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Americans remodel their bathrooms more than any other part of their house, according to a 2016 AP News article. Updating your bathroom not only helps with your home's resale value; it's also nice to use while you’re living there.

Whether you’re replacing your older, smaller toilet with one that’s fit for a king or queen, or you’re taking on a complete remodel, it’s important to know which kinds of fixtures work best with your space and make your bathroom more attractive.

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Bath Fitter
Read 4025 Reviews

Founded in 1984, Bath Fitter makes it easy for homeowners and commercial properties to update their old and worn bathtubs. Bath Fitter manufactures and installs custom acrylic bathtubs that fit snugly over existing tub surfaces.

toll freenumber(855) 465-2928
Home Depot
Read 3125 Reviews

Home Depot is an American home improvement supply retailer founded in 1978 and headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. It sells all major brands of tools and paint and has replacement parts for your electric and plumbing needs.

Bath Planet
Read 492 Reviews

Choose models with the thickest acrylic material in the industry. Many model options, each with safety features like grab bars, non-slip floors and seat and ADA compliance. One day installation available.

toll freenumber(844) 334-4507
Read 854 Reviews

Founded in 1979, Re-Bath is one of the world's leading bathroom remodeling specialists. Headquartered in Arizona, the company has over 200 franchise locations, and partners with dozens of national bathroom product vendors.

Read 609 Reviews

Founded in 1935, Roto-Rooter is the largest provider of plumbing and drain-cleaning services in the United States. It operates around 100 company-owned branches and approximately 500 franchises across North America.

Luxury Bath Technologies
Read 170 Reviews

Luxury Bath Technologies offers homeowners easier and faster bathroom remodeling services. In as little as one day, Luxury Bath Technologies is able to install and complete your new bathroom during a hassle-free process.

toll freenumber(844) 334-3507
Read 96 Reviews

MAAX helps you remodel your bathroom with multiple designs and styles of bathtubs, showers, shower doors and accessories. Tub styles include alcove, freestanding, corner, drop-in or tub showers.

Read 288 Reviews

Kohler was founded in 1873 and today makes bathroom and kitchen fixtures. You can choose from multiple styles and models of faucets, toilets, tubs, shower heads and more.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing
Read 151 Reviews

Mr. Rooter Plumbing is a licensed plumbing franchise. They offer drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, sewer line repair and emergency services. They give you upfront pricing and explain what they need to do before starting a project.

Read 636 Reviews

Founded in 2003, eFaucets is an online retailer that sells high-quality, high-end kitchen and bath fixtures from top manufacturers. You can browse multiple brands of bathroom, shower, tub and outdoor faucets.

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What matters most when choosing plumbing for your bathroom?

What are the most common types of bathtubs?

Bathtubs are often considered the centerpiece of your bathroom, so you’ll want to choose one that fits your bathroom’s style and space. The most common tub styles are free-standing, alcove, drop-in and corner tubs.

  • Alcove: Alcove tubs are the style most of us grew up with. They’re surrounded by three walls, usually covered in tile to allow them to be fitted with a shower. The alcove tub is ideal for small spaces. It is also the cheapest on the market, costing around $500.
  • Free-standing: Free-standing tubs, also known as clawfoot or slipper tubs, aren’t connected to walls or other surfaces. They require a bathroom with more square footage and are typically deeper than other tubs. They’re also more expensive than other types of tubs, costing around $2,000.
  • Drop-in: Drop-in tubs are similar to free-standing tubs, just without the “feet.” Drop-in tubs are placed in a pre-built deck or island on a specified area of your bathroom floor. They require a large amount of open space and cost around $700.
  • Corner tub: Corner tubs are designed for relaxing and act like a jacuzzi or spa-therapy tub, using water jets or built-in seating. They come in triangular shapes and require a fairly spacious corner of the bathroom. At around $1,000, they’re more expensive than drop-in and alcove tubs.

What are the most common types of showers?

Like bathtubs, you need to think about space and design when deciding on the kind of shower you want. One-piece enclosures, sectionals and low-threshold or walk-in showers are the most common styles available.

  • One-piece enclosures: One-piece enclosures are great for angled and corner spaces. You can choose from tile or smooth acrylic finishes. They often have built-in features like soap shelves and handles. The average cost of a one-piece enclosure shower is around $400 to $600 with a separate installation cost of around $1,000.
  • Sectionals: Sectional showers are perfect for remodels with minimal space. You typically see sectional showers as a tub/shower combo with a shower curtain instead of shower doors. Sectionals can cost anywhere from $150 to $400, depending on their size.
  • Walk-ins: Walk-in showers are popular in large bathroom remodels. They don’t have a lip or step-up from the main bathroom floor into the shower and are usually enclosed by large shower doors. This creates a seamless look and feel. Some spaces are large enough that no door is needed. In these cases, the shower relies on the slope of the floor to drain the water. Walk-in showers can be designed with stone or tile floors and walls. Depending on the style, size and luxury accessories (multiple shower heads, heated tile, etc.), a large walk-in shower can cost you $2,000 to $10,000.

What are the most common types of sinks?

When people walk into your bathroom, one of the first things they see is the sink. Therefore, you'll want a sink as stylish as it is functional. Choose from pedestal or stand-alone, self-rimming, vessel and wall-mounted sinks to install in your bathroom. If you’re looking for more space, you can add two sinks on almost any type of vanity.

  • Pedestal: Sometimes called stand-alone sinks, pedestal sinks are great for small bathrooms with minimal storage space. They’re not installed into a vanity and resemble a birdbath. You can find pedestal sinks for under $100 at your local chain home improvement store.
  • Self-rimming: Self-rimming sinks or drop-in sinks are the most common type of sink and one of the easiest to install. They are fitted into an existing counter with a rim encircling the sink that sits on the countertop to support the sink’s weight. Self-rimming sinks cost anywhere from $250 to $500, depending on the size and material.
  • Vessel: Vessel sinks are bowl-shaped and sit on top of a countertop. They require no undermount installation. They’re bold designs that cost on average $200 to $600.
  • Wall-mounted: A wall-mounted sink makes use of minimal space. You affix them to a wall, eliminating a need for countertops, legs or a vanity base. You can install a vanity underneath to make use of the space under it. Find wall-mounted sinks with dual faucets to act like a two-sink setup. Depending on the size, wall-mounted sinks cost around $200 to $700.

What are the most common types of toilets?

Height and comfort are the most common considerations when choosing a toilet. The standard height for a toilet is 14 inches, but many manufactures make them a few inches taller to accommodate taller adults. You can choose between a one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted or tankless toilet. Almost all new toilets have efficient flushing technology, using only around 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush.

  • One-piece: A one-piece toilet integrates the tank and the toilet bowl into one piece. They are easier to clean because they have no seam but are more expensive than a two-piece toilet. The average price of a one-piece toilet is around $200 to $250.
  • Two-piece: A two-piece toilet requires you to bolt the toilet tank on top of the toilet bowl. It's the most affordable type of toilet on the market. You can find a two-piece toilet for as little as $150.
  • Wall-mounted: Wall-mounted toilets are considered a high-end style typical of commercial restrooms like those in hotels and restaurants. They require thicker walls to mount the toilet and hold the tank. They’re easy to clean under, but future maintenance might require you to open up the wall. Wall-mounted toilets cost an average of $350.
  • Tankless: Tankless toilets do not require the bowl that holds water to flush waste down your water line. Instead, they receive water directly from a supply line at extremely high pressure to flush waste away. Tankless toilets can cost anywhere from $250 to $800.

What plumbing service do you need?

Routine inspection

An annual plumbing inspection will ensure your pipes and plumbing systems are in great working order. Call a plumber annually to check for leaks, drain your pipes, look for signs of rust and fit the supply line to your valves and fixtures.


Your inspection will alert you to potential problems that you can tackle before they become major headaches. Some examples of plumbing maintenance include unclogging drains, checking indoor and outdoor faucets for leaks, checking appliances for leaks and cleaning gutters. While most homeowners are capable of handling DIY plumbing maintenance, hiring a plumber to do this job will ensure nothing gets missed.


Plumbers can handle all types of plumbing repairs, from fixing a leaky faucet to replacing burst pipes. If you’re dealing with indoor flooding, look for a plumber equipped to handle emergencies. Many plumbing companies have a 24/7 emergency phone number to call for fast service at any time of day.

Who needs bathroom and plumbing companies?


As a homeowner you will most likely need to call a plumber at some point. Whether it's to unclog pipes or help you with a bathroom remodel, a plumber will help you do the job right.


Plumbing contractors hired to work on a bathroom remodel need access to all major brands of bathroom appliances, tubs, showers, toilets and sinks.


You can fix some minor plumbing issues yourself as long as you have the right tools and appliances. DIYers can check their local hardware and chain home improvement store for plumbing parts, fixtures and accessories.

Who are the best plumbers near me?

We’ve compared the best plumbing companies across the United States to help you find trusted plumbers in your city.

Compare Reviews for Top Online Bathroom Fixtures & Plumbing Companies

American Standard Plumbing
Read 116 Reviews

American Standard provides technologically advanced bathroom fixtures to make any bathroom more modern. View all models of toilets, sinks, faucets, showers and bathtubs online.

Rescue Rooter
Read 86 Reviews

Flexible financing options help make their commercial and home plumbing services, HVAC installation and air conditioner repair affordable. They’re available 24/7 for emergency help.

Ferguson Enterprises
Read 32 Reviews

Ferguson Enterprises has the latest designs for home bathroom fixtures and appliances. Their online guides help you choose the right bathroom vanity, bathtub, shower and more.

Kohler High-Pressure Toilets
Read 76 Reviews

Kohler makes multiple styles of one-piece, two-piece and wall-hung toilets, including high-pressure toilets. Toilet prices range from around $230 to over $1,000.

Read 48 Reviews

Tile Redi
Read 18 Reviews

Tile Redi makes and sells shower pans, shelves and kits to fit most showers. Its shower pans can be made to fit any angle, with any drain style. Your shower pan is leakproof and can be tiled with any design.

Century Shower Doors
Read 16 Reviews

Century makes and installs custom shower doors to fit your shower setup. They offer free in-home estimates with no obligation and a variety of bathroom and shower accessories.

Basco Shower Doors
Read 18 Reviews

Basco features multiple types of shower enclosures. You can choose from swing doors or door and panel enclosures. Build your own door online using Basco’s step-by-step process.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Read Reviews

Provides skilled plumbers for emergency service, 24/7. Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as an on-time guarantee. Franchise operation for fast response and knowledge of local plumbing issues.

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