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Video Surveillance: Useful or Invasive?

Cameras are sprouting up everywhere; some will even talk back to you

A few years ago visiting Central America, an older gentlemen said to me "I like the way you Americans have so much respect for your laws'.He then to...


Outlook for Hotmail: Chilly

Microsoft phasing out Hotmail, replacing it with a new version of Outlook

You've got to give Microsoft credit. It's trying to haul itself into the 21st Century but it has a lot of baggage to drag along. Take Hotmail, the company'...


Five Ways To Save Money On Homeowners Insurance

Taking the right steps can reduce the monthly cost of owning a home

Most people pay for their homeowners insurance from an escrow fund managed by their mortgage servicer. It's part of their monthly house payment and they pr...


Accretive Health Agrees to $2.5 Million Settlement With Minnesota

Collection agency will be banned from the state for up to six years

Accretive Health has agreed to pay $2.5 million and will be banned from operating in Minnesota for up to six years as part of a settlement agreement with M...


Usual Suspects: Top Consumer Complaints to Local Agencies

Cars, credit, home improvements top the list of complaints

Cars, credit and home repair and construction once again topped the list of complaints made to state and local consumer protection agencies, according to a...


Kenta Child Carriers Recalled

An unraveling strap can pose a fall hazard

Liberty Mountain, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is recalling about 400 Kenta and Kenta Plus child carriers – about 300 of them in the U.S and 100 in Canada. The...


Consumers Becoming More Confident

A key measure of consumer sentiment is higher after four straight declines

Have we turned the corner or is it a blip? The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in June, improved slightly this month. in ...


Air Travel Pre-Check Hits 2 Million Mark

More people are taking advantage of Pre-Check, speeding the process for all travelers

Fewer of us are standing in line to take our shoes off at the nation’s airports....


Former Florida Nursing Students to Get $469,000 Restitution

Students paid thousands to attend a school that wasn't accredited

The state of Florida has obtained $469,000 in restitution for nursing school students who were deceived into enrolling in classes at JLF University.Flori...


Missouri Funeral Director Charged With Stealing

Indictment claims he failed to set aside funds for preneed funeral services

A Kansas City, Mo., funeral home operator faces charges that he stole money from consumers who paid up-front for funeral services in advance of their death...


Sausages With Possible Listeria Contamination Recalled

The products were shipped before test results were received

Enslin & Son Packing Company of Hattiesburg, MS, is recalling approximately 314 pounds of sausage products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamina...


Congressional Report Questions For-Profit College Performance

Senate committee suggests for-profit schools are too focused on profit

Through federal education aid, taxpayers invest billions of dollars in college students' education. A Congressional report says a lot of that money is goin...


Consumer Bureau Touts 2012 Record

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau points to its work to ‘help consumers’

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), created last year by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, thinks it’s had a pret...


Crowd Funding: The New Way Ideas Are Getting Off the Ground

Entrepreneurs, inventors and charities find funding "in the cloud"

One of the great things about the United States is its diverse pool of people and talents. Historically, the U.S. has always been a place of bold id...


Yahoo! Now what?

Sure, a proud past but what's the future hold?

Marissa Mayer isn't losing much time putting her stamp on Yahoo!, which has been trying to organize the world's information even longer than her previous e...


New Apps Bringing Online Socializing Closer to Home

The creator of the new social app City Chatter says it's just the beginning

Remember when meeting a person online had a creepy factor? There was once a time when meeting a person in your house was associated with t...


Things to Think About Before Using Mobile Banking

Security flaws in banking apps are not the only problem

Banks are increasingly urging customers to use mobile banking, enjoying the convenience of accessing their accounts with their smartphones. But before jump...


Most Expensive States For Car Insurance? Not What You'd Expect

Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky have the highest rates

You might think the highest car insurance rates would be in the big crowded states -- the ones with lots of traffic, lots of accidents, lots of car thieves...


Tech Industry Trying to Connect Vets With Jobs

Virginia declares itself "most veteran friendly"

There's something wrong with the nation's employment picture. The unemployment rate is through the roof at 8% and yet, it's estimated that 150,000 tech job...


Tyson Canned Chicken Products Recalled

Mislabeling could lead to consumption of an undeclared allergen

Tony Downs Foods Company of Madelia, MN, is recalling approximately 70,500 pounds of premium chunk chicken due to mislabeling and an undeclared allergen....


Dominican Mortgage Assistance Operation Halted

Spanish-speaking U.S. homeowners were allegedly defrauded of more than $2 Million

Telemarketers who allegedly preyed on Spanish-speaking homeowners by falsely claiming affiliation with Federal Mortgage Assistance programs are out of busi...


Speculation Builds for September iPhone 5 Release

Photos purported to be the new device hit the Internet

Apple isn't saying a word but speculation continues to build across the Internet that the new iPhone 5 – the next version of the iconic smartphone &n...


Research Finds Kids-Left–In-Car Warning Systems Unreliable

Public education and information campaigns on child heatstroke in vehicles are essential

Few things are more tragic than the death of a child inadvertently left in a vehicle on a sweltering summer day....


‘Over 55’ Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Settled

Routine age verification steps were not taken

The kids are coming! That’s the bottom line in a settlement reached between the Justice Department (DOJ) and a California municipality and a homeowners’ a...


Direct Air Shutdown Draws Fine for World Atlantic Airlines

Passengers were left high and dry when the shutdown resulted in flight cancellations

World Atlantic Airlines will pay $180,000 in fines for violating rules protecting passengers when their public charter flights are suddenly canceled....


Survey: Hotel Rates Will Probably Rise This Fall

U.S. rooms will cost more but chances are, you can find a deal in Greece

If a new survey is any indication, the cost of a hotel or motel room is going up, both in the U.S. and around the world.Travel site TripAdvisor surveyed...


Hyundai Recalls Santa Fe, Sonata Models to Fix Airbags

Problems with front passenger bags in the Santa Fe, side airbags in the Sonata

Hyundai is recalling more than 200,000 Santa Fe and Sonata models to fix a problem with the airbags.The recalled Santa Fes were built between April ...


Eight Tips For Quitting Smoking

These days you have both health and economic reasons to kick the habit

There are many good reasons to give up cigarettes, but health and economic. Smoking is associated with cancer and heart disease and has become increasingly...


Travelocity Fined for Violating Price Advertising Rule

Information on fuel surcharges and other items was not included

Online travel agent Travelocity has been fined $180,000 for violating the U.S. Department of Transpo...


Payday Lender Case Focuses More Attention on Tribal Immunity

A tribe-associated payday lender faces contempt charges in West Virginia

A standoff between Lakota Cash and two other Internet payday lenders and the state of West Virginia is heating up, with a state court telling the lenders t...


Study Finds Top 50 Free Lance Jobs

No. 1 is still writing iPhone apps, Android not so much

The way people work nowadays has totally changed. Once, it was guaranteed a person would be in an office cubicle from morning to evening if they were emplo...


Too Much News on CNN? Its President Quits Amid Lagging Ratings

Hypnotized by Rupert Murdoch, Americans increasingly prefer opinion to journalism

It wasn't long ago that everyday Americans routinely complained about the "liberal news media" while those of the left-leaning persuasion griped that major...


Ooops! Google Admits It Didn't Delete "Mistakenly" Gathered Private Data After All

Revelation stirring up a tempest in Europe; U.S. reaction muted so far

Remember all that data Google said it had "mistakenly" gobbled up from open Wi-Fi networks a few years ago? Well, now it turns out that Google was -- you g...


Capital One Resolves Violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

A $12 Million payment covers a range of allegations brought by the Justice Department

Capital One will pay approximately $12 million to resolve a lawsuit by the Department of Justice alleging the companies violated the Servicemembers Civil R...


Why Your Tweens Shouldn't Text

A researcher suggests 'techspeak' is corrupting grammar skills

In his second term, President Theodore Roosevelt tried to “reform” U.S. spelling, to make it simpler and easier to write words. But what Roosev...


Delta To Shut Down Regional Carrier Comair

Economic environment doesn't favor small jets

Comair, a regional carrier operated by Delta Airlines, will soon taxi to the hanger for the last time. The 35-year old airline will cease operations Sept. ...


House Votes to Trash Consumer Protection

Consumer groups say they're "profoundly disappointed" by supposed job-creation bill

On Thursday, July 25, 2012, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4078, the so called “Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act&rdqu...


Gasoline Prices May Be Approaching A Crossroads

For the first time in weeks, today's price is lower than yesterday's

Gasoline prices gained four cents in the last week, but in a hopeful sign for consumers, appear to have stopped rising – at least for the moment.Th...


The Best Concerts Left This Summer

It's still not too late to make your plans for these late summer music festivals

Autumn is certainly a beautiful time of year. The tree-tops host a spectacular array of rustic colors, and down on the ground people get excited for season...


Interest Rates Headed In Two Directions

Credit card rates are rising but mortgage rates are still falling

The cost of borrowing money is both rising and falling, depending on the type of loan you need. In the last week credit card interest rates rose while mort...


Consumer Sentiment Drops As Economy Slows

Reuters/University of Michigan survey finds confidence at the lowest point this year

The dog days of summer find consumers feeling much less confident about the economy. The Reuters/University of Michigan index of sentiment declined this mo...


Malware and Spam On the Rise In 2012

And much of it is coming from the U.S.

If it seems your email inbox is getting cluttered with spam again, its not your imagination. A German technology security firm says unwelcome or dangerous ...


CRM Labs Recalls Male Sexual Performance Supplements

The products contain undeclared active ingredients

CRM Laboratories is recalling all X-ROCK 3 Day Pill For Men and Z-ROCK products sold between October 2011 and April 2012. ...


Ford Recalling Escapes With Sticky Throttles

The automaker says this poses the threat of a crash, resulting in injury or death

The risk of a high-speed crash has prompted Ford Motor Company to recall nearly 424,000 model year 2001 through 2004 Escape vehicles equipped with 3.0L V6 ...


Michelin Recalls BF Goodrich and Uniroyal Tires

Tread separation could result in a crash

Michelin is recalling 799,900 BF Goodrich Commercial T/A A/S LRE and Uniroyal Laredo HD/H LRE tires, sizes LT235/85R16 120 Q and LT245/75R16 120 Q. ...


RedBox and Verizon Make Their Partnership Official

"RedBox Instant by Verizon" will offer more or less the same features as Netflix

Netflix may not be enjoying its lonely place on top of the DVD hill anymore; as Redbox and Verizon have made an announcement that the two are joining force...


Nature Valley Not So Natural, Suit Charges

Suit charges snack bars have factory-made high-maltose corn syrup, maltodextrin

General Mills touts its Nature Valley granola bars and "thins" as "natural" snacks but a class-action lawsuit says the snacks contain industrially-produced...


Consumers Can Expect Even Higher Food Prices

Summer drought is taking increasingly heavy toll

If you are already having a hard time staying within your grocery budget, this will not come as good news. Because of the extended U.S. drought, the U.S. D...


Newsweek Preparing to Go Online-Only?

Report says the move may be announced as early as September

Like most other publications that have been "saved," Newsweek may be in danger of relapse. Reports today say it will soon end its 79-year run as a printed ...


Two Southern California Men Sentenced In Rip-Off of Michaels Stores Patrons

The defendants possessed 952 blank gold and silver credit card-like cards

Two southern California men have been sentenced in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in Oakland for their roles in a scheme t...


Credit Card Could Provide Extra Warranty Coverage

Another reason not to pay for extended coverage

Here's another reason not to pay for an extended warranty. The credit card you use to purchase the product may already provide one at not extra charge.Fi...


Domestic Air Fares Are Taking Off

Highest fares are at Cincinnati airport, with the lowest at Atlantic City

If you do a lot of traveling by air, you already know this: the cost of flying is on the rise...


Samsung Tops Apple In Latest Smartphone Sales

Samsung bests Apple two to one in second quarter shipments

While Apple is waging war on Samsung in the courtroom, charging patent infringement, the battle between the two smartphone makers for the consumer's heart...


Burlington Coat Factory Slapped With $1.5 Million Civil Penalty

The company allegedly failed to report drawstrings in children's outerwear and sold recalled outerwear

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says the Burlington, NJ-based retailer has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $1,5 million to resolves CPS...


Budgeting Is Critical As Students Head for College

Managing money may be the most important subject learned at school

We could all use some improvement in our financial management skills but perhaps it's most critical for new college students.Millions of teenagers will h...


Maker of Magnetic Toys Sued

Action prompted by continuing harm to children from swallowed magnets

In an effort to prevent children from suffering further harm, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff has filed an administrative complaint ht...


Debtors' Prison Thing of the Past In Illinois

New state law stops use of courts to jail the poor who can't pay

With the stroke of the governor's pen this week, Illinois debtors no longer have to fear going to jail if they don't pay their debts. The Debtors’ Ri...


Omega3Water: Can This Stuff Really Be Healthy?

Sugar water with supplements is still sugar water

As many already may know, Omega-3s, which are the "good fats" found in some seafoods and plant oils, are really good for you.Many experts ...


Walmart, Target Oppose $6 Billion Credit Card Deal

Settlement would allow retailers to charge more for customers using credit cards

  Target believes the proposed interchange fee settlement is bad for both retailers and consumers. The proposed settlement would perpetuate a...


Lawsuit: Walmart Discriminates Against Disabled Consumers

Point-of-sale machines are too high for wheelchair, scooter users

It's taking an incredibly long time for retail stores and even medical offices to remember that not everyone is standing up when they reach the cash regist...


Carfax Releases Mobile App for 'Droids

Makes it easier for used car shoppers to check out possible deals

Carfax today announced that an Android version of the Carfax Reports mobile app is available to smartphone users. Carfax Vehicle History Reports can be vie...


'BMW on Demand' Coming to New York

Short-term rentals fill the niche between car-sharing and traditional rentals

Always wanted a BMW but thought you couldn't afford one?  Well, maybe you can't but you may soon be able to afford to rent one for a little while.BM...


Additional 76 Counties Fall Victim To Drought

Producers in 1,369 counties in 31 states eligible for disaster assistance

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has designated 76 additional counties in six states as primary natural disaster areas due to damage and losses caused by...


Experts Call for Label Change On Opioid Painkillers

Drug companies should not be permitted to advertise long-term opioids for non-cancer pain, experts say

Labels on opioid pain medications should be revised to prevent overprescribing, a coalition of doctors, researchers and public health officials said in a p...


Consumers Adapting To Smaller Vehicles

Today's small cars not the 'econoboxes' of yesteryear

Watch a movie made as recently as the late 1980s and one is struck by how big the cars are. On today's streets, most vehicles fit what would have been cons...


Feds Urged To Ban Overdraft Fees On Prepaid Cards

Consumer groups claim prepaid cards in danger of becoming new payday loans

Consumer groups submitting comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for rules on prepaid credit cards urged the government watchdog to b...


Court: Airlines Must Include Taxes In Ads

The cost means the WHOLE cost of getting from here to there

Consumers will get a bit more information about the true cost of an airline ticket, thanks to a court ruling. A U.S. Court of Appeals said airlines must in...


CPSC Prevents More Than 360,000 Hazardous Products From Reaching Consumers

Shoddy children’s products top the list of imported goods stopped at the border

During the second quarter of fiscal year 2012, investigators screened more than 3,700 imported products and prevented more than 360,000 units of what are c...


Home Values Finally Going Up, Zillow Says

Real estate site says this could be the market bottom

The last several months have brought mostly encouraging news from the housing front, suggesting that the long-awaiting recovery was just around the corner....


Peg Perego Recalls Strollers

Risk of entrapment and strangulation; one child death reported

Peg Perego USA Inc., of Fort Wayne, IN, is recalling about 223,000 strollers due to a risk of entrapment and strangulation....


Car Insurance Rate Hikes Not Uncommon This Year

There may -- or may not -- be a legitimate reason

Many consumers have opened letters from their car insurance company this year and been disappointed to learn that their premiums are going up. Sometimes by...


My Pillow: Does It Really Do That?

Our brave testers slept on the job to bring you this report

It's funny how life goes in circles.When you're a child you fought tooth and nail with your parents not to send you to bed. Then as you grew further into...


Gun Violence: How Divided Are We?

NRA takes a hit but overall, consumers remain divided on gun control

The horrific shooting in a Colorado theater is the latest in an astonishing series of   attacks allegedly carried out by seemingly intelligent but soc...


Ora TV: Can Larry King Change Online Programming?

New venture brings network-quality TV to the Internet

Television is constantly evolving.In just the last few decades consumers have gone from having to manually turn a dial, to having access to hundreds of c...


Kolcraft Recalls Contours Tandem Strollers

Strollers contain fall and choking hazards

Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., of Chicago, IL, is recalling about 5,600 Contours Options LT Tandem Strollers....


Study: Facebook Could Cost You Your Next Job

Researchers say they've confirmed what many suspect

It's been suggested that what you post about yourself on Facebook and other social media sites could torpedo your job application. Now a, in-depth study of...


Boomers Beware: Scammers Are Targeting You

Baby Boomers are where the money is

The investment plan sounded very good. A New Jersey marketing company said it was preparing to launch a pre-paid debit card with international calling feat...


Cargill Recalls Ground Beef Products

Products pose risk of Salmonella contamination

Cargill Meat Solutions of Wyalusing, PA, is recalling 29,339 pounds of fresh ground beef products that may be contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis, acc...


FDA Approves Tudorza Pressair To Treat COPD

The med helps muscles around the large airways of the lungs stay relaxed to improve airflow.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Tudorza Pressair (aclidinium bromide) for the long-term maintenance treatment of bronchospasm (narrowing...


Consumers Going Longer Between Auto Purchases

The days of trading in every two or three years appear to be long gone

Once upon a time a consumer might purchase a new car every two or three years, trading in their vehicle on a newer model. It probably never made a lot of f...


Hertz Targets Enterprise In Move To Neighborhoods

Seeks to provide rental services away from airport locations

Hertz has long claimed to be number one in car rentals but the company may be looking over its shoulder at Enterprise.Enterprise secured its position in...


Indiana Sues Two More Foreclosure 'Rescuers'

State claims homeowners paid upfront for no services

Forsta Mediation of Arizona and Mortgage Relief Center of California face charges of ripping off homeowners in Indiana. Lawsuits accuse the two firms of vi...


Time for Surgeon General to Weigh In On Sugary Drinks?

It's been nearly 50 years since the Surgeon General wrote tobacco's epitaph

Like turning a cruise ship, changing public opinion takes a lot of time, patience and planning. For decades, tobacco was regarded as harmless and ev...


Are Cashiers and Cash Registers Obsolete?

J.C. Penney is the latest to give cash registers the heave-ho

If you've noticed lately, cashiers and cash registers are becoming scarcer in retail locations.With the increasing use of kiosks and digital checkout sca...


Seven-Inch Tablets Offer Low-Cost Mobility

Here are a few models to consider

When Apple introduced it's iPad tablet computer, it set the entry level price right at $500. For Apple and the competitors who followed with tablets of the...


Reports Of Microwave Oven Fires Persist

Most recent reports center on Emerson models

Since January consumers have consistently reported fires caused by their microwave ovens, in particular ovens made by Emerson. The complaints continue to r...


FTC: Wireless Phone Bill Cramming Is ‘Significant Consumer Problem’

Agency tells FCC wireless customers have option to block all third-party charges

In response to a request by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for comment, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says the “cramming” of unauthorized...


Consumers Trying to Eat Healthier Foods

Calories are important but they're not the only factor

It seems that consumers are doing a better job of resisting unhealthy foods.Whether it's due to the many awareness campaigns centered on healthy living o...


Why You Should Have A Financial Plan

Families that plan do better financially, regardless of income

Make no mistake. We're living through an incredibly harsh economic environment. But a new study shows some families cope better than others and it doesn't ...


Retail Sales Using Mobile Devices Rise

But social media-based sales drop

If you are a typical consumer, you are buying more products and services using your mobile phone or tablet.The IBM Retail Online Index, a cloud-based ana...


Colombian Style Cheese Recalled

Improper pasteurization could lead to consumption of pathogenic bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella

Tita Products, located in Glendale, NY, is voluntarily recalling certain fresh cheese products due to the improper pasteurization of the milk used to make ...


DOT Announces $787 Million for Nation’s Aging Transit Infrastructure

The money will fund 255repair and modernization projects in the U.S., Puerto Rico

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced $787 million to modernize and replace aging transit facilities and vehicles to meet the growing dema...


FDA Approves Afinitor for Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment

The treatment with a new drug combo delays progression of the disease

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Afinitor (everolimus) for use in combination with Aromasin (exemestane) to treat certain postmenop...


Medications Target Long-Term Weight Control

New drugs are the first approved by the FDA in 13 years

To help obese and overweight Americans who have been unsuccessful in getting their weight under control with diet and exercise, the Food and Drug Administr...


Midsummer Drowning Checkup: 90 Child Drownings Nationwide Since Memorial Day

Parents, Caregivers Urged To Follow Safety Steps and Support Pool Safely Day 2012

New information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows that 90 children younger than 15 were reported to have drowned in swimming po...


Seniors Who Can't Sleep May Face Early Nursing Home

Fragmented sleep linked to a number of aging-related diseases

Seniors who have trouble getting a good night's sleep may be headed for a nursing home sooner than their sounder-sleeping peers.That's the conclusion of ...


Getting Divorced? What Should You Do Now?

Divorce is unpleasant but planning and discretion can make it less so

It can happen to any couple, not just Tom and Katie.When people get married and utter those famous vows of matrimony, most convey those words with heartf...


Listen Up! We Test Four Top Headphones

Our Daryl Nelson tunes in, rocks out and writes up the results

Since there are a countless number of portable devices for music listening, there's also a countless number of headphones. Whether it's the white flimsy ki...


DIRECTV, Viacom Reach Deal On Channels

Sources say Viacom will receive $600 million over seven years

All is well again in TV Land for DIRECTV subscribers upset that Viacom yanked 17 channels from the satellite service in a contract dispute. The two sides h...


Gas Prices Creep Higher In Last Week

Average price at the pump gains six cents in last seven days

Gasoline prices headed higher for another week, with the average price gaining six cents a gallon over the last seven days.The national average price of ...


Feds Find 'Cycle of Boom and Bust' in Student Loans

Risky practices, loose underwriting lead to problems

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the U.S. Department of Education today released a report that describes the risky practices a...


Six Steps To Building An Investment Nest Egg

Saving for the future has never been more important

The American consumer may find it harder than ever to get ahead. Incomes have been stagnant and net worth has declined. Meanwhile, prices for a lot of day-...


DC Funeral Home To Pay $25,000 for Funeral Rule Violations

Charged with failing to show casket price lists to consumers

A Washington, DC, funeral home and its owners will pay a $25,000 civil penalty to resolve charges that they violated the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) F...


Nexus 7 Seems To Be A Sell-Out

Heavy demand reported for Google's inexpensive tablet

Want to buy a Nexus 7, Google's new seven-inch tablet? Take a number. Retailers and mail order sites say they are mostly sold out.GameStop reports on its...


Children's Beach Chairs Recalled

Downeast Concepts says the chairs have exposed, sharp metal rivets, that pose a laceration hazard

Downeast Concepts Inc., doing business as Backyard and Beyond, of Yarmouth, ME, is recalling about 15,400 children’s folding beach chairs. The recalled cha...


Timeshare Rental/Resale Operation Sued for Deception

Timeshare owners allegedly told they had renters or buyers lined up for their properties

The Federal Trade Commission and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi have brought legal action, charging the operation allegedly deceived thousands of consu...


FCC: Advertised Web Speeds Now More Accurate

Consumers now getting 96 percent of advertised speeds from ISPs

Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the U.S. are doing a better job of providing advertised speeds for their broadband services, according to a new report ...


'Egg Therapy' Can Benefit Children Allergic To Eggs

Study shows the immune system can be retrained

Giving children with egg allergies increasingly higher doses of the very food they are allergic to can eliminate or ease reactions in most of them, accordi...


AARP: Older Americans Bearing Brunt of Foreclosures

And for many, it isn't over yet

Between 2007 and 2011 the number of foreclosures in the U.S. skyrocketed as the air escaped from the housing bubble. Older homeowners were disproportionall...


What's The Real Deal Behind Generic Products?

And what's the difference between generic and private label?

Sunkist or orange soda? Green Giant or simply sweet corn?When it comes to choosing between brand name and private label items, many consumers aren't sure...


U.S. Fidelis Customers to Get Partial Refunds

States reach liquidation agreement with bankruptcy court

The attorneys general of 12 states have reached agreement on the bankruptcy liquidation plan for U.S. Fidelis – a former nationwide vehicle serv...


Ford Recalls 11,000 2013 Escapes Because of Fire Danger

Tells customers not to drive the cars until they are fixed

Ford Motor Company is recalling 2013 model year Ford Escape vehicles equipped with the 1.6-liter engine built through July 11, 2012. Ford estimates that th...


Micro-Units: Could You Live Comfortably in 250 Square Feet?

Well, Mayor Bloomberg thinks you ought to try it

Nowadays you either need a lot of zeros on your paycheck, or be willing to have a bunch of roommates in order to afford rent costs in New York City.The a...


FDA Bans BPA From Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups

The synthetic estrogen can disrupt the hormone system

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has followed California's lead and banned baby bottles and sippy cups made with the plastics chemical bisphenol...


Gills Onions Recalls Onions and Celery Mix

There’s a possible risk of Listeria contamination

Gills Onions, LLC of Oxnard, CA is recalling a single day’s production of diced and slivered red and yellow onions and diced celery and onion mix because t...


More Than $700,000 Awarded In Bogus Alcoholism Cure Scheme

Sellers of "Cure" threatened to disclose consumers' alcohol dependence

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Florida Attorney General have won a big one in the case of a phony alcoholism "cure" program....


Existing Home Sales Fall In June

A setback in what appears to be a housing recovery

The residential real estate market suffered a setback in June as sales of existing homes fell 5.4 percent from May, interrupting a series of mostly positiv...


Hacker Draws Seven-Year Prison Stretch

Hacking schemes involved more than 240,000 stolen credit card numbers

Aleksandr Suvorov, of Estonia, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for his role in two separate hacking schemes involving a total of more than 240,...


Study: Marijuana Use Doubles Risk of Premature Birth

Based on study of more than 3,000 women in Australia and New Zealand

Marijuana use has rapidly increased among young people and health researchers in Australia suggest there could be serious consequences. For women and their...


Samuel Lawrence Furniture Expands Recall of Sleigh Beds

Hardware problems pose a fall hazard

Samuel Lawrence Furniture, of High Point, NC, is expanding its June recall of full- and twin-size Bordeaux Collection bed frames....


Pew Survey Finds 12 Million Americans Use Payday Loans

And most use them for everyday expenses, not emergencies

The payday loan industry is big business. Just how big? The Pew Charitable Trusts' Safe Small-Dollar Loans Research Project.reports n estimated 12 million...


Panline USA Recalls Trampolines

Breaking of handlebar could pose a fall hazard

Panline USA Inc., of Northvale, NJ, is recalling about 8,000 Alex ® Model 786X Little Jumpers Trampoline...


DreamWorks Chided for Letting Madagascar Characters Promote Junk Food

Studio should set stricter standards, says consumer group

DreamWorks Animation is renting out the lovable images of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, and Melman the Giraffe to peddle nutritionally poor food choices ...


Survey: Facebook Customer Satisfaction Plummets

With 800 million customers, it's hard to keep them all happy

The 800,000 people who use Facebook don't pay anything, but that doesn't mean they aren't customers. And the social networking company's customer service r...


Drought Continues To Take A Toll

Additional 39 counties in eight states designated as primary natural disaster areas

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has designated another 39 counties in eight states as primary natural disaster areas due to damage and losses caused by d...


AT&T Wireless Moves To 'Shared Data' Plan

The switch means a new pricing structure will kick in

The tried and true system of paying for mobile services by voice minutes appears to be going by the wayside. AT&T Wireless says it will discontinue voi...


VA Expands Online Access To Benefits Information

The Website lets veterans register for benefits without leaving home

More than a million veterans and servicemembers -- 1.67 million, in fact -- have registered for the secure, joint Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-Depar...


Credit Agencies Beware - The Feds Are Watching

CFPB cranks up oversight of credit reportiing companies

Starting this fall, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will begin to watchdog 30 credit reporting companies, including Equifax, Solutions Inc....


Back To School Means Big Spending

Parents shell out the bucks whether they can afford it or not

Summer is moving fast and while there's still a good amount of sun, beaches and barbecues left, autumn lingers near the horizon and is almost ready to make...


Ben Bernanke May Keep Gasoline Prices Low

The lack of a further stimulus is likely to have an impact at the pump

Wall Street listened to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's testimony to Congress Tuesday and didn't like what it heard.The Chairman said the Fed was...


Target Tells Singer Frank Ocean To Sail Away

Is it because he's bisexual? Target says no

Target and the LGBT community are entangled in debate once again.The first round of back-and-fourth was in 2011, when the mega-store donated $150,00...


OnStar Hooks Up With RelayRides

If you have an OnStar-equipped car, it's easier to rent it out when you're not using it

Once upon a time, people used to rent out spare rooms in their house to make a few spare dollars. Now, you can rent out the spare hours on your car if it's...


Prices for Luxury Brand Used-Vehicles To Rise In 2012

NADA says the law of supply and demand is kicking in

A sharp decline in the supply of luxury brand used cars and light trucks will result in higher prices this year, according to Jonathan Banks, senior analys...


Report: Focus On Risks for Stroke and Dementia Saved Lives, Money

Simple measures can lead to improved quality of life, doctors say

Fewer people died or needed expensive long-term care when their physicians focused on the top risk factors for stroke and dementia, according to research r...


10 Cities Where Money Goes Farther In Retirement

How much you need for retirement depends on how much you plan to spend

Most retirement planners place stong emphasis on the income you will receive in retirement. It's in their interest, after all, for you to save and invest a...


Pfizer, CSPI Resolve Centrum Labeling Issues

Company will drop breast, colon health claims on Centrum dietary supplements

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare will remove claims related to breast and colon health on advertising and labeling for certain Centrum brand multivitamin supplem...


Should You Have Renters Insurance?

If you have a lot to lose, it can be a prudent purchase

If you own a home with a mortgage, the lender requires you to have a homeowners insurance policy. While some landlords require tenants to take out renters ...


FDA Approves Weight-Management Drug Qsymia

However, the drug is not for use by everyone

People fighting the Battle of the Bulge have a new weapon in their arsenal with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of Qsymia (phentermi...


Your Credit Card May Provide Some Rental Car Insurance

But don't count on it providing complete protection

In recent years car rental companies have become more aggressive in nicking customers for minor damage to vehicles discovered long after the car has been t...


Consumer Credit Defaults Reach Pre-Recession Levels

It appears consumers are getting their financial houses in order

Consumers appear to be making progress in handling their debts. Data from S&P Dow Jones Indices and Experian shows another decline in consumer credit d...


The Next Big Thing: Online Sales Tax

Republicans joining Democrats in tacking local sales tax onto online purchases

Read our lips: Grover Norquist must have left the building. The no-new-taxes mantra of Republican politicians is undergoing renovation. When finished, it w...


Complaints Mount About Pet Treats From China

Suit against Purina gains class-action status

Pet food maker Nestle Purina now faces a class-action suit by pet owners in eight states who say the company's jerky treats killed or sickened their pets....


Maid Service or New Vacuum? Both Can Present Problems

Maids aren't always merry and finding the right vacuum isn't easy

Some household chores can be put off for a short while.Pulling out the last bit of clean clothes to delay laundry another few days is normal, or letting ...


FDA Approves New Colon-Cleansing Drug for Colonoscopy Prep

Prepopik offfers split-dosage or day-before prep

This may or may not make a difference, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Prepopik (sodium picosulfate, magnesium oxide and citric ac...


International Visitors Spending At A Record Pace

May marks more than two years of growth in tourist outlays

International visitors spent an estimated $13.9 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within, the United States in May, according to figures...


Microsoft Reaches For The Clouds With Office Upgrade

Ambitious upgrade to be released with Windows 8

Calling it the biggest and most ambitious redesign of a software package it has ever done, Microsoft has unveiled the “customer preview” versio...


IRS To Taxpayers: Avoid Becoming Victims of Tax Scams

Vigilance is your best defense against being taken for a ride

Be careful about following the “advice” you get about filing for tax credits or rebates. The Internal Revenue Service is encouraging taxpayers to guard ...


Retail Expert: 'Consumers Are Getting Poorer'

Data suggest U.S. consumers plight will only get worse

If it feels like you are falling behind in this economy, maybe you are. A retail expert says the American consumers is getting poorer."The American consu...


When Should You Start Drawing Social Security?

Later is probably better than sooner

As things now stand, retirees can begin drawing Social Security benefits at age 62. But as they say, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.If you...


Virginia Dentist's 'Fix 311' Offers Cities a Quick Fix for Citizen Service Problems

See a pothole, stray dog or flooded street? Free smartphone app lets you report it

They used to say you can't fight City Hall. Maybe they're right but Minh Tran thinks you should be able to help City Hall do its work more efficiently. Cit...


Convenience Stores Reject Swipe Fee Settlement

Retail group says proposal doesn't solve the problem

The headlines from Friday's “swipe fee” settlement between credit card companies and retailers casts it as a victory for retailers. At least on...


Hotel Germs Are Ready to Welcome You

They're just about everywhere, especially on light switches, pens and the TV remote

Staying at a hotel can either be a fun experience or a harrowing one.Whether you're staying in a swanky hotel with an $80 breakfast, or you choose a smal...


FDA Approves HIV infection Drug

Evidence-based approach enhances existing prevention strategies

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), the first drug approved to reduce the risk of HIV...


Why Now May Be A Good Time To Buy A Home

But getting a mortgage may still be a problem

Yes, it's still scary out there but recent data from the housing market suggests this might be a good time to buy a home.Prices are still relatively low ...


Feds Order Shutdown of Alabama-Based Truck Company

MTI Transportation, LLC found to be ‘imminent safety hazard’

The U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered MTI Transportation, LLC, to cease all transpo...


Summer Drought Likely To Push Food Prices Even Higher

Over 1,000 counties seeking U.S. disaster aid

Dry, parched conditions persist in much of the nation, including sections heavily involved in agriculture. That doesn't bode well for food prices, economis...


Study Finds Families Continue To Cut College Costs

Students assume greater share of college costs, while parents trim

A new national study from Sallie Mae and Ipsos Public Affairs finds that 83 percent of college stude...


Responding To Recall Notices Can Be Life And Death Matter

It takes a sense of personal responsibility to make the recall system work

There is a system in place for safety recalls for cars and trucks. Government safety regulators issue the recall and the automaker sends out notices and ma...


FTC: Health Care Scammers Out In Force

Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act ruling brings them out of the woodwork

No sooner had the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act – also known as “Obamacare” -- than scam artists began working the phones. They say ...


New IRS Scam Making The Rounds

Email tries to scare recipients into revealing bank information

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commands attention. When you get something in the mail from the tax agency, you can bet you'll open it right away.That...


Consumers May Face Surcharges for Using Credit Cards

Settlement of long-running "swipe fee" case may end up costing consumers plenty

A seven-year dispute between retailers and credit card issuers over "swipe fees" has been settled. It will cost Visa and MasterCard $6 billion -- and ...


Senator Questions Whether Toyota Acceleration Problem is Really Solved

Federal probe "may have been too narrow," Sen. Grassley suggests

A federal investigation into reports of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles "may have been too narrow," an influential U.S. Senator is suggesting....


SodaStream: Does It Really Do That?

Make soda from water in the comfort of your home? Sounds too good to be true

Okay, so I'm watching television one night, completely immersed in an old episode of Law & Order, or was it a newer episode? I can never tell since the...


Yahoo Confirms Data Breach

But says it's "more wake-up call than threat"

Yahoo! has confirmed that hackers were able to break into servers and steal more than 450,000 user names and passwords.The good news, the company says, i...


Listeria Threat In Mexicali Cheese Corp. Products

Risk of illness based on contamination at New York production facility

Be careful about buying or consuming any products from the Mexicali Cheese Corp. of Woodhaven, NY....


DOT Fines TripAdvisor for Violating DOT Price Advertising, Code-Share Rules

Ticketing firm ran afoul of new federal rules requiring more complete disclosure

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has imposed the first penalty for violating the new airline price advertising requirements that took effect in...


Three Steps To Help Women Lose Weight

Save your money, these tips cost nothing

There are all kinds of diets and weight-control products on the market, but losing weight isn't complicated and doesn't have to be expensive. Researchers a...


Government Agency Look-Alike Scam Plagues Small Business

Mailings appear to be official and demand a payment

Scammers don't just target consumers. Small businesses are sometimes favorite targets and the government agency look-alike scam is claiming more victims....


Feds Shut Down Bogus Websites

The sophisticated scam sites duped consumers into buying counterfeit merchandise

Seventy Websites that were illegally selling counterfeit merchandise have been put out of business. ...


Chicco Polly High Chairs Recalled

The pegs on the rear legs of the high chair pose the potential for bruising or laceration

Artsana USA Inc., of Lancaster, PA, is recalling about 455,000 Chicco Polly high chairs in the United States and 30,690 in Canada....


Gas Prices Gain Three Cents In Last Week

Pump prices appear to be following last year's pattern

With a rally in oil prices the last two weeks, the price of gasoline is on the rise again, but fortunately for consumers, the turnaround has been slow and ...


Scientists To Study Genetics Behind Foodborne Illnesses

The genome project for food pathogens will help track down the source of an outbreak

The tiny organisms that cause foodborne illnesses -- bacteria, viruses and others – are formidable foes. Despite efforts to reduce outbreaks, bacteria like...


Legal Helpers Agrees To $2.1 Million Illinois Settlement

Illinois says debt settlement firm broke consumer protection laws

Legal Helpers, a national debt settlement firm, has made a settlement of its own with the state of Illinois.Illinois sued the Chicago-based firm, chargin...


DirecTV Axes Nick, Comedy Central and MTV

It's the latest fee dispute between distributors and program producers

It's not Nick at Nite, or any other time, in 20 million American homes today. And the Jersey Shore? You can't there from here.DirecTV has axed Viacom's c...


Cruises Aren't Always Smooth Sailing

Carnival collects complaints the way freighters collect barnacles

It's nice to get away, isn't it? Whether by train, plane or car, having an extended trip to look forward to can be just what's needed to get us through a c...


Would You Ever Be a Slug?

Slug lines are probably the most efficient form of urban transit yet invented

"Some say that the single greatest wasted transportation resources are all the empty seats in private automobiles."The above quote was from Marc Oli...


Wells Fargo Settles Federal Fair Lending Case

The settlement means more than $175 million in relief for homeowners

The second largest fair lending settlement in Department of Justice history has been filed, resolving allegations that Wells Fargo Bank engaged in a patter...


Three LCD Makers To Pay $543 Million Restitution

Total of 10 companies now agree to more than $1 billion settlement

The last three manufacturers to be charged with fixing prices of LCD screens have settled charges with several states and the U.S. government.As a result...


New Online Tool Helps Students Manage Loan Debt

The Financial Awareness Counseling Tool pledges a ‘new transparency’

The U.S. Department of Education has released a new interactive loan counseling tool to provide students with financial management basic...


Studies Find Hospitals Not Always Alerted of Incoming Stroke Patients

Despite the benefits of quick response, there is a serious lack of pre-notification

Although treatment is delivered faster when emergency medical services (EMS) personnel notify hospitals a possible stroke patient is en route, pre-notifica...


Pace Of Foreclosures Picks Up In June

And why that might help the housing market recover

For the second month in a row, the number of foreclosure filings in June increased, compared to the same month a year ago. Except for the people living in ...


Recent Heat Wave Spawns New Scam

Consumers led to believe government will help pay utility bills

What does the recent heat wave have to do with an identity theft scam? More than you might think as clever criminals use rising concern over rising electri...


Rising Student Loan Debt Growing Financial Concern

Bankers join policymakers in worrying about the debt load

Students who took out student loans four or five years ago are graduating into a week job market with a mountain of debt, posing an increasing worry to bot...


Teens Outsmart Their Parents About Online Activities

If you think you know what your kids are up to, chances are you're wrong

Parents are clueless when it comes to their teen-agers' online activities. That's the conclusion of a study by security software firm McAfee.Parents may ...


Nikon Recalls Rechargeable Battery Packs Sold With Digital SLR Cameras

A short circuit in the battery pack presents a possible burn hazard

Nikon Inc., of Melville, NY, is recalling about 5100 Nikon digital SLR camera battery packs sold in the United States, 1,100 that were sold in Canada and a...


Resume Faux Pas and Things That Get You Hired

Hiring managers judge the good, bad and ugly when it comes to resumes

The folks at see lots of resumes. Most are bland and boring. A few are disasters and even fewer are inspiring.The right resume can get...


Ten Best New Sedans Under $25,000

Some on the list start at under $14,000

Car shoppers can be classified in different groups. Some are in search of luxury, some want economy.Is it possible to find a car that offers both? It is ...


Troxel Recalls Flexible Flyer Swing Sets

A problem with the see-saw seats poses a fall hazard

The Troxel Company, of Moscow, TN, is recalling about 100,500 Flexible Flyer Swing Sets in the U.S and 4,900 in Canada....


Bosch Recalls SkilSaw Miter Saws

A problem with the lower guard poses a laceration hazard

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation of Mount Prospect, IL, is recalling 22,149 SkilSaw miter saws. The lower guard can break and contact the blade during use, po...


Chevy 'Changes Rules' To Entice Buyers

Automaker will allow buyers to return vehicles within 30 to 60 days

While the latest surveys show consumer confidence may be lagging into the summer months, General Motors says its Chevrolet division has plenty of confidenc...


Public Citizen: Medical Malpractice Payments Hit Record Low Last Year

The consumer watchdog says this discredits claims that medical malpractice payments account for soaring health care costs

Medical malpractice payments in 2011 were at their lowest level on record by almost any measure, discrediting the claim that these payments are to blame fo...


Chemical Touted As Replacement for Visits To The Dentist

Keep 32 destroys bacteria that cause cavities, researchers claim

Consumers spend billions of dollars each year on dental care. Researchers at Yale and the University of Chile say they have developed a chemical that could...


Airlines Turn In Mixed On-Time Performance for May

The May showing improved over the past year, but was worse than April’s

The nation’s largest airlines posted an on-time arrival rate of 83.4 percent in May – better than the 77.1 percent rate of a year earlier, but slightly wor...


Consumer Credit Surges In May

Consumers increase credit card charges the most since 2007

Consumers tapped into credit in a big way during May, according to the latest report by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Credit use rose by $17.12 billion, the mo...


Considering A Hip Replacement? Don’t Rush Into It has information you should consider

Anyone considering the operation should be armed with as much information as possible -- including reasons to have the surgery, how to prepare for and reco...


Pop-Ups On Your Smartphone May Be Coming From Apps

Security firm says guidelines for developers needed to protect consumers

Remember when pop-up ads used to fill your computer screen and slow your PC? The same thing may be happening to your smartphone.Where are they coming fro...


Tax Lien Sales: Elderly Are Losing Homes While Investors Reap Profits

NCLC report documents a growing national problem, urges states to reform tax laws

Outdated state laws that permit local governments to sell property through a tax lien foreclosure process if the owner falls behind on property taxes (owin...


Reports: Google Set to Pay Biggest Fine in FTC History

Search giant reportedly will pay $22 million to settle privacy violation charges

For being such a big company, Google certainly makes a lot of "mistakes," which often have the effect of invading consumers' privacy. ...


Payday Lenders Fight Back Against Consumer Protection Laws

Lenders not ready to give up on high-profit payday loans

Most people have needed some cash loaned to them at some point in their life, and going to a family member, close friend or a bank to get financial assista...


Kicksend Tells Walgreens To Smile and Say 'Cheese'

Here's a new and easy way to print those photos trapped in your smartphone

There's no doubt that modern technology has improved many facets of life, from important medical discoveries to fun things like intricately styled computer...


Respond To Unwanted Robocalls -- FTC Has A Way

Agency Announces Robocall Summit to be Held October 18 in Washington

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued tips for consumers, as well as two new consumer education videos explaining robocalls and describing what to ...


One Million People Access Social Security Statements Online

Consumers are giving the new service high marks for its usefulness

Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue says that in less than two months’ time, one million people have gone online, created a My Social Security a...


Study: Women With Cats At Higher Risk for Attempted Suicide

The stereotype of the crazy cat lady might have something to it

Do women who live with cats run a greater risk of suicide? A study at the University of Maryland has raised that intriguing possibility.Researchers writi...


New Safety Measures for Extended-Release and Long-Acting Painkillers

The new FDA strategy emphasizes education for prescribers, patients on highly potent pain relievers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) for extended-release (ER) and long-acting (LA) opioids ...


Doomsday Economist Warns Perfect Storm Is Already Here

Global recession could be arriving earlier than scheduled, expert says

Nouriel Roubini is also known as Dr. Doom. He correctly predicted 2008's housing market collapse and the noted economics professor has been bearish on the ...


New Car Incentives May Be Harder To Find In July

Robust June sales may mean July deals harder to come by

If you waited until July to negotiate the price of a new car or truck, you may find dealers have fewer incentives, in the form of rebates and financing, to...


Gasoline Prices Following Last Year's Pattern

If pattern holds, consumers will see lower prices again before end of this year

The national average retail price is on the rise once again after weekly declines beginning in mid April. The price, as measured by AAA's Fuel Gauge Survey...


CFPB Proposes Easier-To-Use Mortgage Forms

The agency is also putting forth rules to expand consumer protections for high-cost mortgages

Here’s a novel idea: know what you’re getting into before you sign your life away....


Another Reason To Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

There's gold in those discarded devices

Prices of gold and silver have skyrocketed over the last decade, making mining operations more profitable. Yet one source of these precious metals is being...


Apple Put on Feds' No-Buy List

Apple withdraws from environmental testing program that's required for federal vendors

The secretive computer and gadget company has withdrawn from a voluntary program that certifies products meet minimum environmental protection standards....


Judge: Samsung Tablet 'Not As Cool' As iPad

Judgement comes as British judge dismisses Apple's patent claim

Samsung, which is engaged in a number of patent disputes with Apple all over the globe, won a victory in Britain today. Sort of.A British judge decided i...


Big Brother Lives: More Than 1.2 Million Cell Phone Surveillances Last Year

Many subpoenas are for more than one subscriber, so the actual number is higher

Privacy advocates jaws dropped today as they read a New York Times report that cell phone companies processed more than 1.2 million law enforceme...


Hyundai Sued for 40 Mile Per Gallon Elantra Claims

Lawsuit alleges tens of thousands of consumers fell for the pitch

A lawsuit claims Hyundai misled consumers about the gas mileage of the 2011 and 2012 Elantra, using a high-powered advertising campaign to capitalize on pu...


Debt Collector To Refund $1.7 Million To West Virginia Consumers

The company, which was not licensed to collect debts, allegedly used threats

When West Virginia consumers started getting phone calls from a California debt collector that they considered harassing, many complained to West Virginia ...


FTC Halts Deceptive Prepaid Calling Card Scheme Targeting Immigrants

Cards tested by the agency delivered only 40 percent of the minutes they advertised

The feds have shut down another scam targeting immigrants -- this one involving calling cards....


States Reach Antitrust Agreement with TD Ameritrade

States charged that brokers colluded on trades, hindering competition in retail brokerage

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen today announced an agreement with online retail broker TD Ameritrade. The agreement was reached as part of a mul...


Unemployment A Greater Fear for Those Over 50

Data shows older workers must look longer before finding a job

Last week's June employment report was something of a disappointment because it showed there were only 80,000 new jobs created during the month. That's not...


CDC: Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws Save Money

The agency also found such laws increase helmet use

The use of helmets by motorcycle riders not only saves lives -- it saves money too, according to a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report study released by...


TBC Recalling Mirada and Big Foot/Big O Tires

A manufacturing anomaly poses the risk of a vehicle crash

TBC Corporation (TBC) is recalling certain Mirada Cross Tour SLX and Big Foot/Big O S/T tires, sizes 235/70R16 and 265/70R17, manufactured from from Januar...


Consumers Find New Causes Of Unauthorized Charges

Would someone steal a credit card to purchase a credit report?

Unauthorized charges often show up on consumers' credit card bills when they accept a free or trial offer. Now it appears that unauthorized charges from Ex...


Beats Electronics Partners With MOG

First major expansion move by Beats since it split from Monster Cable

Beats Electronics which was co-founded by music biz honchos Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre just purchased the digital music site Music on The Go (MOG).This is ...


VW Completing its Takeover of Porsche

Long-running family intrigue ends in a victory for Volkswagen faction

No doubt someone is already working a long-running television series, on the order of "Lost," that tells the story of how niche automaker Porsche's attempt...


Study Suggests Daily Deal Sites Have Staying Power

Rice University researcher says consumers can count on them lasting

In the last year or so, coupons have moved to your computer and mobile phone. Consumers seems to love these daily deals and researchers at Rice University ...


Gas Prices Start Moving Higher Again

Tensions in Persian Gulf and relief in Europe end price decline that began in April

After weeks of steady declines, the retail price of gasoline began moving higher this week. Whether this is a temporary or long-term trend remains to be se...


FDA Proposes Unique ID System for Medical Devices

The UDI could improve the transmission of medical device information in emergencies

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing that most medical devices distributed in the United States carry a unique device identifier, or UD...


Unapproved Oxycodone Products Being Pulled From Market

The action comes as the FDA issues a notice regarding the manufacturing and distribution of the ordering the drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants companies to stop manufacturing and distributing certain unapproved drugs that contain oxycodone....


Study: U.S. Hospitals Need To Improve Safety

Consumer Reports finds many fall short in several areas

If you have to go to the hospital, you not only want to get better, you would like to think the hospital isn't going to do something to make your condition...


Debt Relief Scammers Shut Down

Consumers looking for help with their debts were deceived

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has dropped the hammer on a pair of outfits that lied to consumers who were looking for help dealing with their debts. O...


June Jobs Numbers Disappoint

Nation's unemployment rate remains at 8.2 percent

Once again expectations rose about what the government's jobs data would show, only to be disappointed by the actual results.The U.S. Labor Department re...


Will Your Internet Service Work on Monday?

It won't if you're infected with malware distributed more than a year ago

For months, warnings have been issued about a really malicious little piece of malware that's been sneaking around the Internet for the past year or so. ...


Industry Agrees to Cut Back on 'Greaseproofing' Chemicals

C-8 compounds used on pizza boxes, popcorn bags -- but at what cost?

It's not just food we have to worry about but also what it's wrapped in. The chemical industry and the Food and Drug Administration have reached an agreem...

More Has It Graduated and Gone Straight?

Consumers remember their Classmates and find similar experiences in Memory Lane

It can be nice to connect with old classmates. Before social sites like MySpace, and Facebook existed, people had to wait until their 10 or 20 year reunion...


AMC, Dish Network Continue Standoff

'Breaking Bad' about to start and viewers are feeling like the 'Walking Dead'

AMC Networks, which owns AMC, IFC, WeTV and Sundance, has reached agreement with AT&T to continue carrying the channels on AT&T's U-Verse system. A...


Mortgage Rates: How Low Can They Go?

Housing recovery could raise record low rates

For consumers who want to buy a home and can't qualify for a mortgage, it has to be agony. Mortgage interest rates continue to fall, making homes even more...


Retail Theft Down In 2011

Sticky fingers still a major problem, though

Survey on theft in the retail industry...


Reasons To Be Optimistic About The Job Market

Employers appear to be shaking off recent bad economic news

Friday's June employment report will tell the tale about the prospects of getting a job – or keeping the one you have – but the advance indicat...


Volvo Penalized for Delayed Reporting of Recalls in 2010, 2012

The automaker has agreed to pay more than a million dollars in civil fines

Volvo will pay millions for violating recall rules...


So How's Your Bank Holding Up?

Reports finds banks weakened by continued slumping economy

top risks facing national banks and federal savings associations include the lingering effects of a weak housing market, revenue challenges related to slow...


Hyperthermia: Too Hot for Your Health

NIH offers advice for helping older citizens deal with the heat

With much of the nation sweltering this week, it’s important to remember that hot summer weather can pose special health risks to older adults. ...


Reports: Smaller, Cheaper iPad On The Way

But some technology experts say they've heard this one before

The iPad, the first of the modern tablet computers, has plenty of company these days, especially with the entry of Google and Microsoft into the market.S...


Methadone linked to 30 percent of prescription painkiller overdose deaths

The death rate is out of proportion to the amount of the painkiller being prescribed

Methadone overdose rates are out of proportion to the number of prescriptions written...


'Bee Rescuers' Busy in Wake of East Coast Storms

Hives exposed in damaged and downed tree

In recent years honey bee populations have suffered serious declines, most likely due to pesticide exposure. So when bee hives are now discovered in inconv...


Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Shorten Life Span

Common condition takes a heavy toll on vicitims

You hear a lot of news about a number of terrible diseases. You don't hear so much about rheumatoid arthritis but Mayo Clinic researchers say it is no less...


Consumers Crowd New Car Showrooms In June

Despite sagging economy, new car sales surge

It turns out a lot of consumers have a new car sitting in their driveway. Both domestic and foreign automakers report June was a near record month for sale...


Developing a Survival Plan for Power Outages

Planning ahead will make life a little easier after a disaster strikes

Last week's storms that devastated parts of the Mid-Atlantic region underscore the need for individual consumers to be prepared when disaster strikes.And...


Car-Sharing: A Growing Trend But Is It For You?

There are pluses and minuses to car-sharing and on-demand rentals

If you’ve noticed, car-sharing companies are growing in popularity, and many find them to be a more convenient alternative to rental car agencies.C...


Study Finds Crash Avoidance Features Really Do Reduce Crashes

Autonomous braking and adaptive headlights yield biggest benefits

Some crash avoidance features really do assist drivers, while some don't...


Transporting Fireworks Can Be Dangerous

You can’t be too careful with fireworks whether hauling them or setting them off

Transporting fireworks can be as dangerous as setting them off...


Coffee May Lower Skin Cancer Risk

Latest study to suggest coffee is a health food

It wasn't so long ago that coffee was considered harmful. Now, study after study touts its benefits.The latest, published in the journal Cancer Research,...


First Over-the-Counter Home Use HIV Test Kit Approved

The OraQuick test could provide users results within an hour

A convenient way to test yourself for HIV has the green light...


New Safety Standard for Play Yards

Stability tests and lock and latch mechanisms are included in the new standard

Thwe voluntary standard for play yards has been incorporated into the new mandatory rule...


DC-Area Pepco Customers Frustrated By Slow Power Restoration

Pepco lags other utilities in getting the lights back on

As of today, Pepco, the utility company serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area, says it has restored power to about about half of the more than 440,0...


Scientists Report Progress On Clothing to Recharge Your Phone

Researchers think this could be the answer to dying phone batteries

Two researchers at the University of South Carolina (USC) have demonstrated how one day, your clothing may be used to charge your cell phone or tablet.If...


Could Housing Be Economy's One Bright Spot?

Housing data keeps improving while other indicators fall

There are plenty of things to worry about in the economy. Unemployment is still over eight percent, corporations are warnings earnings might suffer, and Eu...


How Misleading Information Can Get Into Carfax

It can be true but not really reflect the reality of the situation

As we have previously reported, car owners can sometimes be blindsided by information that finds its way into Carfax, which is becoming the industry standa...


Psychologist Pleads Guilty In Connection With $63 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

The scam involved referral kickbacks along with billing and payment for services not rendered

One of several people allegedy involved in a multi-million dollar Medicare scheme has pled out...


GlaxoSmithKline To Pay Billions to Resolve Fraud and Safety Case

This constitutes the largest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history

The settlement involves the drugs Avandia, Paxil and Wellbutrin...


Yelp - a Big Bully or the Consumer's Friend?

Businesses claim Yelp badgers them into buying advertising

Who hasn't used Yelp in the past?Over the years, the business review website has been quite the useful guide to draw consumers closer to good restau...


It's Not Just Cereal; Sugary Drinks Market to Kids Too

Cereal and soda companies -- between them, kids are awash in sugar

ConsumerAffairs recently covered a story about cereal companies, and how millions are spent on advertising to get kids hooked on sugary products....


Anger Grows Over Facebook Email Policy

Users report friends' address book entries are being changed without their knowledge

A survey of tech sites around the Internet show many Facebook users are increasingly upset at Facebook's changes to users' email addresses.Last week it w...


Feds Urge ATV Safety On the Trails

Admonition comes amid increase in summer fatalities

ATV safety is being urged as we approach a time of rising injuries and fatalities...


'Gluten-Free' On the Label Doesn't Mean 'Healthy'

People have been eating gluten for thousands of years with no ill effects

A growing food industry trend is products without gluten, which is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. It's used to give elasticity to do...


New Car Buyers Admit Driving While Distracted

Survey shows they value safety technology over entertainment and comfort

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