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Feds Revise Child Safety Seat Ratings

New guideliness measure ease of use, installation procedures

Feds Revise Child Safety Seat Ratings...


High-Definition TV Doesn't Have to be Expensive

We build a 125-inch projection system for $1,650

It's an extremely high tech-piece of equipment with many more options and it's likely there's only one that fits your needs and budget, which is why resear...


House-Swapping Trend Emerges

"I'll buy yours if you'll buy mine"

As the real estate market deteriorated over the last two years with buyers developing cold feet, web-savvy entrepreneurs sensed an opportunity....


People to People Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Minnesota youth's family sues People to People

Sheryl and her husband had worried about sending their son, Tyler -- who had Type 1 diabetes and complex migraine headaches -- on this People to People exc...


Winter Weather Warning for Prius Drivers

Traction control shuts down engine on slippery surface

One Vermont Prius driver, suffering through a recent January snowfall, described Toyota Prius traction control as "dangerous in mountainous snow country....


More Bad News about Cough Medicine

CDC finds 7,000 children treated in ERs for side effects

The news about cough medicine just keeps getting worse. Not only is it potentially hazardous to small children and largely ineffective for adults....


Air Purifiers Under Scrutiny Again

Ozone-emitting devices may be a health hazard

Air purifiers may produce a highly-reactive ozone gas, that while being beneficial as a filter of harmful ultra-violet rays, may also be serving as a pollu...


Scam Artists Jump on Tax Rebate Plan

Need Social Security number to issue check, callers tell victims

Scam Artists Jump on Tax Rebate Plan: Con artists in Missouri are exploiting consumers' hopes of receiving hundreds of dollars in tax rebates in their late...


ChoicePoint Settles Data Breach Lawsuit

Will pay $10 million to settle class action

ChoicePoint Settles Data Breach Lawsuit...


Retiring Boomers Flock to Rural Areas

Many move to quieter regions of their home state

While Florida and Arizona continue to rank at the top of the list of retirement destinations, some non-traditional retirement locales are becoming favorite...


Feds Delay Roof Strength Rule

Safety advocates say latest proposal is inadequate

Feds Delay Roof Strength Rule...


EdebitPay Agrees to $2.2 Million Settlement

Unauthorized debit, deceptive marketing at issue

EdebitPay marketed Visa MasterCard-branded prepaid debit cards to subprime consumers has agreed to settle FTC charges that it made unauthorized debits from...


High Mercury Levels Found In Sushi

Study finds high levels in tuna and swordfish sushi

High Mercury Levels Found In Sushi...


Existing Home Sales, Prices Keep Falling

Re-Fi's up, but potential buyers staying out of the market

Existing Home Sales, Prices Keep Falling...


Is Nintendo's Wii Really Good Exercise?

Study finds health benefits may be oversold

It may be healthier than sitting on the couch, but an informal research project suggests the health benfits of Nintendo's revolutionary Wii video games hav...


U.S. Diet Dishes Up Diabetes

Burgers, fries, soft drinks lead to metabolic syndrome

U.S. Diet Dishes Up Diabetes...


Instant Tax Refund Always Carries a Price

Nothing free about refund anticipation loans

Instant Tax Refund Always Carries a Price...


Battat Recalls 'Magnabild' Magnetic Construction Sets

Battat Recalls 'Magnabild' Magnetic Construction Sets...


Cough Medicine Might Not Help Adults, Either

Industry-backed studies more positive than others

Cough Medicine Might Not Help Adults, Either...


De Beers Settles Class Action Suit

Consumers, diamond merchants to split $297 million

The lawsuit charged that De Beers and its subsidiaries violated antitrust, unfair competition and consumer-protection laws by monopolizing diamond supplies...


Florida Sues Two Website Marketers

'Business opportunities' deceptive, suit charges

Bill McCollum has filed a lawsuit against two Utah companies for allegedly using deceptive practices to get consumers to buy expensive website-creation pro...


States Gear Up to Fight Foreclosure Rescue Scams

'Rescue' schemes often make matters worse for troubled homeowners

Wave of foreclosures has brought even more pain to some strapped homeowners a wave of mortgage rescue scams. Some attorney general are ready to counter the...


Keeping Teens Safe Online

Navigating the treacherous streets of MySpace

Keeping Teens Safe Online...


IRS May Limit 'Instant Refund' Loans

No reason to give money away, consumer groups advise

IRS May Limit 'Instant Refund' Loans...


650,000 Retail Customers Exposed In Data Breach

Lost data storage tape contains info from JC Penney, others

The missing tape contains personal information from customers of J.C. Penney and 100 other retailers, including 150,000 Social Security numbers....


Researchers Accuse Pharmas of 'Disease Mongering'

Drugs for 'pre-osteoporosis' unnecessary and potentially harmful, researchers charge

Researchers Accuse Pharmas of 'Disease Mongering': Drugs for 'pre-osteoporosis' unnecessary and potentially harmful, researchers charge....


Ford Fire Hazard Recall Creeps Along

Parts shortages delay repairs of fire-prone Fords

Ford Fire Hazard Recall Creeps Along...


Parents Warned Camphor Can Be Toxic to Children

Camphor not approved for use as cold remedy

The New York City Health Department is warning parents and caregivers to keep products containing camphor away from children. Some camphor products can be ...


Tax Breaks for Family Caregivers

Elderly parents may qualify as dependents

If youre supporting your elderly mother (or father), to get a tax deduction, youll need to claim her or him as a dependent on your tax return....


Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband

Leaked memo reveals testing of new price scheme in Texas town

Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband...


'Slim Coffee' Promoters Settle False Advertising Charges

Weight-loss claims bogus, feds charged

'Slim Coffee' Promoters Settle False Advertising Charges...


New Group Promotes Buckle-Up Laws for Pets

Unrestrained dogs and cats a menace in moving vehicles

California woman, who recently founded the Bark BuckleUp, wants to educate dog and cat owners across the country about the importance of buckling up their ...


FDA To Allow Cloned Animals In Food Chain

Agency finds no reason not to eat cloned critters

FDA To Allow Cloned Animals In Food Chain...


MySpace Agrees To Toughen Security For Young Users

Abuse-reporting to be made easier; age verification tools studied

MySpace Agrees To Toughen Security For Young Users...


Appeals Court Upholds Q-Ray Verdict

Judge: Arthritis-cure claims were 'blather ... bunk'

Court found that proof is what separates an effect new to science from a swindle and that the defendants have no proof, stating that the tests the defendan...


Study Casts Doubt on Cholesterol Drug Vytorin

Critics claim drug makers delayed releasing bad news

Patients on Vytorin actually had more heart attacks, cardiovascular deaths and heart procedures than those who got Zocor, although researchers said the dif...


TSA Site Left Passenger Data Exposed To ID Theft

Poor design, inadequate oversight, led to information breach

TSA Site Left Passenger Data Exposed To ID Theft...


Prius Again Tops Owner Satisfaction Survey

BMW 335i, Porsche Boxster close behind

Ninety-one percent of BMW 335i owners said they would be return customers and 90 percent of Boxster owners would buy or lease another of the Porsche cars....


Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute Continue Ford Fire Tradition

The little SUVs can go up in flames with no warning

Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute Continue Ford Fire Tradition...


Credit Card Defaults On The Rise

Credit crisis may be spreading

Credit Card Defaults On The Rise...


Bank of America Buys Countrywide Financial

Deal may help slow the mortgage-default crisis

The deal not only props up Countrywide but should help stave off a looming mortgage-default crisis that threatens to plunge the economy into a full-blown r...


MySpace Harassment Case Takes Odd Turn

Localities looking at "cyber-harassment" laws

MySpace Harassment Case Takes Odd Turn...


Fast-Acting Alzheimer's Therapy Excites Researchers

New therapy gets results within minutes, study claims

Fast-Acting Alzheimer's Therapy Excites Researchers...


Countrywide Reports Ballooning Delinquencies

Existing home sales drop as housing implosion worsens

Countrywide Reports Ballooning Delinquencies...


House Committee To Probe FCC

FCC instructed to retain e-mail records for use by investigators

House Committee To Probe FCC...


Recession In 2008? What Does That Mean For Consumers?

Slowing economic growth hurts those with high debt, scant savings

Recession In 2008? What Does That Mean For Consumers?...


FCC To Investigate Comcast For Blocking Net Traffic

Decision could shape future of net neutrality legislation

FCC To Investigate Comcast For Blocking Net Traffic...


InStep, Schwinn, Mongoose Trailer Bicycles

InStep, Schwinn, Mongoose Trailer Bicycles...


FDA Approves Daily Cialis Dosage

Daily dose may let men be more spontaneous

For men with erectile dysfunction, but who want to be ready whenever opportunity presents itself, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a once...


Honda Recalls TRX 500 ATVs

Honda Recalls TRX 500 ATVs...


First National Card: Too Good to be True?

Skipping the fine print can get expensive

First National Card, offered by both Consumer Credit Services, Inc. and Capital Credit Alliance, Inc, is one of the most confusing and complained-about cre...


The End of the World: Louisiana is Disappearing

The End of the World: Louisiana's Wetlands are Disappearing...


Cat's Death Blamed on Contaminated Food

Disputed lab tests found acetaminophen in Menu Foods' Special Kitty

Cat's Death Blamed on Contaminated Food...


Diamond Pet Foods Agrees To $3.1 Million Settlement

Consumers whose dogs were injured may be eligible for compensation

Diamond Pet Foods Agrees To $3.1 Million Settlement...


Netflix To Deliver Movies Straight To TV Sets

Wal-Mart quietly abandons its movie-download service

As Wal-Mart sneaks quietly out of the online movie business, Netflix, the video rental company that pioneered renting movies by mail, now wants to bypass t...


Consumers Fall Behind In Third-Quarter Loan Payments

Higher gas prices, slumping home values blamed

Consumers Fall Behind In Third-Quarter Loan Payments...


Feds Offer Vouchers to Cover TV Conversion Cost

Transition to digital TV catches many consumers by surprise

To that end, the government is offering $40 coupons for anyone who needs to purchase a converter box to properly watch digital television on an analog set....


Antibiotic Leads to Tendon Ruptures

Public Citizen sues FDA seeking faster action

Antibiotic Leads to Tendon Ruptures...


New Rule Limits Lithium Batteries in Carry-on Baggage

Batteries can start hard-to-fight fires

New Rule Limits Lithium Batteries in Carry-on Baggage...


Gym Membership Isn't Necessary For Fitness

Taking time is more important than spending money

Expensive gyms and fitness centers always do a booming business in January, as people resolve to get fit. But those who lack the money or time to go to a g...


Top Ten Automotive Outrages of 2007

Consumers pay for manufacturers' mistakes, government inaction

The American motorist gets blamed for many things, including urban sprawl, global warming, unsafe streets, drunken driving and conspicuous consumption....