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Would Fructose By Any Other Name Taste As Sweet?

The FDA refuses to change the name of high-fructose corn syrup

There's been a series of controversial TV commercials circulating over the past couple of years. It speaks about how safe high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) i...


New York City to Ban Large Sugary Drinks

Mayor's latest prescription draws outcry from the beverage industry

In an increasing crackdown on obesity, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced his intention to ban the sale of large-sized beverages at restau...


How Low Will Oil Prices Go?

Crude prices are headed lower because the economy may be weakening again

What a difference a couple of months makes. In March oil prices were still rising and gasoline prices were marching toward $4 a gallon.Today, the price o...


Consumers Getting Greener

Survey finds consumers increasingly seek out environmentally friendly products

Many outside factors come into play when one selects a product to purchase. Whether it's good customer reviews, or any eye catching advertisement, there ar...


How Does 203 Miles Per Gallon Sound?

Virginia man tallies up a year's driving in his Chevy Volt

Dennis Dineen (left) displays the features of his Chevy Volt to environmental activist John CrossWant to get 203 miles per gallon of ga...


Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Can Be Risky

It sounds great but renting your car to strangers carries serious legal risks

Peer-to-peer car rental services, like RelayRides, are gaining quite a bit of attention but an attorney specializing in asset protection planning says they...


Cricket Wireless to Offer iPhone in June

First pre-paid wireless provider to offer the device

Cricket Communications, Inc., will become the first U.S. pre-paid wireless provider to offer customers an iPhone. Starting Friday, June 22, Cricket will of...


More Favorable Car Financing Rates Ahead

Lower interest rates, relaxed lending standards helping spur car sales

For those who have wanted to finance a new vehicle, but couldn't because of poor credit scores, things could be looking upward for you in the near future....


Homeowner Bill of Rights Moves Ahead in California

Measure would put some teeth in consumer protection laws

Kamala HarrisHomeowners and renters are frequently targeted by scams that often go unprosecuted but a package of legislation that's mov...


Feds Close Down 26 Bus Lines for Safety Violations

Year-long probe finds curbside operators pose "imminent hazard"

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced today it has shut down 26 bus operation...


Foreclosures, Short Sales Increased in First Quarter

Distressed sales contributed to dip in average sale price

Recent data shows the price of the average home dipped in the first three months of 2012. The latest foreclosure data explains why.Sales of homes that we...


Real Estate Indicators Turn Negative

But market may still be on an upward path

Progress is often defined by taking two steps forward and one step back. While the real estate market has made important strides in recent weeks, this week...


Nutrition Degrees May Offer Above-Average Job Security

Looking for a growth field? Look no further than nutrition and food science

For those college students who still haven't declared a field of study and are eyeing useless majors like basket weaving or archery, may want to consider n...


Researchers Say Tart Cherries Can Reduce Pain in Your Joints

Daily use of tart cherries found to lower arthritis and muscle pains

Tired of those perpetual aches and pains? Does it hurt to do simple things like.... exist? Well, if you suffer from aching joints and chronic inflammation,...


Having It Both Ways on Climate Change

Half of reviewed companies misrepresent climate science despite public expressions of concern

It's not just politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths. A new analysis finds many of the nation's leading corporations say one thing about cl...


Report: Groundwater Depletion Threatens Food Supply

Irrigated agriculture may not be sustainable for much longer, scientists say

A growing population increases demands on the water supply. Add to that the demands of irrigated agriculture and what you have is a threat to the food supp...


Consumers Send Mixed Signals About Their Mood

Weeks of optimism seem to disappear overnight

For a while, it seemed like consumers had gotten their mojo back. Since the Great Recession they've paid down debt and started spending more. Last weeks Un...


Samsung Competes With iTunes For Download Dominance

Music Hub houses 19 million songs in a cloud catalog

Companies duling it out to win the dollars of consumers are similar to little kids on a playground vying for a vacant swing, or a place on the monkey bars....


Sale of Pep Boys Falls Through

Private equity firm cites deteriorating business

Struggling automotive services provider Pep Boys appears to be stalled once again. Hopes had risen for a turn-around after the private equity firm Gores Gr...


Auto Warranty Firm Settles Charges With Missouri

Company agrees to clean up its sales practices

As soon as you buy a used car, your mailbox quickly fills with urgent messages from companies that want to sell you an extended service contract, often cal...


Not All Distractions Are in the Front Seat

British insurance company finds back-seat drivers contribute to accidents

Public safety officials have, in recent months, stepped up their campaign against “distracted” driving, which usually focuses on using a cell p...


Big Drop in Used Car Prices Expected

Falling gas prices reduce demand for compacts

If you have been thinking about buying a used car but have put it off, the delay may work to your advantage. It turns out the recent relief at the gas pump...


Survey: Apple Brand Suffers Without Steve Jobs

But the survey may not reflect the views of hard-core Apple users

Steve Jobs was a man who adorned a multitude of hats. Designer, businessman, animator, inventor. But most associate him as being Apple's co-founder, as he ...


Sick Patients See Increasing Costs for Specialty Drugs

Employers cut back on insurance, leaving consumers stuck with the bill

If you are one of the millions of Americans who take specialty medications, you may have noticed your hand digging deeper into your pocket.Specialty drug...


Research: Abusive Credit Card Lenders Lose Money

It may help a bank's bottom line to be nice to their credit card customers

Credit card lenders that use unfair or deceptive practices aren't just hurting consumers. They're also hurting themselves.That's the underlying message o...


New College Grads Need Parents' Help to Find Employment

Expert: Recent grads lack real-world experience, need help making connections

College graduation brings about many things. Feelings of accomplishment, feelings of closure, but for many what it doesn't bring is gainful employment.Ac...


FDA Warns Teva's Adderall May Be Counterfeit

Some tablets may contain the wrong ingredients

The FDA is warning consumers and health care professionals about a counterfeit version of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries’ Adderall 30 milligram table...


Senator Calls Out Airlines Over Seating Priority Fees

Families often not able to sit together, Schumer complains

Remember when you got to choose where you were going to sit on an airliner? Now, airlines place a fee on the most desirable seats.As a result, families t...


Survey: Many Teens Believe Distracted Driving Isn't a Big Deal

Only 30 percent feel it's very dangerous, Consumer Reports finds

When it comes to teenage driving, most parents would probably prefer their teens driving by themselves, as opposed to having a car full of other teenagers ...


Accident Caused by Driver, Not Texter, Judge Rules

Driver was answering a text when he slammed into a motorcycle

Just about everyone knows texting while driving is dangerous but what responsibility does the person on the other end of the text have?None, a New Jersey...


You're Watching Hulu. Who's Watching You?

Lawsuit says video site tells third parties what subscribers are watching

Many years ago, motel guests used to react with horror, feigned or otherwise, when it was suggested that the desk clerk might know which pay-per-view movie...


States Warn Veterans Targeted by For-Profit Colleges

22 state attorneys general want Congress to close loophole

Attorney General George Jepsen joined with 21 other states today in urging Congress to close a loophole in the federal Higher Education Act that can be use...


One Million More Turbocharged Vehicles On the Road This Year

Consumers find cheaper, proven technology more attractive

With gasoline prices at elevated levels in recent years, consumers are looking for more fuel efficient cars. In some bases that means looking at smaller ca...


How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work From Home

Conference Board report may offer ammunition for your argument

Working from home, not to be confused with home-based “business opportunities,” is a growing trend.According to a new report from The Confere...


New App Lets Users Check a Charity's Legitimacy

New Jersey compiles info on 26,000 charities that solicit in NJ

U.S. consumers have been known to show levels of altruism towards the troubled and the unfortunate. Whether it's due to a natural disaster, a hunger proble...


Remote Coaching Can Help With Weight Loss

Study finds that technology and financial incentives can improve diet, activity level

Looking for a way to take weight off and keep it off? Forget the fad diets and hyped exercises -- the answer may lie with remote coaching by email, financi...


Feds Urged To Probe 'Forced-Placed Insurance' By Mortgage Companies

Mortgage lenders increasingly purchase expensive insurance policies for homeowners

If you have a home mortgage, you are required to also carry homeowners insurance. In nearly every case, the premiums are paid from an escrow account by the...


New Hope For Vision Restoration

Medical science makes strides in regrowing optic nerve, restoring some sight

Damage to the optic nerve robs people of their eyesight and it's long been considered an irreversible loss. But maybe it isn't.A team of researchers at B...


Virgin America Fined Over Disability Complaint Record-Keeping

Carrier fined $100,000 and ordered to respond promptly to complaints

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has assessed a $100,000 civil penalty against Virgin America for filing incomplete reports with the Department ...


Feds Name Committee to Protect Air Travelers' Rights

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan named to chair the committee

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has been named to chair a new committee that will look out for the rights of air travelers. U.S. Transportation...


Feds Warn of Mortgage Rescue Scams Aimed at Service Members

Many bogus programs display official logos and are targeted specifically at service members

The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and the U.S. ...


Court: Car Dealers Must Follow Credit Rules in Three-Way Transactions

Fair Credit Reporting Act applies even when the dealer provides initial financing

A federal judge has ruled that car dealers must abide by the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, even when they provide the initial financing for a t...


Are Tablets Getting Cheaper?

Entry-level prices appear to be falling

When Apple introduced the iPad tablet computer in April 2010, it was an immediate hit, offering consumers a portable device with which to access a wide var...


NJ Bill Aims to Prevent Drug Overdose Deaths

Good Samaritan bill protects witnesses who summon help against prosecution

The New Jersey Assembly has passed a bill that provides legal protection for people who summon medical help when they witness a drug overdose.  &l...


Poll: Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol

Most Americans think private use of marijuana shouldn't be a crime

Nearly six out of ten American voters believe that the personal use of marijuana should no longer be a criminal offense, and 56 percent of Americ...


Renters Also Feeling the Financial Squeeze

Percentage of young 'cost burdened' renters is rising

Since the start of the Great Recession, homeowners have been hit hard by rising foreclosures, but they aren't the only ones feeling a financial squeeze.N...


Good News For Needle-Phobics

MIT researchers develop injection system without needles

Some people can roll up their sleeves at the doctor's office and get a shot without even flinching. Others fall to pieces at the sight of a needle.For th...


Many Families In the Dark When It Comes to The 529 Tax Plan

Lower-income families less likely to know about college-savings plan

With college tuition costs growing higher and higher, saving up the needed funds is a challenge for many families. The 529 is a popular plan that helps fam...


Gas Prices Still Falling As Holiday Weekend Begins

Fuel prices nearly 15 cents a gallon less than last year

At the start of the Memorial Day weekend, motorists will find gasoline prices that are steadily moving lower and 15 cents a gallon less than they were at t...


Consumers Will Be Traveling and Spending This Memorial Day Weekend

Sentiment analysis finds Americans feeling better about the economy

As more proof of the economy's improvement surfaces, consumers are starting to dig into their pockets once again. The latest sign of increased consumer spe...


Target Partners With Shopkick For All of Its U.S. Locations

Big retailer fights back against "showrooming" trend

Showrooming, where a customers goes to a brick-and-mortar-store to view an item before purchasing it online, has been the new way to shop for many of today...


Obesity and Kidney Stones Linked

Another reason to throw down that donut and take up running

As the population of obese Americans has increased over the last two decades, so have cases of kidney stones.The number of cases between 1994 and 2010 ne...


You Take a Chance When You Pay In Advance

Ask plenty of questions when a business requires you to pay upfront

A hallmark of many scams is the requirement that you pay in advance. Once the consumer pays, the service they expect is usually lacking.However, advance ...


Whole Grains Will Make Your Diet Healthier

Whole grains provide more nutrients and promote weight control

Physicians, nutritionists and physical fitness trainers tend to agree – a diet rich in whole grain foods not only promotes fitness but overall good h...


Diamond Pet Food Expands Its Dog Food Recall

Adds Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula dry dog food to recall

Diamond Pet Foods is expanding a recall to include its Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula dry dog food manufactured on Aug. 26,...


California's Solar Users Get Financial Credit For Cutting Back on Energy

Not everyone is happy with the decision, most notably the utility companies

For those homeowners and businesses that use rooftop solar paneling in the state of California, good news: You have some financial credit coming to you.T...


Consumer Confidence Back at Pre-Recession Levels

Favorable job and wage prospects leading the recovery

Europe may be a basket case at the moment, but consumers in the U.S. are feeling pretty good right now. The monthly Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan ...


Online Shopping for Health Care: Is It Right For You?

Picking the best procedure and physician may not be the ideal online pursuit

You do it for your travel plans, you also do it for clothes and food shopping, so why not use the web for getting the best health care costs? Or use it to ...


Stoneberry Kitchen Table Sets Recalled

The chairs can collapse

About 200 Stoneberry kitchen table sets are being recalled. The chairs can collapse during normal use, causing a fall hazard.This recall involves th...


Survey: Americans Confused About What's Healthy Food

Consumers say they would like more information about what they should eat

Is is possible that obesity is the problem it is because American just don't know how to eat properly any longer?It doesn't seem likely since children ar...


Be Careful With Daily Deal Websites

Marketing expert says too many consumers make impulse buys

A tough economy and an increasingly mobile, interconnected consumer universe has made daily deal websites like Groupon a hot commodity. Consumers like them...


Southwest Taxis Closer to Launching Latin America Flights From Houston

Mayor announces her support of Southwest's plan while United seethes

Southwest Airlines may need to stock up on salsa to supplement its peanuts and pretzels. Houston Mayor Annise Parker has thrown her support behind the disc...


Higher MPG Standards - Good for Consumers? Or Bad?

Consumer advocates endorse the 54.5 mpg standard; auto dealers aren't so enthused

Will higher mileage vehicles save consumers money or price them out of the new-car market?  That's the debate that's being heard as the Obama Administ...


RealNetworks' Not-So-Free Trials Will Cost It $2.4 Million

"Deceptive pre-checked boxes and fine print" cited by prosecutors

Over the last seven years, more than 500 complaints flowed into the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau regardi...


PBS Should Stop Pushing Fast Food, Consumer Advocates Argue

Groups want PBS to end its ties to Chick-fil-A

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), Public Citizen and Corporate Accountability International want the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) t...


Survey Slams Econo Lodge, America's Best Value Inn

Microtel, Suites by Wyndham get top ranking

Ahh, it's that time of year again. Mosquitoes dust off their wings to amp up efforts to annoy and break last years bite record, school children give in to...


Facebook Increasingly Used to Solicit Kidney Donors

Requests appear to be more powerful when they go viral

There are nearly a billion people using Facebook now, so maybe it makes sense that if you are in need of a kidney, you would put the word out to your Faceb...


Track Shoes are the New Air Jordans for Younger Consumers

They're more stylish and comfortable, and a lot more affordable

High-top or low top? Leather, suede or a combination of both? Vintage or newly released? These are the typical questions the average sneaker connoisseur as...


16 Million Homeowners Still 'Under Water' In First Quarter

But behind the numbers, story might not be that bleak

Nearly 16 million U.S. homeowners were "under water" in the first quarter of 2012, owing more on their mortgage than their home is worth.'s quar...


Study: Rock Concerts Taking Toll On Teen Hearing

Study shows just one concert can result in hearing loss

Baby boomers are increasingly in need of hearing aids and their children and grand-children may not be far behind, especially if they attend a lot of conce...


Report Shows Consumers Getting a Better Handle On Debt

Bad-debt write-offs down 52% over three years

Homeowners still struggle to make mortgage payments, but when it comes to other types of debt, consumers appear to have their financial lives under control...


Study: Calcium Pills Double Heart Attack Risk

Researchers suggest consumers meet their calcium needs through diet alone

Some people, especially women, take daily calcium supplement tablets to guard against bone loss. But new research suggests doing so doubles the chances of ...


Feds Propose Prepaid Card Rules

Prepaid card users now lack many protections afforded credit- and debit-cardholders

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is previewing proposed rules to protect consumers in the fast-growing prepaid card market.  The agency...


Groupon Settles for $8.5 Million For Not Listing Its Deal Restrictions

Class action suits charged the company deceived users by creating "sense of urgency"

Are you a Groupon user? If so, you may be getting some money coming your way, as a class-action lawsuit was filed against the company for not disclosing th...


Satellite Communicator Now Accessible Through iPhone

App connects iPhone data to two-way satellite

It's very easy to wander out of range of a cell tower and discover you have no bars. It's even easier if you happen to be hiking a mountain trail or sailin...


Are You Getting Interest On Your Checking Account?

Some banks and credit unions offer very attractive rates if you can meet certain requirements

Certificates of deposit (CDs) pay very little interest. A passbook savings account pays even less. But if you shop around carefully, you can find a bank th...


Company Releases New Talking Service For Your Car

Dragon Drive says it can reduce, not increase, distracted driving hazards

In the past few years companies like Volkswagen, Ford, GM and Nissan Motors, have been promising  to offer Wi-Fi in its cars, much to the chagrin of t...


Family Dollar Draws Fire For Planned Tobacco Sales

Chain says it's simply responding to consumer demand

Family Dollar's announcement that it will begin carrying tobacco products has brought a howl of protest from anti-smoking groups.In a letter to the compa...


EPA OKs Two New Bed Bug Killers

New preparations contain oil from the Neem tree

We hope you're not having bed bug problems but if you are, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued registrations for two new products that contain N...


Encouraging Housing Trends Continue

April home sales were higher and so were prices

Slowly but surely, the U.S. housing market appears to be clawing its way back to health.The latest evidence is a report by the National Association of Re...


Verizon Offers New Video Service and Global Roaming to Its Users

Now you can watch dumb movies on your smartphone

Verizon has now tossed its hat into the video and mobile device ring, releasing a service it calls Viewdini. The service will allow users to watch any type...


Tattoo Removal Procedures Surge 32 Percent in One Year

In a down economy, tattoo removal practices growing by leaps and bounds

Looking for a job with plenty of growth potential in an increasingly tough economy? Maybe you should consider a career in the exciting world of tattoo remo...


Doctors Say Wearing Skinny Jeans Is a Health Risk

In fact, all tight clothing can cause problems, not to mention those stiletto heels

Are you a skinny jeans kind of person? When looking for your next pair of denims, does the sleek skin tight look appeal more to your fashion sense over the...


Survey: Companies Want To Hire 2012 College Graduates

Web design, graphic arts among the most-sought skills

Recent college graduates can start to exhale in relief about whether they'll be able to find a job after graduation or not. A newly released national surve...


2013 Lexus GS350 Recalled

Steering control issues

Toyota is recalling about 660 Lexus GS350 vehicles from the 2013 model year. The company said the electronic steering control unit may malfunction, ...


Study: 85 Percent of Grads Will Move Back Home

Today, it's becoming the norm, researcher says

Graduation ceremonies have just about concluded for 2012, meaning hundreds of thousands of newly-minted graduates are about to head out into the cold, crue...


The Self-Driving Car Comes Closer to Being On California Roads

The feds, meanwhile, are studying "connected car" technology

First Nevada, now California. This week a bill passed in the California State Senate that would permit self-driving cars to be tested within the Golden Sta...


Facebook's Wall Street Disaster Just Gets Worse

Be glad you missed the IPO. Be very glad.

Investors who passed on Facebook's initial public offering (IPO) Friday can thank their lucky stars. The stock has tanked since it's much-hyped, glitch-rid...


The Makers of Pom Wonderful Used Deceptive Advertising, Says Judge

Consumers may be starting to question the juice-makers claims as well

There appears to be another victory for the consumer over product makers making false advertising claims.A federal judge determined that Pom Wonderful, m...


Auto Affordablity Declined in First Quarter

But car sales continue to climb

Despite a slow recovery in the economy, consumers have continued to buy new cars and trucks over the last four year. Most carmakers, especially those offer...


High Gas Prices, Weak Economy Mean Fewer Traffic Jams

A silver lining for motorists preparing to hit the road for the Memorial Day Weekend

If you've noticed traffic doesn't seem to be quite so heavy these days, it's not your imagination. A report by INRIX, a traffic information service, found ...


BMW 'Most Valuable Brand,' Displacing Toyota, Study Finds

Other German automakers also see their brand value increasing

BMW has overtaken Toyota as the world's most valuable automotive brand, an annual ranking of the world's top brands shows. Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Au...


New Yorkers Need to Make Over $100K Yearly to Live Comfortably

The nation's most expensive city is really expensive

Still have plans of living in the big city? You may want to reconsider, as a report suggests that New York City has been the most expensive place to live i...


20-Year Study Finds Sigmoidoscopy Effective in Reducing Colorectal Cancer Deaths

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is less invasive, has fewer side effects than colonoscopy

A study that spanned nearly 20 years has found that flexible sigmoidoscopy, a screening test for colorectal cancer that is less invasive and has fewer side...


Giant Food Named Favorite Grocery Store in Consumer Poll

ShopRite, Walmart close behind in Market Force survey

Between small corner markets, big all-purpose grocery stores and whatever lies between, it can be hard to select the best supermarket. However, consumers s...


Jeep Recalls 2010 Wranglers

Potential fire hazard

Chrysler Group is recalling 2010 Jeep Wranglers equipped with an automatic transmission.   The company said that the transmission skid plat...


Report: Despite the Bleak Housing Market, Consumers Still Want to Own

84% of younger renters still aspire to owning their own home

In light of the recent years of turmoil in the U.S. housing market, one would guess that consumers are gun shy about purchasing and owning a home. However,...


A New Pill Bottle For the Blind

Container features hinged top and audio label

It is said that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. It remains to be seen what happens if you build a better pill bot...


Inventor of TV Remote Control Dies at 96

1955 device intended as early commercial zapper

Couch potatoes everywhere should probably pause and salute Eugene J. Polley, who died Sunday at age 96. Without him, our lives would be very different.Po...


Some Oreck Customers to Get Refunds

Federal Trade Commission begins distributing money from settlement

As the result of a suit, thousands of consumers who purchased two home cleaning products from Oreck Corporation will receive refunds from the Federal Trade...


Will We Soon Go Over the Fiscal Cliff?

We will unless Congress suddenly learns to compromise

A big adjustment in tax rates is headed your way at the end of the year, along with huge cuts in government spending that could impact the overall economy....


Cable Giants Lash Their Wi-Fi Networks Together

Combined networks will be branded as "CableWiFi"

Five of the nation's largest cable TV networks are combining their Wi-Fi networks into a single network with over 50,000 hotspots, offering their high-spee...


Google+ a Ghost Town? Advertisers Flee to Pinterest

Too many male geeks, not enough real folk on G+, advertisers sniff

Facebook had egg on its face last week when General Motors announced it was pulling its ads just as Facebook launched its IPO.  Now it's Google's turn...


No Additional Cases of Mad Cow Disease Found, USDA Reports

Investigation into California incident has found no additional cases or infected feed

The U.S. Agriculture Department says it has found no additional cases of "mad cow" disease since April 24, when a dairy cow in California was found to have...


Timeshares Can Be Burdens Even After You Die

What to do if you inherit a timeshare you don't want

Most people buy timeshares while on vacation and after a high-pressure sales pitch. It's not uncommon for a strong case of buyers' remorse to set in afterw...


Survey Shows 3D TV Sales are Growing but They're Still Unpopular

There's just not much consumer interest in the technology yet

Although sales numbers of 3D TV's continue to rise in the U.S., with a 74 percent  growth in units and a 64 percent growth in revenue over the last 12...


More Consumers Using Smartphones to Download Coupons

New poll shows 40 percent of smartphone users have downloaded coupon

Coupons haven't just gone electronic, they've also gone mobile. A survey by shows 40 percent of smartphone users have redeemed a coupon on...


Couldn't Make It to Cannes Film Festival? There's an App for That

Go Social Film Magazine brings short films to your iPad

For those foreign film buffs, here's one for you: The company Go Social LLC has announced the launch of what it calls, the first application to provide sho...


Researchers Say It's OK For Pregnant Women to Diet

Maintaining body weight during pregnancy found to benefit both mother and child

In addition to the weight of the baby they are carrying, pregnant women usually put on some extra pounds, often referred to as “baby fat.”Tho...


Boomers Urged to Get Tested For Hepatitis C

30 percent of boomers may be infected

The Centers for Disease Control says all U.S. baby boomers should get a one-time test for hepatitis C because one in 30 of this population group has been i...


Retailers Want You to Buy Your Sofa Online

It's a little hard to feel the leather when you're online

When you think of shopping online, one usually thinks of purchasing lower cost items like books, music or inexpensive clothing, but online couch retailers ...


7-Eleven Implements New System to Reduce Illegal Alcohol, Tobacco Sales

In New York, you'll have to do more than show ID, you'll have to have it scanned

Retailers, under increasing pressure to prevent tobacco and alcohol sales to underage consumers, are constantly looking for ways to increase their complian...


Foster Farms Recalls Turkey Burgers

Allergen not disclosed on label

Foster Farms, a Turlock, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 15,040 pounds of a turkey burger product because of misbranding and an undeclared...


River Ranch Expands Bagged Salad Recall

May be contaminated with Listeria

River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC of Salinas, CA is expanding its voluntary recall of retail and foodservice bagged salads, because they have the potential of b...


'No Name' Steakburgers Recalled

May contain undeclared allergens

J&B Group, a Pipestone, Minn. establishment, is recalling approximately 456 pounds of steakhouse burgers because of misbranding and undeclared allergen...


Benefits and Risks of Lung CT Scans Studied

Long-term effects of screening not yet determined

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death but there's still some uncertainty about whether the benefits of widespread CT scan screening outweigh the...


Verizon to Phase Out 'Grandfathered' Unlimited Data Plans

You can keep you old plan until you buy a new phone

Verizon Wireless has rewarded it early and long-time customers by "grandfathering" them into their $30 a month unlimited data plans with the carrier switch...


Car Dealers Increasingly Slip Service Plans Into Sales Contracts

Many car buyers end up financing their oil changes

Consumers who buy new or used cars from a dealer might be getting more than they bargained for. Automotive author Pam Oakes says more dealers are now inclu...


Gas Prices Fall Another Two Cents This Week

But in western states, prices surged higher in the last seven days

For the nation as a whole, the average of price of gasoline showed little movement during the week, dipping by two cents a gallon. But in some individual s...


Report: Consumer Spending is Down But Not on Gas, Meds or Groceries

Consumers not eager to give up the convenience of driving themselves

Many consumers are cutting back on spending in various areas. For some it's entertainment, for others it's cutting back on utility usage or their clothes s...


Airlines Made $3.4 Billion in Baggage Fees Last Year

Passengers don't like the fees but they're keeping the airlines in business at the moment

It's a wonder why the airlines are always complaining of loosing money and making less profit, when they now charge you for everything from that semi-...


Twitter Incorporates 'Do Not Track' While Facebook Gets Sued for Billions

Trend appears to be towards at least a little respect for users' privacy

Don't like being tracked when you're surfing the web, or using social network sites? As companies like Google and Facebook document all of your online acti...


Feds Warn Airlines Against Advertising "Free" Flights

A flight's not free if consumers are liable for fees, Transportation Department decrees

 Airlines and travel agents may not advertise an airfare as “free” if consumers are liable for the payment of fees to book the flight, t...


Consumers Warned to Avoid Korean Shellfish

Tests reveal some of the seafood comes from polluted water

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has joined a handful of states in warning consumers to avoid shellfish products imported from Korea.The agenc...


The Jawbone Big Jambox Gives Bose a Run For its Money

Big sound from small packages continues to be the trend

With all of the white colored earphones that's attached to the average person's ear now a days, it's easy to forget that we can actually listen to music ou...


Good For You or Bad For You: The Debate on Sunscreens Continues

This year's batch of sunscreens somewhat safer than last year's

We all need sunscreen, but sadly not all of them protect your skin at equal levels. As we reported earlier, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have come...


Senate Bill Sets Penalty for Trafficking in Stolen Cell Phones

Part of crackdown on growing black market in smartphones

The U.S. Senate will take up legislation that would impose a five year criminal penalty for tampering with the unique identification number of a cell phone...


States Investigating Charity Fund-Raiser

Ohio, New Jersey get restraining orders against PJG Enterprises

Ohio and New Jersey are on the trail of PJG Enterprises, a fund-raising company that has represented the American Breast Cancer Federation and the Ame...


New Report Shows Consumers Really Crave Start-Stop Technology for Their Cars

It's an easy way to save gas without affecting vehicle performance, at least in theory

We American consumers like our bells and whistles, don't we? We have to get that new added feature for our electronic device, and our below kitchen cabinet...


JCPenney's No-Coupon Strategy is Failing to Catch On

JCP suffers a big loss in the first quarter as shoppers look elsewhere

Apparently, JCPenney isn't doing so hot, as lukewarm first-quarter reports showed a significant sales decline. This can be attributed to the department sto...


Study: Millions of Recalled Cars Still Being Sold

Current system doesn't make it easy to keep up to date

From craigslist to the newspaper classifieds, millions of cars are listed for sale even though they have been recalled, according to a warning by automotiv...


Is It True? No. Is It Legal? Yes.

Not much fruit in Fruit Roll-Ups but labeling is legal, judge rules

Though packaging for Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot snacks misleads consumers into believing they are made with real fruit, federal regulations allow...


Who's Calling? New Caller ID App May (or May Not) Know

ReverseGenie tries to provide reverse look-up information

It's really annoying when we miss an unfamiliar phone call. It's even more annoying when the person on the other end actually reaches us, but then tries to...


Soda is No Longer King of the Beverage Hill

Growing concerns about childhood obesity help drain sales

There's something wonderful about soda. Is it just the sweetness? Or do those tiny throat massaging bubbles hold some sort of magical ability? Either way, ...


Yahoo Creates Virtual Board Game to Entice Movie-Goers

Moviegoers can win prizes, see new trailers, even buy tickets

Here's a rather innovative way for studios to let you know about the up and coming summer movie releases: Yahoo has recently launched "Movieland", an inter...


Feds Want Electronic Stability Control on Large Trucks, Buses

Technology could prevent more than 2,000 accidents per year, NHTSA estimates

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing a new federal motor vehicle safety standa...


FDA Approves Generic Version of Plavix

Blood thinner is commonly prescribed after heart attack and stroke

As expected, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved generic versions of the blood thinning drug Plavix, which helps reduce the risk of...


Report: Consumers May Be Cutting Back, But Not on Their Summer Trips

Fuel prices not dampening families' plans for summer getaways

Who says the current economy has people spending less? It can be pretty confusing when you hear about bleak economic news and people not spending, then you...


Study: Water With Meals Promotes Better Food Choices

Sweet beverages make us want to eat more salty, high-calorie food

Most weight-loss programs focus on what we eat. Two researchers, T. Bettina Cornwell of the University of Oregon and Anna R. McAlister of Michigan State Un...


States Using Mortgage Settlement Funds to Plug Budget Holes

Money from lenders not being used to help struggling homeowners as it was intended

When 50 states and the federal government reached a landmark settlement with five major mortgage lenders, struggling homeowners - especially those who suff...


A Look Back At Famous IPOs

A market analyst tries to put Facebook initial public offering in perspective

On Friday Facebook shares go on sale on Wall Street for the first time in an initial public offering (IPO) and the Street is giddy with excitement. Is it j...


First Fitness Trampolines with Handlebars Recalled

The handlebar can break away during use

Aqua-Leisure Industries Inc., of Avon, Mass., is recalling about 40,000 First Fitness Trampolines with Handlebars. Metal fatigue can cause the ha...


Older Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Death

Study finds a link between coffee and lower death risk but can't explain it

Everybody knows that coffee can help you stay awake. Maybe it can also help you stay alive? That's the suggestion from a study by researchers from the...


Survey: Americans Are Pro-Pot

Poll finds 74% of voters support state medical marijuana laws

A new poll finds that three quarters of American voters (74%) want the Obama administration to respect individual state medical marijuana laws.The j...


Staying Healthy Costs More, So Does Dying

Two reports suggest you're paying more either way

Whether you're living or dying, it's costing you more. A report from consulting and actuarial firm Milliman, Inc., shows health care costs for families are...


Oh Wait, The World Isn't Going to End in 2012

Researchers find evidence Mayan calendar ends but another starts

The end of the Mayan calendar on December 21 doesn't mean the end of the world, according to researchers at Boston University.Though few have taken it se...


Consumers Doing Better Job of Paying Mortgage, Other Loans

Mortgage delinquency hits lowest level in four years

Though unemployment remains high and income growth slow, U.S. consumers appear to be doing a better job of keeping up with their mortgage payments and othe...


Skechers Will Pay $40 Million to Settle Deceptive Advertising Charges

Feds claimed the shape-up shoe ads went too far in promising weight loss and other health benefits

Can shoes really help you lost weight? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) didn't think so and charged Skechers USA with making unfounded claims about its s...


J.C. Penney Suffers $163 Million First Quarter Loss

Apparently hasn't won over old customers with changes

Change doesn't appear to be going over very well at J.C. Penney. The nation's fourth-largest retailer reports it lost $163 million in its fiscal first quar...


GM Cancels Its Facebook Ads; Says They're Ineffective

Just one more reason small investors should steer clear of Friday's IPO

If you're determined to invest your last dollar in Facebook when it goes public Friday, here's one of several thousand reasons you shouldn't: the social me...


Making Sense Of Your Vehicle's Check Engine Light

Indicator light tells you something's wrong, but not what it is

It can be disconcerting to be driving along and suddenly have your vehicle's check engine light come on. The light is meant to get your attention, but keep...


Ever Think of Using Corporate Housing when Vacationing?

It's an alternative to hotels and a bit more structured than Craigslist

Who doesn't like to travel? There's something about that feeling you get when you're boarding a plane, knowing that when you exit you'll be away from your...


Virgin Atlantic to Allow Some In-Flight Cell Phone Use

But service will be limited to flights over the Atlantic

This is either good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it.If you consider airline flights as wasted time, when you could be making business c...


AAA Predicts Increase In Memorial Day Traffic

Consumers to take advantage of declining gasoline prices

For the second year in a row, gasoline prices in most areas are falling, not rising, as the Memorial Day weekend approaches.This year, AAA predicts 34.8 ...


Report: Consumers Want Free Stuff Before Paying First

There are risks in "free trials," though, so consumers need to be wary

If you were to ask your average consumer what they're looking for in a company that sells them a product or service, they might say they're looking for dec...


New Virtual Colonoscopy Doesn't Require Laxative Preparation

More patients may agree to be tested without the onerous preparation

A CT-scan-based form of virtual colonoscopy that does not require laxative preparation appears to be as effective as standard colonoscopy in identifying th...


Couple Dies For Lack of a Cell Phone Signal

Elderly New Yorkers die 60 feet from their home

Many people think their cell phones will work just about anywhere. That misplaced faith can sometimes have tragic consequences, as in the case of Arthur an...


Denny's Plans to Spruce Up Pig Pens

Pregnant porkers won't be locked in gestation cages

Denny’s is the latest restaurant chain to vow that it will be nicer to its pigs.The nationwide diner chain says it will work with its suppliers to ...


Baby Bottles, Pacifiers Can Injure Young Children

Once children can walk, they shouldn't use them, doctors say

You might not think baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups would be dangerous. But a new study at Nationwide children's Hospital found that from 1991 to 20...


Optimism About Housing Recovery Grows

Researchers see 2.5 percent growth by 2014

Several times since 2009 analysts have suggested that home prices had bottomed, only to see home values go even lower.But with months of data showing a s...


New York Arrests Prominent Accountant In Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Scheme allegedly raked in millions of dollars

A well-established Bronx, N.Y. tax preparer has been indicted on 29 counts of grand larceny, accused of operating a “massive” Ponzi scheme that...


Wall Street Loves Facebook, But Do Users?

Social networking site draws a lot of complaints, which may spell trouble in the future

Enthusiasm appears to be building among investors for Facebook's impending initial public offering (IPO), when shares of the now privately held company wil...


Judge Rules in Favor of E-book Consumers in Civil Price-fixing Case

Federal judge rejects Apple and publishers’ attempt to dismiss case

A U.S. District Court judge today denied petitions by several of the nation’s largest book publishers and Apple seeking to dismiss a nationwide class...


A New App From MoodMusic and iTunes Just Released

Free music sites are popping up everywhere

Free music sites are popping up faster than artists can make the music. Between Spotify, Grooveshark and Mixcloud, customers can choose not to buy new musi...


Remember the Budweiser SuperFest? Thanks to Jay-Z it's Back!

"Made in America" concert comes to Philadelphia this summer

 Most are familiar with the Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z. Whether it's for his 16-year plus music career (the guy outsold the Beatles for Pete sake), or whethe...


Companies Need to Step Up Social Media Efforts

With 96% of Americans using social media, it's not somenthing to ignore

It seems like today, brands don't need customers as much as it needs followers. Facebook or social media followers that is.An incredible 96 percent of Am...


U.S. Cellular Refunds Disputed Third-Party Charges to Wisconsin Consumers

"Text cramming" becoming a nationwide problem for consumers

U.S. Cellular has refunded $65,784.15 to Wisconsin consumers who were billed for unwanted text messaging services by Silicon Investments Group, Inc., a thi...


Airlines Improve On-Time Performance

The mild winter weather helped reduce airport delays

With milder than normal winter weather, U.S. domestic airlines were able to compile their best on-time arrival rate for the first quarter of any year since...


Debt Collector Agrees to $3 Million to Settle Federal Charges

FTC: Luebke Baker & Associates collected debts it should have known were bogus

Defendants in a debt collection operation that allegedly sought payment for bogus magazine subscription debts have settled with the Federal Trade Comm...


Consumers Have Done a 180 When it Comes to Food Shopping

Shoppers have become much more price-conscious; coupon use increasing

Many consumers are still recovering from being in the throws of some very challenging economic times. A lot of the buying public have chosen to cut down on...


Report: Think People Hate Bio-Engineered Food? Think Again

Survey finds 69% relatively confident bio-engineered food is safe

Genetically altered foods have been a hot topic in the media in recent months. Whether it's  the California Right to Know campaign, that obtained enou...


Retailers Make Pitch to New Grads – As Employees

In a tough job market, retailers say they are eager to hire new college graduates

It's a tough job market out there, as many newly minted college graduates are about to discover. Before they get discouraged about their prospects in their...


Refinancing Stats Suggest Consumers Are Reducing Debt

Nearly a third of borrowers in the first quarter shortened their loan term

Back during the housing bubble, homeowners were treating their homes like ATMs. When lower rates offered opportunities to refinance, consumers often enlarg...


Have Mobile Providers Fallen Out of Love With the iPhone?

Some may be finding the subsidies just a little too steep

Apple's iPhone may still be popular with consumers, with rising sales, but evidence is growing within the industry that the companies selling it may be los...


DISH 'Auto Hop' Banishes TV Commercials

TV networks not expected to jump with joy over new feature

Nobody likes commercials, right?  So everybody should be ecstatic about DISH Network's new "Auto Hop" DVR. It lets you automatically "zap" commercials...


Survey: Consumers Don't Trust Brands

70% of consumers put their trust in online consumer reviews when making a buying decision

Do you have consumer-trust in the brands that you use? If not, you may not be alone, as a new report from Australia shows that the consumer's trust is lowe...


Another TV Maker Faces Big Loss

Could there be a connection between consumer complaints and set makers' red ink?

Panasonic, an electronics manufacturer specializing in flatscreen television sets, is the last TV set maker to report a problem with red ink.It reports a...


Ally Financial Puts Mortgage Unit Into Bankruptcy

A stronger Ally should be good news for car buyers

Ally Financial has put its troubled mortgage subsidiary, Residential Capital, into bankruptcy, hoping to rid itself of the litigation-plagued lender. Ally ...


OPEC Member Calls For Lower Oil Prices

When someone who sells oil thinks it costs too much, they're probably right

When Saudi Arabia's oil minister says he thinks oil prices are too high, chances are they're too high.Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naim said he believes Bre...


Teens Say Texting While Driving Is Common

They say they know it's dangerous but do it anyway

U.S. teenagers say they know texting while they drive is dangerous, but they do it anyway.In a survey commissioned by AT&T, 97 percent of teens said ...


Ready for Another Additive? How About Some Meat Glue

Like pink slime, the meat industry says it's not a problem

You've probably already heard of "pink slime", the beef-based food additive that's added to processed meats and beef products, but get ready to wet your pa...


College Graduates With Heavy Debt Now the Norm

More students go into debt to acquire a bachelor's degree

Thousands of college students graduated over the weekend and now face an economic double whammy; a very tough job market and crushing debt from loans to pa...


Prom Time is Here -- and So Are the Exorbitant Costs

Lower-income families spend way more than they can afford

It's that time of year again, isn't it? That in-between season of spring and summer where one doesn't know whether to bring or leave that light jacket with...


Apple Prepares to Dump Google Maps

Insider: Apple's new 3D maps will "blow your head off"

If there was any remaining doubt that Apple and Google are now full-fledged competitors, it should be removed by the news that Apple is planning to dump Go...


Small Batteries an Increasing Threat to Children

Study finds big jump in number of children treated after swallowing battieries

Those little button batteries that power electronic devices are everywhere these days -- including children's ears and digestive tracts. In fact, a new stu...


Feds Shut Down Own-Your-Own-Website Schemes

Consumers were told they could make big bucks with little effort

The Federal Trade Commission has halted an operation that allegedly lured consumers into spending thousands of dollars for Internet websites and advertisin...


'Fine Wine' Seller Was a Fraud, Feds Claim

Sold cheap wine in expensive bottles, indictment alleges

A wine seller who hawked "purportedly rare and expensive" vintages operated a counterfeit laboratory out of his California home for nearly a decade to swin...


Surgery Patients May Need Longer Hospital Stays

Study finds patients are being sent home before they're ready

Remember when most minor surgeries resulted in a two or three-day stay in the hospital? Today, with the cost of hospital beds, many of these operations are...


Settlement Puts End to Company's Facebook 'Likejacking'

Company that impersonated 'friends' settles with Washington State

Remember when one of your Facebook friends would refer you to some strange website that just seemed out of character? Chances are it was a case of “l...


99 Cents Is Not Always a Good Deal

If it's part of a 'free trial,' look out for additional charges

When you hear that something costs 99-cents, it sounds like a bargain. Sometimes it is, but often it isn't.You might pay 99-cents to download a song from...


JPMorgan Chase Gambles and Loses $2 Billion

Critics say it just underscores the need for tighter regulation

If you own a bank stock in your portfolio or retirement account, you're likely taking a beating in the stock market today. Bank stocks, led by JPMorgan Cha...


Gas Prices Fall Faster in Last Week

The price at the pump is down nearly seven cents a gallon

With world crude oil prices getting hammered by waves of selling each day, the decline in the retail price of gasoline picked up speed this week, falling b...


Millions of Used and Rental Cars Have Unfilled Safety Recalls

Carfax study finds 2.7 million cars offered online were lacking required repairs

An unfixed recall caused this fire. Check for recalls FREE at (PRNewsFoto/Carfax)Buying a used car is always a somew...


Where You Live May Determine How Much Money You Have

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states give you the best shot at the American Dream

If you have hopes of becoming wealthy- at least better off than you are now – you should be willing to move. That is, if you don't already live in ei...


So, How Do Consumers Really Feel About Gay Marriage?

A ConsumerAffairs analysis finds broad support for the President's decision

It's not exactly a consumer issue, except that consumers are citizens, voters, taxpayers and related in some way or another to people who are, have been, m...


Geofencing May Bring Clicks to Bricks

Retailers sense your presence and send you deals while you're in or near their store

Here's a couple of questions: Does having a retailer know when you're coming to their store sound creepy or helpful? Or, are you willing to be a bit creepe...


Disease-Bearing Mosquitoes Show Up Early This Year

One way we're paying for that mild winter most of us enjoyed

The unseasonably mild winter most of us enjoyed is revealing its downside in a number of ways. One is the early arrival this year – and in increased ...


Amazon Adds Harry Potter to Its Lending Library

A bargain, and also a rebuke to U.S. publishers who keep their titles locked up

There are those who think Amazon is making literature more widely accessible than ever, and there are those who think the online giant is craftily building...


Some Creative Gifts and Coupon Codes for Mother's Day

It can be hard to find a unique gift for the mom who has everything

Sometimes shopping for mom on Mother's Day can be quite the challenging effort. Especially for the mom that's already bought everything that she likes and ...


Reprt: The Customer Wants Brands To Get Involved. Really Involved

Study finds consumers expect companies to give back to their communities

To all companies: If you want to be more successful attach your brand to a social cause.That's the advice the strategy and communications company Cone&nb...


Survey: Good Babysitters Hard to Find

Today's parents apparently demand more from sitters

In this time of high unemployment, corporate executives have complained that they can't find good help. It turns out they aren't the only ones with that co...


Report: 9.7 Trillion in Unredeemed Rewards Miles Among Consumers

Consumers love the frequent-flyer programs, even if they don't get much out of them

In a new report from InsideFlyer magazine, there are 9.7 trillion unredeemed rewards miles given by airlines around the globe. Tom Gibson CEO of AlphaFligh...


Bing Makes Big Changes In its Attempts to Conquer Google

More tracking and integration with social media are in the works

In the ongoing desire to be on top of the search engine hill, Microsoft's Bing is taking a major step forward in trying to compete with Google by making&nb...


Chase Rolls Out Prepaid Bank Card

Banks find these cards attractive because they are subject to fewer regulations

More banks are getting into the prepaid bankcard business. Why? Because there can be lots of fees associated with that product, just what banks think they...


Family Finances, Not Just Mortgages, 'Underwater'

University of Michigan data shows 20 percent of families have more debt than assets

Homeowners are “underwater” when they owe more on their home than it is worth. While underwater mortgages remain a big problem in the U.S., hou...


Google's Self-Driving Car Street-Legal In Nevada

Company says the cars less prone to driver-error

Google has produced an automobile that drives itself, but just how practical is it? Practical enough that authorities in Nevada have granted it a license f...


Feds Consider Rule to Simplify Mortgage Points, Fees

CFPB says the changes would bring "greater transparency" to the mortgage market

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is considering rules  that it thinks would simplify mortgage points and fees and bring...


FDA Warns Unproven Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Can Be Dangerous

"Liberation therapy" can result in injuries and death, agency warns

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning about injuries and death associated with the use of an experimental procedure sometimes called &ldquo...


Ford Recalls Expedition, F150, Mustang and Lincoln Navigator Models

Back-up lights may not work properly

Ford is recalling about 10,500 Expedition, F150, Mustang and Lincoln Navigator vehicles from various model years. The company said the transmission may not...


Labels or In-Store Nutritionist? Which Do Supermarket Shoppers Prefer?

Shoppers who got in-person counseling tended to make healthier choices

Making healthy choices at the grocery store can be a real challenge. Supermarket strategists are aware of this, so they have all kind of sneaky tactic...


Report: Almost Half of Recalls are For Kids Products

Many seemingly-innocuous products can be extremely dangerous

When a new baby is on the way one of the first things expecting parents do is go out and purchase all of the necessary baby products. Blue items for a boy,...


Postal Service Warns of New Email Scam

Email about delivery issue carries dangerous virus

If you get an email from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), it's not what you think it is.USPS reports some postal customers are receiving bogus emails abou...


Consumers Grow Online Spending at Double-Digit Rate

comScore survey shows consumers increasingly prefer an online transaction

U.S. consumers continue to do more of their shopping online rather than visit a brick and mortar store. In the first quarter of this year, spending with on...


Forget $5 Gas, $3 May Be More Like It This Summer

Growing supplies and worries about a shaky Europe are sending prices lower

Go ahead, plan that summer vacation trip. If earlier forecasts of gasoline prices between $4 and $5 a gallon made you opt for a “staycation,” t...


Peapod Lets Commuters Go Shopping in the Subway

Consumers use their smartphones to scan virtual shelves in train stations

Picture this, you quickly move through your weekday morning attempting to get out the door earlier than you did yesterday. You frantically grab your phone,...


Are Shoppers Getting Sick from Their Reusable Shopping Bags? Maybe

Another study warns of risks, researchers urge frequent washing of bags

It seems like shoppers can't keep up with the ever-changing warnings from studies and certain researchers. First, customers were told to immediately stop u...


Rental Scam Rising Along With Housing Demand

Fake landlord takes the cash deposit and runs

With fewer people able to qualify for a home mortgage, there are more renters, meaning competition for available rental properties. Some scammers are takin...


MasterCard Plans PayPass Wallet For Easier Shopping

It's the latest attempt to create a one-stop shopping service

In continued attempts by companies to better appeal to today's tech-conscious consumer, MasterCard WorldWide has said it will release a digital wallet...


Study: Some Sunscreens Might Actually Promote Skin Cancer

Research suggests zinc oxide releases free radicals in sunlight

Millions of people slather on sun screen when they head for the beach or spend extended time outdoors in the summer, in hopes of reducing the risk of skin...


Amazon Enters the Arena of High Fashion

Online discounter lusts for the high margins fashion can bring

Online retail giants Amazon is surging past its sales of books, and small priced items to tackle the high-end clothing world.The selling of clothes isn't...


Court Resolves Texas Cramming Suit

Arizona-based content provider to make refunds, pay the state $2 million

The state of Texas has secured a court order resolving the state's year-long investigation into Arizona-based JAWA and its owners, with the court requiring...


Walmart Recalls Sportspower Trampolines

The netting can break, allowing children to fall

Walmart is recalling about 92,000 Sportspower BouncePro 14' Trampolines. The netting surrounding these trampolines can break, allowing children t...


Ford Recalls 19998-2003 Windstars in Virginia

Corrosion can weaken the rear axle

Nearly two years after it recalled more than half a million 1998-2003 Windstar vans sold in 21 states and the District of Columbia, Ford is recalling 27,00...


Say It Aint So! The Kindle Fire Loses Its No. 2 Spot

Samsung knocks the Kindle Fire out of second spot

Through T.V. commercials and overall public chatter, Amazon's Kindle Fire is certainly growing in popularity, but popularity doesn't always translate into ...


Group Says It's Still Too Easy for Kids to Buy Alcohol Online

In a test, nearly half the teens who tried to buy it were successful

Rules controlling alcohol sales over the Internet have been tightened in recent years to prevent sales to minors. The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth...


Bank of America Begins Principal-Forgiveness Program

200,000 homeowners could save as much as 30% under the program

Bank of America has begun contacting some of its mortgage customers who may be eligible for a mortgage balance reduction. The bank is committed to forgivin...


Feds Sue Alleged Phone Bill Crammer

Suit seeks a $52 million penalty against BSG, alleges it violated a previous court order

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking a civil contempt ruling against the nation's largest third-party billing company, alleging that it placed more than...


Believe It Or Not -- Burger and Beer Sales Are Down

Consumers' economizing apparently knows no limits

Consuming burgers and a cold beer are about as much of an American past time as eating a slice of apple pie at a baseball game, while whistling the Yankee ...


All Behold Nike's Latest Sneaker Creations

The LeBron 9 and Toki Pastel are likely to fly off the shelves this summer

Before we get into a deep sneaker discussion, lets do a quick tutorial. Not that's it needed for everyone, but it would be presumptuous to assume that ever...


Your Unwanted Car Might Be Worth More as Scrap Metal

Sum of the parts may be greater than the whole

It's easy to end up with a car or truck with little market value. Consumers who have traded in older vehicles on a new car understand completely. Often you...


Things to See at U.S. Amusement Parks This Summer

Winged coasters, water parks, free-fall rides among the new treats this year

It's always a bit baffling when someone says they dislike summer. Not liking the heat or being hot is logical. But to dismiss an entire season, especially ...


This Spring, Fewer Incentives to Buy a New Car

Sales are brisk, so dealers and manufacturers are less motivated

When you shop for a new car, dealers and manufacturers usually try to draw you into their showrooms with incentives, like cash rebates and low-cost financi...


Reducing Snacking Could Reduce Childhood Obesity

Researchers find kids get too many of their daily calories from unhealthy snacks

Researchers examining the snacking habits of fourth-and-fifth-graders aren't at all surprised there's a childhood obesity problem. They report that snackin...


Report: U.S. Obesity Rate to Escalate In Next 20 Years

Expanding waistlines to add billions to nation's healthcare bill

Forty-two percent of the U.S. population could be obese by 2030, putting a huge strain on health care costs, according to a new public health study.That'...


MySpace Settles Privacy Charges, Faces 20 Years of Scrutiny

FTC charged that Myspace misled millions of users about its privacy policies

Consumers rate MyspaceSocial networking service Myspace has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it misrepresented it...


Wisconsin Fines Kraft for Short-Weighting Packages

Oscar Mayer franks and luncheon meat packages were a little light

They know their cheese in Wisconsin so when we saw that the Dairy State had fined Kraft Foods Group, Inc. for alleged short weight violations, we assumed...


BMW Recalls 2012 3-Series to Fix Head Restraint

The restraints don't meet federal safety standards

BMW is recalling about 7,600 3-series vehicles from the 2012 model year to fix a problem with the head restraint.The company said that the restraint may ...


Chrysler Recalls 2012 Chryser, Dodge Vans

Liftgate pinch sensor may not work properly

Chrysler Group is recalling 2012 model-year Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan vans. The company said some vehicles may have a right-...


AT&T Launching Home Security Service

Consumers will be able to control the system from their mobile devices

AT&T is expanding into the home security business, offering services to homeowners who not only want to secure their home while they are away, but have...


Visa Increases its 'No Signature Limit' from $25 to $50

Hopes to speed up transactions at the point of sale

In an effort to increase transaction speed at the point of sales, Visa said that they plan to raise its Easy Payment service "no signature required" limit...


Pet Food Recalls Spread

Canidae, Wellpet, Natural Balance recall some batches of dry dog food

Add Canidae, Wellpet and Natural Balance to the list of pet food manufacturers recalling dry pet food because of Salmonella contamination.The recalls fol...


Canidae Recalls Dry Pet Food

May be contaminated with Salmonella

Canidae Pet Foods announced today that it is issuing a voluntary recall of certain dry pet food formulas manufactured between December 9, 2011, and January...


WellPet Recalls Dry Dog Food

May be contaminated with Salmonella

WellPet LLC announced a voluntary recall of one recipe of Wellness® dry dog food after being notified by Diamond Pet Foods regarding the presence of&nb...


Why the French Election Might Mean Lower Gasoline Prices

Oil traders worry renewed government spending will hurt Europe's economy

Gasoline prices have been drifting lower lately and chances are, they will keep going down, welcome news for motorists stung by $4 a gallon prices in some ...


Google TV Will Be Here This Month

Afters a 2010 flop, Google and LG decide to try it again

We've heard about it for some time now, but it seems that all of the industry chatter has morphed into an actual date of release.The number two TV makers...


Tech Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

This year, maybe Mom would like a tablet instead of flowers

Stumped over what to give Mom for Mother's Day? These days moms are a lot more tech-savvy than they once were considered to be.If you think “tech,&...


Consumer Groups Attack 'Bank Card' Payday Loans

Call on federal regulators to outlaw them

Community Choice Financial, Inc., (CCFI) owns CheckSmart, a payday lender. The company recently faced setbacks in Arizona and Ohio when those states in eff...


Look Out Apple -- PCs are Getting Better Looking

Manufacturers adding some sizzle to the steak

When you think of pretty looking laptops, you never really had to look any further than Apple. The cutting edge tech kings are pretty m...


Anger at Banks Helped Credit Unions Grow in 2011

Credit union assets top $1 trillion for the first time

For the first time, America's 7,300 credit unions have topped $1 trillion in total assets, and in many ways they can thank the nation's large banks.After...


Polaroid iPhone App Gives New Photos a Retro Look

New pictures look like they were taken with a Polaroid instant camera

With the digital age, Polaroid gave up on its instant camera, which had been a pop culture icon since the 1960s, and tried to adapt. And wouldn't you know...


To Reduce Stress, Take a Vacation From Email

Giving employees permission to ignore email might make them more productive

With the approach of vacation season, here's something to consider: taking a vacation from your email – especially work email – can help you fe...


Abbott Labs to Pay $100 Million to Settle Off-Label Charges

Largest-ever consumer protection-based pharmaceutical settlement

Pharmaceutical company Abbott Labs has agreed to a $100 million settlement with 45 states and the District of Columbia for the illegal off-label marketing ...


Welcome to the Latest by Dr Dre: The New MIXR Headphones

Lightweight and with a sponge-like headband, you hardly know they're there

Who hasn't purchased a Dr. Dre song in the last 20 years? Or turned up the volume in their car to one of his laid back West Coast beats that's been a signa...


High-Tech Clothing May Warn Of Heart Attack

Arkansas engineers embed sensors in underwear

It sounds like something a medical James Bond might come up with. Your smart phone rings with a warning from sensors embedded in your underwear – you...


Diamond Pet Food Linked to Samonella Outbreak in Humans

All of the contaminated food is from a single Diamond plant in South Carolina

Federal officials say at least 14 people have been infected with Salmonella Infantis. apparently from contact with dry pet food produced by Diamond Pet Foo...


Chrysler Recalls 2011-12 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger

ABS, ECS power supply may overheat

Chrysler is recalling about 120,000 Chrysler 300s and Dodge Chargers from the 2011-12 model years to fix a problem with the power distribution system for t...


Mobile Devices the Weapon of Choice for Today's Shoppers

Retailers may hate it but it's a trend that's here to stay

Today's consumer has become extremely savvy, and nearly masters of seeking out the latest and greatest in styles, bargains and new trends. It seems that m...


Gas Price Average Levels Off at $3.80 a Gallon

Prices still falling with summer driving season just four weeks away

Consumers continued to find relief at the gas pump during the week as the price of gasoline, which had been on the rise for most of the year, fell nearly s...


BMW's X1 Sub-Compact SUV Headed for U.S. This Fall

Priced at $31,545, the latest Bimmer offers a four-cylinder engine

BMW's X1, billed as a "premium subcompact," will hit U.S. markets this fall, after selling more than 275,000 units in global markets. The U.S. version, bui...


Clothes Swapping is the New Rage Among the Younger Generation

Gen Y finds designer duds don't have to be brand new

The younger generation is usually considered to be the least concerned about saving money, and the most concerned about spending it. So it's a bit ironic t...


Report: April Sales Numbers Are Way, Way Down

Consumers not rushing to spend money this spring

Spring time is all about newness, fresh starts and different beginnings, but this spring looked more like last spring, as consumers were still reluctant to...


The BlackBerry 10: Will It Save Research In Motion?

The latest Blackberry incorporates businesslike ergonomics

The Canadian based company Research in Motion (RIM) has seen better days.In recent news the multinational telecommunications company has lost partnership...


California Malls Introduce New Digital Sizing Machines

The Me-Ality takes the guess work out of shopping for clothes

Most of us like wearing jeans, its the shopping for them that can sometimes be an arduous task. This really holds true in today's jean market, as you can n...


April a Costly Month For U.S. Insurance Companies

Survey puts losses from tornadoes at $1 billion

April was a month of wild, destructive weather in the U.S., especially in the Midwestern states.During the month's most notable outbreak, multiple centra...


Good News and Bad News in April Jobs Report

Labor Department data shows sharp decline in the labor force

The nation's unemployment rate fell from 8.2 percent to 8.1 percent, according to the U.S. Labor Department, but only because the number of people in the l...


Air India Fined for Violating New Consumer Rules

Airline failed to post customer service, delay contingency plans on its website

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has assessed a civil penalty of $80,000 against Air India for failing to post customer service and tarmac delay...


What Parents Should Know About Synthetic Drugs

Knock-off drugs are even being sold in stores

Parents who think they have succeeded in keeping their children away from marijuana and other drugs they were familiar with in their youth had better get u...


Texas Tangles With State Farm Over Policy Cancellations

Company sues attorney general over investigation

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and State Farm, the state's largest home insurer, are locking horns.It all started when State Farm notified the Texas ...


Report: Tablets Will Surpass iPad Usage By 2016

Kindle Fire, other tablets likely to be dominant, study finds

With all of the cool and unique things that Apple iPad's can do, it's hard to believe that in a few short years more people will be using tablets like the ...


Texan Gets Prison Term in Mortgage-Rescue Case

Collected more than $1.6 million from distressed homeowners

An Austin, Texas, man was sentenced today in the Western District of Texas to 61 months in prison and was ordered to forfeit $84,010 for his role in oper...


Qwest Fraud Victims Get $44 Million

Justice Department returns funds recovered from perpetrators

The Justice Department has returned approximately $44 million to victims of a securities fraud scheme related to Qwest Communications International Inc.,...


Spirit Raising Carry-On Bag Fee to As Much As $100

Feels backlash after refusing refund to dying ex-Marine

Spirit Airlines, which make no apologies for the many fees it charges for "extras," liking checking a bag, it raising its fees November 6. Then, stowing a ...


FTC: Consumers Lost $450 Million in Get-Rich-Quick Infomercial Scam

Agency wins court judgment against massive scam

The Federal Trade Commission has won a court judgment against the marketers of three get-rich-quick systems who deceived nearly a million consumers and is ...


Target Tells the Amazon Kindle To Get Lost

Kindle gets the heave-ho, replaced by Apple and the Nook

Don't go to any Target stores for Amazon's Kindle e-book reader, because it has officially been discontinued, and Target Corp has no intentions of bringing...


Samsung Goes Against the iPod Touch With the New Galaxy

Why buy a smartphone when a connected media player will do?

Remember when cell phones were actually used for making phone calls? Of course they still are, but with the many extras today's smartphone's come with, its...


Microsoft Plans to Release Xbox 360 With Kinect Bundle For $99

Official announcement may come as early as next week

Today gamers can do a collective high-five, as it's rumored that Microsoft will launch an Xbox console package for $99, with a monthly subscription. The of...


Air Fares Rose 10 Percent In Fourth-Quarter of 2011

Carriers cut back on flights, double down on fees

It continues to cost more to fly to your destination, according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation ...


Exmark Quest ZRT Riding Mowers Recalled

The deck can interfere with the controls, causing a crash hazard

Exmark is recalling about 2,200 Quest 42” ZRT Riding Mowers. Bearings supporting the riding mower’s deck can fail and cause the deck to in...


In Wake of Recession, Seniors Are Postponing Retirement

The bigger their loss, the longer they're waiting, study shows

Many seniors planning for their retirement have found their parental responsibilities haven't quite ended. Others' financial plans simply haven't recovered...


Seniors Urged to Surf the Web and Exercise

Some computer use is good for you, Mayo Clinic study shows

If you spend too much time in front of a computer, you might not get enough exercise. But if you manage to balance your time on the computer with moderate ...


Study: Garlic Compound Can Make Food Safer

Spice is much more effective than antibiotics in killing bacteria

Garlic, it turns out, isn't just useful for keeping vampires at bay. Researchers at Washington State University have found that a compound in garlic is 100...


Anti-Alcohol Group Attacks 'Drink Responsibly' Slogan

Calls for states to investigate 'deceptive advertising'

Many of the advertisements for beer, wine and spirits these days carrying the tag line “drink responsibly.” But an anti-alcohol advocacy has go...


Google Wi-Spy Scandal Heats Up

What did Google know? And when did it know it?

Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit advocacy group in California, has filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Federal Communications Commission (FC...


Genetic-Labeling Measure Heads for the Ballot in California

Passage would likely force similar labeling throughout the country

One would think it wouldn't be such a difficult task to get product makers to list when its food products are being genetically altered, but that has been ...


Those Mad Men Seem To Be Making a Lot of Consumers Mad

Now, it's the TruGreen commercial that has some consumers seeing red

Consumers don't just complain about a company's product or service. Lately they've taken great offense at their television commercials. Seems those Mad Men...


Survey: Mother's Day Spending Will Be Up in 2012

The economy may be shaky but consumers still shell out for Mom

Is consumer spending really down? Are people not shelling out money the way they used to? Apparently not when it comes to mom, as the average consumer will...


Illinois 'Amazon Tax' Illegal, Court Rules

Similar laws in New York, California and Texas are also being challenged

A Cook County judge has struck down an Illinois law informally known as the Amazon tax, saying it unconstitutionally discriminates against online advertise...


Walmart Ordered to Pay $4.8 Million in Back Wages

Employees didn't get the overtime payments they had earned

Wal-mart has made a few rounds in the media in recent weeks.  Whether its the recent news of its in-person payment plan for online purchases, or the s...


March Data Shows Mixed Picture of Foreclosures

Activity picking up in some states but not all

As predicted, first-time foreclosure starts increased in March, but not by much. Foreclosures were up 8.1 percent from the month of February, but down more...


Consumer Cooperatives Score Well in Survey

Consumers find coops superior in quality and service

If you've taken notice in recent years, consumer cooperatives seem to be a growing trend within the United States. You know what consumer co-ops are, right...


Beware of Fender-Bender Robberies

Drivers being robbed at gun- or knifepoint after minor collisions

Police around the country say they're seeing an increase in fender-bender robberies, a variant of carjacking.The scheme works like this: An unsuspecting ...


Samsung Most Popular Mobile Phone in First Quarter

Apple gains ground but is still third

The Apple iPhone continued to gain ground, but not fast enough to overtake Samsung, which was the top original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the U.S. mob...


Suit Charges Apple Double-Bills for Online Purchases

Company refuses to issue refunds, suit further charges

A federal class action lawsuit claims that Apple double-bills customers who buy products at its e-stores and routinely refuses to issue refunds to consumer...


Bad Credit Write-Offs Down 50 Percent From 2009 Peak

Equifax data shows consumers borrow most for new cars

If you go by the numbers, it appears the average consumer's financial condition is much improved from the depths of the Great Recession.Data from Equifax...


What Is a College's Responsibility When It Comes to Student Debt?

Institutions may soon be pressured to do more to help students

While inflation has been low for years, somethings – like a college education – keep going up. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) ...


Extreme Couponing Hits Some Roadblocks

Retailers trying to block coupon misuse and abuse

In these recessionary times consumers need all of the help they can get when it comes to saving a few bucks, and couponing has become quite...


Mothers Win Settlement Against Makers of Nutella

Chocolate for breakfast? It's not as good as it sounds

 Have you ever seen that breakfast commercial for the chocolate spread Nutella? The one with the busy working mom racing around the kitchen, attemptin...


Boomers Still Support Their Children as Retirement Looms

Study finds boomers risking retirement security for their offspring

The baby boomers have been called the "Me Generation" because of their supposedly self-centered attitudes but a new study finds nothing selfish about boome...


Researchers Working On Anti-Obesity Pill

Manipulating heart protein allows control of metabolism

For years the weight loss industry has been searching for a magic bullet: a pill obese consumers could take and lose weight. A pill that would allow you to...


PepsiCo Takes Latest Skirmish in Epic Struggle

Battle of the brands being played out on an ever-changing landscape

McDonalds or Burger King? Nike or Reebok? Apple or Microsoft? When it comes to two huge dulling companies, the battles can become quite intense. Not only f...


Survey: Big Jump In Consumers Switching Car Insurers

Consumers switch even though savings are declining

Fewer consumers are shopping for auto insurance, but of those who do, 43 percent switched from one insurance company to another in the last 12 months, acco...


Gift Cards in New Jersey May Be a Thing of the Past

New state law says unclaimed funds belong to the state

We all like gift cards, don’t we?  Whether we’re on the receiving end of a card as a gift, or if we are the purchaser whose given a gift c...


Diamond Expands Recall to Include Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Sampling found Salmonella in the dog food

Diamond Pet Foods is expanding a voluntary recall to include Diamond Puppy Formula dry dog food. The company took this precautionary measure because sampli...


Supplement Makers Warned About Marketing Claims

FDA says supplements contain ingredient yet to be proven safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has written warning letters to ten manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements containing dimethylamy...


Uric Acid Linked to High Blood Pressure in Teens

Johns Hopkins researchers not yet sure of cause and effect relationship

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Children's Center have come up with an interesting link between uric acid and high blood pressure – in this case high blo...