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I bought this model because it was a companion to my stove. I have had it for exactly 3 years. The stainless steel handle gets very hot and I really don't like the way you must use the preference key to do functions other than warming food. Last night the top portion of the microwave went on fire. No one was using it. It burned through my wooden cabinets and the fire dept was called. Thank God I had not gone to bed yet. I will not replace with a Frigidaire.

I bought my home in 2013. All of the appliances were Frigidaire stainless and came with the home. I have original sales records dated 4/24/2012. I replaced the refrigerator in 2015 and the microwave this year. I have had the repair man here for the dishwasher. JUNK at a steep price in my opinion. Granted they are the low end of the line but I do not use them all that often. Be warned.

Extremely disappointed with my Frigidaire countertop microwave oven. Purchased January 2013. Microwave oven stopped working July 2016. I really expected microwave oven to last longer than 3 years. I always felt Frigidaire products were good quality. Plan to order Panasonic microwave to replace my Frigidaire microwave.

We purchased from Lowe's Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and stove July of 2012. We already had to have the freezer repaired at $160.00. Now our microwave does not work. I called repair shops and they recommended buying new microwave because of service call, and parts and labor cost. I would not suggest the Frigidaire line of appliances. I will be replacing our appliances as they go out but it will not be Frigidaire line. I didn't think I would have issues with items only being three years old. Thank you and hope this helps the next person looking to purchase appliances.

We replaced the motor in the dishwasher. The front right burner on the slide in stove has burnt the hairs off my arm twice and when you go near the stove you bump the controls and gas fumes just blow out into the room. We have had two repair companies out. The first one says it is a defect. The second one says that this is a known problem and refuses to come back. We are having a third company come out 7/11 but we already know it is a defect. Frigidaire is just making us jump through hoops. We even had to have the gas company out to prove that the correct amount of gas pressure is being delivered to the house.

Now tonight my husband is heating up food and the microwave stops working. (My son had the same microwave and also had to replace it.) I suggest if you are considering Frigidaire you must be ** crazy. These products are all less than 16 months old and 3 out of 4 of have broke down. The first stove repair company damaged two areas of the stove when they tried to repair it so take pictures before they come there.

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We purchased this microwave 3 1/2 years ago for our vacation home. We come here a collective 6 weeks out of each year for the past 3 years. Recently using the microwave on convection, the inside glass shattered and started to melt (mind you it takes glass 1350 degrees to melt). We were shocked that a microwave set on 350 degrees convection could melt glass.

We contacted Frigidaire and their response was that there was nothing they could do because it was out of warranty. We had an extended warranty but all it would cover is the magnetron. This is so wrong. This product clearly malfunctioned and should be recalled or at least replaced. All of our appliances match. Now we are forced to purchase a new microwave that will not match or buy the same one again. It is still available for sale. Do I want a microwave that may do this again? I don't think so. I recommend not to purchase this microwave. Possibly not to purchase anything Frigidaire since they don't care to resolve this matter.

Plastic door handle is chipping and cracking where it connects to door. Door around handle connection point cracking also. Only 2 years old. Receives light use by 64 yr old woman who lives alone, so hasn't been abused. Customer service won't replace the door or handle, but will sell me a new one for $200.00. Really??? Says it's out of warranty. I suggest you buy a different brand!!! This brand is garbage and I'll NEVER BUY or recommend FRIGIDAIRE again. What a piece of junk!

Called to get a microwave replaced and they do nothing but give a runaround! I did everything they asked of me and will not do the right thing on their part! I had to send them the model number sticker certified mail... A lousy $100 micro turned into a $105 micro and they still want more info sent to them! I flat out refuse!!! JUST SEND ME THE GIFT CARD ALREADY. IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS!!!

Had the unit since Dec. 2015. Magnetron broke. Two weeks to fix and two days off work. March 2016 (3 months old), the convection fan stopped working. Another day off work and parts ordered on April 7th. After 5 weeks, I was just informed that the parts won't be in until June 7th. 3 months!! They will not replace the unit because they said it is repairable. If it's repairable, it's not covered to replace it. Customer Service hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. Never, never again will I buy a Frigidaire. I have to say though, I am glad I purchased it at Lowe's. I called the store manager and they are replacing it free. Always buy from a big store that cares.

Frigidaire needs to go back to the drawing board to fix cheap plastic on their microwave door handle. Have had nothing but trouble with the door handle and now the whole door plastic is breaking apart.

I purchased a countertop microwave oven and 7 months later sparks flew out of it. I called the Frigidaire company because the oven had a 1 year warranty and I was told that they have a buy back option. I had to jump thru hoops to get this option which takes many weeks and still I am inconvenienced of being without a microwave. Usually I do my homework before making any purchase but I did not this time and I am paying for it. I had to send a certified letter and the serial number from the back of the microwave at $7 and then I received a letter saying I needed to send another serial number tag from the microwave oven. I will never purchase any Frigidaire product ever and I will not recommend a Frigidaire product to anyone.

In September 2013, we bought a Frigidaire Professional Microwave. In December, it started making a grinding sound. It ends up that the entire unit had to be replaced. When the unit finally showed up, several weeks later, it started grinding again. They told us that it was the magnetron. They came out again, replaced the magnetron, and by then it was February of 2014.

Fast forward two years- grinding started again during the Super Bowl. We called Frigidaire, assuming that a recall HAD to have been issued since this is now the third time in 2 years that we have had the same problem with the microwave. They told us that there was no recall and we'd have to buy an extended warranty for $300 and change. We declined and had a local repair person come to fix it. Our point- the microwave has broken 3 times in 2 years!! We had an LG for 10 years with no issues. I'm sorry that we didn't do further research, otherwise we would not have bought this product.

The handle on the over range microwave is hollow metal. While cooking on the stove the handle heated to scalding temp and I burned my hand grabbing the microwave handle to open the door. Frigidaire sent their company to inspect. They measured.. the distances between the two units.. the largest kettle the smallest and the one being used at the time. They tested the auto fan also. EVERY measurement was correct.. and all the vent did was make the handle even hotter drawing more heat towards it. The handle was as it was.. scalding hot.

The microwave is installed. The letter from the company says it will pay for all costs to repair the unit. The company said they can't do the repairs needed. I can take it back to the store for an exchange for YET THE SAME MODEL AND METAL HANDLE... A lesser watt non coated stainless model worth less. Or I can take it out of the wall and take it back to get a refund... but that is up to Lowes. HELLO?? Nothing is being considered about the danger.. or the work... or the lost time and money.

In Dec 2013, I purchased a Frigidaire Gallery over the Range Microwave (Model# FGMV205KF) had it for approximately 14 months when it started making loud noises and sparking. Since the unit was out of warranty and I had not purchased an extended warranty I called several local repair companies, all of them told me it would be cheaper to replace the unit than to try to have unit serviced. In April 2015 I purchased a new microwave (same model# FGMV205KF) from HOME DEPOT and by Sept 2015 it was making the same noise and sparking as well. This model is still under the original 1 year warranty and I did purchase an extended warranty as well.

I have spent HUGE AMOUNTS OF TIME ON THE PHONE WITH FRIGIDAIRE DIRECTLY (since unit is still under warranty) only to have NOTHING RESOLVED AS OF YET (1-7-2016). Since I live in a remote area (30 minutes outside of Denver, Co.) there was not an authorized service provider (they say) to be found, so Frigidaire contracted with another repair contractor to come out, we're now up to Dec 4th 2015. The repair contractor working with a service representative directly at Frigidaire removed and dismantled the microwave to find the issue. Pictures were taken and submitted to Frigidaire (3 different times because their system would not/could not work properly to receive the pictures).

I have had to call Frigidaire every week and/or every couple of days to find out what is happening as they have not called me once with an update. On Tues Jan 5th 2016 I called to get update and was told that they needed a picture of the serial# of the unit because the pictures they have could be from any microwave unit. I immediately emailed them pics of the serial# (sent pics 2 times to same person requesting that she let me know if she had received and needed anything else, NEVER HEARD BACK FROM ANYONE).

Today, Jan 7th 2016 I called and was told that they had to have the service provider (the one they hired) send the pics of the serial# as the pics I sent could have been from any microwave (the pics I sent had the same serial# as the unit they have on file being under warranty and the same serial# I requested service on and the same serial# that the service provider used when calling in for technical information when speaking with the FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE DEPT TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM.

When I questioned why they (Frigidaire) had not informed the service provider (the one they hired) at the beginning of all the information that needed to be documented and supplied directly and quickly to Frigidaire in the beginning to make this a smooth and quick process, her response to me was "All of our authorized service providers know what information is needed and we shouldn't need to tell them". I once again explained to her that this service provider was not an AUTHORIZED PROVIDER but was one that they (Frigidaire) had contracted with to provide service and therefore he would not know all of the information that was required.

I requested to speak with a manager and when the representative came back on the line, she gave me an update from a supervisor that said "ALL THEY COULD DO WAS WAIT TILL THEY WERE ABLE TO GET A HOLD OF THE SERVICE PROVIDER and then submit that information to the service team for review". I was never able to speak directly with a manager! This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced.

I will never purchase from frigidaire again (and I have a whole kitchen of their appliances and they haven't been the gems frigidaire claims them to be either, have had to have all of them serviced several times as well) and I will never recommend their appliances. WORST PRODUCTS EVER AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Consumers need to start demanding quality not only in the products but in customer service as well or quit purchasing from these companies (all of the brands are the same) so that these companies start feeling severe financial hardships and/or go out of business. I can pull the receipt out and submit later if you will contact me via mail.

We purchased our Frigidaire microwave a little over three years ago. Within two years the door handle started cracking and shortly thereafter it came off from the door. We called Frigidaire for a replacement. They would not admit to any defective parts on this microwave model, however they did send a new door to our appliance dealer. We paid $144 to install the new door. It took the repairman 30 minutes to install the new door, so my guess is the cost of the microwave door was included in that bill. Thinking this problem might happen again, I purchased their warranty. Two weeks ago the our door developed a crack and when I spoke to Frigidaire they said the break was, "cosmetic and we only cover functional parts of the microwave." Poor quality product, poor customer service.

It was a gift. If I had been purchasing it, it probably would not have been this brand. Some of the plastic parts have broken around the panels, requiring that I glue them back. It works and looks okay.

My Frigidaire micro oven is not sturdily made on the inside and was impossible to know prior to buying. The revolving glass plate constantly falls off and is extremely difficult to put back on. It wobbles during use and Frigidaire is non-responsive as it is with all of the kitchen appliances that I purchased together last year.

We bought this over the range unit some years ago & it has always performed to complete satisfaction. The only thing on it that I don't like is the way the clock feature works. If there is a power failure, it must be reset in order for the microwave to operate, & the procedure for this is a little troublesome. Other than that one thing, I would highly recommend it. Never had any problems with it in the many years we've owned it.

I have owned several microwaves mostly opting for the models that go over the stove with a vent fan. The only problem is when you move you have to leave it and then replace it at next stop. For many years the GE was the only model that offered this feature so we owned several of them. We purchased the Frigidaire microwave as it matched our stove (handle) and could go over the stove. It has served the purpose but I would neither recommend it or not recommend it. Features are useless and difficult to figure out. The outside seems hard to clean and always looks smeared. Other than that it is ok and better any counter model.

My Frigidare Professional microwave over the cooktop type, has functioned flawlessly for 9 years now. I've had no problems at all and it cooks well for a microwave.

Just purchased the microwave and so far, it's been great. I'm concerned about the panel and handle because they end up breaking but I'm hoping this Frigidaire Gallery will hold its own.

Our microwave was brand new when we bought our house in May of 2014. The seller chose all Frigidaire appliances, but opted for the low to mid-level models which was fine with me because they all came with the house. The ONLY thing I don't like about my microwave is that when the timer goes off, you cannot stop the beeping no matter what you try to do. It just beeps and beeps and beeps until it eventually stops on its own. No one likes a microwave beep they can't control. If I'm trying to reheat a slice of pizza late at night, and I don't stop the microwave before time's up, I might wake someone up! However, the microwave looks nice (it's stainless steel and black) and works like a charm and we've had no problems with it at all, so I have no problem recommending it to a friend.

For a new appliance, it has had to have the element replaced two times. The first timeā€¦ exactly 1 week after purchased. No extended warranty. Thankfully, warranty intact.

This microwave for above our stove, looked nice and matched our stove. It functioned well (purchased at Sears) until the spring broke that holds the door shut. Sears came out to fix. He said it really needs a new now, because the plastic broke when the spring attached. It was going to take a long time to get the part. I contacted the manufacturer and explained what a defect that this was, and that I would need a new door. A representative called me and said, yes they would replace and for me to email the details along with my bill. Well I did all that and kept emailing and calling them, at least ten times, and finally gave up because they were so rude as they would not even reply. Would never buy their product again, and in fact I did not. I have a nice Panasonic microwave now.

It works great. It has all the features I need or want. If any negative, it is how every fingerprint shows on key pad and door. I like the power settings. I like both time and weight defrost.

Frigidaire microwave rusted at door seal and in my opinion made it unsafe within two/three years. It took two minutes to warm a cup of coffee. Seemed like it was losing power at the end. Replaced with Panasonic and pleased.

109 years after Frigidaire introduced the first electric refrigerator, it still can't hire competent engineers to design lasting parts. That is why the company, ever obsessed with cost cutting, designed a cheap, small, inadequate plastic connector to hold the spring--which holds the door lever--which clamps the microwave door closed. When the little fella breaks off, and why wouldn't it, you have to replace the entire door. Cost of door? $152. Incompetent designers and managers.

We will NEVER buy anything Frigidaire ever again. Our dishwasher needed to be repaired by a technician twice in the first year or two and the microwave died before we even gave away our old one. Pitiful... less than a year and they both broke.

We purchased 6 new Frigidaire appliances in 2012 and all but 1 has had some type of service. To date we have had 3 magnetrons replaced in the microwave and now needs another. The first 2 were covered under warranty and we paid for one. We've had so much trouble with the microwave we purchased an extended warranty and now they are so cheap they can't find a servicing dealer to repair it for what they are willing to pay. We have been without the microwave for 2 weeks. Poor quality appliances, poor customer service and a terrible extended warranty service program.

I bought a frigidaire microwave and it lasted about 14 months. I paid for it by visa so I did get an extra years warranty. I then insisted on getting a GE microwave which lasted for about 2 years. Pretty much identical to the Frigidaire. I think I can find a better way to spend 400.00 every couple of years.

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Frigidaire focuses on supplying high-quality kitchen wares and other home appliances. They have a range of built-ins and community food blogs.

  • Professional microwave: Large, high-wattage appliances for commercial kitchens of all sizes.
  • Spacewise rack: The rack inserts easily into the microwave to provide two levels for cooking your food items.
  • Sensor cooking: Cook with the touch of a button as the microwave sensors select the correct time and temperature settings.
  • Convection: Convection settings allow you to roast or bake your dishes to perfection.
  • 2-Speed ventilation: Over the range microwaves from Frigidaire function as an oven hood. Two fans with adjustable speeds are provided.
  • Best for Singles and couples, small families, large families and commercial kitchens.

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