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Once Again, Feds Delay Rearview Camera Rule

Transportation Secretary LaHood blames "complexity" for the latest delay

There's been yet another delay in issuing new rules that would require backup cameras in all cars and trucks by 2014. Secretary of Transportation Ray ...


Windows 8 Preview Available for Download

Feeling adventurous? Be the first on your block to take Windows 8 for a spin

It's been a long time since those prehistoric times when digit-heads stood outside all night waiting for Egghead to open so they could get a copy of Window...


NIH Research Suggests New Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Repression of gene activity occurs early in Alzheimer's victims

A repression of gene activity in the brain appears to be an early event affecting people with Alzheimer's disease, researchers funded by the National Insti...


Tax Refunds Slower Getting to Taxpayers This Year

Some consumers are blaming their tax preparers

Some tax refunds are slow to get to taxpayers...


States Taking On Unauthorized Charges For 'Memberships'

Consumers complain they were unaware they were making a purchase

States are cracking down on unauthorized credit card charges...


FDA Expands Advice on Statin Risks

Cholesterol-lowering drugs may increase risk of memory loss, diabetes

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who take statins to prevent heart disease, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has important new safety...


Sleeping Pills Linked To Early Death

Research uncovers increase in cancer deaths among pill users

For decades, sensational reports of celebrity deaths often included accounts of sleeping pills being found nearby, whether they were the direct cause of de...


Expert: Consumers Give Too Little Thought to Online Privacy

Predicts Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights won't work

Expert casts doubts about Internet privacy proposal...


Carlisle Recalls Melamine Cups and Mugs

The cups can break when exposed to hot liquids

Carlisle FoodService Products, of Oklahoma City, Okla., is recalling about 111,000 melamine cups and mugs. The cups and mugs can break when exposed ...


Nevada Rolls Ahead with Driverless Car Plans

Could be first state to gamble on automated cars

In issuing new regulations for “driverless cars,” the state of Nevada has made one more step toward being the first U.S. state to allow these a...


How Much Sugar Are You Really Eating?

It's not easy for consumers to figure out the real sugar content of many foods

If Americans knew exactly how much added sugar came with the food and beverages they and their families consume, many might make different choices.A coal...


Simple Ways to Reduce Odds of an IRS Audit

Follow these steps to avoid raising red flags

There are things you can do to reduce the risk of a tax audit...


Slumping Sears Plans to Sell Off Stores

Company lost $3 billion last year, needs to raise cash

A few months ago, shoppers were shocked to learn that Sears Holdings Corp. planned to close as many as 120 Sears and Kmart stores. Now, the ailing chain sa...


Study: Calories On Fast-Food Menus Not Helping That Much

Columbia researchers suggest tweaking the guidelines

Calorie postings on fast food menus can be confusing...


Florida Cracking Down On Companies Reselling Timeshares

Proposed law gives owners easier route to address abuses

The Florida House has passed the Timeshare Resale Fraud bill...


New Car Or Used? Depends On Your Credit Score

'Deep subprime' buyers will have a hard time financing a new car

Deciding whether to buy a new or used car...


IRS Has $1 Billion In Unclaimed Refunds From 2008

It's not too late to get your money

Many taxpayers are eligible for refunds from 2008...


What's The Deal With Microwave Ovens?

Why are so many causing problems these days?

A look at problem microwave ovens...


CDC: Raw Milk the Culprit in Most Dairy-Related Diseases

Higher rates of milk-related diseases in states where raw milk is legal

A new study finds that the rate of disease outbreaks caused by unpasteurized, or "raw," milk and products made from it was 150 times greater than outb...


Some Income Does Not Have To Be Listed On Tax Return

Knowing what doesn't have to be listed can save you time and money

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) works very hard to make sure every taxpayer pays taxes on all eligible income. But some income, it turns out, does not h...


Attorneys General Challenge Google's New Privacy Policy

New policy exposes users to identity theft and fraud, 36 AGs argue

The attorneys general of 367 states are challenging Google's new privacy policy, warning that it exposes users to identity theft and fraud. The po...


Consumer Finance Bureau Launches Overdraft Inquiry

Agency looking at a prototype "penalty fee box" on checking account statements

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is launching an inquiry into checking account overdraft programs to determine how these practices are impac...


Little Mini Cooper Racks Up Big Sales in U.S.

More models planned for U.S. as Euro sales are cut back

Americans seemingly can't get enough of the Mini Cooper. The sporty little cars are also selling well throughout Asia. Seems like U.S. and Asian drivers li...


Some Medicines Promote Weight Gain

That pill you're taking could be packing on the pounds

It's hard to lose weight this time of year. Those New Year's resolutions may be going unfulfilled, not because you lack willpower, but because of the presc...


Riddex Plus Pest Repeller -- The 21st Century Bug Zapper?

Not just infomercials but Google, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and other reputable outlets are selling a supposed pest-killing nightlight

Hey, Reagan had Star Wars, why shouldn't you have Riddex? If you believe Google Product Search -- which will mindlessly lead you to just about anythin...


Ballys-LA Fitness Deal Doesn't Always Work Out So Well

Consumers surprised when their Bally's membership didn't transfer

The deal between Bally's and LA Fitness has a few snags for consumers...


Where Can You Get A Free Credit Report?

The truly free place is is not the government's free credit report site...


Fuji Recalls Women's Cruiser Bicycles

The frame can break

Fuji is recalling about 10,500 Saratoga Women's Bicycles. The bicycle's frame can break in the center of the downtube during use, causing the rider to...


New Ethanol Blend Puts Engine Warranties at Risk

EPA moving ahead with 15% ethanol blend despite risk of severe engine damage

The Environmental Protection Agency’s decision last week to pave the way for the sale of gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol is likely to ...


Inhalable Caffeine Gets FDA's Attention

Agency says it will investigate AeroShot to be sure it's safe

The latest buzz in convenience store circles is something called AeroShot Pure Energy -- an inhalable caffeine product that its enthusiasts say makes Red B...


Some Consumers Report Cipro Side Effects

Antibiotic has been know to cause pain in some people

Medical conditions can sometimes be caused by the food you eat and the drugs you take. Stacy, of Smiths Falls, Ontario, has linked her pain to Cipro....


Wisconsin Credit Union Placed in Conservatorship

A M Community CU serves Chrysler employees, among others

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), working with the Wisconsin Office of Credit Unions, has assumed control of service and operations at A M C...


People for People Credit Union Sold

TruMark Financial CU takes over failed Philadelphia CU's accounts

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has announced the liquidation of People for People Community Development Credit Union (CDCU) of Philadelp...


WSJ: Google Bypassed Apple Safari Privacy Settings

"Google lied," consumer advocacy group charges as it calls for immediate FTC action

Google Inc. and other advertising companies have been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people using Apple Inc.'s Web browser on...


Bath Fitter: One Size Doesn't Always Fit All

Consider using a local contractor instead of a franchisee

Because of all the moisture in a small space, bathrooms need "refreshing" more often than most of the other rooms in our homes. If you're selling or rentin...


Gasoline Prices Push Inflation Higher Last Month

Inflation at 2.9 percent over the last 12 months

Consumer prices rose again in January 2012...


Food Safety Experts Decry "Smear"

Organization is accused of using "character assassination" against deputy FDA commission

A petition attacking Michael Taylor, deputy commissioner for foods at the Food and Drug Administration, “represents the baldest sort of cha...


How Safe Is That App Your Child Is Using?

FTC warns Apple, Android app developers and stores to "wake up"

A study by the Federal Trade Commission finds that online app stores are providing almost no information about what information is gathered from children, ...


Consumer Agency Wants New Rules for Debt Collectors, Credit Reporting Agencies

30 million Americans are the targets of most-unregulated debt collectors

Debt collectors and consumer credit reporting agencies are among the few largely unregulated segments of the financial services industry. But, perhaps, not...


Understanding Your Rights When It Comes To Old Debts

If debts are too old, a debt collector can't sue

Explanation of time-barred debts...


Chocolate Bars Will Soon Be Shrinking

Mars wants to get its chocolate bars under the 250-calorie mark

Yes, chocolate is good for you ... but only up to a point.  And Mars Inc. has decided that point falls right at 250 calories.The candy giant says th...


Allegiant Air Fined for Violating Disability, Advertising Rules

Airline must pay $100,000 in fines

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today fined Allegiant Air $100,000 for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities, as well as t...


'Cow-Sharing' Plan a Subterfuge, Court Rules

Pennsylvania dairy farmer sold raw milk across state lines

A federal judge has found that a Pennsylvania dairy farmer has been packaging unpasteurized milk, also known as "raw" milk, in unlabeled containers and d...


Feds Deep Six LightSquared Broadband Network

Proposed network could interfere with GPS devices

A start-up called LightSquared has been promising to build a nationwide wireless network that would bring high-speed broadband to areas that are not now ad...


Missing Out On The Earned Income Tax Credit?

Many eligible taxpayers are passing up big refunds

An explanation of the earned income tax credit...


Watch Out For These Two Credit Card Fees

Both are assessed by the same credit card issuer, First Premier Bank

Credit card companies increasingly make their money on various fees, in addition to the interest rates they charge on balances. While new regulations have ...


Many Consumers Wait Too Long To Seek Bankruptcy Help

Legal expert says more can be done if you act quickly

Too many people wait too long to file for bankruptcy protection...


Kia Plans a Rear-Wheel-Drive 'Halo' Car

Hopes to build on Hyundai's success with the Equus

Rear-wheel-drive cars have come to mean big-bucks models from Europe, with an occasional Japanese model thrown in. But now Kia is gearing up to launch...


Privacy Group Sues FTC Over Google Privacy Changes

FTC isn't doing its job, public interest group claims

The Federal Trade Commission dropped the ball by letting Google amend its privacy policy, a public interest group claims in a federal lawsuit.The Electro...


Businesses Worry About Employee 'Sweethearting'

But consumers say they don't see it and complain employees are hard-hearted

Many consumer complaints focus on dealings with a company's employee. The consumer feels the employee is rude, or in some cases inflexible and unable to cu...


Researchers Link Overeating With Memory Loss

The higher the daily calorie count, the higher the dementia risk

There are many good reasons to push yourself away from the table before you overdo it, but here may be another. New research suggests that consuming betwee...


Selling Doom In 2012

There's no shortage of companies trying to prepare you for catastrophe

How doom scenarios are driving some products...


It's Payback Time For Some Who Took Homebuyer Tax Credit

Those who claimed credit in 2008 have to start paying it back

How to pay back the homebuyer tax credit...


FDA Urged to Make Oysters Safer

Gulf Coast oysters can carry dangerous bacteria

Mark your calendar: Between April and November, about 30 Americans will get seriously sick and approximately 15 will die after eating raw oysters or other ...


It Pays To Carefully Read Your Bank Statements

Ask questions when there are fees and transactions you don't understand

How bank fees can go by unnoticed...


Bank of America Fined $1 Billion for Mortgage Fraud

Feds charged bank defrauded the FHA by underwriting loans to unqualified borrowers

Bank of America has agreed to pay $1 billion for "fraudulently and recklessly" underwriting loans to unqualified borrowers, thereby defrauding the Federal ...


Nissan Recalls 2012 Versa Models

May be shifted out of Park without depressing the brake pedal

Nissan is recalling about 37,000 2012 Versa models because of a problem with the shift pattern indicator.The company said that, due to interference betwe...


Heart Disease May Be a Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

May be common causes for the two conditions

Researchers at Duke University say they have found a "significant correlation" between coronary artery disease and prostate cancer, suggesting the two co...


Social Media Enhancing Family Ties, Study Finds

Grandparents, teens say social media help them understand each other

Some of the most enthusiastic users of social media are also some of the oldest ... and some of the youngest. And now a study from AARP and Microsoft Corp....


TSA Expands Pre-Check Program to More Airports

Pre-approved passengers can save a few minutes in the security line

Tired of shrugging off your shoes and belt each time you slog through the airport security line?  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is ...


Title Company Sued In Foreclosure Probe

States continue to put probe allegations of foreclosure irregularities

The result is a suit by the state against Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), that accuses the company of filing faulty documents with Illinois county recorde...


Beware Of Tax Preparation Scams

New York attorney general warns complaints are on the rise

How to avoid tax scams...


What's On Your Mind? AOL, Budget Rent-A-Car, Skype

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here's what's on consumers' minds today...


Property Tax 'Consultants' Thrive in a Gloomy Market

Connecticut is the latest to question mass mailings by out-of-state firm

Connecticut is the latest state to look into services that claim they can help homeowners save money on their property taxes.Connecticut Attorney Gener...


Walmart Adds Icon to Help Shoppers Choose Healthier Foods

"Great For You" icon identifies low-fat, high-fiber products

Walmart is adding an icon to its private label food products to help shoppers pick healthier foods, the company announced at an event in Washington, D.C., ...


Who Is Eligible To Use Tax From 1040EZ?

Using the short form can save time and money

Using the Form 1040EZ...


Top 10 Sources Of Sodium In Your Diet

CDC urges consumers to watch the salt

Health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are sounding the alarm over sodium. Almost all Americans, they say, consume more of ...


Free Online Course Helps Students Plan College Financing

Course also offers financial literacy instruction

New website helps students plan for college financing...


Natural Gas Becoming Popular Among Oklahoma Motorists

Clean-burning and cheap, CNG is hard to find in most of the country

A CNG pump at a Love's Travel Stop in OklahomaAmidst all the talk and campaign promises about clean energy, not to mention federal gran...


Men Who Smoke Face More Rapid Cognitive Decline

Smoking increasingly recognized as a risk factor for dementia in men

Smoking in men appears to be associated with more rapid cognitive decline, according to researchers in London....


$1 Million Fine for False Seafood Labeling

Was it grouper or was it catfish?

California Seafood Corporation Sentenced to Pay $1 Million for False Labeling of Seafood Products WASHINGTON – Seafood Solutions Inc.,...


Study Finds Soy Supplements Did Not Protect Against Breast Cancer

Findings consistent with earlier studies, researchers say

Soy isoflavone supplements did not decrease breast cancer cell proliferation in a randomized clinical trial, according to a study published in Cancer ...


Report: Little Science Behind Online Dating Sites

Researchers say dating sites could be a lot better

Researchers find little science behind online dating services...


FTC Warns Mobile Apps May Violate Credit Reporting Laws

Agency writes to marketers of six background-screening apps

The Federal Trade Commission has warned marketers of six mobile applications that provide background screening apps that they may be violating th...


Verizon, Redbox Team To Take On Netflix

Companies separately off video content online and DVD

Netflix is getting another competitor...


States Reach Agreement With Debt Collector NCO Financial

Company agrees to change its policies and provide restitution to some consumers

Debt collector NCO Financial Systems, Inc. (NCOF) has agreed to change certain collections practices as part of a settlement announced today by Ohio Attorn...


Do Smartphones Make Shoppers Smarter?

Survey shows shoppers rely on their devices

Smartphones assume bigger role in shopping...


Five Ways Car Ads Mislead Consumers

Ads may be technically true but vital details may be missing

If you watched last night's Super Bowl, you saw some pretty clever car commercials. But before you rush off to a dealership, understand that even the slick...


What's On Your Mind? State Farm, J.C. Penney, Primatene Mist

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: State Farm, J.C. Penney, Primatene Mist, Misstep and No more Primatene Mist....


Sierra Club's Role in Natural Gas, Solar Projects Raises Questions

Group took $26 million from natural gas industry to finance anti-coal campaign

You've seen the ads criticizing coal-fired power plants, the ones placed by the Sierra Club, which fashions itself as a protector of the natural environmen...


'Fresh Garden' Cobb & Spinach Salads Recalled

May be contaminated with Listeria

 F&S Produce Company Inc., a Deerfield, N.J. establishment, is recalling approximately 389 pounds of Cobb and spinach salads. The salads contain e...


J.C. Penney Refuses to Fire Ellen DeGeneres

Turns aside complaints from anti-gay hate group which demanded her ouster

  GLAAD, the nation’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy and anti-defamation organization, today appl...


FTC: Telemarketers Sold Bogus Credit Cards

"Platinum Trust" allegedly charged illegal upfront fee, took money without consent

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal judge has temporarily halted a telemarketing operation that allegedly sold bogus credit cards and...


Rely Dried Yellow Croaker Recalled

Product is uneviscerated

W & C International Import Inc. is recalling “Rely” Dried Yellow Croaker because the product was found to be un-eviscerated.The recalled ...


Rely Sardine Anchovies Recalled

Product is uneviscerated

 W & C International Import Inc. is recalling “Rely” Sardine Anchovies because the product was found to be un-eviscerated.The recall...


Morton's Steakhouse Too Big to Swallow?

New owner shutters restaurants in several prime locations

Morton's steakhouses are known for serving large chunks of animal protein but the new owner of the chain may be finding he bit off more than he can chew....


Victoria's Secret Commercials Draw Complaints

Women object their husbands are "practically hypnotized"

“I am disgusted with the Victoria's Secret commercials,” said Lily, of Chino, Calif. “Practically porn! My kids are watching a family show then the stupid ...


What's On Your Mind? Expedia, Hollywood Video, Eden Pure

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Expedia unauthorized purchases, Hollywood Video debt collectors, Eden Pure heaters, will this movie ever end and ...


Unhappy Honda Owner Gets $9,867 Judgment After Opting Out of Class Action

Civic Hybrid didn't deliver the 50 mpg it promised, suit charges

A Los Angeles lawyer who opted out of a class-action settlement has won a small claims court lawsuit against Honda Motor Co. that will pay her roughly 100 ...


Dealing Directly With Florist May Avoid Valentines Glitches

Do you really want to trust your love life to a middleman?

Dealing with a local florist directly usually yields better results...


Study Links Potatoes To Lower Blood Pressure

Could the lowly spud be a health food?

Many diets urge followers to avoid potatoes, but a new study suggests the spud could actually be a health food.Researchers writing in the  Journal o...


Feds Get $10 Million Settlement in Bruce Moneymaker Case

Company allegedly targeted payday loan seekers and charged them without their consent

The Federal Trade Commission has stopped an operation that targeted payday loan seekers and charged them for worthless programs without their consent. A se...


White House Proposes Easing Mortgage Refinance Rules

Administration seeks to reduce foreclosures

The White House has elaborated on a plan to assist homeowners...


Humane Society: Walmart Pork Producer Mistreats Pigs

Organization files complaints with federal agencies

Pigs are being mistreated at two Oklahoma facilities that are major suppliers ot pork to Walmart, the Humane Society of the United States charges.  Th...


Facebook Can Get You Fired

Teachers, especially, are being haunted by social media postings

Facebook postings can affect your professional life...