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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a nationwide company that employs local plumbers. While not available in all states, the company has made a name for itself with its two famous guarantees.


  • On Time Guarantee
  • Local, professional plumbers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Not available in all states

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    What is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a nationwide plumbing company with independently owned and operated locations. The company works to hire local plumbers who are familiar with the most common plumbing needs in the area.

    Although services and other features vary by location, every Benjamin Franklin Plumbing location has two guarantees. First is the “On Time Guarantee.” For every minute the plumber is late, Benjamin Franklin pays $5, up to a total of $300. They also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for two years. The guarantee covers materials, labor and craftsmanship.

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is able to repair, install and maintain a variety of home systems:

    • Water conditioning
    • Faucets
    • Tubs and showers
    • Drains and drain cleaning
    • Water heaters
    • Pumps
    • Toilets
    • Pipes and sewers
    • Sinks

    Your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing location can answer more questions regarding the specific services they offer.

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing FAQ

    How much do Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services cost?
    Costs vary by location and service. Ask your nearby location for a Benjamin Franklin plumbing price sheet for a full list of costs and services.
    Does Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offer emergency services?
    Yes. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers emergency repairs and installations 24/7.
    Is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing available in my area?
    You can search by ZIP code for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services on the company’s website.
    Can I trust the plumbers employed by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?
    While we can’t guarantee every experience, the plumbers employed by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing regularly take continuing education courses, undergo drug testing and are recruited based on friendliness, courtesy and cleanliness.
    Does the company offer any discounts?
    Yes. You can find Benjamin Franklin Plumbing coupons and other discounts on the company website.

    Do we recommend Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

    We recommend Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. They are a reliable nationwide company but still have a friendly, local presence. Their plumbers are well equipped to take on a variety of plumbing issues. The company’s Satisfaction Guarantee and On Time Guarantee also sweeten the deal. Finally, their emergency services mean you can get the help you need when you need it.

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Reviews

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 28, 2020

    They charge me $764.00 just to install a new faucet on a new sink in my kitchen. No dishwasher or water filter connection - just a simple straight new faucet with cold and hot water. I think that price was way too high. It only took him approximately 30 minutes to complete the connection. By the way, he did not have to remove the old faucet, old sink, old piping or anything. The new sink was in place glued to the new granite countertop. He only need to connect the new faucet, hook up to the water and make sure there was no leak. The only positive comment he did a good job and there is not leak so far. I will never call them again only if under warranty repair is needed.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 16, 2020

    Updated on 06/20/2020: I wrote a scathing review a few days ago but the company has made amends for their conduct. I was quoted a lower price by one plumber but a second plumber from the same company did the job for a much higher price and failed to give me the "free" roll of toilet paper. The manager eventually called me and asked what would satisfy me. I said I wanted the job at the lower quoted price. He agreed and came to my door the next day with a check for the difference and a roll of toilet paper plus he was wearing a protective mask.

    I told him that I would give him a satisfactory review and thanked him for making amends. Although we still aren’t getting hot water in the kitchen, it is warm enough to do dishes and it may be a separate problem having a separate issue with the heat pump. I have since purchased a point of use tankless water heater to solve that problem. As far as their company is concerned make sure that you understand the price before the work is ever done and if you are not satisfied it doesn't hurt to talk to the manager.

    Original Review: The radio ad said that their plumbers will always arrive with a face mask and gloves and practice social distancing plus give me a free roll of toilet paper... None of that was true and three plumbers came to my home on 4 different occasions from this company. I am 72 years old and my wife is in poor health and in her late 60's, we would have appreciated the courtesy of the mask and gloves. We had a coupon for a free service call but it was not honored either. One of the plumbers sneezed twice as he sat next to me while I was getting my credit card for him.

    The first visit was to asses the problem and I was charged $39.00 for the service call. I tried at first to show him the water heaters and tell him about the circulation pump that I had removed but he ignored me and went to the kitchen sink and looked under the cabinet. I had removed the pump awhile back and we've had mostly cold water since. I had put two water heaters in the closet to replace the two previous heaters that had begun leaking. I only hooked up one and saved the other for a spare.

    He eventually looked over the heaters and told me that the circulation pump needed the second heater to preheat the returning water before entering the primary tank. He said he would need to hook up both tanks but he would have to remove the spare tank to have room to install the heat pump. He said that would be a lot of work so he quoted me a price of $800.00 to remove the tank and install the heat pump then to place the spare back into the closet and hook it up.

    We set up an appointment for 8:00 a.m. Monday (after the weekend). During the two days prior to the appointment, I took a chain saw and widened the doorway (because there was no way to remove the spare water heater without removing the first one). I then bought a cart lift to make it easier to remove and replace the water heater as it was 18" off the floor. I removed the spare water heater myself and left it on the cart so it would be ready to install. I then made a temporary work bench (with a vise) close to the closet for him to work on. He didn't like working in the heat so I had a large fan blowing the cool morning air across the workbench and into the heater closet. I set up bright led light above the water heaters near the ceiling in the closet. I vacuumed out all the cobwebs and dust to provide him with a clean work environment. Plus I bought a brand new circulation pump.

    Come Monday I waited outside from 8:00 am until almost 9:15 a.m. and another plumber arrived (No face mask, no gloves, no toilet paper). He said the first plumber couldn't make it so he checked the situation and said it would be from $400 to $600 to install the heater and pump. I told him that the other plumber said I needed both heaters hooked up and so he said he wouldn't have enough time to do the installation so he made another appointment for the first plumber to come back, again at 8:00 a.m. Thursday. This plumber was nice and friendly.

    Eventually the first plumber came about 10:00 a.m. and parked about 20 feet from my garage. When he got out I told him he could park closer to the garage. He rudely replied "Now why would I want to do that?" I said that, "It might save you some walking." He then said "I'm gonna be here all day anyway". He just really did not seem to like me at all. He was a little more friendly when he saw the work area that I had prepared for him. I showed him the lift that I had the spare heater on and the new circulation pump. He said that would save him a lot of work. Then he said that I didn't really need to hook up that spare water heater and that things would be just fine without it. So I said great then just hook up the circulation pump to the water heater that I've already installed. This he did in less than 3 hours.

    He took my credit card and we talked awhile and shared hobby stories and pictures. He handed me my credit card and said my receipt would be emailed to me. I was disappointed to find, that after all my prep work the bill was $716.00. That is $116.00 more than the maximum the last plumber quoted me and they are both from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. And to top it all off we still are not getting hot water in the kitchen. So we called to complain and they sent someone out a few hours later to assess the situation.

    He came without face mask or gloves but he did have shoe covers. I jokingly said that the other two plumbers didn't bring me my free roll of toilet paper. He seemed to take offense and said "I have a roll in my truck". Needless to say, he never gave me a roll. He said he would discuss the matter with his boss on Monday. Today we called but "the boss" was not available. So here I sit. Logging my complaint, consumer beware...of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: April 22, 2020

      This this review is specifically for the Duncanville location. I would highly recommend THAT YOU DO NOT USE THEM, THEIR PRICES ARE OVERINFLATED. We own a rental property in Grand Prairie and unbeknownst to us our tenant had Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Duncanville, come out to restart the water heater and repair a leak in the guest bathroom. When we received a copy of their bill from the tenant, I phoned Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, because I felt the $414.00 charges were excessive and asked for a breakdown of parts and labor. They told me that they charge a flat rate of $117.00 for every job they do. For example $117 to re-light the water heater and $117.00 to repair the faucet leak. I asked how they'd rebuilt the faucet and they told me they had replaced some of the washers but reused the existing parts. So what made up the additional $180 they had charged on the invoice?

      I again asked for a breakdown of parts and labor and was told that their "master plumber" would call me; which of course he didn't. I called again to speak with the "master plumber" who told me that I needed to take it up with my tenant, because he was not about to credit me back for anything. I told him I was looking for a parts and labor cost breakdown because I felt they had taken advantage of the situation and overcharged the tenant; they knew this was a rental property and never received approval from us to enter the property. "Master Plumber" said that was not their mode of operation and that he'd send me a breakdown of parts and labor for the work done. After yet another call, nothing has been received

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      Original review: June 10, 2009

      Today, two men came out. I had asked someone to come because the toilet that I had rebuilt on 9/09/08 kept running. The flapper valve (or whatever the orange thing is that seals the tank at the bottom) was not seating properly. I said valve was put in brand new on 9/09/08 and I was charged $359 for a complete toilet rebuild. I was also charged $229 for a faucet stem rebuild but that appears to still be working. When the men arrived from Ben Franklin today and looked at it, they said that the porcelain tank was deteriorating and that there were pieces in the tank. He showed me what he said was a piece of tank that was the size of a large grain of sand. The tank looks intact on all side, no signs of pieces of it falling off. He then said the real problem was the handle and quoted me $229 for a new handle and to clean the tank out.

      I had also asked for a bid on a 40-gallon, gas, hot water heater and was quoted $1,579 not including tax. When I asked if it was a 12-year warranty, he said, no, for a 12-year warranty the price would be over $2500. I told him I thought the price of everything was outrageous. But the coup de grace was that afterwards when my sister burst out of the shower, screaming her head off with second degree burns, we checked and the repairmen, apparently unhappy that I would not buy my hot water heater from them nor pay $200+ for a toilet handle, turned the water heater up to high and never told me.

      5 people found this review helpful
      Original review: May 4, 2009

      I had a leak and was advised I needed line detection. I called BFP who said it was $69 nonrefundable for the servicemen to come to my house but that they couldn't tell me or give me any idea how much it might cost beyond that. When the men arrived they said the initial hookup is always $$$--$200 something (I forget the exact amount b/c I had to take time to cool off) (over $200 and might be over $400).

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Oct. 3, 2008

      The main issue about a leaking problem, not a rerouting remedy that how to fix it,but it is

      leaking problem setting there in the garage and I dont like the way they to reroute it. If they cannot solve that situation means stop and we look to another company, because the problem is underneath the concreate the water still comes out until now and water keep in turning 24/7. And they overcharged also for diagnose using detector and rerouting around $2,800.00.And luckily the home insurance was paid $1,000.00 for that amount but we still paying the rest of that amount.Not including to fix the wall to the another contractor because they said they are not responsible for it.

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