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Amazon sued over eclipse glasses

A South Carolina couple is seeking class action status after using the allegedly faulty products

Earlier this month, when excitement over the coming solar eclipse was still at its peak, Amazon issued a recall cautioning those who had purchased eclipse...


Wells Fargo bilked home loan borrowers, suit charges

Borrowers allegedly paid to extend lock-in fees even though delays were the bank's fault

Besides the blowback from the revelation that another 1.4 million customers may have fallen into the bogus account trap, Wells Fargo is now facing a class...


Pending home sales down again

Only the West saw an increase in July

For the fourth time in five months, pending home sales have moved lower.The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports Pending Home Sales Index (PH...


An August surge in job cuts

The retail sector is in a quandary

After falling in July to the lowest total since late 2016, the number of job cuts has snapped back.Outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christma...


The many women suing Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is facing a seemingly endless line of lawsuits from female customers

Johnson & Johnson last week was hit with a $417 million verdict after a California jury sided with plaintiff Eva Echeverria, who charged that her daily app...


Gas prices at 2017 high in Harvey's wake

Price escalation will likely extend into the Labor Day weekend

Retail gasoline prices have begun to react in more dramatic fashion to supply interruptions caused by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas Gulf Coast.The A...


Harvey hits Texas -- and so do the scammers

How to make sure your charitable donations go where you intend

As Americans watch the ravages of Hurricane Harvey and wonder what they can do to help, there is an entire underclass of humans viewing the tragedy and won...


What to do now to prepare your home for winter

Preparing for cold weather well before it arrives can pay off later

There’s still a little time left to enjoy warm summer days, but cooler weather is right around the corner. To make sure your home is ready for winter, home...


American Express introduces mobile payment system

Pay It Plan It lets you pay for small purchases immediately, larger purchases over time

If you've got an American Express credit card in your wallet, you may have a new way to pay for things.Actually, two ways. The financial services compa...


Is there hope for first-time homebuyers?

Genworth Financial report sees more first-timers getting into the market

As we have consistently noted over the last few months, home prices continue to increase, causing some housing economists to worry that both prices and ren...


How to choose the right checking account

Find an account with the fewest fees for the services you want

Keeping your money in a checking account is a useful and handy way to access it when you need it. But increasingly, you pay for that convenience.A new...


Job creation powers ahead in August

The construction and manufacturing sectors made big contributions

August was another good month for job creation.According to the ADP National Employment Report, produced by the ADP Research Institute, in collaboratio...


A head of steam for the nation's economy

A second look shows things got a lot better in the second quarter

Government analysts have taken their second of three readings on how the U.S. economy was doing in the second quarter and the results are encouraging.A...


What new parents should know about car seat safety

New campaign aims to arm new parents with potentially life-saving info on children's safety

Kids are the most precious cargo, which is why it’s so important to make sure your little one’s car seat is right for their age and size.In the event o...


Average student loan borrower has 3.7 loans

Student loan balances are up $833 billion in the last 10 years

Photo (c) Ljupco Smokovski - FotoliaA new report from Experian, one of the three credit reporting agencies, underscores how student loan debt is nega...


Consumers less satisfied with new car choices

Foreign manufacturers make gains while domestic car companies lose ground

As a result of the catastrophic flooding along the Texas Gulf Coast, perhaps millions of cars and trucks have been submerged and will have to be replaced....


Mexico offers help to Harvey-stricken Texas

The neighbor to the south sent troops and food to New Orleans after Katrina

Besides federal disaster relief agencies, states and cities around the United States are offering to send help to storm-stricken Texas. So is Mexico. In a...


Poll shows consumers want Net Neutrality law

Large majority would like to take the issue out of the hands of the FCC

Net Neutrality can be something of a complex subject, but another poll shows consumers not only understand what it is, they want to keep it.In short, N...


U.S. Marshals seize 'unapproved' cancer treatment

Food and Drug Administration says the use of the smallpox vaccine is potentially dangerous

Agents acting on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration have seized what they said are unproven, and "potentially dangerous" stem cell treatments at tw...


Uber gets a new CEO

Expedia chief Dara Khrosrowshahi is the reported choice

If you're waiting for an Uber driver to pick you up, the identity of the company's CEO is probably the farthest thing from your mind. But selection of a CE...


BMW recalls C650 GT and C Evolution scooters

The front wheel rim may not be marked with the rim size and the DOT designation

BMW of North America is recalling 37 model year 2017 BMW C650 GT and BMW C Evolution scooters.The front wheel rims may not be marked with the required...


DiLuigi Foods recalls chicken breakfast sausage

The product contains soy lecithin, an allergen not declared on the label

DiLuigi Foods of Danvers, Mass., is recalling approximately 3,448 pounds of chicken breakfast sausage.The product contains soy lecithin, an allergen no...


Dr. Martens Vegan boots recalled

Prolonged and direct contact with the boot tongue lining can expose the wearer to benzidine

Dr. Martens is recalling about 31,000 pair of its Vegan 1460 boots sold in the U.S. and Canada.Prolonged and direct contact with the boot tongue lining...


Owners of lost pets: watch out for these scams

Several scams will leave pet owners poorer and still without their furry friend, the BBB warns

Earlier this month, we reported on a text message scam that targets owners of missing pets. Victims of the Pay-Me-First Scam are contacted by a person clai...


Book your Thanksgiving holiday travel now

Expedia says booking in the sweet spot could save you 10%

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend each year is one of the most heavily traveled periods of the year.The day before Thanksgiving is among the busiest day...


Expresco Foods recalls chicken skewers

The products may be contaminated with with Listeria monocytogenes

Expresco Foods of Montréal, Québec, Canada, is recalling approximately 20,446 pounds of imported chicken skewer products that may be adulterated with Liste...


Arc’teryx recalls ski mountaineering boots

The axis pin located at the rear of the boot can dislodge

Arc’teryx Equipment of Vancouver, Canada, is recalling about 4,400 pair of Arc’teryx Procline boots sold in the U.S. and Canada.The axis pin located at...


Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck?

If you do, a survey shows you've got plenty of company

Financial advisors urge consumers to save on a regular basis, not just for retirement but to also put money away to meet unexpected expenses.A new surv...


Bicycle fatalities jump 12.2%

Today's victims are more likely to be adult males

For decades, when there was a collision between a bicycle and a car, the bicyclist was usually a child. Today, the victim is most likely to be an adult, an...


Solar eclipse blamed for salmon farm bust-out

Thousands of farmed fish escaped, putting native Washington State salmon at risk

The solar eclipse didn't cause the mass havoc some had feared. There were no massive traffic pile-ups, unruly sun-watchers, or epidemics of damaged retinas...


Good jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree

CareerCast study highlights good-paying jobs in healthcare and the building trades

The high cost of college and the example of graduates struggling under a mountain of student loan debt may have led some to question the value of going to...


New home sales down sharply in July

The decline follows two straight months of advances

July was a tough month for developers trying to sell newly-constructed homes.The Commerce Department reports sales of new single-family houses plunged...


Back-to-school shopping on the back burner

Many parents still have a lot of purchases to make

Even though a lot of kids are already back in the classroom, the annual survey conducted for the National Retail Federation (NRF) by Prosper Insights & Ana...


Polaris Recalls GENERAL ROVs

Inconsistent tire pressure information can result in improperly-inflated tires

Polaris Industries of Medina, Minn., is recalling about 1,600 GENERAL recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs).Inconsistent tire pressure information c...


Fair Oaks Farms recalls pork sausage patties

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Fair Oaks Farms of Pleasant Prairie, Wis., is recalling approximately 1,134 pounds of pork sausage patties.The products may be contaminated with Lister...


Government conducting a 'witch hunt,' court is told

The Justice Department wants information on citizens who visited an anti-Trump website

The U.S. government has no legal justification for seeking out the identities of people who accessed a website organizing protests for President Trump’s in...


8 safe cars for inexperienced young drivers

The best new cars for teens, according to U.S. News & World Report

In light of a recent study showing that teens become riskier drivers as they get older, parents may want to know which cars are the safest for teens.En...


Facebook vows to crack down on clickbait

Videos using fake play buttons or static images will be demoted in the News Feed

If you’re a Facebook user, then you may be all too familiar with clickbait videos on the platform. While some of these videos may be annoying because of th...


How to make a device to safely view the eclipse

It bears repeating -- don't look at today's eclipse with the unprotected eye

The Great Solar Eclipse is just hours away in North America and millions of people have their special solar glasses at the ready.But chances are, many...


The changing face of job-hunting

New tech offers some amazing tools

The days of studying want ads in newspapers and making cold calls trying to meet with employers may be coming to a close.A survey by outplacement firm...


August's hot, so why aren't you in Maine?

The state offers great food, scenic beauty, and cool temps

When you think of Maine you probably think of lobsters. And why not, the tasty crustacean is plentiful in the state.But Maine is a whole lot more than...


Three scams that target seniors

The grandparent scam, 419 email scam, and phony bank employee scam remain big threats

Scammers love to prey on older victims. They often have money and they're usually very trusting. Easy pickings for the bad guys. There are three scams that...


Mortgage rates move mostly lower

Both the Freddie Mac and Bankrate surveys show little substantial movement

The cost of financing a home purchase showed little change over the last week.The Primary Mortgage Market Survey taken by Freddie Mac shows the 30-year...


Why stress management is important during pregnancy

Researchers say highly stressed mothers are more likely to have a child with behavioral issues

In order to protect the health of an unborn baby, it’s crucial to stop bad habits like smoking and drinking. Now, new research suggests mothers-to-be shoul...


BRIO recalls baby rattles

The wooden rings on the rattles can crack, posing a choking hazard

BRIO of Sweden is recalling about 1,700 BRIO soft hammer rattles sold in the U.S. and Canada.The wooden rings on the hammer rattles can crack, posing a...


Missa Bay recalls Chicken Caesar Salads

The product contains wheat, an allergen not declared on the label

Missa Bay of Swedesboro, N.J., is recalling approximately 1,719 pounds of Chicken Caesar Salads.The product contains wheat, an allergen not declared on...


Average student debt doubles in a decade

Consumer Bureau finds half of student borrowers leave school owing more than $20,000

If there's any remaining doubt that the student loan burden is growing, a report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should put it to rest. The C...


Lenders making fewer subprime loans

TransUnion report finds big drop in personal loans and auto lending

For the first time since 2012, lenders are making fewer subprime loans, according to a new report from TransUnion, one of the three credit reporting agenci...


Housing starts drop in July

The outlook for future construction dimmed as well

A decline in construction of single-family homes and multi-unit buildings sent overall housing starts lower in July.The Commerce Department reports gro...


Dan Post Boot Company recalls safety boots

The boots and shoes can fail to protect feet from heavy or sharp objects

Dan Post Boot Company of Clarksville, Tenn., is recalling 7,200 pair of safety boots and shoes.The boots and shoes can fail to protect feet when heavy...


The best -- and worst -- places to retire

WalletHub picks Orlando as the best, Newark as the worst

Choosing a place to retire is a highly personal decision, and it involves a lot of factors.For example, you might prefer a warmer climate, a certain si...


Spyware apps found on Google's official Play Market

Researchers say over 4,000 malicious apps targeting Android users are circulating in third-party marketplaces

Consumers are constantly being reminded to only download apps to their devices that have been thoroughly vetted and published on reputable marketplaces. Ho...


When should your kids go to sleep?

This bedtime calculator online tool can help you find out

For kids, summer is a time for schedule-free fun and leisure. But as summer vacation draws to a close, it’s time for everyone in the family to start prepar...


Auto safety group names new director

Jason Levine replaces the late Clarence M. Ditlow III

The Center for Auto Safety has named a new executive director. Jason K. Levine succeeds the late Clarence M. Ditlow III, who headed the organization for de...


A resurgence of builder confidence

Shortages and rising costs continue to be a concern, though

After falling in July to its lowest level since last November, builder confidence in the market for newly-built single-family homes is on the rise again....


American Red Cross launches pet first aid course

The online lessons are packed with potentially life-saving info on what to do in an emergency

When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, preventative care can go a long way. But some pet health emergencies crop up unexpectedly, giving pet parents li...


Consumers spending more on travel insurance

The rise coincides with an increase in the cost of travel

A report by Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison site, shows U.S. consumers are spending more for travel insurance. The authors suggest there's a sim...


Your next Jeep may come from China

Chinese automakers looking for acquisitions; FCA may fill the bill

Will your next Jeep be a Chinese product? Jeep has an all-American image -- although it is now produced by FCA, a lash-up of all-Italian Fiat and the forme...


Epilepsy cases on the rise in the U.S.

More than 3 million adults and children are affected

In the modern era, diseases and health conditions usually become more rare as new drugs and treatments emerge.But there are exceptions. Autism is one....


Seven key elements your child's school should have

Parents should ensure their child's school environment is both healthy and nurturing

Your child’s health is in your hands when they’re under your roof, but the torch gets passed when they head off to school. For this reason, it’s crucial to...


What you can do to protect your pet's health

Six of the most common pet illnesses and how you can prevent them

Pet ownership can get expensive, especially if your beloved companion suddenly comes down with an illness. The costs associated with providing proper v...


A new approach to rural healthcare

Doctors says the hospital ER should play a bigger role

In healthcare, conventional wisdom holds that seeking treatment for a non-emergency condition in a hospital emergency room is both expensive and highly ine...


A hint of consumer inflation in July

A rise in food prices was a factor

Inflation on the consumer level as measured by the Department of Labor's (DOL) Consumer Price Index (CPI) inched up a seasonally adjusted 0.1% in July as t...


Kawasaki recalls all-terrain vehicles

The fuel tap can leak, posing a fire hazard

Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A., of Foothill Ranch, Calif., is recalling about 15,000 all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).The fuel tap can leak, posing a fire haz...


Is the housing market at a tipping point?

There are plenty of buyers, but not sellers

Home sales have slowed in recent months, but not because of a lack of buyers. The problem has been a lack of sellers.In a new report, real estate marke...


How often should kids visit the eye doctor?

Survey finds US parents aren't prioritizing back-to-school eye exams the way they should

Your child’s eyes are a primary vessel for new information. With fuzzy vision, kids may struggle to see the chalkboard, computer, or other reading material...


FDA hopes to clear up generic drug backlog

Approving more generics could create competition, drive down prices

Amidst all the political back-and-forth about drug prices, there's general agreement on one thing: generic drugs can save money. But until recently, the Fo...


Credit cards with the most and fewest fees

Card comparison site finds First Premier Bank card has the most with 12

A report by card comparison site has found the average credit card carries six potential fees, which can make a consumer's purchase a littl...


Keeping your pet safe at the beach

Sun, sand, and seawater can all be dangerous to dogs if proper precautions aren't taken

Taking your pooch to a dog-friendly beach can be a great way to beat the summer heat and enjoy a little quality time with your furry sidekick. But seaside...


A dip in July wholesale prices

First-time jobless claims were on the rise

The cost of the things we buy edged lower on the wholesale level.What the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calls the Pro...


The Comfy Cow recalls pints of ice cream

The product may be contaminated with E. coli

The Comfy Cow is recalling pints of Banana Puddin Y’all, Chocolate Squared2, Cookies and Cream, Cow Trax, Double Fold Vanilla, Georgia Butter Pecan, Intens...


Model year 2017 Jeep Renegades recalled

Malfunction indicator lamps may falsely illuminate on the instrument panel

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 3,002 model year 2017 Jeep Renegades.Due to a software issue, multiple malfunction indicator lamps may illuminate on...


Taylor Farms Retail recalls coleslaw kits

The product contains milk, an allergen not declared on the label

Taylor Farms Retail of Salinas, Calif., is recalling 293 cases of Taylor Farms Creamy Homestyle Coleslaw Kits.The kit's dressing packet contains milk,...


Four apps to enhance kids’ eclipse experience

Educational apps that can help kids prepare for and enjoy the total eclipse of the sun

While the upcoming solar eclipse promises to be an awe-inspiring spectacle for people of all ages, many parents are looking forward to seeing their childre...


Mazda announces improvements to gasoline engine

The automaker says its new engine will get much higher gas mileage

While some automakers are moving heavily into electric engine technology, Mazda continues to tinker with the old fashioned internal combustion engine. It s...


Mortgage applications rebound

Contract interest rates were moving lower

Mortgage applications have bounced back following their first decline in three weeks, rising 3.0% in the week ending August 4, according to the Mortgage Ba...


New dating site aims to connect dog lovers

The creators of Hotdiggiddy believe dog people are usually warm, loving individuals

Whether you’re looking to meet someone who shares your political views or hates the same things you hate, there’s likely a dating app out there to help you...


FDA sued over formaldehyde in hair products

Environmental groups say hair-straightening products a danger to salon workers

Two environmental groups have sued the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), charging the agency with allowing hair products with "unsafe levels of formaldeh...


Job openings on the rise in June

Employment is up slightly over the past 12 months

There was a sizable increase in the number of job openings in June.Figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show there were 6.163 million vac...


Hahn Brothers recalls ready-to-eat ham

The product contains malted barley, an allergen not declared on the label

Hahn Brothers of Westminster, Md., is recalling approximately 115,773 pounds of ready-to-eat ham.The product contains malted barley, an allergen not de...


A website to help you choose a college major

Majorfit says starting out in the right major will save time and money

The statistics suggest a large number of students enter college with no idea about what they will do when they get out.As a result, they end up choosin...


Why checking Facebook can be so addictive

Researchers say just seeing the logo can change some users' frame of mind

You might think that checking in on your Facebook profile is just something to do to pass the time, but two new studies from Michigan State University show...


Study predicts significant future job growth

But many of those new jobs may be at the lower end of the pay scale

Today's college students can look forward to healthy job prospects when they are ready to enter the job market, according to a new study by CareerBuilder.c...


Dunkin' Donuts may shorten its name

New California outlet will be branded simply as Dunkin'

Some entertainers are so well-known they only go by their first name. Think Beyonce, Cher, or Madonna.Dunkin' Donuts is reportedly considering joining...


A big jump in July employment

The jobless rate inched down a notch last month

The nation's job-creation machinery got cranking in July.The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there were 209,000 new nonfarm...


Amrita Health Foods recalls protein bars

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Amrita Health Foods is recalling a limited number of protein bars that be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.No confirmed illnesses have been rep...


How to make your backyard more inviting

Features that can help maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor living area

Summer evenings and backyard gatherings go hand-in-hand, and having an inviting outdoor area can help make entertaining family and friends al fresco even m...


New app guides homeowners who are remodeling

Buildshop offers free tools for planning and budgeting

The shortage of homes for sale suggests more homeowners are staying put. But while they might not be moving, they are spending money on making improvements...


JBS USA recalls ground beef

The product may be contaminated with extraneous materials

JBS USA of Lenoir, N.C., is recalling approximately 4,922 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically shredded p...


Model year 2016 smart fortwo vehicles recalled

The parking brake lever may have to travel farther before the parking brake engages

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is recalling 5,061 model year 2016 smart fortwo vehicles.The lock nut that secures the parking brake cable to the parking bra...


Sanity-saving tips for flying with kids names ten tips for flying with children

Summer vacations with the family can yield plenty of warm memories, but logging air miles with little ones can be stressful. Asking small children to s...


T-Mobile says its customers get fewer scam calls

Screening service lets customers know if a scammer is on the other end of the line

When you answer the phone, you sometimes know the person on the other end of the line is a scammer in the first few seconds of conversation.But if you'...


Jobs creation slips in July

However, the June estimate was higher than first reported

Another 178,000 private sector jobs were created in July, according to the ADP National Employment Report.While that's a decline of 13,000 from the Jun...


A down week for mortgage applications

Contract interest rates were mostly higher

Mortgage applications are lower after posting gains in the two previous weeks.The latest survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association shows applications...


Remodeling your kitchen for resale

Four low-cost kitchen upgrades potential buyers will appreciate

From decluttering your home to having it professionally staged, there are a number of ways to potentially decrease the amount of time it spends on the mark...


Self-driving car bill wins bipartisan support

It appears to be one issue in Washington on which Republicans and Democrats can agree

Congress appears to be speeding toward streamlining the process of putting self-driving cars on the road.The House Energy & Commerce Committee has give...