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The Year Ahead: Gridlock ends at last, errorism is defeated

All the news you need, before it even happens

With the price of newspapers rising faster than the price of milk and online paywalls replacing the Berlin Wall, Americans face a news gap in 2013.Of cou...


The Trusted Traveler Program rolls out to 35 airports

Most consumers are in favor of the program expanding, despite some security snags along the way

If you were waiting for your local airport to join the new trusted travelers program, you may just be in luck.TSA has just announced that it expande...


2013 will see some new taxes

Most are associated with phase-in of new health care law

Regardless of what does, or does not happen with the “fiscal cliff,” some consumers will see some tax increases in 2013, part of the Affordable...


Study: Female college students more likely to binge drink than males

Researchers also say it takes less alcohol to get women drunk

Many college students tend to over do it when it comes to consuming alcohol. A number of recent studies have sounded an alarm about student's unhealthy and...


New rules to allow faster approval of in-flight Internet

Feds to make satellite-delivered Internet the official in-flight system

More airline passengers are a step closer to having a wider array of Internet services available when they fly. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)...


2012's most surprising real estate markets

Honolulu, Austin and the Twin Cities have served up some pleasant surprises

In many ways the 2012 real estate market has been something of a surprise. A mostly pleasant surprise.Sales have risen each month on a year-over-year bas...


'Ted,' 'Total Recall' top DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals for week ending December 23

Comedy and action movies were at the top of the heap

What were we watching as the year was drawing to a close? Here is Rentrak Corporation's rundown of the Top-10 DVD & Blu-ray sales and rentals for the week ...


CareerBuilder: More jobs likely to be available in 2013

But the annual forecast says the hiring environment will remain cautious

If you're job hunting, 2013 may be your year. According to CareerBuilder's annual hiring forecast, 26 percent of hiring managers plan to add full-tim ...


Payday lender settles charges with Minnesota

State sued Sure Advance LLC for violating consumer laws

In the last few years a growing number of states have enacted laws making it less profitable for payday lenders to operate within their borders. It doesn't...


Congress tries to head off increase in milk prices

Average price could double to $7 per gallon if nothing is done

The "fiscal cliff" drama is center stage these days but there are lots of back stories going on as well, including the possibility of a huge increase in th...


2013 might be a good year to buy a car

Expiring leases may flood the used car market

If you've been wondering how many more miles you have in the car you're driving, the time may be at hand to make a change. Chances are you can get a pretty...


DirecTV tunes up a price hike

Higher programming costs blamed for 4.5% increase

DirecTV has a last-minute addition to your holiday stocking: an average 4.5% price increase, starting Feb. 7. The company blames higher programming costs i...


Study: Alcohol is worse for the teen brain than marijuana

In a separate study, researchers find that kids don't think pot is as bad as they used to

One of the main warnings that kids hear about the harms of pot smoking is that it will ruin their brain cells, but researchers from the Universit...


7-Eleven wants you to eat healthier

The company says by the year 2012, 20 percent of its products will be fresh foods.

Let’s face it, when you think of places to get a healthy bite, 7-Eleven isn’t the first place that comes to mind.Apparently, executives for t...


2012 housing market ends on bullish note

Sales are up late in the year and so are prices

The looming fiscal cliff not withstanding, the outlook for the U.S. housing market in 2013 continues to look brighter. A flurry of data at the end of 2012 ...


Losing weight is a lifestyle choice

Experts say it's part of a permanent commitment to change

If you ask people for a New Year's resolution, chances are a lot of people will tell you they resolve to lose weight in the coming year. Chances are also g...


Amazon again tops customer satisfaction poll

Apple, Dell and JC Penney lose ground in annual survey

Consumers are not only doing more of their shopping online, they appear to be increasingly satisfied with the results, at least with some retailers.The a...


Consumer confidence takes a dive

Uncertainty about what's likely to happen in the new year is a factor

Jitters about the so-called “fiscal cliff” have consumers on edge. The Conference Board says its Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined slightly in...


Uh-oh, gasoline prices are rising again

Despite falling demand, the average price has risen every day this week

Motorists should have known it was too good to last. After falling steadily for more than three months, prices at the pump started moving high this week....


Toyota agrees to $1 billion settlement in acceleration case

About 16 million consumers will be eligible for payments and safety updates

A Virginia man was severely injured in an unexplained single car accident involving this Toyota Camry. (Staff photo)Calling it a "significant step forw...


Lasik Surgery: Have the risks been properly communicated?

The federal government says eye care providers aren't being totally honest

Back in the day if a doctor told you they would be able to shoot a laser directly into your eye to correct your vision one day, you might have thought...


Is chicken soup really good for the flu?

A researcher says yes, and he's been studying the stuff for over 18 years.

Let’s be frank. A lot of home remedies that are past down from previous generations just don’t work, and some can actually make your condition ...


Dating sites that cut to the chase

New breed of site matches the 'attractive' with the 'generous'

When a consumer signs up with a dating site, they are usually in search of something. And dating sites usually have their niche, based on that desire.EHa...


E-reader use jumps seven percent this year

Nearly a quarter of U.S. consumers have read an e-book this year

More consumers are reading books on tablets and e-readers. A survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that in the past year, the number...


Mortgage rates end 2012 near record low

Fiscal cliff fears are keeping rates down

It turns out last week's jump in mortgage rates may have been an aberration. In two weekly surveys mortgage rates have pulled back to end the year near a r...


The strawberries are about to disappear from the labels of Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups

A settlement agreement reached with General Mills resolves a lawsuit

You may have a hard time finding any strawberries on the labels of Strawberry Naturally Flavored Fruit Roll-Ups. That's because General Mills has resolved ...


Four retailers to stop sale and recall Nap Nanny recliners

The actions are prompted by reports of five infant deaths

Four major retailers --, Buy Buy Baby, and Toys R Us/Babies R Us -- are announcing a voluntary recall to consumers who own Nap Nanny...


Seven small steps toward improved financial health

Even minor changes in money management can pay off big

Money can't buy happiness, they say, but effectively managing your money just might. It can help you avoid lots of headaches that make life less enjoyable....


Want to eat healthy in 2013? Here's how

eMeals suggests some small changes that can make a big difference

“This year, I'm going to eat healthy.” How many times have you said that on January 1 and by February 1 been back on the diet of a Big Mac for lunch and pi...


Some New Millennium Bank customers to get refunds

Bank settles with FDIC and exits the credit card business

In a settlement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), New Millennium Bank has agreed to make restitution to certain credit card customers....


The companies and brands that angered you the most in 2012

There were plenty of companies that didn't get it right this year

Well, it’s almost that time of year again where we break out the champagne, gather the confetti and put on those silly paper gold top hats that some ...


Warning: SpamSoldier is invading Android devices

Mobile devices are increasingly vulnerable

The mobile world continues to become more vulnerable to malware with a newly discovered SMS spamming botnet called SpamSoldier causing concern.It reporte...


Suzuki sales jump as company winds down its U.S. operations

The company is importing one last batch of cars to meet the demand

When American Suzuki announced in November that it was filing for bankruptcy, exiting the U.S. market and dumping its dealer network, that seemed to be the...


Resolving to be a smarter shopper

A good 2013 resolution may be to make your money go further

There are different ways to accumulate wealth. You can earn more income or, when you make purchases, you can get more for your money. While earning more is...


Journal: feds may expand mortgage refinance program

Currently, the program helps only homeowners whose mortgages are owned by Fannie or Freddie

The government has a program that helps struggling homeowners refinance their mortgages, but a number of criteria must be met in order to participate. For ...


West Virginia issues subpoenas against two car title loan companies

State is investigating debt collection practices

Why shouldn't you take out a car title loan? Think of it this way -- the risk is much more than the reward. Take it from Steven, of Wilmington, Del.I too...


Tamiflu use expanded to include infants

The flu treatment can now be used in treatment of children younger than 1 year

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) may now be used to treat children as young as 2-weeks-old who have shown symptoms of flu for no longer than two days. Under terms of...


Consumers sending money internationally to get enhanced protection

Rule revisions would provide fee transparency, among other things

A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule regulating international money transfers is about to get more heft. Newly proposed revisions, which the...


States take action against debt-solution firms

Companies that make unrealistic promises get rigorous review

It's been a year in which debt-settlement firms have found themselves under increasing scrutiny, and in some cases have faced enforcement actions in some s...


Christmas Day offers a brief respite from sales and promotions

But it all begins anew on Wednesday with launch of after-Christmas sales

This is that rarest of days -- a day when there are no pre-holiday sales, post-holiday sales or any other kind of sales, for that matter. Except for the ...


Hedge fund manager slams Herbalife as 'pyramid scheme'

Company fires back, accusing Bill Ackman of 'stock price manipulation'

Bill Ackman controls billions of dollars and is one of the titans of Wall Street. As founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, a successful hedge fund...


Privacyfix may prove to be a thorn in Facebook's side

Browser app helps you restrict your data from online marketers

Facebook and other social media are constantly looking for ways to earn revenue and many of those ways involve selling information about you, if you happen...


Major retailers will be closed on Christmas Day

Many are closing early today, Christmas Eve

Walmart took quite a bit of heat from employees and customers by opening its stores on Thanksgiving Day to get an early start on the annual Black Friday sa...


Smartphones can be a serious security risk

The Federal Communications Commision releases a security check list for all smartphone users

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), smartphones robberies are on the steady incline.In New York City, for example, 40 percent of al...


Study: More deaths among heart attack patients who get blood transfusions

Patients sometimes get transfusions because of bleeding, anemia

A new meta-analysis of 10 studies finds a higher mortality rate among heart attack patients who get blood transfusions, but medical authorities cautioned t...


Firm linked to meningitis outbreak files bankruptcy

New England Compounding Center promises fund to compensate victims

As expected, the New England Compounding Center (NECC), the Massachusetts pharmacy at the center of the recent nationwide meningitis outbreak, has filed fo...


Spin magazine shuts down its print edition

After 27 years the magazine that grew with alternative rock and Hip Hop is no more

If you’re a like me, then you probably spent your fair share of time frequenting book stores and magazine shops rummaging through rows and rows of ma...


Dementia and driving: what's the risk?

New research suggests driving is a bigger threat than previously thought

When someone is diagnosed with dementia, families and other caregivers may consider taking away the car keys. In some cases it might be prudent but might n...


Stehouwer's recalls Pigs in the Blanket products

The product contains an allergen that is not declared on the label

Stehouwer's Frozen Foods, of Grand Rapids, MI, is recalling approximately 6,039 pounds of Pigs in the Blanket products because of misbranding and an undecl...


Dangerous supplement now sold as 'WOW'

It's the same old stuff -- just a new name

It's baaaaaack! A product distributed and sold under the name 'WOW' is really just another product in disguise -- one that can cause serious harm. Earlier...


Wayne Farms recalls barbeque chicken wing products

The product contains an undeclared allergen -- milk

Wayne Farms of Decatur, AL, is recalling approximately 2,320 pounds of frozen honey barbeque chicken wing products because of misbranding and an allergen –...


U.S. seeks to approve genetically-engineered fish

New type of salmon reportedly grows twice as fast as natural breed

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it has concluded that allowing a genetically-engineered salmon to enter the food supply would have no sign...


For J.C. Penney, 2012 has been a year to forget

Company's sweeping changes have alienated customers and racked up deep losses

It's been almost precisely a year since retailer J.C. Penney, under the leadership of Apple alum Ron Johnson, began a top to bottom remake of the company's...


Wendy's makes some big changes

New restaurant design features fireplaces, wi-fi, big-screen TV

When it comes to selecting a fast-food restaurant for a quick meal, the amount of options to choose from can seem infinite.But no matter how many pl...


Keeping food safe from the wrath of Old Man Winter

You can get through it you follow a few simple steps

Folks befuddled by all the warm weather and wondering where winter is need only look to the Midwest to find out. A powerful winter storm system bringing d...


Time for a checkup: How is credit card reform working out?

Has it made a difference for you? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to know

In 2009, President Barack Obama signed into law the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD Act). The goal was to bring ...


Holiday travelers finding low gasoline prices

The average price is below $4 a gallon in Hawaii and $3 in Missouri

Gasoline prices continued their steady decline for another week, giving motorists driving during the holidays a present at the gas pump.The national aver...


Relax, the world isn't ending today

Even a calendar company is offering a money back guarantee if we don't make it to 2013

If you have done no Christmas shopping on the belief that the world would end on Dec. 21, you'd better hit the stores. The world isn't ending today.The l...


Want to reach a stranger on Facebook? Pay up!

Facebook is testing the idea of putting a tollgate on your inbox

Facebook has its well-publicized downsides but at least you're not subjected to spam emails in your Facebook Messages inbox. Well, not yet anyway but that ...


Buying her another predictable holiday gift this year? Do something for her instead

When it comes to buying a romantic gift, doing something is better than buying something

It feels like Christmas day is just minutes away, although in reality we have a little over a week.And though that’s not a lot of time for us guys ...


New app lets you check a bus company's safety record

The feds say consumers should do research before buying their bus ticket.

For anyone that has used an interstate bus company in the last 10 years has probably noticed the dramatic changes throughout the entire industry.As ...


States take action after Connecticut shootings

The steps are designed to cope with, prevent gun violence within their borders

In the aftermath of the murders of students and their teachers at a Connecticut elementary school, a number of states are taking action to prevent a simila...


Is Hollywood feeling some heat over violence?

Two new films featuring lots of shooting go for a lower profile

The first reaction to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was felt by the firearms industry. Share prices of gun manufacturers ...


Housing stats continue to create optimism

November saw a surprising surge in existing home sales

There are plenty of naysayers when it comes to the recovering housing market. They warn not to get too carried away by the steady, month-after-month improv...


Mortgage rates jump in last week

Does the market sense inflation on the horizon?

Mortgage rates moved higher in two weekly surveys as the Federal Reserve announced new measures to spur the economy. Though rates are higher, they aren't t...


Tips for year-end giving

Some changes in tax law may affect what -- and to whom -- you want to give

Even though we haven't been through the holidays yet, it's not too early to start thinking about the bite the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be taking...


Be on the lookout for travel scams

Latest case is Michigan travel operator accused of ripping off seniors

In addition to celebrating holidays, this is also a time of year that people plan winter vacations. A word to the wise -- when you use the services of an o...


Data broker industry to come under federal microscope

The Federal Trade Commission will analyze the companies' collection and use of consumer data

Nine data brokerage companies have been ordered to provide the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with information about how they collect and use data about co...


Feds toughen rules protecting children's privacy on the Internet

New rules are "not Big Brother but Big Mother and Big Father"

Saying that he wanted to give a "very hard time" to companies that "make their living off of grinding out through various technological tricks private info...


How not to get wrapped up in holiday spending pressures

Advice from a financial expert about consumer restraint and how to repair your credit

There are a number of wonderful things the holiday season brings about.Like family members taking the time out of their schedules to meet up, the be...


Expert finds report of lax kids' online privacy 'alarming'

Cornell professor says most apps makers are ignoring the law

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in recent days, has disclosed its concern about the privacy of children who use mobile and desktop apps.The problem i...


Facebook plans video ads in its news feeds

Instagram tries to eat its words, says it won't sell users' photos

Facebook plans to unveil a new video-ad product in the first half of next year, most likely plopping video ads into the middle of its news feeds, ad indust...


Feds unload more GM stock, taxpayers lose billions

At least GM execs will be able to fly on their private jets once again

Consumers know you almost never make money "investing" in a car and now the U.S. government is learning the same lesson.The Obama administration is selli...


McDonald's wants stores open Christmas Day

Is it a modern-day Christmas Carol? Who wants hamburgers on Christmas?

Ebeneezer Scrooge: You'll want all day tomorrow, I suppose?Bob Crachet: If quite convenient, sir.Ebeneezer Scrooge: It's not convenient, and it's not f...


Consumers turning away from luxury cars

Study finds uptick in preference for eco-friendly vehicles

Is the U.S. really going green? A new study suggests as much. National car leasing firm says there won't be as many luxury cars with big red...


Stay away from 'forensic mortgage audits'

Consumer authorities call them the latest form of mortgage rescue scam

Mortgage rescue scams are nothing new. But the scammers have a fairly new wrinkle called the “forensic audit.”Suppose you are a homeowner str...


California seizes 2,000 illegal firearms in 2012

Credits computer database with helping remove guns from people not allowed to have them

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the unfathomable murders at a Connecticut elementary school, the focus is falling first on the nation's gun la...


Researcher: To control weight, get out of your car

Small transportation change can reduce body weight

For those who are watching their weight, the next few days will be critical. The end of the year holidays, from Christmas to New Years, bring dinners, part...


How women can make more money than men

Separate occupations may make the difference

Why is is that -- in so many cases -- women earn less money than men? According to a large-scale survey of 20 industrialized countries it may be because t...


Instagram to users: Hey, thanks for giving us your property

Facebook-owned site asserts right to sell users' photos to advertisers

Like to post stuff on the Web? Sure you do. It's yours after all, right? Umm, well, actually, it isn't once you've posted it.Read the privacy policies an...


Buckeyballs finally go away

The magnets endangered children and trivialized the legacy of a great thinker

If you haven't started your Buckeyball collection, it's too late. The company that makes the magnetic toys has finally bowed to pressure from federal safet...


Senate hearing will examine credit report inaccuracies

8 million Americans complained of inaccuracies last year

Sen. BrownThe three major credit reporting agencies are coming under increasing scrutiny, the latest a Senate hearing called for tomorrow (Wednesday) b...


Web sites offer free credit monitoring

Credit reports and monitoring are slowly becoming more accessible

The common wisdom is that your credit report is something you have to pay for. But that's increasingly not true. At least two Web sites are now offering no...


Survey: Kroger pharmacy tops in customer service

Researchers say customer service tipped the scales to Kroger

There are many store types that have been affected by the dominance of national retail chains and small neighborhood pharmacies are among them....


Toyota to pay record $17.35 million for unintended acceleration problems

The fine is in connection with unwanted acceleration caused by floor mat pedal entrapment

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is throwing the book at Toyota. The automaker has agreed to pay $17.35 million -- the maximum ...


Study suggests link between aspirin, macular degeneration

The progressive eye disease is a common cause of blindness in seniors

A new study suggests a "small but statistically signifcant" increase in age-related macular degeneration among study participants who used aspirin reguarly...


Danger: popping a Champagne cork is no joke

A flying cork moves with enough force to cause significant eye damage

It's been a staple of Hollywood comedies for decades; the misguided popping Champagne cork that hits another object or person. A sight gag almost guarantee...


Enzyme linked to prostate cancer

Mayo Clinic researchers think it could lead to new treatment for most aggressive cancers

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic Florida campus may have stumbled onto an important bit of information when it comes to stopping the spread of prostate cance...


News just gets worse for Apple

Judge rejects company's request to ban certain Samsung smartphones

At the start of the year Apple was most likely the hottest company on the planet. Consumers lined up for the chance to buy its products. And its $1 billion...


U.S. workers optimistic about jobs, economy in 2013

Employees appear more upbeat about opportunities for promotions and the job market

As 2012 draws to a close, there appears to be an air of growing confidence among American workers. A recent survey by Randstad U.S., reveals workers are h...


More employers to hand out year-end bonuses

'Improved circumstances' is cited as a reason for the improved generosity

Did your boss give you a year-end bonus in 2011? He might this year. A survey of human resources executives conducted by outplacement consultancy Challeng...


Without assistance, home sales and prices continue to rise

Homeowners decisions not to sell keeps inventory down

Over the last four years, since home prices plunged at the start of the credit crisis, there have been many voices urging help for the housing market. Not ...


Filling up your kids on fewer calories

Offer smaller quantities of healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables

It's no secret that childhood obesity is reaching alarming levels. Thirty-two percent of the kids in this country are overweight or obese according to the ...


Average gasoline price below $4 in every state

The last time that was true was November 2008

The average price of gasoline, as tracked by AAA's daily Fuel Gauge Survey, shows a milestone, of sorts. The average price of a gallon of gasoline is now b...


Diet Pepsi tinkers with its formula, adding a new sweetener

Sodastream is taking some of the fizz out of soft-drink sales

When it comes to popular food and beverage brands, most consumers would probably be against changing the formula or recipe, but that’s exactly what&r...


Is your hair making you fat?

Study finds black women may avoid exercise because of hair issues

Exercise is good for you. Everybody knows that. But it has drawbacks -- for one thing, it can make you sweat, which can be a problem for women with certain...


Guns, mental health, video games top post-shooting agenda

'Everything's on the table' in the wake of the tragedy

Friday's horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., appear to have improved chances that gun laws, video games and mental he...


Sprint reaches deal to buy the rest of Clearwire

The purchase should make Sprint more competitive with AT&T and Verizon

It was just two months ago that Japanese giant Softbank bought 70% of Sprint for $20 billion, injecting much-needed financial muscle into the third-place w...


Food industry steps up production of gluten-free products

But if you don't have celiac disease there are no benefits

On store shelves you now find a gluten-free version of almost every food product. The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)says the food industry has spent...


Seven vehicles get's 'Best of 2013' nod

Two Honda models make the list

If a new car or truck is in your future in the coming year, no doubt you've already started doing some research. Automotive site has some more dat...


Feds to take closer look at student lenders

CFPB examiners will ensure lenders are following the law

Are the folks who make student loans on the up-and-up? A set of student lending examination procedures to be used by examiners from the Consumer Financia...


Is your smart TV watching you?

Security firm claims Samsung devices can be hacked

It sounds creepy to consider, but a security firm claims to have exploited vulnerabilities in all 11 of Samsung smart TV models, allowing it to take contro...


Privacy: tips for protecting your personal information

Make sure you know what happens with all that info that's out there

Every day you share personal information about yourself with others. It’s so routine that you may not even realize you’re doing it. You may write a check a...


5-hour Energy stops 'deceptive' Web ad

CSPI recommends consumers avoid product pending FDA investigation into deaths

5-hour Energy -- the controversial caffeinated supplement drink under federal scrutiny for its reported role in 13 deaths -- has at least temporarily stop ...


Anti-stalking app measure advances in U.S. Senate

Would criminalize stalking apps for smartphones

The Location Protection Act of 2012, better known as the Stalking Apps Bill, is headed for the floor of the U.S. Senate where it could be enacted into law....


Why you should be suspicious of government logos

Pretending to be government-sanctioned is a scammer's favorite ruse

You've seen the Internet ads. They feature President Obama's smiling face or the seal of a federal agency, suggesting the company making the offer has offi...


Amazon links with Facebook for easier holiday shopping

Meanwhile, Facebook cooks up a new e-commerce feature of its own

As more and more brick and mortar stores are ramping up efforts to compete with digital stores, it seems that digital stores are doing more to compete with...


Obama on marijuana: policy shift or smokescreen?

Critics say the President is waiting to see which way the smoke blows

President Obama's latest statements about marijuna are igniting sparks  around the country but some pro-pot groups say they shouldn't set the night on...


Scientists find antidepressant drug that works almost immediately

Although the drug is still in its trial phase, researchers are excited about its potential

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in 10 adults in the United States report having depression, although experts say the...


Microsoft's Surface RT comes to Staples and Best Buy

Microsoft hopes the move to traditional retail will spur sales

The news may not start a stampede but the Surface RT tablet is now on sale at Best Buy an Staples as Microsoft tries to jumpstart slow sales. The tablet ha...


Ample supplies and looming fiscal cliff push gas prices lower

Lowest prices found in south central region, highest in the Northeast

Gasoline prices fell in nearly every U.S. state this week as supplies rose and crude oil prices fell, depressed by worries about Washington's "fiscal cliff...


Feds revamping reverse mortgage rules

Consumer groups worried borrowers have too little information

As many Americans reach retirement age and decide to locate to a lower-cost area, they typically debate whether to buy or rent. But there is a third option...


Consumer prices go down in November

Falling gas prices put more money in consumers' pockets

The prices consumers pay for goods and services went down in November. The 0.3 percent decline in the Labor Department's Consumer Price Index (CPI) was the...


You can help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke

It's not as hard to do as a lot of people think

Poor eating and exercise habits could be the game-changer in the fight against heart disease and stroke deaths, according to the American Heart Association...


Bon-Ton to pay civil penalty to settle drawstring charges

The company failed to report drawstrings on children's jackets and sweatshirts

The Bon-Ton Stores of York, PA, will pay a $450,000 civil penalty resolving U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff allegations that it knowin...


Debt collector settles Minnesota's 'robo-signing' complaint

Midland Funding must now prove consumer owes the debt

The term 'robo-signing' became part of consumer vocabulary in 2010 when major mortgage lenders were accused of cutting corners on legal documents required ...


Barcode inventor dies at age 91

Norman Woodland came up with the idea on the beach

Sixty years ago young Norman Woodland and a fellow student were relaxing on a New Jersey beach when Woodland drew four lines in the sand. It was the beginn...


Psychosocial distress associated with increased stroke risk

Stress and negative emotions often increase with age

People over age 65 with high psychosocial distress -- a broad concept that includes depression, stress, a negative outlook and dissatisfaction with life --...


Commercials too loud? Feds are riding to the rescue

Life has lots of little annoyances, none so small they don't merit legislation

How loud is too loud? It's a question that comes up quite a bit. Is your muffler too loud? Your dog's barking? Your leaf blower? All of these are pretty su...


Punchfork: A great site for your holiday cooking needs

The recipe website is like for foodies--Just one search and you're done

Most people in the United States consider Thanksgiving the official food holiday, so Christmas doesn’t get the acknowledgement it truly deserves...


Redbox starts battle with Netflix with $6 streaming service

Will lower prices lure customers away from market leader Netflix?

You never know, but maybe one of the people on your gift list would like a movie streaming package from Redbox this year.It seems that Redbox and Verizon...


No substitute for checking your credit report annually

Consumers may be turned down or charged more for loans because of errors if they don't check

When it comes to your credit score, paying your credit card bill on time may be a lot more important than paying your mortgage or car payment promptly.Th...


Google downplays porn results

Tweaks settings to make it harder to stumble onto pornographic images

Google is showing signs of middle age. It says has tweaked its algorithm for image search to make it more difficult for users to stumble onto explicit imag...


Facebook 'simplifies' settings, privacy advocates balk

The company says it's trying to "improve the Facebook experience" for everyone

Facebook is trying to simplify its privacy settings but some privacy advocates are already objecting. Facebook says the changes will make it easier for use...


Distracted walking a growing hazard

Study finds one in three pedestrians are distracted while crossing the street

States have cracked down on distracted driving, particularly people who send and receive text messages behind the wheel. But a new study suggests authoriti...


Mortgage rates remain near record lows this week

Rates have been below four percent most of 2012

Two weekly mortgage rate surveys show there was little movement in rates during the week. The cost of a home mortgage remains near record lows/In its Pri...


Foreclosure activity drops again in November

But bank repossessions show a marked increase during the month

As the housing market has slowly recovered, economists have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The other shoe being thousands of pent-up foreclosures...


Google Maps back on iPhone

Competitor comes to the rescue after Apple's maps flap

Three months after a rare Apple misstep exposed a glaring glitch in its maps app, Google has ridden to the rescue. Google has just released Google Maps for...


TV and furniture tip-over deaths hit record level in 2011

Many of these incidents are easily preventable

It can't be said often enough: parents of young children need to anchor and stabilize their televisions, furniture and appliances to prevent tip-over relat...


Suddenly, U.S. is swimming in gasoline

But that doesn't mean gasoline prices are about to go down even more

This week's report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration revealed something of a surprise. U.S. supplies of gasoline jumped by more than five mil...


Precious metals dealers settle charges for $24 million

Consumers were allegedly tricked into buying high-fee, risky investments on credit

The promoters of a bogus investment scheme have agreed to a $24 million settlement to resolve Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that they conned cons...


X-Mini Portable Speakers: Do they make the grade or fail the test?

We checked out two versions of the X-mini--The Uno and the Max

Remember when we used to play our music outwardly and hardly ever used headphones?  There was a time not too long ago that most people played their ...


SUVs just keep getting smaller

Honda will unveil a new small SUV concept car next month

Think SUV and you think of a big, hulking beast like the Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade. But SUVs have been getting steadily smaller as automakers ...


FCC approves Dish's entry into cell phone market

Dish could be a powerful competitor, breaking open the currnet oligopoly

Americans just can't get enough smartphones. And the cell phone companies just can't get enough bandwidth to service all the smartphones they've sold. But ...


Pfizer to pay out $42.9 million to 33 states

States claim the company fraudulently marketed Zyvox and Lyrica

Thirty-three states have reached a settlement with Pfizer Inc. over claims the company fraudulently marketed Zyvox and Lyrica, drugs intended for treatment...


Feds nail National Card Monitor, LLC

The company charged $599 for a supposed low-rate credit card

The Internet is crawling with companies that claim they can get you a low-interest credit card, even if your credit is on a par with Greece. All it takes, ...


Predatory lending persists, group warns

After financial reforms, Center for Resonsible Lending says consumers are still at risk

Despite legislation and regulatory reform, U.S. consumers are still victimized by predatory lending practices. That's the gist of a new report by the Cente...


Always tired? You may have sleep apnea

Effects can be serious -- but there is treatment available

Your spouse says your snoring is driving her nuts. You wake up feeling unrested and irritable. You nod off at the computer -- or worse, at the wheel. Thes...


Consumers rate small banks higher than big ones

Bank of America least popular of the big banks

With the exception of JPMorgan Chase, big banks continue to fall out of favor with consumers. A report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) f...


No takeoff hassles for domestic flights in August

And, there was only one tarmac delay longer than four hours on international flights

Airlines reported no tarmac delays of more than three hours on domestic flights in August and only one delay of more than four hours on international flig...


Do tobacco companies target gay consumers?

Members of LGBT community are more likely to smoke than general population

Since 1998 cigarette marketing has operated under tight control. Tobacco companies are not allowed to target underage consumers or minority groups.But on...


Is smoking that can kill you 'moderate?'

New research says such smoking is associated with sudden death risk in women

Women who are even light-to-moderate cigarette smokers may be significantly more likely than nonsmokers to suffer sudden cardiac death, according to new re...


FakeTV offered as low-cost security system

Company says its product can fool burglars into thinking someone is home

When you leave your home at night, leaving a TV set on can be a deterrent to a burglary. Burglars prefer an unoccupied house and seeing the flickering ligh...


Have college degrees become obsolete?

CreativeLive and think so and they've created some alternatives

A lot of times, once a child starts going to elementary school, parents already start thinking about their college future.In previous generations go...


Netflix rates the ISPs

Google Fiber, Verizon FiOS trounce the competition

No one has more at stake in the performance of Internet service providers (ISPs) than Netflix. The movie streaming service is the country's biggest user of...


Wantful: Could it be the perfect site for holiday gift-giving?

You create a personalized shopping catalogue so a person can choose their own gift

Most of us like giving presents to people, especially during this time of year when you’re pretty much expected to pass along a gift to a friend, co-...


Diabetes blamed for increase in visual impairment

As diabetes cases increase, so do common vision problems

The incident of visual impairment is increasing in the United States and diabetes is one of the major factors, according to a new study in the December 12 ...


Homeowners sue Wells Fargo over mortgage settlement

The bank's "greed seems to have no bounds," suit charges

Claiming that Wells Fargo's "greed seems to have no bounds," a class action lawsit charges the bank approved fewer than three percent of loan modifications...


Delta and Virgin Atlantic to join forces

The new joint venture is expected to contain enhanced customer benefits

Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways have agreed on a new joint venture that will create an expanded trans-Atlantic network and enhance competition ...


A month after voters legalized pot, Colorado and Washington light up

But there are still limitations on the drug in both states

Colorado has joined Washington in officially implementing the legalization of recreational marijuana use, approved by both states' voters last month.Colo...


Study: Hedge funds manipulate stock prices

Ohio State researchers find evidence of 'portfolio pumping'

Since the start of the great recession, many consumers, known as “retail” investors, have shunned the stock market. Many are suspicious that Wa...


Another concern about violent video games

Study shows extended playing time creates violent worldview

It's true, researchers say. Playing violent video games for an extended period of time tends to color your world view, causing you to see the world as a vi...


November holiday hiring strongest on record

Retail hiring last month was up nearly 20% from 2011

We'll have to wait a while to see how busy the Christmas shopping season was this year. But if the number of people hired in the retail industry is any gui...


'Tis the season for seasonal affective disorder

If you find the winter months change your mood, you may have SAD

If you have noticed that you aren't quite yourself this time of year, it may not be the holidays that are getting you down.You may suffer from a malady k...


First-time buyers competing with investors in real estate market

And investors appear to have the upper hand

As the housing market has slowly recovered, two types of buyers have helped propel the market. At the same time, they have been locked in heavy competition...


Under $50 gifts for the college student

And these aren't just your run of the mill mini-fridges, these gifts are slightly out of the box

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the big present giving day, but fortunately, there’s still a good amount of time to get those ...


Inactivity isn't just lack of exercise

We really need to move around more, even if we don't run or lift weights

The Newseum is a popular Washington D.C. tourist destination. It sort of memorializes sitting around and reading the newspaper, something that's being rapi...


Kids' apps still lax on privacy, disclosure, feds find

FTC: little progress has been made in stemming "alarming" flow of data

Kids' apps are siphoning an "alarming" amount of information from mobile devices, a Federal Trade Commission report finds. The agency studied the privacy d...


Study questions effectiveness of coated aspirin

Not all researchers agree that low-dose coated aspirin is the way to go

Although aspirin is an inexpensive over the counter medicine, people have been using it for all sorts of things for more than a century. Whe...


Diabetes diet programs more effective in coach-led groups

Study compares usual programs with coach-led and in-home DVD-led

A study of two "lifestyle intervention" diabetes prevention programs finds the programs resulted in weight loss, as well as improvements in waist circumfer...


Can your iPhone help you lose weight?

Study finds digital devices, telephone coaching can enhance weight loss

Some things aren't much fun to do alone. Losing weight must be one of them, as a new study finds that short-term weight-loss programs are more effective wi...


Marijuana associated with overeating, study finds

Attacks of the munchies are not a minor matter, researchers report

Colorado and Washington recently became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, not just for medicinal purposes, and the weed appears ...


Economist questions jobs report numbers

Government's monthly telephone surveys may miss too many cellphone-only families

When the Labor Department reported Friday that the unemployment rate for November dropped to 7.7 percent, a lot of economists' eyebrows went up. The number...


NHTSA analysis: traffic fatalities down nearly two percent in 2011

Highway deaths were at the lowest level in more than six decades -- down 26 percent since 2005

Fewer lives were lost on the nation's highways last year as fatalities fell to 32,367. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHT...


Looking for a job? Here are your best bets -- if you're qualified

Technology and engineering are way up on the list, but there are other opportunities, too

Is finding a job on your list of New Year's resolutions? If so, here's a rundown -- compliments of CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists (EMSI...


A new way to battle leukemia

Pennsylvania researchers genetically engineer T cells to kill cancer cells

At one time, the diagnosis of leukemia was a death sentence. Recent medical advances have improved the odds of survival but this form of cancer is still a ...


New program aims to corral contaminated meat

The new initiative could reduce recalls significantly

A new round of testing is about to be implemented for non-intact raw beef and all ready-to-eat products containing meat and poultry. After the first of t...


How a cat parasite can affect your brain

Secreted substance reduces fear, increases risk-taking

Earlier this year researchers writing in the Archives of General Psychiatry suggested a parasite associated with cats might raise the suicide risk of women...


A dozen dynamic holiday shopping tips

Save yourself some time, aggravation -- and money

The holiday shopping season is now in full swing. I fact, a lot of us may have already finished purchasing gifts. But for those who haven't, here are a doz...


Pacemaker for the brain being tested as Alzheimer’s treatment

The devices provide deep-brain stimulation and are already used in Parkinson's patients

A pacemaker implanted in a patient's heart is designed to keep the heart beating regularly. So, what if you implanted a similar device in the brain? Could ...


Is a bad gift better than a gift card?

Sometimes -- but not always -- it really is the thought that counts

When it comes to gifts, some people are just hard to shop for. That's probably a big reason why gift cards have become so popular in recent years. Rather t...


A cure for diabetes? Be skeptical

Advertising isn't a substitute for science. Be wary of claims about diabetes break-throughs

Type 2 diabetes, along with heart disease and cancer, seems to be the curse of civilization, increasing rapidly in many industrialized nations.  Unlik...


T-Mobile gets the iPhone, ends phone subsidies

AT&T customers with "unlocked" phones can switch and save money, T-Mobile says

T-Mobile is finally getting the iPhone, and it's shaking up the smartphone market by announciing that it will stop subsidizing the phones it sells to its c...


Lesson learned: don't keep important files on a flash drive

A reporter faces the loss of important data and sees the error of his ways

It's a modern nightmare. I had stopped at a 7-11 in Fredericksburg, Va., Wednesday on my way to meet a colleague for lunch. As I was getting back in my car...


USDA unveils new poultry product safety initiative

Accounting for Salmonella outbreaks is high in the list of priorities

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is about to implement new steps designed to improve the food safety plans required for companies that produce...


States warn consumers to watch out for scams

New schemes surface in Illinois, Iowa and Connecticut

A number of scams have begun popping up in various states, prompting officials to warn consumers to keep their guard up. While the scams are appearing in s...


California sues Delta Airlines over privacy issues

Airline is required to post a privacy policy for its Fly Delta app

The state of California is suing Delta Airlines, the first legal action taken under the state's online privacy law. The airline was cited for failing to co...


How to prevent holiday decoration fires and injuries

Following a few simple tips can keep the holidays from turning into tragedy

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Maryland’s Office of the State Fire Marshal are tea...


Economy adds 146,000 jobs in November

Unemployment rate dips to 7.7 percent

In its first employment report since the election, the government reports the economy added 146,000 non-farm payroll jobs in November, a larger number than...


Gas prices continue to fade

Lowest prices still found in southeast and Midwest

December has brought reduced demand and heightened uncertainties about 2013's economy. As a results, gasoline prices have continued to fall.The national ...


Holiday gifts for the kids that are even better than electronics

Instead of breaking the bank, you can go for these unique gems

Sometimes it’s hard not to get jealous when you see the many gadgets that kids have access to today.Although a lot of children still love classic h...


What to get the person who has everything

It's tricky, but there are things you can get that hard-to-shop-for person

The holiday shopping season is full of some wonderful traditions like heading downtown to spend a little money while taking in the holiday lights or bringi...


Feds want more information on used-car window stickers

Dealers will have to offer more information about warranties

Buying a used car used to be basically a shot in the dark. You might get lucky. Or not. But things have improved a bit since 1985, when the Federal Trade C...


Netflix: Disney deal won't mean higher prices

Reports say Netflix paid $350 million for the rights to Disney's films

Netflix got a major jump on its competitors when it bought the exclusive streaming rights to Walt Disney Co. movies but some subscribers found themselves c...


Natural drugs often overlooked, researcher tells NIH conference

Combinations of herbs can be effective in treating chronic pain

This week at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Md., Dr. David G.I. Kingston, who is a chemistry professor and researcher at Virginia Tech Uni...


'Cramming' appears to be migrating to cellphones

Wireless accounts are vulnerable after crackdown on landline cramming

"Cramming," the practice of third-party firms placing unauthorized charges on your telephone bill, angers consumers and has galvanized consumer authorities...


Free app directs consumers to 'certified humane' stores

Helps consumers find stores that sell food products that meet strict humane standards

Want to make sure the food you prepare is not only humane, but "certified humane?" Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), a non-profit certification organization ...


FTC puts an end to 'history sniffing'

Online advertising network was charged with deceptively gathering data on consumers

An online advertising company has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it used “history sniffing” to secretly and illegally gather ...


Delivered meals may help seniors stay in their homes

States that spend the most on meals programs have smaller nursing home populations

Nursing home care is expensive and many seniors prefer not to live in nursing homes. A new study suggests a simple thing -- like meals delivered to their h...


Smoking may make hangovers worse

But researchers don't really know why

People who smoke usually light up when they have a drink. If they have a lot of drinks, it could be the recipe for a nasty hangover.Researchers writing i...


Georgia Tech: mobile browsers fail safety test

Researchers find lack of consistency can put consumers at risk

If you use online banking your bank has probably encouraged you to sign up for mobile banking. Other financial services companies make it easy for customer...


November job cuts at second-highest level total this year

The bankruptcy of Hostess brands was a factor

Job cuts increased for a third consecutive month in November, as employers announced plans to drop 57,081 workers from their payrolls. That's an increase o...


Feds sue maker of Nap Nanny and Chill Infant Recliners

The lawsuit is prompted by the deaths of five infants

In what it maintains is an effort to prevent children from suffering further harm, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff has filed an admini...


FDA sued -- charged with wrongfully withholding animal drug data

Freedom of Information Act requests have been denied numerous times

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) has filed suit against the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA), charging the agency's decision to withhold reg...


Airbnb: An invitation to eviction?

Apartment leases and city zoning rules often prohibit short-term subrentals

A lot of Internet businesses are based on someone's brainstorm that seemed to be a cool idea at the time. Many such ideas are launched and a few take off, ...


Vegas casino interests scheming to muscle in on the states' turfs

The odds are with the House, or in this case, the Senate

Years ago, states began muscling in on the numbers racket that had traditionally been run by the Mob, promising to use the funds to finance education, road...


For families, two incomes now more important than ever

Working class families, especially, heavily depend on wife's earnings

The Great Recession officially ended in June 2009, but for many families the hard times have continued. Household income, in fact, has declined in the thre...


Court rules Verizon Wireless must offer data roaming services

Unanimous ruling is victory for customers of small cell providers

A federal appeals court in Washington has unanimously ruled that major wireless network providers, like Verizon Wireless and AT&T, must work out roamin...


Vision Airlines fined for violations related to Direct Air’s shutdown

Flight cancellations ran afoul of federal regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is fining Vision Airlines $50,000 for violating rules that protect passengers when their p...


Report warns of dangers of synthetic marijuana

More than 11,000 trips to the hospital were reported in 2010

Though a number of states have recently cracked down on synthetic drugs for recreational use, they continue to be promoted and sold in wide areas of the co...


U.S. hiring managers expect modest job creation in 2013

Broad economic uncertainty appears to be a major factor in hiring decisions

If you'll be job-hunting next year, your chances of success will likely be about the same as they were this year. A national survey conducted by Dice Holdi...


Marketer of phony auto loan modifications put out of business

Operation falsely promised to modify consumers’ loans and stop their cars from being repossessed

The Federal Trade Commission has put a stop to a California-based auto loan modification operation, settling charges that it allegedly deceived consumers w...


Study: Fortified milk could be good source of omega-3

Adding fish oil doesn't alter smell or shorten shelf life

Researchers at Virginia Tech say milk is an overlooked delivery vehicle for omega-3 fatty acids, which increasingly are viewed as beneficial to health.Th...


Could high insulin make you fat?

A study of insulin and mice says 'yes'

When we eat too much, we could become obese as a result of chronically high insulin levels -- not the other way around. That finding, reported in the Decem...


10 ways to lower your holiday electric bills

If you're willing to give it some thought and planning, you can save money

No doubt most consumers would be happy to get the gift of a lower electric bill this holiday season. Fortunately, it's a gift you can easily give yourself....


Retro products made new again--Always a cool gift idea

Several companies have products from back in the day that have been heavily improved upon

In this modern era of digital gadgets and expensive electronics, a lot of the items that many of us grew up with are either completely gone or are now...


Five ways to lessen holiday stress

Mental health counselor offers up some advice

The holiday season has its bright spots, to be sure, but it can also bring with it a measure of stress. There are presents to buy, entertaining to do, budg...


NJ students sickened by Bob Marley relaxation drink

The drink's label says it is not intended for children but it was sold at a middle school anyway

Don't let Chris Christie find out about this. Students at Satz Middle School became ill after drinking relaxation drinks named after reggae icon Bob Marley...


Retailers: LA dock strike is the grinch that could steal Christmas

Inventories dwindle as dock strike enters its second week

With the nation's two busiest ports--Los Angeles and Long Beach--idled by a strike, the nation's retailers are seeing visions that bear no resemblance to s...


Gift ideas for the gadget-lover on your list

From cameras to software, the possibilities are almost endless

Some people are hard to shop for. People who love the latest technology shouldn't be. After all, there are so many gadgets to choose from.Well, that's th...


Chevy Volt drivers find their car is a political lightning rod

Drivers report strong backlash from political conservatives

Maybe Chevy Volt owners think they're making a political statement or maybe they just like the idea of not buying much gasoline. But the car is drawing a h...


Home prices rise for eighth straight month in October

Equity gains were helped by a drop in available homes for sale

Homeowners are steadily seeing in increase in equity in their homes as CoreLogic, an analytics company, reports home prices, including distressed sales inc...


U.S. flu season off to early start

Early vaccine coverage data show millions are still unprotected

Significant increases in flu activity in the United States have occurred in the last two weeks, indicating that an early flu season is upon us. These inc...


Study:Women with sleep apnea have higher degree of brain damage than men

The first-of-its-kind study suggests earlier treatment for women might be needed

Women suffering from sleep apnea have -- on the whole -- a higher degree of brain damage than men with the disorder, according to a first-of-its-kind study...


Feds shut down bogus FTC consumer refunds robocall operation

The deceptive claims were an effort to gain consumers' personal information and bank account numbers

A federal court has shut down a robocall operation that allegedly impersonated the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in an attempt to trick consumers into tur...


Strontium Ranelate: Should you start taking it?

The answer is: No, you should not take any new drug or supplement without talking to your doctor

We recently ran a story on the benefits of patients taking a drug called strontium ranelate for osteoporosis, as it’s been found to strengthen bones ...


California plans new harvest from wood products

Trees will have to start paying their way under new legislation

Many years ago, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a man named Howard Jarvis, who thought his property tax bill was too high.  Being a good Californ...


How would going over the fiscal cliff affect you?

A 'fiscal cliff calculator' helps you figure it out

After every government official and politician appearing on the Sunday talk shows agreed Republicans and Democrats are hopelessly deadlocked on any effort ...


Groups want Nickelodeon to nix the junk food ads

Disney has nutrition standards and so should Nick, critics argue

Should Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants really be hawking junk food to young children?That's the question raised by more than 55 health gr...


Lawmakers want feds to respect state marijuana laws

Proposed legislation would prevent pre-emption of legalization in Colorado and Washington

Last month voters in Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives legalizing marijuana for recreational use in those two states. But the laws could ...


The shifting landscape of retirement planning

With longer lifespans and a turgid economy, planning is more important

Americans are living longer. That's the good news. You'll probably need more income and assets in retirement to support yourself during those extra golden ...


Study: Most Americans don't walk 10 minutes a day

Researchers suggest more 'active transportation' could improve health

Three generations ago, a majority of Americans walked to get where they were going. Cars were rare and roads where little more than dirt paths.Fast forwa...


Feds nail pushers of bogus credit repair services

The court found the defendants in violation of a prior court order

They kept on doing it -- and now they're paying for it. A federal judge -- acting on charges by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -- has come down hard ...


Sitting may be more hazardous than you think

Working out after a day in front of the computer doesn't reduce health risks

You'd better sit down for this news. On second thought, maybe you had better stand up.Previous studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time, ...


Airtrade fined for code-share disclosure rules violation

The ticketing concern has once again failed to provide complete carrier information to purchasers

Online ticket agent Airtrade is being fined $150,000 for failing to tell consumers outright when flights were being operated under a code-sharing arrangeme...


Warning: E15 fuel may harm your vehicle's engine

Fuel blend is only approved for a small number of engines

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved the use of E15 gasoline – a blend of 15 percent ethanol in a gallon of gasoline. While th...


Hotel operators warned about 'drip pricing'

Price quotes that exclude 'resort fees' and other mandatory surcharges may be deceptive

Have you ever found what you thought was a good hotel price online and -- as you went through the reservation process -- found the ad-on prices piling up?...


Ford Recalls 2013 Escape, Fusion Models to Fix Fire Hazard

Company responds to reports of overheating and engine fires

Ford is recalling 2013 Ford Escape SE and SEL models equipped with the 1.6-liter engine and 2013 Ford Fusion SE and SEL models equipped with the 1.6-liter ...