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Founded in 2007, Pelican Water is a market leader in salt-free water softening and conditioning systems. Pelican Water Systems whole-house and point-of-use products include our NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener/Conditioner, Carbon Series Whole-House Filter, Drinking Systems, Shower Filters, UV Disinfection Systems and more. Pelican Water aims to provide purified water from every tap in your home. Don’t worry about what is in your water and start saving money. Give us a call today!

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Pelican Water Call Now Toll Free (386) 256-1203
Pelican Water
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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: May 7, 2020

The property we bought had a well and our home inspection report said that the water had E. coli. They “shocked the well,” which means they poured some bleach down there, but I figured, if they got in there once, it could return. I was concerned about the water quality of our well and I wanted to put a water system in. I Google searched it, and then I came across the name Pelican and before that, I heard about it on the radio as well.

It drives me crazy when I try to call a company and I have to go all the way to the bottom of the page and look for "Contact Us." It then gives me an email that I can send, and then maybe they’ll call me back. That was not the case. Pelican's website was very informative and easy to navigate. Their contact information was there so I didn’t have to hunt for it. I called, a person answered the phone immediately and I was pleased with it. The reps were fantastic. I told them what my concern was and they told me what I needed. I was so impressed because they didn’t try to oversell me. They asked if the water was bothersome as far as being hard or soft and I said no. They said I didn't necessarily need the water softener, but they recommended a system, which sounded great.

They explained things very well to me, including what a typical system was and what the parts did. It was a nice conversation we had to get me to the purchase of the system that I bought. The system I have has three parts, which are the pre-filter, then the main charcoal filter, and then the UV light treatment. They explained to me that the fiber cloth pre-filter would filter out most of the particulates then the tall charcoal filter would get the lead particles, but the UV light treatment would ensure that it killed any bacteria that might be in the water. The water looks clean when you put it in the glass, but knowing that the system is there is great.

There's peace of mind in knowing I’m drinking clean water. Now, I have not had the water tested by a lab yet, but I plan on doing that. We’ve been drinking the water and we haven’t had any intestinal problems or anything like that, so that’s a good thing. The water tastes better too. Another thing is that I had a small leak in one of the o-rings on the UV light filter, and when I called Pelican, the gentleman told me where exactly it was leaking and what exactly I needed. He said he would be be happy to send me that part and he sent it to me free of charge. I had it in a day, so I could not have been happier with that.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 8, 2019

    We live in the Texas Hill Country and this is one of the hardest limestone infiltrated areas of the country. We had a house with no filtration, and we had coliform positive in the well water when we purchased the house, so we needed to install a system. My husband is a combat veteran that has sensitivities when the coliform is increased in the water. Pelican was more expensive, but their website was able to educate me on each of the steps for each of the parts of the things that I had purchased, and that was important because I couldn't make any mistakes in what exactly I needed for my house based on my husband's health issues.

    I did the installation myself, but when I had technical questions, I called and completely noted out with specific valve installation. They enjoyed my noting out on these little specifics and details because I was calling for specific questions, and then they gave me those answers. The only thing that wasn't communicated clearly was the issue of the water conditioner, and how it is still gonna have the hard water, not taking the hardness out of the water. If the hardness is still there, a UV filter won't work because the hardness and the particulates of the limestone particles that are in the water will cast a shadow if you use a UV light. And if there's a little piece of bacteria behind the little particle, it won't kill it. So, we put a chlorinator on the system before it goes into the Pelican part of my system. That way, any bacteria is killed. And then once it goes into my Pelican home system, it gets filtered in multi-stages.

    We have such hard water, we got the RO filter at the sink about three years ago, and then we had to change the filter on it. We noted that was when the water started tasting bad, then we changed the filter on it for the first time. As soon as we changed the filter once it was at its capacity, the water tasted fine again, but it was expensive. We were looking at what we pay and the price of buying bottled water versus using an RO filter, and I don't know if we saved money that way. If I would have bought water for the last two years, it would be the same or maybe less than the cost of the RO filter plus having to change the RO filter's filter. For the other filters on the system, I don't buy new Pelican ones, but I take them out, wash them and put them back in.

    I have a couple of pre-filters and then I have a carbon filter to remove the chlorine that I had used. And then, it goes into the water conditioner. I also needed a post-filter so I added it to catch anything that bubbled up out of the carbon filter and the water conditioner. I have a RO filter under my sink if we want the water without the hardness. But the hardness is still there, it just doesn't stick in the rest of the house.

    Our home had no filtration system before, and when we had to pull the toilets to replace the little rings on the toilets, there was so much hard water. It was probably 35% caked on on the side. By putting Pelican's water conditioner, it loosened up all that limestone. It was like the pipes were getting cleaned because the build-up within the pipes and big chunks of stuff were coming out for a week. We knew that was gonna happen because that's what it said on the website to expect when you have this kind of limestone build-up, and we haven't had any problems.

    I like to show off my system because I got 14 stages in the whole thing combined. I like to see and educate the people around here because we don't have any industry out here in the Texas Hill Country. I have recommended Pelican, but most people around here said the whole system is too expensive, and in San Antonio, there are some other companies that are offering the same sorts of steps in the system but at cheaper rates. It doesn't look as nice because they don't have nice stainless-steel cylinders, but a lot of people are looking simply at the price.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2019

    I built a home out in the country where they had community water. It was terrible and my wife would not bathe in the water. So, we immediately began to research and try to find ways to improve the water quality in our home. Pelican stood out above the others, so we went with them. Our consultant, Mike, was really good. He was very knowledgeable and informative. He was also very patient with explaining the benefits of purchasing a Pelican as opposed to some of the other types of system. I'm a contractor and that is still kinda confusing to me. There are so many different aspects that you don’t understand when it comes to water systems because there are so many different softeners, purifiers, and triple osmosis systems. And it was a bit overwhelming. But Mike was very meticulous in explaining and making a recommendation based on our situation.

    The installation also went really well. I did it myself and that was a piece of cake. It was a very smooth installation and I did it in a couple of hours. Also, Mike was very good at explaining what to expect in the packaging and he was very good at preparing me on what to look for. But I had an issue with a part and I had to get another part shipped out. It turned out that there was a coupling that you use to attach your copper pipe from your home to the actual tank. Other than that, I was experiencing a very small and slow leak, so I would come into the garage and I’d see a puddle of water. When I would put one of the rubber O-rings on and I would screw it in, it was in a bind, so it wasn’t able to make that seal proper.

    In the end, they shipped me another O-ring and as I shut my water off and I pulled it off, I saw that it was in a bind. I just put some lubricant on it then I was able to put it back on it. It engaged properly and created that seal to stop the leak. So, I would recommend if Pelican could find a way to pre-lube those O-rings. If they pre-lube them, that’ll alleviate the issue I had. But it could be an isolated event. Still, it was a headache to try to figure out what it was. But once I figured that out and I got that, it was a three-minute fix and it completed fixed it. In fact, I never even got a chance to put on the new part because I was able to rectify it by addressing it on the O-part. But Pelican was very good at sending the part out and trying to help me resolve the issue.

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    Rated with 5 stars
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    Original review: July 19, 2019

    I live in a brand new neighborhood, and we all are dealing with hard water and a lot of scaling coming in through our showerhead. I wanted to get three different estimates on a system to soften my water. I went to Culligan, and I went to another one, and the third one was Pelican. I talked primarily over the phone with Bob from Pelican to get me the information that I needed, and to tell me a little bit about the program. I like the fact that their system was salt-free.

    They explained how they were better than the others because of the salt-free aspect. And I had had quite an experience. I felt like I had two clowns in my house when the Culligan people came in, and it was like they put on a show. But it was almost funny and their cost was twice what Pelican was gonna offer for me. So I went with Pelican and got the 1800 with the two cylinders and the smaller with the blue large particle filter that needs to be changed more often.

    Dealing with their people has been a little bit more challenging. The installer fellow that came was not a plumber. He explained to me that he was a construction worker, but he was trained in how to do the installation. I talked to the bosses over there, and they said that it was perfectly okay that he wasn’t a plumber because the installation doesn’t require a plumber, and that I can put it in myself. So, he did the work, but he chose a really rainy day. He had a lot of trouble getting it put in. In fact, he had to come back and correct some things, and he lives down south and closer to South Florida. He had a long drive to come and take care of it. But he fixed it.

    There is still one more thing that I need to get corrected, which is that he did away with the shutoff valve to the house, and I’m gonna have to put a new one on there. I have not been able to get in touch with the installer or the company. I have left messages and I haven’t been able to get in touch with them. Other than that, the product is simple and it is a unique system. Since we got it installed, the water does not have a funny odor to it, and it has a great taste. It’s not slimy, and you could tell it’s softer than it was. Pelican's water system is something that everyone should consider when they are looking to improve the quality of their water. With it, I can drink it right from the faucet, which most people can’t do anymore. It’s delicious.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 6, 2019

    We have hard water where we live. We're in the city so over the last several years, they do something with the water twice a year. There's a funny smell coming out of the faucets, and has a odor and a taste that I do not care for. And then they flush it out of the system after about three weeks. Even though we got filtered water in our refrigerator, it doesn't take out all the stuff. My plumber guy recommended Pelican and one or two other brands as a company to look into as far as researching. Once I started doing my research, I personally felt comfortable with the Pelican brand and decided to go ahead and choose them.

    I bought the Pelican system online but the very next day, they put some kind of sale on and it come out about $100 cheaper had I purchased on that day. I called the main number and some guy picked up. We kinda went back and forth for a little bit, and he tried to tell me that it comes up the same. But I told him it doesn't and he could do the math. He listened to me, and about the third time around, he said that I was right and that it would have been a better deal. So he honored the discount. At that time, my order hadn't even been fully placed yet. I could have canceled it at that time. So the rep was showing more of an interest in making me a new customer than being a jerk about it.

    My licensed plumber came out and installed the system. The water is definitely softer. It seems all better in the shower now because the skin and the hair does feel cleaner. It's really convenient to turn on any faucet in your house and not have to worry about what the water is coming out. You don't have to run to your fridge to pour quality water into a pot or a pan for cooking. You can just turn it on at the kitchen sink and not worry about it. We're enjoying uninterrupted quality water service for the first time in our life. We're happy we did it. We've already recommended Pelican to friends and family.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 20, 2020

    My wife is in hospice and she needed to be able to have a shower that had a lead to it, which was why we got the premium shower head with a five-foot wand from Pelican Water Systems. I had a little trouble getting it hooked up, but my daughter kept at it until we finally got it on. It was hard to get it on the pipe. I’ve always had a shower head that purified the water, but I don’t think it was quite as good as this one.

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    Rated with 5 stars
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    Original review: May 19, 2020

    I saw Pelican Water on Amazon and they had some decent reviews. The water here in Michigan can be either good or bad, so I just wanted a safety buffer. I replaced a bunch of stuff, the hot water tank, and put a softener then I got the sensor. I put the Pelican system in myself. The seal they gave me though, it's too thick and it doesn’t seal the tank to the housing. It leaks and I had to go out and buy another one that was much thinner. The water is good, though.

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    Rated with 5 stars
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    Original review: May 19, 2020

    My husband is a home builder and we get various vendors and stuff. We had one of the Pelican vendors set up a booth at one of our Freda Homes. We ended up installing that system in two of our own separate personal houses then we sold it to a couple of customers who got in touch. They wanted and they installed the systems in their house too.

    The only suggestion is where to find the water filter. At this time, you just have to go online and order it. It's really not that hard. Other than that, the Pelican reps were great. Also, I got to other people's house and the water smells. It's really hard for me to drink other people's water just because I notice the difference. Even the ice cubes smell.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 18, 2020

    We built a new house 10 years ago. Our first well had serious iron problems, so we had a local water treatment company come in and install a system. The iron continued to get worse, so we drilled a second well that was almost four times deeper to try to get away from the iron issues. It turned out, we still had some iron problems. They adjusted the system, and I kept having them come back and recharge the beads, and it wasn’t working. My wife wouldn’t drink the water. It had a funny smell to it. City water is not an option because we live out in the country. I didn’t wanna spend $5,000 on a system, but I felt that that was our only recourse.

    I bought the Pelican system online, and they delivered it. The only issue I had was it was hard to find somebody to install it. But I called Pelican, and they gave me a phone number for a guy who had installed some within the area. He was about 100 miles away. He drove out and installed it and he did a fantastic job. That took care of the iron, but we were having problems with like a slime in the water. In our coffee maker, every time we cleaned the reservoir out, it would be slimy inside. So, I wasn’t sure what to do about our chlorination injection system. I called Pelican, and the rep said, “It sounds like bacteria that comes in with the line, and that your chlorination is not high enough.”

    So, we went back-and-forth. They sent us some parts. Our chlorination pump was not functioning properly. Since then we’ve gotten everything working the way it’s supposed to work. The slime is gone and the water smells good. It tastes good, too. It’s crystal clear. I was drinking some water last night, and I told my wife, “You know what? The system was worth every penny.” I would recommend this system to anybody.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 17, 2020

    I have two homes where I have Pelican Water. Recently, I requested information from their customer service to help take care of a leak that was occurring and my experience with them was excellent. And since I got the system installed, the water quality that I've been getting has been fine.

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    Pelican Water Systems author review by Greg Chick

    Pelican Water Systems is a salt free water treatment system company that was founded in 2007. The company, headquartered in Deland, Florida, specializes in filtration more than softening, although they do both. They are well known for creating drinking water that tastes fresh and clean.

    • Eco-friendly: The company is run with a focus on the environment and sustainability, and they are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

    • Whole home systems: Pelican Water sells whole home systems to filter or soften the water that comes to every tap or faucet of a house.

    • DIY installation: The systems sold by Pelican require only simple, DIY installation, which is a budget-friendly option. Professionals from the company can also install the systems.

    • Free shipping: The company promises free shipping for all of their treatment systems and products.

    • Community giving: Pelican Water Systems gives back to organizations in their community, and they support organizations including American Cancer Society and International Bird Rescue.

    by Greg Chick Water Treatment Systems Contributing Editor

    Greg Chick has worked as an entrepreneur for over 40 years with a background in plumbing, irrigation, pools and water heating. He is a member of Green Plumbers USA, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials and American Society of Plumbing Engineers. Greg works to educate residential consumers about quality plumbing products.

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