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RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems
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Since 1953, RainSoft has been a worldwide leader in providing families with premium water treatment and air purification systems. RainSoft is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and offering the industry's most diverse product line of water and air solutions for families like yours.

Their corporate Customer Focus Team ensures that each and every RainSoft customer is 100% satisfied.

A leader in the water treatment industry for 67 years, RainSoft takes the worry out of water.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 18, 2020

We had Anderson Water System since around 2008 and when it had problems, the parts couldn't be replaced anymore. The salesman came and said that they were now selling RainSoft. I thought it was kinda weird that when he tested my Anderson water that it had a high number compared to the osmosis thing, which had zero. He was the one that sold us the other system and he was a good guy. When my husband was alive, we went down to North Carolina and North Carolina is built on sand and it was all soft water. I noticed that when we got down there, my eczema was gone. So I wanted soft water in the house and got the whole house system, not just the drinking water, and it cost 5,000.

We have baseboard water heat and I love the water softener because the scum doesn't build up in the pipes. Also, I like that it takes salt instead of potassium. Potassium is $30 a bag, while salt is around 5 a bag. And it's less maintenance. I don't have to pay the $45 a year warranty fee because it's under warranty forever. It sounded like a great deal. We live on one of the finger lakes and the house is gonna be my daughter's someday, so I'm trying to keep everything in good shape and the RainSoft is a great investment. The installer was a very friendly and interesting guy. And he knew what he was doing. I really love the water softener. A lot of people won't spend the money, but I can't go back to that old scumming.

I also got a separate thing just for the drinking water. It's on the sink. The guy told me to drink a big glass in the morning and at night and I'll sleep. I didn't believe him. I said that if I drink that water, I'd be up all night going to the bathroom. He said that it doesn't make you do that. And it's true. I am sleeping better. I used to be up about every hour, but now, I've been sleeping two and a half hours in a row. I'm very pleased. Moreover, my water is now the best tasting water and I'm not a water drinker.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2020

    We started this with a tiny water sample through Home Depot. We were then contacted to do a larger scale testing at our home. We KNEW how gross our water was and had photos of some of the nastiness and a coffee maker it destroyed. We had a rep come out (Sat) and do the test. She was on time, adorable and professional. The test was interesting. Yes we're pitched with a sale, various options but we were very interested and if you decide to sign up then, you save $2500. We did and chose the above mentioned items for our package. You fill out the paperwork to see if you're able to get financing and you'll be contacted in a few days. I contacted the rep Weds as we'd not heard and she'd just not gotten to us but we were approved.

    We scheduled for the following Sat for install. The installer showed up right on time and was very and knowledgeable. He explained what his plan was and we left him to it. He was done in about 2 hours, explained how everything worked very thoroughly, gave his personal cell if any issues etc. He also left 3 bags of salt for us. This is where my lack of 5 stars comes. While signing HIS paperwork, we realize that the "financing papers" we signed with the rep were in fact the contract. In conversation something was said that made us question things. We definitely felt it was very shady. She does NOT tell you that you are signing the actual contract for the system. YOU ARE!!

    The reason this matters a ton is because you only have 3 days to cancel from the date you sign that paper!! By the time we realized this, it had been a week. You're stuck. Thankfully we really wanted the system so for us, it didn't matter other than again, it seemed very shady. I made sure I let her know I wasn't happy and it was made to sound like I misunderstood. No I didn't. My fiance and I both are 100% it was NEVER said that it was THE contract. It took about 24 hrs for us to use the old water in the hwh and the new water to start coming through but once it did...OH BOY!! It's like night and day. I call it my silk water. I LOVE it!!

    Everything is better. Our skin, our small appliances, the taste..everything! I have noticed with the air purifier that my sneezing is significantly less and I have horrible allergies and A LOT of animals. The CleanStart is super cool and makes everything smell like citrus no matter what laundry products you use. I am just finishing what i have and you need VERY little. With our package we get 5 years of cleaning products. I ordered them Sat and they're expected on Weds. (Today is Monday) So very quick. I cannot review the products yet but they're basically free so...

    Our financing allows for 6 months no payments and no down payment. Rainsoft gives 3 months free then we are to receive a check to pay for the following 3 months. I was very worried this is where we'd get screwed. Nope. The check came today! It's very early but it's here so very happy about that! I know the reviews vary greatly for Rainsoft and we've only had it for a full week but other than the lack of contract transparency, so far we are absolutely thrilled with everything!! Just know about that contract before you sign but also remember how much you save if you do sign while the rep is in house. We've heard some pretty bad stuff about the customer service but we've not had to use it yet so time will tell and I will update should things change. So far we are really happy with ALL of it!!

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 25, 2020

    I’m involved with some of the sports programs where RainSoft does sponsorships and I’m also familiar with a couple of people that work there through those, which was probably the main reason I called them. I had a unit put in probably 2007, so that would be about 12 years ago. It was an iron filter and a water softener, and the iron filter had failed about a year ago. So, I called the company that put it in. They were saying the iron in my water had changed such that I didn’t have iron anymore and that I didn’t need the iron filter. Also, that I was fine with the test that they ran. But the feel and the smell of the water were drastically different, so the iron filter was doing something in those regards.

    I know people from other water places, so I reached out to them and they told me the same thing. I wasn’t satisfied with the answer so I called RainSoft, and they came out and the answers they gave me in two minutes made sense. They definitely knew what they were talking about because it turned out that my suspicion was right. The iron filter was doing something to help with the smell of the water and my arsenic level. When they came out, not only did they answer my question but they gave me three different options. They gave me the different solutions and explained the pros and cons of all those different solutions and the price, which was important. I was on the phone with these other guys for weeks and Danny from RainSoft came out and answered all my questions. I was blown away. I was so impressed with him in explaining the pros and cons so I went with the most expensive option.

    I have an iron filter and an Eco Oxytech EC4. One knocks out the iron and the other one knocks out what causes the smell in your water. I had a green-sand filter knocked down the iron, so I noticed that the arsenic level had gone up a little bit. We have the unit and the reverse osmosis system, and with the results that I experienced immediately, the smell went away. Whatever iron I have will get knocked out completely before it even hits the water softener. So, the iron level was drastically less. I’m very happy and I wish I had not dillydallied with the other two places. I should’ve just called RainSoft. I wanted to do my research and get the answers, and I didn’t wanna feel obligated to use RainSoft so, I went to them as a last resort, which was silly on my part. I should’ve just went with them right off the get-go.

    4 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 2, 2020

    I had solids in my water. It was something that stains porcelains in my bathrooms and my sink. I had a system already but it was very old and I couldn’t rely on it anymore. So, I wanted to upgrade to a new system. I went online and found Carolina Freshwater, the company that installed RainSoft's product. And that one looked like something that was an upgrade from what I had, so that’s what I did.

    A salesperson came out from the company and talked to me for three and a half hours, and I couldn’t run him off. He also did the water testing but he was more sales than he was anything. At the time, I already decided to buy the thing, then I just had to go through the program. I got both the water conditioner and softener, and the installation went great. Since then, the water is as I expected. It’s very good and clear. I put my RainSoft in in early November, then I sent off a sample in mid-December to RainSoft, and I haven’t heard anything. But I presume that’s good news.

    All in all, I got what I paid for and I’m happy with my experience. The product was extremely expensive, but I knew that going in. I also knew I bought the service and that was what I was going for. I needed someone to service this thing yearly, which they assured me was gonna happen. I have a well and I need this system. I could’ve gone to Lowe's or Home Depot and bought something sort of similar for quite a bit of less money, but then, I would have had to have a plumber come. I just didn’t want to involve myself in going through all that. I wanted a one-shot deal and I pay RainSoft for what it’s worth.

    And now, if I have problems, I call Carolina Freshwater and that works for me. In fact, I will contact them in the future about the fact that the RO system sometimes doesn't shut off. It will trickle and you can hear it in the drain for three or four minutes. I'm wondering if I can up the pressure in the RO system within the system itself because I have good water pressure in the rest of the house and I think there’s not enough pressure to adequately shut off. I’ve read about it, but I’m not gonna get down there and tinker around with the fittings. Also, the only thing it feeds is the freshwater on the sink. I have a separate spigot for the RO and it goes to my ice machine. But I haven’t contacted them about it because I wanted to change the refrigerators and see if that ice machine was the problem. It turned out that it wasn’t. So, I’ll contact them about that, too.

    8 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 5, 2019

    RainSoft sent me a thing in the mail for a free thing of Tide, which I have not received. I was supposed to get that for having my water tested. I got their system and it's outside in the yard. It’s a big thing and it hasn’t much salt in it. I've had the system since October 2nd. The salesman was nice and polite. The installers were nice too, but they did not finish the job. It got dark on them. They said someone would be back the next day. But they ended up running the extension cord and they didn't leave enough wire for the next guy that came out to finish the job, so they told him they needed to rerun the wire. Another guy came out and he was very nice. The third installation guy said he knew how to fix it but he was not a certified electrician, so they won’t let him do it. He would send a certified electrician.

    A month went by and went into November. The electrician finally came and he hooked it to the receptacle, but I didn't feel like the wire was buried all the way because it was dark out. I was out there with the installers when they were doing it and I said that I wanted it buried at least deep as their shovel was. They did a couple of feet then I went in. All of a sudden, they were done and I didn't see any dig marks, so I’m pretty sure they did not bury that part. They just kinda threw some dirt over it. Also, I know it’s only a couple inches because I can pull the dirt back with my hand and look. It’s only a couple inches. That’s next to the house where they had run the wire under. It's not likely that the dogs or anything will dig right there. The technicians ended up not running a new wire. I wanted them to run a new wire because if they bury it deep enough, they would have enough room.

    I then had to go to North Carolina for a funeral for my nephew and I just got back. I got back like Wednesday night. I didn't know who to call after that. A technician came out but I wasn’t home then. I called my friend and told the technician that my friend was going to be there in 15 minutes. When my friend got there, there was nobody there. I called the number that the tech called me from and said I thought he was gonna bury that to which he said it was already buried. But I think he only checked the system and didn't check the spot. I haven't had a chance to get out there and dig around myself to see. I’m terrified of electricity. Other than to fix the light switch, I’m fine with it. But I’m gonna have a friend of mine come over and kinda dig around out there and see. I guess I could unplug it and then dig around. That would probably be a smart thing to do.

    Since having my system installed, I can tell a difference. Everything feels slick like for the shower and the dishes. Somebody was buying salt and I inquired about which salt to buy. He said that he didn't like that thing. It made everything feel slimy because it felt like you couldn't get the soap rinsed off. But it becomes a good feeling after you do it a couple of times. It feels like you’re clean.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2020

    So we purchased this Rainsoft Water softener for our new home in January of 2019. All was fine until March 28th 2020, a year and 2 months after purchase. A pipe springs a leak... Of course was the weekend so we were charged everything possible, emergency and weekend fees. OK so pipes break right? Well now July 30th, 2020 same thing AGAIN. Same pipe, same leak. We have videos of both. We call to have it fixed and of course that last leak repair was only covered for 30 days, lol. This has to be a joke. So now they want the same horrendous fee AGAIN for the same problem. Only this time they don't have an appointment until August 8th!!

    Today is July 30th. So the guy on phone tells us how to use the bypass so we still have water in the house. We did what he said while he was on the phone, so he says it will stop after about 20 minutes. Well, boys and girls, it's still POURING out the same as before. So I'm guessing they think we will live without water for the next 9 days because obviously we have to shut it all off or the house may float away. Yes, they put the machine right up against the house so the entire leak is heading for the house foundation. This company is full of scams, do not use them EVER. They make it sound so wonderful when they are trying to sell to you. Lifetime warranty, lol, on what? The last repair was close to $200, they also charge by the half-hour after their initial fee and the glue has to dry! So as of now they think we will be supporting them with around $200 every 4 months. Buyer beware.

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

    Hi Cindy, we apologize for the difficulties you have experienced with your local dealer. We understand service was sent on July 31st and the system was re plumbed. We trust this has resolved the problem. Please contact us directly if we can be of any further assistance. Best Regards.

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    Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: July 9, 2020

    Rainsoft has agreed to re-install our system with updated filters for free. This is scheduled to happen in a couple weeks.

    Original review: July 6, 2020

    Do not be deceived by this scam. We thought we could trust Home Depot back in 2015 when they offered us a free water test after we bought our first home. Lo and behold it was a LENGTHY sales pitch using pseudo-science that played upon the vulnerable situation we were in at the time (one of us was having frightening chronic health problems that were getting worse by the day.) We were not allowed to have time to think about our decision and were told our water was bad based on a pseudo-scientific magic trick. Could we get back to them tomorrow? No the decision had to be made that day. To the tune of $7,000. Oh but they were throwing in so many freebies for us! Come to find out this system is only worth a few thousand dollars.

    Fast forward five years and we have to pay HUNDREDS per year to maintain this system. Additionally, all along the customer service of the distributor, Atlantic Water Products (AWP,) has been atrocious. Very unprofessional. We have to call 3 and 4 times to get a call back. We are clearly low priority now that we've bought the system.

    We moved recently, to a home that is a 2 minute drive from our previous home. Our first appointment to have the water system removed was canceled only hours beforehand. So we had to leave the system and then arrange with the new residents to have it removed by AWP a month later (which was the soonest we could get.)

    AWP does not allow same day removal and installation. You have to call them again once the system is removed to schedule installation. BUT they don't call you back until you've called 3-4 times. So we weren't able to get a re-installation scheduled for another month. When we finally got them on the phone they told us that since our system had been sitting for over 24 hours we now were advised to pay an additional $700 for new filters... keep in mind removal was $300 and installation will be ANOTHER $300. So we have to pay $1,300 to move this system, $700 of which we have to pay only because they don't allow same day installation!!

    The unprofessional way the company is run as well as the scammy way the sale went down has really made me question whether this product is even legitimate. A few years back I grilled one of the customer service people repeatedly to find out whether the system filters our lead. All I ever eventually got was a one sentence email saying "yes it filters out lead." No NSF certification, no "this is how it works" etc. Last year when the technician was installing replacement parts I saw that one of the under-sink cartridges had a new label with just SO many pseudo-scientific claims on it- It said it prevents cancer!?

    The only thing I will say is that the technicians have always seemed professional. But no one told us when we moved our system that it couldn't sit for longer than 24 hours. No one told us about the risk of bacteria. When we called to complain Gus **, who runs the service department at AWP told us HE was disappointed with US! For not wanting to be scammed I guess? Please be aware that multiple lawsuits against Rainsoft and Home Depot for this scam have been filed and won. Please be aware there are other products that do the same thing and are cheaper. And don't be naive like we were when we were scared for our health and desperate- if someone tells you you can't take a day or two to think about whether to buy something you have to stop and ask yourself what they are afraid you will discover in 24-48 hours of research.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 23, 2020

    Salesperson came sold us the units while home and water faucet. The installation was pretty quick, sales guy never came back to re-test the water like he said he would. The unit just shut off so called for service but they sent George without even telling if it wasn’t working and he just changed the filters. He said he would let the service know. It’s been two weeks with nothing from them including no return phone calls to our 3 messages. I called the corporate office in IL and said no One here is responding to our calls so they emailed. Carmen just called and said what’s going on. She got an email (what about the 3 voicemails from last week?) Very upset with the service received from this company. STAY AWAY. Plus they are way expensive compared to other companies.. We will see if they actually get this thing working and if they show up for the appt tomorrow.

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

    We apologize again for the difficulties you experienced with your local RainSoft dealer. We understand they serviced your system and trust they addressed all of your concerns. If this is not the case, we ask that you please contact us at (800) 860-7638.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 22, 2020

    We are a military family and loved the idea of a water treatment for our house. We were told by the salesman we could move and take the system with us. Our biggest concern was being able to move and we asked specifically if we would have any trouble moving. When we sold our house we paid $200 to have the system disconnected to move to our new home. Then we found out they put a lien on our house days before closing unless we paid the entire amount. We’ve had to scramble to come up with the money and pay off the entire system cost. All of this was after we were specifically told this wouldn’t happen. We went years with no lien on the house and they put it on when we had the system disconnected to move. I will never do business with this company again.

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

    We discussed this matter with our dealer who said they never file for liens. Our dealer explained to us that most finance institutions put liens on every account that is funded at the conception of a loan. It is not uncommon for finance institutions to do this so they will be notified when a home is being sold. Our dealer reiterated they had no knowledge of the lien and apologize for any misunderstanding.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 10, 2020

    I was called and told it was my first annual maintenance. The cost of the maintenance was approx. $150. Once the team was complete with the maintenance came into the house tested the water and said it was high on Chlorine and it would costs approximately $600 dollars to make the repair. Their amount of chlorine was very low and I thought after a year it was unreasonable and asked them to leave. I never complained believing I could get maybe a couple of years out of the system and then replace it for a more honest aystem removing the RainSoft system. Does it work seems too.

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

    Hi Roy. We appreciate this opportunity to provide assistance. We have been in touch with your local RainSoft dealer, who should be contacting you today to address this matter.

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    RainSoft - a Pentair Company author review by Greg Chick

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems is a company that offers residential customers water and air purification services. The company is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, and they serve customers throughout the world.

    • Convenience: There are hundreds of dealers across the world that can install RainSoft products, so the company is a convenient choice for customers throughout many parts of the United States and the world.

    • Complimentary water test: The company provides customers with complimentary water tests to see if they are good candidates for water treatment or filtration.

    • Taste and smell: RainSoft guarantees that their product will reduce unwanted smells and tastes in consumers' water, which makes it better to drink, wash food with, cook with and bathe in.

    • Safe filtration methods: RainSoft uses activated carbon filtration, which is a method that has been deemed safe for use by the Environmental Protection Agency, and they do not use any harsh chemical products in their purification process.

    • Movable: The filtration systems manufactured by RainSoft can be moved from home to home, which means customers can take their system with them when they move and that they do not have to purchase multiple systems if they end up choosing to live in multiple homes.

    by Greg Chick Water Treatment Systems Contributing Editor

    Greg Chick has worked as an entrepreneur for over 40 years with a background in plumbing, irrigation, pools and water heating. He is a member of Green Plumbers USA, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials and American Society of Plumbing Engineers. Greg works to educate residential consumers about quality plumbing products.

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    RainSoft - a Pentair Company
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    101 S. Gary Avenue
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