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I had a sump pump issue. My sump pump light was on and water was coming up through my basement floors. I called Mr Rooter they said that they could not get to me until the next day. I waited and of course they were a hour or so later than what they told me. Some puny little guy came knocking on the door with small cuts on his hand. I open the door and showed him the problem. He was like whoa, whoa, what the? I looked at him kind of crazy. He proceeded to tell me that my sump pump was rigged and that it would cost me 1500 to fix. Me being desperate said, "Okay do you have a payment plan?" He said, "Yes but we have to run your credit and get you approved". Thank God it declined. I never needed my sub pump fixed. It just needed to be reset by pushing the button which turned the light off and caused all the water to go down. Mr Rooter you all should be ashamed of yourself. I am hoping you all are stopped and dealt with for your falsehood.

Basement shower drain was not draining. The first tech Roto-Rooter sent was totally incompetent and the drain was worse after he said it was unplugged. Charge was $318.00 for about 50 minutes of his working time. He gave me a warranty for the work. Next day: They sent out two techs to correct the problem. Of course there would be more charges for this work. They snaked the drain line and this did not fix the problem. Now we have to put a camera in the drain to see what is going on. Another charge. Finally they used water under pressure to dislodge the build up. They damaged my steps moving their equipment into the basement. The water hose used was dirty and black in color, which left black marks on my hardwood floors. They did not clean up after finishing the job. Two men for almost 3 hours. This is a total of less than 7 man hours. My total bill was $1,769.00. I have filed a complaint with the local company out of Livonia, Michigan.

This Roto-Rooter is scam! I am formal employee at this company who are based on commissions. They make technicians to go out and sell as much as they can to make money. The company is based on sewer repair which they make technicians to make big deal out of homeowners, especially those elderly people. I worked at this freaking company for 11 years and I was making 150k plus a year but after a injury I had I found out you are just a number.

Our sump pump started leaking so I called our local Roto-Rooter company, they responded quickly but send a plumber who had never replaced a sump pump. While a perfectly pleasant gentleman, the repair was beyond his skill set. After he left, the new motor kept running all night and into the next day. I opened the lid and the new pump looks like it is faulty as it is spewing water and does not appear to have a float to measure the volume of water in pit. Then I agreed to have their abatement people soak up the wet carpet and they asked for $1,000 for an area that if it was in a square would be 3x3. I agreed to have them vacuum up the wet carpet and for $500, they arrived 3 hours after promised, never called to explain and the technician spent 15 minutes and the carpet is still wet.

DO NOT USE THEM! After being quoted one price I was charged more than $100 more. I called and got the quote originally then confirmed the price when I called again to set up the appointment. When I called for an explanation I was told "it is what it is" and that somehow it was my fault for not understanding. Besides, it was probably someone new who gave me that price (twice somehow) and they didn't know any better (as if that is somehow my fault). Oh, and that baffle they broke, that was because it was old and decaying so have fun fixing that one on your own dime too. What a crap company with ZERO customer service. Use one of the local companies that won't screw you. If you do use them get everything in writing. Their word means nothing...

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I had a problem with a leak under the kitchen sink. It was somewhat urgent and I called different places and Roto-Rooter responded in a timely manner. They gave me a time and were even earlier than the estimated time. Patrick ** showed up promptly. He diagnosed the problem, told me I need a new faucet and waited for me to go buy the faucet. When he started installing the new faucet he told me there was another problem with the hose from the main water supply. He took it upon himself to call the company and drive to the store for the needed part. In 30 minutes he finished the job. He was professional, honest, capable. If I have any issues in the future, I will call Roto-Rooter and specifically ask for Patrick.

Would not give me a ballpark quote and 15 minutes just snaked two drains and the bill was $289. And snaked so heavy that they knocked off the plaster in the ceiling downstairs directly under the sink. And then said it was not their fault... Very disappointed and will tell all of my neighbors and have it on my e-mail. Call a plumber, cheaper...

The person whom they sent out was angry, threatening, stupid, stinky, dirty & ** up my bathroom. My husband told him to get out & the guy said he was from ** El Salvador & ** people are afraid to fight where upon my husband beat the ** out of him. ** Roto-Rooter & ** El Salvador.

Not pleased with RR!! They replaced a connection from my copper waterline to the pvc coming from the road last year, and the connection has already failed. I dug it up myself to find water shooting out of the connection. They were not willing to offer me any kind of discount to come back out and fix it again even though a RR technician told me that the connection should not have failed so quickly. Honestly, I am not sure I would want them to come back even if they would do it for free because I do not trust the quality of their work!

Wrong Company.

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Well we recently purchased a home. We knew that the yard flooded but since it had a sump pump in it we felt we could deal with the flooding for a day or less. Well as it goes the 2nd year in the home the interior sump pump went out and the yard wasn't draining so we assumed the backyard pump went out also. So we called Roto-Rooter. When they came they gave us an estimate of 1400.00 dollars. Trusting them we agreed to have the work done also the fact that our basement was flooding. So we had the work done.

A week later the backyard pump stopped working, I called for service and they sent someone out right away. Because I was working I had to verify the work after he had gone. The pump was working but I noticed that some of the screws were rusted. I found that to be strange so I called and asked how soon should the screws start to rust and I was told it depends on the water. I thought hmm. Not wanting to call them out in the respect that whatever they did they just got the existing pump to work and in fact never gave us a new one.

Two weeks later it stopped working again, again I called and someone came out. He stated this time that the pumps was sucking up rocks and the current pit was collapsing. I inspected the pit and could not determine it collapsing however it did seem to be old and at this point we wanted this problem to just go away. Since they had started the work we agreed to let them finish at an amazing 2900.00. In which we were coerced into getting a credit card from some people they work with. After all of this we felt pretty stupid. We believe that there was never a new pump installed in the first place. We also had a drain running from the neighbor's yard which they said they would disconnect. Being thoughtful this time I was able to be at home and follow up with work.

As the repairman started to finish the job I noticed that the drain pipe from the neighbor's yard was still intact and it was connected to the pump! I explained this should not be, the repairman said he had planned to dig it up and cut it. Now why would you do all this digging and not dig up everything at once? I then told him I needed to verify that he in fact did cut and disconnect the drain pipe. There were other questions about his work and he tried to explain himself but I felt he kept telling on his self. Like the first time we called him back out he installed another new pump. Now why would that be, and then that he was going to do more digging to cut the neighbors drain.

Finally I asked for a detailed invoice which he said he couldn't provide and that his supervisor would have to bring that out. I didn't sign for the job and am waiting to see what their next step will be. I wonder with all of the same complaints why there hasn't been a class action lawsuit? Because when I signed paperwork for the credit and asked for copies I was never given any.

On 07/03 I had a family 4th of July BBQ. Right before my family arrived we noticed our toilet in the downstairs basement was leaking water on the floor. I went ahead and called the company that I was referred to, however that company was closed so I googled and came upon Roto-Rooter. In desperate need I called them and they advised they was available to come out within an hour or two. I was thrilled (Worst mistake of my life). Anyway they came out within 2hrs as stated. The guy came and immediately advised that we cannot run the water or flush the toilet which was hard to do when you have people at your home but we obliged. He was there for at least 2hr or more and explained that it was a blade stuck in the pipe. After awhile he left and charged us over $500 to do absolutely do nothing. He then advised me that it will cover the back up again and call back if it happens.

As soon as he left the water leaked again and we just mopped the floor up and advised my guest not to use the basement bathroom. The next day they called me and advised that they was coming back (for what - not sure but since we was told that the cost covered the leak we agreed). At this point we think we are going to get this leak from the toilet fixed and that didn't happen. When they came they cleaned my bathroom and put some fans to dry it out. There was nothing to dry out because we already mopped up the water. For 2 days we had these fans and humidifiers going on our electricity to dry out NOTHING. Finally after 2 days they come back and that's when the nightmare really begin.

They cut out my newly renovated basement walls all of them saying they had to cause of the water damage. At this point I am highly upset because I literally just finished renovating my basement and to see all my walls gone, they ripped out all the new baseboards and my baseboard heating, They ripped out all the doors and now I am left with a gutted basement. At this point my husband was fed up and kicked them out. They advised that the insurance max was $5,000. We found out that our neighbor was having the exact same issue and problem all along with NOT in my house but in the street.

A month later they sent us a bill for $5900 for their work. Are you Freaking kidding me? They gutted my newly renovated basement for some freaking water that leaked on the floor and they have the nerve to charge me for gutting the whole basement and cleaning my bathroom. They clearly knew the max for the insurance was $5000 that is why they did all this damage to my home. I am reporting this right now to the Better Business Bureau because they are a scam company and people worst nightmare and they should not be in business. *** NEVER EVER CALL THIS COMPANY *** It will be your worst NIGHTMARE.

My almost 80 year old parents had a clogged sink that was backing up into their bathtub. Guy came out and unclogged the sink the first day for $242. Sink was fine. Told them his boss would have to come back the next day. The next day, the boss would not give them a quote and told them he would have to run a camera down the line. Charged them an additional $2,500 saying he "hydro blasted" the line - what a scam! They were there for less than 3 hours combined for the two different visits. That's approx. $914 an hour!!! These guys are crooks.

Had a clogged drain on the 4th of July. In desperate need of a plumber I contacted Roto-Rooter to unclog the drain due to they were the only ones who could come that day because it was a holiday. So we hired them to unclog the main drain because water was backing up onto the floor. They charged us $568 to do this.

They also told us it would back up again due to a broken rusty auger blade was stuck in the pipe, that turned out to be a lie because the problem was in the street because the neighbor had the same problem. Then they sent a water restoration company to clean up and dry up the water, and these guys came and destroyed my basement that I just had remodeled, so they put in an insurance claim. Charging 5,900 for doing absolutely nothing except people's home and the maximum the insurance pays is $5,000 for a sewer backup. I believe these are very unfair business practices and this company needs to be exposed because they are nothing but thieves.

I was extremely disappointed with the company this time around. I needed a flapper and a flusher replaced from the toilet. I asked the price over the phone several times, but they said they would only quote it in person. I was quoted $275 for the service when the plumber came into the house. Then, I called the company back to verify it and they said the cost was $350 for the service and that I was getting a fair discount. (Were they kidding me?) They must think the consumer are a bunch of fools to quote something that high! I checked on Home Depot and I could buy 2 brand new toilets for the price, plus extra replacing parts with this price tag. This is something simple that I could do it myself, but I had a spinal cord surgery and am unable to do it at the moment.

I just spoke with another plumber who said it takes no more than 5 minutes to do the job. What is wrong with these companies trying to steal money from a customer? I understand everyone needs to make money, but is it right and legal to overcharge a $300 an hour for this type of job? I will be calling the licensing board to check the consumer rights. What an absurd. I am in shock!

We had a leak in our bathroom shower a week ago. We had an appointment in the morning. They never showed up. We had to call them several times to which they stated, "You're the next call." By 9:00 p.m. still no service. Finally they called us to reschedule for Saturday. They got here and said, "Yes it is the same problem. But I didn't bring the part and the store that has is closed on the weekends". In actuality it's only on Sundays so he said, "We will return on Monday between 10:00 a.m. and noon." Well here we are past noon waiting and still no plumber, but they did say we were next in line.

Looked online and they were running $99 dollar special but I guess that not same price for a two family house. It's a bathroom sink. The worker said it was $129. He was there for all of ten minutes. I could have my arteries clear for less, final cost $180. Watch these guys. They are rip off artist. Never again. The guy that came was rude.

First of all, I have to give my information thrice in order for the dispatcher properly record it. The original dispatcher took down wrong address and then accidentally delete the information I gave. By far the most unprofessional company I've ever dealt with. Called to set up emergency service at my place shortly after 5 pm, was told they could get a technician out to me between 5:45-9:45 PM. I've waited for 2-3 hours and didn't get a call. Then finally I got a call from another dispatcher that their plumber get stuck in a customer and won't be able to come. It's common sense why customers are searching for 24x7 same day support. It's because they're desperately need help. If you guys need help on plumbing, I would not recommend this company. Please call Len The Plumber. They're more dependable than this Roto-Rooter.

My septic tank was overflowing into my basement on a Saturday so I called Roto-Rooter to come pump it out. I received a return call from a private number stating that they could get somebody to my house Sunday at the latest and that I would be receiving another call when somebody was on their way. Monday at 6 pm I still hadn't heard anything from them and had no contact information to follow up with whoever it was that I spoke to. I will never use this company and I will never recommend them after waiting by my phone for 3 days while my septic waste was continuing to back up into my basement. Terrible business practices...

I had a terrible experience with this company. Company is an expert at scamming their customers. They make promises they can't keep, saying that insurance will cover everything, and then send you a huge bill at the end. And if you don't pay, they will take you to court. I was absolutely disgusted by this scam. They took me to the court and even Judge could see that this is scam. They lost the case. Please, don't trust this company, don't call them and tell all of your family and friends to stay as far as possible away from this terrible, unreliable company. Even one (1) star is a lot for this company.

Roto-rooter came to my house. I was released from the hospital the same day. They told my wife before he started, that it would be $150 to the street or/and $150 to the house. Since I was bed-ridden, she to keep everyone about said both. He proceeded to the sewer to Roto-rooter the main drain towards the street. He still charged me $350.00 plus a drain cleaner for $40.00. Total bill $404.78. Now that I'm capable of seeing and walking I called Roto rooter for a chance to explain their pricing. She said Manager would call in 2 hours. It's been three days and no courtesy call. We have Cary Plumbing, Michael & Son's in our development of 1500 homes. I will be calling their offices for quotes on same work for a quote to everyone informed.

Resolved thanks to Eric. Satisfied with the result.

Original Review

Toilet not repaired correctly. Sloppy craftsmanship. Confusing policy/fine print on how to have warrantied/guaranteed work corrected. Very, very poor customer service when finally talking to someone in the office. Voice mail messages are NEVER returned. Ever. And "KC" has a very poor attitude and does not know a thing about customer service. Good luck if you chose this company.

I called Roto-Rooter for a garbage disposal replacement at 11:30 A.M. They gave me a 4-hour window but never made it. Instead, they started calling me every two hours until 7:30 P.M. saying that they were running late and would see if they could free a plumber to come late at night. I was fed up and cancelled the appointment because they wasted my day and I could have easily had someone else do the job early that day. Looks like their good reviews come from friends and family members, not real consumers. Will never call them again!

I had someone from Roto-Rooter come over to my house to check the water leakage. He looks at the problem and gives his quote. I tell him I will get back after talking to my husband. He started forcing me to come with him to buy the equipment and let him complete the installation. He scared me as I was alone at home and he started yelling why am I screwing his time if I don't want him to complete the installation. Then I tell him to leave my house and he still kept yelling while leaving. I call Roto-Rooter to complain about him but they hang up on me twice. Please DO NOT get service from Roto Rooter! I never write reviews online but the experience which I had made me write this review so people can be aware of what these people do to their customers.

Called Roto-Rooter to clear my main line (plugged). They cleared it, charged me $300 and stamped on the bill is "31 Guarantee". 20 days later, the main line is plugged, so I called Roto-Rooter to come out again. They clear it and try to stick me with a bill for another $300. According to the idiot manager, the stuck main line was "abusive"... they found a lot of toilet paper in there. Well, not **. Of course there are a lot, the line is plugged. The guarantee isn't worth the paper is written on. Use a competitor... there are lots of competitors. I'll never use these tricksters again.

I called Roto-Rooter because I needed a line cleaned out that drains my washing machine and kitchen sink. When the technician got here, I explained what was happening and showed him where the line was, and where it ran outside of the house. He told me he could take care of the problem for $511. I was in shock. $511 for a simple job of cleaning out a line? He must of seen the look on my face, because he immediately dropped the price to $350. I still thought that was too expensive and told them that unless we can do this for less, I'm not doing it. Ultimately I let him leave. I felt that I would have been getting ripped off if I let them do the work. The whole thing had a sleazy feel to it.

After hearing some water bubbling in the walls near the hot water heater (which was brand new), I decided to call Roto-Rooter. I asked if there would be a charge if someone comes out to examine what I was talking about. The guy over the phone told me there wouldn't be a charge at least three times. That made my day, because I just wanted to get a professional opinion. The technician came out the next day, and told me that it was suppose to sound like that, also, told me I don't need an expansion on my brand new water heater, he told me my piping was not right, that didn't have anything to do with what I wanted him to listen to.

He also asked where the attic was, I showed him, he went to top of stairs, came down, and said "That will be 169.00, but I will give you a discount, so it will be 129.99." I am not an expert on plumbing, but he was there less than ten minutes. I only wanted him to listen to what I told him. I was really ripped off. After spending over 20 years in the military, I can't believe I am being treated and tricked like this. He said "If you just wanted me to look at it, I would just stand here and look." So unprofessional. I will try to contact the CEO of the company. Poor service.

I had a drain backing up into my house. When service person arrived I explained the problem. He looks at the kitchen sink and is confused because there is no standing water in the sink. I have to explain that it isn't the sink, it is somewhere in the line because it leaks sewer into the house when running the dishwasher or washer and that it is also backed up in the garage by the water heater. He goes to the garage and stands and stares at the drain and says "huh." Goes and looks at the water in the house. Well he says "I don't really know what to do since no water is in the sink." I explained again that three years ago the same thing happened and they snaked the drains and did something to the vent on the roof. "Oh ok I can get on the roof and try that."

Was up the maybe ten minutes, snaked the drain. "Ok," he says. "I snaked the drain. Here is your bill $125." "Do you give a senior discount," he said yes and gave me a two dollar discount. He was so young I started talking to him and found out he was 19, and hadn't worked there very long. He was only working a few hours that day and was heading to the beach as soon as he left my house. I wasn't at all happy with how he handled the job but was not going to call Roto-rooter and complain because everyone has to learn.

Unfortunately he had never been taught plumbing skills because he didn't know what to do and the only reason he did anything is because I told him what needed done. Three months after his service call I have sewer water in my house again. ROTO-Rooter will not stand by the poor service saying it's probably grease and that's my fault, not theirs. Horrible plumbers, horrible customer service. If you have a problem call someone who knows what they are doing and care about giving customers bad service, never ever call Roto-rooter.

I experienced flooding in my basement on May 30, 2016 due to my toilet & drain overflowing. I immediately called Roto Rooter and they said someone would be out within a few hours. Upon arrival of the plumbing contractor he accessed the problem and gave me two quotes. The first quote was $180 to unclog pipe from the street, the second quote was $300 to unclog from inside my house. Well needless to say the contractor couldn't unclog my pipe from the street so he had to unclog from inside my basement.

When it came time to pay him, he said it was $350, not $300 he originally quoted me! I asked him for a receipt and he said he couldn't provide a receipt, but he would take care of it. The contractor also lost the screws to the water inlets out front of my house. I also contacted Roto Rooter several times about my service and receipt and here it is 2 weeks later with no receipt and no one will call me back. I will Never Ever waste my time or money on such poor service again!!!

Our toilet on the main floor had water leaking out the bottom on 10/11/2015 and we called Roto Rooter. A guy came and removed the toilet and stated it was not sealed properly. He cleaned the area and reinstalled the toilet charging us 306 dollars. When using the toilet we felt it move forward. Concerned we called Roto Rooter again and requested one more check out. Another guy came and checked the toilet and stating everything was good. On 5/22/2016 I went to the bathroom in the basement and saw ceiling damage and mold, the light in the bathroom and show head are also damaged. We noticed the wood around the bathroom that Roto Rooter repaired in Oct 2015 was wet. We call Roto Rooter immediately. The third person from Roto Rooter came. We showed him the toilet and the damage downstairs bathroom.

He checked out the toilet and damaged area in the basement and admitted the damage in the basement bathroom was caused by the leak from the toilet. He took pictures for the damages and called his boss, then told us his boss said they would take one step at a time. He will fix the toilet problem first. He removed the toilet and stated a flange extender needs to be installed. We asked him why to first repairmen didn't install it as this is. We told him we didn't think we should have to pay for this as it should have been done the first time and again asked him what they were going to do about the damage downstairs, he said he needed to call his boss after fixed the toilet problem. He talked to his boss again and returned. Told us there would be no charge for the extender and fix the toilet problem, however, they were NOT going to do anything about the damage in the basement bathroom. He made the repairs and departed.

The next day 23 May we tried to contact the manager in Roto Rooter. He was not answered the phone. We left a message and have not received a call back. On 24 May we called customer services/customer satisfaction which listed on the company's website (Pat **) whom we believe is at the main office, left her a message and explained we wanted to talk with her about the service and lack of good service the first time. We have heard nothing back from her. We are very disappointing and very angry to Roto Rooter. They caused the problems but don't want to take a responsibility to fix the problem. Here we are now, will have to pay more than a thousand dollars to clean the mold and to fix the damaged ceiling. I will never use Roto-Rooter again, and I will file a complaint with BBB, and post my comments online telling everyone not to use this company.

I needed a clogged drain fixed and some work done on a basement stationary tub faucet and outdoor faucet. I had contacted the Cincinnati Roto Rooters to do it because Angie’s List gave them an A Rating. I asked on the phone if they could send licensed plumbers who could handle all of the work, and they assured me that they would. Technician arrival window was 8 AM – noon, and he arrived just at noon. After discussing on the phone the items I wanted in addition to fixing the clogged drain, I arrived home around 3 PM to find that the technician was parked in the driveway assembling a new faucet assembly for the stationary tub. I asked him if he was a licensed plumber and he said yes, he was operating under Roto Rooter's license. I should have asked him to leave and return with a licensed plumber.

I proceeded to follow him into the basement where I discovered that my request to have him install a ball valve outdoor faucet was ignored and a regular outdoor faucet had been partially installed. He then showed me a ball valve that he planned to install above the dropped ceiling, to replace a leaky shut off gate valve with a weep port that was on the same line as the outside tap.

The technician was unaware of the function of the weep port and was preparing to install the ball valve in the same position as the gate valve, i.e. below the level of the outside faucet. I said that was unacceptable and asked to talk to his supervisor. His supervisor at least knew the function of the shutoff valve with weep port, but he said it was unnecessary. I said I was unwilling to have him install it in that position. The supervisor, who appeared irritated that I was delaying the start of his vacation, said that he would personally check it upon his return from vacation, and if not to plumbing specs, would fix it. I said that was fine.

Next, the tech proceeded to attempt the installation of the stationary tub faucet. I was forced to stay with him since I immediately saw that he did not understand that there were hot and cold water lines and that both a hot and cold line was needed to go to both the sink and to the washing machine. At 2 different points in the installation, he attempted to connect the hot and cold water lines together and I had to explain to him why that would not work -- in detail.

Meanwhile he was bragging about how good plumbers like him measured the copper pipe right and thereby minimized problems. Of course, this tech had no rulers, pens or markers or tape measure, and refused my offer of a tape measure. He did all of his measuring by eyeball, and as a result, he had to recut several pieces of copper tubing. Because the copper tubing was close to the wall, his small rotating pipe cutting tool was not usable. He brought out a huge sawzall, but that was unusable also. He finally began cutting the pipe with a hacksaw blade affixed to a holder.

I offered him my Dremel tool with a cutting blade and he was finally able to make all of his cuts - getting my dremel so hot, I was unable to hold it when I needed to replace the cutting wheels he broke. Since he made several of the cuts too short, he began to pull the pipe sections together, bending the pipe pieces. I told him that I wasn't going to tolerate such shoddy work, and insisted that he remeasure and recut the too short pieces. He was forced to recut a few of the pieces 3 times because of his refusal to measure anything.

Finally he got the cold water line cold set, and he began to work on the hot water line. Again, he got the bright idea that it would be easier if he connected the hot line to the cold line, and I again had to explain that this would defeat the purpose of having a separate hot and cold turn offs at the faucet and washer. He managed to pull a section of pipe that had been affixed to the wall with screws and began trying to saw it using the washing machine as his sawhorse. I objected! He also used it for all of his tools, without placing any padding down, something I would never have done as a summer house painter back in my college days.

I offered him the use of my vise, on my toolbench only a few feet away. He proceeded to clamp the half inch copper pipe at the end farthest from the side he wanted to cut. I provided him with my full size hacksaw, but he was having trouble cutting with the pipe held so far from the vise, as I expected. I offered advice that it might work better to try clamping the pipe closer to the cutting point, and he eventually began to do this. All of his cuts were rough and he often didn't complete his cuts and bent the copper pipe back and forth to break the last piece of metal holding the sections together, resulting in deformation of the pipe ends. He didn't attempt to clean or file any of the pieces, since he was using a new type of clamping fitting with internal gaskets.

He finally had the faucet entirely cold-set, not to my standards, but since it was now 7 PM and I hadn't eaten since lunch, I didn't complain too much as he began to clamp all of the joints with his clamping machine. While he was doing this, I began to examine his work on the outside faucet. I thought that his supervisor's assertion that enough water would drain from the open faucet with a closed shutoff valve might work if the shutoff valve was installed at a higher elevation. I requested that the tech do this, but since he didn't have the right angle elbows needed, he couldn't. I then requested that he just cap the pipe, and I would just wait for his boss to come back from vacation to complete the job. He couldn't do this, because he didn't have a cap that had the special internal gasket and he didn't know how to sweat a joint, or have the equipment or parts to do so (And this is a licensed plumber???).

I told him that if he was going to connect the expensive ball valve, that if it had to be redone, that I would not pay for an additional valve. He said he had no choice but to install it in order to get water flowing to the house. He finally finished up about 8:30 PM, about as much time as it would have taken me to do it, having minimal plumbing experience.

His initial (oral only) estimate to my wife was about $1366, which he said included parts. He had her sign an estimate form that had no cost estimate on it when she signed it. When she mistakenly signed it on the bottom “work completed” line and realized that that was the wrong line to sign it on at the time, he said it did not matter, because she had not paid yet and “nothing would go wrong, and besides, she had not paid yet.” He would not give the form back to her so that she could sign on the “work authorization” line. Then when the work had been completed, suddenly he presented me with a bill that showed an initial estimate of about $1663, from which he was deducting $400, since I was dissatisfied.

When my wife objected, he said his original estimate didn't include parts, although originally he said it did. My wife had specifically asked him a couple of times prior to his starting to work on the job if parts and labor were included in his original estimate, even repeating this question after I told him that I wanted to be sure he used quality parts. So, with his discount, and 5 hours of my time spent trying to prevent his errors that would prevent us getting water to our house before midnight, providing him with tools the company didn't supply, we were still charged about $1263, only about $100 less than his original estimate, to get shoddy workmanship that will need to be redone.

At least none of the pipes appear to be leaking and the toilet is draining. Thank God for small favors! Now I have to clean up the handprints he left on the wall and washing machine, and try to reposition the support block for the tub faucet, which the handle of the hot water contacts. At least the technician was polite. Unfortunately, he should never claim to be a licensed plumber and should never be allowed to do anything but clean out drains, except under the immediate supervision of a licensed plumber. I will NEVER, EVER hire ROTO ROOTER to do anything THAT REQUIRES PLUMBING EXPERTISE IN THE FUTURE, SINCE THEY HAVE NONE!!! Extremely dissatisfied customers!

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