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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Divorced 2007. I got the house my ex got the payments. Mortgage loan in his name only. Property in my name only. Ex quit making payments in September of 2013. I found out just before Thanksgiving 2013. I caught the payments up. Been making ever since. Fell behind Oct 2015 after a job change. Took out a loan on my Yukon December 1, 2015 to catch payments up on house. Citi Mortgage rep Margaret ** said Citi couldn't help me if I could make my house payment. I told her how I got the money. She stated she would delete the very large payment I had just made and send me the paperwork to file for remodification. Now remember my name is not on the mortgage. So I received the email from Ms ** with all the documents I needed to fill out plus the documents that I needed to send in.

Sent it all in and a little over 2 months later, now February 2016, and two representative changes later, Citi Mortgage declined my loan remodification because "my name is not on the loan." Citi stated they didn't know my name wasn't on the loan, they didn't know my ex and I were divorced. Wrong! They were looking at the loan information for my home. They also had an Authorization on file from my ex so they could discuss the loan with me. And, they have a copy of the divorce decree - they asked for it in the first email Ms ** sent along with the Quit Claim Deed conveying my ex's interest in the home to me.

I asked to speak to a department manager - not a peon. So Ashley came on the line. I asked why Make ** would delete the payment that caught my account up to offer me a loan remodification she knew I wouldn't qualify for because my name wasn't on the loan? Ashley stated they - Citi r Drrps are not allowed to dissuading potential customers even if they know they don't qualify.

Instead of being $821 per month before the remodification started in December 2015 my payments went to just over $1000 per month for 6 months to catch the payments up. I couldn't make them either so long about May or June of 2016, Citi assigned Melanie ** as my account rep. Ms ** offers a loan remodification. I'm like "how's this going to end any differently than the last one?" Ms ** says "I'm at the executive level and we can do more at this level than at Ms **'s level. " Needless to say, it didn't end any differently with the exception of a couple of twists.

First, my ex had to sign all of the paperwork too. Melanie stated the remodification would have been approved the first time if this had been done - no one mentioned that to me. Remodification declined. Same reason as first time PLUS additional reasons: my ex doesn't live in the house was one reason and Citi stated they didn't feel I could catch the payments up in 6 months was another. If you are accepted for a remodification do you catch the payments up in 6 months? I didn't think this was how it worked. Difference in my income? I went from $1100 week salary to $1700 biweekly on workmans comp. Payment is $815.66 per month for mortgage.

Citi has been absolutely no help and has lied to me repeatedly. They sent an inspector out. I called FHA trying to get some help. 800 number rep took my info and stated someone would call me. She did. She stated Citi is sending the inspector out to verify whether or not my ex lives at the residence - and that was exactly the question he asked. She also stated that once Citi was certain my ex does not live here that Citi would take my house away from me. She suggested I started stock piling money and quit making the house payments. I'm serious as a heart attack and swear that is what she told me. Citi has known for 2 years that my ex does not live here. I give. I don't know what to do. If I make the payments due on the mortgage and Citi takes my house because my ex doesn't live here I'm hating it. I don't know what to do. But I do know Citi has lied to me and jerked me around for almost a year now. Help!

I have had 2 second mortgages with them for 14 years. I have never missed a payment like many of the other reviewers, and like many other reviewers find, they have made "errors" which inflict false fees which inflict late payments. Then to get these resolved they bend you over the barrel for about 6 months trying to resolve it. I too don't believe these guys are running a kosher business and if any class action suits arise, I have lots of paperwork and phone records to add to the mix.

I had CitiMortgage for 10 years. I wanted to refinance due to the low rates. They made the experience terrible. At the time my top credit score was 808. However after 5 months CitiMortgage was still not able to give me a closing date nor an estimated closing date. It’s unclear why they took so long because they never gave an explanation. When a person is paying $5000 (nyc) in closing cost part of what is expected is customer service. 5 months to process a refi with the same mortgage co you’re with for 10 years, with no explanation is unreasonable. I’m definitely looking to do business with a company that appreciates it. CitiMortgage needs to learn to do better by their long time customers.

I too have a horror story. My husband died. Note and deed in his name only. CITI allowed several forbearance agreements which I met all obligations. Suddenly CITI would not take my calls or return them. I attended a "Meet 'n Greet" in Strongsville, OH in May 2010 - no response from that either. I wanted to assume the mortgage at $70,000 and have them forgive the rest - no go from attorney in Cincy (not CLand). The tax value was inflated and CITI found out when appraisal was done for sheriff's sale. I got several calls asking about an estate. Each time answer the same - NONE. I even got a letter from the insurance dept after the sheriff sale stating estate was out of compliance.

They have since sold property for $70k over 4 yrs later. They stole my forbearance money since I was told the department never should have acted over a signed document from my husband - should have become void when he died. I was even told by an employee I could get my forbearance money back if a solution could not be made. I have contacted them Nov 2015, 04-2016 and now send a 3rd request. I just want my money back they stole with interest or make me an offer. It is not fair how CITI is allowed to continue to treat people. Do whatever you cannot to use this lender.

The Worst! No help. Refuses to help with any problems. A lot of excuses, never resolves the issues. Do not use this company!! Run! They are idiots! I have to call the stupid people who work there every month!

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Why/how does a lending institution like CitiMortgage that consistently has terrible reviews continue to perform the way they do without an investigation? I have been screwed by this company during and after I utilized their services, apparently am not the only one. They reported me 30 days late on a 2 day late payment when I closed on my last home. Now I cant obtain financing on my new home according to my new mortgage broker. I hired 2 attorneys to assist me with this... They sent certified letters to the address they were given: CitiMortgage Inc., PO Box 9438 Gaithersburg, MD 20898. Those letters were sent back to me via USPO "Return to Sender, Not Deliverable as Addressed."

I have been a long-time customer with a history of on-time payments. I use the website. January there was a problem with the site so my payment posted on February 6 yet they are saying 9. Every agent is trying to play attorney having me repeat my claim hoping they can discredit my claim. They hit me with a late and were unwilling to reverse it, having paid the same day of the month since the start of loan in 2013. CUSTOMER CARE IS NONEXISTENT. In fact it is their mission to ruin you. Beware. There are plenty of options. Choose one.

Buying a new home out of state. After six weeks and more than 100 pages of faxed documents, I am going with another company. Requests daily for more info. The same info numerous times which was all promptly returned to them. I get a congratulatory email that my appraisal came in at $315k. Two days later congratulations again, it came in at $292k exactly the purchase price. One day they needed copy of contract on present house. Next day that wasn't good enough. Needed buyers mortgage commitment.

To top it off, someone from Citi called my lawyer and set a closing date. Three hours later, I received a list of six items I still needed to provide. Three of these, we had provided within the previous 48 hours. Seems like the half read your communications if at all. Don't do business with Citibank unless you happen to be a glutton for punishment. I told them I would go to another company and they said, "Ok we'll close your request." Thanks Citibank for wasting six weeks of my life.

I had an insurance claim on my home where I needed a new $32500 roof. The insurance adjuster also noted some minor interior paint and plaster work on my garage roof and laundry room roof ceiling. The exterior had a couple dings in the stucco as well. Citi started out nice returning $20,000 of the claim to me to get the ball rolling. The roof was completed and the contractor didn't want to wait for Citi to send them the remainder of their bill. I paid them out of pocket the $12500.

So now I need Citi to release the money they hold from my insurance claim to me. I had to submit contracts, w9 forms, Lien wavers and finally a letter from the contractor that they were paid in full. Now Citi needs to inspect. An inspector comes by and takes pictures of my house. He wants to see the the interior repairs. I didn't do those yet, just finished the leaky roof.

Citi refused to release any funds. They claim that plaster work is structural and all structural work must be completed. Really? Plaster? No wonder the contractor didn't want to wait to get a check from Citi. I called and complained to a specialist who assured me she could see the pictures of my new roof and would go see a supervisor and get an exception to their hold on my money. A week later I call and find I was denied. Was told sorry, we will send another inspector to see if you painted your wall. They act like I'm trying to rip them off. The inspector takes at least a week to show up, then a week to file his report. Then Citi will ignore you until you call looking for your money and then stall you again. Don't do business with this company. I'm refinancing with another company. They lost a longtime good customer.

Have had a mortgage with Citi for 20 years. Never late on a payment, never any issues on my end, for 20 years!! I called to set up a different due date as my paycheck date has changed. Not an option I was told. I inquired why. Did not get a answer other than I could refinance my loan. The gentleman added, however, that even refinancing would probably not change the due date that has already been established. I asked the gentleman what he suggested I do. He had nothing for me. I offered to put it on my credit card. Nope. No further discussion, no empathy, no options. Thanks CitiMortgage, way to interact with your customers.

In my opinion it is a predatory lending practice to apply a lender assessed insurance with no actual valuation of the property. The property is basically a shack and they overvalued it and the insurance amount jacked up the monthly payment to unaffordable. This started out as a FEMA loan and got sold to them. Then, when I decide to help my Vietnam veteran brother out by paying off the mortgage and getting this company out of our lives for good so they stop trying to foreclose on him, they are making me pay the entire year of insurance in full even though it goes all the way to December and this is June. They say they will mail me the balance. Yeah, right.

Even if so, I am having to take a loan out on my 401k so they don't foreclose on my brother's place for a $25.00 balance on the mortgage loan that they will not let me pay off until I pay the $1000 insurance policy. That is a projected escrow deficit that I won't owe in the future if they would let me pay off the 25 bucks. They have much deeper pockets than me and should tell me what I owe today and let me pay it and not make me pay a balance we will not owe and then send me a check later after I have experienced a hardship. And then refusing to let me pay it off makes the foreclosure still a possibility for the 25 bucks owed. Predatory. And when I say so they hang up on me. I will never use any Citi products and will tell everyone I know to watch out because their unprofessional staff and unfair practices are not worth the risk.

Created an account. Went to login. Flash comes up - "you are blocked." Call the 800 number. Did! And what a bunch of runaround. WOULD NOT unblock the account online. Ask why it was blocked - refused to give said info. Finally hung up in frustration. So there you are. Customer service really doesn't care whether or not you are given the info you need.

As I read the other reviews I realize that Citimortgage has a pervasive problem recording payments from customers. I, too, had a payment go missing. Wells Fargo bill-pay sent them a check for my payment. The check had my name, address and account number. The check was mailed to the correct PO address and the check cleared through their Citibank account. Citimortgage had no record of receiving this payment. I got nowhere with their customer support line. Wells Fargo was unable to resolve the issue from their end. I finally located Citimortgage webpage instructing how to request account research. I wrote a letter with all the documentation and sent the letter through USPS. I sent it certified and registered to their account research group. Once the research team received the information they quickly applied the missing payment to my account.

Moral of the story: Do not trust that your payment was applied. Check it – EVERY MONTH. Do not waste your time with their so-called "customer support" line. They are nearly worthless. Always write a clearly stated letter with supporting documentation. Send to their customer research team. You cannot call them. You cannot fax them. You have to write a letter and mail it.

CitiMortgage moved forward with a loan modification using my signature from the quick claim only. On the official Loan Modification paperwork it reads "see quick claim". So the co-borrow locked me into a 40 year loan without my acknowledgement or signature. I asked to do the quick claim because I was told by the co-borrow "Citibank doesn't want to have you as party interested in the property" then turned around and did a loan modification.

I choose Citibank for my home mortgage, and I thought that they would have the resources in place to execute the loan in a professional and timely manner. However, this couldn't have been farther from the truth. Citibank had one month to put together my loan, however, they choose to wait the absolute last minute. They sent the closing documents 2 hours before the legal deadline without any time for me to ask questions and review. Then they told me that, "we could not close on the pre-scheduled closing date because the document that was sent last minute was not signed before 12am." To make matters worse, the day of the closing, they never sent over the necessary paperwork over to the title company! Completely unprofessional and dysfunctional. It is very rare that I leave reviews, but when a company drops the ball so many times I feel compelled to.

I lost my job and Citi refied me for 40 years after a 2.5-year battle of all of the paperwork after I had already paid on the loan for 13 years. Here is what I think. Citi should take half of all the interest people paid in the last 10 years and put it towards our principal then people would be able to own part of their property and citi would have to take a cut like the homeowner did in the last 10 years!!! If someone starts a class action suit I want in. I have a lot of my paperwork too and would love to show Citi that people are not stupid. We just can't do anything because they are so big!!!

We had a loan modification in place with CitiMortgage, talked with court mediators. Everything was going along great, made my first two trial payments. Then get a letter right before the 3rd payment was due stating that our mortgage was sold and CitiMortgage wouldn't accept payment. Called Citi. They wouldn't take my calls, called the mediator. She was furious that in the middle of the trail they did this. Got a bill from new company demanding balance be paid, no signs of the two payments. I called new company, they had no contact information other than address. Citi didn't send them any of the paperwork I sent them. So now the process has to start all over and the new company took my final trial payment. I wish I had the money to sue CitiMortgage because I would.

Still processing a modification on a line of credit loan, after the 1st mortgage was modified with no issues. Now with Citi the process began in 2010 when notified me that they locked the loan and could not get access to the loan... prolonging any possible modification. Then in 2015 they finally unlocked it and we began the modification process. Let me also say that they have added 50,000 in interest on the principal balance. What a joke - I am still providing documents for bogus reasons since Jan. 2015... no modification in sight. Have sent them again exactly what they were asking for (I have a box full of what I have sent them) again 30 days ago and now they have come back again wanting things that have no bearing on qualifying.

With all of these complaints listed here everyone should band together and file a "class action suit" against Citi. They are criminals and should be shut down. They have no idea what they are doing and are criminals in their actions. The staff is rude, nasty, and not willing to help! LET'S BAND TOGETHER... CITI NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. They have no business handling loans.

My concern of this review is how CitiMortgage handled my case. I started the modification seven years ago, with hiring a lawyer. I strongly believe my lawyer did all in his power to obtain the modification. Unfortunately, this bank kept asking year after year for the same papers without giving a response. I wanted to start paying but the policy of the bank is to not take any money until the end of the process of the modification. Of course, after all these years that passed the loan doubled its amount from the beginning. CitiMortgage sent me a letter stating couple reason why they were declining the modification. My lawyer sent appeals with no response in return and finally, when they answered my lawyer, they stated they closed the modification because of the length of time and asking me to pay 300,000.00 so that they would consider the modification. The bank kept changing representatives all the time handling my case.

This experience has been very stressful not only financially by the way I was paying my lawyer but emotionally as well. It is very sad and disappointing when the bank doesn't want to help you to save your house and waste your time hoping to conclude after all I did by giving what they asked, to then receive the news that they aren't able to give the modification. Now, they want to short sale the house which leads me having to pay the difference. My question is, "Why then can sue me but I can't sue them? I was not able to file bankruptcy due to fact that I have another properties.

After doing some research, I came across other reviews of individuals who have and had a poor experience with CitiMortgage. On the Top Class Action website, "CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action" by Matt ** in which I quote "Consumers that were rejected from permanent modification plans through no fault of their own should find themselves in no worse position than they entered it.

Instead, [CitiMortgage's] failure to honor its agreements and its misrepresentations and omissions about a program enacted to help homeowners reduce their payments and keep their homes have left Plaintiffs and Class Members financially devastated". He stated things that I can relate to in my situation. He explains that "The CitiMortgage Class Action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all person in the United States whose loans have been serviced by CitiMortgage and who, since April 13, 2009 through the resolution of litigation, have complied with their obligation under a trial loan modification program and have not received a permanent modification pursuant to the loan modification agreement and have been harmed because of it." Also President Obama stated in 2010 that banks should be helping customer with their mortgage loans.

My mortgage was sold to Citi about 12 years ago. My property taxes and homeowners insurance I was to pay. Citi kept charging me what they call delinquency expenses for thousands of dollars, I called them to find out what these charges are for and was told they had paid property taxes and put a homeowners insurance on my home and did this every year until I paid off my mortgage... so stupid me pays all delinquency expenses... soon finding out that my property taxes have not been paid in years and haven't had any insurance on home since 2010. I paid off my mortgage in 2015. They charged me for these and never paid them.

They are outright stealing from people. What did they take all that money for? Who is responsible for stealing thousands of dollars from me in this company... finding an attorney. I pray they get what's coming to them... SAD when you can't trust a huge mortgage company like this. I hope the scumbags are finally caught and shut down. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THIEVES.

I am a CitiMortgage customer who spent months trying to have our mortgage modified. The worst mistake of my life! I submitted every document they requested, sometimes having to do so 2 or 3 times. I did everything they required. I made the payments on time throughout the process. I tried to pay extra, but Citi would just put that in an unapplied funds account. I made a payment on the phone with one of their customer service reps. She told me I could use the funds in the unapplied account and I send in the difference to complete my payment.

Ten days later I get a late payment notice in the mail. I called and spoke to a different rep and she assured me that my payment had been made completely and to disregard the letter. A week later I get a phone call from Citi and she says that I still need to complete my payment. She tells me that I cannot use the money in unapplied funds to make my payments. After three days of arguing with 5 different people what I got was "we made a mistake, too bad, you need to send more money."

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their customer service reps are poorly trained and unknowledgeable in their own policies. The managers could not care less about owning up to mistakes made by their staff and made absolutely no attempt to resolve the situation and provide anything resembling customer service. I have wasted seven months and our credit rating is worse because of listening to their people. Now I can't refinance with another lender fast enough to get Citi out of our life. Take it from someone who has dealt with them. Do not trust them, do not deal with them and get with another lender as quickly as you can.

This is the worst company I have dealt with ever. I asked one guy if I could contact the department in charge of my request. He said only he could send a message and wait. I said "they have no phones?" He said no. I said "they are just sitting there in a room with no way to contact them?" And he said yes. Meanwhile I have been trying to obtain a simple letter of approval for construction on my mortgaged property and 3 months later they are clueless and wanting me to pay $1000 and fill out some paperwork that has zero connection to what I need. I'm about to pay off the mortgage early just to leave this bank. Never again, never again. So bad. And that's not to mention the annoyances I had when getting the loan.

CitiMortgage brought mortgage from Dreamhome in 1999, after filing chapter 13. This was including in chapter 13, none of the money was reported to CitiMortgage. Now 17 years later we are trying to sell our home and title company say we have this unpaid load. We have letters from CitiMortgage stating this is paid in full, but they say the letter was sent in error. Please help.

I received several letters from Citibank about refinancing my mortgage. The first customer service representative was really great. When the application was sent to the mortgage processor it was one of the worst experience. I scanned and mail information and the same documents were requested over and over again. The processor did not provide any customer service. This is one of the worst companies to service a mortgage.

After spending 2 months and thousands of dollars on inspection, credit check and attorney fee, they even asked me to buy the condo questionnaire myself. They didn't answer calls or replied emails for days. They also requested more than 30 documents by 8 different requests. I got a conditional offer. Then in one month after delaying my closing, they denied my loan because of the condo building issue. They should have found out that earlier. Ridiculous, unprofessional and ruthless! Worst bank to deal with! Don't choose CITI!!

Could not ignore this. I am a Real Estate Appraiser, Certified General, accepted expert in Maryland DC and the Federal level. Citimortgage sold my mortgage, that's fine, serviced by Select Portfolio to another company. My credit rating is excellent. 12 years on my mortgage with -0- issues. They sent a real estate agent from Long and Foster at 6:00 p.m. to value my house. Because they had sold my loan (no Problem).

It was dark, after sunset. He was from Nigeria, I asked. A Real estate agent, not appraiser. He took photos with a cell phone. He told me who he was, I told him who I was. He then asked me how much my house was worth??? The agent traveled over 60 miles to my house and had no idea about property values. I said, "Whatever. It has no relevance in loan to value. Do whatever." He was comparing my house to every house I had appraised. He had me compared me to a 1000 sf 2 br 1 bath house REO against my house 3300 sf 4 br 3 ba. It was a waste of time and money on the Bank's part. Shame on #Citimortgage and all other financial institutions who attempt to service loans in this way.

We decided to remodify our loan because we were struggling with a new baby. 4 kids total, recovery problems from c section and my loss of income. My husband works flat rate. He does not have a set salary or hourly rate. So our payments always fluctuate based on workflow. I started this process exactly 7 months ago. I have sent in every single document they had required about 20 or more times as well as updated bank information monthly. Letters upon letters and why an address was on my credit report which by the way I am not liable or even on the mortgage but they needed my report. Why? I don't know. It was obviously a place of residence for me at one point. Anyway, it has now been 7 months.

At this point I started requesting everything in writing and email, which I have not received a communication since. I have sent multiple emails with no return email. I have called multiple times and even put in twice for the manager Michael to call me. I have received no calls. I did however receive a letter demanding payment by the 25th of the same month for a total of two months plus late fees and appraisals and someone checking that I reside here still. 10$ for a postcard? About 2 months ago I was requested to send all information in again! With new letters and current bank statement. I thought to myself am I doing this all over again and emailed my account manager Margaret ** with no reply. I called to find out my case was in underwriting finally in the beginning of December and all communication has stopped. I call in to see where it is and no answer yet. It has been over 30 days and even a representative cannot give me a time frame.

Now I'm left with 11 days to come up with the payment which they have caused. They tell you to stay behind or you will not be eligible. As a matter of fact they have kicked us out of trying to do the modification before for paying up to date. The late fees and other fees are because they advise you not to pay current. You only pay a month at a time to stay behind. Now because of them taking so long I am facing losing my home destroying my credit and children's livelihood all because I have been behind consecutively 160 plus days.

This is their fault not mine! We are able to provide them with two months payment not 3 as you cannot have savings money or extra money in your account. What a bad decision. I hate this company and I was sold to this company. I did not start with them. We are backed by the VA. I do not even think we could do a short sale to get away from them or save our grace. This modification process has destroyed our lives. Do not rely on them to help you. Get a lawyer to do it. They know we don't have the money to hire a lawyer to sue them for this. All we can do is hope and pray for a solution. They are the criminals of America.

Had to file bankruptcy in 2014 because of mounting medical bills. The bankruptcy cleared most of the NOW bills but the medical kept coming. One income made it tough. Ask for help with CitiMortgage. I just wanted the 12.6% maybe cut back. After 4 months, many faxes, more up to date information needed. I just got my HELP. They will cut my monthly payment from $512.32 to $465.91 but will extend the loan. My balance is less than $7500.00. I will not extend. The faster I get out from under these predators the better off I'll be.

I had a different mortgage co and filed chapter 7 in 2007. They sold my note to CitiMortgage. After numerous attempts of faxed documents, phone calls, letter writing I just gave up. Their response is I have to reopen my chapter 7 to file a reaffirmation agreement with them. How is this so when they were not a creditor of mine? Now 9 years later still can't pay nor review my account online. Such poor customer service. 9 years!

We've had a claim on our insurance company pay 2 months ago and CitiMortgage has not released the money to us yet they keep telling us 3 to 5 days and coming up with excuses after excuse.