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Guardian Interlock

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Last updated: Oct. 16, 2017

164 Guardian Interlock Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Divide codes no base or 6tzs, technician replace it 3 times because of device fault but headquarters start that device is fine. So I never get reimbursed my towing money and when you call you need to wait more than 1 hour.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

Horrible, Condescending, rude! A total equipment nightmare. Antiquated equipment. I only wish I did research before going with this co. I cannot believe the way their State office handles calls. Hermane, was rude and extremely condescending. He did All the talking and not allow me to say a word. HOURS on hold. Deliberate hang ups by reps, hoping I would think it was a drop call. I feel they know you are already in a compromised situation and they are taking full advantage of it. Terrible! Don't go with this company! I wish I did the research first!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

Guardian is one of the most highest expensive devices out there! They overcharge everyone differently. Now they Overcharged my card and if I stop payment I could find problems with my report because of them! Now I found a device nearly 1/2 the cost and can't just go and have this ridiculous device removed without more costs. RMV miserable people to get a form from... NO ONE HONEST TO HELP!

PLEASE people look into several companies first. Ask about the TOTAL monthly costs, if they honor the courts 30 day (I have to go every 28 days because garage set it up to gain 2 more months of payments with Guardian in the long run), and have them TELL YOU ABOUT ALL POSSIBLE fees that might occur I.e. rolling fee (which means not only do you have to listen for the beep to blow BUT NEED TO LOOK AT IT IF IT DOESN'T BEEP BUT IS LIT UP)... I didn't know this and went to park and shut it off just before it sounded and Guardian charged me an extra $45! I pay $123 per month for 2 years and to have to pay all these unregulated fees is greedy dishonest people! The other company I called is $85 TOTAL for each month and with a 5 day grace period and treat you like a person.

I feel that the RMV is also to blame now that I want to have this device switched and what they told me I'd have to do in order for that to happen is like fighting Congress. Well live and learn. The penalties don't stop there... Your insurance goes over double and yet we have a Interlock installed!!! It's how this country works anymore. Greed greed greed!!! Good luck and yes driving is a privilege but it shouldn't cost you over and over!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

I have had the Guardian Interlock for 3 months now, I have had 9 handsets, had to have my car towed, rewire the set. The state office is closed on weekends. I have lost my job due to not being able to start my car due to their junk equipment. I just got another 1 and does not work. #10, all not due to my fault. How can someone run a business this way. I start a new job Monday and good thing I still have the old 1. Lawyers and courts do not care. I had it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I received 2 letters from the MVA stating I have 13 bypass violations. The Interlock will let me start the car just fine, but if it's dark and as soon as my headlights come on then the alarm starts going off. So then I have to shut the car off and try again. This even happens while I'm driving even after a rolling test that I pass. If my lights come on automatically because it's getting dark then it triggers the alarm. This is not my fault.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

This company has done me a huge disservice and their installer destroyed my Porsche! Their phone is constantly busy and they talk down to you when their service destroys your property! I also found out that they are also Guardian (which has many horrible reviews). It seems as if they just started a new business to escape their negative press and reviews! I own a marketing agency and if this business doesn't compensate me fairly for the damages I will make sure I spread my story so far and wide that thousands of people get saved before deciding to let this company be their ignition interlock provider. Luckily I have many clients who are attorneys which will make recovering the damages a bit easier if I need to do it the legal route!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

There is really nothing more I can add to the numerous other complaints. However! I will say that this machine is draining my battery. I have a brand new battery in my car, and no troubles till now. And of course they will tell you it's not the Interlock draining it so they don't have to be accountable. I know I made this mistake, I'm 100% accountable for that, enough is enough though. Now, I don't even have reliable transportation!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

I cannot believe that this company is still in business!!! First off, the shop closest to me in west Texas has minimal hrs when he will service the Interlock, guy is a jerk! I was running late one day and I called him to say I'd be about 10 min late coming from work, this guy charged me $50 for ten min and I was the last appt of the day!!! So now I drive 70mi one way for monthly resets, trash!!! My most recent trouble was I went for a reset, got home, shut my truck off and the thing says -1. So I call and he says come back the next day. He'll get it straightened out, so I do. Get home that night and it says -3. I call, get it set up to come back the next day and I can't get a hold of the technician. I call. They give me bypass deal and say that I'll have to keep calling back to get a bypass till I can get the truck into the shop! THIS IS A LIE, you can only bypass once in Texas!!!

So as I write this, I've driven 420 miles wasted about 10 hrs, it's 3 am, and there is no one who can help, because it's after hours. They answer the phone to say "We can't help you. It's after 4 pm." Give me a break. I work till five so I'm outta luck cause I have a job???? I work nights!!!! An UBER from where I am to my house is $65 so I guess I'll sleep in the truck and wait for the world to be ready cause I have to wait for a supervisor!!!! I am gonna copy and paste this on everything I can find so that nobody uses GUARDIAN FOR ANYTHING!!!

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Original review: July 22, 2017

I wish I could give 0 stars. This is the first day I've had the device. Got it installed, drove home - next time I try to start the vehicle, the LED message says No Base. All Guardian "customer service" says is to unplug the handheld and/or battery (which I now read may look like a tampering error in the system) and try again. If that doesn't work, have the vehicle towed back to the service center on my dime!!! I'm outraged and upset to the point of years. They should have a better resolution to their ** equipment misfunctioning than to cost their customer more money than what we already shelling out for probation. They need to go out of business!

Original review: May 12, 2017

I have had this blow & hum device for almost 2 weeks now and have had nothing BUT problems. I have had to tow my truck x3 due to this faulty equipment. 1st - it perm locked me out for no apparent reason (on a Saturday) & customer service stated they "could not help me" so towing my vehicle home was the only option until I could get into a shop on TUESDAY of course paying towing again from home to the shop - paid out of pocket almost another $100. 2nd - it was stuck in warm up mode for an hour and a half, leaving me stranded with no help from customer service - again towed for over $100. 3rd - yesterday I got into my vehicle, the device malfunctioned and FAILED me before I could even test. WHAT?! How much more could a person take? It doesn't even help that customer service is a waste of time... they make you feel like you are to blame and are incapable of using their crappy equipment.

ADVICE TO POTENTIAL CONSUMERS: DO NOT GO WITH GUARDIAN SECURITY! You will be extremely disappointed and will be paying an enormous amount of time & money trying to get this device to work. Please look at the reviews for this particular company - it'll save you the hassle & headaches. I am going to be disconnecting service however it's going to cost me $150+90 for the removal. I'll pay this amount just to get away from GUARDIAN to go to a more reputable company that'll ensure I'll make it home safe & sound without the anxiety & the uncertainty of it malfunctioning and leaving me high & dry with no funds to tow me & my vehicle home.

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Original review: April 11, 2017

I had trouble with my device all weekend, to the point my car wouldn't start. I thought it was my perhaps my battery but the breathalyzer was giving mixed results after blowing. I called a local guardian vendor and they immediately contacted me back saying they were sending someone out. The regional manager of the East Coast of Flordia, Ian, showed up promptly after driving an hour to my vehicle. He spent over 3 hours working on my battery voltage and handheld set. He was calm, kind, and I am extremely thankful for all his help! Guardian Interlock gets 5 stars from me.

Original review: March 26, 2017

Guardian equipment is outdated and junk. I had to set in my car for over three minutes to wait for it to warm up until I bought a new vehicle and went with Smart Start which takes less than 20 seconds to start up. This happened every time I shut the car off and it pissed a lot of people off at me when I would go get gas or anywhere else where I was required to shut my vehicle off. I had to make a appointment for recalibration that came with a $50.00 penalty if I missed it when Smart Start gives you 5 days before or after your calibration date.

My battery went dead one morning on the way to work and when I got a jump it wiped out all my days and they charged me $35.00 to recalibrate it 7 days after I just had it recalibrated. When I called to pay $51.00 for a lock out code they passed me around for 35 minutes before I got to the person to give me, what turned out to be the wrong code and I missed my appointment to have their junk removed from my old vehicle. And here's the real joke, they were charging me $18.00 a month more than SMART START. Honestly I don't know how they stay in business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2017

Although my experience with the local company was a good one, the corporate offices decided to end its association locally. Out of business. I am now left not knowing where to return the device and yet another charge for an installment.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

OK. My truck shut down. No biggie. Called a tow truck. Decided to have a beer. Busted for OVI. But I was not driving. Had to have this ** suckin' piece of crap... Installed in my truck. It is destroying my truck. As it is a diesel. No way to power the device on without cycling the key, prompting the injectors and a fuel dump into the cylinders at $300 an injector not counting labor for install. And well guess where that goes... Problem to me!!! As I am not a very loud person. The device aborts all the ** time for no tone. Also when I do start my truck by the time I can roll I have already taken 3-4 tests. And when I am rolling it wants tests when I am trying to navigate back roads. With a lot of curves... With the device wanting a hum and a 5 sec breath sample. Getting dizzy trying to make this ** device happy. I cannot leave my truck alone running on deliveries as I need to. So I need to burn up a $400 starter to keep the device happy. And not miss a test.

This piece of crap also does not like cough drops. Breads. And a list of items I use or eat on a daily basis... Like toothpaste. Mouthwash. Whatever... All I see is that the states and the courts have employed nothing but a bogus. Bogus way of testing for BAC. Even the tests at the recovery centers people are assigned to do... They do not have a test that can single out abuse. If you use hand sanitizer. You will test positive. Perfumes or colognes. Pizza dough. Breads, the list goes on. We let the start and the courts get out of control. This interlock device is a piece if crap as the recovery center tests are false. As when I went in one day and I tested positive for opiates. My wife laughed as I blew up. When she told them she cannot get me to take a ** when I have a headache.

This device is nothing but a pain. Cannot determine a cough drop and or a menthol cig... Or a bread/dough from a person who is drinking. Hell my wife got a fail after eating a mint chocolate. With all the tech we have now. There has to be a better tech to be employed than this piece of ** waste of money... And threat to the lives of the users and others on the road. Worse than a cell phone if you ask me. And I think a cell phone is pretty darn bad. And to add to this. I know I was busted for OVI but my cousin seen the judge and prosecutor having alcoholic drink at lunch before my hearing... Double standard?? Two faced?? Or people above the law???

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Original review: Nov. 24, 2016

I wish I'd paid attention to all the one star reviews. I installed a Guardian Interlock blow and hum device, and it is a pain. It takes a long time to warm up, you have to blow hard for a long time and hum (which makes me dizzy), and it frequently aborts. Now that the temperature has dropped, my car needs to be jumpstarted, even though I had the battery tested and it was fine, and I drive the car almost everyday. Also, my local service center charges almost twice as much as others mentioned in reviews, and they're really snotty--treat me as if they're doing me a favor when I go in for service. All-in-all an unpleasant experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

An interlock is an inconvenient device no matter how you look at it however, this co. makes a minor headache a raging migraine. I was with a different company previously and my car broke down so I thought I might save a few dollars with LifeSafer when I purchased my new car. Big mistake. This is a humming device which is way more temperamental than the other device I had installed which was just a blow. That was a pain but it's the fact that their customer service is a nightmare. They were very friendly and efficient when I called to have the interlock installed but that quickly changed. Every time I called there is usually a 20-30 wait time. I live in Tennessee and if I needed to speak to someone In that office It would always be sent to a voicemail in which I have left countless messages and never would receive a callback.

I would have to call around 6-10 times throughout the day with a 20-30 minute wait each time until I was finally connected to the Tennessee office. I work and this is extremely inconvenient. I have spent countless lunch break all on hold with this co. When I was able to take the device out of my car you can't just go into the garage where they service the interlock and show them your new valid license. I was told I have to go through LifeSafer and they would call my local garage and give them the ok to have the interlock taken out of my car. The first day I called and waited only for about an hour to speak to someone she told me to email her a front and back of my new license and she would call the garage. Awesome Right? Wrong.

My email went without response for over a day. I tried to 3 times to call all with 20 wait times and reached voicemail each time. I emailed her back and she finally responded: "wait 30 min then call your garage and set up appt." I called an hour later to give her ample time to call the garage and they never heard anything from them. Tried calling back the whole rest of the day. Couldn't reach them. Sent two more emails informing her and nothing. This is now the 4th day and my device will lock out in 3 days and the garage closes for Thanksgiving in 2 days. It's like twilight zone. You can put the device in your car but can't get it taken out. This is literally a nightmare.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2016

I've had a Guardian Interlock for several months now. It is slow to warm up and getting slower as we approach winter. And it takes a lot of time to analyze. And twice now I have been required to have the thing reset before the required 60-day interval. This thing costs me $75/month WITHOUT having to prematurely reset it. And if you make short trips, be sure to blow EVERY TIME it asks. Don't simply shut the car down if it is calling for you to blow.

Also, if you work on your car (tune-ups, etc.) be sure to blow EVERY TIME it asks. If you shut the car down without blowing, the greedy folks at Secure Auto require $50 for the two minutes it takes to reset the damn thing. They refuse to waive the $50 or so required to prematurely reset this thing. I selected Guardian because I needed it quickly and it could be serviced nearby. I wasn't made aware of the scamming hidden costs. So, I am now looking elsewhere and shopping much more intelligently to replace the Guardian for a faster brand which doesn't mandate a $50 penalty for a simple, 2-minute premature reset. If you need an interlock, ask the vendor for a copy of the contract and operating instructions BEFORE you commit to a brand.

Updated on 04/03/2017: I've had a Guardian for nearly a year now and have already written a one-star review. So now my transmission fails and I decide to get a new car. I am told I must have the car towed into the Guardian agent to remove the existing Guardian unit. At $5/mile (AAA rate) and about 65 miles round trip towing will run me $325!! DO NOT GET GUARDIAN. In addition to obsolete equipment (as reported by other reviewers) they have NO field service and don't seem to give a damn about their "customers".

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2016

This company needs to be shut down! When I was convicted of my first DUI back in 2007, there was no structure or system put in place. There was a new person at the front desk every time I came in. Not only that, they messed up my paperwork right off the back. Fast forward - the location I was going to in Golden shut down. They transferred me to this hole-in-the-wall "garage" where the owner only operated at certain times and sometimes wasn't there when I showed up.

After THIS location got shut down, they moved it to ANOTHER "garage", literally. Where the owner and this lady were constantly rude, and DRUNK! The dude reeked of alcohol and the lady was incompetent. There were so many times this FLAWED device has be pay EXTRA $$$ every month because of the device. I have had to pay so much EXTRA $$$ out of my pocket. This ALSO caused my increase in time of the device because of the DEFECTS.

After this THIRD LOCATION SHUT DOWN, they moved me to a location in Arvada. They were the easiest to deal with, but even the owner there honestly opened up to me about how hard it is to keep employees working because of the conditions. These poor people!!! Only puppeteering for the $$$. THE FINAL DRAW for me was when they STOPPED sending my downloaded information and payments to the DMV. In result, it showed them that I was NON COMPLIANT, therefore, my license was revoked.

Well, I got pulled over for a speeding ticket one night driving from Fort Collins, and found out through THIS INCIDENT. Although I had my license in hand and WAS COMPLIANT, the company Guardian Interlock, was NOT DOING THEIR PART!!! Luckily, I had a sober passenger who could drive us home, but I still got a TICKET and they made drive back up NORTH to go to court where I had to FIGHT this ticket and STILL had to pay a FINE!!! FOR THEM NOT DOING THEIR JOB!!!

After that, that was enough for me to pull my duties as their customer/client, whatever I am considered to them... MORE LIKE $$$ dollar signs. THE RESULT: I paid the EXTRA money to get the device removed and went to SMART START and paid AGAIN for installation. ALL IN ALL - Smart Start has been great. They are helpful, consistent, and their devices are on point. HOPE THIS HELPS to anyone who has to get the device installed and out as soon as possible - SMART START IS THE WAY!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2016

I recently had to have an interlock installed in my vehicle to reinstate my driver's license. I made the mistake of going with Guardian! After only one week with the device I have discovered that the equipment is extremely outdated and has almost caused me to get in multiple accidents. As part of the terms of having the interlock a camera is installed to make sure you are indeed the person using the device. The issue I have is that the camera they use is HUGE and makes visibility a real and dangerous problem. You also have to hum into the device to make sure you're a human which made perfect sense when a camera was not necessary. When I contacted Guardian to speak to someone about my issue in hopes that they had an updated device I may use I was met with both a "tough luck" and ** attitude.

I am now having to pay $210 additional dollars one week after installation to have an updated device with a camera one tenth the size through a company called Intoxalock. When I told them about the issue they informed me that humming into the device was not required because of the camera which made perfect sense. When looking up companies to get the device I chose Guardian because of how large they were and neglected to read the reviews which at the very least would have given me pause about using them at all.

To summarize they are a horrible company to deal with from sales to service to the product itself. Do yourself a favor and choose any state approved company beside Guardian. It will save you a lot of time, money and energy. P.S. I am using online avenues to comment about Guardian to warn potential customers but also in hope that they will see this review as they refused to give me a physical address to write them a formal complaint.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2016

I was convicted of DUI twice in 2 years. I accept that, and am willing to do what is required of me by law to pay my due to society. I am gainfully employed in a white collar job. Happily married and own my home. Part of my sentence was an ignition interlock device. I have complied. Fortunately, I am able to pay the average of $100 per month for the honor of having the device on my vehicle. However, I was recently notified that I was commanded to go to a different company, LifeSafer, for my service, so I complied. I felt I had no choice. I reside in Florissant and was given the option of going to Chesterfield or Lake St. Louis for my device to be 'downloaded' one a month. So I complied. However, this new device requires you to 'hum', yes 'hum', while blowing so the machine knows you are a human and not a machine.

Now, I was arrested for driving under the influence, not poor humming. And I apparently cannot hum. I have had to pull over, stop, take up to 10 minutes to try and get the the hum right, not too loud, not soft, evenly, whatever. Today, I had to pull over with my elderly mother in the vehicle, on the shoulder of Highway 270, southbound, just north of Olive, because I had 'Hum Abort'. That is an extraordinarily busy highway.

The purpose of this letter is twofold. First, the State of Missouri should really vet its retail providers better. This is a lucrative business for a business that can convince the state it is reputable, yet - can be so damaging to those trying to abide by state mandates. Second, this is a very dangerous position this company, LifeSafer/Guardian has put the State of Missouri in. I am placing you, Governor Nixon, personally, and the State of Missouri, on notice that should I be injured or killed as a result of the malfunction, use, attempted use and compliance of the Interlock Device, provided by Guardian/LifeSafer, my beneficiaries, my designated personal representative, and/or myself will pursue a personal injury claim, not limited to loss of consortium and wrongful death against any and all available entities, including LifeSafer/Guardian and the State of Missouri, seeking remedy for our claims.

I suggest the State of Missouri review the Vendors they have enlisted to act on behalf of the State to provide this service. While very beneficial to prevent deaths via drunk driving, it is only a matter of time before one of us is killed, simply being compliant with the State's mandates. Should you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2016

This machine has so many issues. I was required to have in my car for 6m. I can get it started and when I have to retest it will abort before I finish. There are times I have to retake 6 or 7 times. It is just stupid. Once I had to retest about 9 times, it would not register, this is after I had been running errands. It told me to turn off engine. It took another 3 times to get it to start. It will buzz out before you even finish trying to test. Then it will say it needs service. Then they charge you 45 dollars because they told me it is considered a refusal... So it's a refusal when I try NINE times??? His response, "I see where you tried, but it's still a refusal."

Are YOU SERIOUS??? MONEY SCAM. I can barely afford it, now you want to charge me an extra 45 because of issues. They refuse to acknowledge it's an issue. Their response, "It's a change in your breathing pattern." You think? Because after nine times... OF COURSE I would not be breathing the same. This is a piece of junk. Poor design. I understand it needs to be there for legal purposes, but use a device that is not poorly made, that makes people have to come in and pay extra, then act like they are breathing wrong. Because after having it in my car now for the 3rd month, I all the sudden forgot how to breathe. Ok. Sure. I just try to leave to go get groceries... 6 times... it keeps aborting. I quit. Kids don't need groceries anyway... right?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2016

I have been stuck with Guardian Interlock since 2011... AZ is the only state that tacks an automatic letter to a judge saying you tampered with the device every time it fails. The scam is obvious... and BTW - all the Interlock companies are owned by the same guy... so wake up people. We are all being FD by a corrupt system. I'm going to sue them for the 2 cars it has ruined and the money I've wasted. Let's get them... this is not an accurate device. None work right.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2016

I had to wait ten years before getting license back because of money difficulties. I get an RDP and did not do research about BAIID systems. I called the first place closest to my home. The blow and inhale is the most ridiculous system ever. I have put out 500.00 dollars just to get this piece of ** out of a vehicle I purchased so I can drive. It has cost me so much money I could throw up. This company sucks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

I chose Guardian because it was closest to home. I have had Guardian for the last 6 months, every day there is an issue with the machine, I have used all my towing services getting the car to their location. Plus the extra $45+ to restart since the towing expired another 6-8 times. The device has been partially and fully replaced, as well as reset at least once a month if not more. My girl friend used the car once and failed 9 times in a 20 mile radius to the next interstate exit. They have told me that the failed readings are from my medications, although the guy who installed it failed it several times, and my girlfriend are not on any meds nor do they drink. So apparently their device is defective but a good money making instrument, since they do not acknowledge fault only excessive payments to them.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2016

The unit is extremely dangerous and anyone who rides with me states that fact before I even mention it. I drive a 2014 Honda. Got it 6 months ago and had a mechanic go over it with a fine tooth comb and nothing wrong but some alignment issues which is completely unrelated to my starter. It fryer my starter in 4 months. I'm getting it removed but do I have any legal recourse if I can prove it's their machine that did it? Because it was court ordered. I'm in Tulsa btw and test refusals equal Breathalyzers now.

Original review: Aug. 14, 2016

Please do your homework before choosing this company, I WISH I HAD! I know I committed the crime, I even waited an extra yr before I got my license back but now they are making my life HELL! I've not even had this damn thing a month & I'm locked down already for the 2nd time just because I didn't go outside & try to start my car for 2 days! WHAT THE HECK? I'm retired & I may not leave my house for days & what if I go away for a few days with a friend or family member?

I don't money to pay Guardian every time for a reset just because I'm not home to start my car. I guess they are trying to control what we are doing when we are not driving as well as when we are driving??? Also, their customer service sucks!!! All they care about is the $50.00 fee they collect. All they can say is 'Well you can pay the $50.00 reset fee which will allow you to get to the local service center' which doesn't do you a bit of good if the local service center is not open on the weekend!

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Original review: July 31, 2016

I just wanted to share my recent experience with you all. I recently had a Lifesaver IID installed on my car. What a HUGE mistake! The Lifesaver and Guardian devices are "blow & hum" devices, and quite difficult to operate. Upon installation, I immediately had problems with getting passing blow tests. On numerous occasions my tests were aborted. Once you get a reset or lockout code, you have to bring your car in for a reset. At your expense. The last straw and episode was while driving on the I-205 freeway during rush hour. I immediately pulled over on the freeway in an attempt to get a passing test. After a few attempts, I was still getting "abort" replies from the device. As I sat there, a State Patrol officer pulled in behind me to see what the issue was. When I showed him my Lifesaver IID, he immediately responded with "you don't want to use the blow & hum devices. They are troublesome units." That came from a state patrol officer.

I then proceeded to call the Lifesaver installer in Vancouver, WA (initials G.N.) that installed the unit. This was my second call in frustration to him within a month. He immediately told me to bring the ** thing in, he would remove the * thing, and never ** call him again, and then hung up on me. Yes, he cussed me out and hung up on me. He then immediately contacted their main office and told them that I cussed him out and that he would not service or remove my device. EVER. The main office at Lifesaver wanted me to drive 3 hours north in order to have the device reset or removed. It appears that Greg in Vancouver, WA, is the only Lifesaver installer in southern Washington. I now had only three days to have it removed before it went into permanent lockout mode. And they were not willing to service their product locally.

After numerous phone calls, I was able to get a removal appointment nearby in Portland, OR. As I was awaiting removal of the Lifesaver device in Portland, the installer of the Guardian device (both units are blow & hum devices made and marketed by Lifesaver) showed me a file half an inch thick of new user's that are having issues with their Lifesaver & Guardian devices. The following day, I had a "blow" only device installed on my car from a different manufacturer. And to date, I have had no issues with it. I no longer dread the experience of getting into my car with the thought of being stranded or failing tests anymore. I have not failed a single test and, it is a cheaper unit to use. Do NOT use a Lifesaver or Guardian device. The monetary cost and frustration will drive you nuts!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 16, 2016

The Guardian IID is a world class piece of ** ignition interlock device. I had it installed and had many malfunctions / lockouts in the first day. Due to many possible repercussions, I had it removed on my next day off. Be careful of the fine prints on the contracts btw. Some installers would want to maximize their cash flow by charging 3-4 hrs of install time, front charging 2 months, adding monthly insurance premium, charging an early termination fee, and an uninstall fee. It cost me ~$600 and ~5 hrs for the mistake of picking a highly positive Yelp rated installer (ie: CarAcoustics in SJ), and had to take this hit because I want to have this piece of ** taken off. I switched to Low Cost InterLock which is a simpler and less error-prone product, who provides a full satisfaction guarantee.

Original review: July 14, 2016

This Interlock device is a joke. It's more harmful than drinking and driving. You pay for it then it scams you. Almost twice a month takes your days for what it says incorrect blowing. This should only be about alcohol. Then they scam 50 dollars each time you have to get it calibrated. They give you false equipment and steal your money after you already paid thousands on you due. This place should be stopped taking from the poor to give to the rich. This thing should only monitor your drinking. I blow the same all the time. This is ridiculous.

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Original review: June 29, 2016

I committed the same mistake probably than most of the people whose anteceded me in writing these many one star reviews on this Guardian interlock, which was not doing online research about it. I guess the reason for that is that, because by breaking the law, we feel guilty and believe that we have no right, in this case, to choose anymore.

Anyhow, when I called Guardian, the person who I spoke to was nice in the phone like many have already said it and sent me to a place called Orchard Automotive, located at 13314 NE Vancouver WA., where they did the installation in my diesel truck and trained me how to blow the device properly. Everything was OK until I left the place and was in my own.

One evening after driving to a cell phone store, I tried to re-start my vehicle and the fun begin. That day I blew for about 2 and a half hour and got aborted for equal amount of time. Finally, after been on the phone with a Guardian representative for half an hour, I got to start my vehicle and got home exhausted, angry and more anxious than ever, in the verge of having a panic attack. I want to clarify that I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder for many years and this thing definitively is no good for people who suffer this sickness.

The next day I tried to blow the device again and when I was driving thru a light in a intersection, the machine beep and I blew and abort and blew harder and abort again. Remember, this was in a major intersection. Imagine how hard it would be to drive with one hand and on the other the device. On top of all that blowing long and steady and trying to read the tiny instruction in the device monitor. How dangerous!!! I totally agree with the others whose stated that this Guardian device is very distracted to the drivers.

Well guess what, after those aborts, I got the fail. The next day I went to Orchard Automotive and the lady who works there said that I failed due to a refusal from my part therefore I got to pay 25 dollars. When I complain about it, she, visible irritated, said that because "I didn't follow the rules" I got the fail. I replied that I am a customer and that I deserved to be treated as a such. When I told her that no wonder this company had a one star review, she seemed to calm down. Well fox, the moral of this story is clear: If you happen to get in this unpleasant situation, been convicted of driving under the influence of something (DUI) and you have to have a Ignition Interlock, please look around, do some research and don't get Guardian because is one of the a WORSE in the market today and is going to make your life a lot more miserable than what already it is.

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