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    Last updated: Jan. 5, 2018

    62 ALCOLOCK Canada (Formerly Guardian Interlock Service) Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

    I have had the interlock on my truck for 8 months. I attempt (or attempted) to have it serviced every two months. However, I am bringing it in for service at least monthly now because it keeps getting recalls for false positives. I have been stranded on the side I-40 for nearly 4 hours, I have been stranded at my children's bus stop and had to call in to work that I was not coming, and most recently stuck at Food Lion for nearly 3 hours in 20 degree weather and can not start my truck. After 8 months I have noticed that it is ALWAYS on the first re-test. It always works for the first test to start the engine, then on the first re-test it may fail... If it does not, then all other test will be good.

    The time I was stuck on the side of I-40, I had a state trooper pull up behind me, and I asked for a breath test and some sort of documentation to note that I have NOTHING in my system. He obliged me, I blew, it was 0.0, and he wrote a note for me on the back of one of his cards. The company states that anything can set it off. I have since removed hand sanitizer from my truck. I have stopped wearing beard oil. I have even given up Chapstick. But it seems that it is picking up something.

    I have received a letter from the NC DMV that I am in violation and I need to send in my license or either request a hearing. So not only am I paying for each of the recalls, time out of my day to have them "serviced", I am now going to have to go to a hearing about this faulty piece of equipment. I see that someone mentioned CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on the other reviews. I am 100 percent on board with that. I am researching lawyers NOW and will be looking to move on this ASAP. If I have no traction on a lawsuit then I want to look into how and why governments are allowing this piece of equipment to be used as a means of alcohol measurements and the basis of people's actions when it is truly so faulty. I have seen it firsthand along with a NC State Trooper. I failed three test, the Trooper administered his breath test (came up 0.0), and then I failed two more tests. IT IS FAULTY.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 4, 2018

    Well, I just had this nightmare of a machine installed 2 days ago. I am also stuck with it for an extended length of time. I get it, we ** and yes, we DO need to pay a price for that. I own that. I also have no issues with needing a device in my car, but how about one that WORKS. This thing already this morning has me going in for an early recall even though it was in Warm Up mode (it's like -30 here)... I was told by the service provider I had 30min. So started the car, put it in Warm Up mode and came back in to grab a few things. Literally 5min I was in the house. Go back to car... it's flashing red that I missed a retest!!! I wasn't even IN the car OR driving it???

    Also - I had to pull over 3x yesterday during a 15min drive because it would not accept my blows. I was terrified I was going to be locked out and then responsible for a tow (again more $$$)... so I pulled over and just shut my car off and waited for 5min. Is it really necessary to go off every 15mins? This thing is NOT safe. It is NOT safe for the drivers or other people on the road because of this. I am scared to take any distance trip for fear that it will go off on a retest and not accept my blows and then cause more issues if there is nowhere safe for me to pull over? WHO APPROVED THIS??? Even as a GUILTY DRUNK DRIVER (who is now sober since Mar 22 2017) this machine is a joke and a money grab! I am now scared to even drive my car to work. There must be a better way to punish us. Because I feel like innocent people on the road are being further punished by having us on the road with this stupid faulty machine.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

    I had the ignition interlock device installed in my car on Oct, 2017. Since then all I've been having are problems. One day I started driving from work to the grocery store after providing my breath sample but it locked me out when I left the grocery store. Thankfully, the shop where I got it installed at was open so that helped. Now today, I have provided my breath sample 6 times and every time it says start engine but the engine is locked. Nobody knows what the problem is and their call center closes at 5. Their emergency line is of No help either. I have been sitting in my work parking lot for 50 minutes. I do not recommend anyone to enroll in the program with them. You will be better off with another company. The device is very outdated and their customer service is extremely poor.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

    HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! They never return calls and have you on hold for a very long time. They charge you fees of like 120.00-150.00 for mistakes they do. I called to speak to a supervisor and a female named Melissa said she could not give me her supervisors name and hung up. I am Not sure who is doing the hiring but they are doing a really bad job, hiring rude people and people that are not doing their job. To leave this clear this is at the call center not at the location, when you call the 1877-859-4782. If you need an ignition interlock GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY NOT THIS ONE!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2017

    I recently had the Alcolock installed in my car and was so excited to be driving again until I realized how distracting and ridiculous this device is. This should NOT be legal to have in your vehicle. It is very poorly optimized and thought out and needs to go... Technology has advanced way past this piece of junk. Firstly after having it for 2 days, I was just trying to move my car so my roommate could get out of the driveway. It took me 20 minutes just to get the car started... After 25-30 attempts with results of Blow Harder, Hum louder (The Humming thing is absolutely ridiculous), I get an early Recall message (that I will be charged for). It was 35 degrees outside and probably hotter in my car when I was trying to blow into the device and that could have been a factor even though I had the device with me inside and it was not exposed to the heat for very long.

    My other huge complaint is the random time intervals when driving... The only thing you end up thinking about while driving is when is the thing going to go off? You can't solely concentrate on just driving now (it's a huge distraction). I could only imagine how bad it would be if other people were in the car with me. Alcolock I really hope you read these reviews because the technology behind your product is complete garbage and not up with current times. Do you not see that every review for this product is bad? This makes me just not want to drive at all seeing as I have a chance of being charged from these petty Early Recalls every time I go to start my car. I will consider getting this thing out of my car because dealing with this for the next 9 months sounds like a nightmare.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 7, 2017

    I had paid for my insurance $300/month go to book a appointment. In Ottawa they said 2 weeks. Said could book one in Cornwall so I booked it. Said be there at 1:30. They finally got it in at 4:30. Rushed it through before closing. He was very rude. I had to get back to pick up my driver's child from bus. He could care less. I had done the program 2 yrs. ago. 8 months in and vehicle motor blown. Had not enough to get another so cut off and and loss of job. No money to pay off fines. I paid my fine which took a extra month being mailed back. Finally pay it off. $2800 into it plus $600 insurance now so here I am driving away from Cornwall. My sensor lights are now all on. Brake lights not working. Signals now not working. They deny they did anything wrong now. As for blowing and humming after 4 seconds not realistic. In less than a week 2 near call accidents trying to blow while driving and nowhere to pull over then it happens I rear-end a car trying to blow.

    The alarm and most of the time trying to blow and get it right is 10% if not less. The stress is 90%. The anxiety 90%. Heart is pumping. Headache. I have bronchitis and asthma and which is the reason in the first place I lost my license in a camping ground moving my vehicle within. They take it away for not able to blow sample. Then my cocaine druggie lawyer $5000 and at trial had it beat then only had to fax in documents to have it dropped. Sets retrial and comes in hungover and states I needed a drink or a chocolate bar. "Sorry but we can appeal it for $7000 more." SERIOUSLY. Talk about being railroaded. I lost all my moving contracts, business, companies, my dignity. I have a blind brother. They have cut down to 1 visit from 5. My mother had just passed on a month before charged. Stressed through it all and lawyer trying to clean me out. I have 20 plus alarm charges that went off in less than a week.

    I went in the Ottawa ALCOLOCK for technical difficulties. The alarm going off he said "you have to book a appointment no sooner than 2 weeks." My experience as for since I started program they have only one guy for the whole region running the office in each district doing front desk paperwork and installing Alcolocks. No technical help on same day basis. Overbooked Mon to Fri. So here I am. The alarm going off he says he can't help. I said "I'm sitting here until you fix it." He gives in then goes to proceed to blow. I said "you're not turning the engine off." He blows 30x not getting it and says "I'll switch it" so goes and switches it even though I told him I want the other one which I was use to from previous install. Anyhow the new one he now goes on to blow another 20x. Not getting it then he gets. Tries to do it a couple of more times. Gets lucky and says see it works. Ya. I say "how about try that on the highway."

    So as for getting this system changed they said another $169 plus $50-100 surcharge depending on the vehicle and call for appointment I do. And finally. Got supervisor to give in after a couple of days and a accident to boot. I work for a charity organization supporting the disabled and need my van. I am the manager and if it wasn't for me they would have shut down. So I call to book appointment and get the guy from Cornwall again for soonest appointment and he is trying to squeeze more money saying "I have no call from supervisor." Said he would check into it and would get back that day.

    That was Friday and still going through hell with our gov't. MTO device which contradicts the highway traffic act driving under a distractive device. As for cell phones are $3000 fine and this being more distractive and causing anxiety and hyperventilating and embarrassment and costly beyond. As also the last 3 month one alarm and you have another 3 months of hell they add on. Our gov't. is a disgraceful money maker off good citizens who believed in a once proud country which has been destroyed by the NWO that has no environmental priorities. Careless for quality of life. Only profit. And running the world to the ground. Please pass on. Thanks.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 3, 2017

    I want to/MUST pay my fee before the next appointment. I waited on the phone for 25 minutes, then it automatically put me to a voice mail message. BS about "currently experiencing a higher volume of calls"... etc. Every time I call I get that message. This company should be removed as a supplier of this service for Ontario. It exudes arrogance and lack of care, knowing it has us over the barrel, once we install their device. If you get the brochure for this company as part of your package, chuck it! The other company has got to be better!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 31, 2017

    The title says it all! We had the ALCOLOCK device installed at A&I Auto Repair in Ft. Pierce FL on a Friday and after numerous temporary lockouts for not "blowing harder," "hum louder," "retest," THEN "missed test" because it would not accept any form of blow sample. Then the car alarm, horn and ALL lights blare loudly for exactly 5 minutes! Imagine this while sitting in a CVS Pharmacy parking lot and everyone staring at you like you're a criminal! This is when the vehicle went into complete lockout mode requiring it to be towed to the service shop. The owner of the installation shop was called and we were told to wait until he arrived at the parking lot our car was in. He came over 2 hours later. He made a phone call and speaking in Spanish (which we could not understand) and he went to our car, cut 2 wires and announced, "Now it will start!" IT DIDN'T!!! He left again saying he could not fix it and to have it towed to his shop.

    Meanwhile, we complained to the ALCOLOCK main office, so when we arrived at the repair shop location, we were met with a very angry owner/technician who told us, "I'm not fixing it! I'll take it off your car and you can go somewhere else!" The tow truck driver's mouth dropped along with ours and he said if we had any problems from here on out he would testify on our behalf. So, the vehicle was towed again to the dealership where we purchased it. The service department removed the device AND REPAIRED the DAMAGE to our BRAKE WIRES caused by A&I Auto Repair when the device was originally installed. This was an additional cost to us of over $300!! They were not surprised by the damage done, as they said they have repaired work done by them before. They sent us to another local installation place who installs SMART START.

    It has been 2 weeks and we have not had one problem!! We believe our NIGHTMARE experience was a combination of the ALCOLOCK device and the installation place ALCOLOCK sends you to if you live in St. Lucie County Florida. We are still battling with ALCOLOCK to pay for the damages to our vehicle as of this date. March 31, 2017. We hope this reviews saves you time, money, and most of all STRESS and aggravation!! Do your research BEFORE deciding on which alcohol interlock device you choose!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 16, 2017

    Let's get it all out there... About 10 years ago actually I had 2 yrs probation for my dui. And in 2015 Sec. of State appeal hearing ordered me to drive on an ignition lock device for one whole yr.. Ok that's really ok with me because my drinking days are way behind me. Little did I know that this ignition device was the beginning of my nightmare. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with this device since I've had it installed that I'm 2 wks. into this and I'm having it removed!!

    I can't drive even to my job without it saying "recall" because it saying I "missed retest" which I didn't because I'm nearly driving off the road humming and blowing into this stupid machine trying to get it to work! All the while on the verge of tears! Regardless the machine just beeps at me saying "hum louder" then "blow softer", "blow harder" then "hum louder." It sounds like I'm warming up for a choir concert. Failed retest... so I have to drive myself to the police station to validate my missed test.

    I call this awesome company and one of the customer service ladies laughs at me... and I'm like... this isn't funny!! So she suggest I change companies and that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm not joking people do not go with this company!!! After reading all the other reviews I can't believe this is mandatory through the state! What a joke! It's like they want us to fail or have an anxiety attack.

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    Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

    I had this Alcolock device installed yesterday and already it has locked me out and left me stranded. I was going to pick my friend up and go for food when I was driving and it said "retest". I then blew into the device and nothing happened, tried again and nothing happened until it started beeping very fast so I pulled over and shut the motor off. It then locked me out saying missed retest even though I had just been blowing into this thing for 5 minutes trying to get it to stop. I have been completely sober hence it allowed me to start the vehicle.

    I then had to call the service number where I was told they have no information to help me and that since it was a technical error that I would have to wait for someone who worked in that department to call me and that he didn't know when that might be. There is a flashing red "Handset Technical Error 22" message and no one knows what it means. I had to leave my car stranded in some neighbourhood and walk home. I have only had this device for one day and I now I am freezing cold and have no car.

    Imagine if I was stuck on the highway or somewhere without service, what would happen then? Thankfully I am close enough to home where I could walk but others aren't so lucky. This machine is meant to help both us, the people who have had DUI's as well as our surrounding neighbours but this is not right and for someone to say, "well you just need to tow it"... Sorry but I've already forked out $10,000 to get back on the road, safe and sober and I do not need Alcolock's machine giving me more grief for no reason. If someone has experienced the same error code and got help please message!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

    I have a private breathalyzer for 20 years - a perfect baby sitter, raised 4 teenage kids with, take the car with the breathalyzer and have a good time. Drinkers do not like machines that restrict their ability to drive. There have been problems during the 20 years with the machines but the benefits outweigh the problems until now. Alco does not service ALBERTA any more, cannot get breathalyzer serviced any more, cannot get any business to remove machine. Alcolock does not return phone calls. As a private customer I paid 2000.00 dollars for it. Now I am faced with removing breathalyzer and worrying about a loved one drinking and driving.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 5, 2016

    I have had the ALCOLOCK installed for less than a month. Twice I have had to take it in for a reset at a cost of 65 dollars each time. I haven't had a drink of alcohol in over a year. The service center didn't know what set it off and apparently windshield wash, certain coffees, dentyne ice gum, air fresheners, after shave, perfume, bread are just a few things that will require a reset. No one tells you this on install. Just another tax grab if you ask me!!

    Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

    It is dangerous because you can't use your windshield washer fluid 'cause it will detect it and lock you out. On a wet highway you need the fluid to clean your windshield if not you just as bad as a drunk driver. It is unreliable because it detects anything and everything which gives false reports to the ministry. It is unfair because these false reports can add to your time in this system at a financial cost to you. This system needs to be reviewed and upgraded if the ministry can't without a doubt distinguish between alcohol and other products this program to me is illegal. I like a lot of others look at this as a money grabbing program. We made a mistake like real people do. No need ruin us for it.

    profile pic of the author
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

    Have had the device on my car for 4 months now, get it off at the end of August. I feel bad for the people who have to have it on for a full year or longer. The first 3 months were fine, a few fails after using mouthwash and the morning after a night out but couldn't complain too much. Ironically mid to late July when I only had a little over a month left it start acting up.

    Almost every morning it would say it couldn't connect to the ICU in which I had to get a wrench pop the hood and disconnect the battery in order for it to connect. It has since stopped but had to do it for about a week straight. I have been out maybe 3 times for no more than 4-5 beers on a Friday night, stayed at a friends, woke up the next morning and tried to leave around noon after stopping drinking 12 hours prior and it would take sometimes up until 3pm to start the car. I have been late for work, missed class (university) due to this device saying that I have an invalid sample when I know I felt nothing in my system.

    The closest SPEEDY Glass where you get it serviced was about an hour away from my place so I would always pay for the 2-month fee so I wouldn't have to drive there every month. In June I paid my last 2-month installment and the next time I went in was going to be when I got it off in August. Unfortunately my starter blew about a week ago and I had to get it fixed. Called Speedy Glass, told them. They were fine with it so I went through with it. Upon turning the car on at the mechanic it said I had an early recall (for tomorrow) so I have to drive an hour out of my way and miss half a day of work due to pretty much nothing, and they can't do anything over the phone.

    I understand some people on here will say well you learnt your lesson, your own fault for having the device on the car which yes is true, but this isn't as much of a learning experience as it is a nuisance on my everyday life after already paying 250$ every 2 months, installments, hassle of blowing etc. I shouldn't have to worry daily about if I'm going to be able to start the car due to the device and I shouldn't have to forbid myself from having a few drinks with friends hesitant that I won't be able to drive until 4 the next day. Really need to fix this and can't wait to get rid of it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 25, 2016

    Only 2 reasons I'm not giving a 5 star: 1) I have failed twice in the morning after a night of drinks; 2) It sucks having to blow in it which is my own fault. As far as all the people saying they've been left stranded I have never even came close to this and don't understand it. Like I said I have failed twice in the morning around 10am and had to wait about an hour which was annoying but that's what the device is installed for. It's simple to blow in, sometimes I blow too hard/soft but the device notifies you which one you need to do louder. I've had it on since April 2016 it is now June. I get it off in August but the device does the trick, it's easy to use, and it's not a distraction at all.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 10, 2016

    Reading these reviews are helpful to know I'm not alone with all this!! I've been following this God forsaken program down to the Tee and Haven't had any Alcohol at all and have had nothing but major problems! I've had this system for a little over 2 months having 2 more weeks to go! And now I'm getting constant recalls, lock outs and just got my first VIOLATION for getting the locks outs in the same timeframe! I get No help from customer service AT ALL!!! I'm so frustrated, SCARED TO DEATH and don't know what to do! I've never been in this situation before! Can someone please advise me on what I should do if they've gone through this? I'm trying to be so very careful doing the same routine, then that same routine stop working till I'm wondering if this system isn't setup to make you fail or have to keep paying more money!!! This is crazy. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 4, 2016

    This device on a good day will only work occasionally. It is becoming a daily occurrence to not be able to drive the vehicle because the device will not allow. There has been no alcohol in system since September 2015 but the device still locks me out several times a day. This is so wrong on so many levels.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 3, 2016

    After reading many of these complaints, I am now convinced that it isn't just me with all these issue with my Ignition Interlock. I have had this device for 2 months now and between being stranded can't start my car having endless early recalls and as much as having to tow my car in. All these issue!!! NON ALCOHOL RELATED!!! I am losing work days, being majorly inconvenienced, lied to, treated very badly, hung up on, I want to fight back and start a!!! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM!!! Please message me if you had enough of being abused. This Alcolock system is defective.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 27, 2016

    This is very dangerous driving down highway hands free highway and then have to blow doing 100 km hr with full traffic. Now it keeps locking me out for no reason and leaving me stranded and when I call for assistance they are very rude and won't help. They just say call back in morning and hang up on me. Now I am stuck till Monday morning to get unlocked. I work in Hamilton but live in Windsor and have to drive there to work. So now I lost my job because of all the lockouts and being stranded. The cost of cabs and tow trucks and motels is just stupid. I don't know who runs this program but it is just a money grabber and a very bad system. Why? Get it to go to work and then get fired because all the lockout so they make money. There is no reason I should be locked out and my van stranded. I follow all their rules. Plus I can't drink due to a brain injury. I hope someone can look into this matter.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 21, 2016

    I assist my son to manage his Alcolock device. He has had a few problems understanding all the various complexities of the device. He required a reset for which I had to make a payment. I spoke with a young man by the name of Josh who was reluctant to identify himself. He told me my was "not a man" because I called in to set up the appointment for the reset and then berated me and slammed the phone on me. I called back to speak to a supervisor and was told by a lady that I was not permitted to speak to a supervisor without explaining my issue with her. It appears that these people are completely unaccountable for poor service. This program is sponsored by taxpayers and the user pays a monthly fee.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 27, 2016

    NO ONE IS SAFE ON THE ROADS WITH PEOPLE HAVING TO USE AND FOCUS ON THE ALCOLOCK BREATHALYZER DEVICE!! I'm not the one who got charged with the DUI however I'm having to deal with it everyday. This machine left me walking almost 7 kms today in the freezing cold. It's not the first time this has happened either. We live far in the country and it's such a feeling of hopelessness having to deal with this machine knowing full well I will be left stranded. I fear having to leave my house for this reason.

    My husband hasn't drunk for over a year now. He wasn't even a drinker before that. He had had five beers at a work function over the course of 4 hrs and he blew over. Drinking and driving is unforgivable however what the courts put you through is punishment enough. Especially for a 60 yr old man with no previous charges of any kind. We've had the machine for six months. It is not user friendly at all.

    Today, I blew in it, it told me to start the motor. I did. I got about 7 kms in really bad weather before it told me to blow again. I did and then it told me I was blowing too hard, tried again and it said too soft. This went on for about 5 minutes before it started beeping really fast so I pulled over and turned the ignition off. There were HUGE transports barreling by me. I waited for it to reset itself. That took another 10 minutes. I did this for 1/2 hour and just kept trying to blow to get it started. Never happened. Too soft or too hard.

    I had to leave the truck parked on the side of the road and walk all the way back home. I cried the whole way. My neighbor brought my husband and I back this afternoon and sure enough after about 10 blows it said to start the motor. The truck is back at home but I won't ever drive it again. This is the 6th time this has happened to me.

    I've spent over $400 on tow trucks and cabs for every time I've tried to blow into this machine and it says "too hard or too soft". I truly wonder how many people have died not only from accidents while trying to use these machines while driving but how many people have had heart attacks because of the stress they cause. Shame on the government for putting everyone at risk using these machines. I have no tolerance for people who drink and drive or text while driving but I will tell you that these machines are so incredibly dangerous that I believe a huge lawsuit needs to be launched on behalf of those of us that are being put in harms way due to these machines.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 27, 2016

    Being able to travel around the world for work, you have the privilege to experience the constraints people have to live through due to decisions or implements their government puts out. Hence, you automatically feel very lucky to be living in North America. There is freedom, good education, health care at your disposal, no death penalty and laws that are fair. Well, is it really fair sometimes? I have had the adventure recently of sitting in a car that was installed with an interlock. I asked the driver to give me a brief story. The driver said he made a mistake, drank and drove. Results was one year suspended license, a one day course for $600 and then installing the interlock for a year. It's a hefty price to drink and drive but he won't forget this again and I agree. But what fails is the interlock machine. Being in a wonderful country, you cannot believe the government will allow such a failed machine to be installed.

    The system needs to be blown every 20 minutes or so. But there is a specific way to do so. Imagine blowing into a device while your driving and the device fails, you blow again and it reads too hard or too soft, resulting to endless beeping. Not only is it frustrating and annoying , it's very dangerous. The driver told me, sometimes you blow many times and you can't start the car because the machine can't read 'your breath'. Driver told me rather it was a blood tester instead because it's probably a one shot. Your citizens have paid their dues and yet you have them install a device that is so hard to operate. Is it because the government can't come up with a better solution so they install this failed device and endanger people when they drive? I think blowing into the device is fine, but when the device itself is a failure, why would you install it. You, who have approved this, have you tried this device yourself or you have and think it cracks you up?

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    Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

    I was charged with an impaired approx. 3 years ago and have had my interlock machine in since June 2015. Have had 2 new machines put in because the 1st was a faulty, and now I have a message saying "early recall". I have "blown over" 6 times this week. YET I have not had a drink since July 26th 2013.. I am vivid, as I see from other comments other people are feeling the same way...

    I take full responsibility for my actions in the past and I am paying for it now. I don't know other people's stories but I am about $18,500.00 in the ground from this due to a bad accident and no medical coverage being taken care of throughout the accident. I believe I have paid my dues. I did the crime, and paying my time. But this extra little kick in the ass is so frustrating. Being sober for nearly 2.5 years now and having a people at the interlock place accuse me of drinking just twists me the wrong way... I am curious as to, if people have fought this extra charge since it is not "our" fault...? Wishing everyone else with these issues the best of luck!

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    Original review: Dec. 30, 2015

    When I got the DUI it was all me. But that interlock is crazy. I am working in cold weather. And the handheld seem to freeze up on me. 80 km in remote area for work. PINE BEETLE fall and burn. Cant warm up truck without running out checking on the handhelds beeps. And other day I had the dumbest thing happen. I was out skidoo trip. Was advised put stuff in cab not to be stolen. So I did and I had not notice saw had put little hole in a container of window wiper fluid. 4 lockout later I found it.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

    I missed my service appointment by accident. My car said, "Early recall 02 code," so I called and paid for the reset. I thought I was good. A week later the same thing, but this time the moment I reset the vehicle and paid again, it said I missed my service. They failed to tell me that when you reset your car it overrides the reminder built in for your service. Hmm...sound like they want you to screw up to take advantage of you. These people gain and won't help you at all. They want you to miss things so they can rip you off. I understand the reason for this whole system, but the way I've been treated for my mistake is ridiculous. It's like I`m subhuman to them.

    Honestly I can't wait till I never have to do this BS again. These people have no compassion for anyone other than taking your money and telling you to ** off in a polite way. I'd love to meet the president so can smack him in the face just like I've been getting treated by their terrible staff. I hope they read this and I hope no one has to ever go through this. So PEOPLE, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE PLEASE or else you'll have to deal with all this BS from Guardian Interlock Service.

    Garbage system, garbage people. Horrible service money grab. Thanks Guardian Interlock for making my life so much harder than it has to be.

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    Original review: Dec. 21, 2015

    I had this system put in my car 2 weeks ago. I take full blame for the dui. I however didn't get pulled over for eating and driving, perfume in the car or my wind shield fluids. It's not my fault, your stupid faulty system doesn't work probably but yet we have to pay 75 dollars to have the codes taken off. I got pulled over for a dui and that's all. Go make a better system before you make people pay for one that doesn't even work and then charge us more money for something that isn't our fault. I understand we signed up for it but you think we had a choice when our other option was not to drive for 2 years? You guys don't deserve to be operating with such a faulty system and very surprised you guys haven't been shut down just alone by your consumers. But I guess when we have no other choice we really can't say anything. But just know you guys win the award for the biggest scam in the world.

    Original review: Dec. 6, 2015

    This device is an inhumane device. It is dangerous, causes mental distress and is very unpredictable. I cannot believe that this device has not caused any accidents. The fact that it is so unreliable in being able to blow/hum correctly when 5 minutes before blowing the same way was acceptable is beyond distressing. Knowing that the device can demand another breath sample not even 5 minutes after the last "acceptable" sample was supplied makes it very difficult to think about anything else! Is this safe driving??? No it is not.

    This is mental cruelty beyond belief. I just got in my car after working hard all day and could not blow/hum correctly. To save me from having to spend all my wages that I just made that day to pay the price for an early recall reset (that can be done over the phone) I left my car at work before the demand for early recall showed up. I'm still not sure if all the failed attempts from not humming or blowing loud enough are just banked and when I walk to work tomorrow and try again it might only allow me one more attempt! What is this? This is wrong.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 13, 2015

    I haven't drank in three years, not a drop. The device went off as I was driving, picked up mosquito spray most likely. I got violated and now have to go to 8 months DUI school. This is not right. I have been loyal to the program and now it's going to cost me another $400. How's yours working??

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2015

    I just had the ALCOLOCK interlock device just taken out of my car after 6 long months. My DUI happened in 2010 and my case finally went to court Dec 2014. So here I was on probation and wanted to get this device put in right away granted my license was still valid. I am at the Interlock location in Sunrise Florida not knowing that my license needed to be suspended first to which then I could apply for the hardship license is the day the interlock starts. I asked them if they could remove the device and I would come back once the suspension takes place. They said they could but it will be another fee on top of the $100 I just paid along with the reschedule fee. I was pissed so I said "just keep the ** in."

    It was now January, no suspension and I had to go in and pay another $100 for calibration that still won't count because my license was still valid. I got in the phone and called my attorney to call the state of Florida to get this suspension started which they did in February. I got in for the calibration and the days start now. Thank God. The device to me was quite simple since I watched tons of YouTube videos on how to blow and hum at the same time. I am in my 3rd month when the device gave me a fail and I couldn't figure out why. The only thing I drunk before I left was some cranberry juice and I am thinking that was the issue so my time dropped from 21 days to 7. So I go in, had to pay $75 and explain what happened and they sent me on my way.

    Now it's month 4. I am leaving work, did the start up test, passed. So I am stuck in traffic and decided to smoke my hookah cigar and the liquid got in my mouth. The same time it was time to test and it failed telling me to pull over, turn off car and wait 30 mins. I drunk all the water I had and started car with no problems. I go to place, pay another $75 and explain what happened and was told I will receive a letter from the state of Florida and if I get another fail I will get extended. I got letter and was told I had to go to counseling until the device was out and had to pay $25 a session - more money. I was thinking for these next two months I am going to live my life through that device. No eating, drinking anything other than water for the next 2 months which is what I did and I didn't have any problems and now thank God it's out and my car seems to be running better.

    To everyone on here I have read all the comments and I really feel sorry for what everyone is going through because I know how depressing this device can be. The only advice I can give is to live by that device, drink plenty of water and have a water jug with you at all time in the car. No eating, putting on cologne until after you have shut off car and properly turn off device. You shouldn't have any issues. Until then good luck and this will pass. Good luck.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 23, 2015

    My device was installed in my car over a month ago and I have not been able to drive it since then. It just keeps telling me to blow harder or hum louder or it doesn't read anything at all. I suffered a stroke 1 year ago and perhaps that has affected my ability to operate the device effectively. The roadside breath tests do not involve humming but are apparently considered very reliable first time every time.

    Even if I can get it to work when leaving my home, I am terrified to drive anywhere in case it doesn't work when I want to return. This situation is extremely stressful for me. I thought the point of the program was to prevent people from driving after drinking and not to prevent them from driving at all. I did my time with a license suspension and have paid through the nose in fees and fines but there seems to be no end to the punishment... I have had to cancel pre-surgery appointments because my device is not reliable.

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