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Probably the worst customer service in the nation. Bought our unit via Home Depot (over $9K) installed and maintained by ARS (two plus times per year). Due to bad install but mostly maintenance, mold developed in the coil. Coil damaged by maintenance causing water buildup. UV light does not work with lots of water. Air handler, clean effects unit, ductwork and entire home contained by mold. Ductwork installed by ARS one cause of mold as it was installed improperly. Years of repair requests resulted in damaged ceilings and water spots due to not being insulated properly by ARS.

ARS refuses to address their responsibility and hands off to their insurance company (Liberty Mutual) that stalls for a few months and then refuses the claim established by their mold inspectors. Liberty Mutual said, "Sue us." So far out around $15K and counting. ARS refuses to warranty our unit (Carrier 10 year warranty) or honor their service contract (current from install to today). No refund and waiting for Home Depot to intervene. Fort Walton Beach ARS office but mostly the ARS HQ in Memphis refuses to take any responsibility for their product and service.

BEWARE - their written warranty for lifetime ductwork and 10 year Carrier warranty is only as good as the company. This company refuses to accept any responsibility for their service. Time to pursue via legal channels, BBB, and state consumer protections. Would recommend anyone except ARS - Does not stand behind product or service contracts.

We started our problem by listening to a Home Depot rep (you maybe aren't aware that ARS is a contractor for Home Depot) to get a $38.00 summer check on our A/C. It was the most expensive $38.00 we have ever spent. ARS service came out, told us we needed 4lbs. of coolant (but didn't have the tools with him to see where it was leaking!) and the controller was bad. To the tune of $597.00 we let him fix it. Stupid YES, however, we were already a day late for our paid for vacation and had housesitter at our home for us to leave. The next day the unit was smoking and needed to be cut off at the breaker as to not have a fire.

Then with a different ARS serviceman, the serviceman previously here should NEVER have put that much coolant in a factory confined unit AND he wired the Controller upside-down and backwards! We were forced to buy a new unit. That Lennox unit was not properly installed OR was a defective unit causing it to not drain the condensation out and was filling the units insulation with water and the units casing to rust from the inside out. It was also filling our home with moisture to the point that (from 3 other company servicemen here for advice) would have filled our vents with mold and soon to be in our home.

5 months later of arguing with ARS, Home Depot, and Lennox to be compensated for the original unit being destroyed (the initial serviceman from ARS was FIRED after this incident) we had a Rheem installed by a different company. This started on May 31, 2016 and we just now Sept. 28, 2016, have been paid back for the Lennox installed and we are to get the service call refund of $597.00 in 3 days. We had to sign a Settlement Agreement with both Home Depot and ARS to get this much back and of course now we can't take them to court. I filled a complaint with the BBB of Lake County Florida and to our amazement they wouldn't take on the case, instead they directed us to the Attorney General's Office. Lessons are learned, but this is BAD business for us consumers.

In June of 2014 we decided on a new unit. After purchasing our townhouse and a few A/C problems we thought it was best to invest in a new unit. The unit was installed mid June and things seemed good, we were very happy with the technicians and the services that was provided. As a matter of fact they had a few hiccups and they worked through the evening to make sure we had a working unit. August of that same year the unit began to give some problems, this problem was taken care of under the warranty. My husband and I did have some concerns, after all this was a 2 month old A/C. As per the invoice the condensation drain line was leaking and this was replaced. The technician departed and we were up and running. A year later is where the problems began.

In September of 2015 the unit stopped working, approximately 1 year and three months after the labor warranty is up. This time the technicians said the evaporator coil needs to be replaced and one is ordered. On the 21st of September 2015, I am quoted a $695.00 amount and I am sure this did not included the adding of freon. I am blown away, how is it possible for your service men to do poor work and I have to pay for it. I basically told him to pack up and get out of my house. He proceeds to call his supervisor and they work something out and the labor I'd now covered under warranty. Good, I feel like the problem is resolved.

In his comment he writes the initial diagnosis is incorrect there was "no leak at the evap coil, the leak was found at the heat pump low side tubing at main side pipe". He re-brazen, retested and I am good to go. In March of 2016 ARS has a maintenance promotion and I accept, they say, things running well. On September 7th my husband calls and said the A/C is down again. Called ARS they sent a tech and he said the leak is actually in the evap coil like the first tech stated. I will have to incur a cost of 695 plus the cost of refrigerant. So basically, there were two leaks, the tech came out fixed one and left the other. This unit is roughly two years old and I have to spend more money to fix a problem that should of been fixed initially.

I honestly don't know what to do, my house is 89 degrees and I have two small kids. I know that I have to repair it but I feel like we have been robbed by this company. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Although the service guys are professional and polite, they can't seem to get the job done. I am almost sure if I did give in and called them to fix it, like clockwork next year around this time I will be dishing out another thousand dollars for another problem. I am absolutely dissatisfied with the company.

Had made an appointment with these people for the sole purpose of unclogging my ac condensate drain line. Had seen an ad for drain cleaning for $88 and asked to avail of such. Was not informed at this time that this special was for plumbing drains only and DID NOT specify in ad. Appointment was made. Sat around home majority of day and waited throughout the window given; NO CALL!

Called company and after being passed around informed that special was plumbing only and would need to set up service call (no cost of such given) to diagnose problem. Just wanted compressed air injected in line as had done so well in past. Went ahead and took another appointment. Started asking about age of equipment. Why! This should make no difference!! After considering, cancelled appointment. Felt like with all questions, giving blank check to these people! Received call today and young lady very rude, condescending, who finally hung up on me as I was attempting to inform why I did not use! I sincerely hope that I never have a reason to call these people again!

These thieves just left my house an hour ago. Little did they know I had a remote camera in my bathroom. The so-called, plumber came into my bathroom and never looked at the toilet. He just got on his cell phone with someone and then went down and tried to talk my wife and her medical adviser into spending way more money than we were quoted. They had him call me. And then he tried to get me to spend, about doubIe, with no final price quoted, to fix the problem. I called him out as the bait-and-switch, thief that he was. I told him that I had been in business for over 50 years and to get out of my house, immediately.

He, obviously, didn't realize that my housekeeper had just serviced that toilet, earlier that morning, and when I got home later and checked the toilet, it had not even been flushed, just as my video supports. These guys are a total rip-off and if they like tell you they're going to clean your sewer for $88... they're lying! It's going to be more. Run away as fast as you can.

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I called in about a repair Thursday the 23 of June about 7 pm and was told someone will be there between 7 and 10 pm that night. At 9 pm I called back and rescheduled for Friday am the 24 of June. On Friday am 2 trucks and 3 men appeared to give an estimate on the repair. The man gave me an estimate of a whole plumbing system changeout of 3600 dollars... now if I understood this was a free estimate. I then told the man I was on social security and I could not afford that and would like to repair just the hole in the pipe. Now when he and the other man with had made an estimate were in the truck for 30 minutes and came back earlier with 3600 dollars.

The man comes back instantly saying it would be 525 dollars without conferring with anyone else either the other man with him or his office. I said it was okay to fix it with my senior discount. He said he had to go and get the parts and would return to fix the hole. He was under the house for about 30 minutes and came back saying it was fixed. Then went to his truck to write up invoice. After the man returned with the parts that was when the other truck and 2 men left. That was 90 minutes they had been at my house and so the man left behind did the repair and by the time he did the repair and paperwork was another 90 minutes with the repair being 30 minutes and sitting in front of my house an additional 60 minutes.

So I guess it breaks down that I paid 3 hours for 3 men and 2 trucks 525.00 dollars with 25 dollars going to materials 500.00 dollars going to 30 minutes labor and 2.5 hours. Since they got my money this review is futile but word of mouth and contacting the referral service who recommended them and let them know what happened. It's too bad this same company did a good job hooking me up to the sewer 7 years ago.

If you got a letter in the mail offering routine maintenance of your system for $40, Beware. The particular offer I got offered a $50 gift card at local restaurants and a free service call if I had any problems with my system within 30 days of the maintenance call. This is a brilliant scam because when the technician came for the maintenance call he conveniently left the caps off of the unit after he checked the Freon. By the way he informed me that the Freon was OK and I didn't need any. I didn't discover that the caps had been left off until about two weeks later. And a few days after that my unit stopped cooling. So of course I called for my free service call. The technician told me that my coils Were so dirty and rusted that the Freon had escaped through the coils.

He then proceeded to call a salesman to sell me a new unit as replacing the coils Would not be cost-effective because my unit was so old. 11 years. The salesman quoted me a new unit from Home Depot for $7100, and if I buy it Today, two years financing with no interest. When I didn't go for that he said I should call the office tomorrow and bargain with them because he happen to know that there were some installers who weren't busy and sometimes they would give discounts when the installers were not busy. He tried every high-pressure sales tactic he could but I insisted that I would get at least three estimates before making a decision. I called an independent repairman The next morning. He recharged the unit with Freon and checked for leaks. He could find none. That was over a week ago and my unit is still cooling just fine. So I have no doubt but I was the victim of a scam. Leave the caps off, let the freon escape then go back and make a sale.

I was threatened to not discuss anything regarding my opinion of their work. After 7 years of misery dealing with them, 15,000 spent and over 50 service calls the humidity in my house remained above 60% constantly even with the units running at 69 degrees additional dehumidifier while house dehumidifiers they said I needed. My home began growing mold, doors wouldn't open, I couldn't see out my windows from the moisture. Finally I had enough, replaced their system with a different company and amazing enough all the problems went away. ARS didn't even install dampers and the installation was the worst three other companies had ever seen when looking at their work.

I asked for a partial refund from ARS as I had spent 15,000+ 7+ years of humidity damage to my home to the point I had to spend 8,000 for a new unit and 3,000 repairing moisture and mold damage to my home units. Even though they were under an extended warranty protection I bought through them as well as a money back guarantee the company refused. They were threatening to the point I had to ask service managers to leave my home for their profanity and degrading remarks towards me.

I finally obtained an attorney who was able to help me a great deal in getting some of my money back but the stress and harm caused by ARS can't be repaid. I seriously warn anyone to do their homework on this company, as this was the most incompetent, deceitful, and threatening company I have ever dealt with. Unfortunately not many people will write true reviews as they have to sign a gag order in order to get any service at all.

After waiting several hours after being told technician was on his way, I told the tech that we had no hot water. He opened the top panel and tested the wires with a voltage meter and flip my fuse panel box off and back on and told me my water heater was no shot and proceeded to tell me he could sell me a water heater and installation for several thousand dollars. He basically said that my water heater could not be repaired. I called Whirlpool while technician was still here. At that point tech. hurried up and collected my 89.00 for service call and on the way out told me to tell whirlpool water heater has a bad circuit board.

The whirlpool guy informed me that the circuit board could easily be replace. No need to replace the water heater. I can not believe this company would hire such liars. This company is the worst company in the world. I wish I had read these reviews before I wasted my time and 89.00. I hope consumers will read these reviews before calling this company because this company is a ripoff.

Hired this company to clean a clogged drain at a rental. They advertise $88 special for exterior clean out which we didn't have. Said they would call if any more than that. They never called but rather charged the tenant $275. While doing the work they broke the drain but said it was existing and charged me $315 to "repair" which ended up being a $7 no-hub coupler rather than repair. They offered $100 refund to both the tenant and me which didn't seem adequate. Now going to our credit card company and State Contractors License Board.

Extremely aggravated with the way I was given the runaround from this company. I will never utilize them EVER again. I had to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau and Division of Weights and Measures after consulting with my attorney about this matter. I attempted to contact the company for numerous days to correct the amount they charged my account for services rendered. They quoted me $2,200 for the work they did. I was charged $2,300 in my account on March 2, 2016 after they stated that the payment did not process, but it was pending the whole time in my account. After further discussion with my insurance company they stated that the costs associated with this work are: Cost for leak detection: $200-300 average; where Rescue Rooter charged me $325; Cost for jackhammer access to line: $1,200-$1,500 average; where you Rescue Rooter charged me $1,875.

After further discussion with other plumbing companies, I was averaged the same quotes that were provided to me by my insurance company. I would like to give you guys an amazing review and would like to continue business with your company at my property but this is absurd. After I noticed my account was overcharged I contacted Rescue Rooter and was hung up on, placed on hold only to have no one answer. I wanted to dispute my charges considering the cost was greatly inflated to my homeowner's insurance average and the local competitors average.

It was not until I mentioned that I was going to the BBB, that eventually they transferred me to a manager. After a few short minutes of this debacle for over a week with this company and my aggravation, the manager became very unprofessional to the point that I had to get off the phone. I will never utilize this company ever again and suggest everyone else do the same. Even my insurance company stated that nothing good came out of Rescue Rooter. Do not fall into their trap.

I had a $7000 air conditioner installed a few years ago, it stopped working this month 03/2016. When I called I asked if parts and labor was covered. They said I was 100% covered except for the $89 service call. Then they get here and want to charge me $257 to look for a freon leak and then more to fix it, plus the $89. The very rude mechanic said I wasn't covered for labor. I either sign for the repair or he was out of there. You should never need freon in an AC. It's a closed system. It means they didn't seal it to begin not. They never responded to my complaint.

I suspected a water leak in the wall behind my shower, which is also the area where our washing machine lines are and the hot water heater. The tech came out to find the leak and come up with a repair estimate. When he arrived, he looked in the area where water was, which was seen from an outside wall. He turned off the water supply to the house and said he can see the meter moving which would confirm a leak. He then said it was "probably" a slab leak, and that they were running a special on their moisture detector... Normally $450.00 per hour but the "special" is $285.00 per hour with an additional $180.00 per hour after that. He guesstimated the repair to be between $2000.00 and $5000.00, but didn't know where the leak was coming from. I thanked him for coming and I told him I have other plumbers coming out to look as well. I like second and third opinions. He was clearly upset when I told him that.

I called Jack Jones Plumbing who is in my neighborhood. Two guys came out at 6pm (already getting dark), showed them where the leak was. They got their moisture meter (free) and found a small area in the wall that had moisture. I also noticed that the thermal pressure relief copper line was hot and it had hot water inside the line. I asked them if that was normal. They said no. As a result of that, they removed the pressure relief valve from the top of the water heater. Found it was bad due to our terrible hard water. They drove to Lowe's, picked up a new valve, installed it and modified the relief line. End result... No more leak, cost was $151.25. They finished up around 8pm. I gave them a tip and couldn't be happier. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from ARS/Rescue Rooter!!!

I own a property in Orlando that had a water leak and flooded the utility room and a bedroom. My maintenance man called the 1st company that came up on Google which was ARS Rescue Rooter. I called around 2 PM and they gave me an appointment between 4:30-8 pm without after hours charge. It was necessary to make 2 calls to check stat, I called at 8:20 and 10:10 pm. The 1st time I was told the tech was tied up and I would be next. The 2nd time I was told that the appt had been rescheduled for 2 days later and the local office was closed until 8 the next morning and I would be billed an after hours fee if someone was dispatched that night. The following morning I called to speak with a manager. I was told one would call me.

I then received a call from someone who identified himself as a tech but when I advised I needed a manager he said, "Actually I'm the manager." and promised to go out. He arrived about 5-1/2 hours later. He stated that there was a leaking pipe and he could repair for 1,100.00 and they usually bill 187.00 for leak detection but he would waive that charge (the leak had already been identified by my maintenance man). While waiting for him to show up I contacted another plumber who gave an estimate of 295.00 (which included removing, draining and re-installing water heater). I will never ever deal with this business again and cautioned my maintenance man about calling a company on the basis of it appearing first on a list.

The service man diagnosed the issue in about 5 min. which is where the good service stopped. He spent entirely too much time trying to convince me that I should buy a new furnace instead of giving me an estimate. He told me that the inducer motor was bad and that it would cost me $1046 to have it replaced. Then he scheduled a salesperson to come to my house the next day to give me an estimate on a new system. He said he would order the part in case I decided not to get a new unit. He could not give me an idea when the part might be available.

When he left I searched online for the part number and found that the online price ranged from $125 to $300 with the highest MSP of $500. The replacement of this part will probably take about 5 or 10 min. It is right in the front of the unit with one hose clamp and 4 screws and one electrical plug. I called ARS the next morning and cancelled the part order and the salesperson coming to my house to give me an estimate for a system that I am not interested in replacing. My house is only 9 years old and I am sure that the system has several good years left on it. I will never call ARS or recommend them to anyone.

This company had me. They charged me $549.00 to replace a small part. The only reason I used them is the water in my house could not be turned on until the part was replaced and they knew it and took advantage of the situation. HIGHWAY ROBBERS! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Salesperson overcharged me for the work that was done. Salesperson first said it would be $2400.00 to repair broken pipes. But then said that would not solve the problem, that all the pipes would have to be replaced all the way up to the sinks and bathtubs and that would cost $8741.00 with a discount of $600.00 = $8141.00 and finally to replace all pipes would be $5400.00. They only replaced broken pipes.

I used a promotion that made the cost of a mechanical sewer cleaning $88 + tax (normally around $400). When the technician arrived, he immediately began upsetting the hydro jet cleaning at almost $1300 (about 14 times the cost of the mechanical with our coupon). I was fine with him giving us the option once, but he continued to pressure us after I declined. After performing the service, he wrote a misleading note on the report that might lead people to believe that our sewer was still obstructed with root intrusions, which isn't the case. They also neglected to send us the sewer video - something that was supposed to be included with the service. It was a very frustrating experience, and I would not recommend this business.

The reason for this email is that my mom was looking at the invoice/receipt given to me on 6/22/15 and read that it states that roots were taken out. I did see roots from the camera that was shown to me but those were supposedly from the front part of the house not the back where the line was flushed out. The reason for this submission is because my mother ** owner of ** was looking over invoice/receipt and the question is that it mentions roots were found in pipes and forced out which never were shown and I the daughter ** didn't know that was put on invoice/receipt.

The reason my mom was asking was because she was never there at the property because she had fallen on Friday June 19, 2015 and basically broke her left wrist so I was informing her over the phone what was going on and what was said to me and then to her over the phone. You can understand that basically we had so much stress from her injury that now will become surgery this Friday and the problems with the overflow of the toilets and bathtub/shower we basically had no choice and from the $88.00 it became $1125.00 because I was told that the pipes had to be flushed otherwise the problem would come back again.

I asked our neighbor who had taken out a small bush/tree I had by my bedroom window and the machinery he used which actually made the roots become saw, to hear what the guys that went to our house had to say because he has more experience than I would or my mom. Our question is how were these roots taken out when no tools were shown to remove roots nor did I see the roots? We have been told from persons that have had major plumbing problems, example my uncle owns a grocery store and he said that the pipes get clogged up due to lard and toilet paper but he has never paid anything as ridiculous as the amount that was charged to my mother.

What we're looking for is why was the fee so high when there were no roots shown that were supposedly flushed out? We are happy that everything is working now and we have the one year warranty but the question is still there and we would like an answer where were the roots that were supposedly found and taken out. How did they take them out if they had no machinery to cut any type of branches or roots? We have spoken now that things have calmed down with plumbers that have been referred by acquaintances and they have all told us we were cheated out and charged too much money. The employees that went were nice and professional but back again to the price why so high when we did not see any roots or told roots from the backyard were stuck in line.

Avoid. At. All Costs. -5 stars. Seriously. I'm not a big complainer, and rarely leave bad reviews of businesses. Not this time. These guys are beyond horrible, but come off as really professional with their uniforms and professional-speak. But they're to be avoided at all costs. First, they are ridiculously expensive. And it gets worse. As per their own contract, ** who came out to do the job, did not replace all the pipes, set the main drain line at an improper pitch before exiting the foundation, and did not clear all the debris under the house, leaving the old cast iron pipes behind. All of this was clearly stipulated in the contract.

And it gets even worse. They left the house soaking in old water, so much so that eight months later, when we looked under the house wondering where a strange damp odor was, we found mushrooms growing under the house, the cinder block walls wet and water stained, and much of the ground still damp!! Again, eight months later! But it gets even worse. When I called their manager, ** to come out, he said he would return with a technician. No show. ** and I reschedule for the following week. No show again!!! And no phone call either!!! I call. ** not working. Great. And I suppose the technician isn't working either. Nope. Of course not. So I have spoken with a General Manager named **, who said he would call back in half an hour. They haven't called back. To be continued...

Nothing in my experience with ARS is good. I simply felt robbed, but luckily I cut my losses short and sent away the dispatched technician before he stacks up some crazy charges. My A/C was low on Freon, but the technician was fixated on selling me a new A/C. He was not interested in fixing the problem. So he provided astronomical prices to trace the problem, so it would be easier for me to accept replacing my A/C rather than fix it. So, I paid the technician $69.95 for a technician so he can try to sell me a new A/C. What a rip-off!

Early January 2014 I had ARS install an air handler to my cooling system. I paid with a check. They took a phone picture of the check. The check was cashed Jan. 16th, but they kept running check through telecheck trying to empty yet account.

They came out to do a simple snake - the main job. My regular plumber - too busy, said 160 should do it. They came, showed me the book and said $366! I said “no way”, started calling my guys back. They came down to 180. Then the snake wouldn't go any's stuck, need to wait for the camera. Another hour+ waiting. Camera goes black at the end. Going to have to dig a new drain for you - cut through concrete, this that - how much? $3400 - No WAY. We do special financing blah blah. Still had to pay $180 even though they did nothing for me. Regular plumber calls back. Tell them to leave, they don't know what they are doing. Next day (yep, rented a room) my guy comes - clears the drain - 160, yes you do need a new clean out....$900....WHAT A HOAX!

We had a sewage line backup into our home, tub, showers and toilets while I was on duty at my fire station. I instructed my wife to call a plumber and to get a room at a local motel. My wife ended up calling rescue rooter and they came out and said they would have to come back the next day and they did. I met them and we discovered we needed a clean out installed. I was in a JAM and needed to get my wife back into the house so I didn't have time to get other bids or check reviews of this company. I paid $3775.00 for a clean out and then was informed to replace the sewage line would be another $7100.00. I told them that was too much and then they dropped it to $5300.00, still too much. Afterwards I got two bids to do the same job, replace the clean out, both were under $1000.00! I was taken for a ride because I was in a JAM. Do not use this company!

Our local Home Depot referred Rescue Rooter to do tune-up on our 5 Tons Air Conditioner unit for $78 dollars. When the technicians from ARS arrived they inspected the outside and inside unit but did no service to it. The "Tune-Up Service" consisted of physically inspecting the unit. After completing their inspection they created a report recommending cleaning the inside and outside coils, replacing the capacitors inside and outside, replace the pan and other miscellaneous for a total of $3740 dollars.

They explained that because the unit is 10 years old, it has reached the end of life and that if they cleaned the coils it could start leaking coolant. The proper thing to do is to replace both units, and this is when things went south... I asked them for a quote and they asked me if I am ready to do this today and told me they could not tell me a price because "prices change daily". I asked for a written quote sent to my email to examine and I will get back to them. After about 5 minutes they knocked on my door and told me that I could save $2k by ordering today (still no price).

After pushing for the price they said $11k and I told them there is no way I can put that much together in less than a couple of weeks. Next thing they dropped to $10K and soon to $9.8. Upset about this I told them I could not do that much without looking at the quote. The person coaching them on the phone said "I will call you right back". He did so in 1 minute and said they could do it for $8.5K. I asked to see the quote to which he replied, "When you are ready call us back". I paid $78 dollars for them to sell me an AC and did not even get a written quote.

I had drain pipes replaced under my house. Repair started on July 7th, 2014. The initial quote was raised 3 times as they dug under the house. Original estimate was about $2400 for clean out trap to be installed. It took several days to install with days when the workers would not show up. I had to call multiple times to ask the status. They would apologize and send someone usually late in the day only to tell me more pipe needed to be replaced at additional cost. I agreed to have more pipe replaced and some days they again would not show up. I again would call to ask status. They always acted surprised that no one was onsite.

I received a dozen hot cookies two separate times from a company called "Cookie Cab". They would send a note thanking me for my business and patience. The price has now escalated to $24000 and last week (today is August 20th, 2014) they finally completed the digging after multiple calls to let them know no one was working AGAIN. I called on a Friday 3 weeks ago to again complain no one was working. The lady had gone home early and I left a message asking why no one was on site and asked to be called the following Monday. No one called all week until I complained online to their corporate office. The plumbers then came to install the new pipe only to discover they didn't dig the right direction nor far enough. The diggers were called back and finished in about 6 hours.

The plumbers came back and installed the pipes. They said there would be an inspection the following day. No one showed up to inspect. I called again and was told they forgot to order the inspection and couldn't happen until the following week. The following week no one showed up on Monday or Tuesday. I called again to be told they would call supervisor to see what was the status and would call right back. I never heard back. I sent a complaint online to their home office in Memphis. The following day the plumbers were there early working and I got two calls from their office before 9:00 telling me they were on site working. I returned to my home that afternoon to find them installing slurry. Their manager met me in my front yard and said "I hear we have a communication problem."

I gave him multiple examples of poor communication and he didn't comment. I told him if I ran a business this way I would not have any customers. He was mostly interested in getting me to sign papers for payment and then he left. The plumbers worked until they pumped all the slurry. They said they would be back Saturday to bring more dirt. The plumbers did not show up Saturday. On Monday, the 18th, I drove up to find one man putting some dirt on area in the front and back. I told him that they failed to reinstall my sprinkler system that they had dug up. He said he would call his supervisor to let him know. He said for me to call the office as he couldn't get his supervisor.

I called the office and told them about the sprinkler system. They said they would call me back. In 15 minutes they called me and said the plumber would be here in 1.5-2 hours. This is now Wednesday, the 20th, and no one has shown up or called to repair sprinkler system. They also dug up the front yard and placed the dirt on 4x8 boards and said they would haul off the dirt so it wouldn't kill the grass. They let the dirt stay for several days thus killing my grass. I am calling the Corporate office in Memphis tomorrow morning. Again, the job started on July 7th and it is now August 20th and the job is not completed. EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE & COMMUNICATION!!!

Their ad says $88 for a drain cleaning. They charged me 4 times that. This company is why plumbers get a bad rep. Rescue Rooter will screw you over. All the good reviews you read must be reviews Rescue Rooter purchased off the internet. Yes, there are websites where you can pay them to write good reviews about your company. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID.

I own a rental condominium. Yesterday morning, my tenant called that he had a sewer backup. I authorized him to go on-line and find a rooter company. Unfortunately, they called ARS Rescue Rooter of Orange, CA. The next phone call was to inform me that the quote is $480. I told the tenant that it was way too high, and asked to talk to the plumber. He noted that he needs to remove the toilet and go through it. I informed him that there is a clean out on the line. He said that he cannot use the 1 1/2 clean out in the wall; I replied, no, there is a proper main sewer line clean out outside the front wall. After he found it (it was right in the open in front of the front wall), I got another call that the charge is now $366. I told him to leave and that I will get another plumber. He instantly dropped the price to $175, and proceeded to snake the line (which is only around15 ft from the curb).

Minutes later, I got another call from the tenant that the line is totally blocked, and he needs to return in 2 days and "hydrojet" the line for $1,300. I refused the quote and shortly thereafter hired another rooting company, a small local plumber, who met me at the rental within half an hour or less. His quote was $185. As expected, he cleared the line within several minutes, and pulled out a very small amount of fine roots. His entire time on-site, including set-up, as expected, was about 10 minutes. ARS Rescue Rooter manipulated the rooting snake machine to stop at a certain length, and pretend that the sewer line was solidly blocked (which it couldn't have been because water did drain slowly). I called them afterwards, and their reply to my allegations was, "well, we didn't charge you and we'll try to do better next time". This company appears to run a scam, and should be investigated by either/or the California Contractors License Board or the Orange County, CA DA's office.

Ok so here is my story: We had a hot water supply line break in our laundry room causing damage in both the laundry room and bathroom. We call Rescue Rooter and "Roger" came out about 9 pm and told us the reason for the break was a faulty pressure regulator supplying too much pressure into the line. He quotes me a price of $2025 to fix the line and $850 to replace the regulator, but because he is so generous, he will give me a $800 discount, bringing the final price to $2075. He tells me that because the broken line is causing so much damage we need to get it done immediately and had me sign a "Waiver of Rescission" so the work can get started immediately.

The next day he had his technician come out to look at it and he says because the line was not installed according to "code", it would cost $2800 just to fix the line and we needed a special regulator that would cost $1800. So in less than 24 hrs the price doubled. After speaking to my homeowners claims adjuster, I decided to get a second opinion, and am SO GLAD I did! The new bid was now only $120!! Can you BELIEVE IT??? So obviously, I sent an email formally rescinding my "Waiver of Rescission" and canceling the job, and followed up with a phone call. Today, the new plumber, New Life Plumbing, came out at 8 am, replaced the broken pipe, and was done in 30 mins, all for only $120. Unbelievable!

To make matters worse, last year, we had a main sewer backup on New Year's Eve. The only company who we could get to answer their phone on a holiday was Rescue Rooter. They came out, ran a snake through the line, and reports the problem is on the city side. Because our property does not have a city clean out, we needed to install a clean out on our property or the city will charge us $25,000 to fix the problem. So we thought we were getting a deal at their $5,500 price tag. New Life Plumbing informed me that it would have been no more than $1800. So moral of the story, check reviews and NEVER, NEVER call Rescue Rooter! Wish I had $5,500 earlier.

Earlier this year or late last year (2012), the sewer line from my house to the street clogged. I called Rescue Rooter (RR) for help. Their employee showed up and removed the main bathroom toilet for access to the clogged line. Upon rooting out some roots in the line, he ran a camera down the line. It showed the line as open but with roots still in the line. Instead of running the rooter back down the line and clearing it, he called a person (whom I will be willing to ID in court if necessary) to come look. I was given their song and dance about my lines needing total replacement. All for a charge of about 12,000 $. Since the roots appeared to be from a city owned tree, I told the closer and the original plumber I would like to call the city to see if the city had any responsibility in this matter.

The closer told me he had a license in 3 states and I could rest assured the city would not pay for any of the repairs. Nevertheless before spending 12K$ I said I was going to contact the city. By the way, if I signed a contract right now they would not charge the 250$ now due for a half done rooter job and they would only charge me 10 or 12% interest. I chose to pay the 250 and call the city. Upon contacting the city, I was told they would send someone out to clear my sewer line for free and had I called them originally, I would have had the line cleared at no cost. Although it took a few days, (the delay was ok because the line was functioning) the city did send out their contract plumber. He roto-rooted my line and installed a clean out in the front yard.

The house had been built without a cleanout. All this was performed by the city at no charge. Had I listened to RR's closer, I would be out 12K$ plus interest. Not only that but when they found I would not buy their line (pun intended), they replaced the wax seal and toilet improperly and it leaked. I repaired it myself. Although I was fortunate enough to not be suckered into any unnecessary and costly repair, I wanted to report their actions so that others might not be taken in by their high pressure tactics. I am willing to testify in court if needful. By the way, the city contract plumbers work was excellent and paid for by the city.

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