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Buying Eyeglasses Online: Good Idea?

Quality, fit and safety standards may be a little fuzzy

The Internet has affected just about everything.Most music comes in digital form instead of analogue, books are downloaded instead of read, and shopping ...


For-Profit College Marketer Settles Deception Charges

QuinStreet was a "lead generator" for for-profit schools

Returning service men and women are eligible for education benefits under the GI Bill and attracting these students can be lucrative for the growing number...


Nevada County Could Be Model For Expanding Rural Broadband

Rural county residents have easy access to high-speed Internet

While national policymakers are searching for a way to expand broadband Internet service to rural America, they might learn a thing or two by taking a clos...


Gas Prices Falling Faster

Nationwide, prices down an average 10 cents a gallon

As motorists prepare for the Independence Day holiday next week they'll find gasoline prices that are increasingly easier on the pocketbook. And the price ...


Low-Income Areas Still Lack Access to Healthy Foods

Non-profits working to raise awareness of good nutrition, improve store selections

Many families have a steady flow of fruits and vegetables in their homes, as they're the perfect food-accompaniment to a healthy lifest...


Blue Hippo Will Pay $1.2 Million To Settle Pennsylvania Charges

Consumers need to act quickly to claim their refund

Blue Hippo Funding, the company that marketed overpriced computers to people with poor credit, may be gone but it's not forgotten.In Pennsylvania, Attorn...


Report Finds Confusion In Reverse Mortgage Market

Many seniors get into trouble by not understanding the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage

Confusion is at a fairly high level when it comes to reverse mortgages...


How To Choose The Right Prepaid Credit Card

And avoid the worst ones that are loaded with fees

For many consumers, prepaid credit cards are replacing bank accounts. Money can be direct deposited to these accounts and the cards used to make purchases...


Top Five Used Cars Of 2012

ConsumerAffairs makes its picks based on consumer reviews

With the rising cost of new cars, used cars are in demand - especially those that are of recent vintage and have been proven to be reliable.But choosing ...


FDA Approves New Drug for Overactive Bladder

The once-a-day tablet provides a new treatment option

A new treatment option for people with bladder control problems...


Spot Delivery Still Victimizes Car Buyers

Don't let dealers pull the rug out from under you once the deal is done

It's called spot delivery or yo-yo financing. By any name it's a practice some car dealers use to extract additional money or a higher interest rate from a...


Healthcare Law Survives High Court Challenge

The individual mandate has been ruled constitutional as a tax

The Affordable Care Act has been passed and will be in full effect in 2014. Although many pediatricians commend the court, some state representatives have ...


Public Citizen: Health Care Act Leaves Millions Behind

Single-payer, Medicare-style coverage for all is what's needed, advocates say

WeissmanNot all liberals and progressives are delighted with today's Supreme Court that found most of the Affordable Care Act constitut...


Healthcare Ruling May Bring Workplace Improvements

Businesses see the benefit of healthier employees

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, U.S. employers may try to make their employees healthier in a ...


Hipsters Turning to Concierge Healthcare

Too hip to fill out insurance forms, they just pay in advance

The term hipster is one that has grown in both popularity and usage since the start of the second millennium. It has different meanings to different people...


Food Trucks Bringing Variety to City Streets

The moveable feasts are making lunchtime a little more interesting

If you've looked around during lunch time you've probably noticed a few more food trucks than before, as the concept of the mobile takeout restaurant has b...


FDA Approves Anti-Obesity Drug Belviq

Approval comes despite opposition from leading consumer health group

Anti-obesity drug approved despite opposition from some...


Regular, Moderate, Coffee Drinking May Reduce Heart Failure Risk

That morning cup of Joe might do more than get your eyes open; it could keep your heart pounding

New research suggests a little coffee might be good for your heart...


Dole Fresh Vegetables Recalls Limited Number of Salads

There is a possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes

Dole is recalling three kinds of salads...


Non-Traditional Destinations Offer Top Vacation Bargains

Princeton, N.J. sees the biggest drop in hotel rates

Vacations are expensive, but if you want to save money it's certainly possible. It just might mean going off the beaten path and visiting places you might ...


Cooper Issues Tire Recall

A tread separation problem could lead to crashes

Contaminated rubber could lead to tread separation, posing threat of crashes....


Big Cat Recalls Bicycle Due To Crash Hazard

The possibility of a frame crack poses the risk injury to the rider

The company is recalling its recubent bikes because of the possibility of injury to the rider...


Nearly Half Of U.S. Consumers Don't Know Their Credit Score

But survey shows consumers are getting credit card debt under control

Do you know your credit score? It turns out a lot of people don't. A survey by finds 47 percent of U.S. adults don't have a clue what their...


Facebook Withdraws 'Friends Nearby' App

Also gets flack for changing default email settings

On Sunday Facebook rather quietly launched a new “find friends nearby” app. By Tuesday, after an Internet firestorm, the social networking site...


Poll: Safety Top Consideration In New Car Purchase

Style and gadgets take backseat in poll

You might think fuel economy would be the most important factor in a consumer's selection of a new car, but according to a new poll, it's not. Safety is....


Joining a Gym? Exercise Your Right to Read the Contract

Remember: Being fit doesn't necessarily mean belonging to a gym

Everyone needs to exercise. That's no mystery. But choosing the right way to exercise can be a challenge. While some are able to stay self-motivated and do...


Poll: Honda, Mercedes Top Auto Brands

Harris Interactive poll shows Honda displaces Ford as top full line auto company

When you ask consumers what automotive brands they consider to be best in terms of quality, Mercedes-Benz and Honda come out on top, according to the 2012 ...


Mortgage Delinquencies Fall To Three-Year Low

OCC credits strengthening economy, among other factors, for the improvement

More people are staying current on their mortgage payments...


Foreclosure Situation Improving For Some, But Not All

Some homeowners find the process hopelessly frustrating

News from the housing sector lately has been encouraging. Home sales are up and so are prices. Now Equifax, the credit agency, comes along with more good n...


Wyndham Hotels In Hot Water Over Personal Information Protection

Credit card data of hundreds of thousands of consumers compromised, millions lost to fraud

FTC charges hotel chain with lax identity protection polices...


Court Blocks Sale Of Galaxy 10 Tablets In U.S.

Grant's Apple's request for preliminary injunction in patent dispute

Don't expect to purchase Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S. for a while. A U.S. District Judge in San Jose, Calif., has granted Apple a preliminary...


Activists Want Airlines Barred From Forcing Toddlers to Travel Solo

CREW says the polices of some carriers force an ‘outrageous scenario’ on parents

Children traveling alone should be banned, group says...


TBC Recalling SUV Tires

Tread separation raises the risk of a crash

Tire with tread defect is being recalled...


Most Consumers Don't Have Emergency Savings

Bankrate survey shows consumers know they need more cash on hand

If you encountered a major financial setback, such as losing your job, would you be able to get by until you got back on your feet? Perhaps it is no surpri...


How Long Should You Take Osteoporosis Drugs?

The decision depends on a number of factors and consultation with your doctor

A number of factors enter into the decision to continue taking osteoporosis medication...


Pending Home Sales Surge In May

Latest indicator that housing market is recovering

On the heels of a huge spike in new home sales, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports pending home sales rose 5.9 percent in May and is up mor...


HIV Testing Expanding Into Pharmacies

A CDC pilot program aims to make HIV testing ‘routine’

The government wants to make HIV testing more convenient...


Don't Drink the Water ... Or the Coke

Study finds levels of carcinogen in Coca-Cola varies by country

For decades, American tourists have avoided drinking the local water when touring internationally, often drinking soft drinks instead. But the results of a...


U.S. Health Experts Say Pregnant Women Shouldn't Drink

Call Danish study that reached opposite conclusion 'misleading'

As predicted, some public health officials are taking exception to study results published last week suggesting it's okay for pregnant women to consume mod...


Report: Orbitz Quotes Higher Rates To Apple Users

Apple users typically spend more for hotel rooms

You may already know that marketers use cookies to track your web browsing habits and use that information to select what ads to show you.A report in the...


You Have a New Facebook Email Address

Latest Facebook dust-up involves ""

Facebook has become notorious for making very basic changes to its system without bothering to tell anyone. The latest involves something many users consid...


Merrill Lynch Fined $2.8 Million for Overcharging Customers

FINRA action requires $32 million in remediation for affected customers

Financial service firm accused of overcharging customers...


Thousands of Fireworks Injuries Likely This July 4th

Feds warn that fireworks injuries are common and sometimes serious

Everybody knows fireworks are dangerous but every year, thousands of injured consumers wind up in hospital emergency rooms with injuries that range from mi...


Economy Flashing Conflicting Signals

Despite recession worries, housing market shows real signs of life

Lately the economic news has been filled with doom and gloom. Over the course of the winter, what appeared to be a promising recovery has slowed.Across t...


Consumer Confidence Index Declines Again

Optimism elusive as consumers take stock of the economy

Consumers' view of the economy remains downbeat...


Consumer Group Promotes Reverse Mortgage Reforms

Action urged as lenders mount PR campaign and CFPB holds hearing

Crackdowns urged on reverse mortgage offers...


Can You Really Settle Your Credit Card Debt?

Despite promises from companies, you'll have better luck doing it yourself

There are a lot of companies and law firms that say they can settle your credit card debt, but these services are costly and many are not very effective....


Facebook Agrees To Strengthen Mobile App Privacy

Seventh major company to sign onto California agreement

Facebook has signed on to a Joint Statement of Principals to strengthen privacy controls for consumers who use online applications on their smartphones, ta...


E-Z Pass Not Always So Easy

Many commuters complain of overcharges, unjust penalties and fines

In an effort to cut down on traffic congestion around highway tolls, especially in the New York metropolitan area, the Port Authority of New York and New J...


Country Save Laundry Detergent: An Affordable Alternative to Big Brands

Our informal test finds just a little Country Save can handle a big load of laundry

There are tons of laundry detergents on the market. From Tide to All, from Cheer to Arm & Hammer, it's easy to get all of these products confused, and ...


Hospital Safety Rankings Reveal Big Differences Among States

Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont have the best, Missouri and Rhode Island the worst

Real estate is all about location. So, apparently, is health care.The Hospital Safety Score is an organization that ranks hospitals in the U.S., assignin...


Statins May Work Better for Men than Women

But cholesterol-lowering drugs do appear to prevent recurrent heart attacks in both genders

So do statins work as well for women as they do for men? That question has lingered for the 20 years or so that the cholesterol-lowering drugs have been po...


Sunscreen On Infants? Not a Good Idea

An umbrella and brimmed hat for shade are generally better ways to go

You're at the beach, slathered in sunscreen. Your 5-month-old baby is there, too. Should you put sunscreen on her? Says Dr. Cheryl Sachs, M.D., a pediatric...


Rural Internet Options Still Fairly Limited

DSL and cable are usually not available

If you live in even a small city you likely have plenty of options for connecting to the Internet. But if you live in a rural area, your choices can be ext...


Settlement Requires Bus Company to Provide Wheelchair Access

New York secures agreement from Eastern Coach

Undercover customers posing as disabled consumers found it extremely difficult to get a seat on Eastern Coach, a bus company serving New York, Maryland, Pe...


Feds Address Mortgage Practices Affecting Service Members

Changes protect service members who are ordered to relocate

Regulators Address Mortgage Practices Affecting Service Members Federal regulators today issued joint guidance to address mortgage servicer practi...


Feds Bust Counterfeit Cell Phone Operation

More than 32,000 cell phones seized; value put at over $2 million

More than 32,000 bogus cell phones and other electronics were seized and three people were arrested as federal agents broke up a counterfeit trafficking ri...


Parents Urged To Do More To Keep Kids Active

Researchers find kids' activities are heavily influenced by parents

David Schary, a family health researcher at Oregon State University, was disturbed by what he was seeing. In a study on children and physical activity, all...


Majoring In Science Can Pay Big Dividends

Policymakers urging students to choose STEM fields

The U.S. needs more scientists and technicians and will reward them handsomely. That's the bottom line of a new push in education to enroll students in the...


Blood Pressure Medicine Linked To Severe Gastric Distress

Mayor Clinic doctors find olmesartan can cause nausea, vomiting and weight loss

Olmesartan is a commonly prescribed medication that helps patients control their blood pressure. But Mayo Clinic researchers is can cause nausea, vomiting,...


Dealing With Moving Companies Can Be a Trying Experience

Moving is frustrating and stressful; professionals are supposed to make it easier

Many people say you can tell how good a friend is if they're willing to help you move.Tongue and cheek it may be, but there's a dollop of truth in that s...


Electric or Gas Appliances: Which Is Better?

You may not have a choice but if you do, here are a few things to consider

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting times life has to offer. Whether your new dwelling will be in a house or an apartment, the sheer feeling...


Another Look At Rental Car Insurance

Why it may now be prudent to accept and pay for the damage waiver

It's the age old question. At the car rental counter, you are asked if you want the company's insurance coverage on the vehicle.It's not cheap. The insur...


Home Sales Dip In May

But not for the reason you think, Realtors say

Home sales have been improving in recent months, but fell back in May, according to the monthly report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).Bu...


Gas Prices Fall Another Seven Cents

Only two states now have an average price above $4 a gallon

The week brought more good news for motorists filling their vehicles with fuel. The national average price of gasoline fell another seven cents a gallon in...


Study: Light Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Not Harmful

Danish researchers say one to six drinks per week doesn't hurt

Here's a study that could well trigger some debate in medical circles. Researchers in the Netherlands says pregnant women consuming one to six alcoholic dr...


Survey: Workers Taking Fewer Vacations Since Recession

But bosses are more likely to take a summer break

U.S. workers still take vacations but they take fewer and of less duration since the Great Recession. A survey by the jobs site also show...


School's Out, Drowning Season in Full Swing

Children under 5 are at greatest risk

With school out and the swimming pool season in full swing, it’s a good time to remember that summer fun can turn to tragedy in the blink of an eye....


Volaris Fined for Failing To Disclose Baggage Fees

Extra charges must be spelled out clearly

You have a right to know if you have to pay extra for airline baggage and the carrier is required to tell you when you buy a ticket. Because it didn’...


Tips For Handling a Heat Wave

You can stay cool and save money

With the eastern half of the country in the grip of a summer heat wave, staying cool and keeping energy bills under control become twin, if not conflicting...


The Lowdown on Lawn Care Companies

There's no one-size-fits-all solution to having a lawn that stays green and weed-free

Many kids who had the ardent task of mowing their parents lawn, clipping hedges, or pulling weeds probably said to themselves 'I'm going to use a lawn care...


Samsung To Probe Galaxy S3 Heat Claims

Irish consumer says his phone caught fire while in a docking station

Technology sites have displayed photographs in the last 24 hours of a Samsung Galaxy SIII handset that appears to be damaged by fire. The reports said the ...


Should You Consider Insurance For Your Pet?

"Self-insuring" may be a better option for many pet owners

People have healthcare plans and, with the rising cost of veterinary care, so do pets.For a monthly fee, many vet visits are covered for little or no add...


Consumer Awarded $65,000 for Bank's Harassing Phone Calls

Bank kept calling even after being advised it was calling the wrong person

Have you ever received a continuous flow of pre-recorded phone calls? They usually come at the most inconvenient time during your day, and typically have t...


Bluestem Recalls Fingerhut, Gettington Recliners

The legs contain excessive amounts of lead paint

Bluestem Brands, Inc., of Eden Prairie, Minn., is recalling about 400 recliners. The surface paint on the legs of the recliner contains excessive leve...


Cost of Raising a Child Still Rising

A one-year-old will cost you $234,900 before reaching adulthood

If you are a parent, you don’t need the government to tell you it’s expensive to raise a child. What you may not know is HOW expensive.Accord...


Veterans Get a Little Help Finding Jobs in Transportation

Feds launch job-finding portal for unemployed veterans

DOT, VA To Help Vets Seeking Jobs In Transportation U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki tod...


Why Fat-Free Salad Dressing May Not Be the Best Choice

Some fat brings out the nutrients in vegetables

Having a salad is almost always a healthy choice, but it turns out that the kind of salad dressing you choose can make a difference in how healthy it is....


Traveling? Don't Bring Measles Home With You

Summer Olympics could be an Olympic event for measles

With the 2012 Summer Olympics just weeks, people around the world are preparing. Athletes are putting in their final weeks of training, officials in...


J.D. Power Finds Big Improvement In Auto Initial Quality

Only trouble spot appears to be audio and navigation systems

U.S. automakers are building the highest initial quality vehicles since 2009 according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Initial Quality Study. Th...


The Universal/EMI Merger: How Will It Specifically Impact The Music Consumer?

Consumer Federation experts outline risks to consumers if takeover goes through

Last week ConsumerAffairs discussed a possible music industry takeover by Universal Music Group (UMG), as the mega label announced its attempts to purchase...


Amazon's Impersonal Service Rankles Some Consumers

Things generally go well but when they don't, solutions can be hard to find

After ordering a book for my Dad for Father's Day at, two weeks prior to the actual holiday, I was told the book was out of stock and it couldn'...


How To Make the Right Offer On a New Car

Do your homework and be prepared to walk

Many consumers walk into a new car showroom thinking they can go toe-to-toe with the salesman, driving a hard bargain and getting an exceptional deal.But...


Feds Charge Precious Metals Investment Scheme is Bogus

Sterling Precious Metals LLC allegedly scammed elderly consumers

Precious metals may be precious but that doesn't automatically make them a good investment, as many consumers have learned after succumbing to a slick sale...


BMW Recalls X5, X6 Models

Power steering fluid may leak

BMW is recalling about 2,600 X5 models from the 2012-2013 model years and X6 models from the 2013 model year.The company said that power steering fluid m...


Big Lots Recalls Ceramic Space Heaters

Portable heaters post fire, shock hazards

About 70,000 portable space heaters sold by Big Lots are being recalled. The heaters can overheat and melt, posing a fire or electric shock hazard.B...


Not All Debt Is Bad

Used properly, debt can help you build financial independence

Debt is bad and should be avoided at all costs, right? Wrong, says Ike Ikokwu, a financial planner and author.“Money is opportunity, and havin...


J.C. Penney Shuffles Executive Suite Amid Plunging Sales

President is ousted in shake-up over marketing plan

More changes are coming to J.C. Penney's, the department store chain that began the year proudly boasting it was throwing off the past and embracing the fu...


Don't Worry About Momentary Memory Lapses

A majority of seniors often struggle to remember things, researchers say

If you are between 62 and 95 and sometimes struggle to recall a word that's "on the tip of your tongue," don't sweat it. New Research from the University o...


Obesity Seen As Economic, As Well As Health Issue

Nutrition expert says profit pressure on food companies part of the problem

Small and medium-sized businesses are committing more of their resources to try to reduce obesity in the workplace, alarmed at projected increases in healt...


TV Increasingly Used as Babysitter

Research suggests parents use the screen to occupy kids so they can do other things

Parents may have the noblest of intentions and consider television and video programs to be a rich source of educational value for their children. But in t...


Microsoft Jumps Into Tablet Wars

Company unveils 'Surface' but doesn't announce a release date

Microsoft has introduced its own tablet PC...


Greyhound Passengers, Drivers Agree On One Thing

Bus company racks up miles and complaints about safety, customer service

It's probably an absolute certainty that anyone who has taken a Greyhound bus has some sort of interesting story.Whether that story is attached to a good...


Sharp Introduces 'World's Largest LED TV'

$11,000 gets you a six-foot-wide screen

How big does a television set need to be? For those who think bigger is always better, Sharp has introduced what it calls "the worlds largest LED TV."It'...


University of Phoenix Still a Complaint Magnet

Online education doesn't always live up to consumers' expectations

College is a lot of fun. Whether one goes away to a campus or commutes to a local college--the partying, the learning, and the socializing can all be life ...


Refinery Closing Causes Midwest Gas Price Surge

While gas prices are falling most places, they're rising in others

Motorists across the country have enjoyed the benefit of steadily falling gasoline prices in recent weeks. The national average price of self-serve regular...


Annual List Reveals Dirty Dozen Fruits

"Highly disturbing" level of pesticides found in baby food

Environmental Working Group has released the eighth edition of its Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce with updated information on 45 popula...


Colorado Indicts Suspects in Nigerian Internet Romance Scam

374 victims in U.S. and 40 other countries lost $1 million

A Colorado woman and her mother are accused of running a Nigerian internet romance scam that allegedly fleeced 374 victims from the U.S. and 40 other count...


Consumer Advocates Irked by Girl Scouts Candy Bars

Bars violate Nestle's pledge not to sell candy bars to children, group argues

Nestlé claims it doesn't market candy to children but health advocates say a new line of Girl Scout-themed Crunch candy bars violates the company'...


Reports Of Mortgage Modification Rip-Offs Increasing

Washington attorney general sees uptick in complaints

Five years into the foreclosure crisis there is no end in sight. After a pause for a now completed settlement with the mortgage industry, the pace of forec...


West Virginia Sues Auto Title Loan Company

Attorney general claims abusive collection tactics

Over the years West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw has filed dozens of lawsuits against payday lenders and car title loan companies, which state ...


Warning: Loneliness Can Be Fatal

Study finds loneliness in older persons is a risk factor for poor health and death

Having a lot of people around can be pretty annoying. They listen to music, crash around in the kitchen and sometimes make you go places and do things you ...


Consumers Fume as Their Toyotas Burn

Feds investigating fires in recent-vintage cars as consumers complain of no help from Toyota

You wouldn't expect your car door to catch fire but that's apparently what's been happening on some 2007 through 2009 Toyotas, according to federal safety ...


Toshiba's Satellite U840 Ultrabook Lacks Sizzle

Our reviewer finds it dull but serviceable, with Toshiba's trademark bland packaging

Earlier this month, Toshiba released its Satellite U840 Ultrabook, and the company claims it's the perfect portable laptop. That bold claim alone made me g...


Suit Claims Nutrex Contains a Dangerous Stimulant

DMAA is becoming the next ephedra, safety advocates fear

Nutrex must face class-action claims that its body-building diet supplements contain a powerful stimulant banned in professional sports, a federal mag...


BPA Exposure May Last For Generations

Researchers found the chemical in a series of mice generations

The debate over the safety of Bisphenol A (BPA), a widely used chemical in plastic containers, will likely continue for some time but the evidence of its e...


How To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Student Loan Balance

It isn't easy, but some federal student loans can be forgiven

Crushing student loan debt is a growing threat to the economy. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports total student loan debt in the U.S. now exc...


Facebook to Pay $10 Million in 'Social Advertising' Lawsuit

"Sponsored story" ads illegal in California without prior notice to consumers

You may have seen them on Facebook, they're called "Sponsored Stories" and they're generated when one of your "friends" clicks the "Like" button to applaud...


Consumer Group Urges Tighter Controls On Subprime Credit Cards

Feds urged not to back off rule limiting yearly fees to 25 percent of credit limit

In comments filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) says the government watchdog should find a w...


Terminix Commercials Latest To Rile Consumers

Some viewers complain the ads are more like a horror movie

As we have previously reported, consumers take growing offense at commercials they find annoying or that “scare the children.” The latest to fi...


How Effective Are Prescription Warning Labels?

Michigan State researchers say most consumers, especially older consumers, never see them

When you take a prescription medication, there may be warnings on the label that caution users about possible harmful side effects. Do we read them? Appare...


Who's Who Publisher To Make Restitution

Oregon reaches settlement agreement with publisher

Cambridge Who's Who is a vanity publisher that creates a directory of business leaders and professionals. While it provides a free online listing, it also ...


270 Deaths Later, Feds Accelerate Probe of Jeep Fires

A consumer group spelled out the problem in great detail more than two years ago

More than two years after a 69-page petition from the Center for Auto Safety spelled out the problem, citing at least 254 fatalities, federal safety regula...


Big Four Records Companies May Become the Big Three

Universal Music Group plotting an industry takeover?

What's interesting about the music business is that on the outside looking in, it appears there are many record labels around the world. Everyday a new a r...


Banks Charge Non-Customers to Cash Checks

Closing your bank account doesn't mean you can escape fees

Once upon a time, if you received a check as payment you could take it to the bank on which the check was drawn and receive your money. It was a pretty str...


A Look at LG's Newest Washer and Dryer Combination

They look futuristic and have lots of features, but check the consumer reviews first

When did washers and dryers start looking so snazzy?This is the question I was asking in my head, as I wandered around an appliance show room getting an ...


Asus PadFone: Rumored To Be On Its Way to the US

It's a smartphone, tablet and laptop, all in one ... sort of

If you think about it, many people don't just have one electronic device nowadays. Between their laptop, mobile device, and  smartphone, many peo...


Gas Prices Down Another Three Cents This Week

Global economic concerns have a silver lining for motorists

The price of gasoline continued to drift lower for another week, with the average price three cents a gallon less than it was a week ago.The national ave...


Why Your Phone Battery Is Always Dead

Maybe it's not always getting a good night's sleep

Wonder why your smartphone battery runs down, even when you aren't using the device? Chances are, it's not getting enough sleep.Because smartphone functi...


Saving Money On Currency Transactions When You Travel

Having a credit card with no foreign transaction fees can be a big help

When traveling from one country to another, a credit card often makes it easier to navigate. Whatever the currency, plastic makes it nearly universal.It ...


Text Promising Gift Cards Is a Scam

Part of a growing number of schemes that target mobile devices

Unsolicited texts are annoying enough. Those that say you're won a gift card from Walmart or Costco are even worse – they're scams.Thousands of peo...


How to 'Have the Conversation' With An Older Parent

Aging expert advises to talk frankly about nursing home, end-of-life issues

Next to talking to your child about sex, probably the next most dreaded conversation is telling an aging parent you think they should move into a nursing h...


Feds Derail Bogus Health Insurance Scheme

Health Care One LLC agrees to settlement with FTC

It's bad enough having no health insurance, it's even worse to fall for a scheme that takes your money and returns nothing.That's when the Federal T...


Hundreds of Thousands Scammed Via Dating Sites Yearly

The average dating scam victim loses nearly $9,000 -- not counting the emotional cost

Love. It's both the most coveted and elusive emotion of all time. Songs are sung about either finding it or recovering from it, screen writers send story l...


Republicans and Democrats Disagree on Politics ... and Products

There's very little bipartisan agreement in the marketplace

The last few years have proven that Republicans and Democrats really can't agree on much of anything at all. Apparently it even extends to choices in consu...


The New MacBook Pro: A Look, Touch, and Basic Feel Review

Apple's latest does indeed have a bright and radiant display, our man Daryl discovers

My colleague Truman Lewis recently covered Apple's New MacBook Pro, and discussed how the new laptop was all the buzz at this year's World Wide Developers ...


Finding the Best Cash-Back Credit Card For You

No one card is best for everyone; it depends on what you buy

There are an increasing number of credit cards that offer various amounts of cash back on your purchases. Selecting the best one might not be that easy, ho...


Low-Cost Airlines Outperform Majors in Latest Rankings

Consumers like low fares, but good customer service too

Overall, the level of customer satisfaction with air travel took a dip in the latest J.D.Power and Associates North America Airline Satisfaction Study.Bu...


How to Switch Your Dog to A New Pet Food

Illness in dogs not always caused by the food, but by an abrupt change

Pet owners over the years have reported major illness and even death to their dogs when they switched to a new brand of dog food. In most cases the consume...


Consumer Prices Dropped In May

Most of it came in savings at the gas pump

The U.S. Labor Department reports the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of what consumers pay for goods and services, tumbled in May, but the savings c...


Cooper Recalls Cooper, Del-Nat, Pep Boys, TBC Tires

Tread separation hazard

Cooper is recalling about 10,000 tires because of possible tread separation. The recalled tires are listed below. Cooper will notify owners and dealers wil...


Kolcraft Recalls Strollers after Fingertip Amputations

Fingers can get stuck in the strollers' hinge mechanism

Kolcraft is recalling about 36,000 Contours Options three- and four-wheeled strollers. A child or consumer’s finger can become caught in the ope...


Foreclosure Numbers Rise In May

But there are still fewer foreclosures than a year ago

There are two ways to look at the current state of foreclosures. On one hand, activity spiked between April and May, but is down on a year-over-year basis....


Eating Out and Eating Healthily: They Can Go Together

Here are some healthy options next time you're at your favorite chain restaurant

What is it about eating out that's so nice?On the surface that may seem like a stupid question. I can already hear the sarcastic portion of readers sayin...


Justice Department Opens Antitrust Probe of Cable Industry

Are cable companies conspiring to shut out competitors like Netflix, Hulu?

So think about it a minute: Would you want to live your life as a pipe, doing nothing but moving everybody else's slush around?No, of course, you wouldn'...


10 Car Models Dropped After 2012 May Be Bargains

Kelley Blue Book says some may be better values than others

What happens when an automaker decides to discontinue a model? Chances are the manufacturer and dealer will be willing to make deals to clear inventories....


Outlook For Gasoline Prices: Going Lower

A change in perception makes a big difference at the pump

Motorists have seen prices at the pump fall steadily since early April. After peaking around $3.93 a gallon, the national average price of self-serve regul...


Diesel Exhaust Found to Cause Cancer

World Health Organization now says there is conclusive proof

For the last 24 years the World Health Organization (WHO) has believe diesel exhaust to be a "probable" source of cancer. Now the agency has removed the wo...


Jamaica Home to Many Phone Scams

Con artists can't spend all their time on the beach -- they have to work too

White sand beaches, plentiful sun, reggae music…and international phone scams?When most people think of Jamaica, they imagine a tropical paradise,...


Courts Shut Down 'Forensic Audit' Company

Consumer Advocates Group claimed it could help financially-troubled homeowners

A federal court has shut down a company that sold "forensic audits" that would supposedly help troubled homeowners avoid foreclosure. The Federal Trade Com...


Consumers Getting Fewer Credit Card Offers

Drop-off in offers coincides with reduction in credit card debt

Recent data shows that credit card debt is down. Maybe it's no coincidence that there are also fewer credit card offers clogging your mailbox.The cool-of...


Survey: Students Benefit From Personal Finance Education

Ninety percent say course helped them change their behavior

Is financial literacy education worthwhile. There was always the assumption that it could be helpful and now, USA Funds, a non-profit financial education o...


But Where Will Don Draper Go? Dish Network Canceling AMC

The Walking Dead may have to shuffle off to another satellite

For those who were watching Don Draper, from AMC's hit show Mad Men, ride off into another season ending sunset, you probably also noticed the ads during c...


Verizon Wireless Formally Unveils New Pricing Plan

Calls and texts are unlimited, but not data

Verizon Wireless has made it official, rolling out its new “Share Everything” pricing plan that will replace its current plan structure for new...


Survey: Store Brands Can Knock 36% Off Grocery Bill

Biggest savings on buns -- 62%

What's the difference between an advertised brand and a store brand? Sometimes its just the label.Sometimes, major food manufacturers also produce the sa...


Average Family's Net Worth Drops 38 Percent

Fed report suggests collapse of housing market to blame

The U.S. Federal Reserve has released a report that sheds light on the precarious financial state of the American family and may help explain why the econo...


Data Broker Fined $800,000 for Privacy Violations

Spokeo marketed consumers' profiles to prospective employers

Selling personal information about consumers is perfectly legal ... sometimes. It depends on what the purchaser does with the data.In the caes of Spokeo,...


Feds Order Railroads to Post Emergency Contact Info at Grade Crossings

Consumers will be able to report unsafe conditions, equipment malfunctions

Federal regulators have ordered railroads to make it a little bit easier for consumers to report unsafe conditions and equipment malfunctions at railroad c...


Utility Surcharges, Fees Frustrate Consumers

Stronger safeguards needed to stop unjust rate hikes, study finds

New AARP Report: Utility Surcharges, Fees Frustrate Consumers and Short Cut Consumer Protections     Recommends Co...


Five More Debt Collectors Settle With West Virginia

Barred from collecting illegal debts in the state

West Virginia has, in recent months, cracked down on debt collectors that violate state consumer protection laws.The crackdown continues as give more out...


Aflac Warns That Scammers Have Hijacked Its Name

Version of Sweepstakes Scam is using conterfeit Aflac checks

Aflac, an insurance company perhaps best known for its duck advertising mascot, is warning consumers its name has misappropriated by scammers.“It h...


Another Round of Collections Target Former Hollywood Video Customers

But consumers are adamant they don't owe the money

The collection calls are continuing for some former customers of now-defunct Hollywood Video, judging by the increase in complaints received at ConsumerAff...


Too Little Sleep May Raise Stroke Risk

Researchers say it's an overlooked risk factor, especially for older adults

We generally think that high blood pressure and being overweight are the main contributors to stroke risk. But researchers at the University of Alabama Bir...


Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro, Previews iOS 6

MacBook Pro features high-def display, all-flash storage

Apple did its thing today, unveiling new products and goodies at its WWDC 2012 conference. Taking center stage was the all new 15-inch MacBook Pro fea...


Teens Are Choosing Pot Over Cigarettes

The anti-tobacco messages have gotten through but kids are still lighting up

Many teens believe smoking pot is healthier than smoking cigarettes. This is according to a new study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC...


When Carfax Gets It Wrong

Reports sometimes list non-existent damage

When consumers buy used cars – which often cost more than what new cars cost a few years ago – they want some assurance that the car they are b...


Tips For Stronger Passwords

It's harder these days to stay a step ahead of the hackers

In the wake of the LinkedIn password hack, a lot of computers users are changing their passwords. But instead of changing it from “yourname1234&rdquo...


Collect Calls From Jail Are Costly

Inmates usually have no other options than to make the expensive calls

In this era of cell phone plans that treat local and long distance calls the same, it's easy to forget that long distance “collect” calls, in w...


Philadelphia Ranked As 'Most Bedbug Infested' City

Pest control company compiles list of 15 most-infested U.S. cities

The folks at Terminix Pest Control have scoured the country and issued a list of U.S. cities with the most bedbug infestation. This year, Philadelphia wins...


No Source Found for Latest E. coli Outbreak

One death, 14 illnesses blamed on latest outbreak

There's little progress so far in tracking down the source of an outbreak of E. coli that has made at least 14 people ill and caused at least one death. Th...


Returns And Warranties Not the Same Thing

Stores often have short time limits for returns, even though the warranty is still in force

Rhonda, of Waterloo, Iowa, is angry with Staples. About six weeks ago, she says, she went to the office supply retailer and purchased the Model SPL TXC 15A...


Feds Shut Down Trucking Company

WTSA US Express probe finds multiple safety violations

In its latest safety crackdown, the U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) has ordered Wisconsin-based truck company WTSA US Express to shut down  ...


It's Just Round 1 of the TV Networks vs. Dish Grudge Match

TV program producers and distributors are starting to feel like newspapers

Commercials are like dentists.  Everybody complains about them and tries to avoid them but they're a necessity of modern life.  Without them, we'...


The New Air Yeezy 2: Kanye West's Sneakers Hit the Stores Saturday

Pre-release pair sold on eBay for $90,000

Every summer brings about a new sneaker that consumers go mad over, and this season is no different with the new shoes by both Kanye West and Nike being re...


Gasoline Prices Still Falling

U.S. refineries step up their output, increasing supplies

Motorists continued to get a break at the gas pump this week as retail prices retreated another five cents a gallon nationwide.The national average price...


'Shopping Sheet' Will Help Parents Estimate College Costs

Families now have trouble navigating the maze of tuition, fees, loans

Current and future tuition costs for college can be a big mystery at times. Between the costs of housing, meals, books and incidentals, it's hard for paren...


Pew Study Finds Checking Accounts 'Risky'

Fees are rising and so are the number of disclosure pages

Consumer banking seems to be a lot more complicated than it once was. Now, checking account holders have to meet increasing requirements to avoid fees and...


Stressful Life Events Linked to Cancer

Study suggests link between basal cell carcinoma and troubled parent-child relationship

A study of 91 patients at a university medical center suggests that a troubled early parent-child relationship in combination with a severe life event in t...


Parents Aren’t Monitoring Their Kids Mobile Device Behavior

Internet habits get more attention but mobile usage presents equal risks

 Many of us who were born before the technological boom of the Internet era had limited access to information. If we wanted a peek into the large...


Another Reason to Count Calories

Study finds restricting calories keeps heart young

Restricting your daily calories to a healthy total will not just help you keep the pounds off. It just might help you live longer.People who restrict the...


Consumers Continue to Use More Credit

But credit card debt drops sharply in April

U.S. consumers are tapping into credit this year in a big way, mostly to pay for vehicles or education.The Federal Reserve's monthly report shows consume...


Best Buy Chairman Makes Hasty Departure

Sudden resignation latest bump in the road for electronics retailer

When Circuit City went under a couple of years ago, Best Buy appears to be the last man standing in the retail consumer electronics and appliance space. Bu...


Court Shuts Down Credit Repair Service

FTC says company was told to stop four years ago

A federal court has temporarily shut down a Florida-based operation that allegedly continued to pitch bogus credit-repair services nationwide, despite a 20...


LinkedIn Hacked; What You Should Do

eharmony says 'small fraction' of its passwords also stolen

If you get an email from LinkedIn saying you need to reset your password, it's real. The social networking site has reported a data breach in which an undi...


EPA: Honda Fit EV Wrings the Most Out of its Battery

But Americans aren't exactly charged up about electric cars

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Honda Fit has the highest mileage range compared to competitors like the Ford Focus or Nissan L...


Thanks But No Thanks: Apple Parting Ways With Google Maps

Both companies promise more excitement in next-generation products

It's not you, it's me. That's what Apple is telling Google in its impending breakup with the Google Maps tool.Apple just announced it will be using its o...


How to Prepare For 'Taxmageddon'

How would rising taxes and cuts in government spending affect you?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke calls it "the fiscal cliff." Others are calling it "taxmageddon. Without new legislation, it will come at the end of ...


A Blood Test To Diagnose Depression

It's especially hard to diagnose depression in teens; new test should help

Many teenagers suffer from emotional issues, and many parents can't tell if it's due to clinical depression or a normal amount of teen growing pains. Let's...


Health Experts Skeptical of New York's Big Beverage Ban

Some call the idea 'short-sighted' and minimize soda's contribution to obesity

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg riled the beverage industry with his proposal to ban large sugary beverages at food establishments, in an effort to c...


Car-Surfing a Growing, Dangerous Fad

Influence of movies, social media fostering risky behavior

The next time your teenager leaves the house and you tell them no drinking and no texting while driving, you might want to add "no car-surfing."Most popu...


Study: Most Consumers Pay Little Attention to Food's Sodium Content

Researchers call for broader education campaign to warn consumers of harmful effects

U.S. Consumers, by and large, like their food salty. As a result, the amount of sodium in the average U.S diet has drifted higher, to dangerous levels, ove...


Fruit and Vegetable Diet May Help You Stop Smoking

Could this be a cheaper way to kick the habit?

Reluctant smokers spend millions each year on smoking cessation programs and products, but maybe all that's needed is diet rich in fruit and vegetables, al...


Before Getting Prepaid Debt Card, Check Out the Fees

Survey shows most consumers are uninformed about prepaid card fees

There's no doubt that prepaid debit cards are growing in popularity among U.S. consumers, particularly those who don't have traditional bank accounts.But...


J.C. Penney Utters Four-Letter Word

Company going back to calling price reductions 'sales'

There, they said it. “Sale.”When J.C. Penney began 2012 with a new strategy, CEO Rob Johnson vowed the department store chain was finished wi...


Regular Soda, Diet Soda, Zero-Calorie Sodas: What's Really Safe?

With New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposing a ban on the sales of large sodas and other sugar-based drinks, the national debate on healthy verse non-healthy beverages is at an all-time high

With New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposing a ban on the sales of large sodas and other sugar based drinks, the national debate on healthy verse non-he...


Consumer Encounters Two Scams in One Day

Fortunately, she didn't fall victim either time

Daria, of Highland, Ind., may be on some kind of list that she doesn't want to be on. She reports she was the target of two different, unrelated scams with...


Researchers: Consumers Need Better Information About Fish

Consumers need information about marine toxins that can affect fish safety

Eating fish is good for you because it contains plenty of heart-healthy omega-3. However, some fish tends to contain more toxic material absorbed from its...


Rattlesnake Bites On the Rise

When civilization encroaches on nature, nature bites back

Though it rarely makes news, about 8,000 Americans each year are bitten by poisonous snakes, according to public health officials.About 10 percent of the...


West Marine Recalls Folding Deck Chairs

The chairs can collapse

West Marine Products is recalling about 1,200 Folding Deck Chairs. The chair cannot support the stated weight capacity. This poses a collapse hazard t...


Feds Shut Down Supposed Debt Relief Company

FDA Solutions claimed it could slice debt by 40 to 60%

The Federal Trade Commission has put a stop to the allegedly deceptive practices of a debt settlement operation that lured consumers with exaggerated claim...


Auto Parts Suppliers Agree to Fines, Prison Sentences

Companies conspired to fix prices of products installed in U.S. cars

Stockholm-based Autoliv Inc. has agreed to plead guilty for its role in a conspiracy to fix prices of seatbelts, airbags and steering wheels installed in U...


Study Finds More Magazine Ads Selling With Sex

Now, it may take more sex to get our attention

Sex sells, and a new study of magazine ads over the last three decades shows some things never change. Madison Avenue is tapping into our carnal desires li...


New Site Gives U.S. Hospitals Letter Grade For Patient Safety

National grading system said to be the first of its kind

Here's a true but scary statement: Not all hospitals are created equal.According to the nonprofit agency The Leapfrog Group, nearly 400 people die every ...


Disney To Stop Junk-Food Advertising During Its Programming

Michelle Obama calls it "a game-changer," others praise Disney for risking revenue

The folks at Disney wants children to eat healthier while watching its programming.The Walt Disney Co. will announce today that it will stop advertising ...


Twitter Gets Into Alcohol Promotions After Adding Age Verifier to Its Site

Profit at any price? New pursuit of ad dollars is likely to spark spirited protests

Alcohol marketers have to deal with all kinds of regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), so it doesn't promote its products to under aged co...


Facebook Reportedly Planning Access For Children Under 13

If true, it's likely to set off debate

A report in the Wall Street Journal is sure to embroil Facebook in yet another debate. The Journal this week reported the social network site is working on...


Samsung Galaxy S III Promotes Sharing, Streamlining

New smartphone can be ordered through four major carriers

There's growing buzz about a new smartphone not made by Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S III, which runs on Google's Android platform, can be ordered from Sprin...


10 Ways to Avoid Costly Auto Repair Mistakes

Following these steps could save you money

Some people work on their cars and trucks themselves. Others take them to an auto service center.When the automotive website AutoMD recently quizzed both...


Report: Insurers Can Manipulate Computer Systems to Broadly Underpay Injury Claims

Court documents shed light on insurers' huge but questionable savings

ormer Industry Executive Details Claims’ Tactics That Shortchange ConsumersNewly Released Court Documents Reveal Huge and Questionable Insurer Clai...


Class Action Charges Jos. A. Bank's Sales Are Bogus

Retailer's merchandise is "perpetually on sale," lawsuit alleges

It's pretty hard to escape the commercials for Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, the Brooks Brothers wannabe that's constantly running sales and claiming that this i...


Florida Broker Fined $1 Million for Improper Sales to Elderly Investors

Brookstone Securities also ordered to pay $1.6 million restitution to customers

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) hearing panel has ruled that Brookstone Securities of Lakeland, FL, and the firm's Owner/CEO Antony Turbevi...


Schools Saying No to 'Pink Slime'

Experts say it's safe but many school districts are taking a pass

U.S. school districts are saying no thanks to "Pink Slime", the controversial beef additive that's been the topic of food discussion in the past year, and...


Home Prices Edge Higher in April

coreLogic finds the market is rebounding in hard-hit states

It may not mean the value of your house has gone up, but for the second straight month, the value of the average U.S. home rose in April, according to a re...


Evenflo Recalls Convertible High Chairs

The activity tray can come loose, allowing the child to fall

Evenflo is recalling about 35,00 convertible high chairs. The activity tray on the high chair can unexpectedly detach and allow an unrestrained child ...


Door-To-Door Magazine Salespeople Hit the Streets Once Again

Washington State isn't extending the welcome mat this year

Guess who's back in town?  It’s the door-to-door magazine sellers from out of state who appear on doorsteps claiming outrageously priced subscri...


AARP Study Finds a Happiness Gap

Sure, you're happy. But are you happier than you were a few years ago?

Are you happy? If you're a bit less chipper than you were a year or two ago, don't feel bad -- you have plenty of company. So says a new study from AARP....


Avoiding Text Message Scams

Be suspicious of a text that says you've won a gift card

Viruses and phishing scams are quickly moving to smartphones, meaning consumers have to exercise the same caution when they're mobile that they do at their...


Could We Be On the Verge of a Hiring Surge?

While the latest economic news looks grim, some jobs indicators turn positive

The idea goes against all the latest data, both in the U.S. and around the world. The economy seems to be slowing down and job growth has slammed on the br...


Microsoft Changes License Agreement to Bar Class Actions

Company's customers give up their right to sue and agree to binding arbitration in all disputes

Microsoft, never shy about trumpeting its latest innovations whether real or just vaporware, has quietly changed its U.S. end user license agreement to for...


Duke Study Confirms Toxicity of Widely Used Pesticide Ingredient

"Pregnant women should steer clear of handling household insecticides"

Researchers at the Duke University School of Medicine say they have confirmed the high toxic activity of the chemical piperonyl butoxide (PBO), a so-c...


Survey: Online Shoppers Want Better Exchange/Return Policies

Delivery times also an issue with many online shoppers

As more shopping continues to be done online, many retailers are still trying to figure out how to make online consumers feel satisfied. According to a sur...


Military Families Still Hit by Predatory Lenders

Report blames loopholes, DoD inaction for continuing abuses

American military men and women are still being victimized by predatory lending despite legislation that was supposed to put a halt to the most harmful pra...


Poll Finds Support for More Calorie Labels on Menus

Big majority favors calorie labels in theater snack bars and on alcoholic drinks

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken a lot of heat for his attempt to ban big sugary drinks but a recent poll finds huge majorities favor more,...


Illinois Sues World Gym Franchises Over Sudden Closings

At issue, how far should gym members have to drive?

When you join a gym or fitness club, you have every expectation of the facility staying open, or stop charging you for membership dues if it closes.Illin...


Forecasters Predict 'Average' Hurricane Season

10 to 16 named storms possible, Florida researcher finds

Scientists at the Florida State University Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) have released their fourth annual Atlantic hurricane sea...


Carpenter Bees Can Be Trouble For Your Home

These bumble bee look-alikes can damage wood surfaces

Despite their name, carpenter bees are not handy with a hammer. They can be a destructive force to your home and its wood structures.Carpenter bees get t...


Are Your Tires Properly Inflated?

Under-inflated tires waste up to one billion gallons of fuel each year

Quick, how many pounds of air are supposed to be in the tires on your car? If that information isn't on the top of your mind, you aren't alone.A survey b...


40 percent of Americans Say They Know Little About Their Finances

Poor financial literacy leads to problems despite consumer protection efforts

It's no big secret that consumers love their credit cards. In fact, newly issued bank cards went up by nearly 37 percent in February 2012, according to Equ...


Researchers: Super Heroes Can Help Kids Eat Right

Ask your children 'what would Batman eat?'

In recent years food manufacturers have employed popular cartoon characters as mascots and emblems to help capture children's attention. It's proved to be ...


You May See More New Car Incentives This Summer

Economic slowdown may motivate manufacturers to deal

If you happen to be in the market for a new vehicle this summer, chances are good car companies will try to entice you with additional incentives.After i...


Move Over, Facebook. Pinterest is #1

Study finds consumers follow Pinterest more than Facebook or Twitter

Retailers using social media networks to snag new customers is nothing new, and sites like Facebook and Twitter have have led the way in linking the consum...


Gas Prices Fall Another Five Cents

Some states are still higher than usual because of refinery woes

Oil prices continued to fall on world markets this week, adding weight to gasoline prices that began the summer driving season moving lower, not higher.T...


Consumer Watchdog Isn't Happy About Google's Self-Driving Vehicles

Wonders if Google will track users around real, as well as virtual, highways

As previously reported, Google's self-driving car has been recently approved to be tested on California highways, but not everyone is pleased about it...


Nike and Reebok Continue To Assist Athletes With Technology

Runners, golfers and even the chronically ill can benefit from sports technology

In recent years, technology and athletics have been moving closer and closer to together. Whether it's new aerodynamic, lightweight bicycles for cyclist, o...


AT&T Introduces New International Roaming Packages

Move designed to eliminate 'bill shock' for foreign travelers

Using your cell phone when you leave U.S. borders can be expensive. ConsumerAffairs has received many complaints from consumers over the years who encounte...


Netflix App Designed to Prevent Mobile Data Overages

Apple device users can limit their connections to Wi-Fi

The Internet offers hours and hours of video content that consumers can view on their smartphones. But unless you have an unlimited data plan - and those a...


Apple TV Talk Heats Up

Company CEO raises pulse rates with conference comments

Apple CEO Tim Cook set tech tongues wagging this week when he spoke at the All Things Digital Conference. The take-away by those who heard Cook speak is th...


Smokers Should Be Prepared For Another Price Increase

New taxes, rising tobacco prices likely to drive up the price of a pack

Hey smokers, are you enjoying that cigarette right now? Well it soon might not be so enjoyable as cigarette prices are expected to see a tax increase and o...


Report: U.S. Travel and Hotel Bookings Are Up 21%

Better make those reservations early; rooms and seats are filling up

If you're planning to do some summer travel this season, you may want to start booking those rooms right now, as travel reports suggests that U.S. consumer...


Survey: Many UK Kids Still Expect Mom and Dad to Foot Tuition Costs

In a change from previous generations, today's young Brits extend their dependence on parents

A lot of kids have their eyes set on college, but most still feel their parents are solely responsible for footing half of the bill.The London based comp...


Court Prevents Nursing School From Blocking Grads' License Exams

School lost its accreditation, sparking fee disputes

A Florida court has issued an injunction against a nursing school that was attempting to prevent its former students from taking an exam to be licensed as ...