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Manuel of Brownsville, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

On December 17, 2016 I bought a camshaft position sensor. Was told by the seller that I had a lifetime warranty. I pay for it and walk out. It was at Advance Auto Parts on 3740 International Blvd. Well today August 16, 2017 I had problem. So I call my son to come pick us up, because the car had stall on me. Instead I told my son take my wife home and get the part while I wait there so the car wouldn't be tow. My son call me and told me that the seller said that my name was not register as a buyer. I told my son come pick me up so we can tow the car home and I would handle the situation. I went to the store and talk to the manager and ask him what was going on. He ask me for a receipt. I don't carry receipt when a store item I buy has a lifetime warranty, because the warranty is on the computer.

Then he said "maybe you bought it at another Advance Auto Parts that why we don't have you in this store system." I told him that is stupid. Then I told him "if I bought it in Brownsville and went to Houston and the car stall and went to an Advance Store I would not get help?" He said "that right sir." Then I ask him "does your store carry this product number CSS1594 M15226 Cam Shaft Sensor Bar Code Number 8 89275 17839 9." He said "yes we do," "does that tell you anything. I paid cash." Then he said "maybe you bought it at Auto Zone or O’Reilly." I told him "don't be stupid they don't carry that same product number or bar code." Never will I buy anything there. I will also tell my son his has a shop and know a lot of shop owner about what happen to me.

Mickey of Kingsport, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

Here’s what happened: A six-month old battery purchased from Advance Auto went dead three times within a month. I drove to my local store where the battery was purchased (1121 E. Stone Dr. Kingsport, TN 37660) to have it tested. The technician informed me that the battery needed to be replaced. Inside the store, another employee said he would tell me the cost of a new battery. I informed him that the battery was under a free-replacement warranty.

He then told the technician to get a “code” from the battery. The technician returned to say that the battery did not indicate a replacement was necessary until further overnight testing. I asked why he had originally told me that I needed a new battery. He said that he had used a different instrument this time. Does this sound fishy? Perhaps rip-off is more appropriate. I have been an Advance Auto customer for many years. There is an AutoZone located two blocks from this store. I will do my business there in the future.

Ronnie of Big Stone Gap, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Had a silver battery with two year replacement. Battery lasted almost four years so I wasn't expecting a replacement but was thinking I would receive discount since it didn't last 5years. Long story short I went to Walmart and got a five year battery for less money than an another 2 year battery from Advance. And one more thing, Advance acts as if they keep your warranty on their computer but it is conveniently not on their computer when it comes to getting a pro rate which they apparently don't do.

steve of Belton, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

Used online ordering, placed order and only store that had all parts in stock was not in my area but wanted all parts from same location so I called to get directions. Call was answered by a different location but was told the phone transferred to them because the other was probably busy but the store was open. I was given directions, drove 45 minutes to location and it was closed. When returned home, called customer service and explained what happened and though the dollar amount wasn't enough to qualify for free shipping, but since the mess up was on their behalf that parts should be shipped at no cost. Was told by customer service, either cancel the order or go back the next day.

Hector of Dorado, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a senior. Had my car load test of battery and alternator, at Advance in Dorado, Puerto Rico 00646. The mechanic told me I need a battery. I waited a few days until I received my monthly retirement money, and ordered a battery online with a 25% discount on 07/02/2017. Order # **. On 07/03 went to Advance Auto. First they told me there's a $14.95 installation charge. Then the battery did not fit. Then tell sold me a battery for 194.46. After installing the battery they did another load test. They told me I needed an alternator for about 350.00 to 400.00. Why did they bamboozle me, not to run the car more than 5 days? This is really unfair. I have been a Sears member since 1976, but went to Advance because it's closer to home. I will definitely report this to AAA and AARP IN which I belong to both, so no other senior will be taken advantage of. The store # is 01146.

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Rey of Hyde Park, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Manager at Hyde Park NY never wants to help. Always states he can not take store coupon or check rewards etc. Never honors store policy, these has happened to me on several occasions from same manager. Employees try to help but manager always trying to make a big issue when workers are doing their job correctly. And coupons, codes from store are up to date and should be honored because they are offered from Advance Auto. When I get the manager's name I will post it. I will not shop at the Hyde Park location due to this manager.

dave of Saxonburg, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered brake pads and rotors online. My car was going to the dealer for a number of repairs, including the brakes. The service advisor suggested that I get the pads and rotors from a parts store, rather than at the dealer. I ordered pads and rotors online, with a store pickup option. I picked them up the following day. I had to wait about 10 minutes because there was only ONE person working the parts counter! I told him I had an online order and he brought it to me. I noticed the rotor boxes were taped shut. I asked him to verify that these were the correct rotors for my car. After answering all his question, he assured me they were correct.

The next day I was having the work done at the dealer. Guess what happened when they went to replace the rotors? Yep, the ones I got from Advance were WRONG. So, my options were to pay the dealer price for their rotors, or pay the tech twice while I searched for the correct ones. I decided to just get the OEM rotors so I could get my car back. So thanks Advance Auto, your error ended up costing ME an additional $80 because YOU supplied ME with the wrong part! Thanks for nothing! Oh, and BTW, I had to wait in line AGAIN to return the wrong part.

Bill of Avon Lake, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Once again I was looking for parts and offered a 20% off to place order and pick up in store. Each of the 3 times I have gone to do this the website showed the parts in stock, and states most orders will be filled in 30 minutes, so I place the order and it states an email will be sent when order is completed. Problem is the emails never come! Yesterday I had to call for my order placed on June 21st, 5 days later! Yes it was ready for pickup. I have contacted the company and they say they will look into it but problem is still there and the employees even say the online ordering is a joke! The major problem with this is even if you go in store a day later to pick up parts, the employees can't complete your order if the computer system hasn't sent them the order! A big joke. I will probably go to Autozone or O'Reilly from now on. I may not get the discount but at least can get the parts within 24 hours.

Brad of Falls Church, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a Gold status commercial customer and I shop at the Mclean Va store 9027. The manager Jeb is an absolute saint. I've never seen him not busy and he never complains about it. I often walk in and need hard to get parts like custom brake lines and Jeb will jump to help me after greeting me by name when I walk in. He's always doing a million things at once and I have nothing but good things to say about him as an employee and friend. He did not ask me to write this, but I wanted to. Thank you for everything Jeb.

Bob of Bandon, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

It's a good company. Everything is affordable and I buy from there often. I love shopping for my car and for other peoples cars at companies like this one because they're awesome. I haven't ordered from them online only in person and I like it every time, the people are super nice. The parts are well priced too.

Amy of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

It has been a while since I had them. I know little about cars and the people were helpful. Everything worked out great. They had what I needed and even helped me to install it and check a couple of things on my car.

Debra of Cedar Rapids, IA on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased in store and the selection was vast. The workers were very friendly and helpful. The worker showed me multiple options I could pick from and didn't pressure me to buy the most expensive part. This site is close to my house and the men who helped me didn't make me feel stupid with all of my questions. The service I received was very quick and the store was getting busy. I can only say I wish it was easier to find things since the store is big so it's easy to get lost. Having aisle signs would be good for a person like me. It would also be good to have more than two people working. Even though they are sufficient it might ease their stress as well.

Michael of Saint Louis, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts is customer focused, no questions asked, associates were friendly and professional. Manager (female) knows here stuff. Battery stock was low but we worked it out, and I will go back again. Guarantees are good too. I was very satisfied with my trip here, and have gone back. I have NOT be mistreated or ignored. This is not the closest auto parts store to me but I prefer it. They never disappoint me and I have recommended them to others.

Michelle of Oak Lawn, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I like that Advance Auto Parts have all sorts of products for your car. You can find everything car related in their stores. I never have problems whenever I go to their store. I needed to buy some routine maintenance stuff for my car so I went to the store, found what I needed, paid and was in and out of the store in a reasonable time.

Arland of Richmond, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

The team members are very knowledgeable and friendly. Most of the time I get the right part the first time around. Parts I buy here are of really good quality. However, delivery time on parts are really long and it holds up repair time. They need more help at the professional help desk since they only have one in each store. Otherwise I always order in store and I have always had very pleasant interaction with all team members. The stores are very user-friendly and are always clean and shelves are stocked. I am very satisfied.

Amelia of Sacramento, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts is quite a lovely company overall. The company itself is run in a very professional and organized manner. All of the employees seem happy and are trained very well at their jobs. The only thing to improved about them would perhaps be their physical facilities because the stores I have gone into all seem to have a rather industrial quality to them. Nonetheless, their customer service could not be better. They have the kindest and most patient staff. All of them are excellent communicator that help me every time I need something.

Sammy of Frisco, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

The things I liked when I visited their store were the Quality, pricing, convenience, and variety of options from Advance Auto Parts. They are doing a very good job and shouldn't change. I ordered my items In store. Advanced Auto parts had great customer service and finished quickly on the parts I had an issue with.

Landon of Alachua, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts sell quality auto parts and car and truck accessories in virtually every city in America. I have bought tons of parts from them and I like that they usually have the part or accessory I need in stock or they can get it quick if not. I like that they give coupons frequently but it doesn't make up for the fact that they have a website that is nearly impossible to use. Their website is lacking compared to RockAuto which has had the best auto parts website for 15+ years. Also AutoZone's website has vehicle repair guides which are nice. Ordering online is difficult because the Advance Auto Parts site is not very useful. It shows products not intended for your specific vehicle, doesn't let you browse without selecting a vehicle, and the vehicle selection process is a pain. Otherwise I like this store.

Teresa of Knoxville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

They put my windshield wiper on for me. I visited the physical store and told the employee what I wanted. It only took a minute to look up the windshield wiper that I wanted to replace. I didn't know how to do it myself, so I really appreciated the assistance. However, they could have more employees since I seemed to be there at a busy time. I had to wait a while before they could come outside and help me.

Deanna of Brownsburg, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

It is a auto parts store pretty close to my home. They will test your battery, alternator, etc. and help you figure out what needs replaced. Their prices are reasonable and they are usually stocked well on needed parts. As well as lots of product choices for oil, oil type, cleaning products, tire and rim cleaners and polish, lots of cosmetic finishing touches, and much more.

My biggest complaint about them is that the staff is not very knowledgeable. When I go in to get a specific part for the engine, they look it up, match the type of engine, and go get the part and I buy it. Go home to my shop and go to install and it is the wrong part. Now my vehicle is apart and I have to hope spouse is home to use their vehicle to go back and hope I get the right part by bringing the old one as well to match it. I do not count on it being the wrong part every time I need a bolt on part but I do now.

Teresa of Florence, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

I like that at Advance Auto Parts there is never a long wait for help. I have ordered items both in the store and online for in-store pickup. The products that I search for online were easy to find and their website was very user-friendly. I find their store to be very well run and every time I come in there I am greeted with a smile. In the store it is very easy to find someone to assist me and the employees are always knowledgeable of the product. The employees are also always friendly when I ask a lot of questions because I myself do not know a lot about vehicles. They also make sure I am given the product with the best quality and the best price. I would possibly suggest though that things be a little easier to find without assistance however this is also sometimes difficult when a store carries such a wide variety of products, which is not a bad thing.

Keely of Charlotte, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Advanced Auto Parts is an easy place to go to find things for my car. As a woman buying things for my car can be confusing but in this store it's simple. Also, there are usually other people there like me buying the basics. Many times though I feel like I am the only woman in the store so hire more women. I know that they can't just hire more women but maybe make the working environment more gender neutral. When I go to the store it's because I need something right then (usually windshield wipers). I will normally go directly to the counter and ask for what I need based upon my car model and year. Most of the employees will install the parts for me and I love it!

Ronald of Canonsburg, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts's product selection and customer service were excellent. They provide personalized assistance from the start to the end of my purchases. Employee asked myself specific, related questions to establish correct answers. Furthermore, they offer personalized opinions and assistance to ensure that I'm buying the correct part. If I have any doubts, I am not likely to buy wrong products.

Whitney of Leland, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been to many different automotive parts companies and all others I truly dislike but Advance Auto Parts I didn't dislike any part of the store. It was clean and prices were great. I like many things about this company. The best part was how all the employees wanted and were ready to help me as soon as I walked in and I didn't have to ask anyone to help me find something.

Kasey of Lula, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts is the main store I get parts from. It's good that we have part stores with people working there that know some things about vehicles. I have bought both ways online and in the store. I like to order some things online because it's a lot easier and customer service is a little better online than in stores. Also, the stores need to get tools that we could rent instead of buying the tool. Overall, I had a great experience but I think Advance Auto could improve their customer service. I have came to see that every part store needs to improve in that area. If all the part stores can get their customer service a little more better then people wouldn't have to order online.

Autum of Jackson, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts is a really good auto parts store. They have great customer service and they always have the parts I need or want. If they don't have what I need they order it for me. I order usually in-store. The employees are great. They are nice and always helpful. So if you need something to fix ask the employees.

Rose of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

The employees were friendly, well informed, professional, and extremely helpful. They had all the parts and supplies that I needed for repairing my car in stock and they gave some very helpful suggestions. However, they need to open more stores. I have to travel quite a distance to get to one of their stores. Although the product selection was adequate, they also need to greatly increase the number and selection of car accessories.

Sharon of Frostburg, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

It had what I need it. Had friendly people who work there and help you out a lot and try to find what part I needed. They are very nice people to get to help you in the store and show you on the computer how much it will cost me but some of them don't know what they were doing and how to find it on the computer or the price of the part. I order it in store and had to wait to order the parts and they might not have the part there and have to order them and It take two week to get them or they say they have on the phone and when you get there they do not have them.

Diane of Wales, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Advance Auto Parts has knowledgeable and helpful employees and great selection of merchandise at good prices. They have brightly lit and easy parking. The store has a convenient location, is always clean and well stocked. I have never ordered anything because it was in stock and I left the store with the part that I needed. The only thing is the store should not be placed on a busy intersection.

Lisa of Boynton Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I needed a battery for my motorcycle so I went to Advanced Auto. Told them the make year model of the bike of which they gave me a battery and insisted it was correct. GUESS WHAT, NOPE. So I go back with the actual dead battery they credit the difference from the first one to the correct one. I get the battery back to the bike, it's dead. We charged it for an hour or so. I keep the bike battery on a trickle charge but still the battery was weak and didn't fire right up like it should but me not being a mechanic I figured maybe the starter is going on it of which case I did not have money to fix it. Anyways I forgot to plug the trickle charger in and 2 days it was dead. GUESS WHAT - no one told me it only had a 3 month warranty or I would not have purchased it. I was pissed and after spending $107.00 for a useless battery that wasn't even really made for a bike. HORRIBLE, JUST HORRIBLE.

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Founded in 1932, Advance Auto Parts is North America’s largest aftermarket automotive parts and accessories provider. It has over 5,200 retail locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. It also offers an online store featuring a large selection of products including air, exhaust, navigation, engine parts, drivetrain, tools, fluids and much more.

  • Reliable selection: Advance Auto Parts specializes in all the parts and accessories you need to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and performance. It carries all the basics for general vehicle owners at reasonable prices.
  • Convenient website: Advance Auto Parts allows users to customize their online shopping experience by creating an account and saving up to nine vehicles to the account. That means you can store the make, model and year of all your vehicles and receive product recommendations that will work for you.
  • In-store services: Advance Auto Parts offers customers free oil and battery recycling, electrical testing, windshield wiper installation with purchase and loaner tools. These services can be especially helpful for those who might need a bit of guidance with vehicle care.
  • Convenient retail locations: With over 5,200 retail locations, Advance Auto Parts likely has a store near you. You can use the online store location finder to find a convenient location, find out whether your product is available in store, then order and pay online.
  • Earn rewards: Advance Auto Parts’ rewards programs can help save you money on your auto purchases. You can refer a friend and receive a $10 coupon after their first order (your friend will receive $30). You can also join the Speed Perks program to earn points for your purchases, which can be redeemed for dollars off future purchases.
  • Best for those who want reliable basic parts and accessories and assistance with selection or installation.

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