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About RainSoft Water Treatment Systems Reviews

RainSoft manufacturers and sells water conditioning and water filtration systems for residential customers. A water expert can visit your home for a free water analysis. RainSoft offers solutions for whole-home hard water conditioning to improve bathing, washing dishes and doing laundry. The company also focuses on drinking water solutions to improve water taste and clarity.

Pros & Cons


  • Referral program
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free in-home water analysis
  • Energy-efficient options


  • No salt-free softeners
  • Pricing not available online

Bottom Line

RainSoft offers traditional, salt-based water softeners and drinking water carbon filtration systems. Customers can visit the website to schedule a free in-home water analysis and find a local dealer to get a quote.

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Newberry, SC

We did a home water test through our town and RainSoft tagged our mailbox… The guy who came out was very knowledgeable and professional. He showed us everything we needed to see a...

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Bear, DE

So far, everything is working out very good with our RainSoft… My husband and I decided that we wanna try it out. And so far, we love it. The sales rep was very good and helpful. ...

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What is RainSoft?

RainSoft produces water conditioning and water filtration systems intended for the whole home or a single point of use. The company offers a free in-home water analysis for those unsure of what they need in their homes.

RainSoft offers three water softener systems that address hard water issues:

  • The EC5 is a premium, computer-controlled, whole-home water softener system that is available in various configurations to fit your needs. It connects to the RainSoft Remind app for low salt notifications and filter change reminders. The system automatically responds to your water use, and the computer control saves water, salt and electricity.
  • The EC5-CAB system saves on salt and water consumption by using shorter cycles based on home water use. It comes with an easy-to-read display and distinctive alarm tones. You can customize the system’s functions to fit your family’s needs, and it's designed to deliver an uninterrupted supply of conditioned water.
  • The TC-M series is available in various configurations to fit your home. It's energy-efficient and self-cleaning, and the high flow rates deliver a consistent supply of water.

For drinking water purification, RainSoft offers:

  • The Ultrefiner II is RainSoft’s premium drinking water system. It uses three high-quality, multistage filters to purify tap water and remove small particles, lead, copper, chromium, VOC and chlorine. It comes with a lead-free faucet. The cartridge is interchangeable, which creates less waste than systems that require the whole filter to be removed.
  • The Hydrefiner II reduces chlorine and other particles that cause bad taste and odors. Each cartridge treats up to 830 gallons of water.

RainSoft also sells problem-specific filters to address individual water issues and systems, including the CleanStart laundry system, which oxidizes tap water to disinfect clothes.

How does the RainSoft system work?

RainSoft water conditioner systems soften water for the whole home using a salt-based ion exchange process powered by electricity. The systems are installed where the water enters your home from the municipal supply. Some systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of softened water, while others have computerized controls that respond to your family’s water use and produce softened water on demand.

While many of the models have self-cleaning and regeneration cycles, most also require filter changes, adding salt and some maintenance. Models come with replacement reminder alarms or connect to an app that alerts you when the system needs attention.

RainSoft water softener cost

RainSoft doesn’t disclose its water softener prices on its website. Its products are available for purchase through local dealers, so if you’re interested in buying a RainSoft system, contact a local dealer for a free in-home water analysis and quote.

RainSoft FAQ

How long do RainSoft water softeners last?

RainSoft water softeners are built to last for years. All systems come with a limited lifetime warranty. You or your service provider will need to replace filters or cartridges and perform maintenance on the system.

Does RainSoft remove lead?

RainSoft water filtration systems that employ carbon filters, such as the Ultrefiner II and Hydrefiner II, remove lead. Water softeners do not remove lead.

Does RainSoft remove chlorine?

RainSoft’s drinking water systems, the Ultrefiner II and Hydrefiner II, reduce chlorine using carbon filtration. RainSoft water softeners do not remove chlorine.

Is RainSoft worth it?

RainSoft offers several solutions for home water softening and drinking water filtration and has systems that can be combined for maximum performance. For customers experiencing multiple water issues, a RainSoft water expert helps determine the problems and customize a home system configured to solve them all.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems Reviews

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceStaff

Reviewed July 7, 2023

Everything was great from the initial consultation, the demo, to the quote and the communication and the installation. I had to contact RainSoft Water Treatment Systems for post-sale support for a quick question about something to walk me through it, and they were great as well. We went with the full system in the house. We went with the reverse osmosis system, which was the whole driving factor due to the previous arguments that are presented or, issues with the Chemours and the DuPont lawsuits for the water supply. We also decided to go with the whole house carbon filtration system. We went with their water softener as well.

The gentleman that's a RainSoft dealer in the area has been doing this for a while from the discussions we had and the information I read. He has his go-to guy, Mike, who I spoke with, and he was the primary person on the installation along with two other gentlemen. One of them was a trainee and the other two had been doing this for a while and they did an excellent job. Great customer service.

You can read the manual, but there's no substitute for having the installer there. You don't get any substitute for the installer being in your house like, "What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Will it take care of this? What should I look out for? Best practices." He was very courteous and answered all my million questions. He said he hooked up the reverse osmosis system to our refrigerator. And we have another refrigerator in a mud room area and the waterline wasn't hooked up for that one and he hooked it up and took care of that as well. He went above and beyond to do that for my family, which was nice.

The reason we got the water softener and the carbon filtration system is they take all the VOCs out of water and we take showers, and my kids take baths. So, not only the drinking water is great, but we've eliminated a lot of the toxic pollutants out of the water supply that comes to the house. Everything has been great. I hope it continues that way. It has been a very positive experience and we've been happy with the product. It came with a lifetime warranty. And if we ever moved, we could take the system with us.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed April 22, 2023

    I had severely high iron levels in my water. My showers are orange. My toilets were turning orange. My hair is turning orange. I knew I needed to do something. I sent in a water sample test kit from Home Depot. I received a phone call. They went over a bit of what my water sample was and my results that came in. They sent Jake out to my house with a more in-depth test that he did right there in front of me. He went over all of the things that were found in my water and my parts per million. He couldn't determine what those were because there are hundreds of different nitrates. Then he showed me some of the options and described how they work and what they would do to treat my water.

    The installers of my Rainsoft came and I showed them where the stuff was gonna be hooked up at. They unhooked my water softener that was in my basement that wasn't working. They easily described everything, how it was gonna work, how they were gonna set it up and went from there. Everything was good. One service guy was in the basement doing the water softener, and the other service guy was upstairs doing the reverse osmosis under the kitchen sink. When that was done, he went down and helped the other guy finish up. They put the air filtration on my furnace and that was good.

    They called me back on some concerns I had that I called in on, and explained a few more things to me as far as operations or controls of my system, and how I can check levels and change my time settings. They explained to me that the system that I got is a smart system that regenerates itself, as far as it calculates itself when it needs to regenerate based off of water usage and things for the house.

    They also came back out the very next day and gave me their sweat jackets for my tanks completely free to put over my tanks to help with condensation, in the warmer seasons. I would definitely use them again and get the system again if I, in the future, move or purchase another house. The water also has been great. My tubs and toilets aren't turning orange anymore. It's probably the best the water's been since I've lived there.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2023

    The rep came for a water test and he explained to me every step that he did. I was really impressed, especially when I tasted the water. The only thing was I got the Platinum and I thought I was getting every single thing that was presented, like the alkaline water system. The price was over $10,000 and what sold me on it was that I wouldn't have to buy everything I normally buy anymore. Since I couldn't afford one more bill, it seemed like the price of not having to pay for the products will offset the price of having to pay the monthly payments. I was happy about that.

    But when the guy came and hooked everything up, I asked him about the alkaline and he told me that wasn't included in what he was supposed to install. I called the guy who did the water test and I asked him about it and he said it would be an additional $800. At first, I was gonna just take the extra 800 and get the alkaline water, but I didn't really know if it would be any different, so I didn't get it. The other thing was when they came out to do the installation, they didn't bring the air filter. If I wasn't paying attention to everything I was hearing, I wouldn't even realize that I was supposed to get that. So I called him and told him that they didn't bring it when they installed the water system.

    I had to get the installation done on two different days because the first day that the guy came, he came with everything but it rained really hard, so he told me he could only do the inside installation, which was the water filters with the middle spout to it. I had to wait because of the rain. But the guy was really nice. The only concern I had about the installation was they had to hook up some copper pipes in the front of my house and they didn't tell me that they were gonna be putting a hole through a screen that covers the air vent. If he had asked me, I would have told him I'd rather him do the hole through the wall because the air vent cover can't be replaced - they don't make those anymore.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2023

    We got the drinkable water filtration system, filtration for the house, and the air flow. For the air flow, if there's cooking, it will clean your air for any kind of odor. But we didn't see much of a difference. The last time the tech came in, he explained that we have to run the system optimally for 55 minutes. But the drinkable water and the rest of the household is amazing. We saw a huge difference.

    When we spoke to the person who came initially, we said, "We're ready to pay upfront. Can you give some discounts?"" He said that was not feasible. Rainsoft should think about it. If a customer is willing to buy the product out, instead of the monthly installment plan, there should be an option of buying it out and get discounts since they're paying lump sum. We were trying to go for the best price possible but we didn't see there was room of negotiations at all, even as a monthly plan. The only thing that we were told was we would get a six-year supply of products.

    My brother-in-law took the same offers as we did. When they were using the products, it worked perfectly for them. But when we used it, it worked badly. We tried using it five times to make sure we were using it properly. We used the instruction provided in the bottle then we used the instruction provided by the dishwasher. It seems that the detergent didn't work well and both leaving a lot of residue from old stains which we would have seen with the dish pods. Another thing is when Rainsoft is giving out the products, an extra storable container would be better.

    The guy who came to sell the product was phenomenal. He was very informative and helped us with his information. But Rainsoft was pestering him to get our contract, to confirm the address given was correct. We were being called on so many times then he ended up coming abruptly without giving a heads-up. I understand because he's a sales guy and he was trying to close the contracts. But Rainsoft needs to set up a system that will ask, "Is this your confirmed address," and we can just accept it. They're asking for confidential information which I don't know if I'm comfortable sharing with an unknown company that I'm not much aware of. Some people will give it upfront, whereas others will not. There was another technician who was scheduled to visit. But because of that aftereffect, it caused my husband to be upset. He shut the phone down. I gave him a call back and asked him to schedule the meeting.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 3, 2022

    RainSoft gave us $30 gift cards for buying the product. We went through Home Depot, which was how we got the system. A sales lady came up and asked if we wanted to have our water tested, and I said, "Yeah. Let's do that." I know how bad the water is here and I wanted them to do that just so I know. I'm glad they did because I found out that the water I was buying from the store was junk. I was just throwing my money away. I put the alkaline unit underneath my sink too. I've been drinking alkaline water for 17 years. I used to go to the store and buy cases of it, and I would spend about $100 a month on it. I would then go to a water place, and I used to buy five gallons because I use it in my coffee. Everything's great with the unit.

    I had RainSoft for 12 years when I used to live in Cal City, but when I moved, I left the system with the house. When I finally bought another house, my water was very hard. I have sensitive hands, and since I burned them with hydrochloric acid, a lot of the hard water usually dried it out bad. I had a RainSoft system installed about a year and a half later. I didn't know they were still in business, but that there bought me too because that shows how long the company has been in business, for how great the product is.

    Everything works fantastic, and I love the product. It's just it's taking so long to finalize. I take time off from work, so I'm home and here to help with whatever they need or move things out 'cause I know how it is. It took them three days to install the system. While I don't have a problem with that, they've been out several times now to fix things because the inspector wanted all the lines ran insulated because it freezes here. RainSoft had a gentleman come out, and he started insulating in the garage, but he didn't have enough stuff to do it. He was also too big to be in the attic to do that. So he couldn't finish the other parts of my house.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2023

    The rep that did the presentation was good. He got the point over real good. The installers did a walkthrough once everything was installed. Now, the water is softer and I don't have that smell in it like it was. The guy told me that the little faucet that they put on the sink seems to be putting out air every once in a while and that it would quit. But I've run way beyond that gallon.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupPriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2023

    The guy who came out and did the water test was really informative about how the RainSoft system affects the water, clothes, and all aspects of the house. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, directed us where we needed to go, and fitted us with what we needed. Also, he didn't try to sell us any extras. He mentioned about the benefits of having the equipment on the sink, but we decided to pass on that one. The next day after his visit, the installers came out and installed our system.

    Since then, the stains are gone in the toilets. The ones in the sink, we have to scrub those out, but we don't have any further buildup. My wife could really feel the difference in the bath water in the way she felt in her skin after taking a bath or shower. Then, you use a lot less chemicals like dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, and bath soap. So, it all adds up. The system is pricey, but not out of reach and you get it all back over time if you're patient. Aside from that, the application process for the financing was pretty easy. They walked us through, linked us up with a financer, and everything went through smoothly.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2023

    My aunt has known Carol who sold us the RainSoft system. So, I asked her if she would come out and give us a demonstration and she didn't leave until we had one and we love it. We have the water treatment system and the water softener. We got the reverse osmosis. Everything is set up to remind me online and on the phone app. Very little maintenance. It's automated on the actual system itself. It has little bars that would tell me when I need to refill the salt and I would get a text when the filters need to be replaced, which is once a year, and another one is every three years. The water is softer, hte glasses are cleaner, and the bathtub stays cleaner longer. The good-tasting, reverse osmosis water is amazing.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2023

    I felt the difference in the water when the associate came over to my house and he showed me the products. We got the whole kit and our water is cleaner and fresher. I feel it whenever I take a shower. My skin feels smooth, silky, and a little slippery in a good way -- I feel germs are off of me. My husband loves it. Also, we don't buy bottled water anymore. It helps us save money. My husband brags about it all the time. I recommended it to my dad and he loves it.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2023

    The experience with RainSoft was overall good. The metallic smell has been removed from the water. We're trusting the system. From a drinking water perspective, we've eliminated the in-fridge pitcher, ZeroWater, that we were using. We now take water directly from the fridge to drink.

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