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TriCross Bicycle Carbon Forks Recalled

The forks can come apart

Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. is recalling about 460 bicycles equipped with Advanced Group carbon forks.The brake component housed within the ...


FDA Takes Action Against Mexicali Cheese

Company allegedly failed to correct violations despite warnings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking a federal court to shut down a New York cheese manufacturer because of a history of unsanitary condit...


Nearly Half of U.S. Families Are One Crisis Away From Poverty

Study finds number of "asset-poor" families is up 21% in two years

The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) finds that nearly half of U.S. households (43 percent) have almost no savings and 27 percent are “asset p...


Asset Acceptance to Pay $2.5 Million for Deceptive Practices

Debt buyer must not falsely tell consumers it will sue them to collect old debts

One of the nation's largest consumer debt buyers has agreed to pay a $2.5 million civil penalty to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it made a r...


Feds Urged to Impose Strict Salt Guidelines

Packaged, restaurant food still a major source of sodium despite industry guidelines

Voluntary efforts by industry to reduce sodium levels in the food supply have failed, according to comments filed with the Food and Drug Administ...


Can You Trust A Favorable Review?

Businesses increasingly try to game the review system

Businesses are paying consumers to write phony reviews...


Find Out If You Have To Pay the Alternative Minimum Tax

It could mean a much higher tax bill

How to find out if you have to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax...


What's On Your Mind? Turbotax, Samsung, Right Size Smoothies

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Turbotax software malfunction, Samsung, Right Size Smoothies, fix it yourself and read the contract....


Court Bars Tax Fraud Scheme

Nevadan promoted claim that citizens can "opt out" of paying taxes

A federal court has permanently barred David Champion from promoting a tax fraud scheme designed to assist his customers evade federal taxes. The civil i...


Big Firms Launch Offensive Against Spam, Phishing Emails

Companies outline plans for enhanced email authentication

Email used to be a useful utility but it has been rendered nearly useless by the massive growth of spam, phishing and other deceptive techniques.  Fif...


Is That A Security Breach In Your Pocket?

Security experts offer tips for keeping smartphone data safe

tips for improving the security of your smartphone...


Record-High Gas Prices Expected This Year

Prices inching up; analysts fear it's the calm before the storm

Gas prices have been relatively stable the last few weeks but analysts are warning consumers to brace themselves.Most analysts agree gas prices will reac...


Men More Likely to Have HPV Infection, Study Finds

Helps explain why oral cancers are ore common in men than women

New research shows that men are three times more likely to have an oral human papilloma virus (HPV) infection than women. The findings help explain why HPV...


J.C. Penney TV Ad Draws Strong Reactions

Female consumers find screaming women irritating, annoying and disturbing

J.C. Penny's commercial featuring screaming woman draws negative response...


IRS Offers Free Tax Help

You may qualify if you are low income, or a senior citizen

How to get free tax preparation help from the IRS...


Acai Berry 'News' Sites Permanently Shut Down

Defendants will pay $500,000 to settle deceptive practices charges

Six online marketers have agreed to settlements with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that will permanently halt their production of fake news websites t...


Little Progress on Regulating BPA, Report Finds

"Sluggishness" of federal agencies means continued exposure for infants, children

The plodding pace of federal agencies means that little is being done to protect infants and children from the potential health effects of Bisphenol-A, kno...


New Rule Protects Consumers Sending Money Overseas

Exchange rate, fees must be disclosed in advance

A new rule adopted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) increases protections for consumers sending money internaitonally.“The C...


'Scammer Guard' Faces Fraud Lawsuit In Florida

State claims company carried out 'fraudulent scheme'

Florida sues Scammer Guard for defrauding scam victims...


Fallen On Hard Times? Five Ways The Tax Law Might Help

IRS will try to ease your burden, to a point

Ways the IRS can help your tax situation if you've fallen on hard times...


What's On Your Mind? Bank of America, Gateway, Experian

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Bank of America, Gateway, Experian, Wondering about quality and Unauthorized charges. ...


New School Lunch Standards Aim to Help Kids Slim Down, Shape Up

Better diet should also help students perform better academically

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and First Lady Michelle Obama have lunch with students at Parklawn Elementary SchoolAmerica&r...


Google's New Privacy Policy Raises Concerns

Anything you do on nearly any Google service is collected and analyzed

Google used to say its mission was to organize all the world's information.  Now its mission, judging from its new privacy policy, is to organize all ...


BMW Recalls 2012 X5 Models

"Park" may not engage properly

BMW is recalling a small number of 2012 X5 models because the automatic transmission's "Park" function may not engage properly. ...


Bank of America Should be Broken Up, Feds Told

Public Citizen says giant bank is a "grave threat" to financial stability

Bank of America, the second-largest bank holding company in the U.S., should be broken up and reformed, Public Citizen said in a petition to the ...


Poll Suggests School Obesity Efforts Might Have Downside

Some parents worry their children are developing eating disorders

Survey finds concern anti obesity efforts may trigger eating disorders...


What's On Your Mind? State Farm, Fake Debt Collector, Hollywood Video

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: State Farm, Fake Debt Collector, Hollywood Video, Dangerous scam and Speak up....


Spare Tires Face Extinction in New Cars

Another casualty of cost-cutting, fuel-efficiency standards

It's fun oohing and aahing over all the new cars manufacturers are showing off at auto shows around the country.  But pop the trunk and chances are, y...


J.C. Penney Revamping Prices, Promising Monthly Sales Events

James Cash Penney's company gets a new look, new logo, new sales strategy

J. C. Penney -- or, as it now wishes to be called, jcpenney -- is implementing a new pricing and sales plan that its CEO says he thinks will make it "Ameri...


WSJ: Google Execs Knew of Illegal Drug Ads

Federal prisoner carried out a sting operation against the search giant

When Google agreed to pay $500 million last August to settle charges it carried ads for illegal drugs, the story that went untold was that the charges grew...


Where To Put Your Money In 2012

Financial experts have a surprising suggestion

financial experts suggest buying a house is a good investment...


Are You Required To File An Income Tax Return This Year?

It may pay to file, even if you don't have to

How to find out if you are required to file a tax return...


Feds May Relax Media Cross-Ownership Rules

As the Internet steadily erodes other media, FCC may relax "duopoly" rules

Here's an issue that used to be a real hot button but which no longer seems to excite much public interest: media ownership.  For decades, consumer ac...


Scammers Exploiting Foreclosure Review Process

The real foreclosure review is free

Foreclosure relief is very much in this week's headlines, and that can end up being a bad thing if scammers latch onto it and try to exploit consumer confu...


'Immigration Center' Tricked Consumers, FTC Charges

Charged $2,500 for immigration forms that are available at no charge

The immigration services business will be permanently off limits to an operation that allegedly posed as the federal government and tricked people into pay...


Macy's Sues Martha Over J.C. Penney Deal

Claims it has the exclusive right to sell Martha's stuff

Macy's is miffed at Martha. No, it doesn't have anything to do with those infamous exploding tables. No one seems to care about those, except their unlucky...


Study Finds Behavioral Tracking Widespread on Children's Sites

FTC asked to upgrade online privacy safeguards

In comments filed with the Federal Trade Commission, the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), along with 16 consumer, health, privacy, and child advocacy gr...


When Can You Expect Your Tax Refund?

The IRS is sending out refunds sometimes within 10 days

How to know when your tax refunding is coming...


What's On Your Mind? Proactiv, Progressive Business Publications, Just Flowers

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Proactiv, Progressive Business Publications, Just Flowers, Stealth 'survey' and No flowers....


New Gmail Users Get Google+ As Well

New sign-up process requires a Google profile

One reason people sign up for online email accounts like Gmail and Hotmail is that they're free and easy. Fill in a few blanks and you've got a new email a...


Orange Juice Prices Could Be Headed Even Higher

Speculators increasingly expect Brazilian import ban

Orange juice prices are going up...


High Levels Of MRSA Bacteria Found In Meat Products

Can cause food poisoning if not thoroughly cooked

Researchers found greater than expected levels of MRSA bacteria in pork...


USDA Proposes New Poultry Inspection Procedure

Consumers wary but industry groups support the plan

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) says it can inspect chickens and turkeys quickly and more cheaply with a new system it has devised, but some cons...


IRS Free File Now Open For Business

Seventy percent of taxpayers are eligible for free tax preparation software

Description of IRS Free File system...


What's On Your Mind? Kmart, Netflix, GE Light Bulbs

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Kmart, Netflix, GE Light Bulbs, When a free trial isn't and Shedding some light on the light bulb issue....


VW Disputes GM's Claim to No. 1 Spot

Volkswagen says it would be first if its affiliate sales were included, as GM's are

Is Volkswagen the Rick Santorum of the auto world?  Just a day after the former Pennsylvania senator was named the winner of the Iowa primary followin...


'Unwanted Faxes' Scheme Could Result In More Unwanted Faxes

By wary of fax that claims it can stop unwanted faxes

The Better Business Bureau says unwanted faxes pitch may be fax number harvesting effort...

More Customers Should Remain Wary Of Identity Theft

Phishing scams may be the biggest danger

Security advice to customers...


How To Report Miscellaneous Income On Your Taxes

Outside income, even gambling winnings have to be reported to the IRS

Explanation of miscellaneous income reporting requirements...


Supreme Court: Telemarketers Can Be Sued in Federal Court

Decision makes it easier for consumers to go after abusive telemarketers, faxers

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that consumers injured by violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which outlaws abusive te...


AT&T Raises Prices for Smartphone, Tablet Data

Spectrum in short supply after T-Mobile deal falls through

AT&T is jacking up data plan rates by as much as 33% for smartphones and tablet computers.“Customers are using more data than ever before,&rdqu...


Kodak Files for Bankruptcy Protection

It's the latest victim of the digital transformation

Eastman Kodak Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York early Thursday morning, after the struggling photography icon ran short on cash ne...


Formula 'Stretching' A Danger To Infants

Doctors find low-income families are watering down formula

Study finds low income families are watering down formula...


When Products Change, Some Consumers Notice

Savvy consumer calls out General Mills on reformulated Whole Grain Cheerios

Consumer notes the reduction in vitamins in favorite cereal...


Taxpayers Have To Worry About Identity Theft Too

Identity thieves aren't just after your credit cards

The IRS is beginning to help taxpayers deal with identity theft...


What's On Your Mind? JK Harris, Kirby Vacuum Cleaners, State Farm

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here's what's on consumers' minds today...


Giant Bicycle Recalls Defy, Avail Models

The fork can break

Giant Bicycle is recalling about 900 2012 Model Year Giant Defy Advanced and Avail Advanced Bicycles. The fork can crack, posing a fall hazard to ride...


Just How Serious Was The Zappos Data Breach?

It may be more serious than you think

Zappos data breach raises troubling issues, security expert warns...


At Last, A Way to Cash In On Your Friends

What good are friends, if they're not a profit center?

Someone unfortunate enough to become President once said that if you want a friend in Washington, you should get a dog.  It was good advice then and m...


What's On Your Mind? West Bay Acquisitions, Southwest Airlines, Ally Bank

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: West Bay Acquisitions, Southwest Airlines, Ally Bank, Complication and slow pay....


Good Riddance: Last Year for 'Instant' Tax Refund Loans

There are other free and nearly-free ways to get your refund quickly

There's at least one bright note for consumers as this tax season gets into gear: This is the final year in which refund anticipation loans (RALs) will be ...


Six Résumé Mistakes Job Seekers Make

How to improve your odds of getting an interview

Common Résumé Mistakes: Wasting space on experience that does not apply, email blunders, making the recruiter guess what you do, using that tired, old refe...


'Free' TurboTax Charges Usurious Interest Rates, Suit Alleges

Fees deducted from refund amount to quadruple-digit interest, suit claims

A federal class action lawsuit says Intuit charges usurious "quadruple-digit interest rates" as fees for using the supposedly "free" online edition of its ...


Used Car Prices On The Rise

Kelly Blue Book says selection of late model cars getting smaller

Prices of used cars are going up in the first quarter of 2012...


Social Networking At Work Surged Last Year

Twitter use at work is up 700 percent

Report shows employees increasing their use of social networks...


New Form 1099-Ks Due January 31

Your part-time business may mean a new tax reporting requirement

The new form 1099-K tracks credit and debit card sales...


What's On Your Mind? Education Scams, Capital One, U-Haul

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Education Scams, Capital One, U-Haul and unmentioned charges, phantom interest, you have to read the rental agree...


Suit Charges Janitorial Franchise Scammed Latinos

Spanish-speaking applicants say company took their money, didn't deliver their franchise

More than 50 people say so-called janitorial franchisor Stratus Building Solutions of Orange defrauded them in a cold-blooded "corporate scam" aimed at Spa...

More Knuckles Under to State Regulations

Online car discounter ran afoul of anti-brokering laws in many states

Online new-car discounter is reworking its business model to satisfy state laws that prohibit "brokering" or "bird-dogging" of cars. Ope...

More Internal Server Hacked

Passwords, but not credit card info, may be compromised is telling customers to reset passwords after a hacking attack...


Prepaid Debit Cards Getting Wider Use

Celebrities now lending their names to help market them

A comparison on pre-paid debit cards...


Medicare Doctors Not Always Easy to Find

Survey finds some patients have problems finding a new primary care physician

The endless political bickering over Medicare may be taking its toll on patients. A new survey finds a small but growing number of patients report problems...


Can You File Taxes Using The 1040EZ Form?

Using the short form might be to your advantage

How to know if you can use for 1040EZ...


What's On Your Mind? Toshiba, Sprint, Paula Deen Cookware

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Toshiba's short warranty on replacement parts, Sprint, Paula Deen Cookware, you can't take their word for it and ...


Samsung's Goal: An All-Day Smartphone Battery

The trick is to extend battery life without compromising speed, reliability

Samsung has set what sounds like a pretty modest goal.  It would like for its smartphones to be able to go all day on a single battery charge.But si...


Study Finds Millions Have Autoimmune Condition

32 million Americans have autoantibodies that target their own tissues

More than 32 million people in the United States have autoantibodies, which are proteins made by the immune system that target the body’s tissues and...


Food Lion Kills Off Its Bloom Brand, Closes 126 Stores

Latest sign of hard times in the supermarket business

Delhaize America is closing 126 supermarkets and retiring its Bloom brand.  The company said it will focus on strengthening its Food Lion and Bottom D...


Honeywell Recalls Portable Heaters

The heating element can detach, creating a burn hazard

Honeywell is recalling about 19,000 Surround Select Portable Electric Heaters sold under the Honeywell name but manufactured by Ningbo SMAL Electrics ...


Three Ways To Better Manage Your Money

These tips might help you keep your New Years resolution

money management tips...


Bank of America May Pull Out of Some Regions

Ailing bank tells regulators it may have to abandon some parts of the country

Wells Fargo can always circle the wagons when the going gets rough but Bank of America has fewer options and, according to The Wall Street Journal, may be ...


Do You Qualify For The Earned Income Tax Credit?

It's a major tax benefit for low and moderate income earners

How to qualify for the earned income tax credit...


CVS Caremark Fined $5 Million for Deceptive Pricing of Prescription Drugs

Many seniors and disabled consumers will get reimbursement checks

CVS Caremark Corporation will pay $5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it misrepresented the prices of certain Medicare Part D p...


Amtrak Has Record Year, Orders New Locomotives & Cars

Wi-Fi, e-ticketing expanded to more trains in 2011

Amtrak is rolling out an aggressive expansion plan in the Northeast Corridor, saying it will build the first of 70 new electric locomotives and 130 single-...


Lender Cuts Credit to Sears/Kmart Vendors

Sears Holdings insists it is solvent

Bedraggled Sears Holdings, already planning to close 100 or more stores, has run into another hurdle -- CIT Group says it will no longer finance loans to S...


Feds Put Orange Juice Through the Wringer

Imported OJ may contain fungicides linked to liver cancer

Like lots of things that are supposed to be good for you, orange juice may turn out to be not so good for you.  Maybe even bad for you. It depends who...


At Least 12 Infected With New Swine Flu Strain

H3N2v virus confirmed in at least five states

the CDC is investigating an outbreak of a new swine flu variant...


Consumer Offers Advice For Dealing With Unauthorized Charges

Demand to see a proof of purchase and don't accept less than a full refund

Consumers recently complained about finding charges on their credit card bills for MBNA Credit Protection Plan. Many said they have no recollection of sign...


What's On Your Mind? EZ Pass, Fake Debt Collector Scam,

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: EZ Pass, Fake Debt Collector Scam,, Seems everyone's doing it now and Misplaced annoyance....


Google's Personalized Search Raising Privacy, Antitrust Concerns

Do you care what your "friends" are saying when you're looking for expert information?

Google's latest tinkering with its search results is causing concern among privacy advocates and online publishers while also raising yet another set of an...


Harmful Trans Fat Still Plentiful in Packaged Foods

Sara Lee, Pepperidge Farm, General Mills among the holdouts

Health experts agree that artificial trans fat is among the most harmful substances in food and we're constantly being told we should avoid it. But th...


Biggest States Get Top Traffic Safety Rankings

Auto safety group issues its annual report card

A highway safety group today released its annual report card grading states on their adoption of traffic safety laws -- or, to be more precise, on the stat...


Use Care When Selecting A Dividend-Paying Stock

For careful investors, these stocks can provide income and capital growth

Considerations in choosing stocks that pay a dividend...


Wells Fargo Agrees To 'Pick-A-Payment' Mortgages Settlement

Maryland homeowners to receive modifications, restitution

Wells Fargo agrees to mortgage settlement with Maryland...


Tax Agency Warns Of Increased Scams

Taxpayers cautioned against phony tax credit and refund schemes

Tax scams are abundant during tax season...


Timeshare Resale Agent Sentenced To Prison

State maintains defendant scammed owners out of $30 million

Timeshare resale agent going to jail...


What's On Your Mind? Enterprise, Dish Network, Priceline

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Enterprise, Dish Network, Priceline, Cut out the middle man and Book directly....


Move Over Apple and Google, Ubuntu TV Has Arrived

Is this the TV of the future?

You might not know what Ubuntu is and even if you do, you may not associate it with TV, but nevertheless Ubuntu TV made its debut at the Consumer Electroni...


Dish Dishes Up a Batch of New Services

Hopper DVR can record six HD signals at once

Whole-house high-def is the mantra being chanted by Dish Network as it rolls out a collection of new services including  expanded streaming video serv...


Do You Really Need A Hybrid To Save Gas?

New gas-powered cars getting hybrid-like mileage

A comparison of hybrids with fuel-efficient gas powered vehicles...


Walmart Rolls Out Tax Preparation, Refund Check-Cashing Services

"Americans shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices on their everyday financial needs”

Walmart is offering new services that it says will help consumers save money on their income tax preparation and it's offering to cash their refund checks ...


Researchers Say Memory Loss Can Begin As Early As 45

Treatment needs to begin sooner, study suggests

Researchers say memory loss can begin as early as 45...


Get A Fast Tax Refund Without A Refund Anticipation Loan

Filing electronically can save time and money

Ways to speed up your tax refund...


Chicago-Area Bally's Fitness Members Sue

Bally's left town, leaving "lifetime" members with no exercise facility, suit charges

Disgruntled Chicago fitness buffs have filed a class-action lawsuit against Bally's Fitness, which recently abandoned the Windy City and turned some of Chi...


Feds Urged to Fine Red Cross for Blood Supply Problems

Public Citizen finds "inexplicable delays" in oversight of blood program

The consumer group Public Citizen wants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to impose a nearly $10 million fine on the American Red Cross because of hun...


Central Coast Neutraceuticals to Pay $1.5 Million

Feds charged company used shady sales practices to peddle acai beerry supplements

Central Coast Nutraceuticals has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle federal claims that it used fraudulent marketing, phony claims and bogus endorsements...


Study: Nicotine Replacement Therapies Don't Work

Harvard researchers say FDA should take harder look at smoking cessation products

Researchers cast doubt on effectiveness of nicotine replacement therapies...


Philadelphia Credit Union Placed in Receivership

People for People CDCU is first to fail this year

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) today assumed control of service and operations at People for People Community Development Credit Union (CD...


Philip Morris Accused Of Cooking Smoking Data

Researchers study same data, reach opposite conclusions

A research analysis shows that Philip Morris USA manipulated data on the effects of additives in cigarettes. Tobacco industry information shouldn't be acce...


New Dodge Dart Channels the Alfa Romeo

Chrysler hopes to get back onto the compact/midsize track quickly

It's been a long time since a U.S. carmaker displayed a new compact car that got anyone very excited.  But this year's Detroit auto show includes a nu...


Important Changes For 2011 Tax Year

Tax filing deadline extended to April 17 again

Income tax filing tips...


Nokia, Microsoft Hoping Their New Smartphone Is a Hit

Windows Phone 7.5 has a unique animated tile design that reviews swoon over

The tech world is abuzz about a new smartphone today -- and no, it's not an iPhone or an Android.  It's the Lumia 900, Nokia's attempt to fight its wa...


And Then There Were Six

Been busy? Or asleep? Here's a primary primer that will bring you up to date

By Edward RoederGuest ColumnistEleven months before the U.S. conducts the most expensive general elections in history, it's worth recapping what's just h...


JK Harris Suspends Operations, Prepares to Liquidate

Tax-preparation firm swamped by consumer complaints, lawsuits

John K. HarrisTax representation firm JK Harris & Co. has suspended operations, sent its employees home and is reported to be prepa...


Extreme Smartphone Users Becoming More Extreme

Study finds 1% of users now consuming half of all downloaded data

Data hogWe've long known that traffic only gets worse.  And now a new study confirms that it's not just vehicular traffic that dis...


Iran, U.S. Newspapers Mount Web Crackdown

New layers of surveillance, intimidation seek to limit free expression

In Iran, the government is imposing new levels of surveillance and intimidation on Internet cafes, giving them 15 days to install security cameras and coll...


U.S. Statin Costs Are 400% Higher Than UK's

Costs highest for those with private health insurance

A comparison on U.S. and UK statin costs...


What's On Your Mind? Target, Gold's Gym, Flat Rate Van Lines

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Target, Gold's Gym, Flat Rate Van Lines, Wrong approach and Moving bill shock....


AT&T Turns Up More LTE Markets, Including NY, SF, LA

Carrier says it will finish network upgrade by the end of 2013

AT&T turned up its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in 11 new markets over the holidays, bringing its total to 26 markets covering 74 mil...


Upromise Settles Deceptive Practice Charges

"TurboSaver Toolbar" collected consumers' personal information

A membership reward service aimed at consumers trying to save money for college will be barred from its allegedly deceptive practice of using a web-browser...


Landmark Clearing Barred From Using 'Novel Method' to Debit Bank Accounts

Allegedly debited millions of dollars from consumers' accounts without permission

A payment processor and two of its principals have been banned from using a new payment method to process electronic payments under a settlement with the F...


Volt Battery Problems Fixed, GM Says

Changes will reduce fire danger during and after collisions, company says

General Motors says it has made "enhancements to the vehicle structure and battery coolant system in the Chevrolet Volt" that will reduce the risk of a bat...


Barnes & Noble May Jettison the Nook

Struggling chain says Nook is successful but costly

It looks like the Nook may be the next casualty of the raging ebook battle, which is increasingly being fought between the Kindle, the Kindle Touch, the Ki...


File Sharing Is Now a Religion in Sweden

Copying and pasting described as 'sacred'

The Church of Kopimism, a copying centen and file-sharing religion, reports it received religious status late last month by the Swedish government. ...


Study: Older Drivers Prefer The Middle Lane

Built-in safety mechanism helps seniors feel safer

A study by the University of Leeds in the UK shows that older adults are naturally inclined to drive in the middle of the road, leaving the younger generat...


FDA Bans Some Antibiotics in Animals

Bacteria may become resistant to the drugs, endangering humans

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is banning the use of certain antibiotics in animals raised as food, fearing that overuse of the drugs may contribute...


WSJ: Kodak Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

Company says it doesn't comment on rumors

Kodak may be preparing to file for bankruptcy protection...


Study: Bariatric Surgery Reduces Heart Risks

Procedure may become more common weapon against obesity

Study finds bariatric surgery reduces risk of death for some...


Obama Installs Cordray to Head Financial Protection Bureau

President uses recess-appointment power to put Cordray to work

President Obama used his recess-appointment powers today to put Richard Cordray to work as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has been...


Grieving Parents Sue Johnson & Johnson

"Stealth recall" of tainted Tylenol led to their son's death, they charge

Johnson & Johnson is accused of conducting a "phantom or stealth recall" of tainted Children's Tylenol that led to the death of Daniel and Katy Moore's...


No Need for Formula Recall, Feds Find

But cause of four cronobacter infections remains elusive

Federal and state health officials say they have not yet pinned down the cause of four recent Cronobacter infections and have found no evidence the cases a...


Oil Insider Sees Move To Natural Gas Motor Fuel

Transition could begin this year, says Gulf Oil CEO

Gulf Oil CEO sees a move to natural gas as a motor fuel...


Report: Apple Plans 2012 Production Of iTV

Suppliers report Apple is gearing up to begin production

Apple could introduce its iTV later this year...


Gift Card Problems Mar Holidays for Many

Nothing foolproof or simple about the ubiquitous gift card

Every year, the holidays bring good cheer, glad tidings and all that, but they also bring a sleigh full of complaints about gift cards. This year was no ex...


Congress Lets Ethanol, Electric-Charging-Station Tax Credits Expire

But $7,500 credit still available for electric-car buyers

The $100,000 Fisker KarmaCongress takes a lot of grief for not doing anything, but sometimes doing nothing is just what's needed. &nbsp...


'Christian' Financial Adviser, Radio Syndicators Sued

Larry Bates targeted Christians and the elderly, class action alleges

A federal class action lawsuit says that onetime Tennessee state legislator Larry Bates, now a self-proclaimed "Christian" financial adviser, has defrauded...


'Teach Me to Trade' Stars Elude Liability

Even though duo lied, they can't be held personally liable, judge rules

A federal judge has ruled that the personalities behind the widely-viewed "Teach Me to Trade" infomercials cannot be held personally liable on claims that ...


Green Valley Food Expands Recall

Products may be contaminated with Listeria

Green Valley Food Corp. is recalling approximately 35,159 cases of a variety of products because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria m...