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I looked into buying a water softener since the water in my area is very hard. I spoke with a woman by the name of Michelle. At first, she seemed like she knew her product and stated that I could get the softener and reverse osmosis for $3088. She told me that if I wanted credit, that it would be a "soft pull" and wouldn't affect my credit score. I was approved up to $10,000 and then she said, "Since you applied for credit, it'll be 3508.10 instead."

I was very displeased and told her that I did not want the service nor did I want my credit tampered with. She tried to smoothed things over how great my credit was and how she worked in the mortgaging field... WHO CARES!!! She even told me if I called Fortiva servicing (credit company) I'd be wasting my time. WHAT A LIAR! They reversed the app and stated that Michelle lied because it's a HARD INQUIRY!!! Will never look into this company ever again. Very unprofessional and just cares about the money. Shame on you!

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Greg ChickWater Treatment Systems Contributing Editor

Greg Chick has worked as an entrepreneur for over 40 years with a background in plumbing, irrigation, pools and water heating. He is a member of Green Plumbers USA, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials and American Society of Plumbing Engineers. Greg works to educate residential consumers about quality plumbing products.    More about Greg→

Easy Water has been treating water for homeowners for more than 25 years. The company has an environmentally-friendly focus, using natural products to treat water, and they are headquartered in Fishers, Indiana.

  • Discounts: Easy Water offers customers a five percent discount on products and services if they sign up for the company's newsletter online.
  • Coconut carbon: Rather than use a coal-based carbon, the company uses coconut shell carbon to filter water, so it is cleaner and longer lasting than a coal filter. It is also healthier for humans who end up consuming the water that is treated.
  • Leaves essential minerals: The company's water treatment process does not remove any essential minerals from the water, so it remains healthy even after it has been cleaned.
  • Sustainability: Easy Water uses 80 percent less water than traditional filtering methods, which means they are a more sustainable company than many water treatment system companies.
  • RevitaLife system: The company offers the Revitalife Reverse Osmosis system, a one-of-a-kind method that ensures drinking water tastes and smells great. The company will give customers a free quote to see how much it would cost to use this system.
  • Best for Homeowners with hard water and homeowners near a compromised water supply.

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