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This product is a ** nightmare. You would expect that for $145/m you'd get some semblance of service... or knowledge, or help. HELL NO. Their "CUSTOMER SERVICE" is a joke. They are useless and prey on the fact that people have to use this POS. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. The machine only registers about one every 15 tries... and then when it starts to actually mess with your car's operating systems, they tell you it's your fault. Which is a bold faced lie. This company should be brought to justice, because their product, and whole company is fraudulent. Their machine is an inferior piece of ** and just doesn't work right. Anyone that works for these ** should kill themselves. You are the worst people in the world and it would be better off if you weren't in it!! Thanks for NOTHING YOU BOTTOM FEEDING SCUMBAGS.

Only after 2 weeks of using this system, I have ALREADY received a court order to have it removed and get another provider. Absolutely horrendous service and knowledge from the start. First when I got to the install they wouldn't install until I got a brand new battery. I knew something was up because I had just bought my car 9 months ago. So there went 100 dollars. Then after I received the system it began to work, however my remote key wouldn't lock the car unless you were 2 feet away from it. More annoying than you think.

After two weeks of successfully using the system - One morning as I was going to the gym, the car wouldn't start after several passed tests. I called and tried to do a soft reset, still no luck. I then took it in to Smart Start and some kid went out and looked at it. He unplugged maybe two wires within 1 minute and said: "Yeah bro, I don't know what's going on, but it's not our system, but I'm also not a mechanic so you need to take it there." Another 75.00 trip after 75.00 getting there.

Then I took it to a well known mechanic and had them look at it and run not one, but two diagnostics on my car which is covered completely under warranty for anything mechanical or electrical. After two days of thoroughly inspecting my car and in constant communication with Smart Start to even remove and completely disable the unit, they decided to completely remove it themselves (The mechanics at Auto Shop).

The MINUTE they removed it, my car started perfectly. They kept it another day to run every possible test they could to ensure it was indeed the unit. Indeed it was. I know this is a biased review but I take very well care of my car, and I haven't even owned it a year and it's a certified pre-owned Honda under 100K miles. There was never an issue ever since this system was installed.

So after another 400 bill that I have to pay - and all the Uber/Lyft rides I had to take to work and back and ANYWHERE I needed to be, I am now out about 800-900 dollars within 3 weeks of being ordered to use the system. The whole program isn't even 900 dollars. I submit all of my receipts and invoices and tow tickets to Smart Start as advised by my PO and per Smart Start's website.

After a week I follow up: "Sorry we cant reimburse you as it wasn't our fault. When we installed, you had to get a new battery. So there was something wrong with your car then. We aren't sure what happened but we don't think it was our unit." Me: "But the mechanic(s) well multiple said and diagnosed it was indeed the unit blocking my entire electrical wiring and Anti Theft system?" SS: "Umm yeah we don't know, sorry." What. In. The. Heck.

So anyways I contact my PO let them know the situation. I also remind them I am a recent college graduate who did not score a lucrative job upon graduation, and don't have unlimited funds. Granted, I am aware I made a huge mistake, I don't expect to be treated like this with the lack of professionalism and competency. I proceed to get a court ordered removal order and new install set within a week. I now have been paying for ride-share transportation for 3 weeks at around $30/day.

After getting the orders in I attempt to go to the Smart Start location simply to really drop off my equipment and pay the removal fee of $50 even though remember, there is nothing to remove since the mechanics already did it and refused to reinstall it back in there. They then proceed to to tell me instead of $50 it's $160 because of a lockout, and calibration fee even though the system has been out of my car theoretically 3 weeks. So that's where it ended, and I will more than likely see Smart Start in court to recoup all the losses I have incurred in the last 3 weeks as I have tracked and kept everything and conversation with them.

DO NOT USE THEM if you need an ignition interlock. I called the DMV to find out when I could have my device removed and found out that Smart Start submitted a report saying I had my device uninstalled 8 months prior. Because of this false report of uninstallation, my license had been suspended those 8 months earlier and I had been driving on a suspended license for 8 months. When I called the corporate office to get this resolved is when the real fun began. Laurie in the Colorado corporate office (one of the saltiest and condescending reps I've ever dealt with) told me she would get this resolved. She waited 24 hours to even contact the DMV. When she did make contact it was a simple e-mail, sent midday Friday, with no follow-up.

After waiting a full week to hear back I decided I needed to call Laurie back. When I spoke with her she was incredibly unprofessional, shouting, telling me she had done all she would do (which was send over the stockpiled reports). Why she didn't call me to update me is beyond me. She told me I had to call the DMV and sort everything out myself, despite the fact that none of this was my fault. I don't do the downloads, I don't send the reports, I don't do any of it. My job is to go to my appointments and pay the fees so that they do their job. She didn't quite seem to grasp this notion. She asked me what I wanted her to do so I told her - "I want YOU to call and make sure this mess is sorted out since it was your company that caused it in the first place."

She told me she has far too many clients to help and that if she did that I would be taking away her time to help other clients. Wait, what? Am I also not a client in need of assistance? Your crappy company screwed up and now it's my responsibility to sort it out? I could go on and on about her unprofessionalism, but I think you can pretty well guess how well the rest of our interactions went. After hours of back and forth with the DMV and Smart Start I sorted their blunder out.

In summary - go with ANY other interlock provider. Smart Start is unprofessional and inattentive. Had I been pulled over I likely would have gone to jail for driving under suspension. Smart Start is not worth the risk they pose to your well-being! PS - Laurie, you're a miserable individual who lacks any sort of logic, reason, or common sense. I would say you deserve to be fired but I think a dead-end, crappy job is exactly where you deserve to be.

What a Crap Company! I had 0 issues with my vehicle before having Smart Start's interlock device installed. Since it's been in, Ive gone thru 4 batteries, have paid hundreds of dollars for recalibrations because it says I failed to give a rolling test. It turns on when my vehicle isnt even on and the keys are in my hand. They refuse to replace the device. They refuse to uninstall and fix any electrical components that they may have damaged when they installed the lockout. I replaced the battery 6 days ago and it is already dead. This Company is a bunch of Crooks.

I have had this in my car for a month. At least 5 times a week I have to blow every 2 minutes due to the device not recognizing that my car is running. This means I cannot pull over to test. Last week between one of my 2 minute tests it came back with a violation only to pass again 2 minutes later. This morning I had 2 violations in a period of 5 minutes. I have not had a drink in over a month. This is going to screw my probation and I am terrified to get into my car right now. I take it for the monthly calibration tomorrow and not sure what I am facing. And because I have to have one, you know they aren't going to believe that I have not been drinking.

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I have had the Smart Start device in my car for several months now. I understand that it is my car due to my lack of common sense. I was lucky I didn't hurt anyone. That being said the Smart Start device is an ill conceive and dangerous device. The cable comes from under my steering wheel across my lap. I have no place to put the mouthpiece except in my console. I drive a standard so it in the way of my gear shift on a regular basis. It goes off on several occasions while driving... WHY? If you go into a store for a few minutes and come back it will have a count down and have to wait... WHY? It is extremely dangerous. Not only is it wrapped around my legs, gear shift etc, it goes off in areas where there is no possibility of pulling over. Can possibly end up with a distracted driving charge due to having to blow into the device in rush hour traffic. Trying to pull over many times during a trip is DANGEROUS.

There is only one download/installation center in Calgary a city of 1 mil plus. It takes me over an hour to get to the center as I live north off the city. I have been told several times that new centers will be opened up... WHEN? I had my car into the dealership for repairs. It took 2 hours for Smart Start to get back to them to tell them how to start my car... POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL AROUND. I have had times where I tried to get in touch with them and could not. The device seems to be designed to humiliate the user. Without warning it will emit a loud squeal if a loud blow is required. It is loud enough that everyone for several cars can hear it. It doesn't need to do that. If a longer blow is required so be it, but there is no warning until you are actually blowing on the device.

Money seems to be a large motivation. Not only is the monthly fee high which a lot of people can't afford... I know our fault to drink and drive. I accept that fully. It was my fault. It cost me just about double what I thought I would pay due to my car. Set up looks the same as any other car. The first day I had it I ended up with a lock code due to not blowing in time. It cost me $55.00 to have it reset... $55.00 for 5 minutes work. Again I accept full responsibility for my actions and am happy that I can drive. However a device that puts my safety in danger is a real concern.

This damn thing goes off when I'm on the highway during rush hour, distracting me from driving and potentially putting my life at risk!! This thing should be illegal. I am contacting my attorney about this asap.

Worst product ever put in a vehicle at 140 dollars a month. Employees have no compassion whatsoever unless you speak money and their ears open like a dog getting a treat. All about the money. My camera falls off the window all the time, not my problem, I pay 140 a month. It's on their contractors, but they don't care about them either as long as it gets them (Smart Start) the monthly fee of $140. 5-7 second blows in the head unit is absolutely retarded, they said take it back to the service center. I live 38 miles from one and I told them to send me 20 for fuel and I would. Well imagine this, they said they don't do that. Why would they do that? It would cost them, just another way they show it's about the money and do not care about the customer.

I have called several times when I have had issues and they (Smart Start) do not try to resolve issues with you. I understand my mistake damn it but for a service at $140 a month, Smart Start do your damn job and quit ripping people off. By the way when the cam kept falling off they said they would note it and not worry about it. Well I just found out that the monthly fees will be going up because they will be going wi-fi for the cam. Wow all of a sudden it's imperative that the pics are downloaded right away. Not, it's a way to scam more money from us and for the owner of the company to have more capital in his company with new technology.

Can not believe that a company is allowed to run like this. Bet if the owner got a DWI and had his own product in his vehicle things would change. As for them telling us that the computers are random as to when and how many times to blow an hour are random, BS!!! Mine goes off every 10 min and I confronted them on this as well. They said there is nothing they can do, again BS!!! Good luck to you customers with your endeavors if you use Smart Start and the grueling times ahead of you. I'm looking for some other options (Different company) as I write this as well.

Got Smart Start installed at their Knoxville TN location and after going over the details with the installer, I drove home and parked my car only to find that it wouldn't start again. The company's 1-800 number was of no assistance at all. They tried to tell me something was wrong with the car battery that I installed a day before. The only resolution to this problem was to call a tow truck. Smart Start costs 108 dollars a month and 130 to install, and the very first day with this interlock system I have to call a tow truck. Poor company service, and it feels like a rip off on the very first day.

They are nothing but trouble, and a money grabbing company who do not have any compassion for clients. They charge ridiculous fees and charges for accidental lock outs. You should be able to get a reading without having a violation recorded. Your car will not start if you have been drinking so why do they have to lock you out? In Australia they do not have a very good name and not liked at all.

A lot of (if not all) of the reviews on here are negative. As long as you don't drink and drive you should not have any issues with this device. I do not understand why so many people have problems with Smart Start. I've had this unpleasant thing in since June and yes it sucks yes it's annoying but as long as you do what you are asked (blow into it when needed) you should not have any issues. I wanted to write a review to make it clear that this device is straightforward and has not caused me any issues. Like I said, as long as you don't drink and drive you should not have a problem.

I have had Smart Start for a long time, and about every 5 months they charge me with tampering; they do this to rip you off!!! They put on a new head on in each case after they get your money. Usually a week or two later when it still happening they put a new head on and the problem goes away, so does the 80 dollars they steal. I tried everything the first time, to get justice. The Attorney Generals office won't deal with small potatoes like us. "Attorney General wants his name in the paper". The people were straight up rude and nasty. I called my Senator and they never even tried, this goes on and on. This is some of the reasons they get away with ripping people off. Whatever you do, I say don't use this company.

This is the worst products I have come across. The device keep on telling me either to blow harder or soft. The last time I went for service I spent five hours because the device short circuit and they have to replace it. Customer's care is a joke. This is corruption at the highest because in Alberta they got monopoly. You are stuck with them. Would like to be part of lawsuit against this company. Some advice.

I got this device put in my car in May. It's July 20 and I've had 3 incidents of missed test on the handheld device after blowing my brains out for 6 min. with a camera in my face. I've never missed a test. Each time they say you miss a test you have to go in and pay $75 to get the violation off your device. This company lets you get a pass on your device for a few days and then it just keeps telling you to blow harder until you get a missed test. I think this company is a money grabbing scam and does terrible business. The install place tells you they only install and if you call Smart Start be prepared to be on hold for 45 min. to an hour. I have asthma and suffer from panic attacks.

This is causing me to be terrified to use my car. I've lost a job over the fact that I can't get to work on time because of the rolling checks. That's when they force you to be a distracted driver every 10 minutes. I actually don't mind blowing to start the car. Asking people to deal with this while driving should be illegal. Texting and talking are illegal. Everyone who deals with Smart Start should somehow band together to sue this company in a class action suit. IT’S A MONEY GRABBING BUSINESS!!! Tell everyone you know to use another company, anything but Smart Start. It's not a Smart choice.

No one wants to get one of these but I had no other option if I wanted to drive. I've had mine for 9 months of a 12 month court ordered sentence. From the start, this company has been very respectful and helpful to me. I have called a handful of times and gotten the same friendly lady most of them. Tech support has also been very nice and also helpful. I just don't understand all the bad reviews. Once I learn how to operate the device I never have any issues. I had one installed in my '09 Mercedes and one in my '02 Motorhome. I had an issue right away with my RV but the shop replaced the head unit right away and it has worked since. These cost me $99 each to install and about $130 a month each. I can't wait to get them out and never drink and drive again.

I sent the paperwork to Smart Start for immediately removal of the device from a Judge. They received the paperwork but refused to release me from the device. Smart Start claimed I had another case out of a county that I have never been to. I called the county and was informed that they never heard of me nor was I ever arrested or pulled over in that county. I passed on the information to Smart Start and they informed me that I have to wait on them to confirm it. Further communication between Smart Start and myself revealed that they said I informed them about the other county. I informed them that I had not. I had the court connect them to no avail. This company believes it does not have to follow court orders. They ensured that I would have to pay an extra month rent on the device with their delay actions. If you get a court order for a interlock device do whatever you have to not to have one placed on your vehicle.

I have a a 96 Acura and I had the device installed again in August after being released from jail. I haven't had any problems but just recently I had problems starting the car. I've passed but it wasn't letting me start the car so I had to get a whole new device got it replaced. Now when I start the car it doesn't send messages to the screen it just all white with 2 blinking green lights. I had to take the ground wire off for awhile then restart the process and it still doing the white screen and blinking lights. IDK what is wrong with this thing. Any suggestions?

If you have ANY other options than Smart Start, USE IT!! We were on a VOLUNTARY basis for a court case. We paid $420 to get the machines in the first place, and $160 every month. We finally got to return our machines, after 5 months of using them, and they wanted us to pay $530!! They acted like they were doing us a favor by "waiving" the $210 lockout charges, since we hadn't been using them.

The machines were due back the 1st of the month. The guy is only open 2 days a week in town, until 3:30, when most people work until 5, and he takes lunch and locks up while he's gone. So if you get a normal lunch from 12-1, good luck getting him. I work 3 jobs, and my husband drives a truck, so it was VERY hard to get them to him each month. I have had to drive 45 minutes away to get them calibrated before because he's so hard to catch. We didn't realize we would have to pay for a full month's service even though we weren't using them this entire month.

We took them back on the first day we could, the 12th, when he was here in town. It was $160 to clean them and another $160 for the month of May, plus $210 in lockout fees. The deposit you're supposed to get back, doesn't exist. They REFUSE to take them back unless we pay them to do so. He told us that if we dropped them off without paying the fees, that he would set them outside and charge us with theft! Are you kidding me?! This company has lost its mind!! They can charge whatever they want, because people don't have another choice.

If you have to get reports from them...GOOD LUCK!!! It took 3 weeks to get reports from them, and when you would get them, half of the report would be missing. We literally called MINIMUM 3 times each month trying to get our full reports. It was a NIGHTMARE!! Customer service is a complete joke!! They are rude. They treat you like a POS, and quite frankly do not give a damn about anything but getting your money. Worst company I have EVER dealt with!!

I pulled into my destination and turned off the car. I smoked and turned the ignition on and off, just long enough to roll up my windows. The IID said to blow with the car and ignition off; I blew. It said to blow harder, but went to green and red flashing and never asked me to blow. No countdown; screen blank, and car off. I turned the ignition on to see if it would ask me to blow. Nothing happened. I waited, the car was off, the ignition was on, and no request to blow, but I blew anyway and nothing happened. I turned the ignition off. I went to my appointment, and submitted a clean UA. When I came out it said I had a violation. I got the machine serviced, paid the fee, and submitted an incident report.

Today I got an email stating that as a one time courtesy they will credit my account. Their machine violated me as missing a rolling test when the engine was not started. The machine malfunctioned by not asking me to blow or even taking a blow in my desperation. I was trapped. No electronic device is so sophisticated that they are not fallible. This technology certainly is not. My real complaint is that Smart Start is holding my freedom and livelihood (I drive quite a bit for my job) in their uncaring hands. I explained to them in great detail the event and they spent no time to truly look into the situation.

There is a gps and a camera installed with the unit, so they should have been able to tell that the vehicle was not started. The events of the last month were transmitted to them when I went in to clear the violation. I drive 3-5k a month so you can imagine the hassle this unit is. I always give a clean sample and have had it for over four months. Their lack of diligence is alarming. There seems to be no recourse to this mandated device. I am their customer, but there is no customer service.

I never know if Smart start is going to be open when I bring my interlock in for service. Their hours change constantly and too often I have to drive 50+ miles trying to find a station that is open. Their phone support is beyond rude. Call their local number and expect to be connected to their corporate customer disservice queue instead. After waiting 30+ minutes on hold, don't be surprised if told to call back to a number that will turn out to be the same number called in the first place. When my system is obviously miswired, I was told to pull a battery cable wait a half hour. When I tried again to call the local number, I ended up in the same maddening phone queue. Only by the barest luck did I find a station still open and avoid having a dead battery and a tow charge in my future.

There is not enough training and/or facts regarding violations, and what these numbers actually mean on #3; and most of all the costs of a lockout, and violations that aren't valid. I have had so many issues with rolling retests and have had 2 lockouts within 2 weeks of installation. Not to mention, the installer for Smart Start really doesn't want to be bothered with these issues for Smart Start. I could tell he was fed up by the other individual who couldn't blow to get out of parking lot due to asthma.

I was stuck on the side of the road with my brother-in-law (4th stage COPD). I passed every test, ran into heavy construction, and traffic - losing 3.5 minutes trying to turn. I stopped abruptly, almost getting slammed into by vehicle behind me. Needless to say, anxiety ridden, could not blow correctly... lock out! Not to mention, another test must have been required not even 2 minutes later and my horn was going off, pulled over and had to pass again. No representatives, just a roll back to go online. I have been practicing breathing into an Airlife gadget to strengthen my lungs. I am terrified to have to drive tomorrow. Violations, and lock-outs that are 100% not deserved but I have to pay for them. I hope to get to the bottom of this... will keep you informed.

I was at a concert in CT and I refused a breath test so now I have to have one of these ignition locks in my car for 1 year. I am 36 years old and have never had a DUI in my life. Long story short I just got one installed today and my head hurts and I fell out of breath from blowing so much. This just makes me not want to drive at all. I think for 95.00 a month! That this machine should work! I would rather lose my license for a year than to deal with a machine that makes you blow over and over again! Like this cannot be good for your health.

Washing your mouth with Listerine or eating Chocolates the car it won't start, presumably because it reads sugars and not alcohol content. Been unable to make it to work because it would not start. Tow truck had to be called, and first time took my car to the shop and those Bastard charge me $54 dollars and then 3 days later my car won't work again so I took the car back to GATEWAY AUTO REPAIR in MLT WA because it would not turn on to blow into the machine. Trying to make it go see my daughter and the stupid device was lock AGAIN. This is not acceptable additional amount of stress. SMART START-- You guys rip off PEOPLE. I'm sorry but you need to get better equipment.

When eating ice cream or a banana and it won't start, presumably because it reads sugars and not alcohol content. Been unable to make it to work, because it would not start. Tow truck had to be called, because it would not turn on to blow into the machine. Trying to make it to see a sick loved one, not acceptable additional amount of stress. Smart Start -- get your technology dialed in so that it isn't glitching out and ruining people's days.

So this is my 1st DUI, also first time having any record. This has been the worst thing I have been through. I am 41yrs old and out of over 20,000 it's BS because of my BAC was high. They treat me like a repeated offender... So Smart Start claims I had 3 violations in a 12 month. Was scheduled to be off the stupid thing in Nov 2015 and guess what license got suspended. For a year just bought a car and gotta get the smart start in my car when I get my license back. **. Smart Start claim my 3rd violation was due to me being in my prior car and got into a car accident. When my license was revoked I guess I have moved since then also.

My vehicle was totaled and had Smart Start remove the device. Also paid 80 for removal so it was reported to the DMV. Also I called DMV to let them know about my vehicle being in a car accident. Also Smart Start already knew and it's considered Tamper. Removal without having it installed in a different vehicle. Are you kidding me? How the hell am I going to installed the thing in a different vehicle? When I was just in a car accident. SO that made my 3rd. Now I can't get my license until 2017. I need to get lawyer advise.

Smart Start is garbage and a scam. I was in the hospital for new years. Device would not turn when I was leaving. My vehicle was in pay parking. They would not pay for it. It got stuck there the whole long weekend. It has left me stranded multiple time. I'm afraid the unit is going to fail and kill me and my family. I live in manitoba and the weather Is dangerous. If my vehicle won't start it will cost me my life! It has let me down a lot and cost me a lot.

More like Smart Start to drive you freaking crazy because the whole operation is despicable. On February 5, 2016, I took my vehicle, a 2002 Ford Explorer to Bryant Pharmacy and Supply, located at 1901 N. Main Street, Anderson SC. The purpose of my visit was a pre-arranged appointment set up by **, a representative of Smart Start. I understood that the install should take approximately two (2) hours to complete and I prepared for such. After much confusion, misinformation, finger-pointing, and install inaccuracies, I finally left the install location around 6:00 p.m. The install service techs at Bryant released my vehicle to me. Since the device was displaying an error message at that time, they could not provide any assurance that the device would function properly. They implied that I would soon need maintenance.

(I left convinced that I would never return there for service. These people literally stated to me that they were untrained and uninformed). I was able to crank my vehicle after blowing into the device, even though the device displayed an error message: Recall 3 71h. I completed the hour long drive with minimal problem, only the many times that I was prompted to blow into the device. I did not drive the vehicle again until the following Tuesday. The difficulties surfaced and multiplied.

I contacted Smart Start technical support and was told that the recall message was a simple communication error and that I should perform a hard restart. I did this per the instructions given by the support tech. After the hard restart, I cranked the vehicle and the device displayed: VioLck04day. I was able to crank up, drive distances, shut off the vehicle, and restart the vehicle two (2) times after that. Upon the third attempt to start the vehicle, the device only displayed error messaged and did not prompt me to blow for over an hour, stranding me at a store.

Technical support was not available within the time period that I was experiencing these issues. Fortunately, I was able to flag down a nice stranger who performed another hard restart on the battery, as I am not skilled in the mechanics of vehicles. The vehicle started up and I drove for about 30 minutes when the device began to sound a piercing alarm and display the violation error message.

On Friday, I contacted Smart Start technical support, explained the situation, and was advised to contact the installation site, drive to their location, and proceed with resetting the device. I contacted Bryant Pharmacy, spoke with ** and **. I was told that I would need to pay $45 for a reset because of the violation error. I told them that there would be no payment made for a procedure that was indisputably no fault of mine. I reminded her that I left the install site, after initial install, with a defective device. After a conversation, it was determined that upon my coming to the install site and having the staff reset my device, the root cause of the violation message would be determined; therefore, whatever caused the violation code to appear would determine whether or not I was responsible for the violation.

When the service tech at Bryant Pharmacy finished the procedure, I asked what had been the issue that caused the violation message and the potential lockout. She could not give me an answer. She simply stated that "We don't know what caused it." I was confused because it seemed to me that the cause of the violation was the deciding factor in rectifying the entire situation. The only explanation that the service techs provided to me was that my car battery was not providing enough voltage to the IID and that was the cause of the error messages.

They advised that I should buy a new car battery. The battery that is currently in my vehicle was installed in January of 2015 and is in perfect condition. During the drive home, I repeatedly checked the battery voltage status by pressing # 2 on the device. The device displayed 14.83V each time. I checked the device at least 10 times on the 1-hour drive home. My battery is not the problem.

After many conversations with Smart Start representatives, the install service techs, and several other companies who deal with the Smart Start installs, I have decided to leave my car parked until such time as it can be diagnosed by another install sites service tech. I have spoken with Bret, a representative of Custom Car Audio in Rock Hill, SC, and he seems very knowledgeable of the IID and Smart Start. I gather from our conversation that the issues I have experienced with the IID are unnecessary, and the lack of information regarding any resolution is absurd and bad business practice.

Most insufferable sobs I have ever seen. The police state ordered me to get a home/portable device. I got one, went home and blew upon being prompted. I live up on a mountain and the signal doesn't carry. Have almost been violated by the court for noncompliance. Talked to a rep in home office. Was confirmed signal wouldn't work as the carrier is Verizon. I said this is interesting because I am at home and we are talking on my Verizon cell phone. Liars I want my money refunded. Am having trouble even getting a human voice. Never do business with these bastards. The legal liaison is ** a WSP whose brother is "Rino" Dave Reichert 9 Dist Congress fraud. Follow the money.

I was ordered an interlock for a DWI for one year. The whole experience is worse than being repeatedly being punched in the face by Mike Tyson sitting at the DMV while the building happens to be on fire. I don't understand how it is legal to have such a faulty system. Now, I'm not an idiot by any means and I'm very capable of blowing and humming at the same time, as I have done for this year duration. What I don't understand is why it is your fault, the 'consumer' when the equipment fails. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to go back to the installer and have it re-calibrated just because. When the equipment fails, you're already inconvenienced by having to take it back to the installer but to add to it, you're put on a timeline before the car has to be towed, at your cost of course, back to installer. Thankfully, my installers at Tiger Audio sympathize with us and help out with the issues when they can.

Here are the major problems with the Smart Start system: (1) If this is designed to keep you from drinking and driving, why does it allow you to start the vehicle and drive if you have had alcohol? It should lock you out completely for any amount of alcohol detected. After all, isn't that the whole idea with having it?! You can get a DUI/DWI for any amount of alcohol so why does Smart Start think you should be half lit before they think you shouldn't be able to drive?

(2) The consumer already pays, in my opinion, a ridiculous amount for the monthly service. To add to that cost Smart Start places the burden on the 'consumer' to deal with and pay for flags, lockouts, penalties that are the Smart Start's system's fault?! I am paying you for a service and you charge me because your equipment is faulty?! Makes absolutely no sense but that leads me to my next complaint.

(3) Why does the entire engine turn off when you're locked out? My equipment failed, as it does routinely, and I have to pull over in a parking lot because I am locked out with an infant in the car with no air conditioning. This is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS PROBLEM if you live in Louisiana as I do during any season of the year. While I understand that Smart Start, like it's competitors, are solely in this for profit, they most certainly could take responsibility when due. I would not ever recommend going with Smart Start for an interlock device.

Plain and simple. I drive a 2008 Audi A8 and had to get interlock installed on my vehicle. Smart Start was the cheapest so I decided to go with them. The installer installed the device on my vehicle and I had no problems for about 3 days. All of a sudden, I pulling into a Carl's Jr. and my electrical system goes haywire. Lights are blinking, radio goes blank, a/c keeps cutting on and off, alarm won't work and etc. I call the customer service and she says it's my car. I lost it, knowing that my car just came from the shop and I've no problem before.

After 30 minutes of letting it sit, it finally starts and I drive it home. I wake up in the morning with a dead battery. Installer comes to my house and says that I have a bad battery. I had a warranty so I go exchange my battery. Put in new battery and car seems back to normal. Wake up in the morning and brand new battery is dead. I'm furious, so I call the guy and he says to get a jump and bring it in. He re-wires some ** and says that should do it. Nope, I go to work for 8 hours and come out to a dead battery. I call him furious and tell him to take this piece of ** out of my car. Damn guy charges me $75. Needless to say after having the device removed, I have not had anymore problems. By the way this is the office in Avondale, Arizona.

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