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They are very helpful with all my silly nonsense questions and the product is fantastic. Very simple to use. I am so glad I invested in this product. Very simple for such a wonderful product. Step by step. Easy to read instructions Manual and the taste is to die for. Not sure how I'd live without this product. Simply change the filter with the filter that came with the product and then when I run out of those they're very inexpensive to get replacement filters. Value is great in my eyes. This product is priceless. Me and all my family love and own this product. I'm always telling people to purchase this if they haven't.

They were kind, knowledgeable, considerate, caring, easy to work with, and very quick to be helpful. They were prompt to help me or address my concerns and also their tech was very considerate and respectful. They did a very good job. Their technician was a fast worker and knew exactly what he was doing. It's pretty self-explanatory and user-friendly. The technician was helpful in his instructions and from there it was pretty easy to run and care for. Almost perfectly self-maintained. Totally recommend this, especially for the price cuz water gallons in the store might only be around a buck, but they add up really quickly, so the value for the money is completely with it.

Their customer support is great! They are there willing to help you with any problem or concern that you have, and are super kind when you're being difficult. It is no different than any other water cleaner. It is just as easy to install and will get working as soon as you are done installing it. It is easy to maintain and follow the maintenance guides. It is super easy to clean and fix when having trouble with it. I love this machine! It is super inexpensive, and it works great! Does everything I need it to do. It cleans and is extremely easy to maintain. I'm sure other cleaners like this one are a lot more expensive.

Answered questions quickly. Treated me like I was important. Wasn't transferred all over. Customer service representative was knowledgeable, curious, respectful polite & very helpful. Easily installed. Installer knew about product & took time to explain exactly what he was doing. After installation complete took time to demonstrate & answer questions. Inquired what if anything was wrong. Made sure all my issues, if I had any, were addressed. Double checked everything. I researched all products available and found this to be the best value for the money. With the great customer service, knowledgeable installers, overall cost it just made sense.

Very helpful and understanding. Knew what I wanted help with and courteous to boot. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. They had the ability to solve my problem fast. Though I've only used them once for a simple task. We had a very small crew come in and started putting together the pipes and giant liquid container machine. They worked fast and with precision while I was watching making sure it was done correctly. Good crew and good to talk to. Got the job done early in the evening with little to no problems.

As far as maintenance goes, we only had it checked after a couple of days with the tech guy to make sure it is still in good and tip-top shape after the installation. Other than that we are still breaking in the new purifier. I thought what I paid for was, at first, a little pricey, but after talking to the guys and some friends, they reassured my purchase for me. I don't regret it now and I think the value for the machine is worth it.

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They were better than some, but less helpful than others. I believe there is better water suppliers out there. But all in all it was a decent experience. It was tedious, but better than some as far as installations go. Once again there are easier options to go with. So in the end I chose a different system. It was a bit of a hassle, but that may just be par for the course when it comes to this type of thing. But it wasn't terrible to maintain. I'm a water snob so it takes a lot to please me. I prefer to have water that is completely taste free. It's alright for the price though.

I've decided to use this system because I needed a way to conserve water and I knew that this was the best way to do it. I really want to do as much as possible to help this country which is why I did this. I wanted better water for me and my family so I went with this system. The installation process was a little expensive but it was easy. It was easy to schedule it and it was a breeze for the people that installed it.

The maintenance isn't really as bad as I thought it would be. Its maintenance needs a lot of attention but you are saving money in the process. Its value is great! It was a little expensive to get but when I think about how much money I am saving per year with this water system, I smile. When you buy water from the store, the more you buy water, the more you spend so it's easier to just run water, clean it and drink. Save money!

The customer support is great. They are very friendly and are willing to help. You can't compare their service to other. They are the best in what they do. The installation process is quick and easy. It is the best setup you can ever have. I highly recommend. The installation step it is easy to work with and install. The product maintenance is a little difficult but it is not the hardest thing to do. it is costly to do but it is well worth it. Do not compare to others maintenance. The perceived value is great. You will get your money's worth. No pain no gain. You have to give a little to gain a little. It is okay to do so believe in them.

The customer support is extremely helpful in answering any questions I may have. They will also work with me if I so happen to be late on a payment. They always make sure that I am satisfied. Installation was very quick, did not take long at all. The hours that they came to install were very reasonable and they did not take their time (taking breaks). The maintenance is very easy to take care of myself but if I do so happen to have a problem with my system they will send a guy right away over to me. The value for this service is very affordable and well within my budget. The price for this service is outstanding to the quality product that I received.

Customer service was very helpful and pretty friendly. They seemed knowledgeable about the services offered and made sure to offer any current deals and discounts. The installation went smoothly. It was quicker than I expected and the service men were kind, helpful and polite. Also knowledgeable and very efficient in doing their job. The system is easy to keep up with and since mine is rather new I haven't had any severe maintenance issues. The upkeep in general is pretty simple and easy. I paid a little more than I had intended but overall, it's worth it. The system works great and requires simple upkeep. Customer service is awesome so it's a great value and worth the money spent.

We had a Kinetico water system installed in our home last June of 2015, when it was installed it was not done properly and there was a leak that ran water down my walls and in the ceiling. I contacted the office as soon as I saw the water mark on my ceiling. This was on a Saturday, they sent someone out the next Thursday to fix the problem, but no one repaired the damage at my home. I called the office the next Monday and asked about repairing the damage that was done to my home due to the leak that was caused because of the poor installation.

Well the secretary told me I would need to talk to the manager, but he was out, so I called back the next day but he was out so I called the next week but he was still out. I then got busy with my life and did not get a chance to call again until October and guess what he was not available. I finally called this July, 2016, and asked a question and then I asked about getting the damage to my house repaired. I was able to speak to the manager and he assured me someone would contact me within the week. Well it is August 9, and no one has contacted me yet. I will be seeking legal action.

Really didn't need customer support and it was easy to use but if I did need customer support I bet they would solve my problems in minutes. Take your water faucet and apply the product then let the water run for a while so it can get set up and then you can use to your liking. It does need some maintenance but not as much as you would think. All you have to do is get a new filter and replace them every three to four months. It was very well priced and is much cheaper than an average Brita filter and even easier to install which make a lot more valuable. Filters are very cheap too making the product even cheaper.

The support is top notch. I have never had a complaint on how they have help me when I need them. The very few time that I do they are top and show it. It installed very fast. It did not take a lot of work and I did not sit there all day wondering "What do I do?" It was a fast simple process I'm very happy with. There is no maintenance really except the regular cleaning. It is a great system. I have not had any problems and I would recommend it over and over. I love it. The price was great. I did not feel like I was getting overcharged for something that is really needed. A lot say it not but in today's world I say it a priority.

I purchased a Kinetico 2060S OD and K5 reverse osmosis system in 2013. When I purchased the unit for about $5,000.00 the salesman told me ALL the positives about a Kinetico system. He tested my well water and told me my well water was very high in iron content. If you are considering a Kinetico system, their website and salespeople will tell you ALL the positives about owning such. Allow me to fill you in on what they do not tell you. They lie via known omissions.

1) Whatever Kinetico dealer you buy the unit from, is the sole Kinetico dealer you can buy anything Kinetico from. This means you are at the mercy of your Kinetico dealer to respond to you. I am here to tell you my dealer is akin to a drug dealer. If there is money to be made, he responds immediately. If not, he takes his sweet time.

2) Kinetico has proprietary filters, so you MUST buy your filters from YOUR Kinetico dealer. WATCH OUT! My dealer was selling me a filter for $30.00 which HE installed when he put my system in, it is a sediment filter that is GENERIC. I bought the filter from him for 2 years and the second time I purchased it, he made the mistake of leaving the filter vendor, model # etc. inside the filter wrapper. I researched the filter and found it online for a cost of $4.00.

3) I had a problem with my water softener and contacted my dealer via e-mail. It was the same e-mail account he had responded to me a month previous within hours of inquiring whether he had the filters I needed in stock. He stated he did and was kind enough to put them aside for me. $140.00 later I picked up my filters and replaced them myself.

4) Kinetico establishes "local monopolies" and they will never tell the consumer this. You WILL deal with YOUR dealer if you want anything. Do you like being on bended knee to anybody after you spend 5K and are told about their 10 year warranty? If not, do not buy a Kinetico anything. They will get to you when they feel like it.

5) When my concern was finally "addressed" it consisted a telephone call in which the dealer told my answering machine, "I think your unit is working fine." He

went into how long the brine wash and brine rinse cycle should take. Question: How does anybody diagnose anything mechanical unless they have telemetry telling them a problem exists OR LOOK AT IT. My dealer evidently has the power to determine such matters without even speaking to me.

6) I asked how much a "service call" would be, because I understand mechanical things have mechanical problems. That question was NEVER answered. I ask myself why that question was never answered. Well, my dealer is in Placerville, Ca. and I am in Sutter Creek, Ca. It is about 40 or so miles one way. Obviously, he has made his money, so he does not want to drive to do a "service call."

7) Perhaps you are thinking... "Well just call somebody else." You can call somebody else. They will tell you that your dealer has "exclusive" territory and they will not infringe upon that territory. So, ask yourself if you want a system with a 10 year warranty, that is as useless as the paper it is written upon. Ask yourself if this an ethical company. Ask yourself if you want to purchase a 5K headache, because what you are not told WILL come back to haunt you. Ask yourself if you want to pay $30.00 for a 4.00 filter. Ask yourself if you want to have a Headmaster who responds to you when he feels like doing so. Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision. I think it qualifies as a scam.

I purchased the top of the line Kinetico whole house water softener system in June of 2000. The unit seemed to run fine with regular service I've the last 15 years. Yesterday I came home to 2 inches of water across my entire 2,100 sq. ft. basement. The seam on one of the 4 tanks ruptured... It split open for no reason. The water line has a water reducer valve that brings the pressure to 48 psi – a way reasonable pressure for a house. Sorry but this system has a significant design flaw... unless you want gallons of uncontrollable water all over your space. DON'T BUY THIS STYLE KINETICO UNIT!

I have used this system for almost 20 years and I find myself in the midst of a conflict that I have nothing to do with. I have used Kelvin ** from Tuttle, OK for installation and service. Until 3 months ago I needed some service on my system because a plumber messed things up. After numerous calls to Kelvin without any response, I go to the Kinetico website and found another company in Edmond that services this system. I speak to the owner and they inform me they cannot service my system because corporate office says that I have to stay in my territory?!? The Edmond company was told to let the installer take care of me.

I finally get through to Mr. ** and he tells me that he cannot work on my system any longer due to the fact that Kinetico has relieved him of selling their product. I call Edmond company back and they are being told by corporate that they are not to go out of their territory!!! I have an expensive system that is in much need of service and many problems are occurring due to the lack of service. What can I do??? I need help???

The Reverse Osmosis unit was leaking again. Repairman came out, talked us into buying a $1,700 machine, he repaired nothing. Later, I called to cancel because I have a terminal disease and we cannot afford it. They then billed me. I sent a letter, explaining our situation. We never heard back from them. I sent payment, with another letter saying I was very disappointed that they did not respond. I have lost my voice, and could not call them.

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