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Auto Computer Exchange

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Last updated: July 12, 2017

32 Auto Computer Exchange Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: July 12, 2017

Got a bad PCM. Immediately on plug in showed a P0203 code. Yes I know that doesn't sound like a bad pcm but after the whole run around of trying to fix the code that's where it leads to. Not giving them a second chance. I agree it doesn't seem fair not to give a second chance but is it fair to me to have to have to check their pcm. Where is the quality control at? Yes it might be true that they do hundreds of orders but it's also probably true that there a lot of people (maybe hundreds) that are not satisfied that do not take the time to set the record straight! They should shut this place down.

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Original review: April 6, 2017

I purchased an engine control module with a lifetime warranty and now they refuse to honor the lifetime warranty. I sent them the eBay/PayPal transaction report showing that I purchased the module with a lifetime warranty and they still REFUSE to honor it. Auto Computer Exchange is just a bunch of rip-offs. I went to them because of the low price and the lifetime warranty but now I wish I would have paid more and dealt with a reputable company. Now that I have ripped off by them I read the online reviews and most all of them say the same thing and that is do not do business with Auto Computer Exchange. They will rip you off.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

After much conversation with them, ordered part turns out to not be correct. Contacted them. Sent pictures as advised. Was told they would review and contact. Month later no response. Called again. Advised this time they would have to charge me 40% of paid amount to have them take it back. Their customer service referred me to this unit. I have all the email correspondence, but they don't seem to care. Buy correct part from reputable brick and mortar store. The time, money and aggravation will be well spent. The "Customer is always wrong" really gripes me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

Purchased IDM for my Powerstroke, discovered it was causing issues with my injectors. Had to replace it with OEM. They only will exchange it for another piece of junk they have. Please don't buy anything from them. You will waste time and money with their products, and with Ford diesel engines please stick with factory parts because some reman stuff is junk and companies like this don't stand behind the product. Only had it their part for six months.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

Ordered rebuilt PCM while on vacation in Colorado to fix a stalling problem. Unit was mailed to a friend's address in Colorado since I had no address there. Stalling went away, P0505, idle speed code showed up, I.e. the rebuilt unit replaced one problem with another. Once back home in Oklahoma, I returned the allegedly rebuilt unit. In spite of phone instructions on two different occasions and an enclosed letter with the unit instructing them to mail the unit to my home, not my friend's address, they still screwed up and shipped it to the wrong place. Since it was their mistake, I asked if they would ship another unit until I could return the first one so I could get my Jeep back running. They refused. The rebuilt unit I received the first time had holes cut in back with a hole saw and glued back in place with caulk. It was very unprofessional looking. I haven't been able to acquire the second unit yet. I advise anyone to stay away from this place.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS!! Advertised unit as a rebuilt Cardone 79-2679. It was not rebuilt and it was DOA. They pulled it from a scrap vehicle and painted it (not very well I might add). I returned the unit and they charged me 75.00 for misdiagnosis fee plus 15.00 shipping fee even though I was already charged from the outbound shipping and I paid for the return shipping from USPS myself. Before I ordered the ECM from them I pulled one out of my friend's jeep and the vehicle started, so I knew that my ECM was bad. I installed the unit from Auto ECMS and it was DEAD. Ordered another one from a reputable company and my Jeep is running GREAT. 90.00 lesson learned to find ratings and reviews about companies as well as their product before buying it!

Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

A 1996 Chrysler town and country came in with a computer issue. The coil driver had failed which is a typical failure. Auto computer exchange sent me a computer for it. We installed it had the same problem. Sent a second computer also with the same problem. After talking with their customer service and technical people came to the conclusion that they have no idea what they are doing. Bought a computer from a different source and the problem is now repaired. They would not issue a refund so am out $250 after I sent both failed computer back to them. Do not buy anything from this company.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2015

My mechanic purchase an ECU for my 1993 Lexus SC400 from I was away for several months and my husband handled the problem with my car. When I returned I asked "if there is a new ECU, why are all the lights on - CEL, TRAC OFF, O/D flashing?" He didn't know why and Maggie from didn't know why either. Well after trying to repair what was wrong with my car, I found out nothing was wrong with my car except the ECU I bought. placed their sticker over Toyota/Denso label to cover the OEM part number. The ECU was for a Jan. 1994 to Jan. 1995 SC400, not my 1993. These ECUs ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. put their sticker over the label, but their sticker had the correct part number on it. So I can't blame my mechanic for not knowing he was installing the wrong part. Of course, Maggie won't admit to this nor give me a refund. Steve argued with me that they are interchangeable, so he is an idiot. I see by the other posts that I probably shouldn't waste my time calling to speak with Lou. I really feel bad for all the people that have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix problems with their cars that never existed. The malicious people really need to be held accountable for the pain and suffering and expense they have caused so many people. My granddaughter has 500,000 followers on her twitter account. I will tweet something and have her retweet it for me, just to do my part in bringing them down.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2015

This place is a joke, a ripoff, a scam, they're cheaters. I ordered an ecu on weds at 10 am and selected 2-day shipping. When I didn't receive a tracking number after 48 hrs I called to speak to someone about it. After about 30 mins of being on hold I finally spoke with a guy that didn't have a clue about anything he was asked. He did however tell me that the 2-day shipping option is valid after the 24-48 hrs it takes for them to process the order but it definitely didn't take them that long to withdraw the money from my account. I waited over the weekend and even waited into Weds. I call back and was then told that nothing had been done because off an electrical outage and their location. Long story short I canceled the order. I only hope anyone wondering about this company reads this review and hope they use some other company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2015

I placed the order for a PCM through this company. I spoke with Derek. He said it would take 24-48 hrs. It has been 4 days and Derek will not talk to me. The part still is not available. Please do not order anything from this company.

Verified Buyer
Original review: June 15, 2015

I wish I had seen all these complaints before I purchased from this company. I got a PCM for my 2001 Dakota and the overdrive down shifting hits really hard. And at high speed, the last thing you want is your transmission to malfunction. So I asked them to send me another one because its my work truck and they want $150 to make the swap. Of course it's all in the fine print, so I would not recommend this company even to my worst enemy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2015

Bought a new computer from them and it went out. Supposed to have a lifetime warranty as per their website and they won't honor it. Said I have to have the receipt when it's clearly in the computer that they can pull up and still have all my information but guess what, out of luck. All they want is more money for another computer. This place is a joke. Do not buy from them. I'm contacting my lawyer Monday. I would rather pay a lawyer some money and see what they say to him. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2015

My Automatic Transmission Shop occasionally needs to replace the TCM or PCM. I ordered a PCM for a 2001 Toyota Rav4. We received the unit. It was faulty. It caused a very harsh shift to 3rd gear. We returned it, we received another unit, and it didn't work either. The owner of the Rav4 decided to go to Toyota dealer. We called Auto computer exchange and told them we were shipping the 2nd faulty unit back and was assured there was no problem with returning it. One month later still no refund and after many, many calls I receive a partial refund--minus $150.05 return and restocking fees!! On a defective part!!

Original review: Jan. 31, 2015

Found this horrible place on the internet. Thought it was a good company!! Pcm rebuilt for my 00 ram and the first one worked for about 2500 miles. They say 1 year warranty but it's total BS. I sent them my computer back and they sent me back on my dime another one and it was just my old one painted black. I sent it back to them again on my dime because it wasn't fixed. They sent it back again and still same problem.

I had my reputable mechanic diagnose the computer and tells me it's still bad. So Bryan which isn't even his real name tells me to send it back again on my dime and ships me another one-- now painted silver!! Still having the same issue. So he tells me that all the sent ones that were just painted and not fixed have used up my warranty!! So I find a local pcm rebuilt and took it there and as soon as I hand it to him he says... "Well that's not even the type of computer that goes to your truck!!!" It was for a 3.9v6 I have a 5.9 v8... Bottom line is don't use this company. You WILL get ripped off. The owner did time already for scamming people. I just wish I woulda read the reviews first! Now I'm out $289 and I have to go to a new company to get a computer built.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2015

First I ordered a ficm for an 03 6.0 diesel. 2 days later I got a pcm. The salesman Richard would rather tell dirty jokes than do his job evidently. Then 2 days later got ficm, it was bad. These people are a joke. My customer was out of their truck for a week and a half. I finally went to ford and got ficm fired right up, no problems. Don't waste your time with these jokers, probably won't even get a refund.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2014

I got the first ECM on 1/16/2014, work order #**. My truck stop on 2/21/2014 with code #601 then on 7/20/2014 with no bus on speedo. Now 11/6/2014, the same thing and they won't even let me send it in. They say "WE HAVE AN IRON CLAD ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON YOUR COMPUTER WITH A CORE EXCHANGE."

Original review: Sept. 18, 2014

I am very happy with my purchase. I paid for expedited shipping but Jimmy made sure I got it ASAP. The company was extremely responsive and the part (TCM) worked perfectly. I had previously purchased an ECM for my vehicle and the first one failed upon installation. Auto Computer Exchange immediately sent another ECM with suggestions on how to install safely. I guess it is easy to fry these if you don't install correctly. I followed their suggestion and the 2nd one worked. Note that they didn't wait for me to return the faulty one before sending a replacement. Speaking with Jim yesterday, he admitted that the company had some customer service problems a few years ago due to a change in management. He said those issues have been resolved and I agree. I highly recommend this company based on my experience with them.

Original review: Aug. 25, 2014

Ordered an ECM for my car. Had. A friend pick up and fly it to Belize. I was aware they had a 14 day return policy, so when it didn't work I called to let them know within 5 days. Told them my friend would fly it back, and the dates, they said no problem. Well, when my refund was posted it was minus $100 US for a restocking fee! The part was defective and I kept them informed. In trying to get so one with common sense on the phone they all said "company policy". You cannot talk to anyone with the ability to use common sense. They ship a defective product and charge 25% for the privilege of discovering that for them! Do not do business with these people!

Original review: July 9, 2014

I bought a computer Dec 2012 for a 98 Dodge Dakota truck. It worked good for about 7 months then the truck would not run right and the computer would not give any codes. The truck had a very bad miss and was shaking. 2 shops hook up their big computers to the truck but the truck computer still would not give any codes. I replaced it with another, and got the codes. The Computer Exchange would not exchange it. I got the good one from another company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2014

I purchased a engine control module from this company for $368. After almost two weeks, the part came. The part did not work. I called the company to inform them that their part did not work and that I am sending it back for a refund. The part was shipped back to this company and after a week or so, they refunded me $209. I called them today to request the rest of my refund $159, but was told they charge $50 for programming fee and $86 for restocking fee. When I asked to speak to Brian, a supervisor, I was told he was not in. When I purchased the unit, I was not told they would keep half my money for programming and restocking. Furthermore, I believe they did not program the engine control module, but charge customers anyway. You live and learn and not make the same mistake again. This is the kind of company that make it bad for the others. You don't want to do business with companies like this one!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2014

Purchased in Dec. 2013 PCM for Jeep GC on the instructions of popping the PCM in and away I go. WRONG... Experienced Firestone mechanic installed... and immediately the car starts and then dies with "Security Key" code showing on diagnostic device. Called and Bryan said to send back... that the code would be programmed out. Should have been removed the first time. Received the second PCM after a week and OH NO... same code appeared along with the Vin # came up as not matching! Called again. This time I was embarrassed that I tried to get away with doing it on the cheap. Sent it back again and said to refund... couldn't do this again. They charged reprogram fee and stocking fee of $100.00 and emailed me saying no codes appeared for them! Of course... So $100.00 is a minimal amount to pay for the experience which I will never attempt again. Sorry for all the other horror stories. Now it's back at the dealer for another $900.00 PCM!!!

Original review: Nov. 13, 2013

Purchased a PCM for my 2006 Jeep Wrangler did a lot of research for a transmission shifting issue. They said they were aware of the issue and a new programmed PCM would fix the problem. I ordered it and paid the $389 and had to send my original to them as a core. The unit arrived and I plugged it in. It worked fine for about 4 days and the same exact issue came back. I had to send it back to them on my dime. They claimed to have checked it out and replaced some parts and sent it back to me after a week. This time, I plugged it in and it would drive, but went into a "safe mode" and would not shift or go over 40mph. I called and was told I had to go to a dealer and have it programmed ($190). Says right on the website that the PCM's come pre-programmed and you won't have to do this. First lie.

The transmission shift issue came back immediately after the dealer programmed. Now worse than ever. The dealer checked it out for me, replaced a couple of sensors and took the transmission pan off to inspect ($685) and could not find any other problems. I told them to replace the PCM at my cost - $900. They replaced the PCM and I have been problem free ever since. The dealer said I needed a core for the PCM to save $200 on a core charge. I called and was told by the warranty representative to give them the bad PCM. They also told me they would send the request for a refund to the refund department, which is the owner Lou, and they would get back to me. They never got back to me.

I called several times and could not speak to the person that does the refunds. I was only given a email address, Billing@carcomputerexchange. They sent back a response that said only "we will not be issuing a refund". Would not respond to any other emails. Truly a cowardly company hiding behind an email address and not speaking directly to customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 10, 2013

Auto Computer Exchange is the worst company I have ever purchased from. They lure customers with inexpensive ECMs and PCMs and then the customer ends up paying much more by having to replace the defective parts. The owner, Louis Acquarulo, obviously has never read his About Us page. Everything on their website is a lie. I’m sure there are a few happy customers. I wish I was one of them. I ended up spending $1,278 including the $180 for the original PCM.

I purchased a PCM for a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It worked for 7 months. My car repeatedly stalled in traffic in very dangerous conditions. The car was towed to the Buerge Jeep dealer in Santa Monica. I was told it was a faulty PCM. For the next 3 weeks, the dealer installed and uninstalled 3 faulty PCMs with one final good PCM for a total labor charge of $719. After the first week when I realized my car was not going to be fixed any time soon, I rented a car for 2 weeks for a total of $332.88. As a direct result of the faulty PCMs, I have paid $1,278 including $46.93 for UPS charges. Auto Computer Exchange should not be in business and should have a Class Action lawsuit against them.

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Original review: April 30, 2013

In Dec. 2012, I had a bad ECM in a Dodge truck. I sent them mine; they sent a "reman". It would not work so I paid to have it shipped back. Two weeks later, I got the next one in a series of bad ECMs - five returns in all. This last time, they said they could not find one and it took two months of me calling about everyday to finally be told that, "Hey, we have one; it ships tomorrow..." That was two weeks ago - still no ECM. So today, almost six months later, I disputed it with my credit card company. I still got the run around. It's always "This afternoon; in the morning; Monday ... " or any other excuse they can think of. Whatever you do, run! Do not walk away from these scam artists. They still have not gotten me a refund or a computer that works!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2013

I ordered a PCM for one of my vehicles that was not working. I received the order in a few days and installed it per enclosed instructions. The engine would turn over but not start the vehicle. So much for plug and play. Assuming something else was wrong with the vehicle, I took it to a dealer (on a car trailer). The dealer called and stated he had every technician in the shop look at it, but no one could figure it out. It would run but then stop. When it quit, it would erase all trouble codes so they couldn't even scan it to see what was going on. I paid the dealer to install a new PCM and a large stack for all their diagnostic time. I contacted CCE and was told the warranty was void due to the dealer's attempt to re-flash what they had sent me. Somehow I'd think the manufacturer's dealer would know how to flash their equipment, but I guess not.

CCE also stated that had I called them, they could have told me what to do over the phone. Like what? Send it back to them so they could send another one? And what guarantee would I have that they would send one that would work? How long would this go on until they sent one that would work? From what I read, they not only don't give you a working part, but also take your core and never get a working unit to you. Of course, in their mind it's all somehow my fault. Maybe they shouldn't be in business if they can't provide what they promise and blame their customer for their equipment not working. Goodbye $200+.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 25, 2012

Total thieves. They sent 2 computers for my truck and both were bad. I finally went to a dealer and spent $800, and put a new computer in my truck. Auto Computer Exchange refused to refund my money even though I sent both their garbage computers back to them. Please share with all to prevent these thieves from ripping anyone else off. The first computer they sent was for a four wheel drive. My truck is two wheel drive. Second one they sent gave multiple bad codes. When I called them, they said it wasn't a bad computer and it was my truck. I went to the local Dodge dealer and they confirmed it was a bad computer and installed a new one. I haven't had any issues since the new one the dealer installed.

Original review: Aug. 3, 2012

We ordered a computer for a customer's car on 6/28/12 and sent the original core to them. The first computer we received was bad. We called them and they sent us another computer. The second computer was also bad. We requested another computer and we returned the two bad computers. It was 7/24/12 when we did this. Almost a month had gone by. They jacked us around day after day, and week after week. We talked to all the managers including Bryan, Andy, Nancy, and numerous other people who promised to get this straightened out immediately. The owner, Lou, was never available. Finally on 7/24/12, Andy promised delivery of a good unit by UPS the next day. Well the next day we received the third computer. It was still a bad computer. It's unbelievable!

In the meantime, we had to order a new one from the dealer to be delivered after we checked the last one. The original computer was $199 which we are disputing with Visa, and the new computer is around $600 which worked immediately upon plug-in. So, our customer's car was in our bay for 4 weeks! In 10 years of business, we have never kept a car over 3 days and never had a problem with any vendor that could not be resolved. These people are scammers. Stay far away from them. All of them lied and all of them are crooks. BBB has rated them "F" and they have over 224 complaints. The other search engines have tons of bad comments.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2012

I sent two defective PCMs for my mini-van. I sent them both back and they told me they were going to refund me the money. Lied to, I called back several times and got the same **. Shady and criminal operation.

Original review: Aug. 25, 2011

Everything noted here is just my opinion (to avoid any legal hassles).

I purchased a unit back in November 2010. At that time, they gave me a "lifetime warranty" and I have copies of it. I sent the unit back because I got the code "no bus." My mechanic, a certified Dodge mechanic, tested it and said that it was either a bad solder joint or a cracked board in the PCM. He had tested all three of the wire harnesses and they were okay. Auto Computer Exchange began to say on the phone that prior to receiving the unit, "it sounds like a network error, not the unit."

Upon receipt of the unit, they claimed that it was fine and I would have to pay $10 to have it shipped back to me. When I received the unit and put it back in, the same problem arises--if you wiggle the harness up or down at the connector, it would come on and run for about 30 to 60 seconds. I called them back and told them that the unit had not been opened to check the interior. I micro marked the unit cover. They then claimed that they had "tested it, put it into another van and drove it around as a second test." I asked, "So, you have a van like mine, which you re-flashed to test and then re-flashed again for me? He told me that it was not my business how they test units. Then, he began to tell me that they had been generous because they did not charge me the "pro rate." I asked, "What pro rate? It has a lifetime warranty." He proceeded to tell me that, "No. It is pro rated." I asked, "Pro rated to what time frame?" He said, "Pro rated to the life of the unit!"

So, the warranty is almost worthless after six months. It appears on the website that they have changed it to one year even though it is really six months. My mechanic says that he used to buy from them because they were good, but not anymore because the new owner does not honor the work they do. I would have given 0 or 1/2 stars but it would not let me.

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Original review: Sept. 2, 2010

I purchased a transmission control module on eBay on Oct. 9, 2009. The item was advertised with a lifetime warranty. The computer worked fine until July 27, 2010 when the computer stopped working. I called the company to find out how to get warranty replacement. I was informed that it only came with a 180 day replacement. Prorated after 6 months, we would have to pay a reprogramming fee. If the unit was deemed unrepairable, the fee would be applied to a new unit. When we looked at our receipt, it is stamped with lifetime warranty.

I called again and spoke with Brian, the warranty manager. He told me there was a 12 month, 12,000 mi warranty, and to send in the unit. I sent the unit in. They told me that the processor was fried and they prorated it at $100.00. We would have to pay the difference for a new unit. I told them to send the unit back to me. They are still advertising lifetime warranties on eBay, but nowhere on the ad does it say anything about prorating. It only says that the lifetime warranty covers your part from failure and damage excluding collision and flood damage. If the part is damaged due to an electrical short in your vehicle, you may be subject to a replacement charge.

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Auto Computer Exchange expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Established in 1989, Auto Computer Exchange is a family owned and operated business based in Davie, Florida, specializing in automotive computer parts. In addition to stores in Davie, Atlanta and Houston, it also offers a comprehensive website with computer parts for many major makes of consumer vehicles. Customers send in their old computer part and receive a new or refurbished one under warranty.

  • One year warranty for exchanges: Because Auto Computer Exchange specializes in refurbishing and recycling old computer parts, they offer a one year warranty on new and refurbished computer parts as an incentive to customers who send in their old part in exchange. When you receive your new part, use the prepaid shipping label to return the old part.

  • Refurbished in house: Auto Computer Exchange employs their own computer technologists who personally refurbish and program computers specifically for your vehicle make and model. Because they don’t outsource this work, they are able to offer faster service and better prices to the customer.

  • Major vehicle makes: Vehicle computers must be made specifically for a given make and model, and then must be programmed for your specific car. While Auto Computer Exchange does not carry computer parts for all vehicles, they offer most major vehicle makes, including Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, Toyota, Lexus and more.

  • Large inventory: Many automotive companies carry a small inventory to reduce overhead expenses, which means the customer has to wait for the part to be ordered from the manufacturer and shipped to the dealer before receiving it themselves. Auto Computer Exchange carries most of its website inventory in stock in their own warehouse, which means your order is likely to be available for immediate shipment to you.

  • Order over $100 ship free: Auto Computer Exchange offers free ground shipping on all orders over $100, which includes nearly all of the products available. Tracking numbers are provided to safeguard your shipment and guarantee delivery. Customers can choose to expedite shipping for an additional charge.

  • Best for: people who need a new automobile computer component and can install it themselves.

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