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Researchers Raise Ear Bud Safety Concerns

The popular earphones may be a safety hazard, researchers warn

Researchers Raise Ear Bud Safety Concerns...


Dodge Presents New 2012 Challenger Model

New 2012 Dodge Challenger Rallye Redeye adds more style and presence to an already popular lineup

By rolling out products like the 2012 Challenger Rallye Redeye, Dodge caters to its fast-car customer base...


FDA Issues New Rules on Disclosing Harmful Substances in Tobacco

Agency's goal is to prevent misleading marketing about the risk of smoking

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is releasing what it says is previously unknown information about the chemicals in tobacco products, intend...


South Florida Produce Recalls Jalapeno Peppers

May be contaminated with Salmonella

South Florida Produce, LLC is recalling Jalapeno Peppers, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism which c...


Debt Collection Complaints Rose In 2011

Congress gets report on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Debt Collection Complaints Rose In 2011...


Feds Seek to Close California's Blue Ocean Smokehouse

Risk of botulism, other hazards is unacceptably high, FDA charges

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in a complaint filed by the Department of Justice, is seeking to stop the processing and distribution of fish produc...


Bogus BBB Email Contains a Dangerous Virus

Scam artists can get access to your bank account

Bogus e-mails claiming to be from the Better Business Bureau are notifying companies of supposed customer grievances. The e-mail recipient is asked to revi...


Florida Sues 'Christian' Debt Management Service

Suit charges company took consumers' money but did little else

Christian Crossroads, a so-called debt management service, lured customers with promises of a Bible-based "spiritual and lifestyle education," took money i...


Best Buy Will Close Some Stores, Shrink Others

Profits dip as Amazon, other online retailers take big bites out of Best Buy

Best Buy is hoping it can slim down its stores and tone up its finances, as Amazon and other online retailers continue cutting into its profit margins.Th...


Selecting a Prepaid Debit Card

Are more consumer safeguards needed?

Selecting a Prepaid Debit Card...


Did Social Media Smear 'Pink Slime?'

Scientists, consumer organizations say the product is safe and low in fat

The maker of “pink slime” has suspended operations at all but one plant where the beef ingredient is made, but says the social media uproar abo...


Rising Gas Prices Alter Vacation Plans

Consumers may stay close to home this summer, survey shows

Rising Gas Prices Alter Vacation Plans...


Feds Put Robocallers Out of Business

Defendants allegedly made billions of calls pushing car warranties, interest rate reduction

If you got any of the billions of annoying robocalls about your auto warranty supposedly expiring or you credit card interest rate going up, it may have be...


Popcorn: Great Source of Antioxidants

Properly prepared, popcorn can be a health food

Researcher says popcorn is a good source of antioxidants...


Hell Hath No Fury Like a Consumer Scorned

When consumers feel wronged, they often take it personally

A bad experience can turn someone into a consumer crusader...


Feds Ready to Dump Ally Financial

Treasury Department fears Ally will never be able to pay back its $17.2 billion

We've all seen the ads for Ally Financial, the "new" bank that wants to be our friend.  It is, of course, none other than the former GMAC operating un...


FTC: RockYou Game Site Exposed 32 Million Emails & Passwords

Site agrees to upgrade its security and pay $250,000 penalty

A social game site has agreed to settle charges that, while touting its security features, it failed to protect the privacy of its users, allowing hackers ...


Another Study Finds Too Much Sitting Down is Dangerous

Higher mortality rate among those who spend the most time sitting

Are you still sitting down on the job?  Might be time to get up and move around, or even to get a standing desk.Another study has found that prolong...


Eat More Chocolate, Lose More Weight?

It's not quite that simple but the answer may be "maybe"

Eat chocolate and lose weight? Maybe, but it's not quite that simple. According to a research letter in the March 26 issue of Archives of Inter...


Gulf States Toyota Recalls 2012 4Runner, Sienna

Remote engine starter may malfunction, interfere with vital functions

Gulf States Toyota is recalling about 360 2012 4Runners and Siennas because of a problem with the remote engine starter.The company said that a malfuncti...


New App May Make Mobile Data Safer

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon develop SafeSlinger

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University CyLab have developed a new smartphone app called SafeSlinger, that establishes a more secure basis for Internet c...


FTC Calls for Far-Reaching Privacy Protection for Consumers

Agency wants data brokers to let consumers see the data that has been collected about them

After a two-year study, the Federal Trade Commission has issued a report calling on Congress to pass legislation protecting consumers' privacy and req...


Senators Object to Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords

Employers' demands for a "grave intrusion into personal privacy," Senators charge

BlumenthalU.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) are calling for action against employers who demand tha...


Report: Car Insurers Find Ways to Gouge Low-Income, Ethnic Minorities

Why should poor people pay more for auto insurance? Are they really a higher risk?

New reports explore how auto insurance companies may be marking up policy premiums for those who can least afford higher priced coverage...


North Carolina Credit Union Closed

Shepherd's Federal liquidated after regulators find it insolvent

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) today liquidated Shepherd’s Federal Credit Union of Charlotte, N.C. NCUA made the decision to liquida...


Student Debt Hits $1 Trillion

College loans may trigger the next financial crisis

Student loans hit the $1 trillion mark. Is this the next financial crisis?...


Dog Owners Blame Jerky Treats for Their Pets' Health Problems

Animals, like people, need a well-balanced and nutritious diet

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs will eat just about anything. But that doesn't mean they should.  It's up to dog owners to be sure they're feedi...


When Buying A Car, First Establish The Price

It seems elementary, but not everyone does it

When Buying A Car, First Establish The Price...


Ohio Company Renovates Big-Brand Vehicles for an All-Electric Ride

AMP Electric offers an all-electric Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2012

The AMP company is developing the all-electric Jeep Grand Cherokee as a continuation of a plan to give electric car buyers more options...


Fake News Sites Face $1.5 Million Penalty

Sites carried bogus stories about colon cleaners, acai berries

Two online marketers have agreed to settlements with the Federal Trade Commission that will permanently halt their allegedly deceptive practice of using fa...


U.S. Sues AT&T, Charges Fraud in Services for the Deaf

Company billed millions of dollars in false charges, complaint alleges

The United States has filed a complaint against AT&T alleging fraud in the company's services for the deaf, known as Internet Protocol (IP) Relay ser...


Record Pollen Counts May Cause Even More Misery

The pollen count didn't wait for the first day of spring

Record pollen counts are reported on the first day of spring...


Feds Seek Cause of Sudden-Onset OCD in Children

NIH immune-based treatment study gets underway

A researcher at the National Institute of Health is proposing new criteria for a broadened syndrome of acute onset obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in c...


Study: Most Sinus Infections Caused by Viruses

No need for antibiotics in vast majority of cases

The vast majority of sinus infections are caused by viruses and should not be treated with antibiotics, suggest new guidelines released by the In...


Illinois Close to Ban on Phone Bill 'Cramming'

Legislation would prevent most third-party billing on phone bills

Illinois Close To Ban On Phone Bill 'Cramming'...


Investors Continue to Buy Up Houses

Investors are providing critical support to a slowly recovering market

Investors continue to buy up real estate...


$5 Gas by Spring and Other Myths Debunked

AAA says there's enough misinformation about gas prices to fuel an army

Nationwide gas prices will hit $5 by spring, supply and demand will keep prices high and only a change in the occupant of the Oval Office will bring back t...


Senate Subcommittee Delves Into For-Profit College Debt

Witnesses says students are being over-burdened with debt

Senate Subcommittee Delves Into For-Profit College Debt...


Economists Expect Home Prices to Keep Falling

Zillow survey finds less optimism about a housing recovery

Economists Expect Home Prices To Keep Falling...


Easter Candy & Apparel Sales Expected to Hit $16 Billion

High gas prices can't scare off the Easter bunny

Sure, gas prices are high and many consumers are still feeling economically queasy but if surveys are to be believed, that won't keep them from blowing $16...


Why Does Anesthesia Put You to Sleep?

It sounds like a simple question but the answer researchers are only now finding the answer

NIST Findings Awaken Age-Old Anesthesia QuestionFrom NIST Tech Beat: March 20, 2012Contact: Chad Boutin 301-975-4261Why does in...


Watch Out For Vacation Scams

Don't let a scammer trick you out of this year's vacation money

Early spring weather in many parts of the country has consumers starting early on vacation plans. Keep in mind that travel is a lucrative area for scammers...


Appeals Court Upholds Graphic Cigarette Warnings

Tobacco companies claim the warnings violate their First Amendment rights

A federal appeals court has held that graphic warnings on cigarette packs violate tobacco companies' First Amendment rights.The U.S. Court of Appeals for...


California Toughens Rules for Dating Sites

eHarmony, and Spark Networks sign on to new rules

California is strengthening consumer protections for users of online dating sites, including the requirement that sites checking subscribers against nation...


Citi Fined $600,000 for Excessive Markups on Bond Transactions

Bank is ordered to pay more than $648,000 in restitution to 3,600 customers

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has fined Citi International Financial Services LLC, a subsidiary of Citigroup, Inc., $600,000 and orde...


New York Tries to Close Cigarette Tax Loophole

Sues store that allows smokers to roll their own onsite

New York Tries To Close Cigarette Tax Loophole...


FDA Approves First Boniva Generics

Popular drug is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first generic versions of Boniva (ibandronate) tablets, a once-monthly product to treat or pre...


Suit Claims Vacation Travel Club Defrauded Consumers

Firm allegedly failed to deliver on its many promises

Suit Claims Vacation Travel Club Defrauded Consumers...


Is the Rental Market the Next Big Thing?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be about to jump into the market

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may begin to rent out foreclosed homes...


Study: Even Med Students Underestimate Skin Cancer Risks

Researchers say new strategies are needed to raise public awareness

Skin cancer is not only one of the most prevalent forms of cancer, it's also the most preventable.So why do so many people get it? A team of Texas...


Don't Believe in Evolution? Starbucks Does

Coffee chain unpeels its first Evolution Fresh juice store today

Astronomers scanning distant planets say life can't evolve on those planets without water. Starbucks would perhaps add coffee and juice to that list of evo...


Car-Buyers Should Beware of 'Spot Delivery'

Don't allow dealers to treat you like a yo-yo

Car buyers sometimes face what's called spot delivery...


Audi, Chevy Earn Biggest Fuel Economy Improvement Honors

Many carmakers have improved fuel economy since 2008

Audi, Chevy, Earn Biggest Fuel Economy Improvement Honors...


Mild Winter Could Mean More Pests This Spring

Ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, stink bugs, you name it - they'll be out in force

Mild winter may lead to more and earlier insect pests...


Tax Filing Deadline Now Less Than a Month Away

But don't wait until the last minute to file

Tax filing deadline now a month away...


Cell Phone Use in Pregnancy May Cause Behavior Disorders in Children

Yale researchers suggest pregnant women limit their exposure

Cell Phone Use In Pregnancy May Cause Behavior Disorders In Children...


What To Do When You Inherit Money

Don't blow it; invested prudently, that inheritance will help finance your retirement

Aging Baby Boomers are beginning to inherit money in increasing numbers as members of the "greatest generation," who have worked hard & saved all their liv...


Imported Food Causing More Illness

As food imports have increased, so have illnesses

CDC report says imported food causing more illness...


Sears Closing 62 More Stores

The latest closings are in addition to about 120 previously announced

Sears says it will close 62 more stores in the first half of this year. The stores targeted for closing include 43 Hometown Stores, 10 hardware stores and ...


Retirement a Frightening Prospect for Vast Majority of Americans

The only ones not petrified are those who've already taken the plunge

Retirement is, perhaps, like jumping out of an airplane. It's a lot scarier for those who haven't yet tried it than it is for old hands. Or so a recent sur...


Are You Sharing Too Much on Facebook?

Frictionless sharing means sharing more than you think

Frictionless sharing gives friends access to more of your online habits...


Ford Trucks Fuel Tanks Are Defective, Suit Claims

Class action says Ford has kept the problem secret

Multiple year models of Ford E-Series and F-Series pickups have defective fuel tank linings that flake off and clog the fuel system, causing sudden loss of...


Too Little Sleep Can Mean Too Many Pounds

Study finds lack of sleep can lead to over-eating and weight gain

If you don’t get enough sleep, you may also eat too much — and thus be more likely to become obese. That is the finding of researchers...


Trails, Parks, Nearby Stores Mean Healthier Residents

Neighborhoods that encourage walking promote public health

If you live in neighborhoods with access to grocery stores, healthy food, parks and a pleasant walking environment, you’re more likely to be in ideal...


Researchers: Menopause's 'Brain Fog' Is Real

Menopausal women who complain of memory problems aren't imagining it

Researchers study Menopause brain fog...


Low-Cost Jewelry Still Ranks High for Toxic Chemicals

Feds have known of problems for years; changes in regulations needed

New research on toxic chemicals in low-cost children’s and adult jewelry found that more than half of the products containg high levels of hazardou...


Car Dealers Agree to Cancel Deceptive Ads

Settlement with FTC bars dealers from similar stunts in the future

So let's say you see a car dealer's ad promising to pay off your trade-in no matter ho much you owe on it.Sound too good to be true?  Of course it d...


Dealer Group Adds Sirius/XM Package to Pre-Owned Sales

Deal garners additional new subscribers for a company that struggles to maintain growth

Sirius/XM is partnering with Asbury to provide satellite radio as a feature on pre-owned cars...


FDA Approves First Generic Lexapro for Depression, Anxiety

Teva gets 180 days of generic exclusivity for widely-used drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first generic Lexapro (escitalopram tablets) to treat both depression and generalized anxiety diso...


Judge Orders BurnLounge to Refund $17 Million to Consumers

Music-marketing "opportunity" was a pyramid scheme, judge rules

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court judge has ordered the operators and top promoters of a deceptive pyramid scheme to pa...


Retail Sales Up In February

But much of the extra spending was for gasoline

Retail sales rose in February...


Five Debit Card 'Don'ts'

When possible, there are times you should use a credit card

Five ways not to use your debit card...


Convert Your DVD Movies to Online Streaming

Walmart partnering with Hollywood to change your existing movies to new format

Walmart's new service will allow you to access your DVDs online...


Survey Identifies Shortcomings in Identity Theft Process

Credit reporting agencies could do more to help victims, report finds

A survey finds that more than two-thirds of identity theft victims responding to the survey were somewhat or very satisfied with the way the national credi...


Cub Cadet, MTD Gold, Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractors Recalled

Tractors have faulty hydro-gear transaxle

About 2,700 lawn tractors are being recalled. A drive gear in the lawn tractor's hydrostatic transaxle can fail causing brake failure, posing a crash ...


Survey: Physicians Worry About Quality of Colonoscopies

92 percent say they feel pressure to perform more procedures

Survey shows doctors worry about quality of colonoscopies...


Don't Rent a Car With Existing Damage

Chances are, you'll get stuck with the repair bill

Avoid renting a car with existing damage...


West Virginia Sues Major 'Debt Buyer'

Claims consumers wrongfully sued for old debts

West Virginia sues a major debt collector...


Red Meat Linked to Higher Risk of Death

Lower mortality rate associated with fish and poultry, study finds

Eating more red meat appears to be associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality and death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, but substitut...


What About Gas Prices?

Gallup poll shows consumers expect leaders to act

Poll shows consumers want leaders to do something about gas prices...


Consumers Wary of Search Engines' Use of Personal Information

Survey finds 73% oppose a search engine keeping track of their searches

Search engines remain popular — and users are more satisfied than ever with the quality of search results — but many are anxious about the coll...


How to Remove Inaccurate Information From a Credit Report

Fortunately, it's easier than it used to be

removing wrong information from your credit report...


Honda, Hyundai, Porsche Top February TrueCar Rankings

New consumer report shows winners, losers in American auto market

A new TrueCar report is showing prospective car buyers up to date information on the track record of individual car makers...


Florida Takes Tougher Line Against Timeshare Fraud

State sues timeshare resellers for fraud

Florida sues two timeshare resellers...


Car Renters Get a New Option

RelayRides says it covers insurance and liability issues, but use caution

A new announcement shows that peer-to-peer car sharing company RelayRides is setting its sights on a nationwide customer base...


Ford Sends USB Fixes to Car and SUV Owners

Ford owners will get a flash drive with data to repair malfunctioning touch-screen systems

New efforts by Ford are addressing glitches in their dashboard controls and automatic transmissions...


Apple, Book Publishers Facing Justice Department Anti-Trust Suit

Did Apple and the publishers conspire to drive up e-book prices?

In its latest anti-trust crackdown, the Justice Department has officially warned Apple and five of the biggest American publishers that it plans to sue the...


Consumers Ran Up $48 Billion in New Credit Card Debt Last Year

The increase is 424% larger than 2010 -- a figure that scares economists

We've all read the stories about consumers cutting back on spending, paying down credit card debt and generally trying to conserve cash. It sounds good, bu...


10 Tips For Cutting Sodium Intake

You can eat better and healthier and still cut back on salt intake

With the rise in restaurant dining and processed food, more consumers have suffered from rising blood pressure, a key risk factor for heart attack and stro...


Chrysler Diversifies Its Certified Pre-Owned Selection

New plan could offer bigger selection of certified used cars to shoppers

A new program from Chrysler shows how the company is pursuing more pre-owned customers through certifying CPO vehicles of competing brands...


California Attorneys Arrested in Alleged Loan Modification Scam

Law firm charged thousands for services that were never performed, state alleges

Greg & Cynthia FlahiveCalifornia Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced the arrests of the owners and managing attorney ...


Heart Attacks Rise After Daylight Savings Time

Losing an hour of daylight has negative health effects

The Sunday morning of the time change doesn’t require an abrupt schedule change, but, Young says, heart-attack risk peaks on Monday when most people rise e...


PayPal Urged to Back Off Book Censorship

Online publishers, bookstores, authors threatened by PayPal

Information technology can be a powerful tool for free expression but it can also be a mighty weapon for suppression of expression, as a recent controver...


AARP: Prescription Drug Prices Outpacing Inflation

Increases are almost entirely in brand-name drugs, not generics

If it seems like prescription drug prices are rising rapidly, it's because they are.  In fact, a survey by AARP finds that the cumulative change ...


Consumers Cautioned About 'Free' Credit Reports

Official credit report site is completely free with no strings attached

consumers should always use for free credit reports...


Consumer Group Calls Drug Coupons Illegal

Suit accuses eight drug makers of steering consumers to higher-priced drugs

Consumer group sues eight drug companies over coupon policy...


Apple's Latest iPad Features a Sharper Screen, Faster Chip

The new iPad also runs on faster LTE wireless networks

Dubbing it "resolutionary," Apple today unveiled its latest iPad, featuring a 9.7-inch screen with more pixels than traditional high-definition televisons,...


FDA Issues Warning Letter to AeroShot Makers

Inhalable caffeine's label makes false, misleading statements, agency charges

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to Breathable Foods Inc., makers of AeroShot, for alleged false or misleading statements ...


Direct-To-Consumer Prescription Drug Ads Still Draw Fire

FDA, however, says the ads can serve a useful purpose

If you watch television at all, you can't help but see a large number of commercials for prescription medications. But since doctors are the only ones who ...


College Grads Struggling with Student Loan Payments

Are student loans the next credit crisis?

College Grads Struggling with Student Loan Payments...


Are You Cashing In On All Available Tax Credits?

Professor and former IRS agent offers tips

Tips for taking advantage of deductions and tax credits...


Missouri Sues Six Companies For Cramming

Seeks restitution for thousands of consumers

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed consumer fraud suits against six nationwide companies he says have been 'cramming' consumers' telephone bi...


Consumer Group Finds Carcinogen in Coke and Pepsi

Ammoniated "caramel coloring" contaminated with 4-methylimidazole

New chemical analyses have found that Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi contain high levels of 4-methylimidazole (4-MI), a known animal carc...


'Save the Plastic Bag Coalition' Sues San Francisco

Suit claims plastic bag ban hurts the environment, violates state law

The Save the Plastic Bag Coalition is trying to fight its way out of a plastic bag ban in San Francisco.The coalition, which includes packaging manufactu...


Consumer Sentiment Drops After Three Months of Improvement

Americans cut spending sharply after holidays as financial difficulties mount

It was just a week or so ago that the Consumer Confidence Index issued by the Conference Board was rising in lockstep with gasoline prices, causing more th...


Skin Products Linked to Mercury Poisoning

FDA warns consumers cosmetics and skin care products may contain toxic metal

Federal health officials are warning consumers not to use skin creams, beauty and antiseptic soaps, or lotions that might contain mercury.The products ar...


Consumers' Complaints Getting Attention in High Places

State attorneys general actively seeking consumer input

State attorneys general want to hear from consumers...


NYC Declares Predatory Schools the Top Consumer Fraud

Consumers must do their homework before taking on debt to enroll in a for-profit school

Jonathan MintzThis is Consumer Protection Week, when you'll hear all kinds of somber pronouncements about identity theft, bogus Web sit...


Car Sales Surge In February

Consumers flood showrooms despite fewer incentives

Car sales rose sharply in February...


Campbell's Will Phase Out BPA From Soup Cans

Chemical has been linked in some studies to cancer, diabetes and other illnesses

Campbell's Soup Company has announced that it will phase out the use of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in its can linings....


Student Says Unauthorized Charges Prevalent On Campus

But source really isn't a mystery and it isn't only students at risk

Bridget, of Champaign, Ill., is a student at the University of Illinois. It sounds like she and others are getting an education in unauthorized credit card...


Lawsuit Claims Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Claims Are Bogus

Class action says QuickTrim claims are false and misleading

Would the Kardashian sisters lead you astray?  A proposed class action lawsuit says the reality TV star and two of her sisters have made false claims ...


Lawsuit Challenges Skechers 'Shape-Up' Shoes

Class action charges deceptive advertising, says shoes have no health benefits

A class-action lawsuit filed in Kentucky seeks money damages for consumers who paid a “premium price” for Skechers “Shape-Ups”...


IRS Warns of Fraudulent Schemes Targeted at Low-Income Consumers

Schemes promise refunds to people who have little or no income

The Internal Revenue Service is warning senior citizens and other taxpayers to beware of an emerging scheme tempting them to file tax returns claiming frau...


Internet Access Bandit Convicted of Wire Fraud

"Coax Thief" helped consumers steal Internet service from cable companies

A Redmond, Ore., man who marketed a "Coax Thief" program has been convicted of seven counts of wire fraud by a federal jury in Boston.Ryan Harris, 26, ...


Feds Recovered Nearly $1 Billion in Consumer Protection in 2011

Justice Department reorganized in 2010 to address growing problems

The Justice Department’s Consumer Protection Branch recovered more than $913 million in criminal and civil fines, penalties, and restitution in 2011,...


Maclaren USA, Smarting from Massive Recall, Files for Bankrtupcy

Parents of injured children are among the firm's creditors

The United States subsidiary of the company that makes Maclaren strollers has filed for bankruptcy, although affiliated companies outside the U.S. are appa...


High-End Technology Spreading to Lower-Priced Cars

Sophisticated safety & performance systems no longer limited to luxury cars

While the federal government delays and dithers about rear-view cameras, the cameras and many other safety and performance systems are no longer limited to...


Colorado Will Vote on Legalizing Marijuana

Measure will appear on the November ballot; no organized opposition yet

Colorado voters will have a chance to largely decriminalize marijuana when they go to the polls this November.A statewide proposal that would eliminate...


Payday Lender Complaints Surged In 2011

BBB says complaints against banks go down

payday lender complaints rise in 2011...


Getting New Tires? Here's What to Look For

New report helps customers figure out which tires provide the best overall value

A recent survey of new tires by Consumer Reports contains critical tips for car owners...


New Criteria Identify Drugs Dangerous to Seniors

Older adults at higher risk of adverse effects from commonly-used drugs

A wide range of medications—some relatively new and others long available—can cause serious side effects and other adverse events in people 65 ...


Say 'No Thanks' When Offered 'Free Month' of Service

Accepting the offer cancels your cancellation

Don't accept a free month of service when you call to cancel...


Young People Still Bear Brunt of Unemployment

Experts say it could take years for younger generation to recover

Although the nation's unemployment rate has trended down in recent months in both the U.S and elsewhere, a high percentage of young people continue to stru...


Beware Fake Mortgage Settlement Calls

Scammers are trying to exploit foreclosure settlement

Millions of homeowners will be affected by the recent foreclosure settlement with major lenders. Scammers know that and will try to use that to trick unsus...


Bank of America Eyes New Fees

It's those darned consumers again -- using too many services, not paying enough

Bank of America learned a bitter lesson last year when it tried to impose a $5 monthly fee on its debit card users. Or did it?Maybe the lesson the...


AT&T Ends Unlimited Data Plans

Will start throttling heavy users at pre-set limits

OK, it's great that AT&T, Verizon and their competitors have been pushing everyone into upgrading to smarter, faster, snazzier 3G and 4G smartphones wi...


Kelly Blue Book Picks VW Passat as Top Family Car

This year's top 10 list emphasizes fuel economy

The car you might choose for yourself as a single person might not be the same car you would choose for your family. Families demand certain things in a ve...


What Does Google's New Privacy Policy Really Mean?

A communications expert weighs in

Google's new privacy policy...


Some Netflix Customers Complaining About Selection

Company is, in fact, transitioning to new types of content

Complaints about Netflix selections...


Study: Vitamin D Shrinks Fibroid Tumors in Rats

Study suggests possible treatment for common condition

Treatment with vitamin D reduced the size of uterine fibroids in laboratory rats predisposed to developing the benign tumors, reported researchers funded b...