/c other than Freidrich in all the years as senior before. I Will never, never, never buy a frigidaire product again. Waste of over 500 dollars, pay almost double and it will last 4x the amount of years and superior obviously product freidrich. No customer service either, just tried a number not in order

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    Punctuality & SpeedStaffEase of Use

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2022

    I have a casement style Frigidaire A/C in my bedroom, and a thru-the-wall Frigidaire A/C in my living room of my condo - both perform well, have intuitive remote controls, and have lasted very well. A friend had a daughter diagnosed with MS, so we had to scramble some years ago to get A/Cs quick before she could come home from the hospital - with a casement style Frigidaire A/C running 24 hours per day, it still lasted 8 years, and was replaced with another - Also have one other Frigidaire casement style in another window of the house - has lasted well, and performed well for years. When I needed a part damaged in shipping, control panel - Frigidaire sent me the part quickly, at no charge.

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    Sales & MarketingPriceEase of Use

    Reviewed Sept. 4, 2022

    Landlord provided this noisemaker about 5 years ago. The fan is too loud. Though it is rated to cool our entire one bedroom apt, it will not cool the room it is in on warm days. This place is airtight and well insulated. Yet it runs and runs and runs. If you examine the good reviews here you will see a pattern: "good value", "easy to use", "sleek stylish design" written by our friends in some other country. Do better Consumer Reports, you have not verified anything. These units are poorly engineered junk not to be purchased at any price. Lowe's, Best Buy, Walmart are all in on the scam. There should be a class action suit against Frigidaire. Not helping global warming by building junk.

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed June 24, 2022

    This is with regards to Frigidaire's customer support/warrant department. We just purchased a Frigidaire air conditioning window unit until our new HVAC is installed. The unit was installed per every step of the installation manual. The unit was running for approximately 45 minutes before I called customer support/warranty department per their website. Long story short, the error was on my end because I had set the fan to High Fan, which on the dial is the highest setting you can rotate the knob to, instead of High Cool Fan which was the 2nd notch from the end of the rotation furthest from the Off selection. You may see how this can be easily overlooked. We figured that out.

    However, before we figured this out, the unit was running for approximately 45 minutes before I called customer support/warranty department per their website. The lady I spoke with on the phone was immediately rude, negative, and completely unhelpful. I told her we just purchased the unit, and it's not cooling. Instead of going through some initial easy checks, she begins to give me the 3rd degree: where did I buy this, how did I buy this, when did I buy this. She did ask for a model number and serial number. I gave her the model number, but she cut me off in conversation before I could give her the serial number. It's clear by the model number we purchased a new unit. Why then cut me off when attempting to give them the serial number?

    Then, she asked me if I waited to install the unit after the delivery driver dropped it off at my house. I stated I waited an hour, but I read the installation and user guide manual before doing anything with the unit. I told her there is nothing in either of those manuals that state one should wait x-amount of time. Again, it was the way she was saying these things. Like, "are you stupid?", "you're a liar". Honestly, it was worse than dealing with AT&T customer service. I finally hung up, and we attempted to figure out the problem ourselves and did. It's brand-spanking new. After reading several reviews here, I will definitely report back if the unit stops working within the reasonable time period it should be working.

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    Frigidaire author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    After manufacturing early versions of electric refrigerator in 1916, The Guardian Frigerator Company was bought and renamed Frigidaire by General Motors in 1918. Since then, Frigidaire has been a major innovator of home technology, including introducing the first color-matching appliances, the first home chest freezer and the first automatic ice dispenser. Today consumers appreciate Frigidaire’s focus on energy-efficiency and smart technology along with their versatile selection of air conditioners.

    • Versatility: Frigidaire sells several different types of air conditioners, including window, wall, portable, ductless split, PTACs and central air conditioning units. With such a variety, Frigidaire has something for everyone.

    • Easy to find: Frigidaire’s “dealer locator” option on their website makes it easy to find a retailer who sells Frigidaire in your area. You can also find a certified contractor to install your HVAC system through their website.

    • Rebates: Frigidaire routinely offers rebates and promotions on all its products, including air conditioners. Make sure to check their website before you buy your air conditioner to see if your purchase qualifies for a special offer.

    • Online product support and manuals: Don’t worry if you misplace your manual. Frigidaire’s website houses manuals for its products so you can quickly access the information you need. The website also has product support for troubleshooting and general questions.

    • Free shipping: Customers who prefer to shop online will enjoy free shipping on purchases over $25. Purchases that are less than $25 enjoy flat-rate shipping.

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