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The way your car or truck looks says a lot about you. If you’re thinking about customizing a vehicle, use our guide to research the best auto and truck accessories company for you. We explain how accessories and modifications can enhance a car or truck’s appearance and functionality. Because these parts and accessories can cost a pretty penny and can affect the resale value of your vehicle, it’s crucial to choose your retailer with care.

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Important questions about auto and truck accessories

Are the accessories compatible with your vehicle?

Before you purchase an aftermarket accessory or part, make sure it will be compatible with the make, model and year of your vehicle. Some pieces may need to be custom made. Using or modifying parts or accessories that are not made for your particular type of vehicle might make them unsafe for use while driving and will likely void the warranty on both the part and your vehicle.

  • Compatible parts and accessories: Some parts and accessories, like a stereo system, replace other factory-made parts or accessories in your vehicle. They have to fit into the same space and, often, connect to the same electrical components. Be sure to check the item’s specifications to determine if it will be compatible. Items that have to be compatible with your particular car include things like fuses, wheels, engine parts and in-dash stereos systems.
  • Universal parts and accessories: In many cases, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of auto accessories if they don’t have to be custom fitted to your vehicle. Some specific ones are marketed to be “universal” for all makes and models. Items like car seat covers are considered “universal” even though you have to be sure they are “universal” for your specific type of seat (for instance, if you have captain seats, you can use universal captain seat covers but not universal bench seat covers).
  • “Non-fittable” parts and accessories: Some parts and accessories are added to a vehicle even though there is no factory-made location for them. For instance, a subwoofer system can connect to nearly any existing stereo, but it is placed in a car’s trunk or the bed of a truck because there’s no location on the dash that can accommodate it. Non-fittable parts and accessories can be tricky, because there are typically no published lists of makes and models that work with them. Instead, you have to gather information like dimensions or weight to determine if an item will work with your vehicle.

What customization concerns should you keep in mind?

Some vehicle modifications are made specifically to customize or improve a vehicle (and not to simply replace a damaged part with an identical part). If you plan to customize your vehicle, there are several issues you should take into account. To learn more about legal concerns, in particular, check out our "Auto Accessories and the Law" consumer resource.

  • Legal concerns: There are many legal factors that should be considered before altering factory settings or adding aftermarket accessories to a vehicle. Many alterations may make your vehicle illegal to drive on public roads, such as an altered exhaust or suspension system, and laws regarding vehicle modifications vary by state.
  • Installation: Whether you plan to install the parts yourself or have them professionally installed, it is important to oversee the process and make sure it is done correctly. Never let someone without experience with your vehicle’s make or model install a part or accessory. Incorrect installation can damage factory settings in your vehicle and may even void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.
  • Insurance coverage: When you add an expensive accessory to your vehicle like a new sound system, your insurance may be willing to cover it if it is damaged in an accident, provided you already carry both collision and comprehensive auto insurance. You will have to report the new accessory, though, which will increase your premiums. Most insurance companies cover anti-theft devices, high-performance tires, chrome accessories, leather seats, GPS and other accessories under a “Custom Parts and Equipment” (CPE) policy.

What accessory retailer should you choose?

Once you determine what accessory or part you’d like to add to your vehicle, you should shop around for the best deal and the best customer service before settling on a retailer. Find one with a good reputation by checking out reviews and asking your friends.

  • Manufacturer: Choosing to add parts or accessories to a new car when you purchase it can save you headaches and time later. It also ensures that the additions are legal, insurable and compatible with the make, model and year of your vehicle. However, there are fewer options for customization and creativity when it comes to manufacturer parts. If you want a truly unique look or features other drivers don’t have, you’ll want to shop elsewhere for your vehicle parts or accessories.
  • Brick-and-mortar stores: If you’re in the market for an accessory that you’ve never seen in person, you might want to handle a few different varieties to get a feel for which will work best for you. This is easiest to do in person at a brick-and-mortar store. Plus, if you’re unable or don’t want to install the accessory yourself, you can choose a reputable local store with skilled technicians on staff who can install it for you.
  • Online retailers: Online retailers often have the best selection of brands, colors, styles and more, but depending on the accessory, you may not like being unable to handle or test the product prior to purchasing. Check whether the online store accepts returns and whether you have to pay for return shipping. It can be expensive to send back a heavy or large auto accessory.
  • Auto-recyclers: Consider purchasing parts and accessories from an auto-recycling company, which sells used parts generally taken from totaled vehicles. These can be much more affordable and are often in great condition. Auto-recyclers also typically offer a warranty.

What are the retailer’s purchasing policies?

Automobile and truck accessories are often a significant financial investment. It is important to make your purchases from retailers that have purchasing policies that work for you.

  • Financing options: Some auto accessories, like a new sound system or custom wheels, can cost thousands of dollars. Many retailers have financing options that can be attractive for consumers who can’t afford the price outright. Unfortunately, buying on credit can often end up costing you much more than you originally budgeted. Be sure that you don’t sign a contract for a financing plan with a high-interest rate or hidden fees.
  • Warranties: Some manufacturers offer a limited warranty on vehicle accessories. You can also get a warranty directly through a retailer, sometimes in addition to the manufacturer's warranty. Warranties often have to be purchased separately or added onto an accessory purchase, so it is important to determine if the warranty is a good investment.
  • Price matching: Many auto parts and accessories stores offer price-match guarantees to secure your business. If you find the exact same part at another store, you may be able to email the preferred store a copy of the advertisement and they will match or even beat the competitor’s advertised price.

Types of auto and truck accessories

Sound systems

Sound system modifications include new speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and stereos. Some consumers update their older vehicles with modern stereos that add satellite radio and use Bluetooth technology to play music from a mobile device, replacing an older tape deck or CD player. Some consumers are also concerned with the sound quality, installing a system to boost the bass or overall sound quality in their vehicle.

GPS navigation

Global positioning systems, or GPS, make it easy for you to find your destination in your vehicle by mapping out your route. There are two main types of GPS available, portable devices that mount on the vehicle’s dashboard and the more expensive in-dash systems that replace standard stereos. Many customers who prefer an in-dash system choose a combination sound system and GPS.

Wheels, tires and rims

Most consumers need to replace their vehicle’s tires several times over the life of the vehicle. Many vehicle owners also enjoy adding custom wheels, tires and/or rims to improve functionality or alter the vehicle’s appearance.

Window tinting

Many people darken their windows to reduce glare while driving, provide sun protection, reduce heat inside the vehicle, provide privacy and security in the vehicle and/or enhance the vehicle’s look. Some people tint windows to alter the color or create a reflective, glossy look. Vehicle windows are factory tinted using a chemical dye process, but aftermarket tinting is usually done by heat-shrinking a tinted film on the inside surface of the window. Most states have laws regarding how dark vehicle windows can be tinted.

Grilles, guards and bars

Many people change the grille on their vehicle or add a grille guard or bull bars over the existing grille. These features can make a grille tougher for work vehicles, offer more protection in a collision and improve appearance. Many people choose chrome for the grille and guards for a luxury look.


Some drivers change the lighting on their vehicle with different colors or intensities. These modifications might include headlights, taillights, brake lights, license plate lights and blinkers as well as undercarriage and internal lighting. Other consumers simply purchase lights to replace burned out bulbs in their vehicle.

Truck and work vehicle additions

Many accessories are added to large trucks and other vehicles to make them more useful for work. For example, truck and van racks can help you tow cargo and ladders, while truck toolboxes provide a place to securely store work gear in the bed of your truck.

Interior accessories

There are many types of interior vehicle accessories, including those designed to enhance the comfort of the vehicle or boost its aesthetic appeal. These include items like seat covers, floor mats and trunk liners, fragrance dispensers, dashboard covers and pet seat liners.

Auto and truck accessory buyers

Drivers who want a certain look

Many consumers add vehicle accessories or modifications to alter the look of the vehicle to better suit their preferences. For some drivers, the look of their vehicle is a reflection of their personality and taste. Consumers might alter a vehicle’s appearance by adding custom rims, chrome fixtures, lowering or raising the suspension or replacing the grille or grille bars.

People who need work modifications

Many people make aftermarket modifications to trucks, vans and other work vehicles to make them more appropriate for various types of work. For example, a storage rack may be added to tow a ladder or other equipment, a snowplow may be fitted to the front of the vehicle for winter work or grille bars may be added to protect the grille from work-related damage.

Those who want increased performance

Many consumers want to improve on or alter the performance capabilities of their vehicles by adding accessories or modifying components of the vehicle. These types of modifications might increase fuel efficiency or make a vehicle faster and more powerful.

People who crave luxury or convenience

Many people add modifications and accessories to make their vehicle a more comfortable or convenient ride for themselves and their passengers. Seat covers, fragrance dispensers and trash receptacles are common accessories, as are improved sound systems and GPS.

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    Auto and truck accessories author reviews

    AutoAccessoriesGarage is an online automotive parts and accessories store. Established in 2005 and based in Illinois, AAG offers an extensive selection of exterior and interior accessories, performance parts and specialty items for all types of vehicles. They also offer consumer resources to help you make the right selection for your vehicle.

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    AutoAnything was established in 1979 as a company selling sheepskin seat covers and custom floor mats for vehicles. It has since expanded to be a comprehensive online auto store specializing in performance parts, interior and exterior accessories and more.

    Read more about AutoAnything is an online automotive supply store featuring auto body parts, mirrors, engine and drivetrain parts, headlights, lighting, brakes, suspension and steering. They offer parts and accessories for a large range of truck and automobile makes and models.

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    Advance Auto Parts

    Founded in 1932, Advance Auto Parts is North America’s largest aftermarket automotive parts and accessories provider. It has over 5,200 retail locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. It also offers an online store featuring a large selection of products including air, exhaust, navigation, engine parts, drivetrain, tools, fluids and much more.

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    Magellan GPS

    Founded in 1986, Magellan is a global positioning system (GPS) company specializing in consumer navigation electronics. Magellan has over 200 patented products, including on- and off-road vehicle navigation systems; dash cameras; RV navigation; fleet navigation for trucks, buses and vans; as well as a whole line of handheld navigation devices and GPS watches.

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    TomTom Portable GPS

    Founded in 1991, TomTom began as an innovator and distributor of personal digital assistant (PDA) devices and now specializes in car navigation, GPS sport watches and action cameras. With offices in 35 countries around the world, TomTom offers navigable maps of over 135 countries and real-time traffic information in 52 countries.

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    Founded in 1989, Garmin is an American electronics innovation and distribution company headquartered in Switzerland. Formerly known as ProNav, Garmin is known for its portable vehicle navigation systems but has expanded its product offerings to include wearable GPS technology, aviation and marine navigation and more.

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    Auto Computer Exchange

    Established in 1989, Auto Computer Exchange is a family owned and operated business based in Davie, Florida, specializing in automotive computer parts. In addition to stores in Davie, Atlanta and Houston, it also offers a comprehensive website with computer parts for many major makes of consumer vehicles. Customers send in their old computer part and receive a new or refurbished one under warranty.

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    Imperial Car Computer Exchange

    Imperial Car Computer Exchange is an automotive computer parts supplier in Raleigh, North Carolina. They specialize in refurbishing and exchanging computers. Customers can order online and receive a programmed, ready-to-use computer in days.

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    RealTruck established its online store in 1998 specializing in accessories for consumer pickup trucks. Headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, RealTruck specializes in interior and exterior parts and accessories, performance and specialty accessories and also offers parts for SUVs and cars.

    • Large truck accessory inventory: Many auto parts retailers sell a wide range of accessories for vehicles but seem to focus on cars, with limited options for pickup trucks. Truck owners will find an extensive inventory of pickup-specific accessories at RealTruck, including items like running boards and steps, tonneau covers, racks and carrier, grille guards, bull bars and more.
    • Free shipping and returns: RealTruck offers standard shipping for free on every order, including oversized freight items. Customers who need their order quickly can pay to upgrade to expedited or overnight shipping. It also offers free returns and does not charge a restocking fee.
    • Customer service: RealTruck has won many industry awards for its outstanding customer service. Representatives can be reached via online chat, telephone or email. Unlike most customer service departments that only take calls during standard business hours, RealTruck’s support staff are available evenings, weekends and on many holidays.
    • Online customization guide: If you’re not sure how you’d like to customize your pickup, RealTruck’s website features a detailed idea guide with before and after pictures of trucks the company has customized. The guide features comprehensive lists of the alterations and parts used in each project as well as installation videos to help you achieve the look.
    • Unique business culture: RealTruck’s company culture is fun, upbeat and adventurous, as reflected in their company tagline: “If it goes on a pickup we got it, if it’s fun we do it.” Customers who want a truly custom pickup truck can find unique products and an eager team to help pull off any project.

    Headquartered in New Jersey, CARiD is an online automotive accessories store featuring a large selection of interior and exterior parts and accessories including performance, lighting, wheels, audio, repair, body and more. CARiD’s extensive inventory features the products you need for basic repairs and maintenance, performance and aesthetic upgrades, high-tech customization and more.

    • Speciality products: CARiD offers more than basic interior and exterior automotive parts and accessories. Its website has thousands of products in categories like racing gear, work equipment, chemicals, tools, auto detailing, van equipment and many more specialty products that can be hard to find at other automotive stores.
    • Compatibility guide: CARiD allows customers to save their vehicle information including make, model and year to their online accounts in order to simplify shopping. You can also shop by vehicle, part number or part name.
    • Payment options: CARiD accepts several payment methods, including all major credit cards, PayPal and Affirm, a financing option that offers a monthly payment plan with 10-30 percent APR.
    • Military discount: CARiD offers a 10 percent discount on eligible products to Active Duty, Reserves, Veterans and Retirees of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as their immediate families. Simply call, email or chat online with a customer service representative to provide military identification and receive your discount.
    • Online WishList feature: Many customization projects are completed in stages over time. CARiD provides a platform to save and share your ideas through its WishList. You can save products, photos and ideas to your WishList, organize it by vehicle or job and even share it with your friends.
    JC Whitney

    JC Whitney has been in business for over 100 years as an automotive parts supplier. With a retail location in LaSalle, Illinois and an extensive online store, JC Whitney specializes in interior and exterior accessories and parts for automotive performance upgrades, maintenance, customization and more.

    • Industry history: JC Whitney traces its history back to 1915, shortly after the introduction of the Ford Model T. They were one of the first companies to offer an automotive parts catalog and have been a leader in the parts industry for decades.
    • Shopping options: JC Whitney offers three ways to shop: on its extensive website; at its La Salle, Illinois retail location; and via catalog. Customers who enjoy catalog shopping will enjoy the rich history of the JC Whitney catalog, which has been published since the 1930s and is available for Jeep and Wrangler owners; pickup, SUV or van owners; or general automotive enthusiasts.
    • Free shipping: Its online store offers free shipping on all orders to the contiguous United States with no minimum purchase required. Whether you need a basic part or tool or a large customized accessory, it will ship free. It also ships internationally at a discounted rate.
    • Broad selection: JC Whitney offers interior and exterior accessories, performance parts, lighting, wheels, tires, replacement parts, auto body parts, tools, garage gear and more. You can shop for parts and accessories by vehicle type (truck, car, SUV, etc.), by item number or by entering your vehicle year, make and model for specific recommendations.
    • 30-day guarantee: The company offers a 30-day guarantee on most of its products. The product must be unused and in its original packaging, and you must get a return authorization form from the website. Return shipping is free. Damaged or incorrect orders are always returnable as soon as they are received.

    Located in Paris, Tennessee, AutoTruckToys is an automotive accessories company specializing in cars, trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. It was founded in the late 1990s as an aftermarket accessories company and currently offers over 40,000 products from leading manufacturers.

    • Large selection of accessories: AutoTruckToys’ name says it all: this company specializes in fun customization options for vehicle enthusiasts. It offers fender flares and trim, exhaust systems, lighting, dash kits, bull bars and grilles, lift kits and more.
    • Free shipping: AutoTruckToys offers free shipping on most items as well as on orders exceeding $248 to the contiguous United States. Oversized item freight and express shipping options are available at an additional cost, as are non-contiguous U.S. and international shipping methods. Shipments are insured against damage or loss.
    • Shop by vehicle type: Customization accessories typically need to fit precisely on your vehicle or else they will not attach properly and may even become a safety hazard. AutoTruckToys’ website lets customers shop by vehicle type (car, truck, SUV or Jeep) as well as the year, make and model to ensure you get the right parts for your vehicle.
    • Low price guarantee: AutoTruckToys guarantees its prices to be the lowest available. If you find a lower price on the exact same item from an online competitor, you can email customer service a link to the website where you found it and they will match or beat the price. They will honor their price match for up to one year after your original purchase date.
    • Payment options: AutoTruckToys accepts several payment methods to make shopping more convenient. You can pay via most major credit cards, Amazon Payments, PayPal or PayPal credit.
    Stylin' Trucks

    Stylin’ Trucks, also called Stylin’ Concepts, has been in business for more than 20 years as a performance accessory store for pickup, off-road and sport trucks along with SUVs and Jeeps. It is headquartered in Independence, Ohio and offers a wide selection of parts, accessories and tools designed to make your vehicle “look good and go fast.”

    • Extensive product selection: This company offers interior and exterior accessories and parts for suspension, lighting, performance, fuel savings and other modifications. It also offers a complete line of tools and garage accessories so you can customize your vehicle yourself.
    • Price matching: Stylin’ Trucks will match or beat online competitors’ prices on items with an identical SKU number. To receive a price match, contact a sales representative to place your order and provide proof of the competitor’s lower price.
    • Fast shipping: Because it has a large warehouse to hold inventory, Stylin’ Trucks offers same-day shipping on in-stock orders placed before 4 p.m. EST. Economy, ground, and expedited shipping options are available, as well as oversize and freight shipping. Stylin’ Trucks will also ship to Alaska, Hawaii and other countries for an additional fee.
    • One-year guarantee: You have one year from your original purchase date to return an unwanted and unused order. Additionally, Stylin’ Trucks offers a warranty against manufacturer defects for 90 days after your order. Stylin’ Trucks does not charge a restocking fee for returns.
    • Payment options: Stylin’ Trucks makes payment easy by accepting a wide variety of payment methods. You can pay online, over the phone, by postal mail or by fax using all major credit cards, Paypal, Western Union, personal check, money order or traveler’s checks.

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