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    Pur Water Filters

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      Rated with 2 stars
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 9, 2019

      These filter housing do not last more than 8 months in my house. The filters last from 6-8 weeks with heavy use (even though the package says 3 months) and I can deal with that. The problem is that after only a few months of use the housing starts leaking and eventually cracks. I have not had one last past 8 months in years. And to put it into perspective, I have been using PUR filters since the early 2000's and the housing used to last for years. Our first one was metal and it lasted about 5 years. The only reason I give it 2 stars is that when the filter is working properly, the quality & taste does improve. But I recommend this for short term use, not for long term because you have replace the parts frequently.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 20, 2019

      We bought a 3 pack of Pur’s water filters which are ‘certified’ to work with our refrigerator. Fine for awhile, then the first one failed and flooded our kitchen. We installed the second one thinking the failure was a fluke. Nope. After a month, the top blew on this one as well. Another flood. We tested all our water lines for pressure issues and we are well in range of their specifications. After calling Pur, they said contact the seller on Amazon as they would have nothing to do with their defective product. Seller is out of business. No surprise in dealing with such lousy merchandise. We will never purchase their products again. Horrible service and product.

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 11, 2019

      This is the third PUR faucet mounted filter we've had in recent years to spring a leak. The first one I contacted the company and they acted shocked and said it never happened (even though there are countless videos on the web) and sent me a new one for free. That one lasted about a year. OK I thought if I get a year out of it it's still worth it. But this one is only 4 months old. I'm not bothering with them anymore. If they can't make a product that lasts longer then the heck with them. I'm going with another company.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 21, 2019

      After researching water purifier products, around 7 years ago, I chose the PUR system and I have used their water pitchers continually since then. I have had only minimal issues with it in all these years. As I read many Reviews here about it I wanted to point something out, which was not made clear in what the people were writing here as an issue, but perhaps this will explain why they are having at least one of the Frequently Mentioned problems of them putting in a new filter after the previous one blinked red, but then the very next filter was red right away and any subsequent ones were also blinking red right away.

      NOTE: The indicator light does not reset itself to green just because the filter was changed to a new one! you must reset the Indicator Light (atop the pitcher lid), once you get the new filter installed/simultaneous to that, by holding/pressing down the button for 5 full seconds ("One one thousand; two one thousand; three one thousand; four one thousand; five one thousand" count to yourself). You will see it change from red back to green at the end of that 5 seconds, and be reset then to green to go along with your newly installed replacement filter. Without this step, yes the Indicator Light will Continue to flash red! It is not a psychic filter system that just knows on its own that you just put a new filter in it! You must reset the indicator light in the way I just pointed out to you.

      I did notice some white floating particles in some of the newer Lead reducing filters, and the packaging with them explains that they are considered normal. I haven't had this happen with every filter, but I simply didn't care for the look of that, so what I did was to fill the upper chamber quickly and then pour right back out into the sink, several times, in effect flushing it out further (I say further, because, each new filter MUST BE PROCESSED by first soaking it by immersion for 15 minutes then rinsing it under the running faucet for 10 seconds before installing it into the pitcher, so, these steps were already done by me BEFORE I added this 'rinsing out the fill chamber' step I describe here.

      When I had done this a few fills at most, I stopped seeing any flakes of white plastic (or whatever it is, which is some part of the filter itself, floating in the water). Then, I finally did the first fill that I then put the lid on and allowed to filter into the pitcher for my consumption. Any small amounts of Rinse Step water that did get through into the bottom of the pitcher, as I Rinsed the top section out a few times like that, I also emptied out before I did my first pitcher fill. This description takes longer to read than for you to actually do the Rinse step, and it gives you more peace of mind about it. I personally prefer the filter filters slowly as I want a thorough filtering done on the water I drink as I am very health conscious and careful about what I ingest.

      When you first fill the top, quickly look down at the bottom of the filter where the hole are filtering water into the pitcher and check to see --- especially when you just put in a new filter --- that it is indeed dripping water from the filter holes into the pitcher. I usually only see 2 - 4 holes draining, and usually closer to 2, but it works and fills the pitcher with the filtered water I want (do you REALLY want FAST with this or do you want THOROUGH?). I plan ahead with it so I never NEED IT when it is FILLING. @ top fills = 1 full pitcher of filtered water, and yes, it isn't INSTANT. So, I KEEP the pitcher FILLED (by the 2 fills, done in a row) to have a full pitcher's worth of water at a time available when I need it. I also don't refrigerate my pitcher.

      I pour the filtered water into a separate Fridge pitcher and keep the PUR one on the counter and always filled, adding to the Fridge pitcher (not a PUR one) as needed. So, I satisfy my thirst from the readily available Fridge pitcher and am not in the least bit worrying about how long (thorough) my PUR pitcher is taking to create healthier water for me. I also keep a pitcher of iced Green Tea (made with PUR water) in the fridge as well, so when it is time to make that, it takes the entire PUR pitcher capacity to fill my Tea Pitcher + the pan of steeped Green Tea that is the basic ingredient for this tea (also PUR water).

      After filling that Tea pitcher full with my newest batch, I immediately boil the PUR water in a pan and add tea bags to steep for my next pitcher of tea, while also filling the filtering PUR pitcher (the twice needed, to fill it, while I am in the Kitchen). Yes, I often can't get both fillings completed as I stand there at the stove heating water for tea, but I got started on it, and, as soon as possible, I finish filling it up (using it to keep my Fridge water pitcher filled, my Green tea water filtered and on stand by for my next tea pitcher, and any other uses I need it for.

      So, my two main points to you are: RESET THE INDICATOR LIGHT as I taught you or you WILL keep seeing it on RED even though you JUST PUT IN a NEW filter, and, do a few RINSE OUTS of the TOP PORTION of the pitcher, IF you see the little particles with some filters (which only started showing up AFTER they went to ADDING LEAD REMOVAL, which I APPRECIATE THEM FOR DOING since Lead is such a hazardous substance!).

      Don't filter through these rinse out fillings at all! Try not to let it go through the filter at all, and pour out the little that does, just for your peace of mind. Simply quickly, full faucet fast, fill the top portion and then turn the pitcher over and dump out that water right back into the sink. As you wait for it to fill, these few rinse outs, be looking in it to see if there are less particles, and then finally, no particles, left floating in it. Then, fill it to filter, as normally, and be sure you have reset you indicator light! Look down to see that there are at least a couple of holes filtering water. If so, it is not broken.

      It is being tightly controlling and doing its best to filter out harmful lead and things that can undermine your health. Maybe instead of complaining that is slow (we are too much of a fast is a good thing society, anymore), be grateful that its thoroughness means you are getting healthier water to drink! By the way, I also completely wash my pitcher, all 3 separate parts --- pitcher, lid, and upper fill tray --- each time I add a new filter to it, and then rinse the soap off very well, to keep it clean inside and out; not just when it was new out of the box at purchase. I take care for it so it can take care of me! And, for the cynics, no; I do not work for PUR company.

      I am a retired Senior Citizen 'Grandma' Lady. For all it does for our health, it actually requires very little care, but deserves a good bath, I think, before every filter change. I really think that there were not a lot of 'broken' filters turning red right away; I suspect the owners were failing to remember/notice to RESET THE INDICATOR LIGHT.

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 28, 2019

      I bought this faucet attachment and a 4 pack of replacement filters in December 2018. Initially it worked great. Two months later (February 2019) the red light started blinking so I replaced the filter. Again, two months later (now in April 2019) the red light started blinking. So far I have gone through 2 of the 4 filters. I open the third filter package but it immediately turned yellow. It somehow bypassed the green stage and the next day it was blinking red. I thought it was strange and was a fluke so I opened the last filter package but this one immediately turned red. I still thought it was a fluke but thought I’d look into the situation online and if anyone else was having the same problem and it turns out A LOT of people have this problem. For $30 you MIGHT get one or two working filters. I don’t like gambling my money for water. I’ll be sure to not suggest this brand, especially not after seeing other reviews.

      8 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 18, 2019

      I bought a Pur faucet mounted water filter in August of 2018. Today Apr 18 2019 it started leaking in many places. Called Pur and they told me I had to ship it back at my expense $15 and they would send me a new one. I asked why I had to sink another $15 in a junk product that only lasted 8 months. They didn't care. Remember there really are no warranties anymore because you have to pay to ship it back to them and that's just pissing away more money on junk.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: April 12, 2019

      Any and all products from PUR are pure garbage. I bought a PUR Ultimate Maxion Filter in March of 2019 and immediately when I placed it on my kitchen faucet it started leaking profusely. They then sent me a basic PUR filter under warranty and it also leaked as well after both Shirley and Daniel from KAZ/PUR customer service lied to me about sending me another PUR Ultimate filter. This company is very disingenuous, shady, and corrupt. All of their products are of absolute shoddy and inferior quality, so please don't waste any of your precious money or time in buying them!

      Both filters which leaked at the seams also got stuck on my kitchen faucet and I had to use a wrench just to pry them off. All PUR products need to be taken off of store shelves/websites and this completely pathetic excuse for a company needs to be shut down and out of business as soon as possible. Thank God that I got back my $45 dollars that I spent on the first one that I had originally purchased from Amazon. These people at PUR are low-class, thieves, swindlers, and scams artists so please heed my warning!

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 8, 2019

      I have had a Pur pitcher for the last year and a half. During that time, I had filters that would not let water through at all. I could not return them because I always bought a box of 3 filters. The last box I bought, of the three filters, two of them were defective and did not let water through. I contacted their customer service department through their website, and was told I could send any defective filters to them at my expense - the email from them stating this is pasted below:

      "Please be advised that you are responsible for the shipping charges incurred while sending this unit back to us, and we recommend shipping it using the most cost effective method possible. We strongly recommend sending it in with some sort of tracking or delivery confirmation, as we cannot be responsible for anything lost in the mail. We recommend you retain a copy of your tracking number or delivery confirmation until you receive your new unit. Approximate turnaround time is 2-6 weeks." I believe this is a terrible customer service model and will not be using their products once this last filter is done.

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      6 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 7, 2019

      Pitcher lid is made to not stay on and indicator light does not work even though it is brand new. Very disappointed! The product's price is NOT CHEAP, BUT THE PRODUCT IS. Who makes a pitcher where the lid falls off??? Customer service said even though I had the box, I had to have the receipt too. REALLY???

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 2, 2019

      I purchased this pitcher because I was replacing a spigot-type pitcher that I had been using for a number of years because of the convenience and space-saving design. The Pur pitcher was on "clearance" at my local store so I decided, why not? Upon opening and setting up the pitcher and filter for first use, I noticed that the water was taking WAY too long to filter into the pitcher. I figured it was because it was being used for the first time and needed a break-in period. After it FINALLY filtered, I did not notice that the water had not completely drained into the pitcher and, when I went to pour, water went EVERYWHERE! Ok, so lesson learned--so I thought!

      The next time that I filled it, I checked the top basket FIRST then, proceeded to pour. Yep, water spilled down the front of the pitcher and all over the counter--what the--? Yes, I checked the basket AND held open the thumb-activated lid opening (though using my thumb to keep it open just doesn't quite work--the pitcher is too heavy for THAT maneuver!). I took the filter out, shook it like the instructions suggest, screwed it back into the basket and refilled (which takes about two complete fill-ups to completely fill). The water takes FOREVER to drain into the pitcher--WHY???

      I have now been using this pitcher for over a month and, though the water DOES taste good, I don't feel that it was the BEST investment for what I was hoping for. I will continue to use it just because I like the taste of the water and, because I don't like to waste, but I will not be completely satisfied until the water filters into the pitcher at a much quicker pace. Hopefully, subsequent filters will prove to be more effective.

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      5 people found this review helpful
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