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Mortgage Modification Nightmares Continue

But New York's attorney general says more legal help could make a difference

Six years into America's giant wave of foreclosures, desperate homeowners continue to recite the same story in their effort to work out a mortgage modifica...


Barnes & Noble, Microsoft Plan Joint e-Book Venture

Primary focus is on the college textbook market

When it comes to the growing trend of e-books, electronic juggernauts Apple and Amazon have maintained a stronghold on both the sales and marketing of this...


Koss Introduces Wireless Wi-Fi Headphones

The mouse and keyboard are wireless; why not the headphones?

Wireless headphones fall under that weird category of products that are seemingly oxymoronic, like fried ice cream or the waterless car wash (yes, there is...


Viagra, Levitra and Cialis Get Some Competition

FDA approves Stendra for erectile dysfunction

For Immediate Release: April 27, 2012Media Inquiries: Stephanie Yao,            &nbsp...


Kindle Fire Burning Up the Android Tablet Competition

Consumers obviously like the $200 price tag

Mirror, mirror, on the way, who's the hottest Andoid tablet out there? That would be the Amazon's Kindle Fire, according to a report by comScore, an IT mar...


Walmart Rolls Out In-Person Payment for Online Purchases

New process gives the "underbanked" the chance to shop online

In an effort to give non-credit and debit card holders an equal chance to buy products online, Walmart has created a new way for their customers to make pu...


Costco Gets Into the Mortgage Business

Lending Tree-type program matches lenders with applicants

Costco, which sells everything from gigantic tubs of peanut butter to funeral supplies, is getting into the mortgage business. The giant wholesale o...


Plasma Flashlight May Prove To Be Bacteria Zapper

High-tech pocket tool kills bacteria and is completely portable

First, there was old fashioned soap and water. Lately, hand sanitizers have come into vogue. Now there is a new high-tech tool to eliminate bacteria.Its ...


Exercise Could Reduce Sickle Cell Complications

Scientists find Sickle Cell Trait is cause for more concern than previously thought

Sickle cell disease (SCD)is an inherited condition that causes red blood cells to sometimes deform into a crescent shape. It affects an estimated 100,000 A...


Berries May Reduce Cognitive Decline In Seniors

Bulking up on strawberries and blueberries can delay aging process, researchers say

If you're in your 50s and 60s and are concerned about staying mentally sharp as you age, you might consider adding blueberries and strawberries to your die...


Feds Seize 36 Websites Involved in Selling Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Sites were "automated vending carts" for crooks, prosecutors allege

Seizure orders have been executed against 36 domain names of websites engaged in the illegal sale and distribution of stolen credit card numbers, Assistant...


Green Consumers Deluge Kellogg's Kashi With Pesticide Concerns

Controversy erupted when health food store removed Kashi from its shelves

Consumers review Kellogg's productsYou might call it a tempest in a cereal bowl.  Green consumers are feeling betrayed following r...


Seniors Often Confused About Life Insurance Policies

"Guaranteed coverage" doesn't always mean what they think it does

When people reach a certain age, they begin to ponder the end of life and what they will pass on to their children. If they don't have many assets, they lo...


Gerber Legendary Blades Recalls Instant Knife

The blade can fold up during use

Gerber Legendary Blades is recalling about 3,000 Instant Knives. The locking mechanism on the spring-assisted blade can fail to engage properly, ...


Mayo Clinic Researchers Link Obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Both conditions have risen in women in recent years

When you stop and think about it, it seems logical. With obesity on the rise, more people are putting extra weight on sensitive joints. An increase in rheu...


FTC Bans Bogus Timeshare Resellers

Consumers paid their money but got no help selling their timeshares

A telemarketing operation that allegedly deceived consumers who were trying to sell their timeshare properties is permanently banned from the timeshare res...


Mad Cow Discovery Puts Consumers Off Their Feed

It's the latest in a long series of safety scares affecting ground beef

It's been six years since mad-cow disease made its last documented appearance in the United States, but that's small comfort to consumers who were already...


How To Select Tires For Your Car

A lot of considerations go into making the right choice

Tires are probably the most important, but under-appreciated part of your vehicle. They are literally where "the rubber meets the road," the only part of y...


Credit Card Companies Still Heavily Target Young Consumers

Study finds new law has done little to change marketing to students

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 was designed to end a number of credit card industry abuses, among them t...


For Seniors, Giving Up Car Keys Can Be Traumatic

Families should face it early, and with sensitivity

Its an issue every aging person faces, sooner or later. Has disease, or age itself made them unsafe behind the wheel?At that point, they have to stop dri...


Google, Microsoft Hope to Box In Dropbox & Box

File lockers under assault by Internet gargantuas

Build a better mousetrap and ... what? The world beats a pathway to your door? Maybe that was true once but what happens today is taht Microsoft and Google...


Gift Card Issuers Flee New Jersey

Too hard to comply with new law, card issuers say

Gift cards have been one of retailers’ most popular items for many years now, and sales continue to grow every year. But a controversial new law in...


Payday Lenders Ready to Fight Off More Regulation

Industry is prepared to spend millions to defeat consumer advocates, regulators

There's talk of more legislation to restrict payday lending abuses, but don't expect the payday loan interest to stand idly by while it's being enacted. Pa...


Avoiding the Payday Loan Trap

Many consumers get caught because they don't understand how it works

By some estimates, about 12 million U.S. consumers each year get caught up in long-term debt with a payday loan. But it hardly ever starts out that way, an...


Chicken Checkers Cluck Over Privatization Plan

Food safety not a good place to save money, unions and consumer groups argue

Corporations and governments are always trying to save money and a convenient way to do that is to "privatize" -- or outsource -- tasks normally handled by...


Grandparents Not Always Careful With Prescription Meds

Poisonings of young children are on the rise; more adult caution needed

The years that pass between parenthood and grand-parenthood may change how consumers handle prescription medicine, especially around small children.A Uni...


Walgreens Fined $7.9 Million for Being Nice to Poor People

$25 gift cards to Medicare, Medicaid recipients were bribes, feds claim

Not too long ago, Walgreens was giving consumers a $25 gift card if they transferred a prescription from another pharmacy.  Nice, no?  Not accord...


Gas Prices Fall Another Two Cents

The average pump price is off a nickel from its peak two weeks ago

President Obama this week called for a crackdown on oil market manipulation as a way to control rising gasoline prices. But prices, this week, at least, ar...


FCC Launches 'Bill Shock' Website

Online tool helps consumers track wireless carriers' billing plans

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched a new ‘bill shock’ website, an online tool to help consumers track implementation of r...


High Prices, Shoddy Work Irk Car Repair Customers

Consumer Reports finds women feel they are treated differently from men

See how consumers rate Sears Tire & AutoGetting your car worked on is about as enjoyable for most consumers as a root canal, and an...


Identity Theft Services: How Do They Measure Up?

Report: Less hype, clearer information is what's needed

We see the ads all the time -- identity theft prevention services that promise to "stop fraud before it starts," "stop identity theft in its tracks" and "p...


Study: Vitamin C May Help Lower Blood Pressure

But Johns Hopkins researchers stop short of endorsing supplements

There are several things, besides medication, that can help you control your blood pressure. You can reduce sodium intake, get plenty of exercise and maint...


Batteries Add More Than Weight to All-Electric Cars

Ford's Mulally quotes $12,000 to $15,000 as the cost of a battery

Everybody knows all-electric cars are expensive but few realize how much the battery contributes to that cost.  Would you believe $12,000 to $15,000?...


Cigarette Butts the Most Common Piece of Litter

Butts are not only unsightly and a fire hazard, they're also toxic

 Last year, according to 2011 The Tax Burden on Tobacco report, Americans purchased more than 287 billion cigarettes. A vast number of those cigarette...


Stouffer's Frozen Lasagna Recalled

Stuffed peppers contain Worestershire sauce, an allergen

Nestlé Prepared Foods Company, a Gaffney, S.C. establishment, is recalling approximately 16,890 pounds of Stouffer's lasagna frozen entrées t...


Non-Stick Chemical Linked to Kidney, Testicular Cancer

PFOA found in the bodies of 99% of Americans

An independent scientific panel approved by the DuPont company as part of a class action lawsuit has linked an industrial chemical known as C-8 or PFOA to&...


Seafood Fraud Is Widespread, Report Finds

More than half of seafood sampled in Los Angeles was mislabeled

A new study finds that more than half the seafood sold in Los Angeles was mislabeled. Oceana, an international advocacy group, said that DNA testig co...


'Certified' Used Cars, Trucks an Alternative for Thrifty Buyers

BMW, Honda, Toyota among the pre-owned brands generating the most interest

CPO cars and other vehicles offer a solid manufacturer warranty along with cheaper sale prices...


Visa Cautions Timeshare Owners About Reseller Fraud

Teaming up with the FTC to educate consumers

Visa is getting more involved in raising awareness of timeshare resale fraud because, typically, payments for this so-called service are made on credit car...


e-Cigarette Exploded in Man's Face, Suit Charges

Victim was hospitalized for eight days after the incident

A man was hospitalized for eight days after an electronic cigarette exploded in his face, sending "burning debris and battery acid into his mouth, face, an...


Is Your Flash Drive a Security Risk?

Drives are easily lost and infected with malware

A flash drive, smaller than a package of chewing gum, has made it much easier to move computer files around. These inexpensive drives can hold dozens of gi...


Dole Fresh Vegetables Recalls Salads

May be contaminated with Salmonella

Dole Fresh Vegetables is voluntarily recalling 756 cases of DOLE Seven Lettuces salad with Use-by Date of April 11, 2012, UPC code 71430 01057 and Product ...


Green Millionaire to Pay $2 Million in Refunds

Caught up in FTC 'negative option' crackdown

Same tactics are used by dozens of other marketers to sell other types of products to unsuspecting consumers. It's possible this is the first of other simi...


How Green Is Your Electric Vehicle? It Depends Where You Live

Cars charged with electricity from coal-fired plants are still better than gas-powered

Electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, are gaining popularity among green consumers, those who want to live lightly on the earth, because they burn no ga...


More Pressure On Fannie and Freddie to Write Down Mortgages

State attorneys general say it could ease foreclosure crisis

More Pressure On Fannie and Freddie to Write Down Mortgages...


Best Buy Identifies Stores Being Closed

Giant electronics retailer struggles to compete effectively against Amazon, other online stores

Best Buy has identified the 50 "big box" stores that will be closed as the company tries to shrink its footprint of about 1,100 big-box locations in the U....


Despite Weak Economy, Prom Spending Surges

Spiraling out of control, Visa warns

Times are still tough, gasoline is expensive, and families everywhere are having to tighten their belts. Except, it appears, for families this time of year...


Michigan Repeals Motorcycle Helmet Law

Safety and insurance groups not pleased

Michigan Repeals Motorcycle Helmet Law...


Implantable Device Could Warn of Impending Heart Attack

Researchers believe heart attack victims could get advance warning

It's a stark statistic. More than one million people in the United States suffer a heart attack every year and more than 30 percent of them die before they...


Nevada Man Arrested In Alleged Mortgage Modification Scheme

Desperate homeowners cautioned about offers of help that require an advance fee

Nevada Man Arrested In Alleged Mortgage Modification Scheme...


FCC: Google 'Deliberately Impeded' Spy-Fi Probe

Agency staff, exasperated with foot-dragging, proposes a $25,000 fine

If this were a movie, Google would be the Nixon White House and intrepid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staffers would be the guys holding clandes...


More From Downton Abbey ... After This

Appeals court tosses rules against commercials on public TV

If you're eagerly awaiting the next season of Downton Abbey, you may be dismayed to learn that political and "public-interest" ads may soon be coming to a ...


New Sony CEO Vows to Improve TV Business, Restore Quality

Company faces big challenge in its TV unit, which draws consumer complaints

Sony, which once dominated the consumer electronics business, is now fighting for survival. New CEO Kazuo Harai says the company will eliminate 10,000 jobs...


Is Your Pre-Owned Small Car Value Spiking?

New NADA Report Shows Big Gains for Fuel Efficient Small Cars in 2012

All evidence from today's market is that Americans are willing to pay top prices for small cars with high mpg...


Mayo Clinic Offers New Treatment for Acid Reflux

FDA approved the new treatment device last month

You can call it heartburn, acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). But whatever you call it, it can lead to serious health issues.The U.S....


Feds Propose Remedy for Unintended Acceleration

"Brake-Throttle Override" would stop the car when both brake and accelerator are depressed

Federal safety regulators are proposing a "brake-throttle override" requirement for cars, hoping to reduce the number of unintended acceleration incidents....


VW's American Blitzkrieg Topples Foes

Volkswagen's new Tennessee plant races to keep up with sales

The horizon looks bright for Volkswagen and its new base of operations in Chattanooga, Tennessee...


For Foreclosures, the Calm Before the Storm

Foreclosures are down but ready to surge, now that settlement is signed

Foreclosures are down but ready to surge, now that settlement is signed...


Subprime Lending On the Rise Once Again

Lenders making more loans to higher-risk customers

Credit crisis of 2008 was caused, in part, by too much lending to people who couldn't afford the loans. So-called subprime loans were particularly harmful ...


Tests Link Parasite Strains to Illness in Newborns

Findings underscore value of screening for toxoplasmosis

Scientists have identified which strains of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, the cause of toxoplasmosis, are most strongly associated with premature births ...


National Effort Aims To Reduce Harm From Stolen Cell Phones

Industry to help consumers recover when devices are lost or stolen

National Efforts Aims To Reduce Harm From Stolen Cell Phones...


Study Finds Hate Groups Flourish In Big Box Communities

Researchers find communities with big box retailers also have hate groups

Study Finds Hate Groups Flourish In Big Box Communities...


Goldman, Sachs Fined $22 Million for 'Huddles'

Huddles created the risk that non-public information would be disclosed

A Goldman, Sachs process known as "trading huddles" was supposed to allow research analysts to share ideas with the firm's traders, so they could provide b...


Beware of In-App Purchases, They Can Add Up Quickly

Free apps can suddenly become very costly

Beware of In-App Purchases, They Can Add Up Quickly...


U.S. & 16 States Sue Apple and Major Publishers for Price Fixing

Charges the companies conspired to drive up the price of ebooks

The Justice Department today filed suit against Apple and five major publishers, alleging they conspired to limit competition in the pricing of e-books. Th...


Beware Black Mold Hype

Mold industry leader says term is used to scare consumers

"Beware the black mold hype," Earle said. "It's a sales pitch based on fear, often accompanied by inferior abilities and practices on the part of the selle...


Does Old Fashioned Common Sense Trump Popular Diet Products?

Researchers find eating less fat and getting more exercise best way to lose weight

Researchers find eating less fat and getting more exercise best way to lose weight...


Housing Groups File Discrimination Complaint Against Wells Fargo

Alleges foreclosed homes better maintained in predominately white neighborhoods

It's generally accepted that a foreclosure in the neighborhood has a negative impact on other houses nearby. But is the impact felt more severely in predom...


Court Halts Alleged Fake Debt Collector Calls from India

California Defendant Ran Phantom Debt Collection Scheme from His Home, FTC Alleges

A U.S. district court has halted an operation that alleged hounded consumers for payday loan debts they didn't owe to the defendants or, in some cases...


Gas Prices Not High Enough For Refineries

East Coast refineries may be forced out of business

East Coast refineries may be forced out of business...


Are Banks Causing Even Higher Gas Prices?

Convenience stores say swipe fees add to the price at the pump

Are Banks Causing Even Higher Gas Prices?...


Chrysler Introduces Wireless Charging of Smartphones, MP3 Players

New technology debuts in 2013 Dodge Dart, arriving in showrooms by June

In a world seemingly filled with goofy gadgets and fairly useless innovations, Chrysler Group has come up with something that could actually save time and ...


Pier 1 Outlines Expansion Plans

New ecommerce platform, new store openings

Pier 1 Imports has outlined plans for an upgraded e-commerce platform, store remodelings, and new store openings over the coming three years.Last year, t...


Mercedes Diesel Wins 2012 World Green Car Award

High-mpg clean diesels can rival the performance of many hybrids

The emergence of fuel efficient engines is a major strategy for many auto makers, incuding Mercedes Benz, as an alternative to hybrids and plug-ins...


Taking a Survey Can Compromise Your Privacy

It's almost never worth the incentive they offer

Everyone likes to get something for free, but if you are asked to fill out a survey in order to get that freebie, think twice. ...


Judge Tosses Proposed McAfee Settlement

Suit alleged McAfee tricked customers into buying "PerfectSpeed"

A federal judge refused to approve a proposed settlement to a class action lawsuit that claimed McAfee and an advertiser conspired to trick consumers into ...


Study Finds Workplace Is Dangerous for Young Workers

Researchers call for more stringent safeguards

Study Finds Workplace Is Dangerous for Young Workers...


Pet Owners Should Be Aware of Salmonella Threats

Foodborne illnesses affect pets a lot more than you think

The news that Diamond Pet Foods is recalling its Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice dry dog food because it may be contaminated with salmonella should be a ...


Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements a Fish Story?

Study finds little evidence the supplements help heart patients

Omega-3 fatty acids -- the kind found in fish -- are thought to be helpful in preventing heart disease.  But that doesn't necessarily mean that taking...


Study: Hybrid Owners Not Likely to Buy Another Hybrid

Only 35 percent of hybrid owners buy another one

Research Suggests Hybrids Not Really Catching On...


Consumer Debt Rises in February

Borrowing for cars and college leads the way

U.S. consumers went deeper into debt in February, but did not increase their credit card debt, according to the Federal Reserve.In its monthly report, th...


Tax Resolution Firm Decries 'Bad Apples' in Industry

Says abuses are big mess that needs to be cleaned up

Companies that offer services to taxpayers, to help resolve problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), say a handful of companies in their business ...


Should Hospitals Hand Out Infant Formula Samples?

Public Citizen doesn't think so and is launching a crusade against the practice

Public Citizen to Hospitals: Stop Handing Out Industry-Provided Samples of Infant FormulaHospitals Should Focus on Public Health, Not Marketing for Drug ...


Pesticides Associated with Lower Birth Weight, Shorter Pregnancy

Study reinforces belief that pregnant women should avoid pesticides

A new study is reinforcing obstetricians’ standard warning that pregnant women should avoid exposure to pesticides in foods and weed killers because ...


Neil Young Hopes to Tune Up Digital Music

Young, other artists have long lamented the horrific quality of MP3 audio

Those iPad earpods may look cool but they sound awful.  So says no less an authority than Neil Young.  It's not entirely the pods' fault, though,...


Study: Early BPA Exposure Affects Adult Learning

Researchers tests on zebrafish show BPA can make it harder to learn

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration days ago announced it will not take immediate steps to ban the use of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in food product...


Chrysler Premiers New Ads in NCAA Finals

The second half of Chrysler's "Halftime in America" marketing campaign is now making the rounds in the American living room

The new ads began during the 2012 Superbowl, will now run in other high profile sports venues like NASCAR coverage...


Trojan Reportedly Infects 500,000 Macs

Russian software firm says the malware can give hackers control of users' computers

A Russian anti-virus company, Doctor Web, has issued a report saying its research shows the Trojan BackDoor.Flashback is now infecting more than a half-mil...


Long Island Broker Fined $2.3 Million for Excessive Markups

David Lerner Associates also ordered to pay restitution of $1.4 million

A Long Island, New York, brokerage firm has been fined $2.3 million for charging retail customers excessive markups on municipal bond and collateraliz...


AirTran Gets Chicago-Cancun Route

Route has been vacant for four years

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has given shivering Chicagoans a new escape route.The department today announced that it has finalized the te...


Public Bikes Recalls Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard

The pedals can crack and break, posing a fall hazard

Public Bikes Inc. is recalling about 4,100 bicycles. The pedals can crack and break, posing a fall hazard to the rider.Public Bikes has received 24 ...


Increase In Memory Loss May Signal Impending Death

Researchers say memory decline accelerates a couple of years before death

When an elderly person begins losing their memory at a noticeably faster rate, it may mean they are in the last years of life.New research finds that a p...


Movie Chain Settles Discrimination Claims

Moviegoers with vision, hearing disabilities to get assistive technology

In a settlement with the state of Illinois, AMC Theatres will provide access to movies for consumers with both vision and hearing disabilities.Illinois A...


Google Thinks Its Glasses Can Make Reality Really Really Real

Why settle for plain old reality when you could have augmented reality?

Yesterday it was flying cars. Today it's Google Glasses -- thin wraparound shades that give new meaning to "in your face."Googlers say the new glasses wi...


Be Skeptical About Search Engine Results

Scareware attacks increase around holidays like Easter

Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Search Engine Results...


Ford Fusion's Auto Stop-Start Saves Gas, Lends a Green Hue

Ford pushes technology to generate near-hybrid results at much lower cost

Customers can get auto stop-start on the Ford Fusion for just $295...


Looking for Credit Reports in All the Wrong Places

There is no reason to use a commercial site to retrieve your credit report

Consumers continue to ignore the government's free credit report site...


Red Wine May Block Fat Cells

Piceatannol, a substance in red wine, interferes with formation of fat cells

If red wine enthusiasts need another reason to indulge their favorite passion, here it is: piceatannol, a substance found in red grapes, may help keep you ...


Cell Providers Selling Your Data to Police

Industry expert calls for reform of cellular communication laws

Civil libertarians are up in arms over revelations that police departments around the country routinely track individuals using cell phones without getting...


Timeshare Mega Media Owners Must Find a New Line of Work

FTC action bans company and its owners from telemarketing and timeshare resales

The Federal Trade Commission put the telemarketing and timeshare businesses off-limits to a south Florida couple who allegedly operated a deceptive telemar...


Obesity Now More Costly to Health System Than Smoking

There are fewer smokers now but more people packing on pounds

Obesity Now More Costly To Health System Than Smoking...


Single Baby Boomers Face Increased Challenges as They Age

Many lack economic resources and good health

Single Baby Boomers Face Increased Challenges As They Age...


Are Flying Cars Finally Here?

Get ready for a new kind of hybrid: two land-air hybrids are close to market

The PAL-V company in the Netherlands, and the Terrafugia company stateside, are releasing plans to offer actual flyign cars to public buyers...


Is Your Tote Bag a Toxic Waste Site?

Only 15% of consumers wash their grocery totes regularly

Reusable grocery totes are a popular, eco-friendly choice to transport groceries, but only 15 percent of Americans regularly wash their bags, creating a br...


Most Americans Have No Credit Card Debt

About a third of consumers hold all the debt

Most Americans Have No Credit Card Debt...


FTC Asks Judge to Shut Down Car-Loan Modification Schemes

Consumers pay hundreds of dollars but get no benefit, feds charge

The Federal Trade Commission has filed charges and requested that a U.S. district court put a stop to the allegedly deceptive tactics of two California-bas...


Avoid Last-Minute Tax Filing Mistakes

Remember, if you can't get it done by April 17, you can file for an extension

Five common last-minute tax filing mistakes...


USGS: Recent Earthquakes 'Almost Certainly Manmade'

Report implicates oil and natural gas drilling

 Report Implicates Oil and Natural Gas DrillingBy Dusty Horwitt and Alex Formuzis, April 2012Washington, D.C. – A U.S. Geological Surv...


FDA Warns France T253 Contains Hidden Ingredients

Sexual enhancement aid sold on, among others, may be dangerous

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use “France T253,” a product for sexual enhancement.  This...


Burger King Getting a Make-Over

Fast food chain has slipped to third place in burger competition

For years, Burger King has been playing catch-up to McDonald's in the burger battles. Then last month Burger King found itself slipping to third place, beh...


Congress Targets Offshore Call Centers

Consumers at risk of identity theft, fraud, New York Congressman argues

Consumers sound off frequently about offshore call centers, usually complaining the overseas customer service reps are hard to understand and, often, not f...


Mazda's Takeri: Mystique and More

Latest Mazda uses proprietary SKYACTIV engine design

The Takeri concept car from Mazda is showing off some of the newest engineering that Mazda had been waiting to reveal to the market...


Consumers Relying More on Tax Refunds for Basic Needs

Fewer use their refund checks to treat themselves

Consumers Relying More On Tax Refunds For Basic Needs...


What If You Can't Pay Your Taxes?

Whatever you do, don't ignore April 17 filing deadline

What If You Can't Pay Your Taxes?...


Fed Enters Consent Order Against Morgan Stanley

Company will also face a fine for its misconduct and negligence in mortgage activities

The Federal Reserve Board today announced it has reached a consent order against Morgan Stanley to address a pattern of misconduct and negligence in reside...


Al Baghdadi Food Recalls Stuffed Potato Product

May contain undeclared allergens

Al Baghdadi Food Inc., a Hazel Park, Mich. establishment is recalling approximately 5,400 pounds of a stuffed potato product with beef filling because of m...


Chemical in Smokeless Tobacco Linked to Oral Cancer

Researchers say (S)-N’-nitrosonornicotine should be removed from products

Chemical in Smokeless Tobacco Linked to Oral Cancer...


J.C. Penney Customers Just Don't Get the Changes

Sales fall as customers puzzle over new pricing policy

J.C. Penney Customers Just Don't Get The Changes...


Recalls of Children's Products Down; Reasons Unclear

Despite new law, much of the review and recall process still occurs in secret

The number of children's products recalled last year dropped 24% from the previous year. That's good, right? Well, maybe but then again, maybe not.Unfort...


FDA Declines to Bar BPA from Food Packaging

Chemical is tied to potential health problem including birth defects

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided it will not take immediate steps to bar bisphenol-A, or BPA, a synthetic estrogen and plastics...


2012 Kia Rio Beats Accent, Sonic in Consumer Reports Review

Decent handling, good gas mileage, attractive interior helped Rio take top spot

As the 2012 market year begins, the 2012 Kia Rio is getting a lot of attention, even up against newer models like the Chevrolet Sonic and Hyundai Accent...


Deceptive Robocaller Gets $30 Million Phone Bill

FTC case against Cash Grant Institute ends with record penalty

In response to charges by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a federal judge has ordered the defendants behind a deceptive robocall scheme to pay a t...


AT&T, Verizon Praised For Squashing 'Cramming'

Illinois attorney general wants universal ban on the practice

“Cramming” is a scheme in which third-party vendors use consumers’ phone numbers much like a credit card – adding charges to phone bills for bogus products...


Debit Card 'Skimmers' a Growing Problem

Illegal devices placed on ATMs can steal identities

Debit Card 'Skimmers' a Growing Problem...