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21st Mortgage Corporation

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21st Mortgage Corporation is a full-service, independent agency offering a large range of insurance products and specialize in mortgages for manufactured and prefabricated homes. When you contact 21st Mortgage Corporation, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable staff will educate you and ultimately assist you in finding the option that best suits your needs.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2019

We were looking into a mortgage to refinance some things and do some home improvement. There weren't a lot of options because we're in a manufacturer's home. We went with 21st Mortgage and the application process was very easy. We had a very good person that we worked with, Adam, and he was a huge help to us. We talked to him, and he explained the process to us and helped us every step of the way. He was very quick to answer emails. There were several times that he was out of the office for extended times because I was kind of in a hurry. But when he was in the office, he was right on the spot getting me answers. He was really personable, and he seemed to really care about us and about our going to the process. He was a really excellent representative for the company.

The application and underwriting process took six weeks. Adam made the process really easy for us. There were a few things that were on some checklists and there were things that I needed to supply that didn't apply in my case. And so, I had to talk to Adam again, and I said, "Well, what about this?" "Well, that doesn't apply to you." And so, there were some other forms that could have been updated, but in defense of that, maybe there were things that most people have to answer with. And in our case, we didn't have to answer. But other than that, the process was very smooth. I was pleased every bit of the way.

One other thing though is that I already have casualty insurance on my property. And in computing the final loan and the amount of the impound for my insurance, etc., they didn't take into consideration what my insurance payments are. They asked about what my insurance payments are, and then computed it on some other level, and then sent me a note asking if I wanted to change insurance companies. That was a bit confusing to me and unnecessary. Everything else is fine other than that small detail.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2019

21st Mortgage had an application online and everything went smoothly as far as that went. But after all the paperwork was sent in, they did an assessment of the home, which I thought they should have done it first. If the home was not worth what I needed for the mortgage and my application was denied after going through all that, it would've been a lot of wasted time. The person I dealt with was very nice, helpful and responded quickly to any questions I had. However, the process also took a bit more time than it should have. We started in September and didn’t finish up until just before Thanksgiving. I figured it should’ve been about two weeks shorter than it was. When I sent in my application, they said I was approved. They told me all the stuff I needed to do, I started doing it, but I didn’t have the forms. Then all of a sudden, they sent me a packet with the forms in it. I had to go back, do all that and send it to them.

The problem was that I was in the process of getting a divorce. The house went to my ex-wife and I couldn't stay there. I was paying a couple hundred dollars a week for a hotel, which was very costly. When the process ended up going four weeks, the cost was dipping into my savings quite a bit. I reiterated to 21st Mortgage that I was paying for a place to stay every week, but they never gave me a, “This is when the closing is gonna be.” Luckily, I became friends with the people I bought the home from and I was able to see them when I needed answers for the home. If I didn’t know them, the process would've taken longer. I bought a manufactured home and there aren’t a lot of companies that do financing for them. If I was buying a regular home and had more to choose from, I probably would not use 21st Mortgage again. If I had to buy a manufactured home though, I would use them again.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2018

21st Mortgage was referred to me and at that time, I didn't have a buyer’s or credit history, so my options were very slim. I tried them out and they were the only one that accepted me. The process started with the initial application which I filled out and sent in. Once that was submitted, Scott reached out to me and said that we got the pre-approval notice. He then sent a list of documents which I had to send to him as well as the conditions department. It was a pretty big list but I knew that it involved a large amount of money, so they were gonna want a lot of security and information on me if they were gonna give me that kind of money. So, I understood that part.

After that, the appraisal was ordered and that went well. The steps worked as Scott walked me through and if he needed something, I sent it to him. I knew this because my Realtor told me that the first two weeks of the process were gonna be on me. If I got to submit the documents quickly, the process would move along faster. And since I wanted to move to my house, I gave what was needed in the next 48 hours.

Other than that, what impressed me the most about Scott was the fact that I told him straight off the bat that I’ve never had a payment before - that I never purchased anything - and he said that it was not a problem. He also explained everything thoroughly, patiently, and informatively. Also, no matter how many questions I had, there was never a sense of irritation in his voice and the answers weren't the type that was leaving you with a sense of, "Okay, what does that mean?" And if I had a question, I would just call Scott directly. He was very open with me and said that if I had a question, I could either call or send him an email. I understand that the email would take a little bit longer for a response simply because they have 30,000 emails that were coming through, so I would just call. If he had someone on the other line, he'd ask me to hold and within three minutes or less, he’d be quick over to me and he takes care of me.

However, 21st Mortgage is in a different time zone than I am so I only had an hour and a half after I got off at 3 o’clock to get in contact with Scott. If I had any questions, he would tell me he got an hour and a half to knock it out and try to catch him before he was off. But there was no way around that and everything still went smoothly.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2018

We were doing a new home purchase and it was a little beyond what we could afford outright cash. 21st Mortgage didn’t look at us like just a number. They’re good for people that have had credit issues. You might have to have a little bit more of a down payment down, but they don’t turn you away and say no. And that was a major, major thing for us because there are very good reasons why our credit is the way it is. Circumstances being what they were, it’s very hard when you’re looked at as only a number and not taken into consideration how you got there. 21st gave us a chance. Also, they’re the main lender of some of the homes.

The application process was easy and Kelly was awesome. She kept in great communication with me. Mostly, it was done through the email, but if I ever had any questions or needed to talk to her, I could call her. There were a couple of times where she was either out of town or had to go to a business thing and she wasn’t available. When that happened, she would always send me an email saying who to call if I had questions. So, we were never just left standing wondering what we would do next. Also, there were so many things that were frustrating with the seller but 21st Century Mortgage was actually very patient in waiting for her to finally do what she needed to do.

We knew we were approved within a couple days. It was a fast approval and they were friendly people. I’m looking forward because we’re really, really good on paying our mortgages and our bills. I’m really excited that at least with this mortgage company, it will show that we do on-time good payments. The interest rate is a little bit high but sometimes when you have difficulties in life and you are that number, and people that wouldn’t normally give you a chance do, some people are willing to pay that little bit of a higher interest rate just because this is your life. In order to get that, at least there are companies out there that will give you a chance.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2018

We had a new home purchase, and went with 21st Mortgage because there aren't many providers around who will do a chattel mortgage on an older home or older than a 1976. It's a mobile home and it sits in a park. 21st Mortgage seemed to have the best ratings that I could find. The application was easy and I did it online. When I put in the application, it was approved about the next day. That impressed the living daylights out of me. But then, I've been working on getting our credit up in the excellent range, but none of my papers are in order. It took a lot of doing and it took about a month.

There were different little pieces of paper that just had to be done by 21st and couldn't be done by the title company here. Being that 21st is in Knoxville, Tennessee, and three hours ahead of us, it made getting in touch with them difficult, and they kept wanting all these different pieces of paper. There was a good deal of confusion because they send you a list of things that they require if you're working W-2's and all that good stuff, where you get your money from. The government has their hand-in because they need to know exactly where you got your down payment from. So you have to send all kinds of personal information and I'm not truly comfortable with that kind of thing, going through the ether with hackers out there.

They used the same one for buying a home and putting it on the property as they do for buying for a chattel type mortgage, which a home that sits on the leased property. I was looking at all that list and for the majority of states, a mobile home that sits in the park is considered either a vehicle, or a personal property. It's not considered a real estate so the page could be different. They could have two different sets of paperwork for each one.

You bring out chattel mortgage requirements as opposed to real estate requirements. It got confusing when it came to that. The things that they outlined that you were supposed to provide wasn't complete. Because we got hit with a couple of things that we didn't know we would have to do when we were sitting there signing papers at the initial closing date. And that had to be extended because 21st insisted, on putting in for the title, when the title company down here just want to cross the street with the paperwork and come back with a copy of that paperwork.

There were two programs, where we would get things in the email and we had to initial them using the new online verification that this person has signed this or has initialed this form. It was most frustrating in some areas. But the representative was very helpful to a point when I could get him. When I called 21st, I panicked because I needed a copy of their application. They had put in a copy for the application for title. They did not send that to me. But they did when I called and I finally got to the right person to be able to access it. That was cool.

For the most part, the loan officer came through with what he was saying. When I got ahold of him, I would ask questions and he would answer them, for that I would understand what was going on. Because when you get a bunch of papers, it can be confusing because they're not very clear on what they're requiring. Also, some of the things that they asked were things that no 55 Plus Park or any Park would sign those particular pieces of paper with. We went through a big bunch on that before we could find the piece of paper that they would accept. All it was and all that really should've been required is a piece of paper from the park saying the park lot lease is a certain number of dollars.

The two prior pieces of paper were legally not good. It was essentially like 21st was wanting power over the park. It's like an over paranoiac response to what happens if we default. They wanna make sure that they have access to the property. That's not gonna be a problem because they're showing as a lienholder and they would have first access. That wouldn't bother the park at all. But they were wanting to be notified if the rent was gonna be increased. They wanted approval.

We found out that that doesn't apply. But they sent out those papers. It's like somebody in the Underwriting Department and/or another department didn't quite know what this was. So they just automatically send up these pieces of paper, and of course the client, automatically forwards these paper, because I have no clue what they are, and then the park goes on the defensive.

But we managed to get it through to them that if they're not gonna come up with this, then forget the whole nine yards. I'll lose a thousand bucks but there is a point in your life when you don't wanna have to deal with that kind of thing. Even so, everybody was polite when I called. But the biggest thing was dealing with the time difference, and they're apparently not large enough to have a split kind of thing that would accommodate specific time. If I wanted to do anything, I would have to get a hold of them before 2 o'clock, my time. That can be difficult when by the time some things happened here then I didn't have much time to be able to call over there to get a question answered.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2019

I had gone through another mortgage broker and was denied through them. And they had suggested 21st Mortgage as an alternate mortgage company. I got a fixed-rate mortgage from 21st. I applied online then a few days later, they said I was approved. The application process was fairly simple and it took six weeks. They had been giving me a checklist of the materials I needed. At which time, once I provided those, we went on to the next step where they had included an appraisal. When it appraised out at a greater amount other than what they were selling it for, the mortgage was good to go. They required some information from the seller. Once all the information was taken care of, they sent out the check to the seller. From then on, it was all good. I got the key and I started living in the house that I probably otherwise would not have gotten. 21st was very easy to deal with.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2019

I chose 21st because of the way they attended to me. The rep answered my questions a lot and everything was fine. I recommend it to everybody because I like the way they do it.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2019

I was looking for a manufactured home and 21st Mortgage was recommended to me. The application and underwriting process took a week and it was a little stressful getting the income, verification and all the documents but the application process was very organized and clear. I like it. Also, I was a little impressed with the rep because she sent me emails reminding me what was left.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2019

We were buying a new home, and we financed originally through 21st with the home that we have now. We wen with them again and obtaining the mortgage was easy but we had to take into consideration my schedule because I work on the road as a traveling superintendent. I’m only home every other weekend and for us to be able to work this stuff out and work it out over the phone, the rep had to go through a lot of extra effort. I’m not always home to sign papers and I adjusted, and he worked extra hard in order to take care of it. 21st Mortgage did a great job for me.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2019

The community where I came in to look at the house that I wanted to purchase recommended me to 21st Mortgage and the process of obtaining the mortgage took a long time. It was a little bit over a month but the rep was very helpful and any time I had a question, he would have an answer. I tried my best to provide everything that he needed for the application so, he was always responsive when I asked for something. The interest was kind of high for me which could be because of my interest rate but I got my coupons cheap for making my payments. I wanna set up automatic transfer, so I like how 2-10 has that. I had the option to do it like that, but I didn't have my account number and my information they needed but I do now. I don't have to keep mailing them something and I'm happy for that.

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