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Network Capital Funding Corporation

Network Capital Funding Corporation
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Currently servicing customers in AZ, CA, FL, MD, NC, NJ, OR, TX, VA, and WA. Network Capital is a full-service home lender specializing in mortgage refinance. With no lender fees, competitive rates and a simple process, our customers close in as few as 15 business days!

No matter what part of the home loan process you are in, we will work hard to earn your business and be with you every step of the way until your loan is closed. We provide one of the best delivery platforms in the industry to match you with a home loan that suits all of your needs. With an average of eight years mortgage banking experience, our home loan specialists can provide the best service possible.

Contact us today for your no-cost quote and find the program that fits your home purchase or refinance needs.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2020

My mother filled something out online and Michael called me up to to present the possibility of having a mortgage loan with Network Capital. I had never heard of the company, so I felt kinda leery. But Michael was just doing his job and kinda going through his stuff. As soon as I researched the company’s name, the first thing that popped up was from the Better Business Bureau and I thought like, "Whoah." I didn’t even do any more research. That was all I needed to see. After I researched the company, I felt very comfortable. Michael was very forthcoming. He didn’t just get me a loan. He was constantly asking if the terms were okay with me. He didn’t wanna have me apply and approved for something that I really didn’t want.

My mother and I are on the deed together. Two other mortgage companies wanted me and my mother on the mortgage loan together. Network Capital was the only one where I could do it on my own, without her, with a better interest rate. It was a very smooth process. They walked me through everything and told me everything I needed to do. I gave them the documents I needed to get approval for. I did everything through the loan officer. It was very simplistic. Everybody else was so complicated.

The only hiccup was with the third party appraisal company when they gave me a lower value on my home for the value of it. But it had nothing to do with Network Capital. I felt very comfortable with the process. My refinancing has helped put a new addition to my home. My home was 1,050 square feet, and because of this loan, it’s now 1,100 square feet.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 2, 2020

    Somebody from Network Capital called me. The young man was persistent but not rudely persistent. I didn't want to be bothered and he could tell that I was dry, but he was able to keep saying what he needed to say. I listened to what he said and there were a few things got my attention. But the application process was a little irritating to me. When people know you’re looking for a home-refinance, you get flooded with so many calls and so many people. There was another person that took it all the way through the process. He was good too. But one time during the process, I didn’t know where we were at and I didn’t know if it was a scam or not. I also didn’t know that he was out that day. So I just made the decision and asked them to lose my name and number and consider me through with it. We were probably 97% complete with it at the time.

    Network Capital was asking me so much but there was some stuff that I wouldn't provide. I was gonna carry the loan by myself without my husband ‘cause he was doing 1099. My husband has an expensive car that’s under my name and Network Capital is looking at my salary, my house loan and all of that. They knew that I couldn't afford all of what I had been paying and they knew I was getting help from my husband but they kept excluding him. They already have my checking account and they’ve seen all of my income. But no matter what I said, they'd have to check it. They wanted to know all of my activities in my bank statement. But my husband wasn't on the loan, so they wouldn't get all of that. They also made me pay off some bills I wasn’t too happy about.

    The underwriting took about 10 days and it was a lot. They kept asking for different things. Some of the documentation was a little bit too much. Then when you supply something, they would review it and they would ask more questions. That was irritating to some degree. But I understand that it wasn't the people from Network Capital. It was just the underwriter being super precautious. Their job is to check, double-check, and verify. They did a lot of that. I even asked my supervisor to talk to them because we would have to go through a verification process.

    When I told Network Capital to leave me alone, the underwriter needed a couple of more things so I provided most of it but not all. Some of it was not necessary. I don’t have bad credit, I pay my bills on time, and I have money on my account so I’m providing them everything already. The information was there but then they would have to verify it. All this happened towards the end and the process was almost over. They should’ve been verifying that in the beginning. Other than that, I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2019

    I recently started looking into refinancing in an attempt to eliminate my mortgage insurance. I started the process on the quick and loans website because of an email I received. The only phone call I did receive after inquiring was from a representative whom collected more information and subsequently never contacted me again. Soon after, the WMAL radio show caught my attention prompting me to call. The first person I spoke to was Ian and from there it has been an educational and completely uncomplicated experience. Ian answered every question I had in a way I could understand and after everything was agreed upon, I was transferred to Sarah to continue the process.

    Sarah equally aided in helping me understand and gather all the information I needed and made the process easy and smooth. She and Ian maintained their helpfulness through the entirety of the process and any questions that arose were answered thoroughly making me have no doubts or worries. About two weeks into the process, I received a letter from quick and loans and upon opening, I released that they were literally twice the cost of network capital furthering my certainty that I made the right choice. In the final step of the process, a notary came to my home for the signing of the final documents. The entire process was effortless and happened exactly as I was initially told by Ian. I would absolutely and have recommended network capital, particularly Ian and Sarah to anyone with mortgage needs. Thank you Ian, Sarah, and network capital for everything you’ve done for me. Chris **, La Plata, MD.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 19, 2019

    I used Network Capital Funding Corporation for their shorter term loan for 10 years and the application process was very easy. Plus, the application and underwriting process wasn't long, taking only 30 days or less. The person who took my application was out in California but he was brilliant and very efficient. Moreover, he kept me in the loop. Sometimes, I have a lot of questions, but Network Capital always had the answer or they would get me the answer. What's more, people got back to me within the day. However, when the application moved over to the underwriting, things got a little complicated and there was a little confusion.

    In September, my payment was due for my insurance, but SunTrust sent it out of my escrow 30 days ahead of time. They were gonna pull the full amount from me when it was already paid for the whole year. I have provided that information but they didn't have a receipt to show that it was paid. I got the bank to write a letter saying that they sent a check for the insurance to be paid, but that wasn't quite good enough. Looking for the receipt for the $2,400 that was paid for the insurance threw everybody off, but I got things taken care of. However, I never got the final disclosure of everything that I paid. The interest rate changed several times during the drafting. The points went down, which was was beneficial, but I never got the final one. Other than that, everything was awesome and everybody was really good. I would do it again if I had another house to refinance.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 26, 2019

    Kevin, the sales guy at Network Capital Funding, did a good job. A lot of these sales guys are silver-tongued devils. But when they see an issue that’s hard, they give up. I was dealing with another silver-tongued devil with another company and he bailed out on me. But Kevin did not. When he saw a hard issue, he told me not to worry about it. He said he could make it work. He also always had questions for me. He shot me the questions and I shot him the answers. He had tenacity and he stayed with it.

    The process also went easily considering I had a very rough situation, with me being a business owner. Business owners get screwed because, with the way the whole tax structure is set up, they never make what they make on these tax returns. But Network Capital Funding was able to work around it. As I expected, I had to fill out a million papers. But we did what we had to do and within a week or two, we had our answer. It was quick. I had a couple of car loans and then this and that, and we reconsolidated. We threw everything in one lump and the rate I got was also a lot better than what I had. That was why I went with it and I'm happy.

    The rates I had previously were not locked in because I had a subprime loan. I had that loan for close to 15 years. But three years ago, I was only paying 2% so I wasn’t unhappy with my ARM. Then all of a sudden, my rates got jacked up six times in one year. I had to bail out of it. I went to traditional lenders, like regular mortgage companies, but they all turned me down. So Network Capital said yes when everyone else said no. In fact, there is absolutely no way any bank would give me this loan. I would recommend Network Capital Funding to a friend.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 14, 2020

    Network Capital was the easiest and most efficient company I have ever worked with. Our mortgage officer, Ian **, worked above and beyond to make this the smoothest process ever. Our refinancing was complete only 9 days after making the call to Network Capital. I highly recommend contacting Network Capital for mortgages and refinancing.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 13, 2020

    I worked with Network Capital Funding on a previous refi. The application and underwriting process was pretty seamless. It was all done on the computer. DocuSign made it very simple on my computer to do all the things I needed to do. I was asked for certain items to submit, which I did, and it was smooth. But the application process was dependent upon the people I worked with. There was Kevin who was outstanding and there was Jessica. Those two people kept it together, explained as much as they could and did, and I understood it. Jessica was the processor and Kevin was the broker.

    The sad part is Kevin and Jessica were diligent in explaining to me all the details. But I just got a letter from a company to whom they sold the mortgage papers and it's 10,000 higher. When I see my current starting balance on a 30-year fix, it is higher than when I started. I started with a balance of about 455,000 and now, I have a mortgage of 464,000. I need to find out the difference of how it occurred. This weekend, I'm gonna be out of town. I wanna get an explanation of my previous mortgage. There must be some explanation for the $10,000 difference. Other than that, I'm happy with the people that I worked with. They did a very good job.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

    Bruno was such a nice guy that I decided to use Network Capital. He also seemed to know what he was doing. He was wonderful, very knowledgeable, caring and kind. He was a super great person that I would love to work for me. I know he gets paid, but he went way beyond the normal to get it done. He did an incredible job. Obtaining the mortgage was very difficult because of my complicated situation. They started several months ago but couldn’t go through it because of some things in my credit.

    I’ve tried to get my house refinanced for the last year and a half, and every time I try, it comes to a certain point where something wrong is found. Then Bruno came back and he worked around it. It was wonderful. The application process was straightforward and easy. Everything was done online. The application and underwriting process took about three weeks. Network Capital got my house refinanced when nobody else could. I can breathe a little easier because I had several mortgages and lines of credit that they just took care of and made into one mortgage.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2020

    Network Capital Funding seemed to be pretty upfront with what they do and they represented the radio station at WMAL in Washington, D.C. very well. I talked with folks there and they asked for my information. I gave them that and then the process wasn’t that much longer. It was painless. It was no different than anybody that I would have dealt with locally. I knew what was going on within five days, and then we settled within 10 days. They have a very good process. I was gonna refinance with somebody but the knowledge and the experience that they have made it easier.

    Bruno was very helpful. He answered the phone whenever I called him. That’s important to me. He was there to answer any questions, explained why he needed what he needed and things of that nature. In 2018, I was thinking about refinancing and we decided not to at that time, and when I reached out to him in 2019, he knew who I was. He had my information from 2018 just like we talked a day before. I wasn’t exactly happy with the rate. However, I have a lower score on my Equifax. So, it is changing and they will, in six months, re-evaluate and lower my rate.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 6, 2020

    I worked with Ian ** and Heidi **. They were awesome! They were a few delays but not their fault. Heidi reassured me that she would stay on top things and melted me informed all the way. Once we got over the delays, the process was quick and smooth.

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    Network Capital Funding Corporation expert review by Michele Lerner

    This corporation provides mortgage programs for first-time homeowners, experienced buyers and wealthy customers alike. It operates in many U.S. states, including California, Texas, Virginia, Illinois and Florida.

    • No lender fees: Consumers don't have to pay traditional fees for application, origination, processing or underwriting.

    • Immediate application: Consumers follow a link from the home page to apply right away.

    • Customer support: Homebuyers can chat online with a representative, call toll-free numbers and email customer support.

    • Technology-driven process: This program uses its technology partners such as Microsoft to streamline the loan process. Consumers can sign origination documents electronically from anywhere in the country.

    • Short closing windows: Depending on the loan program, buyers can close in as little as 10 business days.

    • Best for: people who want to avoid fees, know their mortgage goals and have good credit scores.

    by Michele Lerner Mortgage & Real Estate Contributing Editor

    Michele Lerner, author of “HOMEBUYING: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time”, has been writing about personal finance and real estate for more than two decades. Michele writes for regional, national and international publications in print and online for a variety of audiences including consumers, real estate investors, business owners and real estate professionals.

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    Network Capital Funding Corporation
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