Tips to keep a healthy mind and body while self-isolating

Our 8 tips for the mind and body help you focus on the basics

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed at a time like this. Life has changed a lot, and we’re inside more than we’re used to being. Now is an excellent time to slow down, focus on the big picture and take care of yourself.

4 mental health tips to keep in mind

We’re seeing fewer people than before because of self-isolation; people are seeing minimal friends and family and not going out to events, restaurants and bars. This isolation can take a toll on your mental well being, so here are some suggestions to keep your mind healthy during this trying time.

2. Wake up and smell the coffee

Coffee may have some physical benefits, but we like the role coffee plays in creating a calming morning routine. Turn off the news and your social media and focus on making the perfect cup of coffee instead.

3. Plan your day in a paper notebook

A simple way to add some control to your world is to plan your day, and a great way to plan your day is with a journal. Each evening or night, write out what you want to do the next day in your notebook. If you're going to start small, begin by planning the very first thing you'll do.

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4. Reach out to the seniors in your life

For seniors who are self-isolating, maintaining social bonds are especially tricky. Reach out to a grandparent or other friend who’s quarantined. A cell phone specially designed for seniors may help them, especially if they're struggling with their current phone.

4 physical health tips that everybody can follow

Beyond protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the COVID-19 virus, it's always essential to maintain our overall health. These 4 tips can help you stay physically fit while socially distant.

1. Maximize your sleep

Sleep better by investing in a high-quality mattress. Several mattress companies are 100% online and deliver mattresses directly to consumers’ homes. Some even have 365-day sleep trials.

2. Eat a little healthier

You don’t have to revamp your diet — but adding one or two helpful tools to your kitchen is often enough to make healthy habits easier to pick up. For instance, meal replacement shakes are an excellent place to start.

For people wanting to make incremental changes, we recommend:
  • A healthy cookbook to make healthy eating a simpler option
  • A blender so smoothies are a cinch for breakfast or snack time
  • A food processor that makes it easy to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet

3. Work out, even just a little bit

It’s hard enough to exercise as is, and being stuck inside makes it harder. Don’t worry about doing a full-blown, hour-long exercise — start small.

We recommend:
  • Scheduled walks outside while socially distancing
  • Short video workouts on YouTube
  • An exercise mat for in-home workouts
  • High-density foam
  • Double-sided non-slip surface

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4. Follow CDC guidelines

Remember to keep following CDC guidelines. Preventative measures outlined by the CDC include:

  • Disinfect commonly used objects and surfaces
  • When you do, wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Try your best not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth
  • If you feel unwell, stay home
  • Use a tissue to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Throw the tissue away
For more information on how to stay healthy in this time, visit the CDC’s website.

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