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We had problems with moles in our yard. I contacted Orkin Pest Control in March of 2016. A salesman came out to the house and I showed him the mole activity. He assured me that Orkin could help. I signed a contract and at this time I was led to believe by the salesman that the service was good until Oct 2016. I paid the fee of $475.00 and we set up a time for a technician to come out. A couple of days later the technician came out, set a couple of traps at the back edge of the yard, spread some mole deterrent around and left. It took him about ten minutes That was the last time I saw or heard from anyone!!! I called the salesman just about every week and he promised that someone would be out soon. Well, that never happened.

In July, I finally called the office and talked to a manager who told me that these contracts only go for TWO MONTHS!! I told him that the salesman led me to believe that it would go until Oct. After talking to the salesman he finally agreed to honor this and told me that they would continue the contract until Oct 2016 and that a technician would be out to the house the following week. That was the last time I heard from them. Not only did they literally steal my $475, they continually lied to me. This company will not honor their contract and their words are lies!!! Do business with at your own RISK!!!

I've been calling this company since last month for an inspection cause we're having a fruit fly problem and still nothing!!! They said someone should call in the next 24hr to set up an inspection, still no call. This is the worst company ever. The customer service sucks, very misleading!!! I wouldn't recommend it.

I recently inquired with Orkin about a "possible" infestation issue in my home. Upon calling customer service, I was told that there would be a fee for an inspection. After calling a few places, I found that Orkin was the only company that does not do a complimentary inspection. I asked the customer service line to give me a ballpark figure of what we'd be looking at price wise, as I already had two other quotes, and she let me know, in a very snarky and rude tone, that their company does not do business that way and she had noted my file that I was just "price shopping and not a serious consumer." I am also a small business owner with a corporate contract with Orkin (that I did not mention during my initial phone call) and will be discontinuing service with them due to their poor customer service.

Originally I subscribed to this service in the month of August for an issue with carpenter ants. After calling Orkin out numerous times within the first two months, we noticed that we no longer saw any ants. Since we subscribed to a year long service, we expected to continue to get treatments. Unfortunately, this is when we found out how unreliable and unprofessional this company was. The tech that treated our house when we originally signed up left the company. After that a different technician would come out to spray without warning or a schedule and then I would be billed.

Most of the winter months I would come home from work and see a sticker on my door that said my billable service was completed that day and that since I was not home they treated the outside. In January when there are no bugs outside. Each time I would call the office and complain, but this situation persisted, until my year long contract was up. I would never recommend this company to anyone!

On March 12, 2016, we had to treat our home for bedbugs. We paid the $95 inspection fee, and the house was treated. We paid $1050 which included the $95 inspection fee. For 5 months now, we've had to deal with collection notices stating we owe $95. We contacted Orkin and spoke with several managers, and they said, "No need to pay - already paid in inspection." That was told to us by Ken **, Orkin Manager. We also spoke with Anthony **, and he said it would be taken care of and removed. He apologized for the inconvenience. Today, I received a collection notice from Revenue Group, which means Orkin Corp. sent our account to collections. I have all my receipts including the one that proves we paid the $95. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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I am not sure if the poor customer service is a reflection of Orkin as a national brand or just the Raleigh office (I am in 27604 if there are multiple offices)... but wow. I was misled about their services/free inspection from the first call during the sales process. Their follow up protocol was not followed through on as well. I am in sales myself and if I misled or did not deliver on my promises and protocol with my own clients, I would not have any clients. Though the individual employees are nice when you speak with them, their processes leave a lot to be desired. Cancelling services and calling one of their competitors ASAP.

South Jersey Orkin... Called the Office to schedule another treatment for bed bugs and the Office manager had an extreme attitude as if I'm wasting their time. The bugs kept traveling from one room to the next. They said "next time you see them capture it and put the bugs in a ziplock bag." I did called the office to get another visit. Finally the rude office manager said that we cannot receive anymore treatments. I explained to her that my wife has metastatic breast cancer and on hospice care and I don't want her to live her final days being bit by bed bugs. She didn't show any sign of remorse over the phone and continue to say nothing they can do. I felt coming out of this like I was robbed because we didn't get needed help that 1200 paid for.

By the way On the follow up visits they didn't fog like the initial visit. They used a spray that you can buy over the internet yourself. How do I know? The guy wouldn't leave me with spray bottle. He told me I can buy it. Do yourself a favor and research how to do it yourself. Don't waste your time and money with these insensitive people.

They came out to spray for carpet beetles, although not one of 3 visits covered the entire place (I only own a condo). They are still here! After first spray, guy comes back a week later to see if all clear. I tell him I have found at least 2 live ones just days ago. He says all is clear, sometimes a couple get away from spray. Continue to find more, so have second spray, then 3rd. No longer under contract. Couldn't have them back. And why would I since they don't know how to terminate them! The guy who came here didn't even seem educated on carpet beetles. He tells me the marks on your body come from their bites which they do as they lay eggs. NOTHING anywhere says they bite. The marks on your skin come just from skin contact with bugs!

I called in to speak to someone in customer service because no one had responded to my online inquiry. After the woman gave me the breakdown of services and the prices I asked her if this was a contractual agreement where we HAVE to have all 6 treatments or if after the first 2 we don't see any improvement can we cancel the next 4 treatments without penalty or hassle. She literally refused to give me a yes or no answer to my question and instead told me repeatedly if we didn't do all 6 treatments it would be a waste of our money and a waste of their time. So I clarified my question and still received the same answer. I told her if I can't have a clear explanation of what it is I am signing up for then I didn't want their services. I chose Orkin because I know they have been around for a long time but the customer service was beyond disappointing and very frustrating. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

I left another company that was not doing anything to control my German roach problem and Orkin manager Peggy came out and worked really hard to help me solve it. Both techs were friendly and helpful. I had a great experience and would recommend them. Thanks Orkin.

I requested pest control services for my home in San Antonio, TX. When I spoke with the representative on the phone, she quoted me one price of $77 and was very confident in the services that Orkin could provide. I specifically asked if this was the price I would be charged for the initial inspection and services. She stated "there would be no additional charge". Upon arrival, Alfred **, whose attitude and initial demeanor was very unpleasant, looked around the home in less than 5 minutes and determined that because of what he "perceived" to be an infestation the prices of the services would be an additional $50, bringing the total to $127.

I explained to him what the representative quoted me, and I was not informed that there could be a potential increase in costs upon inspection. He continued to argue with me and tell me that the representatives follow a script and that the customer service agent did in fact tell me that there would be an additional costs based upon inspection. He was adamant that this was the case. I was not told by Wanda the customer service rep that there would be an additional increase in costs; in fact she quoted me the discounted rate of $77. It would not make sense to give me a discounted price and then subsequently be charged the same amount ($50) of the discount upon inspection.

Mr. ** was rude, practically accused me of being dishonest for disagreeing with him that the representative told me there could be an increase in cost upon inspection. He came into my home with an attitude from the start and without conducting a thorough inspection, surmised we had an infestation... which turned out to be inaccurate based on the inspection of another pest control company. Mr. ** did not represent your company well, and certainly left a bad impression with me. I initially selected Orkin because of the reviews, the commercial and the fact that your company has been around for some time. But based on this experience, I would not recommend Orkin because of the bad customer service, misrepresentation of prices and not honoring the prices initially quoted. Sounds like a racket to me.

My daughter moved into an apartment and ended up with a bed bug infestation. Orkin has been out 3 times now. The bugs are worse than ever. Management is trying to say they brought them with them. Orkin says they came from the bed. My Auntie had the bed for 7+ years. Not a bug on it. Have paper showing it had none all the time she had it. Do I need a lawyer? Is Orkin going to do their job? I could do better.

A year ago, when my termite inspection was due. I received a unscheduled visit by a Orkin person to do the inspection. The first time in 25 years my attic was inspected, I was informed that I had field mice. Next I was told that my crawl space needed a new moisture barrier. Orkin placed the original barrier in my crawl space and 4 automatic vents.

I was so angry that I called the Raleigh office with my complaint. I was told that Orkin will do a home inspection. And report the findings to the customer. Never informing the customer that this service will be done and not scheduling with the customer. I spent $800.00 with another company to inspect my attic and my crawl space. No mice. I did have a new moisture barrier placed. When my annual renewal was due I decided to pay in installments, because of my anger with the company, they decided that they no longer wanted me as a customer. They thought that because I am a senior over 75 years of age a female that they could take advantage of me and make additional money by selling something that I did not need. After 25 years with the company because I decided to pay installments they terminated my service with the company. May 2016.

My husband and I moved into a new apartment 6 months ago. We found bed bugs had infested our bedroom and most likely our living room because they woke me up in the middle of the night and I went out to lay on the couch after hours of itching and scratching. I just didn't realize what was until we found them! So our apartment manager called Orkin. The Orkin Man came in to inspect. He said, "What do you think the problem is?" Very rude. I said, "Look down at the mattress, that's what the problem is." Oh, then he put on latex gloves, looked at the mattress, looked at the couch and said he'd report his findings to the manager. He came back to exterminate, we came home and found a bed bug crawling across the mattress! I called Orkin, they were very apologetic, however, it's a commercial account so our manager has to make the call. She just happened to be off for 3 days!

When we were finally able to have management get Orkin back to our home, he came in and again very rude and said, "What is going on?" I said, "We still have bed bugs." He looks around again, says "It looks good," he'll be back in 2 weeks! "Really, I've caught at least one every day since you exterminated and I know what I'm looking at!" He told me to catch what I see with scotch tape, bag it, write exactly where I found it and he'll be back! They are crawling on the floors, walls, ceiling! I'm paying almost $1400 a month and I'm sleeping on the balcony. I cannot go into that apartment until I really, really, really have to use the bathroom. AWFUL SERVICE, ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!

I have had Orkin for a year and all I have is 1000 less dollars and LOTS of ants. I swear they are feeding them. I was not home the first couple of times they came and was not aware they refused to go under my deck... which is about 3 feet off the ground. Well guess where the nest is... what happened to the commercial where they go anywhere including crawl spaces. This area is much larger, had my daughter in law not told me, I would not have known. They said, "Well it could be as far as 6 feet deep in the ground." If you know this, why don't you have a treatment for it?

They never call you back. Even when you try to pay them trying to schedule appointment they still don't call you back. Whoever is answering your phone they should fire. It's the worst company. I have it that way. It's like they don't want to have clients.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. That's all I hear. From the Orkin man who called this morning to say he wasn't coming to my 9 am appointment because "he had a virus". Listen to me. I was up until 2:30 am this morning and when my alarm rang at 7:30 am I wanted to, oh so desperately, shut that annoying buzzer off and go back to sleep. But I didn't. I got up, made my coffee, showered, got dressed AND put on my make-up so I wouldn't scare you to death when you showed up for our morning appointment. You were sick? Oh, poor baby. When I am sick, I still show up to work. And your excuse; PLEASE spare me. I have heard every excuse in the book from my students and your excuse was not even a little bit creative, you were too lazy to even put any effort into making up a good excuse.

Here is what I know. If you want to succeed, you roll out of bed when you are sick, when you are tired, when you hate your job, when every freaking bone in your body aches and then you pull up your big boy pants and show up to work! You want to reschedule? NO! You would just make an excuse for not doing your job right. Like, show more reactions, comment.

I do not like Orkin because I gave them authorization to charge my debit card on July 1st for what I owed them for service. I was checking my bank account online and saw that they had already charged my card and caused my account to be overdrafted. I called their office and spoke with Rhonda who said it was her fault that she did it by mistake and did some sort of adjustment right after.

Well, it is the following week and I am still being charged overdraft fees at my bank. The bank will not do anything about it and Orkin manager, Sean, in San Antonio TX said there was nothing he could do. How long should it take to refund money you take in error? Their attitude was that they could not care less about me or my patronage. Well, they will definitely not have my patronage any longer. I had not received a call from them telling me of their error. If I had not looked at my bank account online I would never have known about it.

This makes me so afraid about my money. I will never give my account information out again and if anyone does not like it then they do not get my business. Be afraid if you are using Orkin and they have your bank account information. Their attitude is just so terrible. He said when this gets settled they would give me credit for my overdraft fees--but it would be credited to my account with Orkin, not to my bank account. Well that is not helpful because I do not plan to use Orkin again because of this horrible experience. It would not matter nearly so much if I had money. Now I am stuck and do not have money for bills or food. I will actually have to use a credit card to buy food.

The building I live in has bed bugs, cockroaches and carpet beetles. Manager has done very little to do anything about these problems, Adam I believe. 72 units only 5-7 are even being treated. The Orkin employee came into my apartment. He was rude, impatient to me. "So you said you have bed bug." He did not even do an inspection, told me he could not spraying my apartment because it was not ready. It was in one of those mattress protectors of my box springs and mattress plus it was wrapped in 6 mil. plastic and duct tape. I showed him a homemade trap for bed bugs. He did not even know what the bed bugs were inside of it.

I have spent over $300 trying to clear this problem out on my own, come to find out he's a friend of the manager. He spent more time in the office with her than doing his job. I'm very frustrated. I cannot afford to continue to treat mild problem when it is legally the owner of the building's responsibility but he has told her things. But according to the manager that bed bugs don't travel and it will only take one treatment to get rid of them. What a bunch of crap. Orkin is a horrible company. There needs to be some government office that gets off their butts and actually helps people.

I paid for their service a year in advance. I am extremely dissatisfied with the results. At one time they said I didn't pay when I paid in advance. My lawn is nothing but weeds. I am not there for long periods of time and have to trust that they are doing their job. They obviously were not. I recommend that you do not consider them when choosing a company. My neighbors on either side do not have a treatment company and their lawns look much better than mine. Very disappointed in Cape Coral.

Had Orkin to get rid of German Cockroaches a few years back. It only 4-5 months on a monthly visits. He sprayed used bait traps to prevent the females from reproducing. After the 5 month they change our guy that did the treatments, and change our dates, trying to withdraw the money on a different date trying to overdraw my account. Now we called them back again. They set us up on a yearly plan. But this time it was every other month. The guy used a strong dose the first time. We called him back after a month. He sprayed only the areas that we said we seen them not the whole house. Pretty much pointless. The sprayed areas only drove them to other areas of the house.

The last time he told me he's using a less strong dose, which I wouldn't think that's right. I believed to use a strong dose every time until they're gone completely. Not using the same methods the last guy used to prevent them from reproducing, spraying the house is too far apart. My wife and I decided to cancelled. The guy told my wife we have to give a 30-day notice. So I called the main office, the lady told me we couldn't cancel the year contract. She asked who told me, I told her. Then she said she'll have service manager call me back. Which that's been hours now. I expect a response in a couple hours not days. Which I think is a bunch of BS. If you're not satisfied of the service you should be able to cancel and go somewhere - someone else that can get the job done.

It's only been a little over eight months now that I have had Orkin Pest control. I woke up in bed one night covered in blood. Didn't see what was tearing me up so bad. I went to the hospital because I couldn't breathe. I was black and blue all over. Found out bed bugs did this to me so I called three pest control companies. Orkin was who I wanted because of the man who is the manager, he said "Don't worry. I promise I'll get rid of them." As time went by things got worse. Those bugs killed my 13-year old siamese cat.

After he passed last Sept I had already paid over $650 which was my amount I had to pay and the state was paying the rest. Things started to get better until around Dec so I text the manager and asked if I could get a spray. He then said that he wasn't going to because the state hadn't paid their half so I called the lady who was helping me and she took care of it so I could get a spray. I've only had four sprays from them and I still have the bugs. He lied to me about getting rid of them. I've lost everything my son's ever made or gave me. I had to get rid of everything in my house and now he told this new guy I have to pay to get a spray.

I don't have the money or the help to get this done. I feel like everything he said was a lie as it was at the beginning. He said some of my cancer meds made me see things that weren't there. I lost it on him. My meds are my business, not his. I don't know what to do because of him wanting to charge me again. There's so much more that has happened because of him. I can't get bit by those bugs. They will kill me. I've been in the hospital already two times because of this and I don't know what or who to call to get something done.

Please if anyone can help me I need to know what can I do, who can I call. I'm truly lost and very scared, everything he said was a lie. I'm very clean and having this I can't even have my grandkids over. No one. I don't want anyone else to go through what I have had to. The commercials they show on tv tells you "if you see a bug, we'll come back." No not here in Michigan, never. I've called and text but no one comes. Truly heartbroken.

Okay, so my wife and I have had an ant problem for 2 months now. We have tried various remedies to get rid of them, and none to date have worked.

I saw the add for Orkin and thought we would give them a try. I called and was told by a pleasant young lady that I could sign up for one year of Orkin control for over $300 per year for one pest or over $500 per year for multiple pest. I said I wasn't interested in a year contract and just wanted someone to come out for just one time to look for a nest and over a solution. I was told an appointment for a service person to come out for an inspection was set up. So today that service person came out. This service man first off came in to the house and never took off his shoes (could be company policy) He then looked around the house while I explained what was going on.

He used a flashlight to look into some exposed joist in our laundry room, but beyond that did not make any effort into looking anywhere else in the house for signs of where the ants may be coming from (he is the professional supposedly so I thought he would take a more thorough look.) Based on what I told him he said it sounded like they were carpenter ants. We then went outside at which time he explained that the carpenter ant nest could be up to 300 feet away from our house, and that finding the actual nest was uncommon. (I looked online and he is not completely wrong, nests can be found a fair distance from the house.) I asked what my options were and he suggested one of the 2 - one year plans that I mentioned above. He looked around the yard, but not once do he actually examine the exterior of my house to see if he could determine where the ants were getting in.

The service man said the ants don't eat the wood but burrow in it to live (again this is true as I looked it up.) He looked at a couple rotting stumps but never examined them closely to see if there was any ant nest in them. I mentioned I had been using ant baits I bought from Canadian tire and that some of the ants we were finding in our house were dead. The guy said that the ant bait could be working and suggested I wait before making a decision on a year contract with them (the first and only helpful piece of advise I got.) I then saw a few ants on our front sidewalk and asked him what they were. He said they were pavement ants, and were common. I then showed him a carcass of an ant that I took from inside my house. He said "ya, that's a carpenter ant" when am no genius, but when I compared the pavement ant and "carpenter ant' they looked the same to me. I then asked if he could spray today.

He said no he was far to busy and wouldn't be able to return until June 1st. (Really, how long does it take to spray around the exterior of the residence?) He then went on to say Orkin was having this bug display event in London and they were looking for volunteers to man the booth, to which he added he was not going to do that either. This guy was unprofessional in appearance (I can understand a dirty shirt, it's a dirty job; however he looked unkempt) and his attitude was poor. He offered not assistance other than to try and get me to sign up for a year plan (I know that's what they do.)

Needless to say I will not pay over $300 dollars for them to spray. Oh, ya, this little visit which took 15 minutes cost me over $80.00 for nothing other than "ya, you got ants." Really helpful. My suggestion to anyone looking at pest control is stay away from Orkin and try and find a locally owned pest control business, or look online and get advise for a do-it-yourself solution which I did.

Orkin - these are either total incompetents or crooks. I cannot begin to explain how seething with anger I am at this service run by crooks and liars. My elderly mom's very expensive facility is immaculately clean. I don't know how she got bedbugs. Orkin came and said the problem was contained after they did one treatment. They made it seem so easy. Within hours after they left my mother was bitten eight times, even worse than before they did their treatment. The Orkin had assured me the problem was easy and taken care of.

He is given the company line and delivers it so smoothly and is so reassuring you want to believe it but he's a company robot who doesn't care and doesn't know his job. I don't know how these guys sleep at night. My mother is over 90. If they can't solve the problem at least they shouldn't lie that they can. They literally made the problem worse. Don't use them!

Last week I was told I had a huge bedbug infestation in my apartment. The evidence was from a situation I was in 4 years ago. This Representative was very hateful and argumentative with me. On Tuesday he came to see if things were ready for treatment. After inspecting the bedroom and living room he stated, "You don't need to do anything to the kitchen or bathroom." As he walked toward the door, he spotted an antique table near the bathroom door.

With a hateful tone he spat out, "THAT has to be emptied for treatment." I ask him to lift the tabletop and explain what I had to do to be ready. When he lifted the top and found the floor staring at him, he knew he was in trouble. Instead of placing the top back, he dropped it from about his armpit height. That table is about 200 years old and irreplaceable. His actions have sunk my opinion of Orkin to about 60 feet below the level of whale dung at the bottom of the ocean. It will take an awful lot for me to ever have any respect for the company ever again. I have been in contact with an attorney and will continue to consult him as to recourse.

We had a yearly contract with Orkin to inspect and treat our home for carpenter ants since 2014. In June 2015, we reported seeing carpenter ants on our front porch. An Orkin tech came to our home and reported no ant activity and treated the perimeter of our home with pesticide. He continued to report no ant activity and treat the perimeter of our home with pesticide throughout 2015. Each time, we were charged $77.00, with a total cost of $385.00. On April 13 of this year, the Orkin tech again inspected our home and once again reported no activity for carpenter ants.

Several days later, we determined that the two front posts of our front stairs railings were completely destroyed by carpenter ants. We contacted Orkin on April 25, 2016 to request service, and were told that our Orkin Tech would contact us, which he never did. Instead, we arranged for another exterminator service to take care of our carpenter ant problem, which cost $300.00. The repair of the posts, which were hand made, will cost $1000. Do not use Orkin!!! They will take your MONEY AND DO NOTHING TO PROTECT YOUR HOME!!! IF I COULD, I WOULD GIVE THEM NEGATIVE 1000 STARS!!!

I had Orkin Pest Control for few years and they been doing treatments for roaches and ants. Every month I would have same treatments done same apartments as well so when I looked into the ant problem and found out what kind of ant we had, I asked Orkin tech as did he know what kind of ant we had and he had no clue. "So you are doing treatments but yet not sure for what?" When I told him that I had researched and told him that we had Pharaoh ants and that he been giving them wrong baits/which means when you do that this colony will split and spread like wildfire throughout your building. And that he been doing that for at least 3 years at my property So go figure how big of a problem this was.

After talking to his Manager he did not want to acknowledge that this was their problem and that we would have to pay for new service which was around 20k to get rid of the problem which they created in first place to begin with. That is what your pest control is suppose to do right? Fix your problems not spread the problem and then want to charge for it. When I told him that we would not pay for this service do to them making it this bad and that they need to fix this.

He then told me that they do not treat for Pharaoh ants and that is not part of the contract. Hehe right. But yet their commercial says IF YOU got any pest problems we handle that. And in the contracts it had ants for it. I guess when you sign that contract you better ask them will you spread the problem and then have me pay for that too and if that is in your contract. Spread the problem The more treatments we do the better and more money we get. And if I could I would not even give them 1 star. I would give them negative 10 stars.

I got a call from customer service to JUST get a quote. When she told me the prices and that I would be in a contract, the prices had already made me not want to go with them, but this was my first quote so I didn't know what my range would be, but I didn't really want to pay more than $30 (Guess I'm cheap). She asked "What do you think?" I told her "Well I'm not looking for a contract, and not sure if I can afford them." She asked what I could afford. Told her "idk beside I haven't quoted much yet." She told me then what the noncontract rate was, I laughed/giggled and said "no, that's crazy." She said "ok have a nice day" and hung up! I was about to tell her "no, I am looking more for $30." But after her hanging up on me, forget it, I'll never use them.

Tech showed up when I am not home. I signed a contract for one year and in that one year my gate has been linked and my dog that hates people will not let anyone in my backyard. So you do the math. I told them tech has to come when I am home to do service. Never happened. When I complained they did nothing about this. After year was up they still showed up to put bill in mailbox for service. My son that works at home told me he pulls up, goes directly to mailbox and leaves bill stating he has done service. Ripoff to the extreme...

I had some mouse problems in my house and I thought Orkin would be good (maybe because of their ads). But they didn't make any difference to the problem. I complained and asked to cancel the service but they charged me again for the next three months without my consent. I have email proof for the cancellation request. I also wrote and made several phone calls to cancel my service but they don't. Please be careful before signing up for service with them. They also will not come unless you sign up for 3 months. AND THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM THAT I HIRED THEM TO FIX.

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Orkin is one of the most popular and largest pest control companies in the world. The company serves businesses and residential property owners both across the country and internationally.

  • Company reputation: Orkin is known as one of the leading experts in pest control. The company is more than 113 years old.
  • Variety of services: Orkin offers a variety of pest control services, including termites, bed bugs, rodents, ants, roaches, spiders, scorpions, bees, ticks, mosquitoes, and more.
  • Location of company: Orkin has locations across the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Caribbean, and Australia, so it’s a convenient option for customers across the world.
  • Service: Because Orkin exists across the world, it’s hard to depend on consistent customer service. Representatives from location to location may differ due to different regional challenges, different managers, etc.
  • Scheduling: Customers who need quick service from Orkin may experience delays and long wait times when trying to book an appointment.
  • Best for Landlords of large residential buildings, single-family homeowners, apartment & condo owners, commercial property owners

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