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RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

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Since 1953, RainSoft has been a worldwide leader in providing families with premium water treatment and air purification systems. Visit bit.ly/RS-dealer to become a dealer! For more than 60 years, RainSoft is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and offering the industry's most diverse product line of water and air solutions for families like yours.

Our corporate Customer Focus Team ensures that each and every RainSoft customer is satisfied and exceeds every expectation. If you have a question, comment or concern, we encourage you to contact us directly at 1-800-RAINSOFT and ask to speak with our customer service group.

A leader in the water treatment industry since 1953, RainSoft takes the worry out of water.

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Last updated: Oct. 18, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

We've had a RainSoft for over a year and it has yet to work properly. RainSoft even charged us a $187 yearly maintenance fee knowing it hasn't worked since we purchased it. I wouldn't recommend RainSoft to anyone. Very dissatisfied customer.

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    Resolution In Progress
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

    Be aware of what you are getting into!!! First this is a great product and works as designed. No complaints there. It's a wonderful addition to any home. BUT the customer service and maintenance that needs to be done good luck. Knowing what I know now I would have forgone getting this system. I have had the system for a little over a year now so it is time for regular maintenance. As with anything it's only as good as it's maintained.

    Well in July a service rep was supposed to come out and replace the filters and check the system. After 2 cancellations by the company they finally show up on the 16th of October. Not only did they come at a time that was not agreed upon (3pm they called at 11am and said they are at our home) but we were not home so nothing could be done which is why we said 3pm!!! Finally they show back up 2 hours after 3 pm which was the agreed time to do the service. This is after the system has all but stopped working and several phone calls were made to get somebody to come check the system. So this is the customer service end which is horrible. Every time it was rescheduled it was another month away before they could do it as I was told only 1 service person comes in the Wilmington 1 day a week. Fine but if you cancel on me then I should be next on the list not put at the end.

    If the system breaks down or gets clogged or any type of problem good luck getting it fixed in a timely manner. For the price paid for everything you would think whoever is running this business would be all about the customers. Seeing as when you have a bad experience like this you lose faith in the company as a whole.

    All in all my best recommendation for getting this system would be to look elsewhere and check the customer service where they can actually assist you when needed and not just leave you hanging. Customer service goes a long way in my book and I am willing to pay more as long as I know being a customer the company will do what it can to keep my business and be fair in dealings. This company is far from it and hopefully I can save people from going through this headache we have been through.

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    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

    Thank you for making us aware of your concerns. We will be contacting your local dealer regarding this matter.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

    I bought my system about 6 months ago. I was a little surprised reading the bad reviews on Google about the company. Yes there were some things the company as a whole can work on but when I had an issue they stepped up and did right by me and I greatly appreciate that given the price I paid. The demo was a little bit more lengthy than expected, but as someone in the medical field I was very intrigued. Warranty wise compared to the other companies is by far worth it to me for the price.

    I read another company voids warranty with chlorine which is every household. Anyways I absolutely would never trade my clean water for anything. It's important for me especially because it's what my children drink. I have recommended it to patients who have had surgery or high blood pressure and they have had nothing but good things to say to me. My opinion as a healthcare professional is you couldn't make a better decision. I think that every company has their quirks, but as long as they learn and make changes and make me feel better that's what matters to me. Go pure everyone!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

    I was referred by a friend who has owned his Rainsoft system for about 10 years. He told me about the awesome referral program they have for customers, so I had someone come out to test my water and of course it was disgusting. The representative seemed a little new, but did a decent job. The only only complaint I had was the Install company that they contract do their installs. They were very hard to understand. They did a good job though, and the customer service girl was fantastic. She cleared up the questions we had about the system and was very honest and helpful during the rest of the process.

    I have had my system serviced once by Justin and that was a good experience. He came to service my system and my Airmaster. I enjoy the Airmaster because we are smokers and our kids come to visit and say it makes a world of a different. Thank you Rainsoft team for making a great experience and anything that may have not been 100 percent they came back and went above and beyond for me just as I expect in a company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

    RainSoft approached us and they offered a presentation in our home about the water quality. The experience was fine, with everybody informative and helpful. The sales reps were very knowledgeable and gave a very good presentation. They brought things to our attention we were not aware of. We bought the filtration system that is under the sink in the kitchen and the installation team was on time and explained what they were doing.

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    Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Sept. 27, 2017

    The local owner contacted me personally. She made everything right. I believe all is working properly now.

    Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

    I bought my first house in Nov 1999. The very first major purchase was a RainSoft water softener. All went well for the first 3 years. Then everything started to malfunction. No worries it has a lifetime warranty. Imagine everything that malfunctioned was not covered. In 2 years I have paid over $1000.00 for repairs and the treatment system is still not working.

    Please shop around. You will see that RainSoft has a lot of good reviews but they are all new customers and have not experienced the true company yet. Your service calls will be $99.00 and another $160.00 for the filters. This is where they tell you your system isn’t working. They will try to sell you a upgrade system, which is thousands more dollars. They will charge you 365.00 to fix and the problem will still exist. Year after year it will be the same song and dance. I am from Columbus Ohio and I am and will get on every social network to help educate people on this company. Please don't fall victim.

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    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

    Thank you for making us aware of your concerns. We will be contacting your local dealer.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

    We had the house we're living in built in 1992. The water was was hard. It's a well and there are all kinds of rocks. We drilled through them to get to the well. That's why we began researching for water treatment systems. The first one we purchased from Rainsoft was a great big white one with a big black on its back. And we've just purchased the second one. Since having the RainSoft system, everything comes out nice and soft after washing. The dishes also come out of the dishwasher clean. Everything seems to work very well.

    The installation team was from Gatineau, but now we're dealing with RainSoft in Ottawa, down off the Montreal Road. Scheduling an appointment with RainSoft was very easy and they've always been very polite and nice. The only thing is trying to find the office down in that little business. The numbers don't seem to get follow-ups and one after another, they jumped from one street to the next. We always find them but it takes a while to do so.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

    We were looking for a water treatment system because the water here in Punta Gorda, Florida is terrible and hard. It's like taking a bath with a bunch of rocks. It couldn't get us soapsud either. We then bought Rainsoft's water softener and their sales rep was excellent. He came to check the old softener that was here, which was cheaper at Home Depot, and he explained to us the difference, the efficiency and the better operation of the Rainsoft one. Since having Rainsoft there has been a 95% difference. We're very happy with them. Everything has been just as they said it would be. I'm very very pleased and very satisfied.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

    We were not happy with the taste of our water. There was stuff in it that shouldn't have been. I was walking through Home Depot and I saw Rainsoft's water sample mailing thing. So I did that and RainSoft contacted me after they got the sample. The sales representative was good and very thorough. He seemed very knowledgeable and he convinced us to get their product. We purchased the whole-house filter for our condo and we got the ozone thing for the washing machine. The CleanStart puts ozone into the water and it's kind of weird that you don't need to use detergent. My husband tells me everything smells better though.

    The installation team screwed up a little bit. You're supposed to only use cold water with the CleanStart on the washing machine. And in the beginning, the guy inadvertently reconnected the hot water to it. There are two different models. One is for high-efficiency washers and one is for regular washers. The guy put the regular washer on and they weren't sure whether that was the correct one. So they sent another guy out who knew a little more about the product. And he was ready to put the other one. I have a high-efficiency machine and he was ready to put it in but he watched it go through a cycle and he thought that this one was fine and he only used cold water so he connected the cold water to it. But we got it all put in correctly in the end and it's all fixed now.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

    I already had RainSoft several years ago but this time when I bought and went with them, it was through a deal that they had through Home Depot. I filled out a questionnaire on the water and then they came out and did a water sample. I got the RainSoft product that has two tanks. One has the water softener and the filter system that treats the whole house and then one for the drinking water that has the three filters and does the reverse osmosis, and the alkaline system. The installation team showed up when they're supposed to and they scheduled it in my time. They were very nice, helpful, and had done a good job. Several of the features that they pointed out are working and doing good. The water in our house now is softer and I'm satisfied with this product. I've been using it for two months now. I've already recommended it to my friends as well.

    I like this product except for the fact that I was promised 5 years of the detergents and shampoos but I haven't received anything. I called and we've had three runarounds on it and we still haven't got any product. The only way we can get any of the product is to buy as much as they give us and that wasn't what was explained.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

    I had a good experience with the rep who approached me at Home Depot regarding Rainsoft. She was nice and didn't make fun of me. I ended up getting a correlator and a carbon filter. I signed up for their water evaluation too and a guy came out to do it. Then this guy said he would help me have the items I bought out. He was also part of the installation team. After the installation, I called them on the phone and they were very straightforward and honest about what they did, and they took care of everything. Since having the system installed, my water softener works a lot better and I'm not having issues with it anymore.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

    When I was in Home Depot, I got asked if I wanted a water test. The Rainsoft rep that I talked to was great and knowledgeable. He knew everything front and back. I then bought the conditioning system, water filters, arrow, AC with the black light, and cleaner from Rainsoft. The installers from Rainsoft did a good job as well. They also showed me how to use everything properly. Since I’ve had the system, the water is cleaner. I drink a half gallon of water a day and it's nice to drink good water. I'm glad I have a RainSoft Water Treatment System.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

    I was concerned about the condition of the water so I looked into water treatment systems. I got the conditioner and the alkaline water from RainSoft.The interactions with the sales reps were very pleasant and personable. It's been a great experience for us with the installation team and the product. I love it and the water tastes better.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

    RainSoft exceeded my expectations. I love the water and everything having to do with the filtration system has been great. Before RainSoft, we have absolutely terrible water down here. We picked the date and time for the consultation that worked and that scheduling process was handled very professionally. The sales rep who came here, Glenda, was fabulous. By the time she left, I felt I had a friend. She was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the product even though she must have been fairly new in the ropes. There were a couple of questions I had that she had to call somebody to get answers but she got them right away. I got the full water filtration system with the reverse osmosis feature.

    The team who installed it was prompt, friendly, and professional. They were also confident and knowledgeable. We're challenged because we live in a condominium and there wasn't room inside the unit to put it anywhere. The RainSoft team came up with a plan for putting it on my porch and they came prepared for that eventuality. The owner of the company came in advance of the install appointment just to check it out and make sure. When the installation team showed up, they had everything they needed to install it on my porch. It was done at the end of a Friday. I live at Carolina beach and they had to drive to Wilmington. That's a terrible time to drive into Wilmington because they had to get through all the traffic.

    About an hour later, I got a call from the primary installer saying that there's an O-ring that he needed to get for my system and that Glenda was going to drop it by the next day but he felt better if he brought it back and put it on that night. He had to drive back to that traffic just to put that ring on the system. It was a job that took him less than a minute. The quality of the water is everything I dreamed of. It is absolutely delicious to drink. I have neighbors who come over here to visit and they bring an empty bottle so they can fill it up with my water and take it back home. I take water with me from the house wherever I go now instead of a bottled water. I don't even like bottled water anymore. It also helped with my hair and skin. My laundry comes out feeling really clean and fresh too. The water that comes out of the RainSoft system is outstanding.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

    I've had RainSoft in the past and we also got it for my new house. The price was a little shocking at first but I got over it and I had a very good experience. I had multiple people come in. First a sales rep came who told me they’re going to test the water and then the installation guy came in, asked where I wanted to put the system and I didn't talk to him until he left. He was here for an hour. Then my sales rep came back a week later to make sure everything's working properly. Two weeks after that another person came out and he explained other stuff and tested the water again to make sure the system is working.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

    We love our RainSoft water treatment system. Over the years, we've had wells and Pumpco’s water, but we weren’t entirely satisfied with the water. In addition, my tenant has Crohn’s disease and I have two or three other diseases. At Home Depot, my husband agreed to have a water test. The sales rep of RainSoft asked to come in and test our water and set up an appointment with me, and we followed through. He was a very friendly and knowledgeable young man, and he spent a lot of time answering our questions and talking to us about RainSoft. Then we purchased the whole water conditioning system.

    The installers were very accommodating and personable. They also answered questions nicely and we liked them a lot. RainSoft gave us soap that we use it on our hair and body, but it’s hard getting used to the fact that getting the soap off takes forever, which means that the water is extremely soft. Also, Pumpco’s water would turn my sink and shower yellow while RainSoft's water does not. We've had a great experience with RainSoft and I have recommended them to friends.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

    The last house we're in had a lot of hard water buildup on our appliances. We wanted to prevent that in our new house and also, due to health concerns and we'd like to have filtered water for baby bottles, we considered getting RainSoft. They had Saturdays for a consultation and they're also flexible with the time so, setting up an appointment was easy. Their rep came out and he was friendly, knowledgeable and he took us through the water testing. I didn't feel awkward with him because there's always that awkward point you'd experience when any sales person tells you the price.

    We got the conditioning system and then the reverse osmosis under the sink as well. The installer was very wonderful, very nice and he cleaned up after himself. He was also responsive because we initially had a little bit of a leak and he was great about trying to get over to our place to fix it. We haven't had any troubles with the system since though. Now, we use less soap, which is good, in the laundry and in the shower but there's just as much suds. It's a fine work. Also, the water tastes better. RainSoft system is worth the investment.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

    Home Depot had a RainSoft display that would check water and then make recommendations. We were building a new house and dug a well and I wanted to have the water checked out. Setting up the consultation was simple. RainSoft called me and asked to set up a time and a guy came out and did a presentation. We were in the process of selling an old house at the time so we didn't do it right away. I called them back in four or five months and said we were ready, and the guy came out again, did the test, and then scheduled the installation for us. Then there was a mix up with the financing through Home Depot since they were supposed to give us 24 months and they only did 12, but a few phone calls resolved that.

    We got the oxidizer, the softener and the filter that goes under the sink. The installation was easy, fast and didn't interfere with what we are doing in the house. They had to come back a couple of weeks ago because one of the pipes they installed for the drain came loose and broke. I called them and they came back the next day and fixed it again. The water system made a huge difference as we had a sulfur smell in the water but now our water's perfect and it's better than the city water at our old house.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

    We were in the market for a water filtration system. A RainSoft rep came out and explained everything real thorough. It made sense for us when I had to compare them to a couple of other companies and its pricing, and certainly, we chose RainSoft. We had a newborn and we decided to get the whole RainSoft system with the air, the clean fresh, and the actual reverse osmosis system. It made sense to us from a health standpoint and any possibilities we want to make sure we're as healthy as we can be. The sales rep was very good, very polite, was on point and on time. He really did a nice job. On the other hand, their installer was phenomenal.

    For the AC in our home, I could tell the difference smell-wise. The air now has a cleaner smell. Also, our clothes are more crisps and clean. I can personally taste the difference in the taste of the water but simply the visual effect of it and then showing the difference was enough for us. Even if it's not 100% realistic, you're going to have water here and there with the pollutants in the world. If I have the ability to get water filtration for me and my family, then there's no reason not to. Everyone did a great job from the salesman to the installer and the gentleman that came out to review the whole system with us once it was already installed. My whole experience was excellent. RainSoft is affordable and worth every penny. We gave a couple of referrals and a couple family and friends bought the system. We're very fortunate.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

    I live in the country and we live right down from a water treatment facility. My water had been bad for years then I was at Home Depot one day and they had one of their water treatment sales. The salesman is alright and a typical one who sells something to you, but then when you've got questions, he won’t answer his phone. He’s also a typical poser who promised stuff that didn’t happen.

    But I got a RainSoft water treatment deal which is outside the house and the system had a line that discharges salt water. The installation team had run it on the ground and I asked them to come back and run it somewhere else. They did and I’m completely satisfied with the installation team and the management ‘cause they've always called and given me a heads-up. They were very good people and they went above and beyond. I’m also happy with the system. I used to have hard products and whenever I get out of the bath, I would feel sticky. This system completely took care of all that. It's a good system, just extravagant, but I’m 100% satisfied.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

    I was at Home Depot and did a water test, and RainSoft called me for the result. Their sales rep, Brian, was very good and very knowledgeable. He was quick and very nice, too. During the consultation, my grandson was there and Brian did all the steps in front of him. He had my grandson participate, too, and it was a good experience for him and for us. We got the water filtration system and the installer was very polite. He did the installation in the ground for the tanking. He also installed the air filter system. It was not a good experience though when he installed the AC plug. It went through my pantry wall. I had a big electrical box plugged into my wall in the hallway and it was the only thing there so it looked odd. So, I called them and he came back and fixed it. He was a nice guy but needs a little bit of experience. Nevertheless, I already recommended RainSoft to other customers. Since we had it, the air is much crisper and fresher, and the water is much better.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    The guy from Rainsoft who came to my house was very friendly. We had shopped around and found a better price somewhere else so I asked him about about it. He didn’t have to come down at the price but he matched it for us and I appreciate that. However, it also made me feel a little guilty about asking and I wasn’t comfortable with it, but he was very nice. We got the reverse osmosis system for drinking water in the kitchen. We love the water. I feel better drinking clean water so it’s really important for me to have filtered water.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    I was talked to in Home Depot about RainSoft. When they came out and did their little demonstration, they filtered some water so you can taste, feel and actually see the difference. The guy that came out was good but a bit pushy. At the end, he was trying to make you feel bad for not buying the system from him, which at that time, was pricey and costs $8,000 or $9,000. He almost got me late picking up my daughter because they’re only supposed to take 30 minutes and he took an hour.

    I got a call a week later and they had a wholesale. I was interested in that and bought another system but for $3,000. It’s an EC4 home water softener and a reverse osmosis under the sink. Our dishes, the bathroom, showers and shower doors are cleaner. Also, our clothes are getting cleaner as well. The install team was really good, professional and was on time. I had a part go out recently and they came out and fixed it at no charge. I understand they’re busy but I wish they would’ve come out a little sooner because three or four days are a while for you to wait for water and at that time it was pumping the nasty stuff. It was covering everything because the power went out.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    I was going to send in testing on my water mainly for lead, and my daughter found RainSoft through Home Depot. The sales rep was good at her job. I got a dehumidifier, the water softener, and their no detergent laundry system. The installation team left a hole about a foot long in the drywall, though. But other than that, the water is great and wonderful for shower. The no detergent laundry system helps out a lot as far as the clothes are cleaner. I'm glad we got RainSoft.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    We had hard water so we got the conditioning system, the laundry system and the drinking water system from RainSoft. During the consultation, the sales rep was very informative, nice, helpful and not pushy. He's easy to talk to. The installer of the system was also informative and very helpful. He showed us how to do everything and explained what he was doing, setting up-wise and what to do if you had any issues. After the installation, we noticed some changes mostly with laundry. The water is soft now in all the shower heads. There's no buildup or anything on it. Overall, RainSoft is very professional.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    My spouse was at Home Depot and the sales clerk mentioned RainSoft to her. He gave us a number to call if we were interested. I wanted them to come out and test our water. We were interested in seeing what they had to offer. Setting up our consultation with the sales rep was very easy, and we found our interactions to be very interesting, well-informed, and entertaining. We got their air purification and drinking water filters, and the installer was very efficient. He came when he was supposed to and explained the whole thing to us during the install. He was very well-informed, too. Since having the RainSoft system, we've noticed that our dishes don’t have spots on them when they come out of the dishwasher.

    When we tried to switch the thing over when we watered the lawn, I couldn’t quite remember exactly how to get it back to where it was supposed to be. We could definitely notice the difference in the water. So, we called and they had somebody come out very quickly. He went over how to switch the valve over so we'd be using our soft water to water the lawn. He explained that to us again, showed us what had gone wrong, and was very patient and very well-informed. They came out in a very timely fashion. So, we were impressed with that. It was a very professional experience and we’d recommend RainSoft.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

    Someone at Home Depot was asking everybody if they wanted a water test so I said, "Why not?" He wrote something down, gave me slip, and said somebody will call me. The guy that came to my house to sell the RainSoft Water Treatment system was amazing. I got it because Dan was excited about his product, knew what he was talking about, and made me feel like I needed it. I love it. I got the drinking water filter for underneath my sink. The installation team was wonderful. I like it when people know what they're doing and they don't look dumb. I noticed that the water for washing clothes and dishes feels different.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

    We had had RainSoft in our last home. We were concerned with the minerals in our water. The RainSoft rep came in, looked at it, told us what was wrong, and gave us several options. He wasn't pushy about one over another too and he let us choose. We got the water softener and a unit to remove chlorine. The chlorine remover worked well and it has made a big difference in the amount of chlorine in the water. It wasn’t ashy after taking a shower and so on. We could definitely tell the water was softer as well. It was a great experience and they were very professional at RainSoft.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2017

    We wanted to upgrade our water so that debris coming out of our faucets are taken out before they ever had a chance to go through our home. We looked at RainSoft and decided to try their products. We got the whole house water and air filtration as well as the thing that's hooked up to the washer. My wife and young daughter have a lot of allergies and we could tell the difference since the installation. The air purification was also better. RainSoft delivered top-notch service. The salesman was very accommodating and I had a very good experience with him. He was also there when the installers came. He wanted to see how the system worked out and communicated with the installers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2017

    I’m slightly allergic to bleach and the city was gonna put it in my water. I set up a consultation with the RainSoft sales rep which was easy. He gave the presentation and explained the benefits of the system and did some cleaning demonstrations. We purchased the smaller RainSoft system and we also did the Reverse Osmosis for our refrigerator. However, when the installation team came, they only plugged the system to my hot water side and they didn’t do it to the other side. So when the guys came out to test the water and the system, it failed. The installers had to come back out and redo the plumbing, but now it’s plugged at both sides.

    However, I’m not 100% satisfied. I have hard water and I’m still getting deposits in my toilet. I have a black toilet so I could really see the white build-ups in there. I have to go and clean it with the rag, soap and cleanser. The system may not be working properly 'cause I thought it’s supposed to get everything out of the water and I'm confused so I've been thinking about calling the team so they can come out.

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