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Find the Best Pest Control in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento has damp, mild winters and hot, dry summers, which makes it the perfect year-round breeding ground for many pests including bed bugs, roaches and more. Preventative pest control can stop critters before they become a problem. If you already have an infestation, compare our picks for top-rated exterminators in Sacramento.

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    Top 15 Sacramento Pest Control Companies

    Terminix Read 11,200 Reviews

    Terminix, with over 85 years of professional experience, offers more than just termite removal services. It offers complete pest control techniques, including insulation services to prevent encroachments.

    Learn More Toll free number (855) 463-1771
    Barrier Pest Solutions Read Expert Review

    Offers several service plans for one-time and recurring pest treatments. Plans are best for those who have moderate to advanced infestations or those seeking prevention. Services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Best Price Pest Control Read Expert Review

    Specializes in affordable treatments for ants, rats, spiders, cockroaches, fleas and stinging insects. Services start at $40 and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Bugs 2 Rest Read Expert Review

    Offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual agreements. Exterminators can also customize an agreement based on your pest control needs.

    Clark Pest Control Sacramento Read Expert Review

    Offers pest control for birds, rodents, bed bugs and spiders, plus termite control and damage repair. Commercial and commodity fumigation, electronic reporting, LEED/organic and non-chemical solutions are also available.

    EcoGuard Pest Management Read Expert Review

    Offers pet and family-friendly green products formulated from essential oil bases. The all-natural solutions they use are Essentria IC3, Essentria Granular, and Nature-Cide; which are all certified organic.

    Fast Action Pest Control Read Expert Review

    Provides integrated pest management for earwigs, spiders, rodents, fleas, cockroaches, centipedes, ants, and wasps. Also offer mosquito protection and tenting for dry termites and insulation repair.

    North American Home Services Read Expert Review

    Provides treatments for ants, earwigs, silverfish, nesting wasps, spiders, bees, roaches, fleas and rodents, plus control for birds, bats and squirrels. Rodent elimination service is 100% guaranteed.

    Official Pest Prevention Read Expert Review

    Specializes in residential and commercial pest control for ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, termites, bed bugs, plus wild animal removal. Provides free estimates with monthly, quarterly and one-time treatment plans available.

    Pacific Coast Termite Read Expert Review

    Offers free professional termite inspections and services come with a 2-year guaranteed warranty. After the initial 2-year warranty expires, there is an offer for an annual renewal program.

    Pegasus Pest Control Read Expert Review

    Specializes in eco-safe integrated pest management. They provide inspections and create a barrier around the home for prevention. Monitoring, ant and roach control, and customized pigeon and rodent control also available.

    Pinnacle Pest Control Read Expert Review

    Utilizes integrated pest management techniques that incorporate inspection, exclusion, and mechanical or chemical deterrents with minimal amounts of environmentally sensitive products.

    ProServ Pest Management Read Expert Review

    Offers residential and commercial pest inspection and identification, rodent control, lawn fertilization, bed bug treatment, aphid control, general pest services, flea treatment and cockroach treatment.

    The Noble Way Pest Control Read Expert Review

    Offers a free home inspection and low-cost pest management plans for homes and businesses. If you already have an existing plan with another company, they have additional savings available if you switch to their services.

    Zepol Labs Read Expert Review

    Specializes in comprehensive treatments to eliminate the most common Sacramento pests, including rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, seasonal pets, ants and flies.

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      About pest control in Sacramento

      There are a few things to consider when choosing the right pest control company. It’s essential to take into account both price and competency. You should also look into references from neighbors and online reviews. Make sure to ask about the chemicals used and whether or not you’ll need ongoing services or a one-time treatment.   

      Stay away from companies that offer packages with unrelated services and steer clear of companies who say that have a “special formula.” Last, but not least, get a few estimates from nearby companies. Don’t feel pressured to sign a contract with a provider right away.

      Common Sacramento pests

      Stinging insects, spiders, termites and bed bugs are prevalent in Sacramento, and the latter is especially difficult to eradicate without professional assistance. Keeping areas surrounding the property clean and free of debris and waste helps ward off ants, roaches and mice. However, this doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to deal with an infestation. 

      • Stinging insects: The two most common species of wasps in the Sacramento area are Vespula pensylvanica (common wasp) and Vespula germanica (German wasp). German wasps make their nests in walls or attics, which can cause structural damage. Common wasps also cause damage but make their nests aerially.

        Yellowjackets are most prevalent in the later summer months, and since their numbers increase during this time, they can be a nuisance in parks as they search for food. The sting of a Yellowjacket is excruciating and can be life-threatening for anyone sensitive or allergic.

      • Spiders: Spiders are drawn inside during fall and winter when they seek warmth. The three venomous spiders to be wary of in Sacramento are the black widow, the cellar spider, and the yellow sac spider. These spiders are not aggressive, but they are very territorial and attack when threatened. Other common spiders are the wolf spider (fast movers attack if provoked), the orb weaver spider and tarantulas (mainly common in this area because people keep them as pets).
      • Termites: The most common termites in the Sacramento area are Western Subterranean Termites (very damaging to structures), Western Drywood Termites (they swarm in Sept and Oct when temperatures rise quickly), and Pacific Dampwood Termites (they thrive in cool, humid climates).
      • Rodents: The most common types of rodents in the Sacramento area are the roof rat, the Norway rat and the house mouse. Rats can cause a lot of damage to property, contaminate food, and transmit diseases or parasites to humans and other animals.
      • Ants: The most common type of ants found in Sacramento are Argentine ants, which can move their nest quickly when they sense danger. Pharaoh ants are small and also very common, but they don’t pose a threat to humans. Pavement ants are most prevalent at night when they come out to search for food. Carpenter ants chew on wood to gain entry and create nests — they’re highly aggressive and have wars with termites.
      • Roaches: The German cockroach is the most common in the Sacramento area. Cockroaches usually come out at night, so daytime sightings could indicate a bigger infestation. They hide in secluded dark spots, sometimes even behind pictures or inside of wall sockets. Other types are the American, Oriental and brown-banded cockroach, but they are less common.
      • Termites: The most common termites in the Sacramento area are western subterranean termites, which are very damaging to structures. Western drywood termites are also common during tend September and October when temperatures rise quickly. Pacific dampwood termites are also common because they thrive in cool, humid climates. Signs of a termite infestation to look for include discolored or drooping drywall, small, pinpoint holes in drywall, tiles loosening or tight door frames or window frames.

      Sacramento pest control FAQ

      Do ants carry germs?
      Yes, ants can spread bacterial and fungal organisms. Pharaoh ants especially have been known to transmit salmonella, staphylococcus, clostridium and streptococcus within medical and food facilities.
      Where do black widow spiders live?
      Black widow spiders live in temperate climates and prefer dark, dry, sheltered places like boxes, basements, barns, patio and deck crevices, or firewood and debris.
      What do black widow spiders eat?
      Black widow spiders eat ants, caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles, cockroaches, scorpions and other spiders.
      How much does termite treatment cost in Sacramento?
      Termite treatments in Sacramento usually range from $7.55 to $10.34 per linear foot for chemical treatment. The cost of treating a termite infestation varies by the size of the property and the method used.
      What do termites eat?
      Wood makes up the majority of a termite’s diet, but they do eat other materials like paper, plastics, drywall and dead plants.

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        Company information

        Clark Pest Control Sacramento

        Clark Pest Control offers a free, same-day pest inspection for homes and businesses. Residential bed bug treatments utilize heat, steam, liquids and/or chemical dusts and fumigation. Its termite control services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It also offers commercial and residential landscaping services. These services are available for business facilities, offices, industrial buildings and warehouses. The Year-Round Pest-Away program includes inspection of your property and home plus a customized pest service control plan.

        • Service areas: Sacramento and surrounding areas
        • Address: 5822 Roseville Rd., Sacramento, CA 95842
        • Phone number: (916) 226-1951
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 6am - 8pm; Sat: 7am - 6pm; Sun: 8am - 5pm
        • Website:
        Pinnacle Pest Control

        Pinnacle Pest Control provides one time services as well as a year-round program. These include identification and treatment of existing pest problem(s), interior and exterior perimeter treatment for further prevention, quarterly exterior treatments and spider web removal on each home visit. The company guarantee removal of pests — if pests return, exterminators come back for free. New customers can get a free quote and inspection when you fill out the form on their website.

        • Service areas: Sacramento, West Sacramento, the East Bay, and surrounding Northern California areas
        • Address: 600 Broadway, STE C, Sacramento, CA 95818
        • Phone number: (916) 381-5793
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm; Sat: 8am - 1pm
        • Website:
        Pegasus Pest Control

        Pegasus pest control offers residential and commercial pest control services. Get a free inspection and 10% off any written competitor’s price quote. One-time treatments, as well as a year service agreement, are available. The year service agreement involves bi-monthly services and free emergency pest assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pegasus exterminators apply the least risky pest control methods first and move up from there.

        • Service areas: Greater Sacramento area
        • Address: 1500 South River Rd, West Sacramento, CA 95691
        • Phone number: (916) 682-4746 or (916) 457-2011
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm; Sat: 8am - 12pm
        • Website:
        Best Price Pest Control

        Best Price Pest Control offers one-time services to exterminate bees, ants, wasps, roaches, rats, mice, black widow spiders, earwigs and fleas. Services come with the guarantee that if the bugs come back, Best Price exterminators return at no charge. Initial start-up on an average-sized home costs $40.

        • Service areas: Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Fair Oaks and surrounding areas.
        • Address: 8352 Summer Creek Ct., Sacramento, CA 95828
        • Phone number: (916) 481-7700
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm; Sat: 8am - 2pm
        • Website:
        North American Home Services

        North American Home Serves offers interior and exterior inspections. The interior pest control inspection consists of inspecting floor baseboards and foundations, windows, window wills, sinks and cabinets, as well as any large cracks or crevices around doors. It also has a referral program that lets existing customers get discounts and earn rewards for referring friends.

        • Service areas: Sacramento, Roseville and surrounding cities
        • Address: 4617 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95841
        • Phone number: (800) 732-2847
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
        • Website:
        Pacific Coast Termite

        Pacific Coast Termites has a full in-house woodworking division offering comprehensive termite and rodent control as well as attic rescue services (attic cleaning and TAP pest control insulation). The termite control treatment offers several options that don’t require fumigation or tenting. The company offers XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, Bora-Care, Premise, Termidor and Altriset. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, the preferred method in Sacramento County, is a naturally occurring essential oil. It is derived from the rind of oranges that contain the active ingredient d-limonene, which kills termites and their eggs on contact.

        • Service areas: Sacramento, Galt, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Isleton, Citrus Heights
        • Address: 40487 Encyclopedia Cir., Fremont, CA 94538
        • Phone number: (916) 407-3929
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Sat: 8am - 5pm
        • Website:
        Official Pest Prevention

        Official Pest Prevention services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every bird control service includes a thorough cleaning and disinfectant to get rid of any viruses or diseases associated with birds, the mites they carry and their droppings. They also provide hotel and motel bed bug services as well as pest control services to any other business. Other services they provide include weed and turf control. They offer bi-monthly, quarterly and semi-annual programs designed to improve lawn quality and remove weeds.

        • Service areas: Sacramento, Central Valley and Bay Area
        • Address: 10139 Iron Rock Way, Elk Grove, CA 95624
        • Phone number: (916) 249-0642
        • Hours of operation: 24/7
        • Website:
        Barrier Pest Solutions

        Barrier Pest Control assigns one continuous and dedicated technician for your pest control needs. Select pest control programs with 4 to 12 treatments per year. It can provide specialized services for commercial property owners. Rodent control and natural pest control products are also available.

        • Service areas: Sacramento and the surrounding area/regions including West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights
        • Address: 8194 Visalia Way, Sacramento, CA 95828
        • Phone number: (916) 683-2929
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
        • Website:
        Bugs 2 Rest

        Bugs 2 Rest Pest Control uses an integrated pest management program of sealing holes, weather stripping entry points and trimming trees and greenery. The company cleans up attics and performs rodent repairs as well as extermination and prevention of ants, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders and wasps.

        • Service areas: Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County, San Joaquin County and Yolo County
        • Address: 1315 21st St., Sacramento, CA 95811
        • Phone number: (916) 370-9683 or (916) 744-BUGS
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm; Sat: 10am - 3pm
        • Website:
        The Noble Way Pest Control

        Noble Way exterminators use botanical-based pyrethrum with SmartCap technology, a natural pest control product that is environmentally friendly. The company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee — if the pests comes back, specialists return for no additional charge. Rodent services also include a free inspection.

        • Service areas: Sacramento and surrounding areas
        • Address: 5757 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841
        • Phone number: (916) 349-2044
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
        • Website:
        ProServ Pest Management

        ProServ Pest Management technicians are all highly trained and certified. Safety is a top priority, and technicians move things like welcome mats and pet food dishes before spraying around the affected area. Technicians inspect your home and treat around your home’s exterior up to 30 feet away. For commercial properties, a logbook stays onsite where problems can be noted as well as safety data sheets about the products used for OSHA compliance. You can get a free quote over the phone, and it has an online portal to pay your bill.

        • Service areas: Sacramento metro area
        • Address: 6643 32nd St., North Highlands, CA 95660
        • Phone number: (916) 334-4440
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
        • Website:
        Zepol Labs

        Zepol Labs is a licensed, bonded, and insured pest control company that offers residential and commercial pest control services. You can call to get a free estimate for general pest control, bed bug treatment, wildlife removal, and bird and bat removal services. Zepol technicians utilize an approach of outside-in with on-site consultations plus data-driven reporting.

        • Service areas: Sacramento and surrounding areas
        • Address: 4401 Castle Grove Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758
        • Phone number: (800) 691-9245
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Sat: 7am - 7pm
        • Website:
        EcoGuard Pest Management

        EcoGuard Pest Management serves residential, commercial and agricultural properties. All of their services are customizable, including the usage of eco-friendly products. EcoGuard utilizes a five-point inspection and treatment program that includes interior, exterior, garage and the surrounding yard on your property. It offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free estimate via their online form.

        • Service areas: Sacramento County and Northern California region
        • Address: 808 Bidwell St., Folsom, CA 95630
        • Phone number: (916) 817-2847
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm
        • Website:
        Fast Action Pest Control

        Fast Action Pest Control has an online portal to schedule a free inspection. After the inspection, exterminators provide their recommendations and a written estimate. The Enhanced Service Program includes service every other month designed for efficient, long-term control utilizing low-risk methods. Every scheduled bi-monthly service includes a thorough inspection of your property. If there is an issue between services, a technician returns at no additional cost.

        • Service areas: Sacramento, Elk Grove and surrounding areas
        • Address: 10471 Grant Line Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95624
        • Phone number: (916) 714-7274
        • Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm
        • Website:
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